Beast Wars Microverse Predacon Playset

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    Found this while going through some storage. Box has been beaten up... but it's still sealed! Never opened! (Shocking, right?)

    Looking for $20 + shipping.


    My Want List

    G1 figures
    Decepticon Pretender Roadblock - loose complete

    G1 Parts
    Terrorcon Blot handgun
    Terrorcon Rippersnapper handgun
    Combaticon Brawl Cannons and handgun
    Stunticon Wildrider handgun
    Predacon Headstrong guns x2
    Predacon Divebomb guns x2 and sword
    Predacon Rampage guns x2 and sword
    Predacon Tantrum guns x2 and sword
    Pretender Doubleheader small gun
    Powermaster DoubleDealer chest plate

    G2 Orange Constructicon Devastator Parts
    ORANGE Constructicon Bonecrusher Gun and Drill
    ORANGE Constructicon Long Haul Gun
    ORANGE Constructicon Scrapper Gun
    ORANGE Constructicon Scavenger Gun and Drill
    ORANGE Constructicon Hook Gun
    ORANGE Constructicon Mixmaster Gun and Twin Drill

    Kiss Players Sundor - loose preferred
    Enemy and Wing Thing (Encore Soundblaster cassettes) - loose preferred
    Stripes and Nightstalker (Encore Twincast cassettes) - loose preferred

    G2 and Japan Sparkers, I prefer loose and complete.

    Hotspark - Transformers Wiki

    Guzzle (Masterforce) - Transformers Wiki

    Javil - Transformers Wiki

    G2 Blaze - Transformers Wiki

    G2 Flamefeather - Transformers Wiki

    G2 Sizzle - Transformers Wiki

    G2 Sparkstalker - Transformers Wiki

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