Beast Machines Transcend (Working Title)

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    Just my interpretation of the events that occurred after Beast Machines. I need a better title but this will work for now. Comments and questions welcome. All in all, enjoy the story


    Part 1: Status Quo

    "At long last. Transform your destiny. Transform and… transcend.”

    "I... understand."

    Half a Deca-Cycle Later

    Citadel of the Maximal Elders
    Office of Cheetor, head of the Maximal Recon Team

    We find Cheetor sitting behind a large desk. He has begun the difficult task of recording his exploits and that of his fellow Maximals from their start on the Axalon, through the Beast Wars, and finally their battle against Megatron for their home planet in order to inform those who had recently been given their lives back due to Megatron’s defeat. The recordings also allow him to reflect on everything he and his friends had gone though.

    “Begin Entry.”

    “Entry commencing. Begin entry file #79.”

    Now, we find him speaking on more recent events.

    “That moment was supposed to mark the beginning of a new age on Cybertron. The planet had been reformatted thanks to the sacrifice of my former leader, Optimus Primal. Cybertron is now how it was always meant to be, at least according to the Oracle. This was supposed to be a time of great peace. Unfortunately, it did not last long. Once again, lines were drawn between the citizens of Cybertron. Autobots and Maximals faced off against Decepticons and Predacons. We have not reached full out war as of yet, but many fear that is where we are headed.”

    Cheetor stands and turns, peering out his window at the technorganic planet he fought so hard for. He continues his entry.

    “Rattrap, Botanica, Blackarachnia, Silverbolt, Nightscream, and I were all recruited by the Maximal Elders to serve as a special unit within the Maximal forces. The Elders believe that our vast experience with technorganics can be an invaluable asset should we go to war with the Predacon Alliance. Out knowledge has not made things any easier, however. The battles we’ve faced have not been easy and we’ve lost because of it. Both Botanica and Nightscream are in deep stasis lock, though repairs seem to be going well. The Oracle has also grown silent the last full-cycle, something that worries me. I can still sense something… or someone, but have yet to receive a response.”

    He moves back to his desk, satisfied with what he has said.

    “End entry.”

    “Entry completed. Entry file #79 has been saved and stored.”

    This recent appointment as head of this unit has placed a great deal of stress on Cheetor as of late. Though he had to take the responsibility from him in the past, Cheetor considers Optimus Primal to be one of the greatest leaders in Cybertronian history. He feels that he has a great deal to live up to.

    “Big bot…”

    *Bing* *Bing* *Bing*

    A voice is then heard through an intercom on the desk.

    “Cheetor, it’s me. May I enter?”

    “Come on in Silverbolt, the door’s open.”

    The gloriously purple Maximal enters the room.

    “What can I do for you, Silverbolt?”

    “I’ve just returned from my recon mission to the small Predacon production plant south of the city. I wanted to speak to you before I filed my official report.”

    Silverbolt had a nervous look on his face, something rarely seen by Cheetor or anyone for that matter. He was always stern and confident in the battlefield.

    “They’ve begun producing Vehicons drones again. So far, only the Tank Drones have gone into production. This model is smaller than what we’ve seen previously. The Predacons must be looking to conserve energy. More importantly, they’ve also recreated the Vehicon generals of Tankor, Thrust, and… my former self, Jetstorm. I have not been able to ascertain if these abominations have sparks or not.”

    Cheetor knew what was bothering his friend. Being Jetstorm had changed Silverbolt, it was a horrible experience being trapped inside your own mind. Cheetor knew seeing Jetstorm had to be unnerving for Silverbolt.

    “I’ve been expecting something like this. Megatron’s schematics for the Vehicons went missing shortly after the Great Reformatting and it isn’t surprising to learn that it was the Preds who took it. File your report, Silverbolt. We’ll make this plant the target of our next mission. We don’t want these Vehicons drudging up any memories of Megatron’s takeover.”

    “Yes, sir. I will go file my report now.”

    “Thank you. We will depart in a few solar cycles to take care of this plant. We have that mandated recruitment drive tomorrow. The Elders feel our team could use some fresh sparks.”

    “I will alert the others of the mission and remind them of the recruitment for tomorrow. I’ll see you later.”

    Silverbolt turns and begins to leave the room but Cheetor can still sense uneasiness within his friend. He stops him.

    “Oh, and Silverbolt?”

    “Yes, sir?”

    “He wasn’t you. That was never you.”

    While facing the door still, Silverbolt lets out a small smile.

    “Thank you, Cheetor.”

    As he exits Cheetor’s office, Silverbolt can’t help but hope that his friend is right.

    Citadel of the Maximal Elders
    Recreation Level

    Here we find Rattrap and Blackarachnia, taking a nice break to replenish their Energon.

    “What do you think ‘Bolt had to tell Spots that was so important?”

    “I’m not sure, but whatever it was it certainly had Silverbolt unnerved. And that isn’t easy to do.”

    As the two sat and conversed, Silverbolt eventually happened upon them.

    “Hey there bird brain, what’s shakin’?”

    “You’ve always had a way with words, Rattrap. I told Cheetor I would remind you two about the recruitment drive for tomorrow.”

    “I can’t believe the Maximal Elders are forcing something like this upon us.” Blackarachnia had trouble with the idea of having to work with new bots.

    “My dear, we were never told we had to accept any of the recruits. The Elders simply feel as though our team as dwindled what with the injuries of Botanica and Nightscream.” Silverbolt as always tries to comfort his beloved.

    “I for one can’t wait to see the baby-bots the Elders felt were good enough to hang with us. I’m off for the night, have fun love birds. See you at the circus tomorrow.”

    With that Rattrap takes his leave as Silverbolt and Blackarachnia head to their home as well.

    To be continued…

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