Beast Wars & Beast Machines Lots

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    Lot of 13 various Beast bots and Vehicons from BW-BM.
    Beast Wars & Beast Machines Lot of 13 - eBay (item 270280811107 end time Oct-08-08 06:43:51 PDT)

    Original Beast Wars Leaders Optimus Primal and Megatron in Ultra Scale.
    Beast Wars Ultra Scale Ape Primal & T-Rex Megatron - eBay (item 270280814879 end time Oct-08-08 06:56:36 PDT)

    Both are 10 day auctions, and I believe set at a reasonably low starting bid with no reserve. The 13 bot lot in particlar is roughly $1.08 per robot. And only $7.50 each for the two leaders?

    In other words, I finally opened another box of stuff to sell. xD
    So please buy my childhood so I can replace it with new classics. >.>
    The TM and TM2 cheetors are great for an evolution of cheetor display with the upcoming 25th Annie cheetor.

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