Beast Wars lot w/ some of the better figures

Discussion in 'Transformers On Ebay' started by TrueNomadSkies, Aug 22, 2011.

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    Transformers Beast Wars Action Figure Lot No Reserve | eBay

    So yeah, this isn't my lot (or anything I have a connection to), but it seemed worth pointing out. There's some pics + a list in the thread, but this is what the guy (or gal?) has in it, and it's currently sitting at under 40 bucks. I don't expect it to remain this low, but who knows.

    1. Transmetal 2 Megatron - Ultra Class, Rare, Mint Condition, tight joints

    2. Transmetal 2 Tigerhawk - Ultra Class, Rare, very good condition, minor chrome wear, tight joints

    3. Transmetal 2 Blackarachnia - Voyager/Mega, Rare, good condition, modified show accurate chest, minor chrome wear

    4. Transmetal Rampage - Ultra Class, Mint condition, tight joints

    5. Transmetal Tarantulas - Deluxe Class, Rare, very good condition, minor chrome wear on feet, tight joints

    6. Transmetal Cheetor - Deluxe Class, Mint condition, tight joints

    7. Fuzor Silverbolt - Deluxe Class, Rare, Mint condition, tight joints

    8. Transmetal Airazor - Deluxe Class, good condition

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