BBTS News: 25% Off Sale, Star Wars, Transformers, Superman & More!

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    Hi - Here is a quick update from about a new sale we are running, more new preorders and some recent arrivals!

    25% OFF SALE! Its once again time to save big money on thousands of
    items at BBTS. Everything is on sale except 'New' and 'Preorder/Backorder' items - so be sure to browse through your favorite menus as well as checking out a few new ones. This sale will end on Thursday June 22nd at 12:00 Noon Central Time.


    STAR WARS SAGA WAVE 5: Our entire order will be here around Tuesday 6/27 and we still have a limited number of sets and singles available. Sets of 8 are available at $62.99 and various single figures are start at $6.99

    ALTERNATORS MIRAGE WAVE: Limited preorders are left remaining for the case containing Mirage, Prime, Meister and Tracks - arriving around 6/27 and priced at $89.99

    YAMATO GARLAND 1/15: The awesome new transforming Garland figure will be here in around 7 - 10 days - get your preorder in now at $109.99

    STAR WARS GALACTIC HEROES: The next batch of 8 new figures will be arriving in about a week - we have about 20% of our shipment left

    MARVEL LEGENDS 13: Reserve your set of 6 figures now for $60.99 - arriving around the end of the month!


    PALISADES TRANSFORMER STATUES: Diamond comics will finish the production of the three final TF Statues. The 3" Ravage and 6" Ghost of Starscream will be arriving to us in about a week. The Ghost of Starscream statue is limited to a mere 300 pieces and we have guaranteed stock up for preorder. The last statue - Devastator - will be here in the fall.

    STAR WARS TITANIUM: New listings for the 3" TIE Interceptor, B-Wing, Mace Windu's Jedi Starfighter and Leia's Speeder Bike join the growing ranks of 3" figures. Vintage finish versions of IG-88 and Clone trooper have also been listed.

    PREMIUM FORMAT 1/4 ROGER MOORE - JAMES BOND: Sideshow has done a great job with this new 18" figure based on Roger Moore. The figure comes with a real cloth tuxedo and pistol, no martini however.

    HELLSING 7" SERAS VICTORIA STATUE: Truly one of the cooler statues we've seen in a while. Seras stands around 7" tall, yet holds a giant 11" rifle on her back - preorder now at $32.99

    LASSIE STATUE: Electric Tike & Sideshow bring us a new statue based on your favorite do-gooder pet - pre-order now at $94.99

    GI JOE SIGMA 6: A new wave of 8" Soldier figures are up for order and we've also listed the second round of 2.5" figures


    RESIDENT EVIL 2: Neca's hot new figures are in stock now at $79.99 for the full set of 7 figures - which includes one of each of the 4 versions of the Los Illuminados Monks as well as Krauser, Garrrador, and Regenerator. Another nicely done set of figures

    SUPERMAN RETURNS: A variety of new toys have arrived just in time for the
    movie release. The 'Select Sculpts' figures are the highlight of the
    movie collection so far - check them out along with 40 other products:

    CARS MACK TRUCK PLAYSET: Another shipment has just arrived, this hard to find playset is in stock now for $14.99 along with a few other items, with backorders available on the items that previously sold out.

    HALO 2 BROWN SPARTAN: The exclusive brown Spartan is available for $14.99

    JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED: A huge shipment of new JL figures arrived
    recently, 2 of 3 sets sold out before we could send out a newsletter, but we do have the Justice Lords 3-pack available. Preorders have been listed on the remaining sets, these are hard to keep in stock so be sure to reserve yours now.

    DARTH MAUL FX: The single bladed version now joins the double bladed version in our inventory - both available at $109.99 and $189.99 respectively

    DEAD MAN'S CHEST PROP REPLICAS: The very popular mini pirates props have just been restocked, Davy Jones' Key, Sparrow's Ring, and Elizabeth Swann's necklace

    Thanks for your interest in - be sure to take advantage of the 25% Off sale before it ends on Thursday.


    Joel & The BBTS Crew
  2. Ruination04

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    WHERE in the world are the Classics??!!??!! Hasbro is taking it's sweet time in giving out the OK to put up pre-orders......
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    This might not be a bad time to pick up an X-9 Ravage from BBTS. It's included in the sale, but still more than I want to spend on a deluxe size TF. I know he's on a lot of members' want lists, and they had a couple in stock today. I ordered a few from my BW want list.
  4. MrFX

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    Oct 20, 2005
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    Well, at least the new Mirage is on it's way. I need to pick up those Classics as well.
  5. Trailbreaker77

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    YES!!! YES,YES!!! The Palisades statues are going to be finish I will be able to get the Devastator Statue.:rock 

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