BBTS Newsletter! Universe Deluxes and Animated Leaders instock July 1st!!!

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    NEW CLASSICS NEW CLASSICS IN JULY!!!! :rock  :rock  :rock 

    and those 30 days of night vampire skulls are cool too!

    Hi - Here is a quick update from aboutanother big round of new preorders and some more new arrivals!
    --------------NEW PREORDERS:--------------
    MP-07 MASTERPIECE THUNDERCRACKERTakara Tomy has just announced the third Seeker is getting the Masterpiecetreatment. Thundercracker is all set to release this November in hisstandard blue and grey color scheme, and should come with all the sameweapons and accessories as his fellow seekers did. Preorders areavailable at $104.99 each.
    ALTERNITY NISSAN GT-R - ULTIMATE SILVER, VIBRANT REDThis new line is apparently going to be the continuation of the Binaltechline, possibly in a smaller scale, but we're not sure how much die-castwill be in them. The first entry is the Nissan GT-R, which will come inboth silver and red paintjobs. Characters are currently unknown, butrumors of Convoy being included have been circulating.
    LIVING DEAD DOLLS: HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSESMezco just hours ago announced the LDD Captain Spaulding figure. We havehim up for preorder now in creepy clown suit at only $24.99.
    DIAMOND SELECT TOYS: --JETFIRE BUSTThis new Diamond Select release is sculpted by the guys at Art Asylum, andhis look and background are taken from his appearance (as Skyfire) in theG1 cartoon. This impressive bust of one of the few flying Autobots islimited to 1000 pieces. --
    BACK TO THE FUTURE - LICENSE PLATE REPLICATaken directly from the original movie prop on Doc Brown's DeLorean, thisreplica reads 'OUTATIME' and looks just like a real California licenseplate, complete with August 1986 license tabs. This item would be greatfor any fan of the movies, or as a gift for a fan. --
    STAR TREK:TOS PHASER & COMMUNICATOR TWO-PACKThis handy collection is a great way to get ready for your next awaymission. Included are the standard phaser, with detachable Type 1 phaser,as well as a standard Communicator, each with sound and light effects. --
    KIRK IN ELECTRONIC COMMAND CHAIRThis deluxe version of the set includes Captain James T. Kirk with hiscommand chair, which features light-up control panels. The set also hasvoice and sound effects from the classic sci-fi series. If you missed theoriginasl version of this set, this is a great way to catch up! --
    MARVEL MINIMATES WAVE 23Two more waves have been announced in Marvel's Minimates line. Wave 23 isbroad-based, and includes cosmic people like Nova and Gamora, teen heroesCloak and Dagger, and Iron Man-related characters like War Machine withSpymaster, with a James Rhodes War Machine as the chase figure. --MARVEL MINIMATES WAVE 24Wave 24 is Spider-Man-centric, with Spider-Man & Shocker, CosmicSpider-Man & Transformation Venom, “Back in Black” Spider-Man & Kraven andchase figure the Tarantula. This set will include pieces to change Venomand each Spider-Man into their civilian forms. --
    7" BTVS THE JUDGE STATUETTEDiamond Select is continuing to release figures and statues from the"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" line, and the newest listing is this 7"statuette of the Judge, a villain from the second season of the series. This monster was invulnerable to forged weapons, but wasn't safe from arocket launcher. PRINCE CASPIAN STATUES & BUSTSWETA has released info on their upcoming busts and statues from the newChronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian movie. The line includes a Minotaurbust and three statues - Reepicheep the mouse, a warrior Satyr, and PrinceCaspian on his steed. These figures should start shipping next month.
    STIKFAS MASTER ASSASSINA new Stikfas figure has been announced, and it's ready for pre-order. The Master Assassin comes in black, with purple accessories includingstars, wrist crossbows, a sword and more! This kit is supposed to shipthis fall, so pre-order now!
    NEW HENKEI CLASSICS A whole bunch of new Henkei classics have been announced, with C-09through C-12 and Decepticons D-05 Octane and D-06 Galvatron having newpre-order listings.
    FRANK FRAZETTA SUN GOD STATUEThe fourth and final statue in a line from Dark Horse and Reelart Studios,this piece depicts a priestess in a ceremonial bikini with her head thrownback and arms outstretched to the sky, accompanied by a sabre-toothedtiger. The statue is from the Frank Frazetta cover art to Warren's EerieMagazine #87 from 1966.
    SHUNYA YAMASHITA MIREI-SAN FINE ART BUSTFollowing up on the success of the Mirei-san statue, the newest Art ofShunya Yamashita piece is a Mirei-san Bust. This secretary and assassinturned teacher looks great and will be a wonderful addition to any fan'scollection.
    GENTLE GIANT: --INDIANA JONES BUST-UPS BOX SETThis first set of Indiana Jones Bust-Ups features characters from avariety of the movies. Included are Major Toht from "Raiders," Mola Ramfrom "Temple of Doom," Henry "Mutt" Williams from "Crystal Skull," andIndy himself, in classic jacket and fedora with his trusty whip. --30 DAYS OF NIGHT - FEMALE SKULL, MINI SKULL SETTwo replica pieces from the hit horror movie based on the graphic novelsare up for pre-order now. The first is a life-sized female vampire skullreplica, measuring 14" with its stand. The second is a 1/6 scale set ofmale and female vampire skulls, each with its own display stand. --HELLBOY 2 - TOOTH FAIRY & ANGEL OF DEATH MAQUETTESGentle Giant is producing two new maquettes based on the upcoming Hellboy2 movie, and we've got them listed for pre-order now. The tooth fairymaquette is an 8" by 7" cute little monster, half-spider and half-fairy.The giant Angel of Death maquette stands over 32" tall, and he looks greatwith his outstretched wings.
    MACHINE ROBO GN-U DOU KENRYUYamato's newest GN-U Dou robot is Kenryu from the original Machine Robo. The basis for what was to become the Gobots in America, now you can pickup the original 'gobot' complete with great articulation this December.
    ALIEN KUBRICKS - 1979 2" ALIEN, 400% WARRIOR ALIENNew Kubrick figures from this classic film are on the way. Medicom's newlistings include a 2" Kubrick Alien from the original 1979 movie, and a400% Warrior Alien Kubrick, who will look great alongside the original400% Alien Kubrick.
    STATIC ARTS SORA PVC STATUEThis new Kingdom Hearts statue depicts the hero, Sora, jumping into theair and brandishing his Keyblade. A magical effect of some kind is belowhis feet, making the statue nearly 12" tall overall. Fans everywhere willwant to pick up this figure when it ships this fall.
    EVANGELION GOTH-LOLI STATUESThese new statues of Rei and Asuka have the girls in old-time outfits, andthe pair are designed to be displayed together or separately. We havepre-orders up for both girls done in a "crimson" color scheme, as well asRei in a "noir" color scheme.
    IN ACTION!! OFFSHOOT CODE GEASS FIGURESBandai's In Action!! Offshoot line gets two new figures from the new "CodeGeass" anime this summer. In June, the Gloucester Cornelia CustomKnightmare Frame ships, followed in August by the New Equipment version ofthe Lancelot Frame.
    BEST OF KILL BILL SET OF 4Some of the figures from the Tarantino pic are back in a new assortmentfrom NECA. Along with the Bride, this set has Elle Driver, Pai Mei, andGo-Go Yubari, who has a new head sculpt just for this release.
    STAR WARS DROID FACTORY TWO-PACKSThis new line pairs a previous character with a new protocol or astromechdroid, and each two-pack comes with a piece to build a completely newprotocol droid! Choose from Hoth Han Solo with R-3P0, Darth Vader withK-3PX, Kit Fisto with R4-H5, Luke Skywalker with Battle-Damaged R2-D2, PloKoon with R4-F5, or Watto with R2-T0, or pick up the entire set of sixtwo-packs!
    STAR WARS EXPANDED UNIVERSE COMIC TWO-PACKSA new wave of Expanded Universe comic two-packs are out as a retailerexclusive, but we've got our hands on some for our customers. These packsfeature Lando Calrissian and Stormtrooper, Kashyyyk Trooper and WookieTrooper, and Anakin Skywalker and Count Dooku, or you can just order theset of three.
    STEWIE'S DOMINATION ENERGY DRINK Fans of Family Guy will want to be sure to pick up a can or two of BostonAmerica's latest beverage release. Labelled "Stewie's Domination," thischerry flavored energy drink will PROBABLY not sap your free will, but wemake no guarantees.
    HEROES PX FLYING PETER PETRELLIMezco's line gets bigger with this Previews exclusive flying version ofPeter Petrelli. According to the package, this Peter will include aflying base as well as one of Isaac's paintings. MARVEL MAGAZINE & FIGURE - MOLE MAN, MR. SINISTER, SENTINELThree new lead figurines have been announced from the Marvel Magazine andFigure line. We've got pre-orders up for Mole Man, Mr. Sinister, and aSpecial Edition Sentinel, and they're all set to be released this fall. We've also listed backorders for almost all of the other figures in theline, so take a look!
    CHANGE-BOTS MICROWAVEThe first follow-up to the golf cart Change-Bot, this new one not onlychanges into a Microwave Oven, but he also comes with one of twomini-bots, included randomly and free of charge.
    "THE HAUNTED WORLD OF EL SUPERBEASTO" FIGURESFrom the creative mind of Rob Zombie comes a new animated adultsupernatural thriller, with the hero as a luchadore monster hunter, teamedwith his little sister to take on the creeps. We've got the set of twofigures listed now - check them out!
    "HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE" SERIES ONE FIGURESNECA has finally announced the lineup for the first wave of figures form"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince." Joining Harry this time are MadEye Moody, Ginny Weasley, and overall jerk Draco Malfoy. We've got apre-order up for the set of four - take a look: AT-RT & MILLENNIUM FALCON EASYKIT MODEL KITSRevell has listed new models in their easykit line, and we've got them upand ready for order. These models don't require any glue to assemble,making them great for younger fans and modelers. This wave includes anAT-RT walker vehicle, as well as the ever-famous Millennium Falcon modelkits.
    FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST SCULPTURE ARTSThis statue, inspired by the anime "Fullmetal Alchemist," shows Alphonseand Edward reaching for their holy grail, the Philosopher's Stone. TheSquare Enix piece is 11" tall, made of polyresin, and fully painted. Weexpect to receive these in the fall.
    VAGABOND SCULPTURE ARTS MUSASHIThis piece is the protagonist from the Vagabond graphic novel series, Musashi Miyamoto. A legendary swordsman and swordsmith from ancientjapan, Musashi is now available in statue form. It is over 10" tall, andbeautifully sculpted. --------------

    ARRIVING SOON:--------------
    TRANSFORMERS ANIMATED LEADER: Megatron and Bulkhead should be arrivingright around July 1st - preorders are available for each.
    TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE: The first wave of Deluxe, Robot Masters, andLegends will also be arriving around July 1st. Preorders are available onall of these:
    GI JOE 25TH - 12" FIGURES: Flint, Bazooka, Dusty, and Cobra Trooper willbe arriving around July 1st - preorder the set of 4 at $69.99
    ENCORE OMEGA SUPREME: Look for this awesome reissue to land in under 2weeks! Preorders available at $114.99
    BATMAN DARK KNIGHT - STATUES & BUSTS: Our full order of DC Directproducts is arriving in about a week - reserve yours now before they sellout.
    HALO 3 - SERIES 2: Just a few more weeks until this highly anticipatedwave arrives. Singles, sets, and cases available.
    -------------NEW ARRIVALS:-------------
    TRANSFORMERS ANIMATED - VOYAGER MEGATRON, WAVE 2 REVISION 2 CASES, WAVE 3We've received another shipment of Transformers Animated Voyager figures,and we've got plenty of Cybertron Mode Megatron in stock, as well as Wave3 sets of Lugnut and Grimlock. We've also gotten some cases of Wave 2Revision 2, which includes Cybertron Mode Megatron, Earth Mode OptimusPrime, Starscream and Bulkhead.
    SPAWN 34 - CASE & SETWe've gotten our shipment of Spawn 34 - the Neo-Classics. New sculpts ofolder figures, this wave includes Wings of Redemption Spawn, Pirate Spawn,Poacher 2 and Manga Spawn Robot, and we've got them listed as a set offour or a case of twelve - take your pick!
    GI JOE COMICS TWO-PACKS - WAVE 4 SINGLES, CASES & SETSHasbro also sent us a bunch of new GI Joe Wave 4 comic two-packs, so we'vegot a number of singles in stock, like Copperhead Vs. Shipwreck and StormShadow Vs. Firefly. We've also got them in cases and a set of three,which combines the previous two packs with Duke Vs. Red Star.
    SMALLVILLE SERIES 2The new wave of figures from the hit show includes the entire new "JusticeLeague" - CLark is there, with Green Arrow, Aquaman, Cyborg and Impulse. Pick up a set, and we've also got single Clarks available. GENTLE GIANT ANIMATED EMPEROR MAQUETTEThis new release from Gentle Giant is a 9" statue of Emperor Palpatinehimself. Done in the animated style, this figure shows him in his blackrobes, with a wizened cane and a scowl on his face. Let the dark sideflow through you with the help of this kind master!
    GENTLE GIANT ORC RINGBEARER BUSTSnaga was one of the orcs charged by Sauron with finding and returning theOne Ring, and was with Shagrat when Merry and Pippin were captured. Thispoor creature is clad in hides and rusty mail, and didn't have a lot ofjob satisfaction. Give him a home in your collection today!
    INDIANA JONES WAVE 3 CASES, SETS, SINGLESWe've received a shipment of Indiana Jones wave 3 basic figures, which arefrom "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade." Our set of six includes Indy,Henry Jones, Young Indy, Grail Knight, Elsa and Vogel, or you can opt fora case, or choose the singles you like from our selection. MARVEL MAGAZINE AND FIGURE - PSYLOCKE, VULTUREDiamond just dropped off our newest shipment of these great leadfigurines, and it includes the lovely telekinetic Psylocke of the X-Menand lately the Exiles, as well as Spider-Man's aerial enemy the Vulture. These figures continue to be a great value, at only $11.99 each!
    SHUNYA YAMASHITA NINIANE FINE ART BUSTWe've just unpacked the newest Art of Shunya Yamashita bust, and it'sincredible. Niniane's striking red hair cascades over her shoulders whileshe's holding her giant spiked blade like a bass. Take a look and placeyour order for this lovely lady today!
    SHOWCASE PRESENTS FIGURESThe first wave of DC Showcase figures has arrived. This wave containsBatgirl inspired by Carmine Infantino art, Joe Kubert's Hawkman, CurtSwan's Superman and Todd DeZuniga's Jonah Hex figures. Check out ourselection of singles, as well as the set.
    BOBA FETT ARTFX STATUEThis is the first of Kotobukiya's Bounty Hunter line. This line willcontain six figures, each with a hexagonal display bas and piece of thebonus Darth Vader figure. When all six are collected and assembled, itbecomes a diorama with the six bounty hunters surrounding Lord Vader. Start your collection today!
    ROGER MARIS & MICKEY MANTLE BOX SETThis new box set from McFarlane Toys contains both of these classicsuperstar baseball players, and will surely be a delight for older fans,as well as younger fans of the game's history. Pick up this great pack atonly $19.99 today!
    -----------------------BBTS VINTAGE DEPARTMENT----------------------- Nearly 1000 items were listed this week by the vintage department. Take alook at the single-quantity older retail listings here: A huge variety of vintage and more recent Transformers as well as variousother lines were listed by the vintage department - take a look at theirmost recent items here: Thanks for your interest in and be sure to checkout some of the many new items mentioned above. Thanks! Joel & The BBTS
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    Sweet! I pre-ordered a Tankor Just now. I'll probably cancel it, but who knows.
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    Yes, I've had these preordered since they went up on the site.

    Bring on the Classic-y goodness!
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    Does that mean we will see universe deluxes in stores in the US soon?
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    BBTS rock on! :rock 
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    I preordered the 1st wave of the hard-to-find Universe Legends & added on the Robot Heroes to justify the shipping. The deluxes will be everywhere, I'm sure, so I'll wait on those.

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