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    Hi - Here is a quick update from about
    another round of exciting new preorders, and more new arrivals:


    DC UNIVERSE CLASSICS: Mattel has just released information about their
    fantastic new set of DC Classic figures coming in late 2007 and throughout
    2008. They plan to release 5 different waves with 5 new figures, and
    each wave will also include a Build-A-Figure. Wave 1 contains Classic
    Blue & Grey Batman, The Demon Etrigan, Orion, Penguin, Red Tornado, and
    the parts needed to build Metamorpho. The case of 6 figures is priced at
    just $64.99 and preorders for waves 2 and beyond are also listed here:

    FINAL FANTASY VII - CLOUD & HARDY: Square Enix brings us another cool
    bike & rider figure with the Cloud Strife and Hardy Daytona Cycle set.
    The new bike looks great and we have it priced $10 under MSRP at $69.99

    HALO 3 - ELECTRONIC PROP REPLICAS: We received a lot of email about these
    cool items and we are glad to have located a supplier. Jasman will be
    producing a line of full sized electronic Laser Pursuit replicas that are
    both fully functional Laser Pursuit pieces and very nifty life sized
    replicas. The Plasma Rifle, Plasma Pistol, and Covenant Energy Sword are
    up for preorder now - more items should be announced soon!

    MARVEL SELECT THOR: Diamdond Select brings us another nice addition to
    their mid-scale Marvel Select line. This version features Thor weilding
    Mjolnir and standing atop a stony display base.

    NEW DC DIRECT ITEMS: Another nice crop of new items

    --SMALLVILLE SERIES 1: Get all your favorite characters from the hit TV
    show for $15 less than MSRP. $59.99 will get you one each of Superman,
    Green Arrow, Impulse, Aquaman & Cyborg.

    --13" DELUXE COLLECTOR BIZARRO: The 13" lineup keeps growing each month
    and for early 2008 we have another very nice looking figure. Bizarro is
    priced at $10 under MSRP and listed here:

    --BATWOMAN BUST: Yet another beautifully sculpted piece from the 'Women
    of the DC Universe' series - preorders available at $46.99

    --THE NEW TEEN TITANS: The second series of this popular line features
    one each of: Unmasked Deathstroke, Robin, Terra & Jericho for $49.99.

    --BATMAN VS THE JOKER STATUE: This cool statue features Batman about to
    pound on The Joker atop a themed display base - priced $35 under MSRP.

    TRANSFORMER MOVIE SCREEN BATTLES: Hasbro is adding a variety of the human
    characters to their toy lineup with the new Screen Battles series. Four
    different boxed set with a Deluxe sized figure, human mini figures, and
    various extra parts have just been listed here:

    DEVIL MAY CRY - VERGIL STATUE: Another cool release from Kotobukiya, this
    ArtFX Statue is priced at $69.99 and should be arriving early next year.

    TONNER - DC STARS - POISON IVY: As one of just a handful of authorized DC
    Stars retailers we are proud to offer the latest in their line of nicely
    done 16" figures. Poison Ivy is limted to just 2000 pieces and up for
    preorder at $129.99

    YAMATO'S EVANGELION FIGURES: Three new Eva figures from Yamato have just
    been listed at $14.99 each. Choose from Eva-00 Prototype, Eva-01 Test
    Type, or Eva-02 Production Type.

    HOT TOYS MILITARY - MOUNTAIN OPS SNIPER: We have two different versions
    of this very cool cold-weather 12" figure up for preorder at $109.99.
    Check out the Special Forces and Navy SEAL versions here:

    TRANSFORMERS MOVIE DVD: We now have the regular edition and 2-Disc
    Special Edition DVDs of the Transformers Movie 2007 up for preorder at
    $22.99 and $29.99 respectively. The Special Edition version features a
    bunch of cool behind the scenes info:

    GHOST RIDER LEGENDARY SCALE BUST: Sideshow adds another great looking
    large scale bust to their lineup. They have done a nice job sculpting the
    flames and this bust is priced reasonably at $189.99

    THE SIMPSONS USB ELECTRONICS: Underground toys brings us 3 different
    Simpsons computer tools including the Mr. Burns USB Webcam, Homer Rotating
    USB Hub, and Homer Adjustable USB Desk Lamp. These items range from
    $26.99 to $44.99 - view them here:


    STAR WARS 30TH WAVES 5 & 6: We'll be receiving our full share of the 30th
    Anniversary wave 5 & 6 figures in about a week. Preorders are available
    for sets, cases and some singles here:


    NEW REVOLTECH ARRIVALS: The New Movie Evangelion figures have just
    arrived including EVA-01 and EVA-00. The very cool Eva weapons set is
    also available - all these figures are $19.99 each and found here:

    DC SUPERHEROES: The 'G' assortment that contains the Silver & Black
    Superman variant is now in stock for $59.99. Mattel has started shipping
    the '999R' wave that contains the new Batman figures - so get preorders in
    on that wave and they should fill sometime in October.

    TRANSFORMERS JEWELRY - EXTREMELY LIMITED: Many of these items are limited
    to only 50 or 100 pieces worldwide - we now have the imported Transformer
    Rings, Necklaces, Sunglasses, and Messenger Bags in stock:

    SAW - 48" PROP REPLICA: Medicom has released a second version of the Saw
    Puppet replica - this version features red shoes, but it does not have a
    sound chip. This huge item is priced at $299.99 and in stock now.

    MASTER REPLICAS - HELMET DEALS! The 212th Helmet and Clone Trooper Helmet
    have just arrived - both are available at the much reduced price of only
    $239.99 each. Don't forget to check out the upcoming Boba Fett Helmets as

    SPIDER-MAN 3 - SUPERHERO SQUAD: More fun 2-packs have just arrived along
    with a few Superhero Squad vehicles. View all these fun-for-all-ages
    items here:

    STAR WARS SAGA COLLECTION 2007: More new cases have arrived and we have
    single figure listings available for a big variety of figures from Waves 1
    through 3 - including the different color Clone Troopers, Darktrooper &

    VOLTRON MASTERPIECE EDITION: Always a popular item, we've just received a
    restock of this beauty from Toynami - in stock now for $129.99.

    DANCING GIRL NILE: Imported from Japan - this spicy figure is worth
    taking a look at - in stock now for $89.99

    EVANGELION - HCM PRO EVA-01: Bandai's popular HCM Pro series has just
    been applied to Evangelion with great results - check out this accessory
    heavy figure here - $39.99 each:

    WEST KENJI - MAZINGER: A great looking import that stands roughly 10"
    tall - in stock now for $74.99

    STAR WARS RADIO CONTROLLED MICRODROIDS: A fun set if mini droids with
    remote control features. The R5-D4 and R5-X2 units are in stock at $26.99

    STAR WARS IMPERIAL FORCES: A cool giftset from several years back is now
    back in stock at $39.99 each. This set features 4 figures and a bunch of
    extra accessories.

    PIRATES OTC - DAVY JONES SCENE: This sculpture from Master Replicas is
    limited to 2000 pieces and is in stock now at $149.99

    ROCKY SERIES 2: Jakks gave us a call and said they had a small warehouse
    find of Rocky Series 2 figures. We picked some up and the sets are now
    available again at the original $104.99 price for 11 pieces.

    MANY MORE ITEMS: There were a hundreds of other items that came in this
    week, so be sure to take a quick look at a few menus or items you may have
    been waiting for.

    Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
    out some of the new items listed above.


    Joel & The BBTS Crew
  2. General Magnus

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    Mar 30, 2007
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    How long till the deluxes and Leader Brawl arrive?
  3. Lord Megatron

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    Sep 28, 2005
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    We may never know.
  4. Night Flame

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    Jul 15, 2002
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    We're hearing now that it's November before stores will receive restocks. Also, note that on the new Transformers sets up for pre-order, BBTS has put the warning that Hasbro has told them they may not be able to fill all orders. That's reassuring. Movie toys will ALWAYS be rare.

    I just hope we hit a point where they can catch up from this. If they hold the movie toys too long and then toss them out right before Animated hits, it's going to be a giant bomb of suck. Kids won't be wanting movie toys, and Animated will be sitting in warehouses because the shelves will be full of movie toys.

    Can you imagine how much money Hasbro could be swimming in this year had they been able to follow through on demand for the movie toys? It's frightening that it's been almost two months since we've seen stores well stocked, and it sounds like it could be two more before stock starts returning. That's just a frighteningly long time for store shelves to be empty, especially when you consider demand is darned near at an all-time high. It's just plain crazy.
  5. G.B. Blackrock

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    Feb 18, 2004
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    When did the Battle Unicorns get sent up to $10 again? I thought they wanted to get rid of them, but that price certainly won't do it!
  6. shibamura_prime

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    Jun 22, 2004
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    I'm hovering over the preorder button for the Screen Battle packs. If they're listing for $24.99+ a piece here, that mean retail's gotta be no more than $15-20. But with the whacked distribution around here and the gas I would spend driving around... :/
  7. Otispq

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    Jul 7, 2007
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    Battle packs just aren't worth that much for the background and some few little human toys, unless I use my other toys for gifts to the nephews...hmmm
  8. Autovolt 127

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    Nov 26, 2006
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    Didn't Target Wave 2 Scouts just come in aswell?

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