Bazaar! ROTF Bludgeon, Generations, Cybertron, Robot Heroes, etc.

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    Bazaar! Cybertron Soundwave, Gen Wheeljack MOC, ROTF Bludgeon, Robot Heroes, etc.

    Hey! Thanks for taking a peek. Please let me know if you have any questions. I have listed what I think are fair prices. I only accept PayPal... or Money Order. Buyer will pay shipping. I will ship via USPS once payment clears. Please PM me here or send e-mail to PrfktTear (at) gmail (dot) com. Looking for nice easy transaction where we both can be happy. Thanks again for your time!


    Generations Wheeljack MOC asking $15

    Bludgeon - Complete/Loose - Based on the G1 Pretender asking $15

    Soundwave - Transformers Cybertron - Complete/Loose - G1 homage/Stealth Bomber asking $20

    Dropkick (Decepticon) - Transformers Movie (2007) - Complete/Loose - tricked out pickup truck with Decepticon symbol asking $10

    Transformers Robot Heroes Movie Series (2007) loose

    Robot Heroes is the adorable, little-kid-friendly line of characters from the franchise. They're in the same scale as Star Wars Galactic Heroes and Marvel Super Hero Squad.

    Each robot is about 2" tall and constructed of pliable PVC plastic. The characters are in a super-deformed style.

    I would prefer to keep the each pair together. I'm asking $5 per pair. If you want to make an offer on the whole lot, go dof it!, make me an offer I can't refuse. All are in fine condition, displayed only. They've been stored in a ziplock bag for the last year or so.

    Autobot Jazz & Frenzy

    Bumblebee & Barricade

    Ironhide & Bonecrusher

    Protoform Jazz & Decepticon Brawl

    AllSpark Bumblebee & Starscream


    Classics 8" Lion-O MOC - $21.99 --- I originally bought two, one to open and one to display. The one I am selling has never been opened and has only been on display. The box is in fairly good shape, typical shelf wear & tear. This is from the first wave and does not have his name on the front. If you'd like a picture I will be more than happy to provide one. The figure itself looks pretty good, no major paint flaws can be seen from inside the package. I would like $25 for him.

    ThunderCats 4 inch Deluxe Action Figure - Lion-O- MOC - $15.99 - Box is in decent shape, but its been kicking around for a bit so its not exactly mint - Figure inside is in great shape, no visible paint issues.

    ThunderCats 4 inch Action Figure - WilyKit MOC -$8.49

    ThunderCats 4 inch Action Figure - WilyKat MOC -$8.49

    ThunderCats 4 inch Action Figure - Cheetara MOC -$8.49

    The Dark Knight Movie Masters
    The Dark Knight - Mattel Movie Masters 6" scale Bat-Pod by Mattel asking $15

    Hasbro Heroes

    Hulk Super Hero Squad: Abomination & Hulk Loose asking $4

    Indiana Jones Adventure Heroes: Indiana Jones & Ugha Warrior Loose asking $4

    Indiana Jones Adventure Heroes: Indiana Jones & Cairo Swordsman Loose asking $4

    Indiana Jones Adventure Heroes – Rene Belloq with the Ark and Ghost Loose asking $4
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