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    I have three small lots ending tonight if anyone is interested in some cheap fodder.

    First up is TF:2007 Skorponok and ROTF Ravage:
    Transformers Movie Lot Ravage Skorponok - eBay (item 110651040342 end time Feb-21-11 19:10:23 PST)

    Followed by TF: 2007 Brawl and ROTF Rampage:
    Transformers Movie Lot Rampage Brawl - eBay (item 110651038809 end time Feb-21-11 19:03:28 PST)

    And saving the best for last, a lot of 3 Beast Wars deluxes: TM Airazor, TM2 Prowl, and Universe Overbite (better known as BW2 Hellscream)
    Transformers Beast Wars Lot Prowl Airazor Hellscream - eBay (item 110651037491 end time Feb-21-11 18:55:37 PST)

    Happy bidding and thanks for looking!

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