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    Looking to find new homes for my BW stuff as the next step in the downsizing process. All figures are in great condition bar Cheetor (some chrome wear), loose complete unless otherwise stated.
    Not really looking to trade, only sell. PM me with an offer and we'll chat! I only do paypal for international transactions (either you pay the fee or gift the payment, your choice), for UK locals I might accept cheques/money orders (will have to clear before I ship items).

    I only use recorded post!

    Tigerhawk (MIB, perfect condition. Nice and white, no chrome wear, all missiles and instructions)

    Depthcharge (loose but great condition; no chrome wear, all instructions/missiles)

    Silverbolt (loose complete, not instructions but lovely condition)

    TM Rattrap (chrome missing on small wheels, rest is fine. Head and pelvis repainted using gold and silver paints for show accuracy. Comes with show style pistol!)

    Optimal Optimus (great condition, no chrome wear, should have all missiles + maybe instructions, will look on request)

    Pictures available on request. Only available for the next two days (ending early Saturday GMT). Any questions please fire away! I also have heaps of autobot stuff from the AEC/RiD/alternator periods, so if you're looking for anything there feel free to ask!

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