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Discussion in 'Video Games and Technology' started by RabidYak, Apr 21, 2007.

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    So the British Board of Film Classification, the folks who rate and occasionally censor films and games in this part of the world, researched video games to get a better idea of how they should deal with them. They came to the following stunning conclusions -

    - Interactivity helps disconnect on-sceen violence and reality

    - Controversy increases sales

    - Adult rated games may be upsetting to younger players

    So despite the fact that they spent a load of time and money coming to the same conclusions as anyone with any common sense does for free, its interesting to see that an official censorship body that has a history of overzealous butchery of violent and sexual content in films has actually came out and said this. I'd be interested to hear what that anti-gaming brigade would have to say about this, even if it is the usual fingers in the ears.
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    The BBFC came in to our office a month or so ago and gave us a talk on how they go about classifying movies and games. They're a surprisingly sharp bunch of people. However, these surveys/reports are something they are obliged to do when enough members of the public share their concern with them.

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