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Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Yaujta, Dec 18, 2008.

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    Okay, I was going back through my Beast Machines figures, and was looking at both the Ultra and Deluxe Jetstorms. They aren't horrible, but far from show accurate. So far in fact that they bear little to no resemblance to Jetstorm from the series.
    I tried finding screen captures online, and could only find one of Jetstorm in robot mode. It got me to thinking, would it even be physically possible for a show-accurate toy of Jetstorm? It's very difficult finding matching parts between his robot and jet modes, so I wonder if it's all a matter of mass-shifting and/or parts-forming.
    Tankor and Thrust were easy. The drone figures matched the show almost perfectly (voyager sized- not so much).
    Jetstorm is the problem child, if you will. Heck, the only nearly accurate toy ever made was the Happy Meal figure, and the lower body on that was wrong.

    Does anyone have any ideas on this, as to whether a show-accurate Jetstorm would be possible? I'm not talking about a kit bash, but more of a scratchbuild project. Basically, I don't want to set myself down with time into sculpting and casting only to find out it'd be nearly impossible.

    Also, if anyone has any screen caps of Jetstorm, they'd be greatly appreciated.
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    I have the series on DVD and can honestly say that the legs he has are impossible to make his robot mode sho accurate.

    the ultra sized version's vehicle mode is insanely close to show accurate.

    this custom

    is probably as close as possible to show accuracy in this mould

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