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    From BBTS:

    Hi - We've received word from our suppliers in Japan that the MP-13 Soundwave will now include Laserbeak! We have also been told that the Japanese retail price (MSRP) on this figure has gone from 12,000 yen to 15,800 - an increase of about 31% (about $47 US). The wholesale pricing we pay has also gone up that same 31%. We do not take price increases lightly, and we typically absorb small changes in our costs, but with the substantial change in the product through the addition of Laserbeak and the large jump in our cost, we do need to update pricing on all preorders.

    The preorder price on the website has been raised to $169.99. For all of you who have already preordered, we will take an extra $10 off that and adjust your preorder price to $159.99. With the addition of Laserbeak, our cost per piece has gone up significantly more than $20, we will pass along only $20 and absorb the rest of the extra cost as a token of goodwill.

    We really appreciate your business, and we apologize for the price increase from Takara, but Laserbeak will be a great addition to the MP-13!

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    I personally think this is more than reasonable and is why i will keep my order with them. also i didnt see this anywhere so i guess it is newsworthy
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    Being discussed in the main thread in News and Rumours :) 

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