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    2009/07/12 - Update Major overhaul. Added MIB Cybertron Leader size Optimus Prime.

    2009/06/01 - Update - added MIB G1 Overlord (separate thread) G1 Powermaster Throttle and Pincher

    2009/05/11 - Update - added G1 MISB Machtackle

    2009/05/04 - Update - added G1 Grimlock, Gnaw, Stunticons, G2 Laser Rod Optimus, Classics Voyager OP, Starscream, Animated Activator Ratchet.

    Well, howdy again. My old sale thread is very obsolete now, plus I've gotten lots of new toys to trade, thus I'm opening a new thread. I've been around a lot, below you can find links to my feedback:

    My TFW2005 feedback

    My NTFA feedback

    For sales, I accept payment by Paypal, bank transfer or Western Union, but I'd prefer Paypal. Ask me about shipping costs, or PM me if you have any questions about the items! I always ship registered, so the package will be trackable.

    For trades, I only trade if you have at least one positive feedback at TFW2005 or elsewhere. If you have none, we can still trade, but you'll have to ship first and I'll only ship if they arrived without problems. Sorry, I had some bad experiences in the past with users without feedback...

    See the bottom of this post for my want list! I collect everything from G1 and G2, after that only what I like from other series. I also collect Gobots, Convertors, Gargoyles, Dino Riders, D&D Miniatures, Realm of the Claw and DC Animated figures.

    You can reach me through PM's or - I'd prefer it as my inbox gets full fast - through my mail:

    Now for the toys!


    MIB 99% complete Overlord - separate thread! FOR TRADE ONLY

    Japanese G1 Multiforce MachTackle MISB - Original 1989 version! 50$


    Machtackle 2

    Machtackle 3

    Machtackle 4

    MISB, in excellent shape. Very Rare japanese toy! For sale or trade. This is NOT the reissue, it's the original Takara 1989 version.

    G2 European Powered Master Ironhide MOSC 30$



    Sealed, card and bubble are intact (see picture).

    European Action Master Elite Turbomaster 35$


    Has great joints and no paintwear, but no con insignia, and the light purple parts are yellowed in some places. Button-action doesn't work.

    -G1 Action Master Rumbler 15$


    Another EU toy from 1991, Rumbler is the repaint of AM Sprocket. He came with a yellow exo-suit (not included). Robot is in excellent shape, tight joints and hardly any paint wear, has Autobot insignia as well.

    G1/G2 Clench/Colossus 20$



    Both robot and trailer are in great shape, all stickers are present, joints are tight. The spring-loaded mechanisms in the trailer, as well as the rocket launchers, work fine. Unfortunately half of the truck nose (left part) is missing - it is not broken off but removed. Also one tailpipe's top is broken off. Still shows great in robot mode, and a very rare toy even in Europe.

    G1 Overlord tank part 20$ - ON HOLD



    Good shape, but has no stickers (except on turret). No tank window, end of grapple claw is broken off.

    Grimlock - 25$



    Excellent shape, has all stickers (some misplaced) and minimal chromewear! Comes with rocket launchers only.

    G1 Gnaw (Sharkticon) -15$

    Gnaw 1

    Gnaw 2

    Loose but in good shape, joints are tight. Missing sharkticon arms (not broken) and right side chin-spike. Purple parts are slightly yellowed.

    Crossblades - 6$ - Update: shell sold, inner robot ONLY!

    Crossblades 1
    Crossblades 2

    Outer shell (some stickers intact, others worn) and inner robot (no stickers), both in good shape. The side thruster shown in the pictures is NOT INCLUDED!

    Pincher - 6$


    Inner robot only. Great shape, but his handgun's handle is broken into his fist. I guess it can be removed.

    G1 Firecons - 5$ each! (Sparkstalker is SOLD!)

    Firecons 1

    Firecons 2

    Cindersaur, Flamefeather, Sparkstalker. All in good shape. Flamefeather has no Con sign, has rusty screws and sparker doesn't work well.

    G1 Waverider shell - 3$


    Good shape with some paint wear. Has various red and green pen markings all over the shell.

    G1 Stunticons - Breakdown 5$,SOLD Dragstrip 2$

    Stunticons 1

    Stunticons 2

    Breakdown is in good shape, no stickers though. Dragstrip is for parts - has stickers, but head is broken off.

    -G1 Huffer 3$

    Huffer 1

    Huffer 2

    In OK shape, but his left arm/smokestack is broken off. (wheel is there, though). Right arm has minimal chromewear.

    G1 Action Masters Sprocket (SOLD), Inferno, Rollout 6$ each


    All in good shape, Inferno is in C9 or better shape. See pics.

    -G1 Action Master Rad 5$


    Action Master Rad robot, in average shape - has lot of paint wear on the upper body. Arms are tight, though. Left leg has a tendency to pop off at the waist.

    G1 AM Wheeljack - 3$

    Wheeljack 1
    Wheeljack 2

    Only the AM car, missing doors and rear thruster/gun.

    -G1 Micromaster Roughstuff with trailer 10$

    Roughstuff 1

    Roughstuff 2

    Robot and trailer, both in great shape. Has no other accessories.

    G1 Micromaster Growl 3$


    In good shape, has no gun.

    European G1 Turbomaster Hurricane 5$

    Hurricane 1
    Hurricane 2

    Good shape, has all stickers.

    European G1 Predator Skydive 4$

    Skydive 1
    Skydive 2

    OK shape, one of the horizontal stabilizers is broken off.


    G2 Laser Rod Optimus Prime 15$ ON HOLD

    Laser Rod OP 1

    Laser Rod OP 2

    In excellent shape, electronics work, has all stickers. Has scrapes on the stickers at the sides.

    G2 Optimus Prime 35$

    Optimus 1
    Optimus 2
    Optimus 3

    The G2 re-release of G1 Prime, with black trailer and voice pack. In excellent shape, soundpack works. Has almost all parts, only missing the fists and the hose.

    (Part list: cab, trailer, Roller, handgun, 2Xlaunchers, 3Xred rockets, 3Xtrailer rockets)


    Optimus Prime MIB (Leader) 45$

    Complete, with great shape box, instructions, all parts. Electronics work fine. Has been only transformed a few times.

    European G2 Ironfist 10$


    Good shape, has a few stickers, slightly yellowed.


    Transformers the Movie Battle Cards 14$


    TF Battle Cards 2

    TF Battle Cards 3

    Movie battle cards pack with two 3D-puzzle robots (Longarm and Wreckage), their spec cards, a rulesbook, and an energon crystal card.

    Movie Payload, MOC 13$

    Complete with card+bubble+instructions.


    Transformers Animated - the Battle Begins two-pack - 30$

    Animated-battle Begins

    Deluxe Earth mode Optimus vs. Deluxe Cybertron mode Megatron, boxed, with DVD containing first 3 episodes of the show. Complete, mint. Instructions are missing.

    Transformers Animated Voyager Bulkhead - 17$

    Bulkhead 1
    Bulkhead 2

    Loose, complete, with instructions.

    Transformers Animated Lockdown - 11$


    Complete, mint, with card and bubble, missing instructions.

    Animated Activators Bumblebee - 8$

    Bumblebee 1
    Bumblebee 2

    Complete, mint, with instructions (is from the Shockwave vs. BB target-twopack, so no box/card)

    Animated Activators Ratchet - 8$

    Complete, mint, with instructions (is from the Sunstorm vs. Ratchet target-twopack, so no box/card)


    Super Gobots Bug -Bite 4$

    Bugbite 1
    Bugbite 2

    In average shape - has most stickers, but the left front wheel is missing, the front bumper's sides are broken off.

    -G1/G2/etc Parts, junkers


    -G1 Skullgrin handgun (one where small peg is on left side)
    -G1 Superion Head
    -G1 Superion/Silverbolt gun
    -G1 Wildrider dual cannon (no connector)
    -G1 Dead End handgun
    -AM Optimus Prime black dual gun
    -AM Optimus Prime orange handgun
    -AM Optimus Prime orange gun x2
    -AM Optimus Prime orange smokestack
    -AM Over-Run copter + 2x bazookas
    -AM Megatron tank turret/jet
    -G1 Overlord right chest window
    -G1 Quickswitch right side gun (will ONLY trade it for a left side gun)
    -G1 Micromaster Anti-Aircraft Base turret x2
    -G1 Micromaster Anti-Aircraft Base left gun x2
    -G1 Micromaster Anti-Aircraft Base right gun
    -G1 Micromaster Anti-Aircraft Base drum
    -G1 Micromaster Anti-Aircraft Base radar
    -G1 Thunderclash rear panel
    -Energon Arcee's crossbow weapon (no missile)
    -AM Circuit wheel connector part without wheels
    -BW Transmetal Optimus Primal head with base
    -KO G1 Battletrap gun
    -KO G1 Dreadwind/Darkwing(?) gun in translucent blue
    -KO G1 Devastator chest/wings

    Junkers and toys for part: See below. PM me for prices, or we can trade for other parts I can use.

    Junkers 1

    Junkers 2

    Junkers 3

    Junker G1 Ramjet 1

    Junker G1 Ramjet 2


    Unless indicated otherwise, they always come with cards!

    I prefer to trade them, but they are for sale too - email me for individual prices!


    - Golden Protector (War of the Dragon Queen)
    - Goliath Barbarian (War Drums)
    - Hellstinger Scorpion (Dangerous Delves)


    -Feygrove Choker x2 (Dangerous Delves)
    -Lidda, Adventurer (Giants of Legend)
    -Warpriest of Moradin (War Drums)
    -Combat Medic (War Drums)
    -Bloodhulk Fighter (Deathknell)
    -Undying Soldier (Deathknell)
    -Whirling Steel Monk (Deathknell)
    -Xorn (Underdark)
    -Karsite Fighter (Blood Wars)
    -Shadowdancer (Blood Wars)
    -Mercykiller (Blood Wars)
    - Ogre Skirmisher (War of the Dragon Queen)
    - Githzerai Monk (Underdark)
    - Ethereal Filcher (Aberrations)
    - Huge Fiendish Spider (War of the Dragon Queen) x2
    - Bonded Fire Summoner (War of the Dragon Queen)
    - High Inquisitor (Unhallowed)
    - Skullclan Hunter (Deathknell)
    - Half-Orc Spy (Blood War)
    - Skullcrusher Ogre (Deathknell)
    - Dolgrim (Deathknell)
    - Brass Samurai (War Drums)
    - Frost Dwarf (War Drums)
    - Bugbear Headreaver (Dungeons of Dread)
    - Human Fighter (Dungeons of Dread)
    - Hook Horror (Dungeons of Dread) x2
    - Drow Spiderguard (Dungeons of Dread) x2
    - Lurking Wraith (Against the Giants)
    - Lizardfolk Raider (Against the Giants)
    - Golden Wyvern Initiate (Against the Giants)
    - Shardsoul Slayer (Demonweb)


    - Goblin Sharpshooter x2 (Dangerous Delves)
    - Kruthik Young x3 (Dangerous Delves)
    - Orc Terrorblade (Dangerous Delves)
    - Blood Scarab (Dangerous Delves)
    - Snake Swarm (Dangerous Delves)
    - Bloodseeker Drake (Dangerous Delves)
    - Foulspawn Grue x2 (Dangerous Delves)
    - Grimlock Minion (Dangerous Delves)
    - Lizardfolk Rogue (Giants of Legend) x2
    - Ophidian (Angelfire)
    - Howling Orc (War Drums)
    - Troglodyte Thug (War Drums)
    - Shieldwall Soldier (War Drums)
    - Goblin Blackblade (War Drums)
    - Blood of Vol Cultist (Blood War)
    - Acheron Goblin (Blood War)
    - Soldier of Bytopia (Blood War) x2
    - Greenspawn Sneak (Blood War) x2
    - Free League Ranger (Blood War) x 3
    - Kobold Monk (Blood War)
    - Fiendish Snake (Blood War)
    - Azer Fighter (War of the Dragon Queen) x2
    - Kobold Zombie (War of the Dragon Queen)
    - War Ape (War of the Dragon Queen)
    - Witchknife (War of the Dragon Queen)
    - Cloudreaver (War of the Dragon Queen) x3
    - Hunting Hyena (War of the DRagon Queen) x2
    - Tavern Brawler (War of the DRagon Queen) x2
    - Diseased Dire rat (War of the DRagon Queen) x3
    - Twig Blight (War of the DRagon Queen)
    - Cleric of Laogzed (War of the DRagon Queen) x3
    - Monitor Lizard (Underdark) - No card
    - Prisoner (Nights Below)
    - Carnage Demon (Nights Below)
    - Delver Sergeant (Nights below)
    - Celestial Dire Badger (Deathknell)
    - Deathlock (Deathknell)
    - Bullywug Thug (Deathknell)
    - Kenku Sneak (Deathknell) x2
    - Spellstiched Hobgoblin Zombie (Deathknell) x2
    - Orc Savage (Deathknell)
    - Goblin Adept (Deathknell) x3
    - Timber Wolf (Deathknell)
    - Giant Frog (Deathknell) x2
    - Kobold Miner (Desert of Desolation) - no card
    - Black Woods Dryad (Desert of Desolation)
    - Farmer (Desert of Desolation)
    - Ravenous Dire Rat (Dungeons of Dread)
    - Orc Raider (Dungeons of Dread)
    - Vampire Spawn (Dungeons of Dread)
    - Giant Centipede (Dungeons of Dread)
    - Gnoll Marauder (Dungeons of Dread)
    - Troglodyte Bonecrusher (Dungeons of Dread)
    - Iron Defender (Dungeons of Dread)
    - Chilborn (Dungeons of Dread)
    - Goblin Picador (Dungeons of Dread)
    - Grick (Dungeons of Dread) x2
    - Deathjump Spider (Dungeons of Dread) x4
    - Elf Archer (Dungeons of Dread)
    - Goblin Runner (Against the Giants)
    - Runespiral Demon (Demonweb)
    - Deathlock Wight (Demonweb)

    My want list:

    MOST WANTED TOYS (In order of importance to me)

    -Generation 1:

    -87 and 88 Headmasters (ONLY with heads) (need all the 87 Autobot HMs, Skullcruncher, Squeezeplay, Nightbeat)

    -'Leaders' and rarer figures: Shockwave, Jetfire, Swoop, Slag

    -'Giants': Omega Supreme, Trypticon, Fortress Maximus

    -Casettes (Need: Raindance, Sqawktalk)

    -Japanese exclusive figures (except the ones released in Europe like Overlord and the Brainmasters)

    -Autobot cars from 84-86 preferably with parts (Need: Mirage,Trailbreaker, Smokescreen, Blurr)

    -88 USA-exclusive Pretenders preferably complete (Need: Finback, Sky High)

    -87 Targetmasters (preferably with TM partner)

    -85 Mail-aways: complete Omnibots, Reflector, Powerdashers, Mini-Spies

    -Generation 2:

    -Laser Rods (complete or loose - need Volt and Electro)
    -Color Changers (USA Variatons mostly)
    -Dinobot color variations

    -Beast Wars (and japanese BW):

    -Jaguar (TM Cheetor retool)
    -BW 2 Lioconvoy
    -BW 2 Galvatron
    -BW 2 Gigastorm
    -BW Neo Dead End
    -BW Neo Mach Kick

    -Beast Machines:

    -Night Viper


    -Emergency Team repaint

    -Energon (preferably with card/box, but loose is OK too):

    -Galvatron (smaller Superlink version)

    -Robot Masters (Loose or MISB,no matter):

    -Skywarp/Thundercrackers two-pack

    -Cybertron (boxed or loose):

    -Wing Saber (Ultra)
    -Menasor (Ultra)
    -Blurr (Deluxe)

    -Titanium (MISB/MIB only)

    -Megatron (TWW, 6')
    -Thundercracker (TWW,'6)
    -Scourge ('6)
    -Soundwave ('6)
    -Rodimus Prime ('6)
    -The Fallen ('6)
    -Cheetor ('6)

    -Classics/Henkei (Boxed/carded only):

    -Onslaught (Henkei)
    -Silverbolt (Henkei)
    -Powerglide (Target Exclusive Hasbro)
    -Roadbuster vs. Dirge
    -Hound (Henkei)
    -Smokescreen (Henkei)
    -Ratchet (Henkei)
    -Dinobot (Henkei)
    -Red Alert (Henkei)
    -Drag Strip
    -Skywarp (Henkei Exclusive)
    -Menasor (Legends)
    -Legends Team Leaders 6-pack
    -Legends Aerial team 6-pack


    -Real Gears: one of the 3 Mobile Phones (preferably the black/blue)
    -Robot Heroes: pretty much all of them except Grimlock/Shocky and SS/Mirage, and Ravage/Optimus
    -RTOF Voyager Long Haul


    -Voyager: Skywarp, Wreck-Gar
    -Deluxes: Blurr, Swindle, Samurai Armor Prowl, Electrostatic Soundwave, Arcee, Rodimus Minor, Cybertron Mode Ratchet
    -Activators: Cliffjumper

    Parts needed:


    -Optimus Prime: Roller, fistst, handgun, hose, small gun, trailer door
    -Prowl: windshield, gun, right launcher
    -Blue Streak: gun, launchers, 1X rocket
    -Jazz: windshield, gun, rockets, launcher
    -Sideswipe: gun, rockets
    -Sunstreaker: rockets, fists
    -Wheeljack: launchers, rockets, spoiler, wings
    -Trailbreaker: top of van, fists, 2X double rocket, radar
    -Ironhide: gun, connector, 2Xrockets
    -Ratchet: connector, 3xrockets
    -Bumblebee: 4x tires
    -Megatron: chrome gun
    -Thundercracker:2x short and 2xlong rockets
    -Skywarp: 2x short and 2xlong rockets
    -Soundwave: handgun, 2xrockets

    -Blaster: gun
    -Perceptor: 2X 'screws', rockets, launcher, gun
    -Skids: rockets
    -Inferno: left fist
    -Hoist: platform, 2Xrockets, 3Xdouble rockets, radar, ramps
    -Red Alert: launcher, gun, 3x rockets
    -Roadbuster: all parts except left hip shield
    -Whirl: 4x guns
    -Grimlock: 3x rockets
    -Sludge: sword
    -Snarl: 2X rockets
    -Drill Dasher: left arm
    -Topspin: gun
    -Scrapper: top of cabin
    -Bonecrusher: Devastator hand+fist
    -Hook: hook of crane
    -Scavenger: Devastator hand+fist
    -Mixmaster: chrome rocket (single)
    -Long Haul: D. waist, green panel, gun
    -Chop Shop: gun, spear
    -Ransack: gun, shield
    -Venom: gun, axe
    -Blitzwing: sword
    -Dirge: rockets, landing gear
    -Ramjet: right tailfin
    -Thrust: 2x rockets
    -Spectro: left arm, gun
    -Spyglass: right leg, gun

    -Rodimus Prime: 2x solar panels
    -Ultra Magnus: 2 x large fists, 2x rockets
    -Wreck-Gar: axe
    -Hot Rod: 1x guns, unbroken roof
    -Blurr: lower armguards, shield, gun
    -Kup: gun
    -Silverbolt: Superion fists, feet, chest/pelvis panels, ramp
    -Fireflight: gun
    -Slingshot: gun
    -First Aid: handgun
    -Rewind: guns
    -Ramhorn: guns
    -Broadside: 1Xrocket
    -Galvatron: gun, tube, tube holder, sights
    -Trypticon: all accesories, right tower, head window
    -Motormaster: Menasor left fist-Drag Strip: gun, cannon, connector
    -Drag Strip: Cannon, connector, handgun
    -Breakdown: gun
    -Razorclaw: sword, gun,
    -Rampage: Predaking fist
    -Tantrum: guns, sword
    -Headstrong: robot's red feet/rhino hips, guns, sword, Predaking feet
    -Divebomb: guns, sword, Predaking fist
    -Octane: chrome shield/top of tanker
    -Gnaw: right shark arm, tail, gun

    -Chromedome: Stylor, guns
    -Sureshot: Spoilsport
    -Grotusque: wings, gun
    -Repugnus: gun
    -Doublecross: gun
    -Goldbug: left rear wheel
    -Scattershot: handgun, left Computron fist
    -Afterburner: handgun
    -Strafe: gun, rockets
    -Lightspeed: gun, car weapons
    -Nosecone: gun, rockets
    -Cloudraker: guns
    -Fastlane: guns, spoiler
    -Scorponok: gun, gun panel, 1Xhip ramps,Fasttrack body and left arm, claw guards, double guns X4, 2X antenna, grappling claws
    -Skullcruncher: Grax, gun, sword
    -Weirdwolf: gun
    -Apeface: gun
    -Misfire: Aimless
    -Sixshot: guns
    -Hun-Grr: Abominus feet and fists, handgun
    -Blot: gun, backpack
    -Pounce: guns

    -Slapdash: Lube, shield, front spoiler, gun
    -Siren: left smaller gun/antenna
    -Hosehead: both side guns/antennae
    -Landmine: helmet
    -Waverider: gun
    -Groundbreaker: small gun, belt, shoulder pads
    -Splashdown: small gun
    -Gunrunner: pretender car, rockets
    -Grandslam: guns
    -Raindance: robot, 1x gun
    -Quickswitch: left gun (have 2x Right Guns, will trade for left gun)
    -Doubledealer: Knok, rocket back part, chest shield
    -Darkwing: right gun
    -Spinister: helicopter tail with rotor
    -Submarauder: gun, sword, shield
    -Iguanus: gun, belt
    -Roadgrabber: handgun
    -Snarler: shoulder pads
    -Carnivac: shoulder pads
    -Beastbox: guns
    -Snaptrap: gun
    -Nautilator: gun, stand top part

    -Pretender Bumblebee: small gun
    -Pincher: helmet, small gun
    -Doubleheader helmet, small gun
    -Longtooth: car hood, car trailer, small gun
    -Skyhammer: outer vehicle shell, robot, weapons, inner shell's visor
    -Vroom: shell, wheel, large gun, small gun
    -Crossblades: 2xsmall white guns
    -Countdown: double lasers x2, white crane arm
    -Overload: handlebar
    -Octopunch: small gun
    -Birdbrain: gun, Monstructor waist
    -Bristleback: gun
    -Icepick: gun, Monstructor foot
    -Scowl: robot, back panel, gun, Monstructor foot
    -Slog: Monstructor head, Monstructor gun
    -Wildfly: back panel, gun, Monstructor fist
    -Skystalker: Base with all parts
    -Skyhopper: robot
    -Airwave: ramp
    -Greasepit: signpost

    -AM Optimus Prime: 1x rear wheel
    -AM Bumblebee: copter backpack, rotors
    -AM Over-Run: rotor
    -AM Grimlock: gun
    -AM Snarl: Snarl, gun
    -AM Rad: gun
    -AM Skyfall: gun
    -AM Rollout: Glitch's right gun, gun
    -Missile Transport: 1xramp, left purple gun
    -Wheel Blaze: hose upper part
    -AM Starscream: rockets, gun, landing pad
    -AM Axer: sidecar connector
    -AM Soundwave: gun, Wingthing's wings
    -Tank Transport:Transport front part, 1X cannon, ramps

    -AM Powerflash: gun
    -AM Sideswipe: left tank gun
    -AM Elite Double Punch: right scorpion legs
    -AM Elite Turbomaster: blades, 1xrotor
    -AM Bombshell: Bombshell
    -AM Thundercracker: bottom of jet

    -Flash: gun, rockets
    -Hurricane: gun, rockets
    -Leozak: gun, tail wings


    -Slag: sword
    -Snarl: sword, gun
    -Inferno: left fist, wings
    -Sideswipe: gun, rocket launcher, missile, left door
    -Pyro: 1x rockets
    -Deftwing: connector of cannon
    -Megatron (large green tank): gun, rockets, radar
    -Starscream: left fist, 2Xlaunchers, 1Xrocket, rubber nosecone, wings, horisontal tailfins, soundpack
    -Ramjet: wings, fists, rockets, launchers, soundpack
    -Clench: 4Xrockets
    -Calcar: backpack
    -Fearswoop: backpack's rockets
    -Aquablast: front of car, spoiler/gun
    -Rage: gun
    -Long Haul: gun
    -Windrazor: gun, tailfin
    -Terradive: gun

    -Leadfoot: launcher, rotor, spoiler
    -Volt: left leg, sword
    -Sureshot: 3x rockets
    -Silverbolt: Robot
    -Sizzle (Sparkabot): car hood
    -Ransack: robot body, rotor
    -Powerdive: rotor, copter rotor, copter tail
    -Sizzle (Laser Rod):sword
    -Jolt: sword
    -Vortex: 2x side guns, handgun

    -Optimus Prime (Laser Rod): sword, 2xrockets, 3xdisks, laser gun
    -Firecracker: gun
    -Double Clutch: gun
    -Meanstreak: guns
    -Jetfire (Cyberjet): left tailfin, 2x missiles
    -Strafe (Cyberjet): 2x missiles
    -Dirtbag: 1x rockets
    -Roadblock: 4x rockets
    -Frenzy (Gobot):gun
    -Hooligan: 2x missiles
    -Skyjack: 2x missiles
    -Space Case: 2x missiles


    -Snarl: tail
    -Grimlock: mutant mask halves
    -Seaclamp: inner robot feet (lobster tailflaps)


    Starscream (Galaxy Force,Voyager): gun/rocket

    -I'm interested in all sort of Gobots, Convertors, even Knockoff TF toys as well, naturally I prefer real TFs but if you don't have any, these'll do as well! I also

    collect Dino-Riders, Gargoyles, D&D Miniatures and Batman/Superman TAS and JLU toys!
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    Jun 13, 2003
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    Update - added G1 Grimlock, Gnaw, Stunticons, G2 Laser Rod Optimus, Classics Voyager OP, Starscream, Animated Activator Ratchet.
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    Updated - added MISB G1 Machtackle (Landcross combiners)
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    Updated - added some G1 weapons and parts to the list of trades!
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    List updated with G1 Throttle (Darkwing's Powermaster) and Pincher.
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    Updated - Sold items removed, MIB Cybertron Leader OP added.

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