BBTS News: New Star Wars, Gentle Giant, Dragons, Harry Potter & More!

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    Hi - Here is a another quick update from about a new round a preorders that are so cool, we couldn't wait until Monday to tell you about them!

    BREAKING NEWS - STAR WARS EXCLUSIVE IMPERIAL BRIEFING ROOM SET: This new exclusive boxed set has just been announced and BBTS is one of the first to get a preorder listed. The Imperial Briefing Room features Darth Vader and all his Imperial officers aboard the Death Star. For $37.99 you'll get Grand Moff Tarkin, Admiral Motti, General Tagge, Chief Bast, Officer Cass, Colonel Wulff Yularen, and Darth Vader himself along with a vareity of blasters and Vader's Lightsaber - some cool all new molds in this set!

    GENTLE GIANT STAR WARS ANIMATED MAQUETTES: Two new maquettes have just been announced as G.G. extends this wildly popular line. Up for preorder at $71.99 are Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot and C-3PO with Jawa Maquettes.
    The animated style is a fresh new take on these characters and Gentle Giant has done a superb job with the sculpts. Don't miss out on Vader and Leia as well.

    HARRY POTTER BUSTS: Gentle Giant brings us the Hagrid and Mad-Eye Moody Mini Busts at $44.99 each. Preorders are available for a variety of other Potter busts as well.

    STAR WARS BUSTS - GENTLE GIANT: Jango Fett and Luke Skywalker Jedi join this cool line of collectible busts. Both figures are very well done and Jango looks especially tough with twin blasters crossed in front of him.

    HAN SOLO ON TAUNTAUN STATUE: A sister piece to the recent Luke on
    Tauntaun, this new statue is up for preorder at just $144.99

    DISNEY'S DRAGONKIND STATUES: Gentle Giant recently announced the Sleeping Beauty Maleficent Statue and has followed that up with very cool sculps of Elliott from Pete's Dragon, and Musha from Mulan. Each is priced $30 under the MSRP at $269.99 - very colorful and fun statues

    UNLEASHED ULTIMATE BATTLE BOXED SETS: Hasbro will be making large boxed sets filled with 2.5" Unleashed figures. Three new sets are up for preorder at $23.99 each including: Battle for Hoth, Battle for Geonosis, and Battle for Kashyyyk. No images on these yet, but they should be filled with at least 8 - 10 figures and likely some new molds

    NEW STAR WARS IMAGES: In-package photos of the latest wave of Unleashed Battlepacks have just been listed as well as images of the redeco 3" Star Wars Titanium figures: X-Wing, Star Destroyer, Slave 1, and Clone ARC 170
    - some look to have the dirty or battle damaged paint.


    GOONIES - SLOTH ACTION FIGURE: This figure is limited to a mere 400 pieces and was imported from Japan, we have just a few left at $274.99 each. It comes packed in a cool Television style box with a semi-clouded window so it actually looks like Sloth is on the TV. Baby Ruth bar and a few other accessories are also included!

    BBTS VINTAGE DEPARTMENT: The vintage department has just listed a batch
    of new Transformers, Star Wars, and other misc items. Highlights include
    Japanese G1 items, Japanese Beast Wars D-21 God Neptune, and vintage
    Return of the Jedi figures.

    ATTACK OF THE LIVING DEAD: Both the light and dark versions of Mezco's cool new zombie figures have been restocked - $39.99 per set

    STAR TREK ENTERPRISE E: Back in stock for only $32.99

    STAR WARS BOUNTY HUNTERS GIFTSET: In stock at a reduced price of only $25.99

    Thanks for your interest in - enjoy all the new Star Wars figures, enjoy Snakes on a Plane, and have a great weekend!!


    Joel & The BBTS Crew

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