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    Update 2010 June 16 - Removed sold toys.

    Update 2010 May 23 - added Knockoff toys and non-transformer toys (European He-Man toys, DC toys, dino-riders and many more.)

    Update 2010 May 22 - Added Cybertron Red Alert and Downshift (MOC), Movie Longarm (MOC) and ROTF Lockdown (MOC).

    Time for a restart. I have dug up all my old accumulated surplus TFs and other toys from the basement, decided to get rid of them all.

    I've been around a lot, below you can find links to my feedback:

    My TFW2005 feedback

    My NTFA feedback

    For sales, I accept payment by Paypal. I accept bank transfer too, but I'd prefer Paypal - if you pay by bank transfer, you will have to pay all fees my bank charges me. Ask me about shipping costs, or PM me if you have any questions about the items! I always ship registered, so the package will be trackable. Insurance is possible, but I have never tried it. Supposedly our post office has it, though.

    For trades, I only trade if you have at least one positive feedback at TFW2005 or elsewhere (Ebay buyer feedback doesn't count!) If you have none, we can still trade, but you'll have to ship first and I'll only ship if they arrived without problems. Sorry, I had some bad experiences in the past with users without feedback...

    See the bottom of this post for my want list! I collect everything from G1 and G2, after that only what I like from other series. I also collect Gobots, Convertors, Gargoyles, Mummies Alive, Dino Riders, D&D Miniatures,and DC Animated - Batman/Superman TAS, JLU - figures.

    You can reach me through PM's or - I'd prefer it as my inbox gets full fast - through my mail:

    Now for the toys!




    G1 Grimlock loose with launcher 25$

    In good shape, has all stickers albeit some misplaced. Minimal chrome wear, right arm/dino leg is slightly loose, but can be fixed with nail polish (I just didn't have the time to do it). Has rocket launcher.

    G1 Sludge almost complete 40$

    Classics european version, has chrome wear on dino back. Joints are mostly very sturdy, except tigh joints which are loose. Has gun, launcher, and 3xrockets, no chrome wear on those.

    G1 Ramjet loose 8$

    Just plane body with one right wing. Missing rubber nose, and cockpit window's peg is broken. Has faded stickers. Wing is mint, though.

    G1 Topspin loose 5$

    In excellent shape, pullback action and transforming works very well. Stickers intact.



    G1 Gnaw (Sharkticon) loose -10$ SOLD

    Loose but in good shape, joints are tight. Missing sharkticon arms (not broken) and right side chin-spike, as well as back part of the robot's helmet (head stays in place). Purple parts are slightly yellowed.

    G1 Blurr loose - 5$

    Only body, missing arm guards, head fin is chewed. Metal legs version.

    G1 Skullcruncher body - 4$

    Body only, very yellowed and rusty screws, missing one gator tail half.



    G1 Doubledealer with Skar 25$

    Bot is yellowed with rusty screws, leg joints are very tight, but can be transformed without breaking. Previous owner painted a beard on his face... :crazy:  Has front part of rocket and Powermaster partner Skar, again Skar's body was painted blue for some reason, but it can be rubbed off.

    G1 Waverider shell - 3$

    Good shape with some paint wear. Has various red and green pen markings all over the shell, I tried to remove them but they have only faded. Could be removed with alcohol, haven't tried.

    G1 Fangry body - 10$ - SOLD

    In OK shape, no stickers though. Wolf head is very loose.

    G1 Dreadwind loose 12$ SOLD

    IN OK shape, some fins on the rockets are broken off. Has stickers, worn. Some rusty screws as well, but transforms fine. Rubber nose is slightly bendy.



    G1 Micromaster Combiner Missile Transport front part 9$

    Front part of transport with both rockets, in great shape.

    G1 Micromaster Growl 2$

    In OK shape, has no gun. Some rubbery residue was covering it, I cleaned it off but some still remain.

    G1 Micromaster Slide 3$

    In great shape, one arm is slightly loose.

    European Exclusive Rescue Force "Killbison" 8$ SOLD

    The European recolor/retool of the Breastforce toy. Robot only, has most stickers. Silver face variant.

    G1 Crossblades inner robot - 5$

    Outer shell (some stickers intact, others worn) and inner robot (no stickers), both in good shape. The side thruster shown in the pictures is NOT INCLUDED!

    G1 Pincher - 5$ SOLD

    Inner robot only. Great shape, but his handgun's handle is broken into his fist. I guess it can be removed.



    G1 European Action Master Take-Off with Screech 35$

    In excellent shape, tight joints and no paint wear. Has gun and AM Partner Screech, button-action works.

    G1 European Action Master Elite Turbomaster 25$

    Has great joints and no paintwear, but no con insignia, and the light purple parts are yellowed in some places. Button-action doesn't work.

    G1 European Action Master Thundercracker 8$ ON HOLD

    The infamous neon recolor of the Seeker. Toy generally stands well, but has lots of surface wear, scratches and such, some parts were glued and taped previously.



    G1 European Action Master Circuit - robot and Exo-Suit 35$

    Robot plus race-car/exo-suit. In great shape, robot's joints are tight and no paint wear. Missing only the green 'stick' weapon. No stickers though.

    G1 European Action Master Motorized Exo-Suit Rumbler 35$

    Robot is in excellent shape, tight joints and hardly any paint wear, has Autobot insignia as well. Exo-suit has red bar, battery cover, blue side parts (small yellow flap from bottom is missing) as well as all stickers intact. Rolling action still works, I tried.

    G1 European Action Master Circuit - exo-suit only 5$

    Only the exo-suit, with broken off spoiler and right steers



    G1 Action Master Inferno 100% complete 10$

    Excellent shape, tight joints. Has hydro-pack and handgun, spring-loaded part works.

    G1 Action Master Rollout loose 6$

    In excellent shape, tight joints. White parts are yellowed, though.

    G1 Action Master Bumblebee with gun 6$

    Bot has lot of paint wear and weak leg joints. Has handgun.

    G1 Tyrannitron 2$

    AM Snarl's partner, minus tail. Spring-loaded action works.

    G1 Attack Cycle 5$

    AM Prowl's attack cycle, main body, openable flaps and gas tank cover. Yellowed.



    G1 Action Master Over-Run 7$

    Robot has some paint wear on face and loose arms. Has copter main body with stickers, plus both thrusters/guns.

    G1 AM Wheeljack's Car - 3$

    Only the AM car, missing doors and rear thruster/gun.

    G1 AM Megatron's Neutro-Fusion Tank turret 1$

    Only turret, no wings.



    G1 Predator Skyquake loose 20$ SOLD

    In excellent shape, not many stickers though but has landing gears. Has periscope and it works.
    If needed, I can mix/match parts between the two Skyquakes

    European G1 Predator Skyquake minus periscope/tail section 10$ ON HOLD

    In excellent shape, has all stickers and landing gears. Periscope part is missing.



    European G1 Turbomaster Rotorstorm 2$

    Bad overall shape but has stickers. No landing gears, loose arms, yellowing.

    European G1 Turbomaster Hurricane 5$ SOLD

    Good shape, has all stickers.

    European G1 Predator Skydive 3$ SOLD

    OK shape, one of the horizontal stabilizers is broken off.

    European G1 Predator Stalker 5$ SOLD

    In good shape, robot only. Few stickers.




    European G1/G2 Clench/Colossus trailer 10$ SOLD

    Trailer is in great shape, all stickers are present, joints are tight. The spring-loaded mechanisms in the trailer, as well as the rocket launchers, work fine.

    European G2 Ironfist 10$ SOLD

    Good shape, has a few stickers, slightly yellowed.



    G2 Optimus Prime 37$ ON HOLD

    The G2 re-release of G1 Prime, with black trailer and voice pack. In excellent shape, soundpack works. Has almost all parts, only missing the fists and the hose.

    (Part list: cab, trailer, Roller, handgun, 2Xlaunchers, 3Xred rockets, 3Xtrailer rockets)



    G2 Autoroller Dirtbag 6$

    Robot only, in good shape. Transformation mechanism works fine.

    European G2 Sparkabot Sizzle 4$

    European translucent release of G1 Sizzle. Missing car hood but has stickers.



    G2 Rotorbot Leadfoot 3$

    Robot only, OK shape with stickers.

    G2 Rotorcon Ransack 5$

    Missing wings, but otherwise in fine shape. Has launcher and propeller, 3 of the 4 bars of the propeller are broken though.

    G2 Rotorcon Powerdive 8$

    In great shape with stickers. Has both tail section, launcher, and red propeller.

    G2 Rotorcon Ransack 2$

    Main body only, with cockpit.

    Beast Wars



    BW Tripredacus Ramhorn 3$

    Missing left arm, right arm and left part of chest is from a KO.

    BW Snarl 4$

    Robot in excellent shape, missing tail.

    BW Armordillo junker 0.5$ - SOLD

    Body minus head.




    RID Sideburn red version 100% complete 15$

    Excellent shape, only small paint wear on the front fender. Probably have card and instructions for him too somewhere.


    Animated Activators Ratchet with instructions 5$

    Brand new, the version that came with Animated Sunstorm.




    Armada Emergency Mini-Con team 14$

    All three members, in excellent shape.


    Classics Legends Boltflash 5$

    The Leader-1 Redeco of Thunderwing. Excellent shape, brand new.




    Cybertron Legends Optimus Prime MOC 5$

    Mint on Card, hardly ever played with.


    Cybertron Deluxe Red Alert 100% Complete with card 15$

    Cybertron Deluxe Downshift 100% Complete with card 15$ ON HOLD

    I probably have the instructions somewhere too, if needed.

    Movie and ROTF

    ROTF Two-Pack Legends Bumblebee 5$

    The special deco version of Bumblebee that came with Shadow Striker.


    Movie Deluxe Payload MOC 10$

    Excellent shape, comes with card, bubble and instructions.


    Movie Deluxe Longarm MOC 10$

    Complete with bubble, card, instructions.

    ROTF Deluxe Lockdown 15$ ON HOLD

    Complete with card and instructions.



    ROTF Deluxe Rampage loose 9$

    Complete and mint.

    ROTF Scout Ransack loose 6$

    Complete and mint

    Italian exclusive Ratchet Keychain - from an ice-cream. Free with any purchase. SOLD


    Super Gobots Bug -Bite 4$

    In average shape - has most stickers, but the left front wheel is missing, the front bumper's sides are broken off.

    Water Walk 4$ SOLD

    Excellent shape, tight joints and has all stickers.

    Vamp 1$

    Missing spoiler and one arm.

    Parts, Accessories

    For trade, or make an offer.




    -G1 Pretender Starscream shell front part only
    -G1 Skullgrin handgun (one where small peg is on left side)
    -AM Optimus Prime black dual gun SOLD
    -AM Optimus Prime orange handgun SOLD
    -AM Optimus Prime orange gun x2 SOLD
    -AM Optimus Prime orange smokestack
    -AM Sprocket rotors
    -AM Circuit wheel connector part without wheels
    -G1 Overlord right chest window
    -G1 Quickswitch right side gun (will ONLY trade it for a left side gun)
    -G1 Micromaster Anti-Aircraft Base turret x2
    -G1 Micromaster Anti-Aircraft Base left gun x2
    -G1 Micromaster Anti-Aircraft Base right gun
    -G1 Micromaster Anti-Aircraft Base drum
    -G1 Micromaster Anti-Aircraft Base radar
    -G1 Micromaster Flattop gun
    -Energon Arcee's crossbow weapon (no missile) SOLD
    -BW Optimus Primal shoulder panel
    -KO G1 Battletrap gun
    -KO G1 Blitzwing gun
    -KO G1 Dreadwind/Darkwing(?) gun in translucent blue
    -KO G1 Devastator chest/wings
    -ROTF Rampage rear leg lower part
    -Earth Cyber Planet Key SOLD
    -Lots of unknown KO/other toy parts in third picture.

    Junkers and Transformers for parts:

    See below. Make me an offer, or we can trade for other parts I can use.

    The ones listed below are Sold:
    -RID Megatron
    -RID Sideburn
    -Transmetal OP head
    -G2 Jetstorm
    -G2 Powerdive
    -G2 Zap
    -AM Inferno
    -G1 Camshaft
    -G1 Spectro
    -G1 Snare
    -G1 Deftwing














    Knockoff Transformers

    KO Menasor 1

    KO Menasor 2

    - KO G1 "Autobot" Motormaster 5$ (G1 Motormaster in Optimus Prime colors, with Menasor head, chest and pelvis plus Energon Inferno gun. Mediocre quality, one leg broken.

    KO Toys 1

    KO Toys 2

    -G2 Hero Megatron KO - 3$ (Transforms like the real one, but has a head reminiscent of Ironfist. Legs do not bend.)

    - Pachycephalosaur-Bot 3$ (From the dinosaur-TF series. Oddly enough it doesn't have the typical "dino head on chest" problem, and has a quite complex transformation.)

    - Some generic non-transformable bot 1$

    KO Toys 3

    KO Toys 4

    - KO oversized Cybertron Legends Starscream 2$ (about Scout sized, not too good plastic, loose)

    - KO Cybertron Hardtop 1$ (modded so he can combine with other scouts. very shoddy plastic and joints are different from original)

    - "Sunstreaker" tank 2$ (one of the famous KOs which all have G1 Sunstreaker's head. Tank turret is cracked, otherwise OK)

    KO Toys 5

    KO Toys 6

    - Brave Battle Dagwon KO, oversized 4$ (head was broken off, glued it back. tail part is missing)

    - Some Dagwon plane KO 2$ (missing removeable hands)

    - KO Dancoguar Bigmoth junker 1$ (missing arms and generally broken, good for parts)

    KO Toys 7

    KO Toys 8

    -"Seeeker" KO 3$ (from the same series as the Sunstreaker KOs, good shape)

    - KO Swindle 2.5$ (in Ruination colors, with gun. Very good quality KO)

    - KO Brawl 2.5$ (in Ruination colors, with gun. Very good quality KO)

    Other Toys


    Stan Winston's Realm of The Claw - Nakuru & Tare MOSC 25$ each (excellent quality figures, both mint and never opened)


    -European Exclusive New Adventures of He-Man Too-tall Hoove 30$ (In excellent shape, extending limbs work)

    -European Exclusive New Adventures of He-Man Flip-Armor Icarius 20$ (missing grapnel and wings, OK shape)

    -New ADventures of He-Man Optikk 3$ (left arm broken off, OK shape)


    -Superman TAS Darkseid 10$

    -Superman TAS Brainiac 4$ (loose, paint wear)

    -Superman TAS Steel 5$ (missing hammer)

    -Batman TAS Robin with glider 4$

    - some Robin's cape


    -Dino-Riders Kentrosaurus 5$ (good shape, some white fudge on head)

    -Dino-Riders Pteranodon 3$ (OK shape, crack on neck)


    -Gargoyles Xanatos 2$ (paint wear)

    -Gargoyles Demona 2$ (paint wear, missing tail and wings


    -Centurions Jake Rockwell Watch 14$ (rare item, watch with weapons and accessories in the shape of the Centurions toy.


    -Revell Robotech Changers 10$ (Microman Blockman's european versions, this is B1 sett missing some parts, plus lots of D-series weapons)


    Jurassic Park baby T-rex with broken leg 5$

    TMNT - transformable April O' Neil 4$ (missing tail)

    -MOTU King Randor breastplate, Diaclone Diabattles part (KO)


    -Power Rangers Red Ranger motorcycle 4$

    -Matchbox Connectables car trailer, complete 3$


    Lots of unknown parts, only ones I recognize are the Leader Shine fly, and the Mcdonalds Fries-Bot (missing head). Free with any purchase.

    My want list:

    MOST WANTED TOYS (In order of importance to me)

    -Generation 1:

    -87 and 88 Headmasters (ONLY with heads) (Hardhead, Brainstorm, Chromedome, Squeezeplay, Nightbeat)

    -'Leaders' and rarer figures: Soundwave, Jetfire, Swoop, Slag

    -'Giants': Omega Supreme, Trypticon, Fortress Maximus

    -Casettes (Need: Raindance, Sqawktalk)

    -Japanese exclusive figures (except the ones released in Europe like Overlord and the Brainmasters)

    -Autobot cars from 84-86 preferably with parts (Need: Mirage,Trailbreaker, Smokescreen)

    -88 USA-exclusive Pretenders preferably complete (Need: Finback, Sky High)

    -87 Targetmasters Triggerhappy, Slugslinger

    -85 Mail-aways: Reflector, Powerdashers, Mini-Spies

    -Generation 2:

    -Laser Rods (complete or loose - need Volt and Electro)
    -Color Changers (USA Variatons mostly)
    -Dinobot color variations

    -Beast Wars (and japanese BW):

    -Jaguar (TM Cheetor retool)
    -BW 2 Lioconvoy
    -BW 2 Gigastorm


    -Galvatron (smaller Superlink version preferably)

    -Robot Masters (Loose or MISB,no matter):

    -Skywarp/Thundercrackers two-pack

    -Cybertron (boxed or loose):

    -Wing Saber (Ultra)


    -Megatron (TWW, 6')
    -Thundercracker (TWW,'6)
    -Soundwave ('6)
    -Rodimus Prime ('6)
    -The Fallen ('6)
    -Cheetor ('6)

    -Classics/Henkei (Boxed/carded only):

    -Onslaught (Henkei)
    -Silverbolt (Henkei)
    -Roadbuster vs. Dirge
    -Hound (Henkei)
    -Smokescreen (Henkei)
    -Ratchet (Henkei)
    -Dinobot (Henkei)
    -Red Alert (Henkei)
    -Skywarp (Henkei Exclusive)
    -Menasor (Legends)

    Parts needed:


    -Optimus Prime: Roller, fistst, handgun, hose, small gun, trailer door
    -Prowl: windshield, gun, right launcher
    -Jazz: windshield
    -Sideswipe: gun
    -Sunstreaker: rockets, fists
    -Wheeljack: 1xlauncher, rockets, spoiler, wings
    -Trailbreaker: top of van, fists, 2X double rocket, radar
    -Ironhide: connector, 2Xrockets
    -Ratchet: connector, 3xrockets
    -Bumblebee: 4x tires
    -Thundercracker:2x short and 2xlong rockets
    -Skywarp: 2x short and 2xlong rockets

    -Blaster: gun
    -Perceptor: 1X 'screws', rockets, gun
    -Skids: rockets
    -Inferno: left fist
    -Hoist: 2Xrockets, 3Xdouble rockets, radar, ramps
    -Red Alert: launcher, 3x rockets
    -Roadbuster: all parts except left hip shield
    -Whirl: 4x guns
    -Grimlock: 3x rockets
    -Sludge: sword
    -Snarl: 2X rockets
    -Drill Dasher: left arm
    -Scrapper: top of cabin
    -Bonecrusher: Devastator hand+fist
    -Hook: hook of crane
    -Scavenger: Devastator hand+fist
    -Mixmaster: chrome rocket (single)
    -Long Haul: D. waist, green panel, gun
    -Chop Shop: gun, spear
    -Ransack: gun, shield
    -Venom: gun, axe
    -Dirge: rockets, landing gear
    -Ramjet: right tailfin
    -Thrust: 2x rockets
    -Spectro: left arm, gun

    -Rodimus Prime: 2x solar panels
    -Ultra Magnus: 2x rockets
    -Wreck-Gar: axe
    -Hot Rod: 1x guns, unbroken roof
    -Blurr: shield, gun
    -Kup: gun
    -Silverbolt: Superion pelvis panels, ramp
    -Fireflight: gun
    -Slingshot: gun
    -First Aid: handgun
    -Rewind: guns
    -Ramhorn: guns
    -Broadside: 1Xrocket
    -Galvatron: tube, sights
    -Trypticon: all accesories, right tower, head window
    -Motormaster: Menasor left fist
    -Drag Strip: Cannon, connector, handgun
    -Breakdown: gun
    -Razorclaw: sword, gun,
    -Rampage: Predaking fist
    -Tantrum: guns, sword
    -Headstrong: robot's red feet/rhino hips, guns, sword, Predaking feet
    -Divebomb: guns, sword, Predaking fist
    -Gnaw: right shark arm, tail, gun

    -Chromedome: Stylor, guns
    -Sureshot: Spoilsport
    -Pointblank: Peacemaker
    -Crosshairs: Pinpointer
    -Grotusque: wings, gun
    -Repugnus: gun
    -Doublecross: gun
    -Goldbug: left rear wheel
    -Scattershot: handgun, left Computron fist
    -Afterburner: handgun
    -Strafe: gun, rockets
    -Lightspeed: gun, car weapons
    -Nosecone: gun, rockets
    -Cloudraker: guns
    -Fastlane: guns, spoiler
    -Scorponok: gun, gun panel, 1Xhip ramps,Fasttrack left arm, claw guards, double guns X4, 2X antenna, grappling claws
    -Skullcruncher: gun, sword
    -Weirdwolf: gun
    -Apeface: gun
    -Misfire: Aimless
    -Sixshot: guns
    -Hun-Grr: Abominus feet and fists, handgun
    -Blot: gun
    -Pounce: guns
    -Wingspan: wings, guns

    -Slapdash: Lube, shield, front spoiler, gun
    -Siren: left smaller gun/antenna
    -Hosehead: both side guns/antennae
    -Landmine: helmet
    -Waverider: gun
    -Groundbreaker: small gun, belt, shoulder pads
    -Splashdown: small gun
    -Gunrunner: rockets
    -Grandslam: guns
    -Raindance: robot, 1x gun
    -Quickswitch: left gun (have 2x Right Guns, will trade for left gun)
    -Doubledealer: Knok, chest shield
    -Darkwing: right gun
    -Spinister: helicopter tail with rotor
    -Submarauder: gun, sword, shield
    -Iguanus: gun, belt
    -Roadgrabber: handgun
    -Snarler: shoulder pads
    -Carnivac: shoulder pads
    -Beastbox: guns
    -Snaptrap: gun
    -Nautilator: gun, stand top part

    -Pretender Bumblebee: small gun
    -Pincher: helmet, small gun
    -Doubleheader helmet, small gun
    -Longtooth: car hood, car trailer, small gun
    -Skyhammer: outer vehicle shell, robot, weapons, inner shell's visor
    -Vroom: shell, wheel, large gun, small gun
    -Crossblades: 2xsmall white guns
    -Countdown: double lasers x2, white crane arm
    -Overload: handlebar
    -Octopunch: small gun
    -Birdbrain: gun, Monstructor waist
    -Bristleback: gun
    -Icepick: gun, Monstructor foot
    -Scowl: robot, back panel, gun, Monstructor foot
    -Slog: Monstructor head, Monstructor gun
    -Wildfly: back panel, gun, Monstructor fist
    -Skystalker: Base with all parts
    -Airwave: ramp
    -Greasepit: signpost

    -AM Optimus Prime: 1x rear wheel
    -AM Over-Run: rotor
    -AM Grimlock: gun
    -AM Snarl: gun
    -AM Rad: gun
    -AM Skyfall: gun
    -AM Rollout: gun
    -Missile Transport: 1xramp, left purple gun
    -Wheel Blaze: hose upper part
    -AM Starscream: rockets, gun, landing pad
    -AM Axer: sidecar connector
    -AM Soundwave: gun, Wingthing's wings
    -Tank Transport:Transport front part, 1X cannon, ramps

    -AM Powerflash: gun
    -AM Sideswipe: left tank gun
    -AM Elite Double Punch: right scorpion legs
    -AM Elite Turbomaster: blades, 1xrotor
    -AM Bombshell: Bombshell
    -AM Thundercracker: bottom of jet

    -Flash: gun, rockets
    -Hurricane: gun, rockets
    -Leozak: gun, tail wings


    -Slag: sword
    -Snarl: sword, gun
    -Inferno: left fist, wings
    -Sideswipe: gun, rocket launcher, missile, left door
    -Pyro: 1x rockets
    -Deftwing: connector of cannon
    -Megatron (large green tank): gun, rockets, radar
    -Starscream: left fist, 2Xlaunchers, 1Xrocket, rubber nosecone, wings, horisontal tailfins, soundpack
    -Ramjet: wings, fists, rockets, launchers, soundpack
    -Clench: 4Xrockets
    -Calcar: backpack
    -Fearswoop: backpack's rockets
    -Aquablast: front of car, spoiler/gun
    -Rage: gun
    -Long Haul: gun
    -Windrazor: gun, tailfin
    -Terradive: gun

    -Volt: left leg, sword
    -Sureshot: 3x rockets
    -Sizzle (Laser Rod):sword
    -Jolt: sword
    -Vortex: 2x side guns, handgun
    -Swindle: Guns

    -Optimus Prime (Laser Rod): sword, 2xrockets, 3xdisks, laser gun
    -Firecracker: gun
    -Double Clutch: gun
    -Meanstreak: guns
    -Jetfire (Cyberjet): left tailfin, 2x missiles
    -Strafe (Cyberjet): 2x missiles
    -Dirtbag: 1x rockets
    -Roadblock: 4x rockets
    -Frenzy (Gobot):gun
    -Skyjack: 2x missiles
    -Space Case: 2x missiles


    -Seaclamp: inner robot feet (lobster tailflaps)


    Starscream (Galaxy Force,Voyager): gun/rocket

    -I'm interested in all sort of Gobots, Convertors, even Knockoff TF toys as well, naturally I prefer real TFs but if you don't have any, these'll do as well! I also

    collect Dino-Riders, Gargoyles, D&D Miniatures and Ba
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    Jun 13, 2003
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    Added G2 Laser Rod Optimus Prime (loose).
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    Jun 13, 2003
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    Update - Added Cybertron Red Alert and Downshift (MOC), Movie Longarm (MOC) and ROTF Lockdown (MOC).
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    Jun 13, 2003
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    Update - added Knockoff toys and non-transformer toys (European He-Man toys, DC toys, dino-riders and many more.)
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    Jun 13, 2003
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    Bumped up.

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