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    I've been a lurker here for some time, and never really felt up to joining really until now, so I guess I'm coming out of the Transformers closet. And of course one of my first posts of course has to be writing of some kind.

    And this is sort of a coping story of sorts I guess...

    I had a friend and we both grew up watching Beast Wars, and thats pretty much how we met and got into Transformers and stayed friends through the years was over that show and Transformers. To us it felt a bit odd that two girls prefered robots over My Little Pony and Barbie, but thats how we were.

    But when she took her own life this summer, it really devastated me. So I did what any good friend would do... I spent an entire day watching all 3 seasons of Beast Wars in her memory, remembering all the times before school we would talk about the episode that aired that morning... Good times.

    And then I was suggested this series called Prime and well... 50 pages later this little gem was started of the misery of loosing my friend I guess. But getting it out has been helping a little bit and has made me feel a bit better, knowing that my friend would have probably liked to have seen Prime and would have liked it just as much.

    And I can't be the only one who wants this to happen right.

    So any feedback is welcomed and appreciated and grammer nazi-ing is welcomed. *Dives for cover*


    Beast Wars Go Prime
    Chapter 1: In Which Kicking Starts Trouble ​

    Primitive Earth, Northern Africa...

    Open desert.

    Never the best place to be out in the open for a warrior still green on the battlefield, subroutines and protocols were 'loudly' informing that the best route would be to take cover with the strange container and strategize a plan of defense until backup arrived.

    The warrior vented a sigh as the sun continued to beat down upon the terrain, blinking back the bright sun and desert heat. This wasn't the prime habitat that the Dilophosaurus enjoyed, but tolerated for the moment mainly for her mission that she was given. She was more than happy to prove to her commander that she was capable of such missions.

    But what was to be the warrior's first solo recon mission far from base, had turned against her when she stumbled upon the strange container in the middle of the rocky desert several hundred miles from base.

    After unsuccessfully trying to remove it from where it was embedded in the ground, the warrior of course did the only thing that she could think of and radioed her commander to meet her at the coordinates to help her with the container.

    However, the young warrior's patience was beginning to wear thin as the pacing continued. While most would not be phased by waiting, standing still was not the warrior's strong point and had spent the last solar cycle patrolling the area and camouflaging the oversized container, which kept the young budding tactician's processor content for the moment.

    When two signatures hit the edge of dinosaur's scanners, the warrior ex-vented and resisted the urge to transform until the both were upon the location the warrior had sent and set to meet them at the coordinates a few meters from where she currently was.

    When she arrived at the location she stood tall as she saw the familiar outlines of a rhinoceros lumbering along the flying form of a transmetal gorilla.

    The smaller of the two, the metallic ape, hovering before landing and with a shift of moving parts, revealed the form of the the warrior's new commander. The rhinoceros alongside him shifted as well into the hulking form of the ship's mellow engineer.

    The saurian took that cue and transformed alongside the other two bots, revealing the over-armored form of the warrior-class femme decked out in molted green armor, standing at attention like any young soldier was trained to do, waiting to be addressed despite the fact that she stood a half head taller than the Rhino turned engineer. " Optimus Primal, Rhinox, Sirs."

    "Dilophablade, what is it?" Optimus said, faintly ex-venting at the young warrior's formality once more, a habit she still held despite the short time she had been with her new crew.

    I'm not sure, Optimus sir," Dilophablade said standing at ease. "I haven't seen anything like it before and I can't tell how long its been here... But its not a stasis pod from either ship..."

    "Are you sure?"

    The femme nodded. "Positive... It is this way," nodding her helm towards the small unusual cropping of rocks a few meters from them. "I did not want to risk any flyovers in case my former 'Lord' picked up on my signal."

    "Any sign your former comrades?" Optimus asked as the three moved towards the rock pile.

    "Negative..." the saurian said with a shake of her helm as the three worked on clearing the rocks away. "No sign of Predacon activity, they haven't picked up on our signal at all yet... But they don't normally patrol out this far without a good reason, and the scans I did from Darksyde never showed any energon fields for Megatron to waste the mechpower to scout the area... So we might be in the clear for the time being..."

    "Keep your sensors peered," the gorilla commander said as the femme and Rhinox moved the largest of the rocks away from the container the warrior had hidden. "You've done a thorough job of securing it."

    "Thank you sir," Dilophablade said with a curt nod. Though it didn't go unnoticed that the femme's chestplates puffed out a little more than usual.

    The transmetal gorilla didn't say anything as the three of them took in the sight of the strange container, opting to let the young warrior have the moment to bask in the glory.

    It was in her nature after all... She was a once a Predacon before joining their group after the death of her mentor. Why she had joined them suddenly still plagued his processor. At first there was speculation on the truth for her joining them, much like when Dilophablade had joined them when Megatron and the others had faked their own deactivation and leaving the femme behind, only to try and take over the flight ready Axalon and ended with the ship being grounded permanently.

    This time she had proved herself loyal so far to the rest of the crew despite her aloof nature (and apart from the local spy and sharpshooter who would much rather see her in the brig). True she would probably never be at the battle level that Dinobot was, but having another warrior-class was better than nothing. And the others taking up the role of mentor for the young warrior who, despite her vocal dislike of Maximal teachings was willing to learn from them. Through the weeks he could see that she was beginning to show signs of the seasoned servo-to-servo fighter and battle strategist that laid beneath her rough exterior. He had to give credit to Dinobot though, the bot knew how to pick his students.

    "Rhinox what are we looking at?" Optimus said turning his gaze from the femme back to his engineer.

    "Well its not Vok, that's for sure," Rhinox said scanning over the large silver and oval vat. "But the glyphs look Cybertronian... Hard to tell with it still half buried..."

    "I tried on my own..." Dilophablade said, helm nodding to the claw marks at the ground surrounding the container. "And I was not going to chance a experiment with the explosives that I've taken off the rat..."

    Both mechs shuddered their optics at her.

    "He found my stash of crystallized energon..." the femme said crossing her arms with a grumble of her native Predacon. "I was justified in my revenge."

    "We'll discuss this back at base," Optimus said firmly. "In the meantime... Rhinox, can you open the container?"

    "Its stuck fast," Rhinox said straddling the container with both legs as his servos grasped the lid. "But I'll give it a shot..." The engineer grunted as the tension cables in his arms grew tight as he twisted the lid, his arms soon shaking from the strain but the lid remained locked, almost fused to the rest of the container. "Whatever it is, its locked up tighter than the Iacon vaults. Its not opening the traditional way."

    "Can I give it a shot perhaps... Sir." Dilophablade asked after as Rhinox unmounted the container.

    Rhinox shot the Predacon femme a look. "Your acidblades are bit extreme in this case don't you think?" Rhinox said to the eager warrior. "We want to open it, not melt it down for scrap."

    "I wasn't suggesting them," Dilophablade said with a huff. "There is a... More primitive manner I wish to try... I've had it work in the past..."

    "What do you think Rhinox?" Optimus asked.

    "Its worth the shot," the rhino shrugged.

    "Aright," Optimus turned to Dilophablade. "Show us this 'magic' technique."

    Dilophablade squared her shoulders widely as she marched up to the container, staring it down as she would an opponent, both mechs watching her as she pulled back her leg and gave the container a firm kick with her pede.


    The sound of metal on metal echoed across the desert eerily as the three bots stared at the container now sporting a new dent, and Dilophablade resisting the urge to nurse her pede. The pain was quickly forgotten when the container let out a hiss causing all three to leap for cover.

    "That was your plan!" Rhinox shouted from the ridge they had taken cover behind.

    "I admit not one of my more brighter ideas!" Dilophablade shouted, servos covering her helm.

    "New rule; no kicking things you find!" Optimus growled as the three prepared for the coming explosion... Only to hear the soft clatter of the lid falling to the ground.

    The transmetal gorilla was the first to peer his helm over the ridge. "Well... That's just prime... It actually worked..."

    "Sometimes the best path is the easiest," Dilophablade said as she stood and shook the sand from her frame.

    "Check that ego a bit, its starting to show..." Rhinox muttered and lumbered towards the container, Dilophablade and Optimus following behind as the rhino reached a servo into the container.

    "My apologies..." Dilophablade said with a faint nod.

    Optimus ex-vented. At least it was a sign of the high strung warrioress was beginning to loosen up... Somewhat at least.

    "Here we are..." Rhinox said finally managing to haul out the large orb like structure from the darkness of the container and into the light.

    "What is it?" The orb itself was not spectacular sporting a gun metal gray surface pitted with groves and the same Cybertronian glyphs that the container wore.

    "Not sure," Rhinox said as the three pulled closer, Dilophablade letting a claw trace a glyph. "But... It looks almost like... Don't touch it..." The femme dropped her servo back to her side with a snort. "Who knows what you could set off."

    "Well its apparently deactivated," Dilophablade said pulling back.

    "You're not going to kick it too are you..." Optimus said with a faint smile.

    "That would be foolish..." Dilophablade said as she scanned the area. None of them noticed faint whine the orb was emitting as the glyph Dilophablade began to glow. "But I suggest we move, we've lingered to long out here. Megatron's bound to get curious eventually... And I would much rather avoid a shooting gallery without cover."

    "Think we can get it back to base?" Optimus asked.

    But Rinox never got to answer as the air crackled with whining energy as the three glanced at the now glowing orb as it started to hover slowly into the air, the glyphs powering on, one by one.

    Before the three bots could scatter there was a rippling blast of light and swallowed the three within seconds.

    When the light cleared, the desert was empty once more. The orb slowly powered down and landed back next to the container with a heavy thud, soon the wind whipped sand around lazily once more, claiming the orb back as its own once more.
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    so is this in the aftermath of code of hero?

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