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    Hi - Here is a quick update from about a variety of new arrivals and more new preorders!


    STAR WARS EXCLUSIVE 501ST STORMTROOPER: We have a very limited number of these exclusives from Comic-con remaining. Preorders are available at $24.99 - this cool Stormtrooper comes with a 501st Vader's Fist banner.

    STAR WARS COMMEMORATIVE TINS: We've just listed images of the first 3 sets of collectible tin 4-packs. Each tin is priced at $29.99 and the packaging is pretty cool for this series.

    MASTERPIECE VOLTRON: Toynami has informed us that the next shipment of this awesome figure will be shipping in a week or two! Preorders are available at $149.99

    SDCC FREDDY DREAM WARRIORS: Another cool exclusive from Sideshow is up for preorder at $89.99. The Dream Warriors version of Freddy comes with screaming faces built into the skin of his torso - $89.99

    GRAND THEFT AUTO - VICE CITY KUBRICKS: Cool new imports from Medicom, this set of 5 characters from Vice City is up for preorder at $39.99


    CULT CLASSICS 4: NECA's latest series of awesome movie figures includes Shaun of the Dead, Chucky, Sebastian "The King" Haff, and Plaid Zombie from Dawn of the Dead. Sets of 4 are available for $45.99 and single figures are $11.99 to $12.99

    TRANSFORMERS 3" TITANIUM: The next wave of figures has just arrived, now in stock are Smokescreen, Megatron (Cybertron), Optimus Primal, Bumblebee, and limited amounts of the G1 Prime. Previous 3" releases are also in stock at $4.99

    REAL ACTION HEROES - ROCKETEER: The ultimate Rocketeer figure is now in
    stock for $154.99. This figure is imported from Japan and nearly sold out

    STAR WARS SAGA - WAVE 6: We have sets of the 5 new figures listed at $44.99. This set includes Chief Chirpa, C-3PO Ewok Diety, Moff Jerjerrod, the awesome Death Star Gunner, and Emperor Palpatine. Several of these are available singly and we've also restocked the Clone Trooper and Commander Cody - both very popular figures.

    SOUL OF CHOGOKIN - GAIKING: The new GE-10 Legend of Daiku-Maryu Gaiking
    figure is now in stock for $84.99 - this one comes with a rarely used
    window box and the standard batch of die-cast parts & pieces.

    GI JOE SIGMA 6 - WAVE 1: The first 6 sets of figures and mini-vehicles is now in stock for $44.99 - there are a ton of main characters in this set including Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Cobra Commander and much more.

    MCFARLANE ITEMS: A wide variety of new arrivals including:

    --THE SIMPSONS - COUCH GAG BOXED SET: Arrange these magnetized figures in any combination you want - only $19.99

    --MCFARLANE'S MILITARY - REDEPLOYED WAVE 2: An awesome grenade launcher boxed set and 6 freshy repainted figures make up this cool set

    --SPORTS PICKS MLB 16: Martinez, Ramirez, Sheffield, Biggio & More $10.99

    --SEX PISTOLS: Nevermind the Bollocks 3d Album cover - only $16.99

    --NFL 2-PACK - Troy Polamalu & Matt Hasselbeck - $19.99 per set

    --SPAWN TRADING FIGURES: Boxes of 18 are only $64.99

    SDCC COMIC-CON FIGURES: A few more exclusives have just arrived including the Capcom vs. SNK Akuma figure - limited to 900 pieces. From Yamato the Kanu Uchon and Ryomou Shimei are now in stock. The Glow in the Dark Revoltech Eva will be here very shortly as well.

    INUYASHA WAVE 5: Kog and Kagura are now in stock at $19.99 for the set of 2 figures.

    JAPANESE BEAST WARS: About a dozen previously sold out figures are back including Lio Convoy, Retrax, Magmatron, Mantis, Inferno, Thrust & More

    STAR WARS TITANIUM: A few 3" items are back in stock and more of the Ultra AT-AT, Millenium Falcon, and Snowspeeder have arrived.

    ATTACKTIX - INTERGALACTIC SHOWDOWN: This oversized boxed set features both Star Wars and Transformers Attacktix figures - only $21.99

    Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out some of the new items listed above.


    Joel & The BBTS Crew

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