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    I thought that i would post up my version of Beast Machines since people dont seem to like the show that much (personally i thought it was ok). Now i rit this episode bout a year or so ago, and am only just staring episode 2 (im lazy i know lol), but before i start id just like to point out that 1) in this story the rebirth never hapened and as far as my knowledge goes vector sigma is not mentioned in season 3 (but im most likly wrong) so hence why i say it was hidden 2) yeah i did pull ideas from other fan fics ive read (such as the megs idea) 3) continuty is prolly all ovr the place and 4) ok i have no idea wether or not a protoform in a stasis pod had a life on cybertron previously so i just decided to have them have been alive before on cybertron 5)yes its bad i no, so im open to critisism as long as its constructive. ok now i better shut it and just put the story up lol...enjoy

    Beast Machines
    The big Takeover Pt1:
    The Return

    Primal stood in the middle of the Quintesson courts, he stood on a plank beneath was metal eating Sharkticons who wanted to consume any transformer that came in its path. The ancient Quintesson ‘The Judge’ stood in front of primal. His head shifted to wisdom.

    “Has the Judge reached a verdict?” Wisdom shifted to death “we have” He shifts into Judgement. “We find the defendant Guilty by association” The platform collapses and Primal falls into the clutches of the ravenous Sharkticons.

    3 weeks earlier…
    Primal and the rest of his crew flew towards the atmosphere of the mechanical planet called Cybertron. Rhinox was at the controls, he tried had to utilize all his piloting skills to pilot the old ancient relic ship to a reasonably injury free landing. Primal turned his massive head to remind everyone to hold on tight and strap themselves into their flight seats but the crew was already bracing for the crash that would happen. Primal just chuckled to himself. ‘I pity Megatron on straped to the top like that while we are safe inside.’ Primal thought to himself as the vessel rocked violently. Blackarachnia looked at Silverbolt’s bright blue optics and grabbed his hand as they braced for the imminent impact on Cybertron’s surface. Rattrap sat in a chair all buckled up, ‘Ah…Lizard lips if only you were still here to see Cybertron once more’ he thought as he mourned his departed friend. Cheetor tried to act brave and courageous but inside he was as scared as the cat he was, he put his most brave face on and tried to set an example as he clawed the arm of his chair.
    Megatrons metal plating was burning in agony, his circuits were frying as the vessel reached the atmosphere. With all his might he tried to brake free and fly off to one of Cybertrons moons but he couldn’t. ‘Blast those wrenched Maximals!’ He thought to himself ‘If I go back to Cybertron I will spend the rest of my life on Char, and I can already calculate how long I'll last on there' he thought to himself. Megatron Desperately began to struggle and fight to try to get out while he was still in one piece. After a while he manages to break free and tries to fly away but he is too fatigued and he just goes into stasis lock and he falls to cybertron.
    Rhinox gritted his teeth as he tightened his grip on the steering wheel nearly crushing it into dust in his hands. As the vessel got close to the landing bay he flipped the landing gear switch. The LCD visual stated ‘Error…Landing Gear not functional’

    “Slag” He muttered under his breath. “Hold on guys!” He yelled “looks like this is going to be a pretty rough landing!”

    The crew tightened their grips as the vessel crashed on the landing bay; the vessel scrapped the ground while sparks flew everywhere as the grinding of the die-cast metal shrieked the whole area. The front of the vessel began to turn a crimson red under the heat. The crew’s optics where closed tightly shut. Blackarachnia tightened her grip. Soon the vessel halted and the Maximals opened their eyes. Rhinox opened the hatch door and sat back.

    “Crew we are home…” Rhinox said in relief. Cheetor blinked and looked at Rhinox.

    “Are you sure?” He asked in pure disbelief.

    Optimus Primal answered for Rhinox “Yes…Cheetor we are finally home.”

    A group of transformers working at the landing bay gathered around the vessel. Silverbolt exited the Vessel first and he was asked a barrage of questions by the media, some of these questions were: Who are you? why are you here? Etc. but Blackarachnia shooed them away.

    Out of the crowd a Female transformer came out and yelled out “Silverbolt?! Is that you?” Silverbolt looked at her with his confused look and she ran up to him and gave him a hug. Blackarachnia pushes her off.

    “Let go of my man creep!” She sneered. “Your man?” the female Maximal asked in disbelief “That’s my husband…” Blackarachnia slapped her across the face. Silverbolt stopped her from doing it again. “That is enough!” He said “I don’t know who you are, but you must have me mistaken for someone else” Out of the crowd two little child transformers came out and they hugged Silverbolts legs. “Daddy…Daddy… We missed you.” Silverbolt looked at them confused.

    Rattrap and Cheetor get out and wave to the crowd. Rattrap moves his head closer to Cheetors audio receptors. “Better not get used to this cat breath. By next Quartex we will be yesterday’s news.” Cheetor didn’t take any notice of this and he continued waving.

    Rattrap shook his head and wiped his blue metallic face and said “Oh boy…” Rattrap looked at the crowd that had gathered around. He turned around to tell Primal he wanted his money back, but before he could get the words out of his audio vent he gasped as he saw Megatron was no longer strapped to the roof of the vessel. “Uh donkey kong...I think we got a problem”
    Megatron opened his bright red optics; he had landed in the old gladiatorial ruins of the outskirts of Iacon. He saw the rows of seats rusted standing the test of time. Megatron got back to his feet; he quickly brushed the sand off his legs.

    “Is the fearless leader lost?” an old raspy voice boomed from behind Megatron. He quickly spun around to see a figure in a black robe. “Yes he is” he chuckled to himself. Megatron gritted his teeth in anger.

    “Who are you?!” Megatron ordered. The figure ran with lightning quick speed and shoot Megatron with his arm cannon. Megatron brushed his chest and pointed his Dragon arm at the figure and shot a fireball at him. But the figure was to fast and ran behind megatron and hit him with an energon mace. Megatron’s Mech fluid was dripping from his lip; Megatron wiped the fluid from his face. “You are quite the adept fighter, yess…”

    The hooded figure pointed his arm cannon at Megatron and shoot at him, but when the smoke cleared all he hit was the wall. All of a sudden Megatron in his Dragon mode attacked the hooded figure with his pyro breath. The figure stood back up; even though his face was concealed by the shadow of the hood you could tell he was grimacing. “You’re not so bad yourself…but I’m better” with that said he speed up to Megatron and attempted to hit him with his energon Mace, but Megatron flew off the ground and delivered a final big flame blast.

    The robe completely disintegrated revealing that the figure was the original Megatron. His silver bullet head shone in the light of Cybertron’s third moon Locian. He grimaced and stared at the dumbstruck Predacon. Dragon Megatron flew down and reverted to robot mode; he stared at the cold red optics that G1 Megatron was known for. Dragon Megatron refused to bow at what he considered an old relic. G1 Megatron’s smirk grew with each passing second.

    “How are you alive?” Dragon Megatron questioned with a hint of distain in his tone.

    “That is not important…I am here to bring glory back to the Decepticons!”

    “Relic.” He muttered under his breath. “I need not care about the past nor the present I only care about Primal’s death and my self gain.”

    “Foolish Child!” G1 Megatron yelled in rage. “You have no idea what we all had sacrificed for this.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “During the great war I had to sacrifice my family in order for you or any other Predacon to live. You have not known my great sacrifices”

    “What are you talking about I have no respect for you. It was you who was a raving lunatic.”

    “Raving lunatic eh? Child, you have much to learn…”

    Rhinox and Rattrap sat at Vernes energon bar; Rattrap took sip out of the cup. Verne the owner grabbed Rattrap by the shoulder over the counter. Rattrap looked up and nodded at him knowing perfectly well what he was thinking. Rhinox had not yet touched his drink. ‘It’s just one drink what harm could it do?’ he thought as he began to drink.
    The Triperdus council sat for the emergency meeting. Ramhorn put his arms on the table and had a scowl on his metallic face. “Our agent Tarantulas has met his demise…The Maximal that we apprehended by the codename of ‘Cheetor’…according to his interrogation he states that he died”

    “We also have the fugitive codename ‘Megatron’ on the loose here on cybertron.” Cicadon added.

    “The maximal elders…Prowl, Ironhide and Silverbolt have no knowledge of this do they?” Seaclamp asked.

    “No ofcourse not…” Cicadon responded.

    “Send in the ‘hit man’…” Ramhorn ordered the Predacon guard.

    A Purple biker looking Transformer walked into the room, he had an energon blade mounted on his back. He also was carrying a suitcase filled with his various ‘tools’. “Thrust at your service…” He said.

    “We have a mission for you Thrust” Seaclamp said as he threw a folder across the table.

    Thrust picked it up and read the contents. His yellow visor looking optic widened. “What is the pay?” He asked the four members of the Triperdus council.

    Seaclamp optics glared at the hit man; for countless cycles the room was in complete silence. Seaclamp threw a card across the table. Thrust picked it up from the table and used a scanning device. Thrust’s expression widened. “So you want to get rid of this guy pretty badly don’t you” He queried. “Fine the payment is adequate...” He looked at Ramhorn “So you want this done in a particular way?” Thrust asked.

    “Anyway…as long as there are no ties to us in the method” Ramhorn responded.

    “Ohhhh….this is going to be fun…” He whispered to himself. “Thrust Overdrive!” He spoke the command and he turned into his cybertronian motorbike vehicle. Thrust drove off away from the room.

    “TANKOR SMASH!!!!” Rhinox screamed as he destroyed a table nearby. Countless bots attempted to sedate this hulking unstoppable machine. Rattrap got his tail whip out and wrapped it around his neck. Rhinox ripped the tail off his necksending Rattrap flying across the room. Verne got out his gun shoting a stasis dart at Rhinox’s back, this still did not stop him. “TANKOR SMASH!!!!” he screamed once more as he ran towards Verne. Rhinox began to move very wearily. “tAnKor SmAsh” He said with weakness. Rhinox fell to the hard metal floor knocked out.

    Rattrap went up to the unconscious Rhinox. “Whatcha trin’ to do? Triyin to get s’ kicked’ out?” He said as he kicked the big bot. Verne approached Rattrap and put his hand on his shoulder once again.

    “Settle old friend…I’ve that look on your face before.” Verne paused for a moment “Do you remember what it was about?” Verne asked his troubled friend.

    Rattrap sighed “ah yes…” He said solemnly. “When I found out that Antagony was a conniving jezebel of a Pred…”

    “Exactly you lost someone you cared about. I wont ask you who or what it was about, but just remember that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” Verne Said to try to encourage Rattrap.

    “wha d’ I care bout dat slag eatin’ Saurian. We were at each others throats!” Rattrap screamed at Verne. “But chopperface was my slag eatin Saurian…” He said while putting his head down. Rattrap got both of Rhinox’s legs and began to drag him out. “Put it on my tab…” He said as he left Verne’s. As Rattrap left a transformer in the dark corner of the bar stared at the Maximal leave.

    Optimus Primal sat on his bed looking out of the window that showed all of Cybertropolis. “Somewhere…” He said to himself. “Somewhere out there Megatron is out free…” He turned his head to the door “Somewhere I will find him and end this” He said clenching his massive fist.

    Thrust travelled through the Iacon highway. ‘This transformer…I may need help doing this one’ he thought to himself as he turned to leave the highway. ‘There’s only two bots I know that can do this kind of job’ he thought as he stopped at an energon bar; the toughest energon bar: Unicrons Armada. “Thrust Overdrive” He commanded to return to robot mode. He entered Unicrons Armada and went towards a light blue transformer. “Hello Jetstorm…” He said in a calming voice.

    “Oh great…What do you want Thrust?” he asked as he took a sip out of his energon cup.

    “I need your assistance…I will split the pay 50/50”

    “The job must be hard for you to split the pay 50/50” Jetstorm said with a hint of pleasure in his voice.

    “Do you want to do it or what…?” Thrust asked with frustration.

    “Well okay…I will help”

    Both Transformers left Unicrons Armada and Thrust turned to Jetstorm. “We have to make one more stop before leaving.”

    Jetstorm looked at Thrust with anger “how can you split the pay 50/50 with three people!”

    “The third is Tankor…” Thrust replied.

    “Ohh Good move friend” Jetstorm snickered. “Jetstorm Afterburn!” He commanded as he transformed into his cybetronian Jet mode.

    “Thrust Overdrive!” He commanded as he turned into his bike mode.

    “So Mr. Cheetor…tell our viewers what was it like to be stranded on a foreign planet?” The Tv presenter for the hit talk show 'Archadis' asked.

    “Well it uh…Really wasn’t a forei---“The Maximal Intelligence backstage signalled him to stop. Just then Cheetor remembered the huge cover up that was taking place to seal all loose ends from the truth getting out into the Cybertron public; Cheetor remembered the Maximal head of security telling him that under no circumstances reveal that Megatron was on the loose or reveal details about the Great War. “Uhh errr I mean I was like a lost kitten in that planet…especially having to face those Predacon rebels…”

    “Are the rumours of the rebel Megatron on the loose true?”

    “No of course not… Megatron was killed during the ‘Beast Wars’”

    Out of the crowd a transformer in a brown robe stepped out near the stage. “You are lying!” He said raising his arm and pointing at Cheetor.

    “Excuse me sir but have you got any proof?” The T.V. host asked.

    “I think this could prove to be adequate proof…yessss” He said as he ripped the robe off revealing him to be Megatron. He flew into the air and shot a fireball at the stage. “BE AFRAID!!! CYBERTRON WILL BURN TO THE GROUND!!!” he said as he flew off in to the night.

    Rattrap dragged the body of Rhinox across the Pavement of Cybertropolis back to his apartment. Rattrap dropped the huge hulking leg down and wiped his brow. He sighed and picked his leg up once more to drag him back. “Giving up already? Vermin!” A voice boomed from behind him.

    Rattrap spun around and saw nothing. “Guess I had too much energon…” He said to himself. He continued to drag Rhinox across the pavement keeping that moment in his mind.

    Megatron flew down to the Gladiatorial arena. “I have made my presence known…” He said.

    “Good…now you must chose your armada…” G1 Megatron said in his audio receptor.

    “I have already chosen who will be in my armada” Megatron smirked. “Now ‘relic’ it is your turn to do the magic”

    G1 Megatron scowled. He motioned for Megatron to follow him. They walked a path into the entrance way and went down into the canals of Cybertron. Dragon Megatron had not seen this place before, it stunk of rusting metal. G1 Megatron reached a dead end.

    “YOU FOOL! YOU HAVE LED US TO A DEAD END!” Dragon Megatron screamed as he pointed his dragon head at G1 megatron.

    “Oh how the young are oh so foolish…” G1 Megatron remarked as he pressed a sequence of die-cast bricks.

    The bricks split apart revealing a chamber with a yellow orb within it. Dragon Megatron’s jaw dropped.

    “Vector Sigma…” He said in disbelief. “But how is this possible Vector Sigma disappeared from Cybertron eons ago…”

    “Disappeared yes…but gone no” G1 Megatron remarked. “When Cybertron was taken by the Decepticons in the year 1996, I saw it fit for the seekers to remove Vector Sigma from its chamber…However we ran into some…unforeseen trouble. Snarl from the Dinobots caught us…he stood no chance however at the merciless Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp, Thrust, Dirge and Ramjet. We had the Seekers move Vector Sigma to this location.” He explained.

    “So this is how you plan on taking over my armada to my own control” Dragon Megatron said.

    “It however is not complete…In order to take control of Vector Sigma you must obtain the Key to Vector Sigma” G1 Megatron looks at Dragon Megatron. “Snarl was not alone the other Dinobots soon came after. They got Dirge, he was however an expendable asset. But what he was carrying is what was important the Key to vector sigma. You must take it…it is in a maximal high security facility”

    “I have Tankor in my sensors my friend!” Jetstorm said through COM link to his partner.

    “I do as well…Quadrant delta suprmega. I’m going in.” He said as he drove out of the highway.

    Thrust skidded and transformed. He looked at the unconscious Rhinox being dragged away by Rattrap. “HEY VIRMIN!” He sniggered. “Let go of my friend” he said as he shot two missiles at Rattrap.

    Rattrap ducked just in time he hid behind a wall leading into a Cybertron park. Rattrap put his wrist up to his audio vents. “Yo boss monkey this is Rattrap!” He said but all he heard was static on the other end.

    Teletran said “All connections to units Rhinox, Silverbolt, Cheetor, Blackarachnia and Optimus Primal have been permanently severed. The Maximal Elders wish you a happy day”

    “Oh now isn’t that the piece of Slag on the cake” Rattrap muttered.

    Thrust pointed his missiles at the wall and destroyed it. He reloaded and pointed at Rattrap. “This time I won’t miss” He said.

    Rattrap quivered in fear, for his blaster had been taken off him by Maximal security. “P-p-p-please…don’t hurt me” He stuttered.

    Then he heard sirens. A group of the Cybertronian Police brigade pulled up and transformed “Sir we urge you to lower your weapons now!” He said.

    “Lower THIS!” Thrust answer by blowing them all to slag.

    Jetstorm passed by shooting at any coming police. “Oh for frags sake just forget about the rat. Just pick up Tankor!” Jetstorm ordered.

    Thrust transformed to bike mode and Carried Rhinox. “I’ll come for you later Vermin!” He said as he drove off.

    Rattrap just remained in fear in the park. ‘ya done it now… yave finally snapped… all that fighting got ta ya’ he thought to himself as the remaining police arrived… ‘Now Rhinox is gone cos of yare cowardliness’

    To be continued

    Next time on Beast Machines: “With Vector Sigma under my control nothing shall stand in my way!” Dragon Megatron says as he holds the key to vector sigma up high. "I say we gather a team of Maximals, to retrieve these Stasis pods and bring back our lost brethren.” Lio Convoy states to the Maximal council. “Tankor is not complying my friend…” Jetstorm says to Thrust. “So then we have to make him comply” Thrust answers. “I gotta bone ta pick with you! Maximal Elders!” Rattrap screams outside the Maximal Elders fortress. “I am not the Silverbolt you once knew…I’m not your Silverbolt anymore” Silverbolt says as he walks away from Black Arachnia. “Wait is that Choppa Face?” Rattrap queries as he watches a TV. “Oh Vector Sigma were too late” Optimus Primal says in horror.

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