BBTS News: 25% Off Sale! Star Wars, TF's Hanna Barbera, Obi-Wan FX, WWE & More!

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    Hi - Here is a quick update from about our big new sale, more new arrivals, and preorder news.

    BALROG'S 25% OFF SALE: In preparation for a semi-truck full of LotR Balrogs arriving soon (Thursday or Friday), we are looking to clear some room in our warehouse by moving out older product! Since the Balrog is such a huge figure, we decided this better be a big sale... so you can now save 25% off regular pricing on most items currently in stock. Everything is included except 'new' and 'preorder / backorder' items. Vintage items are on sale and we have literally thousands of different items available.
    Just check out your favorite menus and save a nice bit of money on older items. If you'd like to pick up a 24" Balrog, who is responsible for this sale, as a token of your appreciation for him, take a look here:


    OBI-WAN KENOBI FIX LIGHTSABER: We bring you the latest FX Saber from Master Replicas for only $99.99 - thats a full $20 off the suggested price. This saber has 5 different sound effects that will play at the appropriate times thanks to the 3 motion sensors mounted within the saber. Sturdy metal hilt construction and high quality droid-choppin' plastic make this a great item that can stand up to impacts with whatever you may swing it in to. More Darth Maul Double-Bladed & Anakin FX have also just arrived - we also have a variety of other sabers in stock.

    TRANSFORMERS KISS PLAYERS CONVOY: This version of Convoy comes with a Melissa PVC figure with surfboard weapon, and also a 'Drama CD' which presumably plays radio clips from the Kiss Players radio promotion in Japan. We have verified that this version does not contain die-cast metal body panels as past Binaltech releases have, but its still a nifty set with all new 'PG-13' anime-style packaging. Available now for $69.99

    MCFARLANE'S HANNA BARBERA FIGURES: This is a refreshing new line from McFarlane based on all the characters that used to eat away those dreamy
    Saturday mornings back in the day. In stock now is the Flintstones
    Cruiser with Fred behind the wheel at $21.99, and also the set of 5 figures for $59.99 which includes: Hong Kong Phooey, Quick Draw McGraw, Fred & Chopper, Tom & Jerry Rock-n-Roll, and Tom & Jerry No Trespassing.
    Single figures are available for some characters at $11.99

    REVOLTECH GLOW IN THE DARK EVA: Just a few pieces of this Comic-Con exclusive remain - in stock now along with all the other Revoltech figures released so far - all only $19.99

    STAR WARS MR. POTATOHEAD: Artoo Potatoo is back in stock for only $8.99, this one comes with a mini holographic leia as potato, can't wait to see who they make next.

    WWE WRESTLING: Ruthless Aggression wave 21 and Ring Rage wave 20.5 have just arrived - these are available by the full set here:

    LABYRINTH: Two new items from Plan-B toys - the Hanging Goblin and Sitting Goblin statues are in stock for just $32.99

    ELECTRIC TIKI: A variety of Tiki items have just arrived including Mandy, Mr. Magoo, I Dream of Jeannie & Bottle, Underdog, Holly Starlite, Herman Munster, Zorro, and Electra Woman & Dyno Girl

    TRANSFORMERS TRANSMANUALS: Two cool reference guides with tons of photos of all the figures and parts from the G1 lines - $24.99 each.


    STAR WARS TITANIUM: General Grievous and C-3PO 3.75" Titanium figures are now up for preorder at $17.99. Both come packaged with the cool enclosed display case and various other Titaniums are up for preorder:

    STAR WARS SAGA COLLECTOR'S TINS: Hasbro has just released images of the rest of the collector tins - Episodes IV, V, and VI - these are all available to preorder individually at $29.99 - it will be a pretty cool set of figures overall.

    MCFARLANE'S LOST: Images of this fantastic line have just been published, Hurley with his golf-course, Kate in the stand of bamboo trees, Locke by The Hatch, Shannon in bikini, as well as Charlie and Jack in poses on the beach. The Hatch boxed set has also been unveiled - 4 characters peering down the opening from the close of season 1.

    Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out some of the new arrivals - don't miss out on the 25% off sale, it ends mid-Thursday!


    Joel & The BBTS Crew

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