BBTS News: Summer Sale, 80 New Preorders, New Arrivals & More!

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    Hi - Here is a quick update from about our latest sale, more new arrivals, and a ton of new preorders listed below.

    BBTS SUMMER SALE: We've just listed over 20 sale menus - most have
    discounts of 35% to 45% off and some go as high as 75% off! We've also
    slashed prices on 15 individual products including Star Wars, Transformers, and Chogokin items. These discounts will be valid until Tuesday, at that point some or all discounts will be removed. Check out the list of summer sale items here:


    CYBERTRON DELUXE: The latest wave has just arrived and we now have the new Optimus Prime, Demolisher & Skywarp in stock along with Excellion, Cannonball, Downshift and more. All 'non-new' Cybertron items are on sale at 35% Off!

    TRANSFORMERS ATTACKTIX: The first round of new TF figures from Hasbro has just arrived, we have starters, boosters & battle packs in stock

    PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN CUTLASS REPLICA: NECA is making only 2000 pieces of this hand numbered piece. It comes in a nice wooden display box with a plexiglass cover that can be removed for hands-on enjoyment of the saber.
    In stock now for $139.99

    CLASSIC TV TOYS: A variety of items including Married with Children, Wrestling, Space 1999, Mad Monsters & I Love Lucy have arrived

    SIDESHOW REIGN OF FIRE BUST: This huge 2 foot tall bust is great for any fan of fantasy, dragons, or Reign of Fire. Check it out here:

    BEAST WARS 10TH: Waves 1 & 2 have been restocked and we have limited stock remaining of the Optimus and Megatron figures. More will be arriving soon so get a backorder in if we sell out.

    DC STATUES: The new All Star Batman & Robin, and Superman #14 Mini Statues have just arrived. Check these cool statues out here:
    = Batman
    = Superman

    WILLY WONKA: The Wonka Real Action Hero figure and Kubrick Wonka sets have just arrived.

    FINAL FANTASY CLOUD STRIFE & FENRIR: This extremely popular figure set is finally back in stock for $59.99 - get one before they sell out again.

    MORE NEW ARRIVALS: Do a quick search on the site for even more new items:
    Anime: Gunslinger Girl, Otome Kurogane, Demon Bane Al Azif, My Hime Mai Tokiha, Fate / Stay Saber 1/6,Sera-Chan PVC Statue, Bome Volume 11 Jungle Emi. Also various other items including: Buffy Library Playset, 18" Iron Maiden, Bearbricks wave 12, Lex Luthor 13" Deluxe Figure, Punisher 1st Appearance Statue.


    12" STAR WARS BIB FORTUNA: Sideshow's latest offering in their immensely popular 12" lineup - Bib Fortuna is available for preorder at $52.99

    MACROSS 1/48 VF-1A KAKIZAKI: A cool new version with green trim and the skull & crossbones on the cockpit. This one is priced at $154.99

    STUDIO SCALE MILLENIUM FALCON: This will be the largest single item we've ever received or shipped! The box is a whopping 4' x 3' x 2' and the Falcon herself is 32" long - the exact size of the model used when filming
    the Original Trilogy. We have the standard version and also a version
    signed by Harrison Ford! This is the most expensive item ever to come out of Master Replicas, but it looks worth the price of admission

    SDCC COMIC-CON EXCLUSIVES: We've just listed more items from the show including the Revoltech Glow-in-the-Dark Eva, Akuma from Capcom vs SNK, and repainted versions of Yamato favorites: Ikki Tousen - Kanu & Ryomou, Excel Saga Nishiki.

    GUNDAM ACTION FIGURES & KITS: A variety of new items including: Cosmic Region #7006, FIX 0033, MEGA BLOCKS RX-78-2 & Zaku II (we don't have images yet, but a few fan sites have preview images listed - these are awesome Lego-style Gundams) Zeonography #3011 Kaempfer, 1/100 Ball Shark,
    MSIA: Methuss, Gaza-C, Gouf Ignited Yzark & Heine versions, Cobra & Viking Gundam, Jegun & Base Jabber, Metasu & Launcher, Extended MSIA Nu Gundam & Sazabi, MSIA Renewal: Kaempfer, Gouf Custom, Ri Kazui, Jeong, Jegun.

    REVOLTECH: Two more additions to this awesome series - the Patlabor Ingram and Eva-00' Blue are up for preorder at $19.99. Be sure not to miss the exclusive Glowing Eva SDCC Exclusive as well.

    CINEMAQUETTE - ARAGORN - LOTR: The 5th Cinemaquette has been unveiled and its an awesome rendition of Viggo Mortensen in 1/3 scale as King Aragorn.
    These ultra high-end collectibles feature real human hair and ultimate quality. The Cinemaquette Aliens figure will be here next week as well.

    GETTER ROBO: Aoshima brings us the Black Getter with Dr. Saotome pvc figure. This version of Getter comes with a flowing cape and all the extra fist and weapon goodies you'd expect.

    DISNEY'S CARS MOVIE - 15" PLUSH: Mattel throws the little guys a bone with these figures. We'll get them 2 months before they are available at the big box mass marketer stores. We'll have them in November and the rest won't get them until after the holidays. Plus they are cool figures!


    --GODZILLA: New 6" Vinyl figures - Hedra & Godzilla 1968

    --BOUKENGER - POWER RANGERS: Daikenjin Zubaan, DX 4th Robo, Go Go Gattai #06 and #07

    --MACHINE ROBO MUGENBINE: Mugen Engine Turbo Animal Force & Zaurus

    --SAINT SEIYA: Six various preorders including 3 brand new figures coming out this fall have just been listed.

    --DUNBINE: Lord Byston Well Leprechan, and from MegaHouse - two different Sirbine completed figures

    IGNITE - TIME SILHOUETTE: Another crew of cool historical 12" figures, many limited to just 500 pieces - including: Roman Vexillarius, Roman Imperial Legionary, Legions Centurion, Hoplite Spartan, Hoplite King, Gladiator Netman, Gadiator Myrmillo.

    IRON FIST STATUE: Hard Hero's latest statue looks great and is up for preorder at $199.99

    STAR TREK MIRROR UNIVERSE: Now up for preorder at $56.99 is the set of 4 figures including exclusive Chekov, Sulu, McCoy & Uhura.

    KINGDOM HEARTS 2: Limited Edition (3000) Final Form Sora with Duel Blades
    - a cool addition to the lineup for just $25.99

    MORE ANIME GIRLS: We've got yet another round of beautiful anime ladies, many with less than adequate amounts of clothing - here is the list:

    --IKKI TOUSEN BATTLE SONSAKU: You'll have to read the description on this one, this is the first time I've ever heard of this feature on a figure:

    --CHAOS GATE 1/7 IGNIS: By Orchid Seed - another great version of Ignis

    --GIRLS BRAVO: A big pile of girls and one with optional attire


    --PLEASE TEACHER: Mizuho in wedding dress - also converts to mini-skirt

    --BURST ANGELS 1/7 MEG: This is Yamato's "Creator's Labo" line - Awesome!

    --BIRTH JUPITER RASA PVC STATUE - $77.99 for this nifty piece

    --CANVAS 2: EKIS HOUSEN - Your stereotypical anime schoolgirl figure

    PETITE PUCHI COLLECTION - MINIATURE FOOD: These very Japanese items will work well for your collection if your figures need some mini plastic food or household goods to stock up the pantry with. Check out all the cool mini sets here:

    STAR WARS 12" KUBRICK DARTH VADER: A limited edition from Medicom - this 400% Kubrick is up for preorder at $94.99

    VOTOMS - SCOPEDOG: The new Red Scopedog EX-01 1/35 Scale figure is now up for preorder at $49.99

    Thanks for your interest in and be sure to take advantage of some very attractive sale pricing during our Summer Sale, and don't forget to inspect at least a few of the 80 new preorders.


    Joel & The BBTS Crew

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