BBTS News: 27% Off Sale, TF, GI Joe, Star Wars, Pre-Orders & More!

Discussion in 'Transformers News and Rumors' started by Super_Megatron, Aug 22, 2006.

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    Hi - Here is a quick update from about a variety of new arrivals, more new preorders and a great summertime sale!

    27% OFF & 27 ITEM CLEARANCE SALE: From now until 2:00 PM Thursday 8/24 - you can save 27% on everything at BBTS except 'new' and 'preorder &
    backorder' items! Thousands of regular items and vintage department
    items are included. To sweeten the already sweet deal, we've added 27 single items, some with discounts up to 50% off, including many Transformers, Star Wars, Marvel, and other items.


    COBRA VIPER PIT: This is the ultimate troop building set! Six vintage style Cobra Vipers for just $21.99. There will finally be enough Vipers to populate your Terrordrome, build the loyal army Cobra Commander deserves, or pave the road under your Mobat with Viper corpses. Your army will get a lot bigger in October! Remember - one six-pack won't build you
    an army and you deserve a viper army, check this awesome set out here:

    TRANSFORMER CLASSICS MINI-CONS: Hasbro has just announced the first wave of Mini-Cons, and we have the set of 3 3-packs up for preorder at $23.99.
    Sets include: Dinobots, Demolition, and Night Rescue. These are some of the best looking Mini-cons released by Hasbro so far.

    STAR WARS EXPANDED UNIVERSE FIGURES: We've just uploaded new images of these new figure 2-packs. The full set of 6 is up for preorder at $34.99

    MARVEL MAGAZINE & DIE-CAST FIGURE SETS: Each of these die-cast figures stands around 4" tall and features a 20 page Magazine full of history and info about the character. This all sounds pretty cool, but what about the price? - its only $11.99 and Marvel plans to release a new figure each month. Figures up for preorder now include Spider-Man, Wolverine, Black Panther, and Angel.

    ANIME GIRLS: A variety of new imported releases from MegaHouse

    --AIR GEAR: Noyamano Ringo is an awesome figure, check her and Simca out:

    --QUEENS BLADE: The busty Reina and spritely Nowa are $59.99 each.

    --GUNDAM RAH DX: Aina Saharin and Hamarnn Carn join this sexy lineup

    LAYZNER: Two cool new mechs from MegaHouse - the Palm Action Lazyner and Zakaal are up for preorder at only $34.99 each - imported from Japan.

    HARD HERO MARVEL STATUES: Hercules and the Limited Edition Red Iron Fist are now up for preorder at $199.99 and $249.99 respectively.


    CYBERTRON - GALAXY FORCE PRIME: This cool new repaint of the Leader Class Optimus Prime is now in stock for $59.99. Metroplex was packed 1 per case along with Prime, so guess who we now have too many of... Metroplex is on clearance for just $34.99!

    STAR WARS GREATEST HITS: A big shipment of wave 2 and wave 3 figures has just arrived. We now have almost every figure released from all 3 waves in stock. Both sets and singles are available now.

    BARRY BONDS & BABE RUTH - 715 HOME RUN 2-PACK: McFarlane brings us another cool boxed set that celebrates Babe Ruth with 714 HR's and Barry Bonds as he broke the record to reach 715. Priced at only $19.99, this boxed set is sure to be a decent investment.

    STAR WARS 1/7 LUKE SKYWALKER MODEL KIT: Another new release from Kotobukiya, this high quality pre-painted kit requires very minor assembly. This item is $15 below the MSRP at $84.99

    SDCC 2006 - DARTH VADER SITH APPRENTICE: We have a small amount of this year's Sideshow 12" Star Wars Exclusive left - priced at $99.99

    TOY VAULT PLUSH: The Super Deformed Godzilla Plush has just arrived and we also have a ton of other Toy Vault plush items in stock from Godzilla, Monty Python, Here There Be Monsters and More!

    ARRIVING SOON - TRANSFORMERS BATTLEFIELD STATUE: The first of a new line of 2-figure battle statues from First 4 Figures is arriving soon. Optimus battles Megatron and there are a few interchangeable fists and heads that come with this statue - arriving soon at $189.99

    Thanks for your interest in and be sure to take advantage of this great summer sale.


    Joel & The BBTS Crew
  2. GogDog

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    May 7, 2006
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    Sweet, just scored a reissue Blaster! I'm glad I didn't get one before.
  3. Omnibus Prime

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    Jul 26, 2003
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    Helloooo GF Soundblaster for $40. :mail 

    ..and I put in a preorder for 10 of the Viper 6-packs last night. :thumb 
  4. ckhtiger

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    Feb 18, 2003
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    damn!! 10? I only put in an order for one of the troop builders. got my case of minicons, too. I'm through with the hunt. it's strictly preorder for me nowadays.
  5. Tech Spec

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    nice deals :thumb  I got myself a Reissue Blaster and Cybertron Metroplex in my pile of loot
  6. Night Flame

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    Cybertron Metroplex has been on clearance for quite a while now, as I have two sitting in my pile-o-loot from a couple weeks back and the price for both is under sixty-five bucks. But that price for Galaxy Force Soundblaster? Hellz yeah. I'm thinking that's not one to pass up.

    New Minicons pre-ordered. The individual package prices are a bit steep, but getting the set leaves them just a shade over in-store prices on Minicon packs.

    BBTS should just have a direct deposit thing available for paychecks. About seventy-five percent of any given "free money" I have ends up funnelled straight there anyway.

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