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    Hi - Here is another quick update from abouta big group of new preorders, many more new arrivals, and our latest sale. -------------15% OFF SALE:------------- From now until 12:00 Noon on Friday June 6th, everything except 'New' and'Preorder / Backorder' items is on sale! We've removed the 'new'designation on several hundred more items, so an even wider variety ofitems is ready to be purchased at discount pricing. Just browse throughyour favorite menus and the sale items will be displayed. --------------ARRIVING SOON:-------------- TRANSFORMERS ANIMATED:Between tomorrow and next week, we'll be receiving Wave 1 & 2 Deluxe, Wave1, 2 & 3, Voyager, and the cool boxed 2-pack. Preorders are availablefor all these figures, but some are running lower so reserve yours now. BBTS EXCLUSIVE CTHULHU STATUE: Our exclusive Black Cthulhu statue,limited to just 100 pieces worldwide will be arriving next week, and thestandard Green version, limited to 500 pieces is arriving as well. Save$100 by ordering the pair together - check them out here: --------------NEW PREORDERS:-------------- TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE - VOYAGERS, LEGENDS, ROBOT HEROESHasbro has unveiled another great group of Transformer toys to ship laterthis summer. We've got listings for new Universe Voyager figure likeDropshot and Autobot Blades, as well as a new line of the cute robotheroes figures from G1 and Beast Wars. Rounding it out is a new wave ofUniverse Legends, with G2 Megatron in tank form as well as Jazz and Houndin their original G1 forms. MARVEL LEGENDS RED HULK SERIESThis wave was recently announced to be a Target exclusive, but we'vemanaged to pin down some pre-orders for sets for our customers. This waveis to include two Wolverines (Tiger Stripe & Black X-Force costumes), aswell as Black Suit Spider-Man, Adam Warlock, Silver Savage, Spiral, UnionJack, and the peices to assemble the Red Hulk BAF. We've got the set ofseven figures listed for pre-order today - take a look! MCFARLANE'S DRAGONS WAVE 9Back from the great beyond, McFarlane Toys has announced a new wave of thepopular Dragons line. Wave 9 is set to include dragons from the Eternal,Fire, Berserker and Warrior clans, and we've got them listed singly or ina money-saving bundle. COMIC-CON 2008 DIAMOND PREORDERSWe've listed a variety of new exclusive preorders that Diamond Comics willbe selling at the show. Items include: G1 Optimus Prime Bust, InvadersMinimates, Skrull & Elektra-Skrull 2-pack, Clear Metal Gear Solid Snake,Bobble Heads, and more! Check out the list here: FF MASTER CREATURES SERIES 3 - PHOENIX, GILGAMESH, SHIVAThe newest wave of Final Fantasy Master Creatures is listed for pre-orderand features summoned monsters and creatures from a variety of games. From Final Fantasy IX comes the Phoenix, rising in all its glory and castof translucent plastics to catch the light. The mighty Gilgamesh makes anappearance from FFV, and Shiva from FFX finishes out the wave. HOT TOYS MILITARY MODERN FIREARMS COLLECTION 4For collectors of 1/6 scale military figures, Hot Toys' firearm collectionline has been a great way to customize displays. In this fourth set,we're treated to variations on the SCAR-L, M4A1, M14, and other guns. DC UNIVERSE FIGHTING FIGURES - WAVE 1 & 2From the Four Horseman, sculptors extraordinaire, comes this new line ofbattling DC comics characters. Similar to the Attacktix figures, thisheroes and villains pair up to face off on the battlefield. The first twowaves have a good mix of well-known characters like Batman, the Joker,Superman and Darkseid. DC UNIVERSE INFINITE HEROES - SINGLES & THREE-PACKSIf battling figures is not your style, perhaps the new 3-3/4" line of DCheroes and villains is more your style. Similar in size and style to StarWars and GI Joe figures, this line promises to release large numbers ofcharacters this year, and their first waves are off to a good start. Withsingles of characters such as Captain Marvel and Guy Gardner, andmulti-packs such as the Gotham Police 3-pack with Jim Gordon. MOVIE LEGENDS HULK FIGUREWe've managed to reserve a few of these new exclusives from one of ourvendors, and soon you'll be able to enjoy this great figure in time forthe new movie coming in a couple of weeks! This figure is a detailedsculpt of the Incredible Hulk in his classic green color, packaged in thepopular new tube packaging. BEN 10 BOBBLEHEADSThe new series / series continuation "Ben 10 Alien Force" has Ben changinginto new scrambled versions of the Omnitrix' classic creatures, and Funkois bringing them out in Bobblehead form for us to enjoy. In addition to anew friend named Alan with the power to become Heatblast, thesebobbleheads show of three of Ben's new forms: Big Chill, Goop andSwampfire. DRACULA DIORAMAJust in time for the holidays, Sideshow is bringing out a brand newdiorama of Dracula giving Renfield his just desserts for his treachery. This 13" tall figural is taken from the seminal horror movie, and will beready to ship out in the fourth quarter of the year. CLASSIC HEROES TARZAN STATUESideshow and Electric Tiki have teamed up to bring you this new 16" statueof the original Lord of the Jungle. Standing tall with spear and knife inhand, Tarzan is also set to ship out in the fourth quarter, so get yourpre-order in for this great piece. MASTERPIECE OF KUCHU YOUSAI - SHINOBU-CHANThis figure is the first in a new line from Aoshima, based on art fromKuchu Yousai, the designer of Queensblade. In this piece he brings usShinobu-chan, a young female ninja with a unique fashion sense. You cantake a look at this bright and cheery figure here - MELANCHOLY OF HARUHI SUZUMAYA - EMIRI KIMIDORI BUNNY FIGUREShe may be an artificial life form and the secretary of the studentcouncil, but when this girl puts her purple bunny suit on, she reallyknows how to have a good time! She's also got fishnet stockings andpurple high heels to match her outfit. SENGOKU RANCE KENSHIN UESUGISengoku Rance is a long-running Japanese role-playing game line, and thisfigure is ready for battle, complete with weapon and helmet. Named afterfamed general Kenshin Uesugi, this little lady looks as fierce as herpowerful counterpart. REVOLTECH: DETROIT METAL CITY FIGURESDetroit Metal City is a manga story about a young man who goes to the bigcity, tries make-up and finds that he has a split personality that lovesrock'n'roll and death metal music. Now Kaiyodo is immortalizing thecharacters from the band in Reovltech form, complete with manyaccessories, like word bubbles and flame gouts to spray. Check out allthree band members here - BUSOU SHINKI LIGHT ARMORSWe've got two more light armor pre-orders up - Harmony Grace andBrightfaizer. These sets include new accessories that you can use withany of your previous figures. These guys are slated to arrive in October- take a look at the preliminary pics and illustrations here - IKKI TOUSEN DRAGON DESTINY BASE TRADING FIGURE SETThis case is to include everything you'll need to build a heck of anawesome Ikki Tousen Battle Display, with figures of Kanu Unchou and herfriends along with a dragon base. This action diorama is a great way todisplay the whole group together, and it's set to arrive in October. CHIBI SABER ARMOR VERSIONIn the anime "Fate/stay night" Saber is really Arturia Pendragon, analternate-universe version of King Arthur. This young lady is ready forbattle, and comes dressed in full armor and a really big sword. Check herout today! KANU UNCHOU GOLD ARMOR & GREAT GUARDIANS FIGURESTwo new figures based on Ikki Tousen's popular Kanu Unchou are on theirway. First is a standard PVC figure of Kanu dressed in gold armor,complete with her Crescent Blade. If you're looking for a morearticulated version, we've also got the Great Guardian Kanu Unchou figureup; this line appears to be another like the Figma and Revoltech Frauleinlines, with highly-articulated female action figures. EVEN MORE PREORDERS:Check out the 100 most recent items added to the site here: -------------NEW ARRIVALS:------------- YAMATO MACROSS PLUS 1/60 YF-21The folks at Yamato have released a great new die-cast Macross Valkyrie,and it's all ready to ship out. This fully transformable figure is morethan a foot long, and full of details and accessory weapons. TRANSFORMER ACCESSORIESThe first portion of our shipment from Impossible Toys, the makers of theexcellent Quintesson figure, has arrived. This time we've got thelight-up Kremzeek figure in stock, as well as Quintessons 02 and 03, theScientist and the Prosecutor. The remaining Quint figures are comingsoon, so be ready! XS-08 CHOGOKIN SPEC EVA-02From the new Soul of Chogokin Spec line comes a new Evangelion release. This time we've got the red EVA-02 unit, complete with accessories tospare. This piece has many die-cast parts, and the quality we've come toexpect from Bandai's SOC line. MLB SPORTSPICKS SERIES 22McFarlane Toys has released the latest wave of MLB Sportspicks, and it's agreat line-up! With names like Derek Jeter, Curt Schilling, and AndruwJones, this wave is bound to be popular. Check out the whole assortmenttoday! ALTERNATORS - RODIMUS, NEMESIS PRIMEWe've managed to find a few more of these great SDCC exclusives and getthem back in stock. Now's your chance to pick up either of these greatAlternators transformers without having to hunt them down. BATMAN HOT WHEELS CASESMattel has sent us a couple of cases of die-cast Batman Hot Wheelsvehicles, just in time for the new Dark Knight Movie! Case B containscomic, movie, and TV Batmobiles, with a Batcycle for good measure; the Ccase swaps out the comic-styled Batmobile and replaces it with theBatmobile from the upcoming new movie! Take your pick; both are in stocknow! MOTU - VINTAGE SCREECHOne of our suppliers managed to get a hold of a case of vintage Screechbirds from the original MAsters of the Universe toy line. These birds arepackaged without their outer box, but all pieces are packaged together andin perfect condition - don't miss your chance to pick one up! ALIEN VERSUS PREDATOR REQUIEM SERIES 1From the sci-fi movie Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem and NECA comes a newshipment of Series 1 - this wave of the Alien Warrior and Predalien Hybridsold through the first time, so if you're into AvP, check these out! BATMAN & JOKER BEARBRICK SETMedicom combines two great lines in this box - the draw of Batman with thecuteness of the Bearbrick line! This pack has both the Dark Knight andhis adversary the Joker, both done in the 70's comic style. T-800 CINEMAQUETTEThe T-800 Terminator Cyborg Cinemaquette has finally arrived, and it's abeauty! Standing 24" tall, this menacing looking machine is all ready tomake the trip to your collection, where he'll protect it to the end(unless Skynet says otherwise.) IKKI TOUSEN DRAGON DESTINY CHOU-UNThis 1/6 scale figure shows the grey-haired warrior girl in the middle ofa crouching spin attack. Complete with blade in hand, this fierce lady isready to join your collection! TRANS-SCANNING OPTIMUS PRIME & BUMBLEBEEWe've just received another shipment of these Transformer Movie figures. You can choose from either Optimus or Bumblebee, and each has a strongmetal core body, along with pieces so that you can display either figurein protoform, protoform comet, robot or vehicle mode! MARIO MASCOT CAPSULESA new assortment of gashapon Mario figures from Super Mario Galaxy is instock. This assortment includes characters like the mushroom, greenshell, and ghost, among many others. Take a look! DALEK VOICE CHANGER HELMETCreated in the bronze color of the later Daleks, this helmet is theperfect topper to a great Dalek costume. The helmet allows you to makethe extermination sound effect, play back pre-recorded dalek phrases, orfilter your own voice through the dalek sound banks for an evil treat. Atonly 74.99, you'll want to grab this piece of Doctor Who memorabiliatoday! REVOLTECH FRAULEIN FUTAMI MAMI - REGULAR & SNOW STRAWBERRY VERSIONFrom Idolmaster Xenoglossia comes this new Revoltech figure of FutamiMami, one of a pair of twins who pilot large mechs. We've got her in herregular outfit, and a special Snow Strawberry version is also in stock,decked out in white and pink. STAR TREK "DEATH OF SPOCK" TWO-PACKFrom "Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan" comes this climactic two-pack of Kirkand Spock, in which Spock sacrifices his life to save the his friends andthe crew of the Enterprise. Thanks to Diamond Select, now you canre-create the classic scene in your collection! SAINT SEIYA - BENETNASCH ETA MIMEAnother great new Saint Cloth Myth release, Benetnasch Eta Mime comesequipped with all of his rose-colored armor and his harp, and he's allready to ship out to collectors today! MORE NEW ARRIVALS:A wide variety of items not mentioned above have also just arrived - takea look at the most recent items here: BBTS VINTAGE DEPARTMENT:Recent Retail items: Recent Vintage items: Thanks for your interest in and be sure to takeadvantage of sale pricing on thousands of items in stock. Thanks! Joel & The BBTS

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