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    Hi - Here is a quick newsletter from about a ton of exciting new preorders and more new arrivals.


    MP-01 MASTERPIECE CONVOY: Here is another chance for you to pick up one of the greatest figures of all time in all its imported glory. The MP-01 prime is available now for $109.99 in fairly limited quantities.

    JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED 3-PACKS: Another big shipment from Mattel has just arrived and we finally have open stock available on the Justice Lords 3-Pack, Green Lantern Corps 3-Pack, and Batman, Zatanna, Shining Knight 3-Pack. All sets are $9.99 to $10.99

    CYBERTRON SUPREME - PRIMUS: The version of Primus without Unicron Head is now in stock and ready to ship at $54.99, if you prefer to wait for the version with Unicron head - we'll have those in next week and preorders are available at $54.99. This is the crown jewel of the Cybertron lineup so be sure to pick one up soon.

    ROBOCOP MODEL KITS: Six new mini model kits from Koto have just arrived, these feature Robocop himself as well as ED 209 in a variety of poses.
    Each kit is only $8.99 and very cool for the low price point.

    DUCK DODGERS: All 5 figures from this cool set including Marvin the Martian and Duck himself are in stock for $10.99

    NARUTO: The first item from Toynami's take on Naruto us now in stock - the Shadow Clone Jutsu statue is available well under MSRP at $99.99

    GENTLE GIANT QUI-GON JINN BUST: Get your Jedi Master bust now for just $44.99, this one just about pre-sold-out so not too many remain.

    VAMPIRE HUNTER LEI-LEI STATUE: A very colorful and interesting new statue by Ensky - available now for $59.99


    SDCC - COMIC-CON EXCLUSIVES: We have a variety of items from NECA arriving shortly after the con ends - up for preorder now are exclusive Evil-Lyn Statue, Pirate Jack Skellington, Cannibal Jack Sparrow, Resident
    Evil Leon in R.P.D. Uniform, and MOTU Mini-Bust Sets. On Monday July
    24th - we'll be listing the ALTERNATORS NEMESIS PRIME Exclusive!! Stay tuned for that and more cool items being listed after the con ends.

    TRANSFORMERS BINALTECH - HOT RODIMUS - FORD GT: Takara's second entry into the new KISS series will be an awesome new repaint of one of the best
    Alternator figures out there. We currently have only concept art, but
    the Ford GT figure is very well done and will work extremely well for Hot Rodimus. A PVC figure is also included with this set - $64.99

    DEAD OR ALIVE XTREME BEACH VOLLEYBALL: The marketing coup continues as the ladies of Dead or Alive move off the sand courts and into the realm of
    plastic. Hitomi starts out this new swimwear series with a skimpy top
    and a friendly price point at $37.99. We can't wait to see who's next

    DC DIRECT 13" SUPERMAN VERSION 2: The first 13" Superman figure sold out immediately and was so popular that DC decided to soothe us with a new second version. This version is a bit less expensive since the Clark Kent costume change was removed, but the Superman costume is improved with a longer cape and other changes. Preorder now at $59.99

    BOWEN STUDIOS - MARVEL BUSTS & STATUES: A slew of cool new items from the sculpting masters at Bowen Studios. We now have these mini-busts:
    Annihilus, Gladiator, Havok, Leader, Polaris, and these statues:
    Spider-Woman, Green Goblin, Classic Hulk - up for preorder - check them out here:

    BATTLESTAR GALACTICA - NEW GALACTICA STATUE: A cool new statue series from Diamond Select, we have the Galactica listed $25 below MSRP at $124.99. This one definitely looks like a winner

    OPTIMUS PRIME 5" HEAD BUST: The second mini-head bust from Diamond, this one joins Megatron at the $41.99 price point - very nicely done item.

    FOUR HORSEMEN & BBTS EXCLUSIVE MINOTAUR: We were honored to be chosen by the Four Horsemen as one of 5 websites to participate in their exclusive
    program for 2006. The BBTS Exclusive is 'Sentinel of the Woodlands' - an
    awesome minotaur from their 'Seventh Kingdom' original concept. Our exclusive is priced at $19.99 and there is a limit of 2 per person - only
    250 pieces are being produced! We also have a very limited number of
    exclusives from the 4 other websites available as a bundle of all 5 exclusives for $99.99.

    ANIME GIRLS - Lots of new head-turning figures here:

    --ENCHANTER - YU EUKANRIA: if you only look at 1 of these - choose this

    --SHINING TEARS - BLANC NEIGE 1/7 FIGURE: Swimwear - always in style

    --EUREKA SEVEN: 1/6 Scale Eureka & Talho Figures - Talho is awesome

    --XENOSAGA: Another awesome Kos-Mos figure - 1/8 Scale

    --FATE/HOLLOW: Saber in a Swimsuit with Shaved Ice Maker...

    --MAGICAL GIRL: Fate Testerossa 1/8 figure - cool figure with huge sword

    --LAST EXILE: Alvis 1/8 Scale figure - the most innocent of the bunch

    GI JOE MOTION GLOBE: This one is about 40% Hallmark Moment and 60% Cobra Moment - available for preorder at $114.99

    LITTLE APPLE DOLLS: The fourth series of Little Apple figures is available now for $109.99 for the set of 4. They have also miniaturized the first series and also shrunk the price point - sets of 3 mini figures are up for preorder at $29.99

    UPPER DECK MARVEL COLLECTIBLES: The UDA high-end Silver Surfer and Thor busts are up for preorder at $349.99 and $424.99 respectively - these look to be amazing items. Also available is the X-Men Danger Room - a set of 7 mini statues that connect to form a 20" tall Danger Room full of your favorite characters.

    DC DIRECT BATMAN: The new Batman Through the Ages boxed set is up for preorder at $35.99 and we've also just listed the Elseworlds Series 3 set of 5 for $59.99. Both look to be pretty cool sets.
    = Elseworlds
    = Ages

    ROCKY - GLOVES PROP REPLICAS: Another new item from Diamond Select, these replica "Go the Distance" Gloves are up for preorder at $89.99

    Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
    out some of the many new preorders listed above. We'll be listing many
    more new items as the news from Comic-Con makes its way to us.

    Joel & The BBTS Crew
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    So......around what time should I get up on Monday before Nemesis is gone?

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