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    Hey got more stuff up for sale, all prices are negotiable, plus looking for some trades also thanks for looking. Shipping extra. going to be putting alot more up in the next few days. Will take money order or paypal. if interested hit me up thanks. All are in Still on a sealed card and only shelf wear very decent cards

    Beast Wars Basics

    Snarl X2 $10
    Spittor $10
    Snapper $10
    Claw Jaw $10
    Iguanus $10
    Lazorbeak $15
    Powerpinch $10
    Drill Bit $10

    Beast Wars Fuzor Basics

    Bantor $5
    Buzzclaw X2 $5
    Noctorro $8
    Quickstrike $8

    Beast Wars Transmetals Basic

    Stinkbomb X2 $5
    Scarem X2 $5
    Scarem Roman Numerial Version $12
    Spittor X2 $5
    Sonar $5
    Optimus Minor $5
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