Beast Machines: Rewritten

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    SEASON 1#
    Optimus Primal






    SEASON 2#
    Optimus Primal







    Optimus Primal + Apex

    SEASON 3#
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    Not a bad start. The grammar is far better than some fanfics I've read. Some of them are impossible to get into because of poor writing, but yours is certainly readable.

    It's nice to see the scenes and dialogue from the flashback portions of the episode where they tap into Rhinox's memory.

    My main gripe is that I'm not a big fan of rewriting episodes primarily to change events that didn't go as I thought they should. While I agree that the BW characters ought to have done better in combat with their transmetal forms than they did, erasing the reformatting rips the heart out of the BMac storyline, which is of course the organic vs. the technological.

    I'm curious to see what direction you'll take it from here. :thumb 
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    I was a huge fan of Beast Wars when it came out and ended, always thought it was the best TF series around and still do. When I first heard about Beast Machines in a magazine before I found out about the online community I was estatic. However, while the series had neat new concepts and writing, most of the series let me down. From unrealistic Maximal transformations to character, I missed how Rattrap used to say "We're all going to die" and Primal and his "Isn't that just Prime?"

    Thus leading to my rewrite, I hope it'll be enjoyable. I haven't written a fan fic in awhile so all comments and crits help. Thanks!

    Season 1#
    Episode 1: Homecoming

    A golden shuttle shook as it traveled through transwarp space. The ancient onboard computer flickered for a nano-click but held on course. The crew rested at ease, minds off the time lost war they had just won. It would only be a matter of cycles before their ship entered normal space and back to their home, Cybertron.

    Rattrap pulled back and kicked his feet up on a large cargo container and chuckled. His comrade in arms Cheetor sitting next to him put away his blaster, it was something he wouldn’t need back on Cybertron. “Oh man the wait is killing me! I can already see my hole now! Kid, when we get back to Cybertron I’ll show you that hole I call home,” exclaimed Rattrap with a grin on his face.

    The shuttle shook once slightly and then again with more magnitude. “I’m afraid that’s going to have to wait Rattrap. Cheetor I need you at the helm to ease through this turbulence,” commanded Rhinox gripping the control panel to prepare for the rough ride ahead of them.

    “Right,” nodded Cheetor getting up from his work quickly. Optimus Primal got out of the secondary control chair for their pilot to grab a seat. Primal gave a quick nod of approval to Cheetor for the go ahead. “Thanks big bot, let’s hope the number one pilot of the academy still has his skills after all this time!”

    “We’ve got confidence in you Cheetor, let’s get to work. Engaging secondary thrusters,” retorted Rhinox turning his head towards Optimus just as the Autobot shuttle rattled. The shaking got worse and the two Maximals did their best to stabilize the craft for a smooth path through the transwarp tunnel.

    Turbulence picked up and began to toss its crew in random directions. Silverbolt shielded Blackarachnia with his wing and put on a reassuring face. Pound and ripping could be heard above them. He then turned to Optimus who finally got himself standing upright again.

    “What’s going on? Having trouble steering?” commented Rattrap shaking around on the bench as the belt buckle held him in place.

    Optimus reached for a switch above them and checked out the monitor next to it for the status of their prisoner. The monitor flickered on with static. After a few clicks a visual of a red transformer pulled loose of the energon bond from his right hand. “It’s Megatron! He’s trying to break free!”

    “Well it’s not like we can do anything to save him now…” said Blackarachnia watching on. The temporal tunnel surrounding them was unstable and began to crackle with electricity. Megatron pulled his arm free and tried to grab on. “What in the pit is he trying to do? Slag himself?”

    Electricity sparked and struck the arms of the maniacal tyrant. The helpless Megatron fell as a bolt struck him in the abdomen and sent him flying into the other end of the temporal tunnel. Rattrap snickered, “Well that’s the end of him.”

    “Don’t celebrate yet!” growled Rhinox pulling up the controls of the ship, stretching the capacity of the shuttle’s secondary thrusters. The ancient shuttle could only do so much before its limit was reached and unfortunately it gave out.

    “Oh no… we’re all going to die…” sighed Rattrap preparing for the worst. He pulled himself to the bench of the shuttle and strapped himself in along with Silverbolt and Blackarachnia.

    Cheetor grit his teeth trying to make up for the secondary thrusters’ failure. “Not… if I can help it!” The determined Maximal brought the shuttle to a stable flight level and increased speed.

    “Nice work. Both of you,” commented Optimus thanking Rhinox and Cheetor for their work.

    The shuttle pulled out of transwarp space. It approached the home world of the Maximals and Predacons, Cybertron. “We did it! We’re outta transwarp space!” exclaimed Cheetor with joy releasing his grip from the shuttle’s controls.

    Rattrap looked relieved. “What’s even better Spots, that’s Cybertron! We’re home!”

    Without a moment’s notice, the planet’s orbital defense mechanisms activated and opened fire on the shuttle. Rhinox panicked and piloted the shuttle out of the opening shots. “What in the name of the Matrix is the meaning of this?”

    Silverbolt unbuckled himself from the bench and watched on. “Perhaps it’s a misunderstanding. We are in an Autobot shuttle after all. Try sending in the Axalon’s docking code.”

    “Negative,” responded Rhinox. More shots whizzed by, even though Rhinox avoided most of them the sheer number of planetary defenses hit the shuttle. “I’ve already tried that, even if they wanted to confirm our authenticity they would’ve checked our transwarp signature.”

    More blasts came and pummeled the Autobot craft. The damage caused all systems to fail and the ship headed for a crash landing into Cybertron’s surface. Cheetor grabbed onto the controls, “Cross your fingers bots, I’m going to do my best but I’m not promising anything!”

    The thin Cybertronian atmosphere barely slowed down the out of control shuttle as entry progressed. Most of the navigating and auxiliary controls were offline; the Maximals were headed for a rough landing. In a matter of cycles the shuttle rammed straight on into several silver skyscrapers before coming to a halt.

    The light was dim and flickering. Most would not survive from this sort of impact, but Rattrap was one with luck. He tried to move from the wreckage but his foot was trapped between a fallen beam and the floor of the shuttle. “Beast mode!” The transmetal rat crawled his way out of the trap to find Optimus and Rhinox collapsed. The space was tight, a transformation would not be ideal. “Yo boss monkey! Big green! You guys hear me? Are you guys damaged?”

    Rattrap’s old friend Rhinox groaned. The large rhinoceros had been at the front of the shuttle but now at the back from the forceful impact. “Ugh… my processor tells me I’m still functional, but cranial shell says otherwise…” He got onto his feet, a bit disoriented but operational. Rhinox squeezed through the crushed metal and tapped Optimus Primal on the shoulder.

    Primal’s optics flashed online. The large Maximals easily pushed his way up against the fallen shuttle roof and made space for the trio to stand up in robot mode. He scanned the ruins of the Autobot shuttle. “Where’s Cheetor, Silverbolt and Blackarachnia? Are they alright?”

    A sudden impact struck the broken shuttle. The three fell over from the sheer force. Rhinox recovered from the fall first. He glanced through the crevice through the ship’s steel plating that was created from the crash. “Don’t look now, but we’ve got company!”

    The two other Maximals took a look at the sight. “What in the pit?” Rattrap pointed at dozens of unfamiliar tanks. Rattrap stepped back in disbelief, “Those aren’t our guys…”

    Blue and silver tanks lined the perimeter. They charged up their plasma cannons and released another wave of shots. Optimus pulled out his blast shields and forced his way out of the ship. “Well… isn’t that just Prime? They’re not wearing Maximal brands or giving off Maximal signatures, let’s rock and roll Maximals!”

    Rhinox pulled out his chain guns and held them up at the tanks. He let loose a barrage of bullets at the enemy. “Argh!!! Take this you slagging tanks!”

    “Optimus Primal! Flight mode!” The gigantic Maximal commander converted to aerial attack mode and blasted at the tanks that could not reach him from the ground.

    Then a screeching sound could be heard in the air. At first it was quiet but quickly, it could be sensed that a fleet had arrived. Rattrap peered up from the sheltered plates of ruin. He activated his chest communicator. “Well ain’t that a kick in the bearings? Optimus we got fliers!”

    The Maximal commander received the message and avoided the initial bursts. Primal increased his scan radius and picked up twenty more airborne targets. “They just don’t get it do they?” Optimus’ transmetal form easily out powered the tanks and the air drones.

    Rattrap stepped out and finished off a few tank drones with his pistol. He revolved and put it back onto his waist hitch. “And that’s why you always keep your weapon with you. Any sight of the others up there boss monkey?”

    “Negative Rattrap,” responded Optimus Primal landing. “The ship has been completely torn into two pieces. Estimated approximately seven or so clicks that direction.”

    Rhinox breathed out sadness and put down his chain gun. He looked up at his towering leader, “Well we’re sitting ducks here. If anymore of those things come back, we might not have the energon to fight them off consistently. I’m not detecting any signatures here; they might have been in the other half of the ship.”

    “Right,” nodded Optimus in approval. He converted to ground vehicle mode and indicated for his comrades to climb onto him. “We’ll check out the site for survivors. And hopefully on the way we can identify which city we’re in.”

    The trio rumbled down across the silent streets of Cybertron. It was night; the luminous silver moon cast long shadows of the hundreds of skyscrapers. Rattrap and Rhinox kept alert for any attacks.

    “Something don’t seem right…” Rattrap kept his sensors on full alert. He pointed to all the functioning neon lights. “This is most definitely Cybertropolis without a doubt. But as the capital city of the planet, don’t you think it’s weird for it to be… well… you know quiet?”

    “Well empty at that,” responded Rhinox loading up his chain gun. He gave Rattrap a worrisome look just as an ominous shadow passed by him. “Something most definitely is wrong…”

    Optimus was travelling a full speed, his wheels churned a consistent low beat. It became odd that a high screeching sound of rubber tires filled the air. It was not a welcome sound, the trio knew it was a threat. Every sound was a threat since their crash. The high pitched buzzing increased in volume until lights surrounded the three Maximals.

    “Optimize your sensors Maximals, we’ve got company!” announced Optimus Primal. Rhinox and Rattrap jumped off bearing their weapons looking for their targets. Optimus transformed at the command and targeted the darkness that wrapped around them.

    A canister flew into the centre of the light. Rattrap reacted and prepared to fire, but it released itself as an ominous green gas vented out at frightening speed. Rattrap was the first to come in contact, he braced for some sort of protection but it was no use. His face cringed for a couple nano-clicks but then he opened his optics, it had no affect.

    Rhinox was the second to come in contact; unfortunately to his surprise it did have effect. An unwelcome but familiar sensation intruded his systems and converted him to beast mode. “Wha? What? Rhinox! MAXIMIZE!” To no avail the Maximal’s command code did no good.

    Optimus acted quick, his sensors were able to pick up several targets and he began to dispose of them without wasting time. “Rattrap tend to Rhinox, I’ll take care of these guys.”

    With the initial attack, the enemy appeared. A few at first but then more and more filled the darkness around them. They were smaller than the tanks and the fliers, but they were more agile and lightweight than the two. Red covered their bodies and they stood on a wheel. It was obvious that these enemies transformed into cycles of some sort.

    Primal was more than a match, clearly the canister that they had ejected into the battlefield was mostly useless to the most powerful of the group. The virus that was to stop them from transforming did little to stop Optimus as he physically thrashed through the cycle bots and reduced them to scrap metal.

    The battle was won once again, Optimus walked over to his comrades. Rattrap knelt at his buddy’s side. “Its no good, he can’t transform. Early scans most likely indicate that it’s degenerative, if he doesn’t get an antivirus soon his core processor will probably shut down. Permanently.”

    Optimus converted to aerial assault mode and lifted Rattrap and Rhinox onto his back. He ascended quickly and continued in the direction of the other half of the ship. “We’ll have to make sure the others are alright. If we really are in Cybertropolis, we’ll head to the citadel of the Maximal elders to seek answers and find an antidote for Rhinox.”

    Blue jets emerged from the darkness of the streets like sharks. They came in packs of three and began to open fire. Their cockpits lit a single red optic that consistently toggled in all directions scanning for targets. The jets were in vehicle mode and moved quickly, they were definitely a threat to them.

    Rattrap locked and loaded his pistol and began sharp shooting. “Slag it all the way to the pit! They just keep coming, is there no end to this?”

    Optimus did his best to out manoeuvre the blue jets, but their firepower was amazing in numbers and he couldn’t keep them off his tail without jeopardizing Rhinox and Rattrap. “Hold on tight! I’m going for the sky scrapper ahead, hopefully Cheetor and the others are on the other side!”

    The attack jets followed, but Rattrap’s cover fire was good and reduced their numbers. “Yee ha!! We’ve found them!” exclaimed Rattrap with joy as shots came from the ground into the sky.

    Cheetor and Blackarachnia launched a mediocre assault from the ground, but it sufficed to cover Optimus as he landed with the injured Rhinox. “Big bot! You’re alright!” shouted Cheetor watching Primal unload and transform to finish off the remaining jets.

    “These things been giving you a hard time too Spots?” chuckled Rattrap. Blackarachnia and Cheetor walked over to join up with the rest of the team. He noticed a missing member, “Hey… Where’s the bird dog?”

    Blackarachnia held back but spoke up. “He… he was taken by them…”

    “By who?” demanded Optimus Primal stepping forward. He was enraged by the loss, ever since they hit Cybertron they’ve been chased without reason. Any attempt to negotiate had been replied to with missile fire.

    Cheetor knew the pain Blackarachnia couldn’t speak anymore. “Those things that attacked us took him. There were too many of them… They fired a canister that was supposed to harm us, but it neutralized Silverbolt completely. I guess our transmetal bodies provided protection against the virus agent. We couldn’t get him to safety, they swarmed us and we were powerless…”

    “I see…” muttered Optimus Primal as his rage intensified. He lifted Rhinox onto his shoulder and chose the best path of action. “We’ll have to head to the Maximal elders, they’ll know what’s going on. We’ll save Silverbolt once we can get Rhinox operational again. He was hit by the same virus I suppose.”

    “Hold on big cheese! We should avoid taking the surface route; we’ll be exposed to attack. Allow me to introduce you to my best friend, the sewer,” replied Rattrap removing a large plate on the ground.

    Blackarachnia shook in disgust. “You can’t possibly be suggesting we trudge through sewage… It might be ok for you but some of us…”

    “Rattrap is right. We have injuries to account for. Until we know what we’re up against, we should try to avoid any combat. Down Maximals, we’ll trek to the citadel through the sewers. Rattrap, lead the way.” Optimus watched as his crew followed in as he fell in and closed the plate.

    The crew of five headed out through the dark sewers, a few low energon consuming LED lights lit the path way. Cheetor sprang forward to Rattrap at the front of the line. “Say Rattrap, how do you know this place so well?”

    Rattrap smiled in his beast form while his vehicle mode carried him on the surprisingly dry sewer floor. “I come from Cybertropolis, it’s been my home for as long as I can remember. I know it like the back of my paw.”

    Far above the sewers a platoon of jets gathered and followed the Maximals. The onboard computer of the lead jet reported, “Five Maximal signatures detected.” The lead jet prepared to engage but stopped and resumed following. It was as though it had been instructed to see where the Maximals were headed to.
    Blackarachnia followed upside down from the roof of the sewer. Though her sensors couldn’t detect any enemies, her transmetal 2 intuition told her something was up. She eyed Primal long enough for him to know that they were being followed. They would probably engage in combat the second they got to the citadel, but Primal had to hope that the citadel defences wouldn’t let them down.
    The crew came to a stop when Rattrap began to sniff around. He transformed and nodded. The rat climbed the staircase and checked around. There was no sight of any threat, he climbed out and helped the others up. “As I promised, here we are the seat of the Maximal Imperia!”

    “Good job,” replied Primal setting Rhinox down, as he checked out the massive door of the citadel. He tried to access the panel but it was too small for his large hands. “Rattrap gimme a hand will ya? Cheetor make sure Rhinox is still ok. I’m expecting an attack soon…”

    “No problemo fearless leader!” acknowledged Rattrap getting to work.
    Blackarachnia’s intuition sparked wildly, she could mentally see the two attack vectors of the jets from the sky that was out of reach by sensors. “Sorry to prove you wrong Optimus, but we’ve got company coming in fast and they’re not using the guest door!”

    “Optimus Primal, Maximize!” He soared into the sky blasting wildly at the enemies. Bits of scrap rained down on the Maximals but Primal didn’t want to waste anymore time than he had to.

    “Oh man… I hate this, we’re cornered like rats!” pointed out Rattrap with the sudden boom of heavy tread movement. Tanks began to move in from the front entrance to the citadel.

    Cheetor evaluated the situation; evasive measures had to be taken. “Split up, we’ll confuse them.” The feline transformers to his feral beast mode and pounced across the tanks drawing their fire away from the others.

    “And leave big green alone? I don’t think so pussycat!” shouted Rattrap sending his own shots out.

    Blackarachnia followed Cheetor but in the opposite direction. “Suit yourself, but don’t blame us if something goes wrong garbage breath!” The nimble black widow travelled across the tanks effectively crisscrossing the tank’s path of fire.
    The tanks released their plasma cannons and annihilated each other; Cheetor’s optics widened in response of the friendly fire. “They shot their own? That definitely scrambled.”

    “Saves work for us kittycat,” replied Blackarachnia with a sinister tone. She transformed and finish off the remaining two tank enemies with her metal claws. Blackarachnia smiled, “Too easy…”

    Optimus Primal landed and cleaned off his hands surveying the battle wreckage in the process, “Well that ends that, any luck opening the gate Rattrap?”

    “Nada, it’s not working. Our access codes don’t register with it,” answered Rattrap. With that response the gate opened slightly. The rat turned around and looked surprised. “Well what do you know? Maybe I’ve got the magic touch.”
    Optimus opened the door and led the rest of his crew into the citadel.

    Blackarachnia transformed and helped lift Rhinox from the ground. “I wouldn’t bet on it Rattrap. Now c’mon let’s go, we’ve gotta figure out what’s going on this hunk of steel and find Silverbolt!”

    The group made their way through the citadel hallway. Only a few lights illuminated the pathway along the floor. Optimus led the way and made his way to the central chamber. He looked around in the pitch darkness. “This… isn’t possible, what’s happened to the central chamber of the council of elders?” questioned Optimus trying to make out the figures in the dark.

    Blinding light filled the chamber, the Maximals shielded their optics from the piercing light. Optimus Primal looked up at the circular cavity in the ceiling of the chamber. A massive chain of steel wires and metal tubing lowered itself from the cavity. A long shadow gave the Maximals some relief from the light. A figure emerged from the cavity linked to the mass. “Ahh Primal… So you’ve finally arrived at long last. Looking for something? Or rather someone?” The voice filled the chamber as a motionless shell rose into the air on a sheet of metal.

    Blackarachnia instantly recognized the familiar shell. She maximized the visual of the shell and noticed its disfigured beast form. Her optics shook and cringed slightly. “By the Matrix its Silverbolt! We’ve got to save him!” shouted Blackarchnia in distress running forward to save her love.

    “Not so fast my eager traitor… You will not succeed so easily… no…” hissed the voice as it erected a force field and reflected Blackarachnia away. At the motion of a three fingered hand, the gates around the chamber revealed dozens of cycle enemies ready to attack. “Now who’s trapped like rats, vermin…”

    Something was familiar about this speaker. Not only in voice but the entity was also familiar in the way of speech. Optimus’ optics widened at the familiar voice and speech pattern of the entity. His face grimaced and clenched his fists. His teeth barred at the crimes that had just been done to him from the beginning of the Beast Wars to this point. “Megatron…”

    Rattrap and Cheetor moved back in disbelief of their leader’s statement. Rattrap shuddered, “No… It can’t be… Megabutt? Didn’t you die? It can’t possibly be, you must have died the nano-click you fell off the shuttle and fell out of the temporal tunnel. This has to be a joke!”

    Panels flew out from the ground and formed a visual of the Predacon’s face. It was the old stylized face of the enemy the Maximals had known since the start of the Beast Wars. Except now a metal helmet encased the cranial shell of Megatron. A meshed grill provided a mouth plate while discoloured metal flaps hid Megatron’s body. He chuckled with pure evil in his voice. “So you remember Primal… Welcome home Maximals…”


    Thanks Shane, means a lot :D  They will get reformatted, the story won't be rewritten completely. A lot of original plotlines will be incorporated, I plan for some original stuff to be put in as well that I hope people will like.

    And for the count I will try to do updates every other week, hard to keep up sometimes with school work but in exchange I will put up some art here, whether that is a good or bad thing, it remains to be seen but here it goes:

    Name: Optimus Primal
    Function: Maximal Commander
    Bio: Returning from the Beast Wars, Optimus Primal led his crew onto a deserted Cybertron only to be attacked by a new race of Transformers, the evil Vehicons. Megatron has taken the planet, stripped Optimus Primal and his Maximals of old friends and his Optimal rank and body. Stumbling across the ancient Autobot computer, the Oracle, Optimus Primal and his crew were reformatted and given a chance to save Cybertron. To find the balance, tame the beast without and unleash the warrior within, Optimus Primal has only begun to accept the gifts the Oracle has endowed him with.
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    Episode 2: Viral Infection

    Optimus snarled in humiliation and his anger rumbled to the surface. He pointed at his arch nemesis floating above him supported by the massive connections of wires and steel. He announced without fear, “Megatron, give it up! Whatever you’ve done to Cybertron, we’ll stop you here and now!”

    Megatron laughed his signature chuckle. He rotated and shook his finger at Optimus Primal with satisfaction. “Are you really in the position to threaten me? You’re speaking to the master of Cybertron! All of Cybertron is my domain now!”

    Cheetor blasted at the forcefield along with Rattrap and Blackarachnia. Cheetor for one was tired of seeing Megatron and felt the desire to put an end to all of this madness as soon as possible. “Take this Megajerk! You lost the Beast Wars! We don’t know what you’ve done to Cybertron but we’ll find out once we rip your core processor out and find out ourselves!”

    Optimus Primal added his arsenal to the cause and sent pellets of firepower to the mix. A rain torrent of missiles and energy charges overpowered the shield that separated the Maximals from their nemesis and their fallen comrade Silverbolt. In a matter of nano-clicks, the shield fell and shattered. Megatron was now exposed along with Silverbolt to a full out attack from the Maximals.

    Megatron simply waved his hand in response to the failure of his safeguard shield. In response to the gesture, several panels rose from the Maximals’ feet and out popped several canisters that resembled the ones before. “Your persistence annoys me pussy cat… yes… As I predicted, the regular dosage of my virus won’t affect your transmetal bodies. No matter, this one will!”

    Caps busted off the canisters and a darker eerie gas vented out. All four transmetal Maximals succumbed to the virus. Rattrap and Optimus began to revert to beast form. So did Cheetor and Blackarachnia, but a new affect struck the other two. A light surrounded Rattrap and Optimus as their nanites reconfigured and regressed.

    Cheetor now trapped in beast mode, could not transform. He struggled to stand and looked over to see his comrades regress back to their non-transmetal forms. “What… what has he done to you guys?”

    Optimus tried to transform but to no avail it did not work. He was now stuck in a primate form without any weapons or means to fight the drones that were now ready to attack. Rattrap was stuck in the same predicament; the poor rodent had no access to his gizmos and gadgets.

    “Ah simpletons… Enjoy your powerlessness, as for you transmetal 2s, enjoy being trapped in your transmetal beast modes a little longer. Though my transmetal 2 technology is almost perfect, it will simply take longer for the virus to regress you to your previous forms,” explained Megatron turning his full attention to the fallen Maximal leader. “Now it will make it that much easier to extract the Ark’s access codes from you Optimus Primal. I can ensure the destruction of the Autobots and my position as head of all Cybertron. You may have won the Beast Wars but this battle will end with me as the victor!”

    Megatron summoned forth five gigantic metal tentacles. Each grabbed one of the Maximals and held them in place. The one grabbing Rhinox threw the bulky bot to the plate carrying Silverbolt. Two smaller tentacles reached upwards and positioned themselves next to their chests. The large tentacle which restrained Optimus brought him to Megatron’s eye level. On the ground of the council chamber, Optimus could see the numerous cycle transformers gather in groups of three around each tentacle prepared to fire.

    “Now relieve yourself of the Ark’s access codes, or face the destruction of your beloved Maximals…” demanded Megatron just as the smaller tentacles hummed to life. Claws extended from the tips and extracted Silverbolt and Rhinox’s sparks from their respective shells. “Face the fear that the criminals you made out of Predacons felt for so many generations. Their sparks will be terminated if you do not comply.”

    Optimus knew his crew members were valuable, but if he relinquished the Ark’s access codes, the Beast Wars would have been in vain. “Why do this Megatron? You’ve already taken Cybertron and those defunct transformers you have down… Plus if Cybertron really is your domain wouldn’t you be able to find a copy of the Golden Disk’s data somewhere?”

    “You refer to my Vehicons? Oh no Primal… I assure they are not defunct, I merely instructed them to herd you here. They are the next generation of transformers, I assure you. Mindless without a spark, no more incompetence! Free of chaotic individual thought, incompetence is no longer an issue for the Megatron of the past or for me! They are led now by one single perfect mind. Mine!” roared Megatron in belief of his ideals. He cackled and strained the tentacle’s grip on Optimus Primal.

    “You’re insane, Megatron…” spat Optimus in pain.

    “I knew you would seek answers here Primal, your mind is too simplistic for my grand designs. As for the Ark, I thought you of all bots would understand by now, I take every precaution to ensure the failure of your ancestors. And would you believe the elders were so conservative to not even have a copy of the codes on hand. Such outdated fools; history is not to be hidden… Maximal propaganda… but enough talk. The access codes if you please…”

    Primal knew what he had to do; there was no hope in giving the codes up. Megatron would still reduce his crew to scrap heaps. His eyes began to glow green, Megatron smiled in return. “I don’t think so Megatron!” shouted Optimus Primal as he deleted the Ark’s access codes from memory.

    “You wouldn’t dare!” roared Megatron in fury. He brought the extractors to Optimus Primal’s optics. The sparks began to dissipate and finally vanished. “Reap what you sow Primal, say goodbye to your comrades. And these aren’t the only ones you have failed. No… All of Cybertron, all the sparks of your fellow Maximals are extinguished. You’ve failed Optimus Primal! And now it is time to put an end to your mongrel existence!”

    Optimus bellowed in anguish, Megatron had taken away enough from him today. He tried once more to transform but his systems began to freeze up. He dug right into the plating of the tentacle with the force of his anger and ripped it apart. He leapt out with all his might and grabbed a hold of Megatron’s harness. “What right do you have to take away our rights to transform Megatron?”

    “Foolish Maximals, wasn’t it in your own code that transformation was a privilege and not a right? You have violated that privilege by not allowing me to lilberate your sparks, Primal!” Megatron tried to shake the beast off his harness. He summoned for his Vehicons to attack the Maximals. Cheetor and Blackarachnia whom retained their weapons from beast mode retaliated first. The broke free of the tentacles that bonded them. The steel parts of the tentacles fell down and crushed a few of the Vehicons.

    “Hold on Rattrap, I’m coming for ya!” shouted Cheetor making use of his back mounted missile launcher. He made short work of the cycle drones and scaled the solitary tentacle that held the frozen Rattrap high in the air. In a few clicks he began to be pelted by laser fire, more cycle drones were converging on their position. “Blackarachnia! Cover for me will ya?”

    Blackarachnia witnessed the death of Silverbolt, her processor was filled with emotions of remorse and hatred. Megatron had destroyed her friend and companion; he would not be forgiven as long as her spark remained online. She roared a battle cry of fury and started rushing forward to finish off the cycle drones. She stepped forward in beast mode slapping all of them out of the way with her limbs.

    “Spots! I’m so glad to see ya pal!” shouted Rattrap watching Cheetor cut him loose from the tentacle with his talons. Once freed from the tentacle, Rattrap grabbed onto Cheetor for a ride down to the ground. “Sorry pussycat I can’t be of much help, but I can’t transform… and I’m feeling drained…”

    Cheetor slashed the three cycle drones in front of him out of his way. The two others behind were no match as well and Cheetor easily reduced them to spare parts. “Don’t… mention it Rattrap.” Suddenly Cheetor felt a sharp tingle in his receptors. The virus was spreading, just like Megatron said it would. He cringed in pain as more cycle drones arrived on the scene to replace their fallen comrades.
    They were clearly outnumbered and out powered now. Optimus remained at the top of the harness giving Megatron a hard time. The other Maximals began to gather at a corner where the hallway they entered merged with the council chamber. Cycle drones prepped in robot mode buzzed ready to fire.

    Rattrap covered his eyes with his furry paws. “We’re all gonna die…”

    Optimus roared with the weight of the loss of Cybertron on his shoulders. He smashed his fingers into the mass that supported the harness and pulled out wires. Primal began to jump and effectively reduced Megatron’s resistance. With a few more jumps and wire losses, the harness collapsed and sparked.

    Cheetor looked up as the two leaders fell to the ground. Tank drones had entered the fray, with his systems regressing in a matter of cycles, they were at a tactical disadvantage. “Big bot, fall back! We’re not in a position to do anything now! C’mon, Rattrap found us a way out.”

    “Let’s go!” replied Rattrap pulling out a panel on the side leading into the lower level of the citadel. He gestured for Blackarachnia to enter first and then Cheetor. “C’mon boss monkey, we can’t save Rhinox and Silverbolt now, let’s get going!”

    Optimus complied; there was nothing he could do now. Even if he finished off Megatron, which was unlikely they would not get anywhere. He ripped out one final clump of wires and followed suite.

    “Follow them!” shouted Megatron as the cycle drones did nothing. He raised his right arm in anger and pounded the ground. “I’ll get you for this Primal! Nowhere have you run to will be safe! I’ll find you…”

    A lone diagnostic drone flew out from the shadows and carried a data-pad. “It’s no good my liege, your harness complex is damaged. Vehicon control is currently beyond your operating capability. Course of action suggested would be to track their signatures while you commence repairs.”

    The group of five travelled silently through the sewers. With Optimus in lead, the Maximals followed further and further into the sewer complex of Cybertropolis. Cheetor began to look worried. “Big bot… It’s not your fault. You did the right thing, Silverbolt and Rhinox would’ve wanted the same.”

    “Ye… Yeah, what the kid said. You had no choice, the Ark’s access codes are more important than any of us. You prevented another Beast War there fearless leader. I’m sure we would have done the same…” spoke Rattrap nervously trying to calm his leader down from the loss.

    Optimus tried to speak but stopped. He continued to walk in silence as the group followed further down into the darkness. Rattrap and Cheetor gave each other a look in response; they didn’t know how to bring their leader around.

    Blackarachnia regressed back to her original form; she began to feel bogged down from the change. She checked her systems, “Computer… run diagnostic scan, full…”

    A beep came to signal the start of the scan, and then another to signal the completion. Her onboard computer announced, “Scans indicate, system failure. Transformation impossible, virus affecting all systems, if not treated with antidote, permanent shut down will commence. Spark will terminate.”

    The crew stopped walking. Rattrap’s eyes reflected fear. “Say what? Boss monkey we’ve got to stop here. We need to find a way out of this transformation virus, at least access our primary weapons.”

    “No can do,” replied Cheetor whom was now in his transmetal 1 beast mode. He looked at Optimus who stopped too, it was utterly hopeless. They had lost their more powerful transmetal forms, not only that but the ability that made them transformers, transformation. “You’ve gotten us out of worse before. We know you can do it big bot. Lead us to victory again.”

    The ground began to rumble, they had wandered into the older part of Cybertropolis’ sewage system. The infrastructure gave way to their weight and crumbled into pieces. The five yelled as they plummeted into the abyss beneath them.

    “Where… are we?” queried Blackarachnia glancing into the darkness. She felt around her position with her limbs. Clearly they were surrounded by metal. She walked forward to see her comrades gathered around a port.

    Optimus looked down from the port’s gate. He temporarily lost visual reception and saw a path downward. “Down, we go down Maximals.”

    The others followed accordingly. Blackarachnia spun the webbing to support the rest of the Maximals. A few cycles went down further and further, Cheetor tried to lift his heavy optics and examine their surroundings. “Where exactly are we?”

    “Cybertron, or what was Cybertron…” replied Optimus Primal solemnly pointing out the destroyed buildings in the distance. Older buildings with archaic Cybertronian embodied some of the buildings. “They must be from the earlier ages of Cybertronian history. We have a tendency to replace the old by building over them…”

    Several cycles passed, the group was beginning to feel the worse effects of the virus. “Ugh… my servos are fusing…” complained Rattrap letting up his grip on the webbing. He no longer had as much control over his arms and began to feel the loss. Rattrap let go and fell.

    “My… webbing… it’s drying up… Can’t keep up with the weight much longer… Sorry…” spoke Blackarachnia as her spindle snapped and too collapsed. She fell just as Rattrap passed her by.

    Optimus reached out his hand in concern but he had nothing to hold onto either. With one hand outward and the other grabbing what was left of the webbing, Cheetor fell behind him. He slipped and fell as well. “Rattrap, Blackarachnia! No!!!”
    Optimus lunged forward in the shadows and found his crew scattered motionless on the floor. Blackarachnia was the first to speak up, but did not move a limb.

    “Great… now we can all deactivate together in the darkness…”

    Primal crushed his fists together in desperation. “No… it can’t end like this! Someone has to stop Megatron, I won’t give up!” yelled Optimus. He separated his hands felt around for an object and pulled out a rock. He hurled it towards the darkness.

    The chunk of rock shattered the darkness. A sliver of light came through just as cracks filtered through the darkness. Light spread and broke through a plate of darkness to reveal an immense circular interface with a glowing pulse. Stars reflected in the interface as planets and other celestial essences moved in patterns. “Accessing the Allspark, I am the Oracle. Welcome Optimus Primal…”

    “The what? Did it just say the Allspark and that it was the Oracle?” questioned Cheetor. It was very hard for him to believe this, the Allspark was a myth and the Oracle was a long lost legend.

    “But… those are just old Autobot stories… It can’t be real… can it?” asked Rattrap scratching his head.

    The Oracle began to light up with a fire. Optimus felt an affinity to get closer and did so. He brought his arms up in a defensive position and ambled forward into the flames. “Only one way to find out, I’m going have to interface with it.”

    “Optimus Primal, you are now interfacing with the Matrix, the Allspark that links everything that has ever lived and ever will live. On behalf of the Allspark, I welcome you to a point of view where all are one,” spoke the Oracle voice. “The great reformatting awaits."

    Optimus Primal was weightless and floated in the virtual space. Cybertron came into view and he flew towards it. He saw a green beam of light stretch into the sky and split into several parts and reached across the planet. “This… this is what happened to Cybertron?”

    The Oracle did not answer his question. “Initiating download sequence, the great transformation awaits you Optimus Primal. Do you accept?”

    “Yes…” spoke Optimus Primal as he saw the complete spread of the light across the planet.

    “Prepare to be reformatted. Remember, the seeds of the future lay buried in the past. To unleash the warrior within you must tame the beast without. Seek the balance Optimus Primal. Transform your destiny, transform and ascend.”

    Optimus stepped out from the interface reformed with mixed pieces of black organic fur and golden metal pieces. The Maximals looked at their reformatted leader in awe.

    “Big bot… are you alright? What has the Oracle done to your body? ” asked Cheetor regressing back to his regular cheetah mode.

    “Yes, the Oracle has reformatted me. The Oracle has deemed our bodies corrupted beyond repair from Megatron’s virus. For the time being, it has given us these techno-organic bodies. If you want to survive, this is the only way,” spoke Optimus revealing a path into the Oracle for his crew to enter.

    Meanwhile on the surface of Cybertron, Megatron had finally recovered from his intrusive battle with Optimus Primal and his Maximals. All connections to Cybertron and its functions had been restorted. His trusty diagnostic drone hovered down from the ceiling with a datapad in hand just as Megatron returned to his motionless state hovering in the center of the council chamber.

    “Progress report. I want those Maximals found and terminated once and for all,” demanded Megatron summoning the diagnostic drone along with several viewing panels.

    The tiny drone plucked a few on screen functions on his own personal data-pad. He put it away and hovered in front of his programmer. “My liege, we’ve tracked the Maximal movement into a subterranean level of Cybertron. A rather interesting development has taken place in the last two cycles.”

    Megatron’s optics widened with interest and spoke, “Which is?”

    “Their signatures have been disappearing one by one. Starting off with Optimus,” reported the drone giving a salute at the end of the report. He took out his data-pad and presented it to Megatron quickly.

    Megatron glanced at the data-pad and snarled. “How is that possibly good news, imbecile!”

    “Well sir, it would prove that your transmetal transformation virus agent has finally gotten them. They should be offline and their sparks terminating soon,” answered the drone rotating its singular optic lens.

    Megatron summoned a large panel and transferred the drone’s report onto it. He rubbed the bottom of his face plate in contemplation. “I won’t take the chance. Those Maximals are a resourceful bunch; there may be hidden secrets below Cybertron’s crust. Send a battalion of aero drones and backup cycle drones to their last known coordinates. I want their sparks before they extinguish, you know that very well.”

    Megatron turned and opened several large doors on the walls revealing hundreds of deactivated Vehicon drones. With the wave of an arm, their optics brimmed to life and revved their engines to a booming decibel.

    “Yes my liege, it will be done as you commanded,” obeyed the diagnostic drone turning around. He punched a few commands into his data-pad as it relayed the last known coordinates of the Maximals to the dozens of departing Vehicon drones.

    Megatron raised himself to the roof of the council once more and surrounded himself with visual panels. The encircled him covering him from visible sight. He grinned as schematics were brought up on the panel that stopped in front of him. “Primal, your crew’s existence is a plague to my cause. I will free this world from voices of unrest and chaos. Individuality is a thing of the past Primal… I will purge all evidence of your chaotic existence from Cybertron, this I promise you… Yes… You will be terminated!”
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    Episode 3: Mindless Swarm

    “Let’s keep moving Maximals,” said Optimus pressing further underground with his crew. He turned to face Cheetor and Rattrap whom followed to his right side. “We can’t risk Megatron finding the Oracle even though its offline right now. Our priority is to find a temporary base of operations and figure out exactly what we need to do.”

    The newly reformatted Maximals paced themselves alongside their leader. Cheetor dashed forward and confronted Optimus whom walked at his own pace, “Can’t we transform into robot mode? You know to at least test if these new bodies work?”

    Optimus covered Cheetor’s mouth with his large hands. Optimus looked around, but he could see nothing from the darkly lit cavern. He held up one finger to his mouth and went “Shh… Don’t you hear that? The sound… its getting louder… something is coming… something big…”

    The Maximals formed a defensive square pattern ready to attack. Suddenly several lights appeared in the distance. Though faint at first it wasn’t long before the group could see an attack team of twelve cycle drones approach.

    “Looks like you get your chance Cheetor, Maximals! MAXIMIZE!!” announced Optimus gathering the three other Maximals behind him. A blue light surrounded his chassis and the large gorilla converted into a new robot mode.

    Above on Cybertron the diagnostic drone rushed to Megatron in a flurry. The mighty conqueror of Cybertron parted with the panels around him and sent them flying away in response to the squeaky sounds of the diagnostic drone.

    “My liege, you were right all along! All five Maximal signatures have just reappeared on the scanner! Not only did our drones find them, but their actual signatures are active again! They must have found a way to reboot their transformation systems.”

    Megatron crushed his three fingered left hand in rage then released it. He lowered himself to meet the diagnostic drone. “Send more reinforcement drones to search the layer they’re in. Have them fight until the Maximals can no longer fight. Energon will soon become an issue for them in due time and when that happens… We’ll take their sparks in… yes…”

    The other Maximals followed and prepared for battle. Laser-fire from the cycle drones flew towards them; unfortunately the Maximals could find no blaster or handheld firearm.

    “Umm… did the Oracle forget to equip these robot modes with firepower?” sputtered Rattrap sarcastically rolling backwards on the wheels that served as his legs. He braced himself for impact when several cycle drones rushed to tackle him.

    Optimus moved his two gigantic arms to guard his friend from the tackle. He shut his optics in preparation for the impact, but surprisingly when he looked up; the arms had built in energy shields that deflected them. He ran a quick scan through his core processor.

    “Maximals! We may not have machine guns or missiles, but the Oracle has equipped us with some sort of energy weapons, let’s show these guys who’s boss!” Optimus Primal primed his chest as it began to light up with a light blue energy.

    Blasts erupted from Optimus’ chest and flew towards the drones. He nodded at Cheetor to do the same. Cheetor completed his scan and took out a pair of bright yellow sabres from his back spinal column. He separated them and rushed forward to slice up the approaching squadron of Vehicons.

    Vehicons rushed the other two Maximals whom had not made use of their weapons. Blackarachnia was being charged by a lone tank drone and two other cycle drones. She had no idea how to make use of her new body’s weapons. Luckily the new body was very nimble and she was able to outmanoeuvre her adversaries.

    She completed her scan, though she realized her attack ability took some time, her beast mode would give her enough speed to get ahead. Blackarachnia screeched, transforming back to beast mode ran to the end of the tunnel. The Vehicons followed her as she predicted. “Take this you hunks of scrap!”

    Poisonous green energy sparked from her legs in robot mode. The energy sparked and rushed forward to meet the tank drone. It rendered him immobile and just as the cycle drones came adjacent to the paralyzed tank drone; the energy spread to them and rendered them useless.

    “Now that’s an ability I can make use of…” laughed Blackarachnia striding casually towards her prey. With the push of her left arm, the cycle drone fell over and fell onto the tank drone.

    Rattrap was not having any luck. Even though he finished his scan, he found no weapons for his reformatted robot mode. He was not having a good time simply to say especially with five cycle drones chasing after him. “Guys… a little help here? Spots? Legs? Anybody?”

    “I’m on it!” yelled Cheetor retracting his sabres from finishing off his batch of Vehicon drones. He reverted to beast mode and rammed into the back of the lead cycle drone chasing his pal. “Maximize!”

    The feline finished off the vehicle predators with little difficulty. He smiled and gave Rattrap a hand up. Rattrap was thankful but disappointed that his robot mode was deprived of all weapons.

    “Thanks kid… oh man… I hate this so called upgrade! More like a downgrade…” complained Rattrap taking his comrade’s hand and getting back up from his wheeled legs. He transformed to beast mode and walked to Optimus who too reverted to beast mode. “Say, what are we exactly now?”

    Cheetor laughed and put away his weapons. He walked over to the group, “Don’t sweat it Rattrap, we’ll be there for you. This body may not be as fast as my transmetal 2 beast mode, but it sure beats being stuck in beast mode that’s for sure.”

    “Man, our Cybertronian modes were higher tech than this! Why didn’t the Oracle reformat us back to those forms?” asked Rattrap raising a paw to Primal.

    “To answer your earlier question Rattrap, we are a closer bonding of machine and beast. The Oracle must have its reasons for formatting us in these bodies. They might not be as advanced as our transmetal bodies, but at least the Oracle has given us a means to fight Megatron…” said Optimus examining his arms in beast mode. He looked up to his crew. “We need to find out what Megatron did with the sparks of all of Cybertron.”

    Blackarachnia walked over in robot mode and created a fist. “It’s more like we need to put Megatron out of business for good first. What he did to Rhinox and Silverbolt… it’s unforgiveable!”

    “But big bot, you heard Megatron yourself. He extinguished all the sparks… We’re all that’s left of Cybertron…” retorted Cheetor angrily. “He’s gotta pay for this, over a billion transformers! All gone!”

    Optimus shook his head. “Be that as it may Cheetor, but if I know Megatron he wouldn’t have extinguished them. He’s probably got some plan for them…”

    “How can you be so sure fearless leader? Ever since we hit this rock, we’ve been chased by mindless drones! There was no sign of life all over Cybertropolis…” Rattrap crawled over and sighed in remorse.

    “Calm down Maximals, I know what Megatron did to Cybertron is… is unforgivable. But exacting vengeance is not our priority right now, Rhinox and Silverbolt’s deaths will not have been in vain so long we survive. When I interfaced with the Oracle, I could sense a spark. It was faint, but it was a spark, there may very well be survivors from Megatron’s take over. We must find them,” answered Optimus issuing out their new objective.

    “But…” sputtered Cheetor.

    Optimus interrupted. “Shh… something’s coming…”

    “I hear nothing… You sure of yourself Optimus?” asked Blackarachnia maximizing her scanner receptions. “I’m calibrating my sensors, but so far nothing.”

    “Our beast modes are more sensitive to the five senses of organic creatures. Revert back to beast mode. Let’s go, we need to go deep enough into Cybertron so that we can avoid Megatron’s patrol scans,” commanded Optimus Primal leading his Maximals in beast mode further into the darkness of the labyrinth of tunnels.

    “My liege… I am sorry to report that all five Maximal signatures have once again disappeared. The drones failed, the reinforcements are scouting the perimeter as we speak my liege.” The diagnostic drone prepared itself for an outburst from Megatron.

    “Hmm… either the Maximals have found a way to mask their signatures or they’re undetectable under certain circumstances,” hypothesized Megatron scratching the bottom of his face plate. He motioned for more drones to be released. “We shall bog down the entire sector of that layer if necessary. Those depths are intricate in tunnels and they will be hard to find with only a few drones. We shall take the en mass strategy…”

    “Understood my liege,” said the diagnostic drone obediently.

    “Are we there yet?” complained Rattrap shifting his head from side to side. The
    Maximals had been journeying for two megacycles without any knowledge for basis of where to set up a base of operations.

    The small group followed up against a worn down steel wall. It was dark and the only way Optimus could see the way they were going was through the little light provided by his optics. They came to fork in the path; it split into three possible pathways.

    “Aww man! By the time we find a base, we won’t even know how to get back to the surface…” mentioned Rattrap stopping behind their leader.

    Optimus examined each direction. Cheetor stepped forward, “What is it Optimus? Which way should we go?”

    “Ugh… this is so pointless, how are we even sure we’re going the right way?” said Blackarachnia from above them. She dangled her front limbs down from the ceiling as she crawled towards the leftmost tunnel.

    Optimus weighed his options and made a decision. “Rattrap, isolate a secure frequency. We’ll split up from here into groups of two. Blackarachnia, you’re with Cheetor. Rattrap, with me.”

    “Wait, hold on… Isn’t this a bad idea? What if we get mobbed, I mean Megatron must be mass producing these units. It’s only a matter of time before those Vehicons find out. Plus once we run out of energon to fight those things we’re as good as goners,” suggested Blackarachnia plopping down above Optimus using her legs to extend herself far above the ground.

    “She’s got a point big bot. I say we find out what happened to those sparks if we can. We don’t need a base of operations,” argued Cheetor giving Optimus a stern look in the optic.

    Optimus refused with the wave of his hand. He turned in the direction he was going to take, Rattrap stepped up next to him. “This war with Megatron… its not going to be the same as the Beast Wars. We’re up against an army of those mindless things, we’re outnumbered Cheetor. I said to find a base, and that’s what we’ll do. We’ll make contact via Rattrap’s isolated frequency if we find anything. Otherwise we’ll meet back here in a megacycle.”

    “But… Megatron,” said Cheetor trying to raise a point.

    Optimus reflected anger in his optics. “That’s an order!”

    Cheetor had pent up stress. Ever since he had gotten back to Cybertron they had been running and fighting. Not only that, he witnessed the deaths of his two friends and the exposure to the fact that all of Cybertron had been quite possibly erased.

    “Optimus… he’s really not looking at this the right way is he?” asked Blackarachnia dangling back to the roof. Her eight eyes of her spider mode watched as Optimus and Rattrap merged into the darkness of the right most path way. She turned her attention to the feline.

    Cheetor sighed and shook his head in response. He led the way into the leftmost tunnel turning around to make sure Blackarachnia was following. “If only we could find out what happened. What Megatron exactly did with the missing population of Cybertron…”

    Blackarachnia chuckled while crawling on the roof. “Optimus just said to look for a base. We could go topside and take a look for ourselves and still find a base. Now c’mon there’s a route up this way.”

    The two snuck upward bound to the surface of Cybertron. Blackarachnia followed her sense of direction and brought them back into the sewer system. It wasn’t long before they reached the deserted streets of Cybertropolis. Blackarachnia popped out first and made sure the area was clear before Cheetor followed out.

    “Where to now Cheetor? Cybertron is vague to me, remember you’re the one with the complete data-tracks,” replied Blackarachnia sneaking into the shadows of the side street with Cheetor.

    Cheetor smiled, he had forgotten that Blackarachnia had been one of the crew members in stasis. Although stasis pods provided long duration energon efficiency, the pods were usually damaged in planet fall to the point that their data-tracks were usually scrambled.

    “Sigma Archives, it’s at least twenty or so clicks north of here. All of Cybertron’s populace is registered there with backup files of data-tracks. It’s got records of all sorts, maybe initial survivors recorded what happened, I think it’ll be worth a look,” said Cheetor pointed north with his paw. He transformed and indicated for Blackarachnia to do the same.

    Blackarachnia transformed as well and ran behind Cheetor whom led the way. The two acknowledged it would be best to stay in the shadows to avoid detection from Vehicons and avoid trouble with Megatron altogether. Although they felt more comfortable in robot mode and could no doubt move faster, a patrolling Vehicon drone along with a small patrol group due west of them by at least two city blocks picked up their signatures. The lead tank drone unit’s optics brimmed with a sinister green light. It had relayed a message back to the citadel and received approved instructions to deal with the two Maximals.

    Meanwhile far beneath the surface of Cybertron, Optimus Primal and Rattrap had come to a long forgotten ruin. The technology was visibly old, but it had been post Pax Cybertronia technology. The room was secluded and would serve well as a base of operations.

    “Looks good huh Rattrap?” said Optimus continuing to walk around the room inspecting the gear that lay strewn around them in piles. He picked up an old rifle and held it up for closer examination. “Find anything interesting?”

    Rattrap threw an old data-pad into the corner and crawled over to Primal. “Well it’s not the best, but it’ll do. We’ve got no connection to an energon supply, but I think I can fix up a connection to Cybertropolis and siphon out Megatron’s supply that powers the city. Best part is we got a CR chamber down here, a little old but it should suffice our needs.”

    “Affirmative, I’ll be counting on you for that Rattrap. Primus forbid we can’t get any energon. I’ll contact Cheetor and Blackarachnia that we’ve found something.” Optimus activated his arm communicator and sequenced for Rattrap’s secure channel. He tried to send a message, but to no avail there was no response. Optimus tried again, but no luck.

    “Not getting through?” asked Rattrap curiously trying his own communicator. He quickly realized there was no response. “Think old Megabutt is jamming our signal just like the old days boss monkey?”

    Optimus chucked the rifle into the corner of the room quickly and headed out the way they had come in. He turned his head and said sharply, “I’m praying that’s all he does. We’re going to find them, if I think Cheetor went where I think he went… we might have some Vehicon trouble on our hands.”

    “Aww man… you think the pussycat would’ve gone to the surface?” complained Rattrap trying to keep up with Optimus whom was utilizing his mammoth arms to pull him forward as fast as possible.

    Optimus came to a halt; he extended his arm and caught Rattrap by the tail as he went by. He pulled them into the shadows and hid behind fallen metal plates. A search light passed them over the head.

    Rattrap was worried he tried to speak with Optimus’ large fingers covering up his mouth. “M… more Vehicons?”

    Optimus didn’t say a word, he nodded an affirmative. He aligned his face to the edge of the metal plating that covered them from the drone’s line of sight. There were ten of them all in orderly fashion searching for them. Optimus knew they were outnumbered, especially with a rescue mission at the top of their list.

    “Oh man… we’re all gonna die…” whispered Rattrap watching Optimus close back into their hiding spot.

    “Two Maximal signatures detected…” spoke the onboard computer of one of the drones.

    Optimus prepped himself for combat; this could be their last fight. Outnumbered and running low on energon, the situation was not looking up for them. He turned back to the edge of the metal plating to see if he could gain any surprise advantage over the drones. To his surprise the drones were leaving in the opposite direction.

    “Now why would they…” spoke Optimus deep in thought over the Vehicon’s unusual behaviour. If they had sensed their signatures, wouldn’t they have finished them off? The Vehicons were clearly in the position to win this fight.
    Rattrap quickly pieced the puzzle together. “It’s our new bodies! Cheetor and Blackarachnia must be detectable because they’re in a mode that gives off a Maximal heat signature. And they couldn’t detect us…”

    “Because even the most advanced Cybertronian scanners can’t register organic signatures! Of course, the Oracle has reformatted us into a balance of robot and animal!”

    “Bingo, but before we celebrate boss monkey… I say we go save Cheetor and Blackarachnia’s skid-plates before they get vaporized by the Vehicons…” added Rattrap pointing to a tunnel above them that he believed would lead them to the surface.

    Optimus nodded, “You lead the way Rattrap.”

    Cheetor pranced at a high speed. He couldn’t risk spending anymore time on the
    surface than he had to, but Blackarachnia couldn’t keep up with him and he had to slow down. Suddenly he heard a scream behind him, Cheetor instantaneously identified it as Blackarachnia’s. He spun around on his left foot and pulled out his sabre.

    “Cheetor… I think we’re in a bit of a squeeze here…” said Blackarachnia catching up with him. She opened all eight of her optics scanning in each direction.
    Tank drones had surrounded them in mass. Two cycle drones rolled up behind for each tank drone that encircled the Maximals. Blackarachnia glanced up only to see that they were being trapped by all means.

    A small, low flying drone hovered above the Maximals. It turned out a small device from underneath its oval chassis and created a holographic image of Megatron’s head.

    The sinister villain smiled and laughed. “Ahh... what do we have here, two Maximals taking a stroll out on enemy territory? I can see you haven’t learned anything Maximal fools! Voluntarily submit your sparks to me and I’ll make this whole process easier on the two of you… yes…”

    “Never Megatron, it’s you who hasn’t learned anything! If you want our sparks, come rip it out of my lifeless shells!” spat Cheetor putting his left fist to his chest and then reached for his second sabre. He cocked his head back and taunted the Vehicon leader by gesturing with his index finger.

    “Funny thing pussycat, I was thinking the same thing. No matter, as a reward for entertaining me till this point, I shall still grant you a swift and painless spark extraction. You are deadlocked strategically and completely outnumbered; out powered and out classed Maximal scum! Vehicons attack!”
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    ace i love it can't wait for the next part
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    Thanks for the support ironkaty, appreciate it :) 

    Uhh haven't had much time for inking or writing bios but here is Rattrap's redesign. Sorry about the quality of the pic. Chapter update next week as mentioned in the first post.

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    Episode 4: A New War

    “This won’t be easy!” Cheetor slashed his way through the initial wave of onslaught. The drones were not hard to handle individually, but when spliced together with other drones and in larger numbers, things became more complicated.

    Blackarachnia knew she couldn’t avoid the drones forever but for now her acrobatic attuned shell did her a world of good. She back flipped through the crowd of ground troops but the flyers would prove to be an issue.

    A lone cycle drone was able to move fast enough to grab a hold of one of the spider’s limbs. She fell as the drone was followed by a tank drone that converted to vehicle mode. It launched two plasma bursts, the first one passed by Blackarachnia, but the second skinned her robot leg.

    Blackarachnia screamed in agony, she collapsed into the ground hard. Her left leg was burnt out and wouldn’t give her the ability to dodge critical hits. She geared her head upward to see her impending doom.

    Cheetor cut off a tank drone’s plasma cannon while jumping to the next. He knew that they couldn’t take them all out, but at least he could tone down the threat by disabling their weapons. Blackarachnia’s scream reached his audio receptors; Cheetor knew his priority was to ensure her safety. He leapt back to the ground and tackled his way through the groups of cycle drones. Gritting his
    teeth and braving himself, Cheetor took heavy hits from the aero drones above.

    Megatron laughed as he expected victory from the battle. The aero drones swept down from the skies like vultures and picked up the damaged bodies of Blackarachnia and Cheetor high into the air. “I can see that nothing has changed since the Beast Wars… New product, same packaging… losers…”

    With that two lighter coloured aero drones emerged with their arms fitted with a cylindrical device. Activating a switch the cylinders clicked out claws that sped up to the end and transformed into a mobile spark extractor. Megatron gave them a nod and they brought the extractors up to the immobilized Maximals whom were being held by two aero drones each.

    A blue blast came and knocked out the two aero drones which were fitted with spark extractors. Two more blasts followed the first one as they targeted the pair of drones that held Cheetor and Blackarachnia suspended in air.

    Megatron changed his focus and became infuriated. “Who dares! Vehicons! Terminate them all!”

    Optimus Primal rushed forwards with his jets at maximum burn. He caught his two crew members and set them to the floor before meeting the entire battalion of Vehicon drones. For certain he was outnumbered.

    “Give it up Primal, your efforts were futile. The age of the Maximals are over, once I have cleaned up the remaining sparks, the new age of Predacons shall arise!” Megatron’s virtual head loomed over Optimus as the Vehicons gathered below it.

    Primal wagged his finger before Megatron’s visage and grinned. He brought his wrist communicator toward his face. “Not if we have anything to say about it. Rattrap quickly, now as I instructed!”

    The buildings around the area dimmed and shut down. Lights went out; the Vehicon drones crashed and froze in position. Aero drones smashed into the ground one by one as Megatron looked around in frustration. What was happening to the victory that he had almost sealed into his hands?

    “Confused Megatron?” snickered Optimus picking up his two comrades, one in each arm.

    Rattrap rolled out of the darkness as Megatron grimaced. “Pulled the plug on ya old Megabutt, hope you don’t mind. Though your Vehicons may run on independent energon reserves, I guess I wasn’t wrong when I thought you controlled them via remote networking. Take a taste of your own jamming medicine.”

    “You’ll pay for this vermin!” swore Megatron backing off in the virtual projection. He shook his fist at the Maximal group.

    Optimus blasted the projector drone and gave Rattrap a nod. Rattrap pulled
    over to the sewers and lifted the plate cover. Optimus jumped in and converted back to beast mode.

    Darkness surrounded Cheetor but a light materialized before him and was dragged to it unwillingly. Cheetor opened his optics, he found himself lying flat on the floor in beast mode. He looked up to see Optimus repair a light fixture.

    “Awake Cheetor?” asked Optimus getting down from his task. He put down his tool and got over to a small bin. Optimus reached in and pulled out an energon cube, tossed it over to Cheetor. “Here you’ll need the recharge.”

    Cheetor caught it in his paws and prepared to transform. Optimus stopped him. “What’s wrong with transforming?”

    “Cybertronian scanners can’t register organic beings. Ever since our reformatting, let’s just say our beast modes are completely organic and can’t be tracked. If you transform, Megatron will find our base and send a swarm of Vehicons,” spoke Blackarachnia finishing off her energon cube. Satisfied she picked up a few tools and began repairing the base communication station.

    “What happened big bot? Where’s Rattrap?” questioned Cheetor synthesizing his energon cube.

    Prime laughed, “He’s doing what he does best Cheetor. Gathering information and hacking us some energon from Megatron. After all we’ll need some means of energon to power our base. As for you Cheetor, don’t think I’ll let you off easy after disobeying my orders.”

    “Oh c’mon Optimus, we were just trying to access the Sigma Archives. No harm in finding…” spoke Blackarachnia.

    “Oh nothing,” snapped Optimus throwing his arms in the air. “You could’ve been scrapped for crying out loud! If Rattrap and I hadn’t gotten there in time, Megatron would’ve been doing… Primus knows with your sparks and recycled your shells for Vehicons parts!”

    “Calm down boss monkey…” said Rattrap crawling into the base with a few tools in his paws. He set them aside. “It wasn’t a total loss, I managed to hack into the Sigma Archives and found something rather interesting.”

    “And what would that be mouse?” queried Blackarachnia.

    “You’re going to love this. Nothing, absolutely nothing! The entire Sigma Archives had been cleaned down to the last backup files!” exclaimed Rattrap throwing both his tiny arms in the air laughing.

    Cheetor shook his head in disbelief. “No… It can’t be, all those files… gone?”

    “Megatron must want to erase all evidence of Cybertronian backgrounds. He probably meant to erase them to create his new order…” hypothesized Blackarachnia picking up a few more crates with her limbs and setting them up in a corner.

    “Before we go on predicting what Megatron’s grand scheme is, we’re facing a new type of war Maximals. Like it or not, we’re not in the position to strike at Megatron head on,” stated Primal extending himself higher to see his three crew members. “I’m only qualified as a science vessel commander, I’m no general but from here on in I expect you to take my orders seriously. We’ve lost the entire Cybertronian race, do you think I could bare the loss of any of you? Rhinox and Silverbolt were both good bots, I swear it that we will defeat Megatron and restore freedom to Cybertron.”

    Rattrap chuckled, “Nice speech and all Optimus, but what kinda war are we looking to fight here? We’re clearly outnumbered; we’re probably going to have to remain in our beast modes to avoid Megatron from detecting us. Our position in this conflict isn’t that great, you sure the Oracle can’t lend us anymore help?”

    “Rattrap is right Optimus, if the Oracle was willing to reformat us it’s gotta have provided a clue to defeating Megatron!” exclaimed Cheetor.

    Optimus sighed, “The Oracle speaks in riddles. It mentioned something about how the seeds of the future lay buried in the past.”

    “Not exactly something we can help you with huh Optimus? What about survivors? Are we sure that we don’t have friends that could have made it out alive from Megatron’s takeover?” suggested Blackarachnia.

    “Heh… and what makes you think we have any friends, legs? You’ve been through the cities and catacombs, this place is dead quiet. If there are any survivors they must have run out of energon like we will in a matter of time. I was only able to reroute a bit of power from older mechanisms I found. If I siphoned energon from Cybertropolis, Megatron might be able to track its flow and find our base,” reported Rattrap.

    Optimus thought for a moment and weighed his options. He had no choice, their objective was only to survive at this moment, and he needed more clues from the Oracle in order to combat Megatron.

    “Agreed, I will commune with the Oracle to see if I can find out anything else. We will be using guerrilla tactics for the time being, hit and run. Blackarachnia, I will charge you with searching for survivors, stay within the catacombs. If there were any survivors, no doubt they would have gone underground. Rattrap, you take Cheetor and see if you can find anymore energon. We’ll need it if we plan to continue this fight,” ordered Optimus nodding at each of his companions. “And remember, watch yourselves out there.”

    Megatron roared in utter frustration. His diagnostic drone hovered to his side as Megatron extended his arm and grasped the hapless drone. He pulled it in and held the drone’s mono-optic to his face plate. “Why? Why do those impudent Maximals continue to fight? Why do Optimus Primal and his rag tag band of Maximals continue to fight this senseless battle? Do they not realize it is only a matter of time before my Vehicons find where they’re hiding and eliminate them once and for all!”

    The drone knew not of emotions, but Megatron’s AI allowed him to experience fear when his creator vented it. The diagnostic drone simply raised one of his elongated digits. “My… My liege, I do believe that it is their imperative to retain their individuality. They must experience some sort of satisfaction from being their own bot so to speak.”

    Megatron released the drone from his grasp and contemplated. Three screens arrived before him and replayed scenes of the Maximals laying waste to his drones. Each monitor displayed one of the three types of drones and their performance levels. “Yes… well I do believe that is obvious that they would revolt a new Predacon age... But then why… why do my Vehicons that outnumber them greatly continue to fail? It is inconceivable, my drones are geared with the most advanced weapons yet they continue to fail.”

    “Currently you are the only one controlling three massive armies of Vehicons, I think that is where the difficulty lies. I believe it is possible to raise their performance levels my liege.”

    Megatron cocked his left optic and snarled. “Are you insulting my ability to multitask you sparkless drone!”

    The diagnostic drone repelled in the opposite direction to avoid Megatron from grabbing him again. “No my liege, that was never my intention. My apologies, I simply meant that when you are multitasking the drones and retaining your control of Cybertron it is difficult to focus your full attention into the chaotic patterns of the Maximals. After all it may be easy to predict the actions of a mass, but an individual is far too unpredictable.”

    “Interesting… so you are suggesting that I free three sparks and use them as figureheads for each of my respective armies? An innovative idea, however the risk is far too great. Treachery and other variables create a problem for this plan of yours my drone…” said Megatron.

    “Ahh but that is something you, my liege can easily take care of. I have finished analyzing your former double agent Tarantulas’ shell program. By incorporating it with your reprogramming technology, I have created an updated more proficient version of the shell program. With this Vehicon shell program you may rewrite the personality of the individual from ground up. I believe you can make use of this,” offered the diagnostic drone passing his small data-pad to Megatron.

    Megatron smiled, he was pleased at his subordinate’s accomplishment. “Excellent, prepare three lead units for spark transfer.”

    “At once my liege,” said the drone obediently flying away.

    “Desperate times, call for desperate measures… No matter the risk will be eliminated with this new shell program… yes…” Megatron laughed as he summoned three canisters from the darkness of the citadel. He motioned for them to open as three sparks emerged from them. “Irony… if only Primal knew what a fan of it I was. Soon the Maximal era will be cleansed from existence… Computer, prepare the shell program with the following instructions…”

    “Hmph… a new type of war he says,” complained Cheetor following Rattrap as he carried a small load of energon cubes that they had siphoned from Cybertropolis.

    Rattrap turned around, he was towing a small cart of energon cubes. “Shut your trap will ya kid? The boss monkey might not be a general or strategist, but he got us through the Beast Wars right? I mean you remember the odds we were up against and look at us now, we might not be in the best situation but at least we’re alive. Have some faith in the bot.”

    “Yeah well he should take me more seriously. I’m more than capable myself, I’m not the rookie pilot I started out as in the Beast Wars,” replied Cheetor following his friend through the catacombs.

    “C’mon you know the boss monkey just wants to make sure we’re safe. Look, you’ll get your… chance…” Rattrap looked around and pulled Cheetor over to the side of the catacomb wall.

    The shadow masked their figures from plain sight; a search light entered the fray. Cheetor looked at Rattrap and nodded. “Vehicons…” he whispered.

    Three cycle drones along with two aero drones came into optic view. They were obviously searching for the Maximals. Both the Maximals hoped the unit would move away, but it didn’t. Soon it appeared they weren’t tracking them at all, when all of a sudden an aero drone’s battered shell was thrown into the unit. The Vehicons acted and rushed in that direction.

    “What in the name of gouda?” exclaimed Rattrap whom was not quite sure what to make of the Vehicon unit’s behaviour. He swept through his sensors once again, a flashing red Maximal signal came on.

    “Is it one of ours? Blackarachnia maybe? She’s on her own,” asked Cheetor detaching his energon tray.

    The feline proceeded to go out when suddenly a large grey bat fluttered over the drones knocking them over. It squawked and flew off in the opposite direction. The cycle drones were the first to recover from the fall and immediately started to chase after it. Aero drones were up soon after and started to fire laser blasts.

    “Ugh… I think we got a situation on our hands…” stuttered Cheetor emerging from the darkness.

    Rattrap was shocked, an organic bat on Cybertron? This was very hard to believe, after all from what they’ve known all their existence was that Cybertron was devoid of any organic life.

    “Was that a bat?” queried Rattrap following Cheetor and pointing at the Vehicons that were leaving.

    Cheetor pounced out and transformed into robot mode. Finally freedom from that fur coat, he gave Rattrap a shrug. “Who knows, we can’t just leave it for the Vehicons to blast to bits. Rattrap you’ve got no weapons, get those cubes back to the base as quickly as possible. Tell Optimus and to get Blackarachnia and track my signature. I’ll catch up to them.”

    With that the yellow feline dashed after the Vehicons and the mystery organic bat. Rattrap sighed and shook his head in contempt. He loaded Cheetor’s energon pile onto his and picked it up. He looked back. “Picking on the rat because I got no weapons huh? Sure the Oracle deprived me of weapons, but I’ll show you… This rat has a few tricks of his own for this new war.”
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  10. Andersonh1

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    I've been meaning for some time to get back and post further feedback on your story. If I may, I'm going to be fairly detailed and list some of what I see as positives and negatives. Hopefully all thoughts will be constructive, since that's the type of feedback I'd like if it were me.

    - One of the things I really enjoy is the way you've portrayed the Maximals as using their pretty formidable Transmetal and Transmetal II forms for awhile before the virus overtakes them. I realize the show couldn't do this because those forms were "last year's model", but I was disappointed at how easily the Maximals were split up and taken out, so this change is one I really liked.

    - I see that you're trying to write all the characters to be more like they were in Beast Wars. While I have thought sometimes that the characters were moved on a bit farther from BW than I would have liked in BMac, after reading your story I'm not so sure. BMac is so deadly serious, far more than BW was overall, and that's one of the defining characteristics of the series. The tone of your rewritten version is quite different, and while I like the more familiar characters, I don't think they would have worked on TV without the changes the writers made. That's not a criticism of your story by any means. It just means that your version will be quite different in tone.

    I had a few other thoughts when I read your story yesterday. I'll post them if I can remember what they were! In the meantime, good job. I'm interested in how you handle Nightscream. :thumb 
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    Thanks for the pointers, I will do my best to consider them in writing. It's the first fan fiction I've written in awhile so I'm trying to do my best to keep it level headed without any major twists yet.

    Addressing your first comment, thanks. I always felt that way too about their Transmetal forms. However, I don't plan on making the Maximals weak and underpowered forever. Where they lack in numbers and firepower, they will have to make up for in their individuality and ability to think for themselves. Though the generals start off soon, the Vehicons will present more brutality. And as for a new concept, I introduced the "shell program" again. I felt it would help tie in another character later on and help explain how a Transformer was rewritten for Megatron's cause. It will also be a splitting way for the Transformer, ideally creating a new start. The Vehicons won't get along very well and bicker like "children". Just an idea I thought of.

    To address your comment about characters. Do you mean my characters are not like BW or BM? Either way, if you could point it out for me, I'd appreciate it cause I'm trying to get them right. I find it really difficult to handle Blackarachnia so far. Though I have two future plots I could use to bring her Predacon experiences back out. In my version I hope to make it longer and have the transition into a more serious tone, after all saving the entire planet is quite a feat to accomplish as well as protecting the timeline.
  12. Andersonh1

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    They seem more like their Beast Wars selves so far. Some of the bits that really stand out are Rattrap calling Megatron "Megabutt" or some other wisecrack. That's something he did in BW and it lightened the mood by adding a little humor. I didn't see much of that in BMac. It's just a difference in tone or atmosphere. It doesn't mean one is better than the other.

    Like I said, it's not criticism. I'm just getting a Beast Wars vibe more than a Beast Machines vibe out of the characters, and I think the more light-hearted Beast Wars personas don't suit the Beast Machines story. But that could just be me. :D 
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    No offence taken, I seriously appreciate your comments cause it helps me make decisions on where I want to take the series. As for the characters right now, they will be like their BW selves. As the situation changes, accordingly their persona will change as well. My rewrite might start off a little slow but from what I've sketched out so far, it might match in darkness or get a little further than that.

    Oh by the way, I'll be doing weekly updates now. I've written far enough into the future to have enough leeway time to write more and make weekly updates. Images for the character redesigns will be slow, but I'm working on it. I have most lines of the characters done but inks will take time :( 
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    Episode 5#: Hidden Garden

    Cheetor leapt as he tried to catch up with the Vehicons. He pulled out his sabres and pushed onward. Finally some action, Cheetor was tired of just waiting around with Primal’s orders. Megatron didn’t need to deliver the fight to them, who cares if they were outnumbered. The fight had to be brought to Megatron.

    “Maximal signature detected,” beeped the onboard computer of two rear aero drones. The AI compensated for the organic target and Cheetor’s presence. The cycle drones would pursue the bat while the aero drones dealt with Cheetor. An impulse was sent to the Maximal citadel to inform Megatron of the occurrence.

    Cheetor heard a rumbling, he tilted his head and caught sight of three tank drones taking their sweet time to box him in. “Heh… great… At least this will keep Megatron busy for a while. He’s going to have a lot more scrap to recycle…”

    The tank drones converted to robot mode and aimed their shoulder cannons at Cheetor. Without a notice, they released plasma charges. Cheetor dodged but at the cost of one of his sabres. Instantly, the sleek feline jolted towards the first tank drone. Heavy laser fire came through the explosion from the aero drones.

    “Take this!” shouted Cheetor leaping onto the middle tank drone. He raised his single sabre and stabbed it into the tank drone’s head. Malfunctions started to spread and the tank drone began to fire in all directions. Cheetor pulled his blade out and jumped away. “Too bad for you you’re so stupid…”

    One of the aero drones was disabled from friendly fire, but the remaining one continued to fire on Cheetor. The damaged tank drone was put out of its misery when his partners blasted holes into his chassis.

    “Woah… they really have no regard for their fellow bots!” Cheetor deflected a blast from the aero drone and cut through its left arm and then it’s right.

    Disabled the aero drone wasn’t able to act, the tank drones closed in firing. Cheetor couldn’t deflect plasma blasts with his blade, he retracted it. With a single jump, Cheetor positioned himself behind the stunned aero drone. Using it as a shield he pushed the aero drone into the line of fire from the tank drones.

    The aero drone’s armour began to buckle from the heat build up. Cheetor made one final push and used the chance to cut through the two tank drones. The Vehicons patrol had been nullified, now to get back onto his task.

    “Cheetor!” exclaimed a voice from behind the dark smoke.

    Cheetor rotated around and took out his blade in anticipation. But it was not foe that emerged from the smoke, his three friends had arrived.

    Optimus looked around and examined the fallen Vehicon drones and looked up at the battle ready Cheetor. “Looks like you had little difficulty dispatching Megatron’s handiwork. Where’s that life form that you and Rattrap spotted earlier?”

    Cheetor pointed in the direction and retracted his sabre once more. “That way, it’s still being chased by those three cycle drones. We’ve gotta catch up to it, I doubt it can defend itself from them.”

    “Back to beast mode Cheetor, we don’t want to attract anymore attention than we have to,” command Optimus moving forward with Blackarachnia and Rattrap behind him.

    Cheetor rushed ahead of him angered, “No point, Megs already knows we’re here. Plus I’ll catch up to the group faster this way.”

    Optimus tried to stop the impulsive Cheetor but suddenly he cringed in a feeling he had never experienced before. His optics went dead for a nano-click. Optimus wasn’t sure what it was but he heard three voices screaming out to him then his optics reactivated.

    “Hey you ok there Optimus?” spoke Blackarachnia helping her commander back up with her two front legs. She eyed him recover and looked into his optics. “You feeling ok? Maybe a side effect from interfacing with the Oracle?”

    Optimus shook his head and took a deep breath. “Maybe… I heard voices… maybe it was just me but… let’s focus on the task at hand, let’s save that bat or whatever it is from those Vehicons. If Megatron gets his hands on it, he’ll surely destroy it.”

    Cheetor didn’t look back and detected no following. He yelled back at his comrades whom were attending Optimus Primal, “Don’t complain later when you guys find all the Vehicons taken care of!”

    “Let me guess… You’re going to say he’s still young?” questioned Blackarachnia running forward along with the other Maximals.

    “Well isn’t that just Prime, transform Maximals!” announced Optimus leading the way. He burst open his jets and grabbed a hold of Blackarachnia and Rattrap. The jets kindled to life and flames soared outward. “Jets! Maximum burn!”

    “Alert, unknown signature detected…” reported a feminine computer voice. A large blue coloured monitor presented data from the lead cycle drone that pursued them.

    Megatron summoned his diagnostic drone and a few more monitors. “An organic life form? On Cybertron?”

    “An interesting find my liege, preliminary scans reveal that it is purely organic but that’s about all we can find. However it does seem to be resonating a Maximal signature,” retorted the diagnostic drone checking out the chase on his own data-pad.

    “Interesting!” roared Megatron. Something stirred inside his own spark, he wasn’t sure what but it was something new. Whether it was an experience from the Beast Wars or something more, it stung every time the thought of organic entered his processor.

    The main monitor continued to process some more information from the drones. “Possibility of organic life improbable, likely to be a survivor,” reported the female computer voice. “Latest scan, four other Maximal signatures currently in pursuit of the three cycle drones. Signatures identified units Optimus Primal, Blackarachnia, Rattrap and Cheetor.”

    “So Optimus plans to find out what this possible bat is… I can’t have that happen… no… Computer, continue the tracking of the Maximal signatures. We have now deduced which form they must be in for our tracking system to detect them. Drone, are the general’s shell programs fully functional?”

    The drone quickly checked his information lest Megatron threaten his existence again. “The sparks have just been implanted and the shell program is being readied as we speak. It will be ready within fifteen cycles. The process has just begun my liege. If you wish it I will prepare their battalions for immediate pursuit upon their activation.”

    “Make it so, I will use this opportunity to extract the Maximal sparks and dispose of that mongrel bat… yes…” hissed Megatron continuing to observe his minions chase the frightened creature into the depths of the catacombs.

    “Stop!” shouted Cheetor coming upon the cycle drones as they surrounded the bat. One unit was turned away and shot at the Maximal. “Fine I offered you the easy way!” Cheetor evaded the blasts and cut through the cycle drone. He quickly turned his wrist and proceeded to gut the closest cycle drone.

    By the time Optimus and the others had arrived Cheetor had once again finished off the Vehicons. The bat lay on the ground. Optimus reverted to beast mode and approached the creature.

    “Heh… what do you know? It was a bat…” pointed out Rattrap laughing.

    Cheetor placed his right paw on the bat’s wing to keep him in place. Optimus stepped forward and looked down on the bat who was glaring straight back. Cheetor spoke, “What’s an organic life form like this doing on Cybertron?”

    “I… I don’t know… There’s no conceivable way…” Optimus was nervous, in all of his time activated he had learned that Cybertron was devoid of any life other than Cybertronians. Why would such a discovery come now in the midst of all this

    The bat squeaked in pain from Cheetor’s pressure. The sensitive membrane caused it to stretch as the bat turned to Cheetor. “Get… your stinking paws off me you overgrown cat!”

    “It can talk?” asked Rattrap raising an eyelid. He watched Optimus instruct Cheetor to let go of the creature.

    The greyish bat stood up and tried to flap his wings. He turned his head to Rattrap and blasted, “No... I didn’t talk, I’m just shouting!”

    A sonic blast was let out as the cavern became unstable. Loose rocks fell around the Maximals. but luckily it was a subtle blast and not much damage was caused. Optimus used his arm deflectors and protected them from what rocks that fell.

    Blackarachnia nimbly evaded some dirt that fell and examined the strange creature with several scans, “So you can talk kid… Are you a Maximal? How long have you been here? Do you have a name? Or… what?”

    “Hold on! Better question, how did a carbon based life-form like you manage to live under Cybertron? We’ve got nothing but energon… and I guess Vehicons now…” retorted Rattrap trying to get his question across first.

    Optimus motioned for his crew to quiet down. He gave the bat a friendly smile, “Please, tell us your name. I’m Optimus Primal and this is my crew, Rattrap, Blackarachnia and Cheetor.”

    The bat thought hard before responding. He was unsure of himself but pulled his thoughts together, “Wait… Primal… Where… where have I heard that name before?”

    “Eh… you know this kid big bot?” queried Cheetor pointing at the bat whom was scratching his head with his wing-tipped thumb.

    “Oh right! You were the captain of the Axalon! I remember you now, I remember hearing the reports after the Golden Disk theft! Wait… Cybertron sent temporal probes and tried to find your crew but… nothing was found… What happened?” exclaimed the bat upon realization.

    The voice echoed through the caverns. A low beating sound was heard by the five Maximals and they quickly identified it as the sound of Vehicons. There were more on their way.

    “Answers later, we’ve got to get out of here or Megatron will find us for sure!” instructed Optimus trying to look for a correct path out of the labyrinth of dark tunnels.

    Rattrap chuckled nervously, “And exactly where are we going to run to?”

    The bat sighed and flew up. He indicated to a tunnel that Optimus had not considered and flew towards it. “The name is Nightscream, I’m a Maximal. As far as I can see you’re the first survivors I’ve met. Those drones won’t be far off, c’mon this way, I know these tunnels I’ll show you a way to get recharged.”

    Optimus, Rattrap and Blackarachnia followed the bat into the tunnel but Cheetor was reluctant. “Big bot… how can we trust this guy? We just met him and you expect him to lead us to safety? For all we know he could be setting us up for a trap! We can’t trust anyone randomly!”

    The rumbling sound got louder. Optimus Primal made a grimace and gestured for Cheetor to follow him. “It’s not like we have much of a choice, let’s get going before we get bogged down by more Vehicons. We need to conserve our energy remember?”

    “So that’s what happened, most of Cybertron had lost hope when the temporal probes returned with nothing. And then the disappearance of Depth Charge, it was very unfortunate…” spoke the bat as he led the Maximals through the dark tunnel. Optimus kept up with the young Cybertronian.

    “Heh who would’ve thought we’d have to fight for our own futures huh?” joked Rattrap giving Blackarachnia a glare.

    “Nightscream, could you tell us anything about how Megatron took over Cybertron? Did he really extinguish all the sparks on Cybertron?” questioned Optimus Primal.

    “Nobody saw it coming. A virus infected a few states at first. Before anyone could react, all of Cybertron had been hit. Transformation had been rendered offline and our circuits began to degrade. Some survived, but it was then the drones came. Just a few at first, but then more came, hundreds of them. They hunted us down, we fled, most of us disappeared. I… I managed to run underground… but I fell into the darkness. I probably went offline… but when I reactivated I woke up looking like this. Don’t ask me how or why, but its how I’ve managed to stay alive. I can’t transform but I assure you I am Maximal,” spoke Nightscream solemnly. He lead them into a small crack in the wall.

    The Maximals entered, what they were met with was unbelievable. It took several cycles for any of them to talk. Groves upon groves of organic plants sprouted from the ground bearing fruit. It wasn’t a large chamber but it held a significant number of plants. On them hung pear shaped orange fruits. The ground wasn’t damp but somehow the soil in this chamber sustained these plants.

    “How… in the…” Rattrap backed away in awe. Never had he thought plant life was possible on Cybertron. Of course never did anyone else on Cybertron.

    Cheetor examined the plants, they were leafy green just like those on Earth but they weren’t of any species in his data-tracks. He took a look at the fruit and sniffed it, “What… what are these?”

    “Go ahead, they’re safe to eat. Our bodies use it as energy alternative to simple energon. Trust me, its how I’ve managed to stay online all this time,” assured Nightscream grabbing one of the pears. He took a bite out of it and smiled back at the Maximals. “See, nothing to worry about.”

    “This could solve our energon problems,” replied Optimus Primal inspecting a fruit more closely. All the plants in the chamber were of the same species and even the walls were lined with some vines. “My questions is how do these plants live here? What do they use for sustenance? There’s no sunlight… “

    “I’m guessing they’ve adapted to the artificial light here,” suggested Blackarachnia taking a small nibble into the fruit. The sweetness delighted her, almost immediately her body began to process the fruit into energy. She felt her systems rejoice. Quickly she ran a scan in the chamber. “Heh funny… You know we’ve been so focussed on running away from Megatron and his goons that there is a very dense trace of oxygen and other molecules in the atmosphere…”

    “Hey what are you doing legs? We have no idea what these fruits will do to our reformatted bodies. Sure our old ones could have handled the fruit, but this is an untested… varia…”

    Cheetor and Optimus took a bite out of the fruits as well. Their systems seemed to accept the fruit and approved of recharge. Nightscream tossed one to Rattrap and finished off his fruit. “It’s not much, but it’ll keep you online for awhile at least.”

    The rat accepted and cracked open the fruit to find a bit of juice. He preferred an energon refuel but under the circumstances this would have to do, for now.

    “Speaking of which Nightscream, you never answered the question if there were more survivors,” said Optimus taking a seat next to Nightscream on an old stone bench.

    Nightscream had a sullen face on and covered his head with his wings. He muffled silently, “You’re the first survivors I’ve seen… All my friends… gone…” He pulled his wings back again. Nightscream was overcome by sadness and contempt. “If only I had been stronger… If I had been able to transform… to fight off those drones…”

    Optimus comforted the lonely Maximal. Blackarachnia strode over and examined the chamber. “One must wonder how this got here… how these plant’s live down here. Actually Optimus, more importantly what did you learn from the Oracle?”

    Rattrap finished the first half of the fruit and prepared to go for the second half when suddenly a ripple shook the juice inside the fruit half. Rattrap went silent, and it happened again except the ripple was larger. He maximized his sensors, “Uhh guys… I think we’ve got company!”

    Before the others could react a blast connected to the south wall of the chamber. The smoke subsided as tank drones and aero drones entered.
    “HELLO UGLIES!” screamed a darker embroidered aero drone leading a tank and cycle drone behind him. He quickly scanned the area and spotted the five startled Maximals.

    “Maximals, lets get ready to rock and roll!” ordered Cheetor smiling. He transformed to robot mode and prepared himself for battle.

    Blackarachnia pointed at the three drones. It was simple to tell visually that they were different from the others, but the fact that one of them talked. “Hey who are you calling ugly? And how the hell do drones talk?”

    “Drones? Drones? Oh my spider-chick that will have to cost you! A trip downtown in pieces! Jetstorm AFTERBURN!” The dark blue jet transformed to robot mode and motioned for the other aero drones to follow in and fire at them.

    “Don’t think for a nano-click I’m going to let you have all the fun flyboy. Thrust, OVERDRIVE!” The crimson red cycle drone brought his cannons up and opened fire on the Maximals.

    The third drone, the tank was a bit slower and remained in vehicle mode. He raised his cannon and scanned for a target. With a few sweeps he identified Optimus and charged. “Tankor SLAG beast bots! Tankor, SMASH!”

    “Take cover! These guys are no ordinary drones!” shouted Cheetor jumping behind a large piece of the wall that was sent flying into the chamber.
    Blackarachnia snuck up behind the rock and glanced over to see the three newcomers order their respective drones into attack patterns. “You think?”

    Nightscream couldn’t believe the carnage that lay around him, the hidden garden that had kept him alive was dying. No more, he could take no more. He had lost his friends and all that he cared about, he was not going to let his only way of surviving end.

    “Stop! This is pointless, leave here now!” screeched Nightscream flying to the top of the chamber. He surveyed the tank drones trampling over the groves of plants that saved him. The aero drones spewed laser fire and set the organics on fire, cycle drones senselessly drove over the plants. “No… if only… if only I could…”

    Cheetor pranced into action and climbed onto the tank drone. He prepared to stab his sabres into the head when he was suddenly shaken violently. “Stay still! Rattrap can you help me out over here? Maybe if we took out these lead units, the others will be useless!”

    “You think I can do anything here spots? I got no freaking weapons!” shouted Rattrap watching Optimus furiously defending the rest of the chamber from the Vehicon firepower. “Hey boss monkey, how bout saving our hides instead of those plants?”

    Blackarachnia tangled with the cycle drone general Thrust. He put up a good fight and managed to corner her into the corner of the chamber and was backed by four cycle drones. Thrust expanded his left arm’s gun and laughed. “Say nighty night you eight eyed freak…”

    Nightscream was frantic, he couldn’t do anything and the Maximals had their hands full. The new units were giving them more trouble than usual and the cost was high. More than half the chamber had been burnt down, the plants were dying.

    Suddenly a blast came from above and knocked Nightscream down into the ground hard. He looked up to see Jetstorm and an entourage of aero drones follow up. They showed no mercy and pelted the defenceless Maximal with laser fire.

    Optimus caught sight of this and acted quickly. He would not lose another spark. He ran and sent a punch which connected with Jetstorm’s back plate. With his next move, Primal used a kick and sent the nearest aero drone towards Jetstorm. Optimus charged his chest beam and sent a blast which struck the remaining aero drones into the chamber wall. They slid down and fell offline.

    Nightscream was barely online. His already weakened systems were shutting down from the damage sustained. Stasis lock was imminent and without any proper medical attention, the possible last survivor was going to be terminated.
    “It’s… it’s… all over… I shouldn’t have brought you here…”

    Optimus held the fallen bat in his arms and weighed his options. He was not willing to let a comrade die even if it cost him his spark. “It’s my fault Nightscream, they tracked us here. If you are willing, the Oracle has given me the ability to reformat. I can reformat you, only if you choose so…”

    Cheetor heard this and knew that this would not be a simple matter. Reformatting was something rarely ever done and even then he knew any dealing with mystical powers would be costly. “Big bot, don’t do it! We can find another way. We don’t know what affect this will have on you! You’ve never reformatted anyone else…”

    Optimus turned and sharply replied, “No this is the only way! If we are to succeed I must trust in the gifts the Oracle has endowed me, even if it means harming myself. I will not lose Nightscream!”

    Nightscream’s optics shut down, his systems were fading faster than Primal anticipated. He managed to use the remaining energy he had to say, “I… I want to function…”

    Optimus’ spark cavity emanated bright blue energy as his energy cumulated. By channelling his own spark energy, Optimus Primal opened a portable interface to the Oracle’s reformatting program that had been loaded into his own processor. “Prepare to be reformatted…”

    Nightscream awoke in a techno-organic body and ravelled in it. He examined his new wings and then sighted Optimus who laid in beast mode behind him. Instantly he knew that Optimus had given his all to save him. It was time to repay the favour and of course to test out his new body.

    “Heh… ultra tech upgrade!” exclaimed Nightscream flying upward. He smiled as Jetstorm matched his altitude with the rest of the aero drones behind him. “Nightscream, MAXIMIZE!”

    “What are you calling an upgrade kid? More like a downgrade,” said Rattrap shaking his head. He ran to Optimus and made sure the boss monkey was functional. Fortunately he was but his spark was weak from the reformatting.

    “You… you’ll pay for scratching my fresh new paint job bozo!” spat Jetstorm pointing his finger at Optimus. He switched out his arm cannons and pointed them at the fallen Maximal commander. “Aero drones! Slag them all!”

    Nightscream intervened, “Not so fast!” He opened his mouth and channelled his energy upward creating a sonic boom. A smash echoed the room as the first sound wave was sent through the room. “You’ll pay dearly for destroying these trees and hurting my friends…”

    The aero drones were sent flying in all directions, their navigation systems disrupted of course. They smashed into their ground counterparts and erupted into flames. Jetstorm whom was damaged the most since he received the direct impact from the sonic boom titled his head up from the ground. “Aero drones… initiate my evacuation sequence…”

    Cheetor sliced Tankor’s cannon as the maddened tank general thrashed about violently. “TANKOR can’t see cat bot!” The giant panicked and commanded his drones to shoot Cheetor whom was still holding onto his head. The drones charged and sent plasma beams towards Cheetor, but the sleek feline leapt and the blasts charred Tankor.

    “Blackarachnia!” shouted Cheetor slicing through the cycle drones and Thrust like nothing. He helped her up as he watched the remaining drones evacuate the remaining two generals. “You ok?”

    Blackarachnia got up and brushed herself off. She transformed back into beast mode along with Cheetor and Rattrap. She shuddered, “You could’ve been earlier you know? That cycle bot wasn’t going to corner me forever…”

    “Uhh guys, sorry to step into your lovely conversation. But we’ve got a situation over here with the boss monkey,” reported Rattrap indicating with his arms to come over while Nightscream beat his wings and put out the fires that had nearly consumed the entire chamber room.

    “Is he going to be… ok?” asked Nightscream noticing that Optimus had his optics off and dead silent.

    Optimus kept his optics off and spoke very slowly. “You were right Cheetor… The reformatting took my spark energy away from me, but… it was worthwhile to save Nightscream…”

    Cheetor shook his head in disbelief. “You can’t… you can’t just leave us big bot. We need you… we need you to guide us against Megatron. We don’t even know our mission yet and you’re…”

    “I’m sure you’ll settle the chain of command as you have in the past… For now, Cheetor lead…” said Optimus as the last of his breath escaped him and he went into a stasis to conserve his energy.

    Rattrap sighed and snatched one of the remaining fruits. He held it tight under his arm and looked at Cheetor. “Well I’m not up for the commander gig again but what’s your command, commander?”

    Cheetor thought for a bit and realized what must be done. “Build a stretcher, we’ll need to get Optimus out of here and back to the base where we’ll be safe. Rattrap save a couple of those fruits, we’ll do some work in finding out what its
    doing on Cybertron and if we’re lucky replant a grove of them.”

    “Not even on the job for a nano-click and he already acts as if he were a real Optimus,” laughed Blackarachnia walking over to salvage some vines with Rattrap to build a stretcher for Optimus.

    Cheetor watched his friends get to work and then turned his attention to the newcomer. “So how bout you kid? Looks like your garden isn’t so secret anymore, what are you going to do from here on in? Wanna join up with us and fight Megatron or…”

    “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” said Nightscream smiling. He flew up and screeched. “I’d be honoured to fight by your side against Megatron. Afterall, I owe my life to your leader and finding you guys restored my hope for Cybertron’s tomorrow.”

    “Incoming ship detected,” spoke the computer voice in the pitch dark citadel chamber. Nothing could be seen, not even the illumination of computer panels could be seen.

    “Which ship is it?” spoke Megatron’s voice.

    “Four spark signatures confirmed to be onboard. It’s the ship from prehistoric Earth,” continued the computer voice.

    Megatron’s optics brimmed with red light and illuminated a bit in the chamber. “Excellent, so the ship was able to evade them… Looks like I’ll be able to ensure some victories after all today. Yes…”
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    The Teknodrome

    Methinks I suspect that would be Inferno, Quickstrike, Rampage and Dinobot II.

    EDIT: Or perhaps Tarantulas and Ravage are in the group.
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    I'm not gonna spoil who they are so just wait and read on :) 
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    Episode 6#: Relentless Pursuit

    Optimus was in recovery mode. Hooked up to an older model CR chamber, the Maximal commander received minimal life support but at least it was better than being in stasis.

    Although offline, Optimus’ spark interfaced with the Oracle once more. He flew in boundless space and encountered various fragments of ages long gone by. He looked around and extended his spark out into the Oracle and suddenly sensed four voices. The last time he had heard voices, they ran into three of Megatron’s new goons. He could sense sparks in the three generals. This offered him some hope but these four sparks he sensed. They were not confined like the previous three. And of the four sparks, three were familiar.

    “Well all the systems are up and running now,” said Rattrap brushing his paws together. He pulled up a seat and booted up a good old game of poker on the computer monitor.

    “Say don’t we get negatively affected if we stay in beast mode too long?” asked Nightscream booting up a computer monitor as well.

    Blackarachnia shrugged with all eight legs. “Dunno, we can only assume that the reformatting has nullified that side effect. Are you guys all going to slack off and play games just because the base is operational now?”

    “Uhh yeah?” replied Rattrap with a laugh.

    Cheetor walked in and nodded in approval of the base setup. Mostly salvaged materials and gear but at least it worked and they had a stable source of energon. “Alright while Optimus is out of commission we’ve got some work to do. We’ve got to find out what Megatron did to those sparks and where he put them.”

    “In other words…” spoke Nightscream while he raised his bid against Rattrap and other AI players.

    “We’re going topside…” said Blackarachnia directing all eight eyes at Cheetor.

    Cheetor nodded, “Precisely.”

    The four Maximals snuck through Cybertropolis hiding in the shadows. For Cheetor, Rattrap and Blackarachnia coming to the surface was a rare treat. It was eerie how silent the city was, but it was true beauty to marvel at the towering skyscrapers in awe. Nightscream on the other hand hadn’t dared to go back to the surface ever since his reactivation as a bat form.

    The group made their way silently to a large complex. It was abandoned and the area clearly was a factory production zone. Blackarachnia surveyed the perimeter and reported no Vehicons in sight.

    “What is this place?” asked Blackarachnia as Rattrap led the group into a darkened factory. They passed through the front desk area and into a zone of familiar small crafts. Though empty, the spider instantly recognized what this factory produced. Stasis pods.

    “Welcome to the Allspark Generator, we can check if there are any logs for the last spark shipments. It could give us a lead to where dormant sparks were placed,” introduced Cheetor throwing up a switch.

    “I’m telling ya, we’re not going to find anything here,” said Nightscream casually.

    Light illuminated the area, upon activation. The machinery was still intact as half completed pods laid in the clamps. Protoform slates had lacked power for countless cycles and had hence been useless.

    Rattrap transformed to robot mode and turned on the main control terminal. He logged in and searched around the files. “Well… let’s see what we’ve got around here… c’mon… c’mon…”

    Cheetor walked over in beast mode and tapped his comrade on the shoulder. “Find anything of use Rattrap?”

    “Well doesn’t looks like Megs bothered to wipe out everything but most of the data is useless. No records of any spark transfers…” answered Rattrap disconnecting from the terminal.

    “I told you we weren’t going to find anything,” chided Nightscream walking over to one of the open pods. He hit the hatch wit his wing and shut it down.

    Blackarachnia observed some of the pods, it was somewhat nostalgic for her. She had no memory of her life before coming online on prehistoric earth. It gave her the chills. She turned to Nightscream, she found it odd that he knew they wouldn’t find anything. “How were you so sure kiddo?”

    Nightscream stuck out his tongue and laughed. “Well for one thing, pod production was cut significantly after the Quantum Cycle upgrade. All of us were equipped with a personal DNA scanner. It might be why I came out like a bat. But I’ve never found the DNA source of it.”

    “Well that’s the end of this senseless stroll, where to now commander?” asked Nightscream heading out to the exit. He pulled open the door and found a nasty sight. Tankor and his tank drones were primed and ready to attack. “Uhh… guys… did any of you invite Megs friends for a stroll?”

    Tankor released his cannon blast along with the other tank drones. They spared no time and instantly charged up another round of plasma bursts. Tankor’s optics shined with bright red. “Bat bot go BANG! Tankor SMASH!”

    Nightscream slammed the door shut and the plated doors took the full blasts of the first wave of blasts. He transformed and reached up for the lock and activated it. As that happened large metal plates slid into the locking clamps of the door as it sealed shut from the outside. Several pounding noises could be heard outside from repeated firing.

    “Rattrap! You should have converted back to beast mode!” lamented Blackarachnia pointing at the rat in robot mode. The Vehicons must have scanned them during Rattrap’s robot mode time.

    Cheetor took action and made his decision. He transformed to robot mode and instructed his band of Maximals to do the same. “Alright Maximals, we might not have an easy way out but we need to access the sewer system!”

    The other Maximals converted to robot mode and prepared their weapons. A sudden crash shook the building. The four Maximals looked behind them to see the backend of the factory exposed to the outside. In that gap were the cycle drones and general Thrust.

    “Time for you beasties to serve some time… Drones attack!” ordered Thrust charging forward in robot mode. He let his lasers free and the drones followed suit.

    Blackarcahnia stood her ground taking her arms she channelled energy into the ground and sent it speeding towards the line of cycle drones. “You’re in my

    The green lightning shot out and connected to the drones, Thrust backed off immediately. He transformed to vehicle mode and sped into the air just as the lightning spread through the front line of his drones and blew them to bits. Engines roared, Thrust surged forward knocking the spider into her Maximal friends.

    Thrust looked behind them and noticed the ripping of the front door. Clearly energy build up wasn’t doing much but he needed reinforcements. He aimed up to the steel clamps and instructed his remaining drones to do so too. A wave of lasers blew past the Maximals’ heads.

    Nightscream looked around. None of his comrades had been hit. “They missed? Good job tail pipe boy, get your scanners back online before you shoot next time.”

    “Thanks for the tip, but I beg to differ. Turn around flyboy,” suggested Thrust pointing to the opened door.

    “TANKOR ELIMINATE BEAST BOTS!” bellowed the dull witted tank general. He transformed and charged his weapons. The back row of the tank drones did the same and flooded in the factory chamber.

    “Uhh I’m sorry?” Rattrap couldn’t do much this was not a good situation to be in and it was all his fault for remaining in beast mode too long. He knew it would be tough to get out of this mess without some help.

    Cheetor pulled out his blades and shifted himself to face Tankor. He dashed forward with blades extended with opposing fire barely missing his body. “Take as many out as we can, then we’ve gotta go. If they call for backup, we’re done for.”

    Nightscream wasn’t going to lose without giving it everything he had. He primed his back cannon for just this occasion. Turning to his comrades, “You guys might want to get out of here while you can, or at least cover your audio receptors. It’s going to get noisy.”

    Rattrap nodded and converted back to beast mode. Cheetor and Blackarachnia reverted to beast as well and scurried out of the battle scene. Nightscream evaded the ground fire and completed his cycle charge for his back cannon.

    “They’re getting away, Tankor send your drones after them. I can take the flyboy out myself…” said Thrust coolly continuing his stream of lasers.

    “I think you have bigger problems to worry about tricycle!” screeched Nightscream unleashing a sonic blast towards the Vehicons drones. The wave slammed into the Vehicons hard, their systems shattered from the sheer decibels.
    “Ahh… music to my ears!”

    The wreckage was immense, the factory lay in ruins with Vehicon limbs scattering the layout. Nightscream had left the generals covered in steel scrap. Jetstorm hovered down with his pack of aero drones.

    “Well if I had any consolation for this, I’d say you both loose our earlier bet. Now I’d love to stay and help you guys out but I’ve got some pests to exterminate! Jetstorm, afterburn!” mocked the sly aero general converting to vehicle mode. He blasted off to track the Maximals along with his group.

    The group had made their way into the alleyway. The shadows of the buildings concealed them as they searched for a sewer plate. Rattrap was overcome with guilt that he had almost gotten the group slagged.

    “Hey… about earlier… I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything to help,” spoke Rattrap silently at the back of the line. The Maximals were travelling in single file along the edge of a skyscraper ledge.

    “It’s alright buddy, just be more careful next time ok?” asked Cheetor falling back to accompany his friend. He knew Rattrap wasn’t happy about not having any weapons to defend himself with.

    Rattrap shook his head, “It’s not… ”

    “Hey if it makes you feel any better, I can take the load off for the team now! With my sonic boom attacks Megatron can kiss his Vehicons good bye,” exclaimed Nightscream happily.

    “Shut up Nightscream. Look Rattrap we have things we can do and things we can’t do. You may not be able to do what we can but surely there is something you can do that we can’t,” comforted Blackarachnia crawling on the ledge above them.

    Rattrap didn’t like to act positively to this kind of Maximal sentiment. It didn’t mean he didn’t like it, but he just preferred not to show he was grateful for the comments. “For bootin’ up cold, I didn’t ask for a basket of sentiments.”

    “Oh but boo hoo the rat can’t fight back. Well I’ll make sure your friends won’t be able to after this!” shouted a voice from behind them.

    Rattrap turned to see Jetstorm accelerate towards him knocking him off the
    edge. He yelled in fear and transformed trying to grab onto something. Luckily as he fell his arm grabbed onto a ledge of the same building. He attempted to pull himself up but his wheeled legs didn’t make it any easier.

    “Rattrap!” roared Cheetor in frenzy. He transformed and tried to locate his comrade. Suddenly he was sent slamming into the side of the building. The aero drones had opened fire.

    Blackarachnia loaded out some small web disks and threw them at the few drones. She kept moving to dodge the blasts. “Nightscream… go find Rattrap, we’ll keep them occupied up here as long as we can!”

    Nightscream complied and flew down to scan for the fallen Maximal. He was quickly surrounded by a squadron of aero drones along with Jetstorm. Nightscream transformed into robot mode and struck the nearest drone.

    “Reduce him to atoms!” screamed Jetstorm pointing at the lone Maximal flyer. He watched happily as his minions proceeded to carry out his orders.

    Nightscream acted quickly he dove down and slipped out of the aero drones’
    grasp. He beat his wings up and met Jetstorm eye to eye. He smiled and opened his mouth. “I think its time for you to take a time out…”
    A latch struck out at the startled Vehicon general. It immobilized him but Jetstorm tried to fight it. Suddenly he began to realize that it was pointless, his energon reserves were being drained. The pesky newcomer had another trick up his sleeve! “You…”

    “Nighty night Jet loser!” said Nightscream finishing the drain. He retracted the latch into his mouth and swallowed with a gulp. “Thanks for the meal scrapheap, now where did Rattrap…”

    Megatron slammed his fist into one of the floating monitors sending it flying into the darkness beneath him. Pulling up to another monitor he grabbed the diagnostic drone and crushed its left stabilizer.

    “Where are my generals? I gave them life, I gave them power and I gave them individuality and what do I get? FAILURE!” bellowed an enraged Megatron tossing the diagnostic drone to side. He crushed his fist and hovered to the ceiling of the chamber. “Computer… my generals what is their current status?”

    The computer ran a scan and retrieved data feeds form the generals’ neuro links. “Jetstorm’s current status is offline. Tankor’s current status is online engaged in pursuit. Thrust’s current status is online engaged in recovery mode. Maximal signatures are currently active, four. Identifying as unit Cheetor, Rattrap, Blackarachnia and one unidentified Maximal signature…”

    “Interesting so Primal isn’t with them. That unidentified signature must be that creature the cycle drones found in the catacombs… How did that putrid life form manage to survive… Dispatch a mixed group of drones to inspect that cavern now!” contemplated Megatron.

    “My liege, if I may there are more pressing matters to consider at the moment. The temporal shuttle has just breached transwarp space. There is currently one signature in pursuit. What are your orders?” spoke the damaged diagnostic drone faithfully reporting to his master.

    “Modulate the planetary defence pods to shoot the follower as soon as the shuttle is out of transwarp space,” commanded Megatron looking at the computer estimates of arrival.

    “My liege, by what means do we have to stop them this time? We failed in the search for the human population on Earth, it was sheer luck that we were able to get the four sparks off that planet,” said the drone trying to reason with the tyrant.

    Megatron reached out with his red arm. It was charred and damaged, but nonetheless functioned. He held the drone and snarled. “My recent re-equitation of their treasure will solve our problems. Now if you want to suggest otherwise I will rip your processor out and reprogram a new drone!”

    “My humble apologies my liege…”

    “Computer, prepare for the shuttle’s landing. I don’t want the Maximals interfering. And have Thrust head to the following coordinates, tell him to use whatever means necessary,” commanded Megatron smiling.

    Optimus Primal was released from the CR chamber, though not up to full strength he would manage. The base was empty, he walked out to the new hollowed out chamber and marvelled at the sight. His crew had managed to save a few of the plants and replant new ones. A makeshift garden but Optimus quickly realized this
    could be what the Oracle spoke to him of.

    He went out of the garden chamber and switched on a computer to locate his crew. Within a few nano-clicks the search revealed four Maximal signatures on the surface of Cybertron. Optimus sighed, though not fit to fight he would have to make sure his crew was ok. He exited the base and entered the catacombs, trekking towards the surface.

    “Tankor SLAG spider!” boomed the mighty tank general leading a group of tank drones on the streets of Cybertropolis. Unable to fly, the tank drones fired from the ground and tried to pin down the nimble Blackarachnia.

    Blackarachnia fell but spun a web and clung onto the side of an opposite building. She transformed back to beast mode and scurried along the wall just as more plasma shots slammed into the ground she was just on. “Geez, talk about a limited vocabulary!”

    Three tank drones stayed in the rear and aimed their cannons. The moving target
    was hard to lock onto but the three were ordered by Tankor to standby until the spider was only forced to go in three directions.

    Rattrap entered the abandoned building. It was devoid of anything being there, but all the contents were intact. He rolled over to a panel and pressed the button. The floor plan illuminated as lights flickered online.

    “Strip my parts and call me a toaster…” Rattrap rolled into the next room and smiled. He went up to a wall and pressed a button on the interface. A board opened revealing weapons upon weapons. “Guess Megatron never bothered to clean out the Maximal police base… Well lucky me…”

    Cheetor hollered at Blackarachnia as he ran away from Tankor. She was injured and possibly trapped under rubble. He had to ensure her safety and get her out. The situation was not looking good especially since Nightscream hadn’t come back with Rattrap yet. Cheetor didn’t like leaving Optimus at the base unattended to; they had to fall back soon.

    “Ugh… that does it! I’m slagging that bar eyed freak!” cursed Blackarachnia with a shrill. She pushed off a large piece of the above ledge and checked her internal systems. She didn’t suffer too much damage but she would have to watch her energon levels. The drones were more dangerous now since they were guided by generals.

    Blackarachnia switched to robot mode, shot out a web and swung down. Doing so, she caught sight of Cheetor who wasn’t able to fight back. Smiling, she reached with her two free legs and grabbed two web disks.

    Tankor rushed forward in vehicle mode. He moved quickly for a tank of his size but of course he thought slower than the average bot. His cannon resonated with noise of energy. “TANKOR… TANKOR BLAST CAT BOT!”

    The blast went forward but Blackarachnia cut it off with the first of her web disks. The resulting explosion blinded the Vehicon general and his squadron. With the second she tossed it down as it expanded and spread across the street. The energy webbing tightened and strained as the Vehicons crashed into it.

    Cheetor skid and turned around. He was relieved to see his comrade unharmed. “Blackarachnia, thanks for the save back there. Its good to see you didn’t get too damaged back there.”

    Tankor struggled for he couldn’t move in the web. Blackarachnia walked over and shook her finger at him. She smiled, opened her palm and pressed it against the web. “Thanks for the recharge you big bulldozer.”

    Energy sparkled from the Vehicons. The webbing drained their energon and channelled it right into Blackarachnia. Cheetor made a disgusted face, “You know we could’ve just eaten some of the fruit from Nightscream’s garden…”

    “Well pardon me for preferring to refuel on energon…” smirked Blackarachnia finishing off her meal. She removed her hand from the web and reverted to beast mode. “Now how bout we go find the rat and the new kid?”

    “Megatron, report from Thrust. Unit Optimus Primal has been apprehended, currently in route to the citadel,” reported the computer.

    Megatron smiled in response to the report, it was the first piece of good new he had in awhile. “It’s time to catch up Primal… yes…”
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    Nice to see that Nightscream's not as much of a jerk as he was on the show. :) 

    It should be interesting to see who was on the shuttle from Earth. Again, you're able to do some things the show wasn't able to do, such as expand the cast beyond a few characters.
  19. darksage78

    darksage78 Maximal

    Feb 21, 2003
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    I didn't understand why Nightscream was captured as a jerk, I felt he would be a character that would be sympathesized with and to serve as a new character in the way Cheetor grew in BW but not such a big gap. Also I have some nice plans for him, rather than the whole Noble crisis.

    As for the shuttle, I wanted to work in the reason how Waspinator would end up back on Cybertron. To clarify here and now, Waspinator wasn't on that shuttle. Feel free to guess who the four are :) 
  20. General Tekno

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    Jun 26, 2006
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    The Teknodrome
    Hmmm -

    I'll guess that 3 are Maximals.

    I'm gonna go with Airazor/Tigatron, Depth Charge, Dinobot II, and Quickstrike.

    (Quickstrike, after all, got a Maximal toy in BM. Plus his bio apparently reads like BW Quickstrike)

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