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    Hi - Here is a quick update from about
    another round of cool new arrivals and more high quality preorders.


    STAR WARS VINTAGE LIMITED 2007: This year's set of 6 figures includes one
    each of IG-88, Bossk, Han Hoth, Luke Bespin, Snowtrooper, and Leia Endor.
    The set of 6 is priced at $65.99 and it includes information about a
    mail-in set of 7 coins!

    STAR WARS TITANIUM WAVE 3: The latest cases of new Titanium figures have
    just arrived and we have singles available for all the figures - most
    priced at $5.99. Cases of 12 are in stock for $64.99 and don't forget
    about the Battlestar Classic Cylon Raider at $9.99

    CARS 1/55 CASES: Another shipment of Cars figures has just arrived and we
    have cases of 18 in stock for $69.99 here:

    STAR WARS INTERACTIVE R2-D2: Finally in stock and at one of the lowest
    prices around - $99.99. Nearly 2/3rds of the shipment is already gone so
    don't miss out on this one. This R2 will even hold your beer or soda.

    NECA - HARRY POTTER & MORE: Over 60 different NECA items have just been
    stocked or restocked including a variety of Harry Potter collectibles and
    many older items we had sold out of.

    STAR WARS YODA 1:1 SCALE BUST: Sideshow has sold out of this hefty
    life-sized bust and only 1000 were produced. We have them listed $30
    below MSRP and only a few are available:

    REVOLTECH GAIKING: This figure has been quite hard to get a hold of, but
    we finally have open stock available for $24.99 each.

    MASTER REPLICAS PIRATES: The Hector Barbossa Pendant & Tia Daima Necklace
    are now in stock for just $9.99 each. Check out more Pirates jewelry &
    props here and don't forget to check your local theater for special
    Thursday night screenings of Pirates III

    STAR WARS STANDS: Our first shipment of Real Stands has just arrived, we
    have both vintage and modern style packs of 25 in stock for $11.99 and
    $12.99 respectively. Our shipment of FlexiDisplay ship stands will be
    here next week - these are very cool = figure stands = ship stands

    TRANSFORMER MOVIE DELUXE: The first two waves just arrived and nearly
    everything was pre-sold-out. Thanks to all who preordered and we have
    more orders going into Hasbro - preorders are still available for later
    shipments. A record sized shipment of other TF Movie items just arrived
    today - so the second the clock ticks to June 2nd, be sure to check our
    menus for a full selection of in-stock TF Movie items. The Leader size
    figures are fantastic and just about everything looks even better in
    person than the images on our site can portray.


    BATTLESTAR GALACTICA - EXCLUSIVE ANDERS: We are proud to announce a
    second Battlestar exclusive partnership with Diamond Select Toys. Anders
    is now up for preorder at $15.99, and also included in a 'Super-Set' of 6
    figures that includes the standard set of 4 as well as exclusive Anders
    and Helo figures. Don't forget about the BBTS Exclusive Caprica Six Bust
    - limited to only 750 pieces.

    TV - PRISON BREAK - HOT TOYS: Hot Toys will be releasing 12" versions of
    Lincoln Burrows & Michael Scofield from the hit TV show Prison Break.
    These figures are priced at $109.99 and each figure comes with a snazzy
    prison gear outfit.

    KINGDOM HEARTS - WISDOM FORM SORA: A new blue version of the immensely
    popular Sora figure is now up for preorder at $26.99. Limited to 5000
    pieces its sure to sell out quickly.

    DC DIRECT: Another awesome batch of new items from DC Direct, they
    continually roll out wave after wave of cool items each month - enjoy!

    --13" DELUXE COLLECTOR POWER GIRL: Priced $10 under MSRP, Power Girl will
    be arriving in January. She sports a skin-tight white suit and all the
    endowments you'd expect from a proper Power Girl figure.

    --AME-COMI MANGA FIGURES: DC expands its horizons with very cool new
    anime/manga style interpretations of Batgirl and Catwoman. These sexy new
    figures are not only extremely well done, but at 9" tall and only $34.99,
    the price point is great!

    --ALEX ROSS JUSTICE LEAGUE 7: This juggernaut series continues with
    Gorilla Grodd, Aquaman, Superman, and Green Lantern. Sets of 4 are $8
    under MSRP at $51.99 - check them out here:

    --BATMAN BLACK & WHITE: The Andy Kubert version of Batman is now up for
    preorder at $10 under MSRP - another fine looking sculpt

    --INFINITE CRISIS BOXED SET: This set features four upgraded and modified
    versions of previous Crisis figures in a nifty gift-box for $38.99 - check
    out Omac, Wonder Woman, Batman and more here:

    --DC ARMORY: This cool set features Flamebird, Nightwing, and armored
    versions of Aquaman & Batman. Each figure sports an exoskeleton of
    protection and the set of 4 is priced at $49.99

    STAR WARS SAGA LEGENDS 2007: Hasbro has just announced 3 new case
    assortments - Wave 4, Wave 4.5, and Wave 4.75. Each case is priced at
    $89.99 and we have images of all the new figures here:

    UPPER DECK - ALL STAR VINYL: A new line we've just picked up, the Upper
    Deck figure are priced at only $54.99 and each is generally quite limited.
    Dwayne Wade & Alexander Ovechkin are up for preorder now.

    MUPPETS - MASTER REPLICAS: In the next week or so we'll be listing
    preorders for the prop-sized replicas of Animal and Pinocchio! The
    Kermit Puppet was such a big success that they will be continuing the line
    soon. Stay tuned for details - these should be great items.

    NEW REVOLTECH: Three new listings including the very cool Dix-Neuf (19)
    from Aim for Top 2, Saber Alter version, and Getter 1 OVA version. More
    Megatron and Optimus Prime revoltech just arrived - view them all here:

    ART OF SHUNYA YAMASHITA: Yet another beautiful release, this one is under
    the Creator's Labo line from Yamato. The figure's name is Non-Non, she's
    holding a monstrous scimitar type weapon, and preorders have been opened
    for $67.99.

    SOUL OF CHOGOKIN: We don't have any images yet, but preorders have just
    gone up for the GX-38 Iron Gear figure. This one is priced at $179.99 so
    it should be pretty nifty as one of their larger or more intricate
    releases. Also just listed are the Chogokin Spec Eva-01 Move Version and
    Eva-00 Movie Version. These are priced at $59.99 & $69.99 respectively.

    BLUE BOX 1:18 MUSTANG: A new version of the Mustang has just been listed
    at $49.99. The 336th Fighter Square 'Donald Duck' version looks great:

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