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    Hi - Here is a quick update from about another batch of cool new arrivals and a great new preorder!


    MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE STATUES - WAVE 5: These figures were just unveiled at Comic-Con - the set of 3 includes Squeeeeze, Rio Blast, and an awesome rendition of Evil Lyn. Preorders are available at $56.99 - check the set out here:

    SIDESHOW STAR WARS: Awesome new items from Sideshow include: 12" tall and 20" Long Jabba, Salacious Crumb critter pack, and 1:1 Life Size Yoda Bust! These three are pictured prominently on the front page of the site so check them out there.

    JAPANESE BEAST WARS: We'll be restocking a few previously sold out figures including: C-16 Clear Lio Convoy, C-18 Retrax, C-29 Longrack, C-30 Corhada, C-31 Stampy, D-11 Inferno, D-16 Galvatron, D-24 Max-B, D-35 Magmatron and more!

    SIDESHOW LORD OF THE RINGS: The Legendary Scale Bust line continues with the huge Cave Troll Bust - This one is $289.99 and stands about 16" tall.

    HOT TOYS PREORDERS RE-OPENED: The Movie Masterpiece Superman and Batman Begins preorders have been reopened. Our new stock is coming from Japan at a higher wholesale price so the prices have been updated to $199.99 each, but these are fantastic figures that are fairly hard to find. The Alien vs Space Marines mini-figures are also back up for preorder.


    SOUL OF CHOGOKIN: The new GX-01R & GX-08 Two-Pack has just arrived.
    Mazinger Z and Aphrodai A come in an all new twin pack style box, we have a limited number available at $102.99 each.

    STAR GATE SG-1 - SERIES 1: This cool new series of figures features Colonel Jack O'Neill, Dr. Daniel Jackson, Serpent Guard, and unpainted General Jack Prototype - all $11.99 to $14.99. The figure each also contain a piece needed to build your own Stargate

    BBTS VINTAGE DEPARTMENT TRANSFORMERS: Another new batch of Japanese G1 items has arrived as well as a great new batch of complete G1 items. A variety of GI Joe figures, recent transformers, and various other items have been listed. Check out all the recent listings here - there are some really good items available

    MARVEL SELECT MOON KNIGHT: The latest Select figure from Diamond has just arrived - Moon Knight is priced at $16.99 - the Khonshu statue is also included.



    --MAI HIME - MAI & NATSUKI - A pair of bikini clad ladies

    --GENSHIKEN SAKI KASUKABE - A pretty figure with fairly elaborate outfit

    --BURST ANGEL SEI 1/8 SCALE - $47.99

    --GUN X SWORD - WENDY GARRET: $34.99

    --GENSHIKEN KANAKO OHNO - These are almost gone

    TAKARA MICROMAN - RYUKENDO: Two cool new figures for $14.99 each.

    FINE MOLDS BOBA FETT SLAVE 1 MODEL KIT: An awesome new kit from the garage-kit masters in Japan, in stock now at $74.99 - 1/72 Scale

    EVANGELION PERFECT GRADE EVA - EXTRA FINISH: These are almost sold out already, get yours now at $199.99 before they are gone!

    GALAXY FORCE EX-02 EXCLUSIVE: We've restocked these and they are now priced at $149.99 - this is a great set from Toys R Us Japan

    Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out some of the new items above.

    Thanks & have a great weekend!

    Joel & The BBTS Crew
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    I picked up a complete set of all 5 of the Stargate series 1 figures at SDCC today along with the an exclusive SDCC SG1 figure, a free FCBD SG1 figure and free Stargate Keychain. It's simply one of the best purchases I made this weekend. The figure sculpts are awesome, no wonder the series has sold well.

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