Beast Wars II manga in English

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    Items of note:

    *This 16 page story was published in the "Beast Wars II Strongest Playing Book". What's that? It's a book which tells you how to play with your toys. Basically, "Lio Convoy is trapped behind the sofa! Use dental floss to help Apache grapple down the armrest and rescue him!"

    *For reasons unknown, this comic reads from LEFT to RIGHT.

    *So you might think it weird that Thrust's and Dirge's insignias change the moment they swap allegiences, but there's actually a precedent for that. When Starscream possesses Waspinator in "Possession", Waspinator's Predacon insignias automatically switch to Decepticon ones.

    *Special thanks to Monzo of the Allspark for the scans!

    Next up I have the first issue of the Beast Wars Metals manga and the last issue of the Beast Wars Neo manga to do. After that, it'll be back to the G1 stuff.

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