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    Alright, I've never done this before. The vast majority of my online transaction experience comes from shopping on eBay with my dad so...bear (or is it bare?) with me please.

    I've got a fair bit of BW stuffs that I would like to..sell or trade (I would much, much prefer to trade since..really I'd just prefer to not have to deal with monetary I don't have a paypal account or credit card or anything like that really. Trading would just be easier and more helpful in getting what I would like to get).

    Most of it is complete or..relatively complete and for the most part in good condition (I'll make note with each item how complete it is and its condition).

    Sorry to anyone outside of the states, but I'm not gonna do international trades..again, just the hassle of it all.

    I will be posting pictures once I get a chance (I'll be leaving for vacation in the morning however, and I will be back on Monday so..).

    If you have any questions on any specific items or anything in general feel free to ask me.

    Thank you.

    Condition: Mint>Good>Fair>Decent>Poor>Bad

    Beast Wars
    -Cheetor x2 (complete, good condition on gut gun is squished however)
    -Snarl (complete w/tech spec, good condition)
    -Transmetal Optimus Primal (missing gun and 1 missle, good condition)
    -Inferno (missing robot head and one front beast mode leg w/tech spec, fair condition..spinner doesn't seem to work)
    -Cybershark (complete, good condition)
    -Polar Claw (complete [as far as I can tell], fair/decent condition..joints are loose however)
    -Injector (missing projectile w/tech spec, good/fair condition)
    -Iguanus (1 arm replaced with alligator megatron arm, good condition)
    -Alligator Megatron (missing arm and tail and other arm is incomplete, decent condition)
    -Waspinator (missing projectiles and best mode legs (that go on robot arms), decent condition w/some loose joints)
    -Dinobot (complete, good condition with couple of loose joints)
    -Rattrap (missing leg and gun(s), good/fair condition)
    -Transmetal Scavenger (Complete (as far as I can tell..not sure how many segments each beast leg is meant to have though), good condition..only real damage is his abdomen cover is broken on part of it (piece of it broken off))
    -Optimus Primal (missing sword, string for flail, missles, covers for guns, and beast mode head, poor/bad condition)

    Beast Machines
    -Blastcharge (complete w/tech spec, mint/near mint)
    -Snarl (complete, mint/near mint)

    That about covers the lot. I am willing to trade multiple figures for a single figure (either way).

    As for what I am looking for...there are some specific things I want and that take priority over other offers (though I will consider any offers I do get). Nothing has to be MISB or MIB (since none of these are), but it is always nice. I also would prefer complete (or as complete as possible)..but again all things considered it isn't a major factor for some of the figures.

    Looking For:

    Any really...but there are a select few I am looking for in particular
    -Rodimus (not likely but you never know...)
    -Ravage (Jaguar)
    -Deadend (any of the vipers really..)
    -Nemesis Prime (again..not likely, but hey..)

    -Jetfire (I really want this figure)

    -Concept Camaro Bumblebee

    -The Fallen

    So, that should about cover what I am most looking for at the moment. I thank you for your time and any offers I do recieve.

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