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    Spoiler Disclaimer
    This thread contains major spoilers for Transformers: Animated.

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    /-Table of contents-/

    Final Thoughts

    When I came to TFW2005, I was excited to find an entire website devoted to Transformers. Age of Extinction was just released and despite my disappointment in the film I was reminded of how much I loved the first and third live action films and went on a full robots binge with toy collecting and watching the movies all the time. I signed up during a rough time, I had just moved back in with my mother (which lasted around three months) and passed my free time by playing Xbox, talking to my wife (then fiancee) and drinking. One night, I was well into drinking when I spotted Transformers the cartoon on Netflix and figured "what the hell?" At some point after that intoxicated viewing I posted a thread here asking "What the hell is the point in transforming into a Jet if everyone can fly?" The first answer I got was pretty amusing but what I didn't expect was for user Metroplex79 to message me with an idea, he wanted me, a fan of the bay films who had never seen a single episode of Transformers, to write a live blog of me watching the show so the site could see my reactions and thoughts. I initially declined thinking that while it was a unique idea, no one cared what I had to say about Transformers - I knew nothing about it! Boy was I wrong. After finding myself insanely bored at my mothers and looking for a hobby besides drinking, I gave it a shot and the original thread garnered over 140,000 views with 1,000+ replies of people laughing, arguing, criticizing, complimenting and everything else under the sun. The entire thing was so fun that when I finally finished I had messages rolling in from both here and /r/Transformers insisting I continue with the blog to cover the rest of G1 and though I original said I was going to do Headmasters (thank god I dodged that bullet) I ended up going to the most requested show instead - Beast Wars.

    After I wrote Beast Wars, I moved onto Beast Machines and man was I done with it all. Writing these blogs was getting exhausting even though it was only twenty minutes a day every week day I felt like missing a day was a huge disservice and that the fans reading would be insanely pissed off (Looking back, you guys hardly noticed until about a week of inactivity has passed!). I decided that I didn't want to do it anymore and near the end of Beast Wars I stated that Beast Machines was going to be the end of my run and I think if you look back at a good few of my entries in the BW/BM era you can tell that they were rushed and that I wasn't all there for the episode. During them (and G1), I was working 50 hours a week and struggling to stay awake at work which I think contributed a lot to my memory being so poor about the show!

    However, towards the end of Beast Machines I finally made the lifestyle choice of cutting my hours back at work to 40 hours a week and adjusting my budget drastically so I could live happier (and I've been happier every day since!) so when my good friend Jetbolt wrote me suggesting that I do Animated, I immediately said no but then, a -very- short while later (the entire conversation took place in thirty minutes on this site) I wrote him back saying "Actually, I read the synopsis of the show (no spoilers) and it seems like something that could be pretty fun. Thank you for the suggestion." and then went to announce the new blog. I decided to do the blog in a newer style which, if I'm being honest, is something I regret. While it was an easier style to use, I feel that it took out a lot of what made the blogs so special, even though I was still writing them it didn't feel like me - there was a lot less cursing and a lot less insight into what I was thinking as I watched the show. Regardless, it was fun but if I could do it again, I would have stuck to the old style.

    Now, here we are, just over three months since the first episode of Animated and it looks like we're finally done. Before I do my final thoughts on the show I want to once again thank all of you for being here with me. I could have watched all of these shows alone and had a good time but watching them with you made it a great time. I'm sorry that my memory was bummed out in a lot of places and that I missed some of your favorite moments or forgot to comment on them. There have been a lot of people coming and going since the first blog and some of you have been around since the beginning, I want to make a list of people to thank for hanging out with me all this time and mention those that I miss from the original writings but that list would be long as piss and I'm at work so I really can't be bothered with that, can I? I will give a proper shout out to JLvatron for being my personal spoiler police since the very beginning, SPLIT LIP for commenting on damn near every episode I've done, grimlock king25 for being around, standing by Grimlock even at his worst and falling for my rickroll, Bass X0 for spoiling things that weren't really spoilers and sticking with me since the start - even though his first comment was this which is super ironic considering how I feel about him in Animated, moreprimeland for helping me whenever I needed it and not banning me when she had the chance back in the G1 blog for my excessive use of a certain word, Feralstorm for being a Bulk fan and always stopping by, Ikkstakk for being one of my favorite people WHO JUST DECIDED ANIMATED WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH FOR HIM TO FUCKING COMMENT ON MORE THAN LIKE TWICE, David Hingtgen for also playing spoiler police and for being around for so damn long, glinthos for helping me through hard times and sending me a physical copy of the 1986 movie for review, soundwaverulls for reminding me that Soundwave does in fact rule and for making me feel like shit and reminding me just how dark Dinobot's story was by pointing out that he was suicidal, SeanTF1967 for making me feel special by trying to get me to keep blogging and move onto Prime, Jedi Kermit for offering to help me on multiple occasions and being my fellow local Upstate South Carolina Transformers Fan, Brum Bot for being the fanboy we deserve, Boulder for being a hero with fake spoilers, spiritprime for helping monitor spoilers and checking in occasionally since Beast Wars, RADimus Prime for having their username become one of my everyday phrases for when I think somethings cool, Reask/Max Rawhide/Autovolt 127/Smitty.1981/Rodimus Primal/Zook for helping keep the Beast Wars/Beast Machines Blog so active and interesting, Single Elegant Machine for being such a damn good writer and the most loyal Megatron fan I've ever met, pitt55 for sharing my undying love for Dinobot, Negativedark for getting all of my Halo references, Spiderus Prime for breaking down the Seekers for me back in the day, BattleUpSaber for reminding me not to use logic when watching G1, G1Prowl for always being there during the original blog, Shortwave for being so damn odd before disappearing from the site forever, LeakinLubricant for having one of the best usernames on the site and contributing to the G1 blog, Wikkid for making me all warm and fuzzy inside for saying my original blog was one of the best topics on the site, Mako Crab for loving Beast Machines when a ton of people love to hate it, MatrixOfWumbo because he wumbo, me wumbo, he, she, we wumbo, wumbology! (and for showing me the awesome Sari art with Blurr :D ), Chopperface because he's fucking Chopperface, DJW107PRIME for being a loyal friend who would have stuck by me even for the worst of the worst, Pravus Prime for popping in continuously on occasion to offer usually in depth and interesting replies, PPProductions for their support and Beast Wars blog that THEY NEED TO FUCKING FINISH, Autobot Burnout for all of his contributions in Animated and having one of the most recognizable avatars on the forum - I have no idea what the avatar is of but I always know who it is as soon as I see it and for understanding my love of Waspinator, GALVATOM for being on the opposite side of the earth and still hanging out once in a blue moon, Moonscream for being around so long and always leaving her signature - I don't know why but I love that she does it, Altered Prime for posting spoilers and when being called out not acting like a big baby and apologizing then continuing to enjoy the blog (seriously, that meant a lot to me), Metroplex79 for getting the whole damn thing started and posting all of the toys in the older blogs BUT THEN FUCKING ABANDONING ME IN ANIMATED EXCEPT FOR LIKE SIX POSTS - YEAH I NOTICED YOU LITTLE SHIT, Jetbolt for convincing me to do Animated, taking beautiful photos of toys (which I didn't know was a thing) and for talking with me about what to do after the end of Animated, the 100's of people who complimented me for what I was doing and one off posters, the guy who literally made an account just to say thank you and that he signed up to comment on my post who's username I can't find and of course the like six people who are going to see this and get upset that I didn't mention them specifically because my memory is ass and to them I'm sorry, I'm happy to add an edit mentioning you.

    Damn. I wrote the whole list didn't I? Bah. You guys don't realize how much this has all meant to me. This forum has acted as a social outlet for me for nearly two years and I've met a huge variety of awesome people. Of course, I'm not up and leaving or anything but it's still got to get a little emotional, right?

    With that said, let's get our final words and ratings on Animated up and running shall we?

    When I looked up the synopsis for Transformers: Animated and saw the art style used I immediately knew I was going to have to watch it. I got flashbacks of the Teen Titans just looking at stills and a wave of nostalgia crashed over me, I had to see this show.

    I didn't expect it to be so damn good. From the very first episode I found myself latching on to the characters and I honestly can't think of one that didn't have a great personality (Dinobots excluded). Unlike the majority, I really liked the human villains and wish we could have seen more of them. The constant throwbacks and references to G1 has me crazy with nostalgia, I just watched the damn show like a year ago so why do I feel like I was watching it in the 80's with the rest of you? (spoiler:
    I was born in '92

    Throughout the series we get a level of character development that I don't think I've experienced in any other Transformers medium and yes, that includes my favorite - the Bayfilms (more on that soon).

    Where G1 provided a fun "story of the week" and Beast Wars had a constant theme, Animated was constantly introducing new and interesting scenarios that added characters that I loved and there was something unexpected around every corner. Looking back my only gripe with the show is that we never got Season 4 and that the Dinobots were such a let down for me, I'd almost say I'd rather see Season 3 Grimlock then Animated Grimlock. Almost.

    The show was set on Earth but didn't focus on humanity nearly as much as what I'm used to and that was a great thing. There was a lot less Cybertron that G1 but when we were there it was a completely different feeling and the first time I got to experience a real, living, breathing Autobot operated Cybertron which felt alive - a lot like Coruscant.

    Emotions ran wild through out various scenes and I had my heart broken multiple times with the Omega Supreme and Ratchet arc almost making me as hurt as the Dinobot one from Beast Wars (I think Dinobot's death impacted me the most across all four series, I was bummed about it for days...) Hell, I teared up when Wierd freakin' Al's character was "killed" though I got a good laugh at the end.

    All in all, the show was phenomenal and I loved every minute of it. It's absolutely a show I'm going to rewatch, likely multiple times, and it manages to accomplish something I thought no Transformers show ever would...

    It made me LIKE Starscream.

    I wish Animated could have continued and I'm going to choose to hold on to hope that one day we may get a sequel series. I'm not as up to date as most of you with Transformers ongoings and I'm sure someone will come by shortly to shit all over my parade but until then, I'm going to hope we get it. I prefer it in cartoon form but I'll take it anyway I can get it.

    Now with that said, let's go back to the Bayformer films. When I first signed up I was well aware of all the hate the Bay movies got and I never really understood it. Then I rewatched Revenge of the Fallen (or what I could stomach of it anyway...) after finishing G1 and realized that I really didn't like that movie. I was already disappointed with Age of Extinction - I hated the pixel Decepticons and Gavaltron and disliked most of the Autobots, I loved Hound but that might be a little bit of John Goodman bias there. To me, they took Dark of the Moon - one of my all time favorite films and shit all over it by killing off all of the awesome bots they introduced and even killed my favorite of them all (Ratchet) in the first 20 minutes with a fucking sniper rifle face guy.

    This left me wondering "Am I still the Bayformer Fan?" - I've touched on it before that I felt like maybe I had grown past that phase and there's no doubt that I'm a fan of far more than the Bayformer films now a days. I love (almost) every medium of Transformers (fuck headmasters) that I've come into contact with so can I really continue to call myself the Bayformer fan? Yes. Of course I can. Because it's my fucking life and you guys shouldn't judge me you little butt pirates!

    Er, I mean, of course I can. Because it's where I got my start. Just like those of you who latch onto the first Transformers medium you watched as the holy grail, I can have a sense of pride from where I started but I definitely have a deep understanding of why you view other mediums as such great projects - because they are.

    Transformers is something that is awesome. As a kid, I was never into it, I don't know why but I simply wasn't. Now, I'm a 24 year old man who cried when a character voiced by Weird Al fucking Yankovic died.

    These blogs did a lot more for me than just pass a few hours (is two years a few hours?) They brought an entire new community into my life and one that I'm going to be a part of for much more time to come.

    So before I ramble on and on and repeat things with my horrible memory, thank you for being a part of this with me and thank you for making this such an awesome experience and for making Transformers fucking awesome.

    You guys fucking rock.

    - Slayer

    Top 5 Favorite Autobots
    1. Prowl
    2. Ratchet
    3. Omega Supreme
    4. Bulkhead
    5. Wreck-gar
      Runner Up: Blurr; the dude ran across space to Cybertron!
    Top 5 Favorite Decepticons
    1. Starscream
    2. Lugnut
    3. Waspinator
    4. Scrapper
    5. Blitzwing
      Runner Up: Megatron; He's awesome but he was a head for like an entire season...
    Top 5 Favorite Episodes
    1. TransWarped (Parts 1/2/3)
    2. Five Servos of Doom
    3. S.U.V. - Society of Ultimate Villainy
    4. A Bridge Too Close (1 and 2)
    5. Garbage In, Garbage Out
      Runner Up: Nanosec; my favorite human villain and the fact that I was left wondering if he freakin' died from old age was pretty awesome.
    Favorite Seasons
    1. All of them.
    2. This is the first show that I liked all seasons equally. Each season has fantastic character reveals and developments, I couldn't pick any favorite one.
    Favorite Series
    1. Transformers Animated/G1 - Animated is my pick due to the story and character development. G1 is my pick for being a more casual, flavor of the week type show with tons of characters to love.
    2. Beast Wars
    3. Beast Machines

    Favorite Films
    1. Transformers: The Movie/Transformers: Dark of the Moon
    2. Transformers (2007)
    3. Transformers: Age of Extinction
    4. .
    5. .
    6. .
    7. .
    8. .
    9. .
    10. .
    11. .
    12. .
    13. .
    14. .
    15. .
    16. .
    17. .
    18. .
    19. .
    20. .
    21. .
    22. .
    23. .
    24. .
    25. .
    26. .
    27. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
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    |Transformers: Animated - Season One|

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|
    "Transform and Roll Out PT 1"

    Remember how I said the Animated Blog started on April 4th? I lied.

    The first thing I want to say about this show is that I am in love with the theme song. It along with the history video in the beginning of the episode immediately set me up on a nostalgia trip for an 80's TV show I finished watching last year, I can only imagine the feeling those of you who watched the original series (as it aired) felt as the remixed theme song kicked off the start of the show.

    The second thing I noticed is that the pilot seemed to have a lot of referencing to the Bayformer films. I'm not sure what year Transformers: Animated aired but certain things were definitely inspired by the live action movies or vice versa such as the bots crashing onto the earth, a chubby kid finding TronCon's head (filming the crashes in the LA film), all the robots being reverse engineered from Megatron's head and the portal on the moon that the "ark" (I'll call it for not knowing the official name) came through after the allspark opened it up, though I'm sure this one is a coincidence considering DOTM is likely much newer than this show.

    Something that confused me a bit is how Ratchet was alive during the great wars even though he died in the original series which forces me to assume that this is an alternate timeline all together.

    Speaking of Ratchet, I was happy to see some old characters popping up and I'd like to dedicate this next section to giving my first impressions on each character.

    • Optimus Prime - The idea of having an Optimus who isn't a 'hero' type right out of the gate is fresh and exciting. Also, he has his axe back which is awesome. What was up with that Spider-man move though?

    • Ratchet - I love his attitude and the fact that in this show he was around for the start of it all and survived to tell the tale.

    • Bulkhead - He has a very surfer dude type of personality and I think the model fits him well, I have a feeling he will be a favorite of mine before it's all said and done.

    • Bumblebee - Ahh, Bee. Always a sight for sore eyes though he's never been in my top 5, even in the Bay films. This version of Bumblebee seems to be unique though. His attitude reminds me of Blaster and Rattrap fused together. He's cocky and childish (when he called Megatron "Ugly") but is also a pessimist with the "We're all gonna' die" bit.

    • Prowl - This is for sure not the Prowl I know from Age of Extinction but he already seems to be the better bot. His fighting style is pretty awesome and the decoy attack reminds me of my G1 favorite Mirage. [EDIT: I had Prowl and Drift mixed up, this Prowl isn't anything like the one I remember from G1! - 3/16/16]

    • Starscream - Starscream. My single most hated character from G1. In Animated? From first impressions I'm torn. I love Tom Kenny and I love his voice and I have very mixed emotions leaving me torn on his personality. Part of me is extremely excited to have a sneaky, silver tongue bandit trying to take the lead of the Decepticon's back, the other part hates the whiny little brat already.

    • Lugnut? - I think that's his name. Not much to say about him other than he seems to be a lot like Tankor pre-Rhinox revelation.

    • Black Arachnia - She was always meant to be bad, wasn't she? Odd seeing a beast bot among regular Transformers but what was Ravage after all?

    • Blitzwing - This is -not- the Blitzwing I know. He seems to have some influence from the Mayor of Halloween Town in The Nightmare Before Christmas. I need to see more of him but so far, I'm a fan.

    • Megatron - Scary. He is big, looks awesome and sounds awesome. My only complaint? Why does he have a sword instead of his flail!? Who knows, maybe it'll grow on me. ;) 

    • Sally/Her Dad - Adorable. I didn't catch her dad's name but he seems alright too. Oh and I hope that little robot dog stays around. [EDIT: It's Sari, not Sally. Sincerely, everyone reading this blog. - 3/16/16]

    In my G1 blog, I mentioned that I had seen an episode of Transformers: Animated years ago at my mom's and never really paid attention to it. I'm 90% certain that this was the episode I saw, either that or I had a severe case of De'Ja'Vue (Spelling?)

    Some parts of the episode that I found to be entertaining included the bit where someone (Ratchet, I believe) made a comment about Prime giving speeches which is a welcome nod to Beast Wars in my opinion and also the part where we jumped 50 years into the future. Now, it's not the jump itself that interested me so much as what Sally's dad said, when he was speaking to the kids he said "The Robot Revolution starts here!" and proceeded to talk about the factory but I took it as foreshadowing of his creations going rouge or being manipulated by the Decepticons, or of course it could just be referring to the Transformers showing up soon!

    Having Teletran back is also a nice touch. :) 

    Over all, I think the episode was a great introduction to the series and it already has me eager for me. The nods to previous series' would be lost on me if I hadn't done my original two blogs and the method of posting for this one is a lot easier for me to watch, think and post with.

    One more thing though, Megatron is alive and well and still running the Decepticons. So that means Gavaltron never happened? Actually, since Starscream isn't an empty pair of shoes I think I just answered my own question.

    Thanks for reading and I really hope you guys enjoy the ride with me on my final blog for TFW2005!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|
    "Transform and Roll Out PT 2"

    Did I mention that I'm in love with the theme song for this show? Because I'm in love with the theme song for this show. When we started off, I was a little confused as to why a random cop was driving Bumblebee around and felt a little bad for him for not being able to take a bite of his burger before getting called in but then I saw the giant bug pop out of the building and suddenly remembered where we'd left off with all the Autobot's still being locked up in stasis pods.

    The cops in this episode had some really awesome gear and I was pretty surprised to see that their guns seemed to be using real bullets and not lasers as in past series but I was then quickly confused as to why they switched from blasting the abomination to washing it off with fire hoses and then blasting it with bazookas (cops have bazookas?). What exactly is the protocol for something like this in our new city? I mean, the head cop said "this is why I hate robots" which clearly means that something crazy has happened because of Isaac's work in the past.

    Speaking of the head cop whose name was said at least twice and I missed it both times, who does his voice? The wife and I both instantly recognized it but neither of us can put a face to it or even another character he's done. My brain kept feeling like it was right on the verge of remembering who else he voiced before caving.

    When the little blob of goo got into the ship waking up the Autobots I was curious as to how something that small would trigger a warning like that but I'm going to chalk it up to the nanothings and guess their circuitry sold them out to Teletran 1 who is now apparently a mobile female drone that can scan things on the fly which in my opinion is pretty dope, I also find it very considerate that she used her woman's intuition to pick out vehicle modes with the same color scheme as the bots robot form, had a guy been tasked with that job all five of our heroes would probably be the same brand of pick up truck.

    I found it interesting and silly that Bumblebee not only got the car form from the scan but also the little light that goes on the roof along with it, the little yellow bot was the star of the show in this episode for me thanks to his banter with Ratchet about missing half a something or the other, his humor ("Will I be able to breathe down here?", "Yeah, sure! ... What's Breathe?"), his immediate bond with Sari (which still sounds like Sorry to me except from her dad) and his awesome electrical weapon that reminds me of my favorite Bayformer besides Ratchet who got a whopping like eight seconds of screen time - Jolt. Another thing he said in the episode that snagged my attention was his remark about flying up into the bugs mouth like a "Decepticon" which leads me to believe we're sticking with the G1 idea that only Decepticon's have flight modes... at least until Season 3 *cough* Sky Lynx *cough* and then the classic transformation sound played when he landed in the things mouth.

    As for Sari, this girl is adorable man from her apperance to her voice to the awesome relationship she has with Sparkplug. Also, what other human is armed with a high frequency weapon like her? I have to agree with her when she called Optimus and his axe "cool" as I've been drooling over the damn thing since it first popped up again and it can turn into a freaking pole vaulting pole... What other weapon do you know of that can do that? Also, fun fact about Sari - She does the Shia scream for Bumblebee in this episode! >:]

    Seeing the bots perform their Transformations was something I've been looking forward to and I wasn't let down in the least, the attention that went into each character's transformation (minus Ratchet who hung back) was awesome and even though I'm sure it will die down as we move forward, I liked seeing the parts moving instead of a quick flash of motion.

    Bulkhead's transformation was slower and heavier than the others and his little flail weapon is pretty freaking awesome but Prowl's mask that appears is an aesthetically pleasing favorite of mine so far. That along with his move set would probably make him my favorite bot so far if he didn't have such a crummy attitude that just screams "Depthcharge".

    I also really liked how the bots were genuinely confused when surfacing on earth, thinking that the drones and cars were the active life forms. When Teletran was originally scanning and Optimus instructed her to find the forms of the locals so they could take their shape I thought it was just a writing error but then I was curious, if she would have scanned the humans instead of the vehicles would we have some Revenge of the Fallen type abomination?

    Another little bit that I noticed that I may or may not have included in the first entry is that the bots have taken to calling Optimus "Boss Bot" and "Big Bot" (I think I heard big bot in the first episode) which is just another thing that makes the show feel familiar despite being brand new, something I'm very happy they've done.

    I got a bit more insight into Ratchet in this episode and his humor, despite being a bit dry, resonates with me. His darker tone near the end also gave me some respect towards his character and helped amplify that fact that he was around during the great wars and knows that it won't be long before the Decepticon's show up to screw things up. Oh and he also used jumper cables to try and kick start Prowl which was great along with the face he made when Sari used the key thingy the Allspark gave her to bring Prowl back.

    At the end, Issac (Isaac?) had the citizens of Carbombya (I don't remember the actual name :p ) in a big meeting to thank the Autobots for their service in helping stop the bug creature. Now, if my memory serves correctly, wasn't a moment -exactly- like this one in G1? I feel like the whole episode was about them getting ready for this event or something and the bots were worried that the cons would crash the party. Unfortunately, I don't remember what season it was and if it was Rodimus or Optimus up on the stand but I think something happened either in that episode or a later one where the city ended up thanking the Decepticons and even had Megatron on camera! (I really hope I'm not making all of that up, I feel like it really happened xD)

    Lastly, it was a little odd seeing Starscream plotting something at the end of the episode instead of Megatron but then again I guess his head did pop off. When this seeker talks all I hear is the Ice King...

    Thanks for reading!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|
    "Transform and Roll Out PT 3"

    A few questions came to mind during the episode such:
    • How did Detroit get such high tech drive-thrus?
    • Why is there still regular cars with the same backed up traffic if we have robots serving our fast food?
    • Why does Starscream look like a jet with wings and everything if he doesn't scan his alt mode until this episode?

    I started off episode 3 of Animated hoping to see some Decepticon's show up on earth and I was not disappointed, even if that Decepticon was Starscream. My most hated con from G1 has some kind of voyeur cams set up on earth without detection and was stalking the Autobots and their every day heroism like some kind of creep but eventually showed up to mix things up.

    His eagerness to fight included jumping on top of all five Autobot's without a care in the world, I'm going to assume this is because he knows they were a maintenance crew but I still admire his bravery. He also killed a few human pilots by blasting their jets out of the sky, which to my knowledge, if the first time in Transformers history that this has happened.

    In fact, my only complaint about Starscream is that he seems to have inherited his G1 counterparts aim or well, the aim of every Transformer in G1, while he was trying to shoot the humans. Then again he could have just been bluffing to make a point. Also, he is either very powerful or the Autobots are very weak as he took on all five without breaking a sweat during their fight.

    Speaking of their fight, let's talk about Prowl for a second, this guy jumps into the action without a moments hesitation and leaves me questioning once again why the hell he was stationed with this crew in the first place. His awesome combat style, quick decision making and motivational speech that pulled things back together on the fly makes me think he should be leading a strike force of his own.

    Ratchet also showed his combat abilities with those magnets on his hands by grabbing Scream's feet, I imagine he would be the one out of them all to have the most experience fighting Decepticon's so seeing him go for it isn't very surprising. He also said his bit about heroes which was meaningful to me and the rest of the team.

    Bulkhead, despite being called "dumb" by some of you, did the one thing that I've always wanted an Autobot to do... He smacked the ever living shit out of a Decepticon while it stood their talking instead of acting and it turned the battle back into the Autobot's favor. I love this big green brute and he's definitely proven himself to be much smarter than old Tankor.

    Optimus showed a sign of his older incarnations as well by considering Sari's safety and telling her it was too dangerous to go with her plan, that he wasn't willing to have her harmed. I also don't know what the hell happened to Scream when that Allspark went off but it looked like Prime got the better of it.

    Oh, speaking of Prime, is every writer for Transformers so god damned determined to kill him off that these guys couldn't even wait THREE DAMN EPISODES?! WE'RE LITERALLY THREE IN AND I'VE ALREADY WATCHED PRIME DIE!

    Bee. He has a key port in his head.

    At the end of the battle, the bots were helping rebuild the city which is something you don't see in most hero vs villain types of media. I thought Bumblebee seeing the irony in them building bridges was pretty funny and left me wishing some real Transformers could help care for actual Detroit as well.

    Sari showed some great traits such as being able to come up with a plan so quickly and that she is pretty fearless despite being a kid. If I saw a massive jet transform into a robot and threaten my family, I doubt I'd be able to think very well.

    Lastly, I want to talk about Isaac. The guy is using Megatron's hand as a chair and says that the Autobot's wouldn't forgive him if they found out how he made his robot empire. How does he know who Megatron? Does he know about the Decepticons and who Starscream was? If so, why would the Autobots care? Sure, they might try to stop him from doing anything further but he's literally just a scientist that stumbled across a robot's head when he was a kid and made a better future of it...

    This backs up my theory that all those damn robots he made are going to go rouge or fall under Megatron's control in a few episodes...

    Bah, oh well.

    Thanks for reading!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "Home Is Where The Spark Is"

    This episode was very unique in the way that it was presented and it's opening with the Angry Archer "Evil Robin Hood" was very familiar to me, it made me realize that Animated reminds me a lot of another favorite show of mine from around the same time this one was airing; Teen Titans.

    Speaking of the Angry Archer, what an awesome character right? I'm a bit sad that he was taken down so easily but what would you expect from a guy with a bow facing a giant robot? He also had a bad case of dropping his money bags and then strapping them back to himself throughout the battle and escape scene (glaring animation error)!

    We also saw the accidental revival of Megatron in a way that I wasn't expecting, the recklessness of Sari. While I'm not sure how else Megatron could have been revived I think it speaks volumes of the childish actions executed by Sari who for some reason has been allowed to hold onto that key despite the powers it possesses. I'm not saying that Isaac is demonstrating bad parenting but I wouldn't give him a #1 Dad mug or anything.

    My favorite thing about this episode is the setting of it all, the autobots aren't out fighting a giant decepticon menace or plotting the destruction of the next Unicron... They're literally beating up an assembly line.

    Also, how strong is damn Bulkhead? That dude stopped the crusher with his hands and feet!

    Bumblebee is a bit of a dick in this one but comes around near the end. One scene has him falling onto his back and using his tires to ride away while in his bot mode which I believe is the first 'hybrid' move demonstrated in the animated cartoons, where a bot or con uses parts of their vehicle mode while in bot mode, kind of how Sideswipe rollerblades around in the Bayfilms.

    The highlight of the episode without a doubt however is Prowl's development. He seems to have some Hippy (Beachcomber) influence in him and it really compliments the 'ninja'/'martial arts' style the creators tried to take him in. He really doesn't care for the fame and just wants to see the way the earth works which makes me think he would have been happy to be one of the returning bots at the end of Beast Machines.

    His admiration of life, fighting style and quick thinking have placed him neatly on top of my list of favorite Autobots from Animated - for now.

    That's about it for todays log, I mean apart from me hearing the Lightsaber sound effect again from something though I couldn't pinpoint what and the recklessness of the Autobots for throwing an explosive out into the city at the end everything is covered and it seems the purpose of this entire episode was to set up future offerings such as Megatron's return.

    Oh and the final scene with Bee and Prowl was awesome. It gave me a friend/mentor vibe from the two of them.

    Happy Easter everyone! See you for episode 5 soon!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "Total Meltdown"

    Total Meltdown provided me with my first real taste of what the human villains are going to be like during my time with Animated and to be honest, I like the way it's lookin'.

    Prometheus Black becoming Meltdown isn't something I expected up until the part where the guy on the TV who looks like a richer Isaac informed the biological scientist that even the prisons wouldn't be providing him with anymore test subjects which is when a bell rang off that he was going to test on himself (though it seemed accidental) and also that there is apparently a prison in Detroit just handing out incarcerated inmates to be tested on.

    Which brings me to my next point, what the hell did a little guy like Cyrus do to end up in jail and become a mutant by the hands of Transfromer's Baxter Stockman?

    The fights in this episode were pretty awesome with Bumble getting ready to Rumble in the ring utilizing his wheels not just for evasion but flat out combat while in his robot mode but surprisingly the new fighting style isn't what stuck out to me the most, what did is the leaking lubricant from a disfigured Bumblebee that screamed out "blood", something I was pleasantly surprised to see. Also, didn't he technically cheat in the arena since Sari healed him with her key?

    Shout out to my boy Prowl for not only getting in a joke on bee casually and sharing a high five with Bulkhead but for also continuing to demonstrate his superior thinking and reflex skills by shutting down Cyrus the Colossus almost instantly when he arrived. Oh, and also for having another small mentor moment with Bumblebee.

    Bulkhead needs some recognition for not only being a freakin' tank of a bot and charging in to take on Colossus no questions asked but for also doing the exact same and grabbing Meltdown with his bare hand, but he didn't stop there, oh no, despite his hand literally being melted away, Bulkhead holds onto the gooey monster until the others find a way to contain him. Brutal. Though it never did show how his hand was fixed.

    Now let's talk about Meltdown for a second. First off, how did Isaac know he was Promethus without him outright telling him? I didn't see much of a resemblance between his two forms. Second, this guy is a very cool, unique and interesting concept and is something I wouldn't have expected to see in the Transformers universe. I'm assuming they're going to open some super villain jail to drop him in with the angry archer. Here's to hoping all the bad guys don't just show up for a single episode then become forgotten, I'd really like to see all of them jump the bots at once or form an evil league of Detroit Do-badders.

    Oh and before I go, I wanted to point out a few small things.
    • The bots were watching TV to learn about the Earth and human culture. Another 07 bayfilm reference.
    • Meltdown said "Slag", I'm pretty sure it's the first time in the show.
    • The hallways in the Sparkplug tower of Isaac's are freakin' huge to have Bumblebee driving around in them like that.

    Thanks for reading everyone! I look forward to your replies!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "Blast From The Past"

    With each episode of Transformers: Animated, I find myself more in love with the show and today's entry is no different. Maybe it's the perfect voice acting, maybe it's the animation style or maybe it's the references and homages to other series entries.

    Blast from the Past is a clear reference to Dinobot Island from G1 starting when Prowl takes Bulkhead there to try and clean up his clumsy style and concludes when the two of them take the Dinobots there to save them from being smelted down into nothing.

    The creation of the Dinobot's is also by a scientist which provides similarity to Wheeljack's original creation and even their color schemes came out the same after that prehistoric fleshy junk was ripped apart, of course Megatron had no hand in the original creation but I like the twist here and am excited to have familiar characters back.

    I do wish Swoop and Slag would have spoken but hearing Grimlock piece together his own name from TronCon's quote of "Prospects are grim locked in this prison of a lab" was an exciting thing. I'm also forced to assume that Sari's key is what forged the inside of the Dinobot's in the first place to give them a spark and slap the Autobot insignia on Grimlock's chest as we see it at the end of the episode where he nearly has a touching line of "Nature Good" before transforming to burn it all down.

    Can we also give props to the excellent police of Detroit who cleared that stand still traffic backed all the way up the highways where the Dinobot's busted out of the lab in about five seconds flat? That response time was amazing.

    When Megatron first activated the Dinobots, Grimlock (before he was Grimlock) tried to eat Isaac only for him to be saved by Optimus Prime. If Megatron plans on using Isaac to help rebuild his body, why the hell would he have Grimlock try and eat the guy? He's no use to him dead.

    In my opinion, the highlight of this episode isn't the actual appearance of the Dinobots but the continued development of Prowl who continues to show that he is a true mentor to the Autobot's and perhaps even wiser than their leader Optimus Prime when they make opposing calls on the Dinobots. Though, the super fast ninjabot wasn't fast enough to dodge getting squashed by Bulkhead even though Bumblebee did for some reason.

    All in all, today's show was a great one and I'm excited to see more of the Dinobots in the future. I feel like the creators/writers/whatever were either really big fans of Transformers or did a hell of a lot of research to get things kicked off and it's no surprise that Animated is such a big hit among so many fans. Also, shout out for the Jurassic Park gate for Dino Drive, that was just awesome.

    Thanks for reading! Have a good Sunday everyone!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "The Thrill Of The Hunt"

    Welp. Today has been dubbed experiment day and today's episode will be blogged old school live style. Enjoy! :D 

    Seven episodes in and I'm still in love with this god damn theme song.

    How nifty that it begins showing the cons right when the theme says Decepticons.

    Hello beautiful medi-bot.

    FUCKING LOL. Imagine being able to shop for human legs in a shop window.

    Minature... human... female... replica.

    This is the first time I've seen his "war wound".

    Nobody asked you to talk about it you bum.

    Beautiful bright lights.

    What the hell is that? It's like the demon car from Goosebumps... or, uh, Stephen King wrote a book about that didn't he? Shit I don't remember.

    More combo moves utilizing bot and auto forms.

    Woah, nice save Optimus.

    Oh shit, Ratchet's have a 'nam flashback.

    Waiiiiitttt a damn second.

    Is that?

    It's gotta' be...

    lol @ you're in shock at Arcee.

    Arcee and Ratchet about to get frisky on the battlefield? Dannnng, he's got a thing for amputees.

    That was a long ass flashback for the two seconds that passed in real time.

    Bee just saved your life, dingle berry you better show some damn respect.

    Why are they not questioning the black out? Yes, car guy bad but c'mon.

    To be honest Optimus, asking war vets about war stories is one of the most fucked up things you can do in my opinion.

    How is the news rolling if there is a black out?

    Ohh, the car is draining the juice.

    It's a con I bet and Ratchet knows him.

    Boomshakalaka. Called it! (even though it was pretty obvious)

    Ratchet's Cybertronian mode with the tank like treads doesn't seem to be good for speed.

    That's a pretty bad ass looking con. The Teen Titans style is really sticking out.

    What the hell just happened?

    He pinned himself down?

    I was hoping Optimus would use the oil to grind and shit instead of just slamming into a truck.

    Uh, does he have active camo or something?

    Now that I think about it, why the hell does this con have his car mode back on Cybertron?

    Wait, -this- is sniper face?

    What the fuckkkkk. Hi Lockdown!

    I guess I can't really call him a con now.

    Well he's already more bad ass in this show than he was in Age of Extinction.


    This seems like some real "Dexter"/Serial Killer shit.

    Optimus is really bitching out right now trying to defend himself from destroying Megatron.

    Well that's new. Nice cable shots. Too bad it didn't do anything for you.

    Prowl is a god damn genius.

    Tail fins? Why would he have fins? Does that just mean his ass?

    Who the fuck is the NaziCon?

    Ohh, that's uh, Blitzwing? I think. I don't remember. I haven't seen him since episode one. Also, lol @ the firetruck bit.

    Bulkhead just got bitch made. :( 

    Bee you're wasting your time. This episode is set up for you to get fucked up as well as Prowl so that only Ratchet can defeat Lockdown by over coming his fears from the war.

    Uh, except my boy Prowl just burned out on his god damn face hahaha.

    Uh-oh, Prowl's on that Donatello fight style.

    Aye, called it again.

    "You couldn't stop an oil leak" - Ooo, Oh no you didn't!

    Good charge, Ratchet. Good Charge.

    R.I.P Lockdown's face.

    Why is the hologram able to be ripped apart like paper? This seems more like a tarp to me.

    Things aren't sounding good for Arcee. =\

    Also, cool cartoony super villain tunnel in your ship Lockdown.

    Lockdown's ship looks like a shiny Pokemon at the moment.


    Is he actually begging for mercy?

    I forgot how cool Megatron looked pre-being just a head era.

    There's some pretty dark shit going down right now.

    They made it out and are in Batman Begin's skybox at the moment.

    He fried her... What the fuck dude.

    That's why he wouldn't talk about it.

    That's fucked.

    Well, Ratchet got his EMP back and some amazing fucking music is playing at the moment.

    lol @ the random car horn once they landed.

    The feels are reals for Ratchet right now.

    That's some grade A character development right there folks. Much more appreciation for Ratchet after this episode.

    Though I'm curious. Is Bulkhead still just glued to that wall or something?

    See ya' next time!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|


    Final episode on disc 1, let's get movin'.

    Who sings the theme song? The guy sounds familiar to me.

    Pretty fireworks.

    A new human villain I guess.

    You can tell cause the spiky teeth.

    Bumblebee's just messin' with this kid.

    Well, Bulkhead just fucked shit up pretty well.

    Why were their fireworks by the way?

    Those are pretty dope looking.

    Sari is all sorts of cock eyed at the moment.

    Oh no, not "ALL" the way across town.

    I think I see something that fast, mister Isaac.

    "Don't call attention to yourself" says the self driving motorcycle.

    Wow, Bumblebee literally called it right after I said it.

    Why did the human banker just say "nanosec"?

    I get it, the episode name is actually his villain name now.

    He's actually getting exhausted from using the suit, bravo to the writers for not making him a stamina god.

    That was pretty bad advice, Prowl.

    Wow, Bumblebee is really slackin' in brainpower at the moment.

    Bulkhead just saved your life fool, move!

    So this Nanosec guy sounds super familiar.

    TronCon is hard wired to the entire Detroid system I guess.

    This dude is stupid fast sometimes and then just 'pretty' fast sometimes. That suit seems a little hit or miss.

    How does Optimus or any of them know his name is Nanosec already?

    Never thought I'd see Optimus wrapped up like an AT-AT.

    That didn't last long.

    lol @ Sari's face.

    This is why you don't ignore Ratchet you fools.

    Oh god, he just ran my boy over completely.

    Woah, wait, what? Why is he so old all the sudden?

    How did they get the thrusters off? He just went right back into vehicle mode.

    Apparently he still has them attached and has some kind of a plan that I don't quite understand.

    Ohhhh he's getting slower with age, that's pretty shitty. Makes me think he's gonna' be another one and done villain.

    Are you saying he's dead, Bee?

    How does Prowl have boosters? I don't think I've seen them before.

    Here are the fireworks Bulkhead wanted to watch.

    Bee just turned into Stinger right quick.

    Now he's super grey.

    Well, he's not dead but I think his fate is worse than that to be honest.

    That ending was cute. Sari and Bee are adorable.

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "Along Came A Spider"

    Something tells me this episode might have something to do with out old Predacon girl. ;) 

    There she is in the opening song :D 

    Pumpkins! Odd seeing them in April but alright.

    Oh shit, it's a Halloween episode. That's awesome man.

    Sugar nuggets, huh?

    Hmm... Maybe Elita-1 was Black Arachnia :O DUNDUNDUN lol

    Sentinel who?

    Walking malfunctions sounds like quite the insult, at least in Transformers land.

    Actually, I'd be pretty insulted if someone called me a walking malfunction period.

    Bulkhead is a spooky ghost from the past apparently.

    lol @ Dracula Bee.

    Bulkhead actually looks pretty horrifying.

    Oh my god, a fumigation tent xD

    That's so gross.

    Yoo, why the hell is Optimus so afraid of spiders? Black Arachnia killed Elita-1 maybe?

    No Prowl or Ratchet so far this episode. All the money went to these other two bots I guess.

    No way that's Black Arachnia, it's massive and very organic.

    Woah, it just melted Sentinel.

    OK, that shield is pretty fucking badass.

    Captain America of the Autobots.

    I thought he was dead.

    I've got three.

    Bah, I was close.




    Sari is fucking adorable.

    She also sounds like that one guy from Xalion Showdown. I can't remember his name, the main monk.

    Did I ever tell you guys that I love Halloween? This episode is giving me those fall time feelings :D 

    The cloud of chemicals below Bulkhead has to smell terrible. How is Sari not dead from inhaling it?

    I love how Bee is just running all up and down Bulkhead.

    All that juice still in the Decepticon warship?

    Aw shit. I see old girls old helmet.

    His axe isn't glowing blue in this scene.

    So Elita-1 is basically Rouge as a robot?

    That's so much energon. G1 Megatron would have to call a doctor for being erect so long.

    Yoo, the cubes still explode :D 

    ... I was right, wasn't I? She's going to become fucking Black Arachnia.

    Wait, is that "Sentinel Prime"? As in the guy who shot Ironhide in the back?

    How the fuck is it his fault you shitty fuck face? You're the dick who said let's go down there!

    She's so clearly evil and they're giving her the benefit of the doubt. Honorable and stupid.

    RIP Bulkhead.

    I like how it's making the sound of a car trying to kick over.

    Don't trust her Sari...

    It's about time Prime.

    Yup. Elita-1. She absorbed Bumblebee's power.

    She still cares about him I guess. Else she would have zapped him.

    So, basically the storyline of the original Black Arachnia.

    Con with a heart of gold.

    Optimus is pretty damn fast jumping across rooftops.

    And there it is. Not surprising.

    Oh fuck, that's disgusting.

    This is actually a pretty cool origin story however.

    She wants to purge her organic half. So basically Beast Machines Megatron meets Black Arachnia meets Elita-1.


    Sari's old as fuck all the sudden.

    To be such a small old lady she has an iron grip.

    Hey! They did the Hulk and Wolverine trick!

    Damn, that blew out all of Bee's tires.

    She's gonna tell him to never call her Elita again.


    And we're back at the Pumpkin Patch with some great Halloween music.

    lmfao @ bee.

    Optimus for once, please just be honest and tell them who it is.

    Eh, close enough I guess.

    Wow. This hurts my heart man. Why does Black Arachnia always have the short end of the stick? Not to mention I've already been spoiled that she was supposed to return in Season 4 which NEVER FUCKING HAPPENED and that leaves me to assume her storyline doesn't get resolved. *sigh*

    By the way, I think it was Ikky who said I was psychic for this show so far. After this, maybe I am or maybe the writing is just predictable. Either way, I'm loving it.

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "Sound and Fury"

    In Sound and Fury we see the return of a well known and loved Transformers character, who I was actually surprised wasn't in the pilot episode, Soundwave. The origin of our old Decepticon in Animated is much different than I'm accustomed to but a welcome change that provides similarities, in my mind, to the Beast Wars style of providing bodies to sparks via the life pods, though in Animated we have sparks being provided to the bodies through the power of Sari's key which if you want to be blunt about it makes her the creator of Soundwave.

    I was happy to hear the familiarity in Soundwave's voice and as a character I enjoyed his motivation and journey to becoming self aware and also his chosen tactics for battle by attempting to ignite a robot revolution among the people of Detroit by causing all of their servant drones to go haywire with a certain frequency which I assume he must see the irony in "liberating" his robot friends who are superior to humans by making them his own slaves. Not to mention he kind of consumed all of them in an odd mutation to build his super body.

    Hell, I even liked the big baddy when he was just a dancing disco ball.

    But while we're talking about villains for this episode, let's not forget the reveal of the greatest human villain to be introduced in Transformers history - Professor Princess - who I'm fairly certain is voiced by the same actor who did either Phil or Lil DeVille the Rugrats though I've been known to be wrong in the past.

    A unicorn riding evil mastermind? Yes, please. In fact, why the hell wasn't she invited to Sari's birthday party? All the kids, including the one wearing an Optimus Prime t-shirt (I see you kid), cried about how Sari was so weird and yadda-yadda-yadda and I have a sneaking suspicion that P.P. probably has the same issue, so why not build a friendship and fight with the Autobots on top of your awesome Unicorn? I'm not giving up hope on you yet pretty in pink. Oh and I'm also a huge fan of the punk rock music Sari used to defeat her in the first place though it's ironic that she's already using the key all willy nilly again after the last episode.

    While there was a great deal of excitement in the episode surrounding the reveal of Soundwave as a character, I feel the meat of it all was seeing a definite relationship between Bulkhead and Sari considering the former is often used as a background or support character up until this point.

    The big guy cares about the girl a lot which is shown by him picking her up the Xylophone toy, which he plays admirably, and by his constant worry even though it starts with jealousy over the dancing bot initially. We also see that Sari trusts Bulkhead when she agrees to refrain from using the key on Soundwave further as he expresses concern of her overusing it and references the Dinobots, though she does continue to use it just minutes later despite their agreement.

    During the conclusion we also see Bulkhead doing something that the writers haven't given him a lot of opportunity to do so far, use his head. He announces that "It's too late for Sari" (yes, I know it's sorry, I'm being puny considering the situation) and then gives her a wink before smashing Soundwave into smithereens. This act alone shows that Bulkhead is capable of thinking on his feet without direct influence from the rest of the team since he and Sari are the only two down in the tunnel when he deceives a Decepticon. He was even convincing enough to even have Sari thinking he had turned on her and that's commitment.

    Overall, the focus on development for Bulkhead was the highlight of this episode for me even if one of my old favorites did show up while being executed near perfectly to how I would expect him to be in the current style, not to mention his transformation was actually shown and not a quick spin animation (which I don't mind unlike a certain reader). This makes Sound and Fury one of my favorite episodes to date, tack this on with the Dinobot and Black Arachnia origin episodes and we have a good sting of highlights going.

    Oh, also Ratchet was cheering for the piƱata to be destroyed proving the old bot is capable of having fun. Odd.

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "Lost and Found"

    Lost and Found started with a scene that provides a stark reminder of scenes we saw in Dark of the Moon and then proceeds to give a proper introduction to two more of the main cast, Lugnut and Blitzwing, and boy are they awesome.

    The Autobots are all messing around on Earth (Detroit has downtime?) playing some hockey which left me with the same humored confusion as when they played Basketball with Spike back in G1. Sari still isn't listening to Ratchet about her key and just when they're about to give her a life lesson in listening, our Decepticon overlords come crashing down from up above in a Dragonball Z Nappa and Raditz style arrival.

    When the duo first touchdown I really liked the way they interacted with the planet and it's inhabitants such as thinking that the crane with the wrecking ball was an Autobot and basically just beating up things that they don't understand.

    However, things (and the music) really picked up when the Autobots encounter the new foes and the first fight breaks out. It doesn't take long to establish that Lugnut and Blitzwing are legitimate, formidable opponents in combat and much like Starscream before them they go about holding their own while outnumbered while also doing some serious damage. I mean, Lugnut uses a super saiyan version of Randal's ground slam and buries his comrade and himself. "How many times do I have to tell you!? Give me some warning before you use the punch!"

    In my original blog, Blitzwing didn't make my top 5 Decepticons though he was quite close (I preferred Astrotrain overall). In Animated however, he's currently holding the top spot despite little competition. The thing that made me like him so much was the argument he had with himself over taking the tank or jet as his battle form before having the insane shadow side of him decide to take on both. His insanity and just absolutely brutal power plant him firmly at the top of my list... for now.

    Now, let's talk about the Autobots in this episode for just a minute. Bumblebee and Sari are best friends, yeah? That was established in the first few episodes and the two are supposed to be very close. If this is the case, how come Bumblebee thought Sari was a "big girl" and would be able to handle her friends leaving the planet while Bulkhead knew what her true reaction would be without a second thought? It seems to me that Bumblebee needs to do a little less thinking of himself and that Bulkhead is a genuine friend in the long run.

    Then we've got the medibot. Ratchet. A crude, angry old jerk face who was on the course of making me dislike him as a whole until Sari summoned the hologram of Megatron or whatever it was (that thing was actually pretty scary) and made the rusted bucket of bolts come clean about his feelings towards her. This tugged at my heartstrings like a mother fucker but once again proved that the writers are more than capable of adding an extra layer to these characters - all of them.

    The entire underwater battle was awesome and I really like the visualization of Lugnut's mind throughout the episode, it was cool to be able to see what he saw and hear what he heard while everyone else thought the brute was just going insane.

    During the fight, the lighting on Blitzwing's face when he proceeds to unleash a barrage of absolute hell on the Autobot's was a small detail I've never seen in a Transformers show before and it made him seem absolutely menacing, not to mention he wrecked their shit and could have likely finished them off had Ratchet not gotten the Ark's weapons back online (which played the classic Transformation sound when activating).

    As we were winding down to a close and Bumblebee asked for freakin' spinners, it was cute to see Sari's face replicate Ratchet's as best she could when criticizing and declining him. This made it seem like Sari was on the road to maturing while Bee is still stuck as the kid of the show... despite their being an actual kid!

    All in all this was a great episode and the action was unbelievable, some of the best I've seen in an animated show. Blitzwing was brutal and unforgiving. When Starscream showed up at the end, I could only imagine how much trouble they'd all be in if Blitz wasn't absolutely batshit insane.

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "Survival Of The Fittest"

    A few episodes ago, I mentioned that I hoped the show would have some recurring human villains and "Survival of the Fittest" met that request with the return of Prometheus Black and Colossus Rhodes.

    I was quite confused when Swoop appeared to snatch up Sari (what little girl opens their massive window in the middle of the night when they hear a noise?) and takes off with her before Isaac, who was bringing her cookies and milk after she had laid down to go to sleep for the night, discovered her missing.

    This episode also brought the spotlight onto Captain Fanzone and showed his ingenuity and extreme sense of hearing by following up on Bulkhead and Prowl to discover what they had done with the Dinobot's. How good is this guys hearing that he picks up what they're saying loud and clear but the three Autobot's directly behind him hear nothing?

    The phone gag where he was trying to answer the incoming call and put the officer on hold had me cheesin' hard and I just kept waiting for the "This is why I hate machines!" which eventually came though I had predicted that the interference on his phone was going to be the product of a nearby Decepticon, that, sadly, was never revealed to be the truth before the phone was tossed into the ocean.

    On the island, I was excited to see the Dinobots again and loved hearing Grimlock's Jurassic Park style T-Rex sounds while Captain Fanzone freaked the hell out and begged for help while Prowl and Bulkhead engaged them. Props to Bulkhead's aim for knocking Swoop square in the jaw with that tree and props to Prowl for being able to drive down a dead tree at a 90 degree angle while having a passenger on top.

    Speaking of Bulkhead, quick question, does he have the same voice actor as Patrick Star from Spongebob? I was noticing similarities during last nights episode and jotted it down to ask you guys and girls. I don't want to look it up myself in case of spoilers.

    Going back to Meltdown, I think his reappearance was a good follow up and it was interesting to see what he and Colossus Rhodes had been up to following their introduction episode though I was left with one question, how the hell did they escape capture?

    Meltdown was also very excited about his platform shoes (boogie woogie?) and was called a 'fruit cake' by the captain...

    The idea of the evil duo aiming to create a shapeshifting human initially hit me as them wanting to build a man made Transformers, which in my mind, is just a robot like Soundwave was initially and confused me as to why he needed Sari for the project. But then I realized he meant a more Mystique type deal which if the experiment was successful, could have actually worked to the good guys favor so long as Sari retained her personality. She could have been much more useful in fights against the Decepticons and even disguised herself as one of them though I doubt she would have made those kids at her birthday party think she was any less weird.

    While it was great to see the Dinobots again including all of their alt modes and awesome flaming weapons (Swoop's flail is probably my favorite and reminds me of Megatron's in G1), the show was stolen in my mind by the Captain himself, Fanzone.

    Not only did he show his detective skills as previously mentioned but he also had good comedic relief, showed his skill and power by smashing those mutant creeps without hesitation and revealed that despite his grouchy old man hatred of machines, he has a heart of gold and wants to defend the Dinobots right to stay on the island... so long as they aren't in his city.

    "Survival of the Fittest" is another good episode and continues the streak as there hasn't been a single one that I've disliked in Animated so far. It's good to see continuity though it did bring in the question of how our villains were there in the first place...

    Oh, one last thing, the Autobot's teaching Sari ninja moves and Bulkhead giving her sympathy pains was adorable.

    Thanks for reading everyone!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|


    As soon as I saw the episode title I thought to myself "Well, this is going to be the first bad episode..." and boy was I right.

    Henry Masterson is one of the most cringey characters I've ever encountered in a cartoon and his stupid 'nerd lingo' had me checking the time on my blu-ray player every thirty seconds to a minute to see how much longer I had to deal with this crap.

    The only redeeming factors about this episode is literally ANY scene that didn't have that purple haired nuisance in it.

    Bulkhead saw a bit more character development and his head was used as a bowling ball which was pretty funny. Though not as funny as the line(s), "Where's the fire extinguisher?!" "ATTACHED TO PRIME!"

    Also, I'm 100% positive that our old friend Daniel Witwickey (sp?) made an appearance in this episode as the kid crying when that falling car crushed the reporter bot and Bulkhead tried to comfort him, which was a cool easter egg along with yet another Rock'em Sock'em Robots reference in Transformers.

    Despite these cool easter eggs, Bulkhead's development and the comedy of Bee taking care of Bulkhead - this episode sucked.

    Why did they bring Sari to the fight? Why didn't Ratchet do much of anything during the fight? How did they have time to build that bot while the core was overloading yet couldn't catch cringemaster and why isn't that bot now radioactive while on display to the general public?

    If it's any consolation, the outro with the painting of the team was pretty feelsy and cool. But other than that, there's literally nothing else I can say about this episode. So, uh, there it is.

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "Nature Calls"

    As soon as I saw the mining drones at the beginning of this episode, I called out that it was going to be the introduction of the Constructicons and Devastator. While I wasn't quite right, the ending hinted that I was heading in the right direction to see another favorite return from G1 - but I'm getting ahead of myself.

    Nature Calls was unique in a few ways, for one, it focused primarily on Prowl, Bumblebee and Sari while leaving Ratchet and Bulkhead out of the episode entirely and Prime at base. Second, it takes places almost exclusively in the wilderness during our heroes botched camping trip that leads to them stumbling across some barnacle monster that turns Transformers into zombies who only show their true side when screaming in pain. Seriously, Prowl took a beating this episode.

    The barnacle monster had a very cool design that gave me flashbacks of Ben 10 and the various monsters they fought on that show. It also provided a break from the Decepticon (kinda) and Human villains that are a staple of Animated, it was also the subject of one of the better lines (there were plenty this time around), "You got anything that ugly back on Cybertron?" ,"Yeah! But Bulkhead's back at the plant."

    Speaking of great lines in the show, I'm almost certain that if I would have watched this as a kid (I was 15ish when the show aired so I likely would have caught it then as well) I would have missed the anal smuggling joke by Bumblebee - "Where do you even find room for this junk!?", "Heh, I'd rather not say..."

    To touch on the three main characters of this episode and what we learned about them, Sari is resourceful and willing to use a snowball as a weapon against a giant barnacle monster, Bumblebee proves once again that he's dimmer than Bulkhead by sealing Sari and himself in the mine shaft with Prowl and by speeding through said shaft before Prowl turned which showcases his recklessness and lack of careful thinking which is further backed up by the "good idea!' call on the headlights which lead to them crashing almost immediately, Prowl continues to be the sharpest of the Autobots and even showed off his awesome back burners that had some high quality animation and I learned that he can make his hologram talk while he is in vehicle mode which is a very useful skill to have.

    Speaking of super great animation, the running water of the river that the original Barnacle monster fell into looked great from the overhead view - high quality stuff!

    In the end, Sari gets to be the hero of this episode. With the help of her key and quick thinking, she uses the scolding hot water to burn the barnacles off of two robot zombies and in my opinion, that's pretty rad for a little girl to handle - even if she did get a cold right after.

    As the show drew to a close we see Isaac continuing to be a pawn of the Decepticon mastermind Megatron. He shows up to find the barnacle monster by the river with a Decepticon logo clearly printed on the plate but since he still has no idea that purple = bad, he's super stoked to find it and ready to put it to work which gives me hope that we will someday soon see our highlighter colored Constructicons!

    Thanks for reading!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "Megatron Rising Part 1"

    So, I completely missed the point of yesterdays episode while I was caught up in hope for the rise of the Constructicons, I completely missed the rise of Megatron and the fact that the barnacles were infecting our glorious leaders beaten and broken body.

    Early off we see Megatron showing his true colors to Isaac though the scientist somehow doesn't catch on to the darker motives despite the menacing voice and words, Isaac can build machines just fine but when it comes to basic comprehension of details this man is severely lacking.

    Frustrated by the series of unfortunate stalls, Megatron reaches out to his most faithful servant Lugnut once more and as we cut to him we see that Starscream, Blitzwing and he have been doing a whole bunch of nothing out in the middle of the woods, outside of stealing each others parts and fighting that is. It was refreshing to see some comedic relief between a team consisting solely of Decepticons as Starscream confuses Lugnut's loyalty to Megatron for loyalty to himself. It should also be noted that the visualization of Lugnut's mental images has changed since the last time (I'm not sure which one I like more) and Starscream is back to being a nagging nancy.

    Optimus Prime had me feeling a wide range of emotions this episode from frustration and anger to pity and sympathy. While he was being quite the asshole and making just horrible decisions, further into the show I could connect with him and see why he had said or done something even if it turned out ill in the end. The biggest issue I had was him wanting to take Sari's key, which is ironically something I questioned in one of the earlier episodes (Why trust a kid with something that important?), but I feel like Sari has proved herself more than capable especially with her sole acts to save Prowl and Bumblebee in "Nature Calls". In all honesty, this episode feels like the biggest development of Optimus Prime's character since the show started and it made me draw a lot of connections between him and our old Ape friend, Optimus Primal. He showed that while he is the leader of our group, he doesn't always know how to do his job well and he admits it openly while questioning himself and that's something I can respect, the fact that Ratchet - a war veteran - referred to him as "Sir" in this episode shows that he feels the same way.

    On the other end of the spectrum, a lot of insubordination within the team occurs this episode with the revelation of Prowl and Bulkhead's saving of the Dinobots finally coming to light and Bumblebee's outright dismissal of Prime's instruction on multiple occasions. I'm looking forward to how this topic will be touched on in part 2 but I expect fully that our team will come together in the end and learn to work on themselves to strengthen the group as a whole.

    The Decepticon group showed once again that unlike G1, they are a force to be reckoned with and that they hold a lot of raw power. Blitzwing has no problems finding Ratchet and immediately knew he had the key. The assault took no more than thirty seconds and included Lugnut's signature punch of doom which had absolutely stunning animation surrounding it. Simulataniously, while all of this is going down Starscream continues to show that behind the coward's facade is a truly conniving and ruthless con who aims to eliminate Megatron with his bare hands while the former leader is nothing but a head - however, the glorious leader is unfortunately saved by the arrival of our dim witted friend Bumblebee and something that I'm sure was filled with selfish intentions happens - Megatron returns the favor.

    In G1, we would sometimes see the Decepticons and Autobots work together for a common goal though it never lasted long before the group were back at each others throats and I think that's something we're seeing here with the common goal being the elimination of Starscream between Bumblebee and Megatron. While Bee's attacks did literally nothing to Starscream, they stalled him from eliminating Megatron and in return to that favor while also sealing the fate of his resurrection, Megatron launches Starscream (and Bee) from the building which quite possibly saved Bumblebee's life and even caused the yellow bot to think he has a Guardian Angel of sorts by commenting, "Woah, somebody down there likes me!"

    We also see a real distaste of humanity from the Decepticons as Lugnut openly refers to Isaac as a "disgusting human" while working to bring back Megatron, a task that Blitzwing happily helps with which I believe shows his loyalty as well, despite a few screws clearly being loose.

    The show came to a close with a very intimidating looking Megatron erupting from the tower with his classic canon in it's full glory hanging from his arm and is the perfect cliffhanger for part 2. Meanwhile, Black Arachnia is still hanging out with a kid... not a whole lot going on there.

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "Megatron Rising Part 2"

    We start off part 2 of our Season One finale right where we left off, supreme leader Megatron is hovering over Detroit with a menacing new look and duel wielding an awesome pair of swords ready to cause some chaos. The action doesn't take long to pick up and the leader of the Decepticons quickly asserts his dominance and greater power over the Autobots by making light work of their strongest member Bulkhead. He then proceeds to not break a sweat (yes, I know he can't sweat) while taking on Prowl as Optimus uses one of Bumblebee's tricks to save some kids before throwing his mask on to go into the fight.

    While the Autobots are getting slaughtered, Blitzwing is desperate to help but Lugnut stops him. To me, this furthers the thought that Blitzwing truly is loyal to Megatron and the Decepticon cause despite TronCon's distrust of him when the two of them landed on Earth but then again, I suppose you can be more trusting of your split personality minion when you have the power to crush him if he steps out of line.

    Simultaneously, while all of this is happening, we see Starscream debating helping the Autobots to defeat Megatron which is something I really wanted to happen. It's something that could have put Starscream at the top of my list for Animated and would have been quite the redeeming factor even though his intentions were ill - considering my extreme dislike of G1 Starscream, this is quite the feature. However, it's not meant to be as Megatron comes out on top and then proceeds to light up our con artist friend, which is something I enjoyed despite liking Animated's Starscream. Then he transformers into a helicopter which makes no sense since he never scanned something for his alt mode.

    Isaac finally comes clean to the Autobots and they have rather reasonable reactions to the news, some like Bulkhead are angry while others like Prime claim the admission doesn't mean anything now and they have more pressing matters. We also see Optimus outright admitting he was out of line and apologizing to all of his friends. Please note that I said friends and not soldiers, not a unit, Optimus sees that these other Autobots are his friends first and that really stuck with me. My admiration for the leader bot shot up drastically and immediately separated him from the bad leadership group I associate Rodimus Prime and Optimus Primal with.

    Ratchet being alone at the bottom of the ocean with a single hand is pretty scary, I can't really explain it so I'll assume it's just an over reaction but I felt like I was watching a thriller of sorts seeing him down there and I kept expecting TronCon to bust in the back door and execute him while he had no help. Instead, I got Sari leading Black Arachnia in circles and then biting her which somehow actually hurt the old spider. Maybe it's her organic form but more than likely she's just a wimp. Kudos to Sari for making me think she had sold out her team only to prove that I, just like the Autobots, should have trusted her.

    Once Ratchet is airborne with Sari and she gives him a piece of her mind on losing the key we are able to see that this generation of Decepticons have greatly improved aim over their G1 counter parts, their missiles and blaster shots connecting with the ARK with ease though I assume they don't go for a killshot because of the valuable Allspark cargo on board.

    After the Autobot's fail to exit Earth's atmosphere, a face off occurs between different members of the team. The satisfaction of seeing Bulkhead reverse Lugnut's punch with a split second decision is so unbelievably satisfying and shows that these little miner bots are more than capable of handling Decepticons. Then after we witness their strength, we get to see their wit with Ratchet and Bumblebee crossing streams Ghostbusters style to bring down Blitzwing and then under Prowl's suggestion take advantage of nutbot's bi-polar disorder to literally have him defeat himself. Also, I'm not 100% on this, but I think Bumblebee referred to Blitzwing as a "she" and this was before they were taunting him - am I missing something here?

    Back on the Ark, Sari tries to convince the Allspark to give her some help and frustrated asks "Why'd you even choose me in the first place!?" prompting it to show, what I think, was a strand of DNA. I'll assume that's something way deeper than I need to get into right now and take it at face value.

    Megatron shows up and has an epic transformation sequence once again proving one of my readers who said it was all spinning transformations wrong (<3) and putting viewers in awe of his just absolute badassness. He steals the Allspark only for Isaac, of all people, to be useful and stop him with his knowledge of Megatron's inner workings and then this line is said by Optimus Prime - "You want power!?" - before he proceeds to detonate the Allspark in his chest by using the key. Ladies and Gentleman, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't expecting that line to be immediately followed by the loud proclamation of "YOU'VE GOT THE TOUCH!" and then a sick guitar lick while Megatron exploded DBZ style in the canyon. Needless to say, I was disappointed.

    In the end, Optimus does the right thing and continues to redeem himself from the last episode by returning the key to Sari, trusting her with the ultimate energon tool while a defeated Megatron holds a terrified and erratically breathing Isaac claiming that their fates are intertwined once more.

    This episode was the perfect conclusion to Season One of Animated and I wasn't even aware that it was. The two parter was a fantastic introduction to destruction (Megatron) and leaves me excited to see where we will be going when we step into Season Two.

    Thanks for reading!
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    |Transformers: Animated - Season Two|

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "The Elite Guard"

    The Elite Guard was one of the most frustrating and pleasant episodes I've ever reviewed for one of my blogs and I'm going to tell you why.

    Let's start with the good - Jazz. I've don't know that I've ever been this excited to see a returning character show up in any series, his model looked absolutely astonishing while keeping true to the G1 roots and the guy fought with freakin' energon nunchucks. That alongside with the fact that from the start he was interested in Earth and humanity and never judged the Autobots based there made him the star of the show for me. His fighting style was fantastic putting him right along side Prowl in my book of sick ninja robots. He even steps in to help infiltrate the factory with Sari, Optimus and Prowl with no questions asked and without waiting for confirmation from his commander in chief, Ultra Magnus.

    Now let's get to the bad - Sentinel Prime. This dude is a dick. A shitfuck. A stupid asshole. An arrogant piece of crap. A... if I write down what I'm thinking, I might get banned so I think I'll hold off for a while.

    The minute I saw his stupid blue face I knew he was going to be a headache for the entire episode and that's the only regard he didn't let me down in, in fact, it makes me so irritated to even talk about him that even now at 6 AM I have a burning in my head that is screaming out "Go choke a robot"!

    With that said, I don't think I'll even bother giving him the satisfaction of discussing the character anymore. Congratulations, Sentinel Prime, after your performance in Dark of the Moon and Animated (as different as you may be) you are officially my most disliked Transformer, surpassing G1 Starscream. Keep in mind I said Transformer, the Quintesson's aren't out of the woods yet.

    Throughout the episode we get to see a lot of our main cast standing up to the elite guard, even getting angry and directly disobeying them. My favorite of these instances is when Optimus Prime basically tells you-know-who to shove his orders up his ass before cutting Sari free to find a shard of the Allspark.

    We also see Professor Isaac locked up in Megatron's lab in a cage, what a funny little role reversal that is, eh?

    Sari is also put in charge of her fathers company before being removed after it's discovered that she has no official documentation regarding her status or birth which leads me to believe a few different scenarios. The chairman of the board is going to be our next human villain and trashed Sari's stuff, Isaac is a child smuggler or the most likely case, Sari is a creation of Isaac and isn't really a normal child - which explains why all the other kids think she's so weird.

    Looking over my notes I don't have much more to say about the episode. In fact, about 30% of all my notes are happiness I found when you-know-who got smacked down by Grimlock or drove off an incomplete bridge, or was told by Ultra Magnus that he could learn some loyalty.

    Speaking of Ultra Magnus, that guy is awesome. I wish I could summon lightning storms with a warhammer. By far the coolest weapon I've seen used in Transformers and I hope to see it crack some skulls.

    I was really hoping this episode would conclude with Jazz being assigned to stay on Earth and help Optimus' crew as a sort of ambassador from the Elite Guard but unfortunately, that didn't happen. Oh well, there's always tomorrow's episode.

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "The Return of The Headmaster"

    When I saw the title of today's episode my first thought was that I was going to hate it but surprisingly this wasn't the case at all. Cringemaster returned with his abnormally large shoulders and his stupid geek lingo has me feeling as uncomfortable as ever, along with that fact that he was -way- too excited about taking over a little girls bedroom but overall his character played a more interesting role this time around and the "I have no idea what that means" line from Optimus during their final confrontation was a funny way to poke fun at the ridiculousness of how HM speaks.

    However, if the episode would have just been about the return of Headmaster and his reemployment with Sumdac Industries it would have fallen a bit flat but thankfully we had a huge amount of development with Sentinel Prime's character and his relationship with Optimus Prime which started out absolutely frustrating but grew more and more humorous as time went on including the hilarious laugh Optimus has when he finds that little blue head rolling around and the satisfying field goal kick Optimus pulled to bring down Headmaster at the end.

    I think the way Powell bailed Headmaster out of his arrest was pretty lame but also a creative way to preserve the character as we watch this once good intending manufacture become this evil corrupt the world type corporation, the line about the Autobots not having any rights pulled at my heart strings a little bit but absolutely no where near as much as when Sari broke down to Bulkhead and Bumblebee - Hell, Bee even said something really solid that made me like him even more. This was of course only after Mentor Prowl showed up to offer some wise words as opposed to the previous tactics of blasting screamo in the poor girls ears at every turn, which reminds me, that type of music was huge when this show was airing and has pretty much died (or maybe I've just gotten older). Dubstep, anyone? No? That's my point.

    I actually ended up enjoying the entire episode and really liked how Optimus took the high road and defended Sentinel earning a thanks and handshake from the bastard. I'm calling him a bastard because to catch up on my schedule I went ahead and watched "Mission Accomplished" today as well which I will be posting about in the morning and while I won't spoil my thoughts on it right away I will say that most of the respect I earned for SP this time around pretty much diminished again, though not back down to that level - and that a certain character I never thought would be in Animated (but was on my list of want-to-sees) popped up in the very beginning and put a huge smile on my face.

    So to wrap up I'm looking at my notes and seeing a few things that didn't really fit anywhere else such as it being messed up that Sparkplug and Tutorbot were forced to stay at the tower only to be turned into drones, "Professor Bulkhead" and Bumblebee touching on my theories of why there isn't any proof of Sari's birth, the music during the fight with Headmaster and Optimus Prime being pretty awesome, how awesome it was for Prime to break check Sentinel's face into the windshield and lastly - who does Powell's voice and who have they voiced from OTHER shows? I would look it up myself but fear spoilers but I -know- I know the guys voice.

    Thanks for reading and I'll catch you all tomorrow morning with another update! Stay awesome!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "Mission Accomplished"

    Ironhide. The opening moments of this episode disproved my theory that we wouldn't see our old friend due to Bulkhead having a similar role in the show and the fact that he was originally Ironhide in the Japanese version of the show (so I've been told). Seeing him on the screen but a huge smile on my face and made me realize that in animated, no bot is off limits of coming back. His appearance also made the off world conflict between the Decepticons and Autobots come much closer to the front of my mind, up until this point I hadn't really considered that Decepticon uprisings and terrorist acts were happening off of Earth since the show never put it so strongly in my face.

    Also in the opening moments of the show, Sentinel Prime managed to make me lose all respect I had gained for him in the previous episode as he came out just as rude and hateful as ever. Hell he complimented Optimus' team by saying they had become "vital parts of the war" and then insulted them by calling them repair grunts in the span of roughly five seconds. Surprisingly, Ultra Magnus also felt villainous and dirty at the beginning of the episode, I got the impression that the entire Elite Guard was some corrupt force hell bent on pushing their authority - excluding Jazz of course, he's one awesome bot and even played the voice of reason again a bit later.

    When Starscream showed up I couldn't stop cheesin' at his "I'm too young to be offline!" attitude and the fact that he thought a garbage barge could be the afterlife for a Transformer. Of course, thinking back now, that's pretty suitable since they're machines - as sentient as they may be - they probably do wind up in the garbage pile most of the time. My formerly most hated Decepticon then continued to climb his way up my list of all time favorites by having the biggest bolts of any con known to man when he outright challenged Megatron and went in guns blazing, then we got the reveal of him being immortal and assassination attempt after assassination attempt just kept coming and I loved every second of it. The fact that he isn't kissing Megatron's ass and is very open in his distaste for the current leadership arrangement is probably why I like him so much, of course, Tom Kenny helps too.

    Fanzone also got a lot of love from me this episode, seeing him on a swing while listening to Sari's bargaining demands and then having it snap on him was hilarious and helped perfectly cover the darker tone surrounding the situation - this little girls father is missing and she's having some sort of existential crisis and for a kids show, hell, for an adults show, that's pretty fucked up - "This is why I hate kids..."

    Going back to the topic of the off world conflict seeming much bigger, this was further amplified when Megatron called out to his fellow Decepticons Optimus Prime 2007 movie style basically saying "I am alive, rise up, fight" after openly stating to his crew on Earth that they needed strategy, not random acts of terrorism. Of course, he wouldn't have been able to send this message at all if Lugnut and Blitzwing didn't steal the fancy pants thing-a-majig I can't remember the name of which in during their execution I realized a major flaw in the Autobot shielding system - the force field isn't a full 360 orb leaving a wide open space for anyone with a shovel...

    I thought for sure we were going to see a full on engagement between the Autobots and Decepticons in this episode but instead we get to see something that I'm still adjusting too, Optimus Prime and two members of the Elite Guard -STRUGGLING- to bring down a single Decepticon. I will admit that during this sequence, Sentinel managed to creep his way back up my like meter just a bit when he used his awesome shield successfully to aid the team and I was a bit disappointed that despite having amazing fighting skills and energon nunchucks, Jazz didn't get to do much damage or offer much help in the fight which is the opposite of how it usually goes with Prowl. Of course, that isn't as bad as Ultra Magnus trying to golf swing a rigged All Spark fragment from a train full of civilians...

    I also really liked how Optimus took charge in the moment and started barking reasonable and level headed orders to the team, I -really- -REALLY- liked how he shut down Sentinel and even got in a burn, "That's right, you've never seen one up close. THAT is a Decepticon." So, so, satisfying though my favorite line of the show is from Starscream when Megatron calls out his name and he promptly replies, "Sorry, you must have me confused with some other harrier jet".

    As disappointed as I was that Megatron, Blitzwing and Lugnut didn't drop in to greet Ultra Magnus and his crew, I guess I'm happy they didn't since he got easily handled by Starscream (why didn't you just use the hammer of storms fool!?). Ultimately, as the Autobots carried the fallen Starscream on their roofs (A+ shipping method) and Ultra Magnus proceeded to grant the Earthbots the ability to stay behind and continue combating Decepticons on the planet, I realized that I really enjoyed the episode a lot. UM even gave them a bunch of stasis cuffs so they can play cop with Fanzone when locking up giant evil bad guy robots!

    Lastly, Megatron mentioned something about contacting his double agent on Cybertron. I smell Shockwave. Of course, I've been wrong before.

    See ya' tomorrow everybody!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "Garbage In, Garbage Out"

    Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong!

    I am Wreck-Gar! I am only good for one thing... GARBAGE!

    This episode saw the revival of one of my favorite character in Transformers history and one of the only bots I enjoyed post Season 2. It also brought back the first human villain introduced in the show, The Angry Archer.

    We also saw some solid development for Ratchet's character and his anger issues/people skills but looking at my notes they are almost entirely quotes by Wreck-gar.

    Oh and also a confused bit I scribbled down when Spike and Carly popped up, mainly, I'm confused as hell about Carly being pregnant when Daniel has already appeared in the show unless of course this is child number 2... When do we get to see him/her!?!

    I also wrote down that Lugnut had an awesome Warhammer now, Fanzone ordered a civilian to stop harassing an Autobot, Optimus was a trash truck, Lugnut stood up for Wreck-gar and didn't freak out on him when he high fived him for accidental detonation and that Ratchet has an awesome animation when getting into action near the end of the episode.

    But absolutely none of that matters when Wreck-gar is running about the entire episode being hilarious and nearly making me cry when he exploded after using his cat in the hat vaccuum to clean up the microbots - seriously, I wanted to cry until it showed him at the bottom of the ocean at which point I was super happy and laughing again.

    See you all tomorrow!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|


    Blurr. It has to be him. There isn't a single doubt in my mind that the entire purpose of today's episode was to set up a mystery that will precede the reveal of Blurr as the blue race car. He's fresh on my mind after mentioning him just yesterday and when I read the title of the episode I had a gut feeling it was going to be him and then not even Blitzwing could find the Allspark fragment, it was moving too fast for him to find.

    Imagine my disappointment when Sari finds the fragment in Master Disaster's remote instead of the car (which she refereed to as "him") and then finding out it was a remote control for Transformers. Now imagine my surprise when the blue bolt jumped off the bridge to help save Bumblebee. A super fast and slick blue car... If it isn't Blurr, I don't know what I'll do but I have a strong feeling I don't have to worry about that.

    Assuming it's him, I can't help but wonder how many more of my old favorites are going to pop in and say hi before the end of the show. It's safe to say that my hopes are very, very high.

    Outside of Blurr's reveal (seriously, it has to be him) we also saw Bulkhead being the responsible one, Sari executing puppy eyes right on queue to help Bumblebee out and Bee transforming with Sari inside of him and then back just like Sam (Shia) and Bee do multiple times in the Bayfilms.

    I also got insane flashbacks of the G1 episode "The Autobot Run" except instead of racing for charity, everyone was illegal racing for profit while a little girl pirated the pirate broadcast... that's your daily dose of iron(y) right there.

    We also get to really see either just how small Bumblebee is or just how massive Blitzwing is when the two are about to have their standoff, the latter towering over our little blue friend just after laying down an impressive barrage of missiles that our lightning fast friend (not as fast as Blurr of course) somehow manages to dodge.

    I think I've decided that the absolutely insane personality of Blitzwing is my favorite, the Nightmare before Christmas looking one. He's nuts, knows he's nuts and loves that he's nuts and for that, I love him.

    I am left with one question though, is Captain Fanzone's car gone for good or does the city of Detroit have a warehouse of little yellow cars on standby?

    See you all tomorrows for an episode that TOTALLY DOESN'T HAVE ANY SPOILERS IN THE TITLE!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "Rise of the Constructicons"

    Those cheeky writers knew exactly what they were doing when they opened the episode with that highlighter green color burning into the eyes of viewers across the world and while they got their sick and twisted laughs I'm sure hundreds or thousands of fans were collectively let down at the actual reveal of our two new characters Mix (master) and Scrap (per) - thankfully, I was not one of those fans.

    It didn't take very long for me to grow to like the two new frat boys who reminded me of two of my favorite (though controversial) Bayformers, Mudflap and Skids. I expected them to be bad guys right from the start with their perversion and general rowdy, dull minds but that changed the second they saved Bulkhead from having his head pierced by a metal girder.

    Pounding back enough oil to put the G1 Energon Party to shame these guys were stupid, loud and fun they also gave off a party variation of Mario and Luigi to me which made me like them even more. Their attitudes and demeanor wasn't impressing Prime as he was left in the role of concerned mother who feared for the well being of Bulkhead. Also, did I mention these two guys were lightning fast to be construction vehicles? It's no wonder Bulkhead couldn't keep up when they took off to confront Megatron. Speaking of confronting Megatron, you've got to have bolts of steel to do so or in this case, be really damn stupid. Oh and props to Bumblebee for challenging Blitzwing AND Lugnut without a second thought at the beginning of the episode. Even after the hellfire Blitzwing rained down on him he didn't falter at the thought of a fight.

    I was disappointed to watch my two new alcoholic friends be swayed by TronCon but they definitely sold it better than Isaac did. I mean, if I saw Megatron IRL I would immediately piece together that he's the big bad baddie but if I was a frat boy looking to party and get some muffler then I'd be all about the supply that I'm demanding. Something else I liked that was even after siding with the Decepticons, Mix and Scrapper still wanted to be friends with Bulkhead which consequently made my heartbreak when I saw him going absolutely ape shit on them after their memory had been wiped.

    It makes you think that out of the entire universe and all the Transformers inhabiting it, Bulkhead only has his four closest friends and team mates who constantly ridicule him for being big and clumsy. I'd have been upset if I finally found some guys like me only to have to blow them up right after... It's lonely being a big bot.

    Also, that dude is intimidating as fuck when he's upset. Here's to hoping he gets to take it out on TronCon soon.

    See ya' tomorrow, TFW!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "A Fistful Of Energon"

    For the Elite Guard to be so elite Starscream sure didn't have any issues busting out of his prison in the first six seconds of the episode but then again, I guess when you're all hanging out in the driver seat without anyone playing guard duty it might be a bit easier for your prisoner to plot his escape.

    This Prowl heavy episode was just what I needed after having the character lingering about in the background for so many episodes in a row and it's good to know that he hasn't lost his admiration of earth, stopping to watch the wildlife even in the middle of a high priority mission. Grimlock having a thorn in his foot gave me flashbacks of an old Ed, Edd and Eddy episode where Ed is being a huge jerk and super aggressive to everyone for the entire episode only to find out that he has a pebble in his shoe that, once removed, brings him back to his old lovable and goofy self.

    As soon as the bounty for Starscream was mentioned I knew we were going to be seeing old Sniperface/Hookhand popping back up but I didn't expect to like him as much as I did. Watching Prowl and him work together was a unique experience that left me wondering how our ninja bot was going to play out and I'll admit I'm a bit bummed that he ended up ditching the full samurai armor because that stuff was amazing. The side car however literally played no real role in the episode and has me a bit confused as to how it's supposed to make Prowl even more badass... with a side car.

    The clone Starscream's threw me through a loop and I had no idea what to expect with those guys, hell, I thought he may have split his spark shard into multiple pieces to make more versions of himself or something and then I was left wondering if the episode with his death montage was just clones or actually him. My favorite scene with scream though has to be when he comments on Bulkhead's name, "Ooh... that's to bad."

    Also, did anyone get the reference to the Rock Bottom episode of Spongebob Squarepants episode when Prowl was making the fake static?

    We also seem to be on a streak of every episode doing something to tug at my heart strings, this one being when Prowl realized he destroyed that bird's nest with the eggs still inside. ;(

    Lastly, I think my favorite part about the entire episode is that fact that Sari and Bumblebee are missing... because they're at an amusement park.

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "SUV: Society of Ultimate Villainy"

    Before starting today's episode I decided to watch a bit of the original 2007 live action film and made it to around 40-45 minutes in before switching over to animated. During that time I found myself laughing at Bernie Mac and getting amped when the instrumental of "Pretty Handsome Awkward" kicked on during the Barricade/Bumblebee chase scene. What I noticed is when I decided to change over to Animated it really stuck out how completely different the two mediums are despite being a part of the same franchise, it really made me wonder how everyone on this forum is a fan of the same thing but can possibly come from all ends of the spectrum. Despite all of us being here for Transformers - some of us know absolutely nothing about where it all started or where it is now; that provided a real epiphany of why I started these blogs in the first place. Oh, I also never caught the yellow Volkswagen beside Bumblebee on the car lot in the movie until today.

    Anyway, on to our episode!

    Coming off of the first half of the movie I had a tone of seriousness and action fresh in my brain and I experienced a complete one-eighty when tuning into animated. I believe earlier in the blog I had made a prediction that we would see all of the human villains team up in order to combat the Autobots and we got a variation of that with the Society of Ultimate Villainy which includes Nanosec, The Angry Archer, Professor Princess and is helmed by Slo-mo who talks super duper fucking fast for someone with that name. Also, I wonder what sports Nanosec likes to watch so much? Judging by his suit I'd guess that ice skating racing stuff from the winter Olympics.

    When the purple SUV first showed up I figured it was someone working for "Powell" industries but I couldn't figure it out. I even considered the option that it was a human being controlled by the Decepticons like the CEO guy from Dark of the Moon, imagine my absolute fucking surprise when Swindle showed up. If I hadn't watched G1 before Animated, none of these character reveals would have any type of effect on me but thankfully that isn't the case. I got entirely too excited when he transformed and mentioned his name and then questioned how the hell I didn't catch on before hand. I loved everything about his character from the sweet talking dealership tongue to the unique design and his amazing arsenal of weapons.

    One question I have about Swindle is one that is often asked for this blog - who is his voice actor? I'm not sure if I'm spelling the name right but to me he sounded like the actor who played "Belathor" in Skyrim, the shopkeeper in White Run. Once again, I don't want to look this up and spoil something for myself!

    Apart from that there isn't too much to say about the episode other than I enjoyed it. I liked the Men in Black reference and Angry Archer proved himself to be an idiot for asking the Autobots to give them a push for their escape, which reminds me, with slo-mo making the damn slow ray shouldn't she know of all people that the SUV had just been hit!?

    Oh and let's not forget that our show comes to a close with Fanzone announcing they would be dismembering Swindle and selling him for parts at an auction, the perfect morbid ending for such a shady character though I do hope to see his eventual return!

    Thanks for reading everyone. Next entry will likely be next week since my Birthday is tomorrow and I plan on celebrating by doing absolutely nothing! :D 

    I hope to see your replies below and if you enjoyed the entry please leave the thread some feedback via the rating stars above!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "Autoboot Camp"

    I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend! At the request of my good friend Jetbolt today's episode will be blogged in the chaotic classic style. Let's get started :) 

    I'm surprised I haven't gotten tired of this theme song yet. It's still pretty damn catchy.

    Well, we're in space.

    We've crashed on an asteroid.

    Sentinel Prime is facing a dark Bumblebee lookin' dude.

    Sentinel is actually getting a decent chase scene complete with music and all. Also, who was that flying in the background I wonder?

    Oh hey, space gate thingy.

    He said bump your junk, I ain't goin' no where son.

    Annnnd the gates open.

    We're back in Detroit. You'd think with the services the autobots provide the city they could afford to patch up all the busted glass in their building... especially with all that expensive equipment.

    Wasp. Bumblebee. Insects. Insecticons. Waspinator. Jetbolt, you sneaky sneaky mother father.

    Woah, Wasp is ruuuuuude.


    Isaac, why the fuck are you talking about what you're doing while trapped in a cage right beside Megatron? Are you fucking stupid? Actually, I know the answer to that.

    Oh hey, he's getting the Autobots in on it though. You'd think Megatron would have some type of security measures in place for this.

    Here goes Bumblebee wanting to be a hero again - did you learn nothing from the last episode you big dumb dumby?

    Another flashback. Aw look at ol' Bulkhead! (Who looks exactly the same)

    Bulkhead was a farmer? That's amazing.

    Sentinel Minor. He seems to be more competent here.

    Sentinel Minor is the Crimson Chin confirmed.

    Bulkhead wants to be a space bridge technician. He's the one who got what he wanted.

    Stretchy guy is strechty.

    Longarm? What a name.

    Colossus is an autobot confirmed.

    Oh shit. What the fuck? That's Ironhide? Hot damn.

    How does Sentinel even know what a wasp is?

    Jesus Bumblebee is super powerful to blow that building down.

    I had no idea that Sentinel Prime is who gave them their names.

    Ironhide lost a bit of respect from me for being a dick to Bumblebee however.

    Bumblebee is also a jerk to Bulkhead... I don't like it.

    Yellowjacket? His name is Bumblebee.

    It's nice to see their Cybertron forms as well. Bulk was basically a tractor/bulldozer.

    I guess Wasp was talking about Megatron being the person he knows.

    Or, actually, now that I think about it... I think he's innocent maybe.

    He came out of the other side of the building.

    Longarmstretchmackinzie is the spy I bet. I just get that feeling.

    Quicksand huh? How convenient.

    I know it isn't Ironhide by the way. He was still working for the bots.

    Is that Cliffjumper?!?!? :D 

    Ironhide is a real jerk man. So is Wasp.

    This Ironhide is not the one I know and looooove... Well, neither of them.

    Huh, current day Bumblebee is being a dick himself right now.

    That's not super surprising but makes me feel a little bit better about him being bullied in bootcamp.

    Man, now I just feel bad for Bulkhead.

    Hmm, the spy had to be the one to change that ammo.

    I still think Shockwave is the man behind the scenes on Cybertron but would he really be doing this right now?

    Also, Sentinel doesn't seem as douchey right now.

    It has to be stretchy guy, he's framing Wasp.

    And here goes Bumblebee redeeming himself by standing up for Bulkhead.

    lol @ his excitement.

    You've got to be kidding me. They were right beside the Decepticon hide out and did nothing.

    God damn it.

    God fucking damn it. It has to be Longarm.



    That's how the cons are doing so well. Longarm is the traitorrrrr.

    Oh my god.

    Wasp's voice man. I'm in love.

    He legitimately sounds like Waspinator now and that's amazing.



    Stretchwave is royally screwing the Autobots and once again Waspinator draws the short end of the stick... I hope they find him to be innocent and he joins the good guys. =\

    See you all tomorrow!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "Black Friday"

    After working in a jail for about a year myself it's very odd to see a small female child in a maximum security prison and I imagine she had some disgusting things shouted at her. I guess it's good to see that at least one human villain from the series has been properly contained thus far even though that streak comes to an end by the close of our episode.

    Let's talk for a second about the Dinobots in animated. Why do they continue to wear the Autobot logo when they clearly aren't Autobots? I don't think there's been a single instance in the show where they have been 100% on the Autobots side and they are even more dimwitted than they were back in G1. I will say that I enjoy this Grimlock much more than Season 3 Grimlock however and all of them have awesome robot forms and weapons! Oh and the Jurassic Park roar never gets old.

    I assumed Black Arachnia would be making a return in this episode due to the title and I was right. It was nice to see her still manipulating others to get her way and I do appreciate the familiar story line that we're seeing with her battle between good and evil much like in Beast Wars. It just seems that Optimus is the white knight instead of Silverbolt - at least he isn't nearly as cheesy.

    Also, what the hell happened to Meltdown at the end of the episode? Did he do the wizard of Oz witch melting dramatic just to make Prime think he was dead or did touching that little device actually mess him up? Obviously he's still alive as a puddle with a face at the end of the episode but I'm genuinely confused about what happened in this scene so if it can be explained without spoilers to future episodes, I would greatly appreciate it.

    I'm really happy that Fanzone can see through Powell's bullshit and doesn't take any of his claims seriously though I feel like that's the kind of thing that could get him in trouble with other higher ranking law enforcement if they ever found out. Of course, this being a cartoon I'm not sure we'll go that deep.

    Lastly, TIL that all it takes to get some silence out of Bumblebee is a venom induced coma. To be technical, he did win the bet.

    See you all tomorrow!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "Sari, No One's Home"

    Did I mention that Mixmaster and Scrap remind me of the Super Mario Brothers? Because if I didn't, they do and this Home Alone type episode reinforced that resemblance by reintroducing them in from of the Maramba Brothers shop while Prowl was doing some Kung Fu Panda training with Sari. Super Maramba Brothers. Rolls of the tongue.

    Something that also stuck out to me is that this show is fantastic for it's continuity with the constant referencing of events from previous episodes which makes me believe the production order of the show wasn't all wonky like it was back in the 80's with G1.

    By the way, why the hell was Bumblebee leaking in the first place and can I get one of the I <3 Autobots stickers Bulkhead slapped on him from somewhere?

    A good few episodes back I also questioned why Megatron trusted Lugnut but not Blitzwing even though he seemed loyal and with this episode I got my answer, the dude is very capable of disobeying a direct order and doesn't even acknowledge it until he gets called out because he's bat shit crazy.

    Another question, Blitzwing's attacks sound like an AT-AT which goes back to Transformers shows using a lot of Star Wars sound effects including the lightsaber and more. Is this legal or do they have some sort of deal going on?

    I also love how this show gets away with skimming on so many -almost- vulgar phrases such as "What the front loader was that!?", "I'm gonna' put a steel boot up your tail pipe!" and "Come here so I can pull your pistons out of your tail pipes!" - With that last one, why the hell was Blitzwing letting them make phone calls and huddle up together anyway? Aren't they fighting?

    As far as character development, this episode was clearly all about Sari (with minor focus on the concons). I noticed that she's a lot like Bumblebee with constantly struggling to prove herself to the rest of the team which she actually does quite well in this episode until being scolded for eating so many candy bars. Who can blame her? With that said, she's also pretty much guaranteed to be the sole purpose the Concons won't have much of an argument of working with Megatron since they're petrified of a little girl now.

    Then again, with a banshee screech like hers, wouldn't you be too?

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "A Bridge Too Close Parts 1 and 2"

    I'm going to have to ask you all to forgive the chaotic entry you are about to read. What I just watched has left it impossible for me to form complete thoughts and compile them into a legible blog entry. So I'm going to just dive into it.

    Mixmaster and Scapper are still a confusing duo for me and to see them so openly take the Decepticon oath felt a bit out of place though I still believe in the back of my mind that the two of them didn't mean a damn word they said, they weren't taking the process seriously and instead only cared about further fueling their addiction to pounding oil away, an addiction that very may well have had them killed at the end of today's episodes. I always thought it was odd that the Autobot and Decepticon logos were just stickers, something that goes all the way back to G1 with "Traitor" but a much harsher truth was shown when the Constructicons got branded with Megatron's Insignia - a process that gave them their old school highlighter color and turned their parts purple.

    I knew I was right about that damn blue car and the man behind Blurr has to be without a doubt John Moschitta, the same man who voiced the original and if it isn't then they did a god damn fine job of finding a replacement. I loved everything about this character including his reason for being on Earth, his rapid fighting style and "The name's not Zippy!" In fact, my only disappointment was that he got caught up in a bundle of screams and sent through the space bridge without any proper destination - though this didn't upset me nearly as much as something else...

    Bulkhead. I genuinely felt for the guy and the struggles he faces with being viewed as nothing more than a hulk, even having his art ridiculed by his so called friends, which in my opinion was some damn good looking pieces. I wish had that amount of artistic skill. I don't blame him for helping Megatron in the least. He didn't have a choice and in doing so he was able to prove to everyone that space bridges is something he knows. Out of all of our cast, his dream was to be a space bridge technician and he accomplished that goal - then when it was swept away from him due to the issues with Earth, he didn't make a single damn complaint.

    Starscream. Actually writers, I do want to know what part of Starscream the female came from and the angry married couple dynamic between them is fantastic. The rainbow force of Starscreams is a wonderful idea and it looks like I was right with each clone being powered by a piece of his all spark shard. I imagine the compulsive liar was colored white because of all the "white lies" he's telling. Though apart from his massive force of clones, I have to compliment the man himself for holding it down against Megatron in a one versus one melee battle further raising my respect for him and redeeming the name Starscream from the dirt that G1 put him in.

    Megatron. Intimidating. Ruthless. Powerful. All of these things as he faced off against an army of Starscreams and Autobots but he didn't falter and he held his own even managing to get his own squadron of seekers by turning them against their master. Make no mistake, Starscream is respectable but Megatron is the one true leader of the Decepticons.

    Isaac. I'm starting to hate him. Not only is he an idiot but he is also an asshole with the way he treats Bulkhead. However, it's the "Total Ownage Noob" line before he got knocked instantly that really sealed the deal for me. Sorry Sari, your dad sucks.

    Shockwave. What does it feel like to always be sitting at a desk?

    Bumblebee. You got man handled all over the place and realized you put an innocent bot behind bars... that sucks.

    Prowl. You continue to be a badass and mastered a combination of meditation and force powers in this episode. Don't ever change.

    Optimus Prime. You got me hyped as fuck when you jumped into action to stop the Starscreams from eliminating Megatron. Mortal enemies yet everytime the two of you work together, I get so god damn excited that I can't contain myself - literally fist pumping into the air with energy as you make your moves. G1, Dark of the Moon and now - It doesn't matter how it happens, it's always so. fucking. awesome.

    Sari. You do everything you can to help the team and you never back down from a fight. Even with tears flowing down your face in fear for your father, you fight the good fight and helped Ratchet with a -very- important task. Even if you are a robot, you're still a better human than the rest of us.

    Ratchet and Omega Supreme... I am a very emotional person and I really like that trait about me. I enjoy being able to feel things even from the smallest aspects of life. But what I saw here today made me decide that beyond a shadow of a doubt, Transformers Animated is not only my favorite Transformers show that I have blogged but also one of my all time favorite TV shows period. Seeing Ratchet put so much work into bringing his old friend back online and seeing so much emotion from the usual stoic medibot had me feeling pressure in my chest and I was rooting for him and Sari to get the ship back online. When I heard the voice, I instantly knew it could only be one bot. Omega. Fucking. Supreme.

    The dynamic between Ratchet and a character that was just introduced was executed so flawlessly that I didn't care about anything else happening. Ratchet, who fought in the Cybertronian wars and watched countless bots die while trying to help them, had an opportunity to bring back someone else who had actually been there with him. The happiness he expressed when hearing his voice was amazing and he never doubted for a single nanosec that Omega was any less of a soldier now than he was then... even when Omega doubted himself.

    The arsenal at his disposal was astonishing and the giant bot cut through Decepticon punks like a knife through butter, he was THE force to be reckoned with and when the time came to act he didn't hesitate to sacrifice himself so that the rest of his company could survive and after FORCING Ratchet from him, he took action and saved the day.

    "Everyone still online?" "All but one..." - That line broke my fucking heart even with the reassurance that OS is still out there somewhere. It was the same feeling I had in theaters when Wheeljack (Que) was executed by the Decepticons. It seems the most innocent and gentle of bots will always be the first to fall victim...

    With that, we come to the end of Season 2 for Transformers Animated and are left with a single season before my blogs for TFW2005 come to a close.

    There will be no episode tomorrow or Friday. I'm going to need some time to digest everything that happened before I'm ready to move on and I look forward to discussing things with all of you during that time.

    At least the entire scenario ended on a high note with Megatron and Starscream being stuck in the middle of space with nothing to do but bicker with one another. Yet, I feel like this may end up making them buddies again... who knows.

    See you all Monday or Tuesday. Be safe and stay awesome.
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    |Transformers: Animated - Season Three|

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "Transwarped Part 1"

    Optimus Prime is an awful actor and Sari is awful at spotting awful actors, it must be a glitch in her system.

    That being said, this episode was all of the place and if I had an hour and some change to just relax and watch the entire 3 part series I would.

    Rodimus made an appearance and got turned to cosmic rust within five minutes which was a better performance than everything he did in Season 3, I mean the guy used a freaking Energon Bow.

    Ironhide showed up again and did a little bit of work with ol' Buckethead (Brawn) and I'm not sure who the hell the third guy or the medic was but the toadcon that ate the medic was awesome and the other guy lost his leg.

    Cyclonus also showed up and did some dope stuff so I'm assuming we'll see even more G1 Season 3 characters in Animated Season 3. Shoutout to Blackout and the previously unknown to me Oilslick.

    Starscream was literally chewing the statis cuffs off of Megatron so I guess with all that time in space to bicker they finally became buddies again. Oh and apparently Scream can live up to his name now with that sonic shout deal.

    Isaac did something smart for a change and fired Masterson and Powell, Masterson got picked up by the collar by Optimus Prime which was nice. I'll admit that with the 1337 speak toned down a little bit, Headmaster is growing on me a little bit as a villain, as in the head.

    I was mad confused about Sari being a machine but being able to feel emotion and cry but then Ratchet mentioned she was a mix of organic and cybertronian bits which is probably why the key works so well with her.

    Ratchet has some fucked up flashbacks of literally performing lobotomy and is still super down about Omega Supreme (I'm with you there buddy) who thankfully showed back up but sadly ends up falling victim to Megatron's silver tongue - but he can transwarp which is dope. Also, in the flashback where he's performing the procedure is that Trailbreaker watching over Arcee's body as the rest of them leave?

    Blurr continues to be fucking bad ass and literally runs across the god damn galaxy on his way to Cybertron.

    Prowl is usually super duper wise and makes smart choices. So why the fuck did he sneak in behind Isaac when the walls of his office are literally missing?

    Excellent quote by Sari in this episode, "But I'll take it just to prove I'm still mad!"

    It's odd isn't it? The further we get along in this show the more my entries come to resemble the old style with the chaotic vomit of words spilling out onto the screen due to so much crap happening at once. I love it.

    Oh. Also. The end of this episode leaves me to believe that Bulkhead was defeated by Headmaster and Bumblebee is probably on board Omega Supreme or on Cybertron. I didn't expect either of those things.

    See you all tomorrow for part two!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "Transwarped Part 2"

    My plan for today was to watch parts 2 and 3 of Transwarped but with some much stuff going on in each episode, I think it's best to stick with part 2 today and then conclude everything tomorrow and after wrapping up this episode, I'm glad I went with that decision.

    Headmaster is an annoying asshat as always but he did back me up in calling Sari a brat which she seems to be becoming more and more of each and every day. At the end of part 1 they played it off like he was going to be a difficult opponent but the guy still got mangled and outsmarted by Optimus alone - imagine if the rest of the team had been there.

    Speaking of Sari, the girl has a lot going for her after it's revealed that she's not a human child. This episode shows her learning to use her powers more and more and showcases her arrogance by constantly relying on the key to get work done... but more on that later. Oh, it appears I was right in assuming she was a protoform. Thank you Beast Wars for teaching me what that is.

    Blurr made it back to Cybertron in his mad dash across the galaxy and you've got to wonder what kind of crazy memory that guy has to be able to find his way home, or perhaps I should say had since he got flattened like a pancake. I'm a bit upset that he was offed in such a cheap way but for some reason I don't feel like he's gone for good. Maybe it's one of those "they aren't dead unless you see the body" type hunches but the fact that I'm not super torn about one of my favorite bots dying just tells me we haven't seen the last of the little blue bolt.

    Also, HI WHEELJACK! It's good to see you hanging out with Stephen Hawking and making Omega Supreme. I'm glad they're keeping you busy on Cybertron.

    After the past few episodes Ratchet has found himself nuzzled in my top 5 characters from this show for the time being. Not only is he my favorite Autobot from the Bayformer films but he also has, for me, one of the most emotionally driven story lines in the Animated series thus far and when he opted to introduce himself to Omega Supreme as "your friend" despite the big guy declaring he was an obedient servant, he earned a ton of respect points. I'm also very happy to see him sticking up for himself by challenging anyone to defy his spot as the team's medic in place of that stupid key but to see him tack a mod back on made me feel a bit odd. Regardless, while the old guy cracked his "obsolete" line and said he'd be moping about in the corner it took no time for him to change his mind and keep on doing what he does best.

    Starscream and Megatron continue to amuse me with their shenanigans while lost in space and I know I'm going to be sad when the two of them are back at each others throats. I mean Starscream is literally bouncing himself around as just a head trying to blast open doors while Megatron uses him to hotwire Omega Supreme. What isn't to love?

    Optimus also continues to prove there's a reason he is the leader of our team with his level headed decisions and he made a damn good call by telling Sari to hang back because they didn't know what she was capable of or what she was capable of taking, too bad the brat didn't listen.

    Now back to Sari for a second, her Cybertronian form looks fucking awesome excluding that long ass neck of hers and I'm sure it's similar to something all of us dreamed of being at one time or another when we were kids. Her weaponry is just so fucking cool and I'm in love with the warhammer. There's no denying that the little crybaby is powerful but that back fires on her when she loses control and smacks the taste out of Ratchet's mouth and retaliates to Prowl's Jedi Mind trick with a spirit bomb of sorts which brings me to my final point on today's episode....

    How fucking unlucky do you have to be to be in Bumblebee's shoes right now. The dude is teleported randomly throughout space, eaten by a giant rock golem and stabbed in the heart by his best friend all in the matter of about ten minutes. Jesus fucking Christ. I swear to whatever god you believe in if Bumblebee is dead I'm going to riot.

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "Transwarped Part 3"

    Bumblebee isn't dead, let's get that out of the way first. Blurr's remains were tossed into the garbage, let's get that out of the way second. I'd consider that a body and am feeling a bit bummed about it but plenty more is going on to distract my mind from that right now.

    When Sari upgraded, I noticed that she looked and sounded a bit older but it didn't really click with me that the process aged her until Isaac pointed it out. I'm proud of Optimus Prime for revealing the location of their base to the professor and for stating that there would be no more secrets in this family. That entire scene made me appreciate Isaac more for some reason and I can't really explain why other than if Prime likes him, I like him.

    We find out that the key no longer has it's powers after being drained dry in order to upgrade Sari's body and I'm sure that's going to have a huge impact on how things are handled from this point forward and I like to think it was a decision by the writers to add more depth to Ratchet which they have done a phenomenal job with these past few episodes. In fact, when Prime requested he put Sari back into her berserk mode and he said "over my sparkless shell" I actually scribbled down in my notebook, "I think he's going to die". I don't think I'm out of the woods yet on that call but I'm happy it didn't happen just now. As for the key, I'm pretty sure in Season One I made a mention of the weight of battle being reduced due to the fact that Sari could always patch everyone right up with no real consequences. Maybe they'll think more before acting now.

    Optimus made a tough call in this episode, twice. He instructed Ratchet to use his EMP on Sari to try and contain her even though Ratchet said it might kill her, he did so in order to save the people of Detroit. He then did the same when instructing Ratchet to put her -back- into the berserker mode in order to stop the Decepticon controlled Omega Supreme. I understand that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few but I feel like Optimus should have had a bit more emotion with his decisions - I guess the ability to make such rapid choices in stressful times is why he's out faithful leader after all.

    Prowl had some fantastic moments including snatching the key out of Sari's control and entering Omega Supreme's mind in order to fight (the fantastically drawn) Megatron and Starscream. I'm still waiting for when one of his plans goes absolutely flawlessly instead of always hitting some kind of hitch.

    I've commented a few times that Bumblebee doesn't seem very powerful and have always commended his bravery for willing to dive into battle with a Decepticon without a second thought even when lacking in firepower. That got changed today when he received his illegal battle grade stingers, I mean, those things staggered Omega Supreme - our little guy got a lot stronger and is going to kick some Decepticon ass.

    The relationship between Omega Supreme and Ratchet continues to tug at my heart strings and I feel like one of them is going to die before the end of season 3. Hell, maybe even both of them in a sort of "be together after life" type deal like we saw with Tigatron and Airazor in Beast Wars. I'm not sure how I'm going to feel if something happens happens to them as I'm very attached to them both but with the way the show has been setting up Ratchet and making viewers get feelings for him, the future isn't looking bright. He is the war veteran - I only hope he'd go out fighting.

    Props to Megatron for tossing Optimus Prime his axe back while on board the Ark (OS) before their battle. His strength is so great that he doesn't give a second thought to arming his opponent even when he lacks any weaponry himself. That was both intimidating and admirable. He then proceeded to prove he doesn't need any damn weapons in a fight anyway.

    Bulkhead almost got crushed by OS because he was busy trying to fight his foot. I love the guy and strength is definitely on his side. He's literally the hulk of the Autobots and even tag teamed with Bumblebee for the Hulk/Wolverine combo that is so popular. He's still one of my favorites and I'm hoping we see more episodes focused on him soon.

    Even as a decapitated head Starscream still can't be trust to be alone for half a second... Kudos to him for being so damn dedicated to what he does.

    Shockwave (Longarm Prime) could not seem more guilty when he demanded all coms go through him and proceeded to try and blame poor Waspinator for everything. By the way, I remember someone saying to me earlier something along the lines of "Are you sure the Elite Guard are the good guys?", I'm starting to think this was a hint to me about the double agent all along.

    I think that just about covers everything. So I'm going to wish you all goodnight and leave you with quite the quote; "We do what we must, even if it sometimes doesn't make sense."

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "Three's A Crowd"

    Three is indeed a crowd as we come to meet our newest Decepticon hero who is mostly just a head from the headmaster unit and just about as annoying. Dirtboss is also a very basic name for what I assume is the first 100% original Decepticon created for the show. I didn't dislike the guy by any means but he pretty much ruined any hope I had for Mixmaster and Scrapper getting back on the Autobot side - oh, and surprise! They survived the collapse apparently. Not so sure about the explosion but if they did I'm guessing they'll be at the scrap yard/strip club.

    Shoutout to the long neck Dinobot easter egg on the side of the truck the Sparkplug look a like was driving and also on the Fossil Fuel plant, sorry but I've forgotten your name.

    Lugnut showed up again and continues to be a beast by blowing a crater into the ground which was absolutely awesome. It's also cute that he asked the little white lie Starscream not to tell Megatron about his misfortune, that was adorable on both ends but where exactly are all the other Starscream's then?

    No mention of Sari this episode so I assume she's just hanging out and sleeping to recover from her rage mode.

    Also, didn't the Constructicons have their memories wiped a while back? How did they remember Bulky's name?

    All in all this episode pretty much served as filler to show off some familiar faces and introduce a new one while serving as further development on Bulkhead who continues to struggle with these two alcoholics guys who I guess technically became a combiner when they got stuck on one another and Dirtboss jumped on Scrapper's shoulder so I'll consider it a win. :) 

    See you all tomorrow!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "Where is Thy Sting?"

    The Autobot Elite Guard has a knack for acting before thinking and it's a bad habit that as a viewer can be extremely frustrating along with the fact that Transformers can't seem to pick up on obvious hints that someone is lying as seen in this episode with both Longarm Prime and Wasp fumbling all over themselves while trying to fiend innocence. At times, I wanted to rip my hair out over the fact that these highly intelligent machines couldn't pick up the fact that Bumblebee's eyes were suddenly freaking red or that his speech pattern had been completely junked up OR that Optimus fucking Prime of all people is telling you then and there that the Autobot head of intelligence is working for the Decepticons and you don't even stop long enough to make a phone call to your leader about it being a possibility (yes, I know the rain interferes).

    As for Wasp(inator) I can't help but feel bad for the guy due to the circumstances that put him in the position he is in and I disagree with Bulkhead about him being a bad bot due to his teasing and picking on Bumblebee and Bulky - if he's a bad bot for doing so then why isn't Ironhide lumped into that category as well? Hell, he's the one that finds the fading remains of Ultra Magnus near the end of the episode while going to confront a powerful traitor alone.

    Something else I'm amazing our great heroes haven't caught onto yet is the fact that 9 out of 10 times when you spot a Transformer that isn't a dark shade of purple, they're an Autobot or a new creation. When Jetfire and Jetstorm showed up I was immediately sure that they were the "others" Jazz and Sentinel Prime had mentioned upon touch down on Earth. It's awesome that these two are combiners and they remind me of the spanish kid super heroes from Teen Titans who's names I can't properly spell out. It is a bit discouraging that they had to do some sort of odd experimentation off of Starscream to clone his flight capabilities. As small of a thing as it might be, it feels a bit scummy to utilize the enemies tactics... I don't know what it seems unmoral, it just does.

    Sentinel Prime once again proves he has no business carrying his title but I will say that he had good reason to want to arrest everyone and his motives were in the right place... sort of. Also, shout out to Ultra Magnus for backing up Prime's team in the beginning of the episode when Sentinel doubted them.

    Jazz continues to be the voice of reason and Prowl showcases a hundred percent trust in Bulkhead by listening to him when he becomes certain that Bee is stuck in Wasps body... That's a nifty trick by the way. A dirty one but it's nifty without a doubt.

    Lastly, I have to give credit where credit is due. I said something along the lines of "Shockwave, what is it like to always be behind a desk?" a few entries ago and as if he heard me the dude took initiative before his cover could be blown and not only over powered but mangled and possibly killed the leader of the Autobots while also jacking his epic ass hammer. Kudos Shockwave, you've earned your respect.

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "Five Servos Of Doom"

    Judging by the title of today's episode I expected it to be rather dark and gloomy but it actually turned out to be a huge development for one of my favorite bots of all time, Prowl. I knew something fishy was up when Sentinel Prime started bagging all these bad guys, especially when he pulled in Lugnut, who just a few episodes ago we saw being too heavy to lift out of a crater but I'm able to say that I didn't figure out what was actually going on until the reveal later in the episode.

    I'm not sure if it's because I've had a nice break from the blog or if it's been a little too long since we last saw Lockdown but he didn't cross my mind until I saw his hooked hand even when Prowl said "I only know one bot who removes mods" or something along those lines - I thought it was Sensei Yoketron (I had to google the proper spelling on that) doing all of it and that he just wanted to be super secretive and stuff. Hell, I know SP is slimy and all but I didn't expect him to outright work with a Decepticon even if he is known to play both sides of the field.

    It was exciting to take a look back to the past and see how Prowl came about his ninja ways and I was surprised to see him rude and arrogant much like Bumblebee back in his draft dodging days but it was nice to see that he evolved into the bot he is now rather than simply 'being'. Also seeing him being gifted his throwing stars or whatever they are was rad.

    Sadly there was no Bulkhead, Ratchet, Sari or Bumblebee in this episode but Jazz made up for it well enough. He worked with Prowl to help figure out what Sentinel Prime was doing without question and even let Optimus decide Sentinel's fate. He is seriously one of the best bots out there and his compliments to Prowl carried a world of weight with them.

    All in all, today's episode was very cool and had a pirates vs ninjas theme with ol' hook hand. Also, I guess Prowl is a jedi now and I'm cool with that.

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "Predacons Rising"

    Alright, so I guess technically this episode is the introduction of Waspinator and not the one I had originally called for and I've got to admit, I love the guys new hybrid form. It seems like no matter which universe he is in the poor green guy is always getting the short end of the stick even this time after thinking he'd found a new friend... that tugged at my heart strings a little bit to be completely honest.

    The writers also managed to make me feel bad for Sentinel Prime even though he is a complete dick throughout the entire episode. He also seems to share Waspinator's luck though I feel a bit of satisfaction when he is landing face first onto a beach at crazy speeds.

    The Dinobots were manhandled by Jetfire and Jetstorm further proving that they are some of the only characters in Transformers: Animated that I once loved but view as cannon fodder or trash now. They've done nothing to help the Autobot cause and got absolutely wrecked by these two newcomers in about five seconds despite their bitchin' arsenal. Bummer.

    I didn't expect to see Black Arachnia sacrificing herself to save the others and it felt a little bit forced. I'm sure Elita-1 is still in there somewhere and cares for both of the Primes but I remember in the very first episode seeing her with the rest of the Decepticons and thinking that she would be a real menace in their cause - hell, Megatron hasn't so much as asked about her in... ages if ever!

    I felt a wave of relief at the end of the episode to see that Waspinator had survived the endeavour even though he was laying about in pieces per usual but the real satisfaction came from Black Arachnia looking up to find the completely organic cast of Beast Wars staring right back at her - I didn't realize how much I missed that show until that very moment. Excellent easter egg to the writers!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "Human Error Part 1"

    Automen, let's, uh, let's just go.

    Chalk this up as the most confusing episode of Transformers ever. I struggled damn near the entire time to figure out what was going on. When I saw Lugnut and Blitzwing with Megatron (I thought I saw Blitzwing before then actually) I figured something wasn't right since they were supposed to be on board the Autobot Elite Guard ship on their way back to Cybertron.

    By the way, is Cybertron really just a car that Megatron could drive up to Earth like that? If so, that's pretty horrifying.

    I'm surprised the Oilnog bit passed censors with it being basically booze after all the Energon business back in G1. It was cool to see what the Autobot's would look like as humans though I was a bit surprised to see that Prowl just became his little cop hologram. I've never seen a cop ninja before but I guess I'm not opposed to it.

    ... Actually, I've seen Kung Fury so that might be a lie.

    Lazerbeak is a keytar now so that's a thing.

    Why did Sari look so anime and dramatic coming down that elevator?

    OH! And I have -2- favorite parts of this episode. Prime throwing his axe into Megatron's arm and exploding all around was really fucking cool...

    Buuuuuut the whole "make the noise with your mouth" thing was amazing and for sure my favorite bit. I want to spell out the noise I'm making right now but I'm sure I'd absolutely butcher it.



    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "Human Error Part 2"

    "Ho-Ho-Ho! Garbage for all the good little children!"

    Human Error Part 2 was for sure more enjoyable to me than the first episode, which I didn't dislike to begin with. The substitute Autobots are a pretty fantastic team compromising of characters I quite enjoy and we even got to see Snarl do a little something (although it wasn't much) along with the return of both Wreck-gar and Scrapper - who isn't dead! Yay!

    It's exciting to see Prowl mastering his mind over processor technique but it was a bit disheartening to see him get slammed back into the VR world after just a few seconds of being free. Speaking of the VR world, I thought it was kind of funny that when Prime called out "Automen, put it in reverse!" Ratchet started driving forward since he had been backing up the whole way here. Also, the AI seemed very intelligent in that world with them yelling at the Automen while they were trying to drive so I'm curious - Why didn't VR Fanzone do anything but sit there?

    There were a few cool references in this episode such as Scrapper saying (about Snarl) "I wanted to call him Slag but he took it as an insult" and Wreck-Gar having his accordion torn up while saying "Everyone's a critic!"

    The previously spoiled Ratbat made an official appearance and gave me some serious Scooby-Doo flashbacks while the entire "Axe" dialog between Soundwave and Optimus was super cheesy and had me smiling like an idiot. Oh, and Spike, Daniel and Carly all showed up again as well!

    My only complaint is I wish I could have seen what it was like in the virtual reality world once Prowl escaped and stopped Prime from killing Sari, like, did he just up and disappear leaving the others super confused or what? Also, how the hell did Prime get out right after him then the others? Can they all do the processor thing now?

    Well, this is it ladies and gentleman. We are on the homestretch of my final blog for TFW2005 and to go out in traditional Bayformer Fan style, all four of the remaining episodes will be written in the traditional chaotic clusterfuck style that I started with.

    Thank you all for reading and I'll see you Monday!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "Decepticon Air"

    In my last entry I said that I would see you all Monday. I lied. Happy Saturday! :D 

    We're like ninety episodes in and this theme song is still the bombdotcom.

    Also, props to the creators for not putting any spoilers in the opening theme, that was kind of them.

    An episode that doesn't open looking over the Autobot's factory? Nifty.

    Isaac, shut your mouth. Bulkhead knows more about space bridges than you dummy.

    Sari you can talk all you want baby girl. <3

    Oh shit, they talking all that junk about her key being gone. Hateful. Rewd.

    How did Optimus know about Megatron randomly hopping around on Omega Supreme?

    Hell yeah Sari, do ya' thing. Fuck them scrubs.

    She actually did it. Super nifty.

    You gotta' take the mouth guard off you idiot.

    He has a clicker for his mouth piece?

    Lugnut is loyal to the end. I appreciate his enthusiasm.

    Jazz <3

    Cliffjumper, random guy! Other guy who looks like that one guy from G1!

    What the fuck, that's Preceptor?

    Spark support. That's useful I guess.

    Alpha Trion. That's his name. Mustache bot.

    Sentinel Prime is so fucking irritating even Jazz knows he's full of shit.

    SP also just called him "Autobot" that doesn't sound very proper.

    Well now all those prisoners are going to escape for sure.

    Why couldn't Shockwave attack him instead of Ultra Magnus? It's the hammer isn't it? It had to be the hammer. That hammer's way cooler than a stupid little sword.

    SWINDLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

    You'd think they would have at least put a boot on him or something, right?

    At least Swindle is still Swindle ^^

    Hah, he knows Megatron is the man with the money.

    What kind of warranty for weaponry excludes Battle Damage? A smart one.

    Please don't let Jazz die in this episode >.>

    Swindle is my Decepticon hero and is also the robot version of Billy Mays. R.I.P





    Sentinel Prime is willing to die rather than tell Cybertron he fucked up? I absolutely hate this guy and hope he burns.

    Ok. He called Optimus... Maybe I don't -hate- him. Also wtf, he's playing on his facebook while the cons are blasting him? What an awful leader.

    Starscream would be a better Autobot leader than Sentinel Prime...

    Good call Swindle. Jazz isn't dead... Keep it that way.

    It's kind of creepy how Sari's fingers have fingers once she goes into her alt-ish mode.

    Optimus ain't worried about coming back fool. He's Optimus god damn Prime.

    Oh. my. god. He just gave them OG Seeker helmets.


    Optimus spawned in his fucking chest.

    Collaborate my actuator!

    They explained how Swindle carries everything on himself at all times. What a rare treat.

    RIP OP. You did that to yourself amigo.

    Wasn't it your idea in the first place? Why are you being so sarcastic?

    Put the tape back on his mouth. Do it.

    Why was his little emblem flashing like mad?


    Wow. Lugnut.... Uh... Lugnut is not smart.

    Transform and Rise Up. I think that's the first time I've heard that one.

    Oh, maybe he wasn't that stupid. He just didn't know Jetfire and Jetstorm could fly.

    Aww, Optimus is holding his lover <3

    Those two have a pretty little fusion tractic.

    Podracer sound effects. Nice.

    Swindle just stole a giant D-pad.

    Nice, Sentinel actually followed through with Optimus' plan for once.

    ... OK, Sentinel ordering them to not surrender even though it's his own life at stake. That I can respect. Why can't I just hate this guy? Why does he have to keep doing this noise.

    It's going to freeze everything outside the tube.

    Called it.

    R.I.P Blitz and Seekers :D 

    Oh, Morse Code. That's why it was flashing like crazy.

    Bye Swindle! I love you! <3

    Sentinel is still trying to recruit Prime? Seriously, I don't know how I feel about this guy.

    Isaac, quit being a cunt dude. Sari is doing everything fine.

    Oh. Wait. There's the ship. Sorry Isaac. My bad.

    Cybertron is looking great this time of year.

    They're parading their prisoners around?

    Hey I saw Buckethead in the crowd :D 


    I can't believe their putting Sentine Prime in charge of anything.

    lol Lugnut hit their windshield. How fucking convenient.

    What better way to end an episode than slapping a Starscream?

    10/10 would watch again! :D 

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "This Is Why I Hate Machines"

    Well, this is going to be a Fanzone episode.

    Because it's his lifes work, Ratchet.

    Take the two bossiest characters in the game and put them together and you have to start of this episode.

    Why isn't Ratchet helping him?

    I thought for sure that old ass wireless phone would smash that drone.

    The bridge is activating.

    Oh shit. Bye Fanzone. R.I.P

    Ratchet, if you would have done that about two minutes ago we'd be alright.

    lol welcome to Cybertron Fanzone.

    This is definitely some Monsters Inc type shit.

    Don't step on my Captain please mister Autobot sir.

    It's odd seeing Cybertron happy and in Autobot control. I don't think I've seen it like this before.

    Sentinel Prime Propaganda. Hot dog. That's just what we needed.

    Woah, he's showing off Ultra Magnus' body to put fear into people. That's fucked up dude.

    Tracks! <333

    Oh my god, I know that voice actor.... I think he was one of the snobby rich guys in Family Guy.

    Ratchet doesn't give a shit about you Sentinel. He's pretty god damn legitimate.

    Ratchet. Punch him in the fucking mouth.

    Oh, it's a lie you're aware of. I thought for sure you were going to punch him in the mouth.

    Storms on Cybertron look pretty cool.

    Yes, there he is. I see him with my eyes, sir.

    Aww, Jazz is man handling Fanzone. That's not like him.

    Also, why did Omega Supreme's mask suddenly come on? It wasn't there when it first showed him.

    I love that Starscream has been a head for like... this entire season.

    He's already in robot mode, Lugnut.

    Who's the other agent?

    Oh, I think he's just referring to Longarm/Shockwave.

    Perceptor is voiced by Stephen Hawking confirmed.

    Alpha Trion, you're not an idiot. Don't side with the idiot.

    Ratchet is my hero.

    What a fantastic time for a cold, Fanzone.

    OK, this episode is actually making Ratchet my hero. No one else has stood up to Stupidass Prime the way he is.

    Jazz, I see you. I know you're going to do the right thing. I trust you.

    Who's been down there, I wonder?

    Actually... I know. Shockwave. It has to be Shockwave.

    HEYYYYYY Bingo.

    And he's got that bad ass hammer.

    Shockwave's voice reminds me of Courage the Cowardly Dogs computer.

    I really want to see Ratchet kill this guy.

    How did he fall for that? Why would you keep tugging on the hammer?


    This is super fucked up. They're aiming everything they've got at him...

    Lugnut has a good spirit about this. Also, you guys were debating his intelligence, it seems Starscream is Team LugDumb.

    OH MY GOD!



    I'm quite OK with this version of Rattimus Prime. :) 

    Oh my god, that's fucking disgusting. Fanzone is gross as fuck.

    Ratchet, I'm always on your team but shut up - Jazz will always be the good guy.

    "Preachin' to the choir brother"

    Why the fuck did Bay kill Jazz in the first film? =\

    Woah. Her body is still down here?

    Arcee is offline buddy-o.

    How the hell did Shockwave get in there?

    Ratchet made damn quick work of him. That's my medi-bot!

    Shockwave's tank mode is pretty amazing.

    Our old medic is proving himself to be quite the damn fighter, ain't he?

    He's going to try to execute Ultra Magnus? I don't think that's going to happen.

    HELL YEAH! Ratchet with a warhammer <3

    Ratchet don't take no shit, SP you lil' bitch.

    Shit. He got Arcee. :( 

    These idiots are actually going to shoot him.

    Perceptor, I know you're trying to help buddy but you're not helping.

    Fuck you Sentinel. Keep the hammer, Ratchet.


    This is why I love Ratchet.

    FUCK YEAH JAZZ! What a god damn legend. Cut his ass off.

    Why do those drones want Fanzone in the first place?

    Jazz finally wised up! <333333333333333333333333333333

    I cannot explain how happy this makes me.

    Woah, Shockwave is purple again.

    Also, don't let Lugnut hear you sayyyy and he's pissed off.


    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "Endgame, Part One"

    So, I just got home from watching Independence Day Resurgence in IMAX. Now I -never- listen to critics but I am willing to take audience reviews into consideration and I was very hesitate to go based on all of the negative reviews on Fandango and Reddit. After a long back and forth with myself I finally decided to just go see the movie and I'm damn glad I did. I kept waiting for the film to be so boring I wanted to leave the theater (as a lot of people were saying) and for the horrible CGI everyone mentioned (literally one scene I noticed bad CGI with and it was humans in the background...) and it just never happened. I had an amazing time and loved every minute of the movie. So please, if you want to see a movie but see bad reviews, remember that everyone has different opinions and judge it for yourself. Don't let someone elses experience ruin yours.

    Now that that's out of the way, aren't I doing a transformers blog?

    Ah, the old theme song. Only two more times of hearing it before it's all over... until I watch the whole god damn show again for fun. :) 

    Oil. Some maybe the concons will be here.

    Nope, just some jedi bots.

    RIP Oil.

    They found out about Omega Supreme pretty quick.

    Well she's awake. Is she faking it or is he really accessing her mind?

    Wait a second. Transformers have schools?

    There goes Starscream irritating Lugnut like a good trouble maker.

    lol @ blitzwing joke.

    How does Megatron not hear Starscream talking this trash?

    They're fighting over a boy. How cute.

    Good job ScreamHead, you've got the plans.

    Ratchet still has the hammer. :D  I thought he'd have given it to Optimus.

    Ultra Magnus isn't buying your shit, Sentinel.

    Look at Optimus being honest and loyal.

    Wow, so Sentinel Prime being a fucking prick is what got Optimus Prime kicked out of the school and ineligible for the Elite Guard?


    Thank you, Bulkhead. What about Jetfire and Jetstorm? Exactly what I was thinking.

    Wow, way to prove Ratchet wrong everyone. We get it. Autobots can fly now.

    Jazz knows that Prowl is the hero we deserve.

    lol. Bee, that's like the fourth time you've got yourself into that situation. Just shut up sometimes <3

    There goes Starscream using Transformer Fetuses to clone himself.

    Megatron wasted no time jumping scream again... I thought they did some real bonding in outer space.

    Ah, he's sparing the actual Starscream.

    He wants to clone Omega Supreme you fucking twit.

    Thereeeee ya go.

    Waiiiiit. Does this mean we might get Trypticon? You cannot imagine how fucking off the charts my hype meter would be if we got Trypticon...

    Prowl has been the wise mentor for the entire show and now he has Jazz mentoring him... Beautiful... (ok, he had a few slipups... but he's still wise!)

    The dude just formed an allspark shard out of thin air. Now that's some jedi level stuff.

    Alright Bee, you're a scout class model. You got this baby.

    Don't get side tracked dingus!

    Damn, Longarm's got some long ass legs too.

    Annnnd there goes the transmitter. I should have known better than to have faith in Bee...

    Nah, I can't say that. I've still got faith in him.

    Arcee is actually pretty creepy in this form.

    Don't make a girl a promise... if you know you can't keep it Bumblebee...

    How convenient for Megatron's voice to cut out on every important part of that sentence.

    Hey the factory shot that's in pretty much every episode.

    Sari being so sassy.

    Also, is it just me or has her role in the show been off for the past few episodes? Like she hasn't been around? Maybe it's just that vacation I took.


    Optimus has a jetpack in the Bayfilms. I'm not sure about ROTF but I -KNOW- he has it in DOTM. Which came first? This episode was well before DOTM, right?

    Good pep talk, Sari.

    He looks like an action figure right now.

    Super-manning like every god damn Transformer in G1, Season 1.

    Aww... Ultra Magnus believed in him.

    I'm sad to see Omega Supreme looking this beat up :( 

    LOL Bulkhead's all wrapped up.

    Why am I getting emotional from a freakin' flashback? Ugh. I just did that thing where you laugh and tear up a little bit. Like a laugh cry... You're a grown ass man, Captain, straighten up. (sike. cry all you want big man. We're near the end...)

    She thought he was Starscream? Hmm.

    Fuck dude. Shockwave got the codes and then ripped her god damn brain wires out.

    The old Decepticon gang is all back together minus Black Arachnia. How quaint.

    Those are some big ass Decepticons man.

    Why would he reactivate her right in front of Megatron?

    To be so damn smart he didn't think that through.

    Arcee is getting absolutely fucked through this show.


    Megatron actually fucking planned it.

    God dammit. Starscream cannot catch a fucking break lol.

    Yo. Alright. Hold on. I have to pause the episode.

    Can someone, anyone, literally anyone reading this explain to me why I feel bad about Starscream getting blasted to bits just now?

    Like, I know that he's probably fine. After all, Megatron has crushed him tons of times since he became immortal but I was actually rooting for that snakey son of a bitch. My god, this show actually made me love Starscream. It's nothing like G1...

    Ugh. Alright. Continuing.

    Prime - you are a hero. Take the damn hammer.

    Wait. What? Prowl wasn't assigned to them?

    ... What the hell is this?

    Bulkhead found Prowl.

    lol, Bee is brave.



    JESUS! They met Prowl like this? Really!?

    Why am I getting emotional again?

    Prime and Prowl are giving me feels. This isn't normal. *sigh*

    Also, I forgot to say it a few minutes ago - Megatron officially trusts Lugnut the most. I think he thinks Shockwave might get his head inflated too much and turn on him.

    These giant Omega Lugnuts remind me of the Sentinel's from X-Men.

    This is it! Prime's ready to smash some shit!

    Wait, what!? That's it!? UGH. I want to start the next episode right now! idsjfisjijsidfjijsdfijasidfjiasjdfijasdfijasdif

    OK. Deep breathes. Happy thoughts. Don't rush it. Breeeeeath Captain Sleazy. Breeeeeeeath. Alright. Well, I guess that's it. That's all for today. Yup. That will do her.


    Uh, I mean. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed the blog, please remember to give me a rate at the stars above and don't forget to click subscribe for more gre- Oh, wait. Wrong platform. Heh.

    See you all tomorrow<3

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    "Endgame, Part Two"

    Well, this is it. The series finale of Transformers Animated. It's a bit bitter sweet and I made this quick video for all of you... thank you for being with me through these four great series... Let's start the show.

    I hope everyone gets their fair share of show time today. With all the talk of disappointment and the cancelled fourth season I'm managing my hopes.

    Lugnut Supremes, apparently Ratchet. My title wasn't good enough. I thought Omega Lugnuts was awesome.

    Megatron cut him off. What a dick. He worships you like a god and you won't even let him preach?

    Don't worry Optimus, it's the season finale, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it.

    ...Sari sounds like a kid again for some reason. Like, her younger self. Maybe I'm imagining things.

    We're getting awesome transformation animations for everyone. That is very much appreciated :) 

    Is that a bit of fear I saw, Megatron? Scared of ol' Ultra Magnus?

    Stormcaller Prime is about to fuck shit up.

    Or not.

    Oh hey, people actually running in fear. You don't see that a lot in Animated.

    Or, well, people at all.

    Bumblebee's going back to the moon. Don't let him carry anything important... like a transmitter.

    Optimus should participate in this Scottish Games with that twirl.

    Dinobot island, hmm? Are they finally going to get off their asses and do something useful for a change?

    Oh shit, when did I start watching Pacific Rim?

    lol "TO THE MOON!?" The way he said that is funny as shit.

    She's an Autobot, remember? She don't need no fishbowl helmet like the humans.

    STARSCREAM LIVES! <3 <3 <3

    What impeccable timing to arrive.

    You can't believe you're really on the moon? Don't you live on a planet with robots all over the place? You guys haven't worked on more moon missions since then? This is why Dark of the Moon happened...

    Shockwave is action again. Nice.

    Ooo, Megatron VS the Dinobots maybe?

    Nope, he's just flying away. Cool ass transformation though.

    Bee sure has been putting those stinger upgrades to use.

    That hammer did nothing to Lugnut Supreme...

    Smash'em Bulk!

    ... or not.

    RIP Bee and Bulk.

    No, big green's still kickin'.

    Hell yeah, knock that mother fucker out.

    Bee, I want to see some vengeance man. Crush him.

    It's better to be dead than brain dead, Ratchet. Take a chance.

    Hey - Ratchet's trusting Sari. They're gonna' become a medi-team! :D 

    We're finally getting a good Megatron VS Optimus Prime battle I hope. One of my favorite things from G1 was the constant struggles between them.


    Welcome back to the land of the living Arcee <3

    That's it? She's not gonna' go through a whole "I failed!" speech over losing the codes?

    If this were Halo, Prowl would be assassinating that big ass bot right now.

    Hell yeah, Jazz! :D 



    That's what you are, Sari.

    Arcee and Omega Supreme back online in the same episode? Beautiful.

    Go get'em Omega <333333333333

    lol bye Lugnut.

    RIP Sentinels.

    Wha- what? How? Fuck it. Hell yeah, Starscream. Wreck him!

    lol he sounded like an infomercial near the end of that line.

    Are we going to see Troncon and Prime work together?

    Erm, guess not.

    Holy shit, he remembered his name! HE REMEMBERED HIS NAME! That's irked me this whole damn time.

    Did I mention that I fucking love Prowl and Jazz? Seriously. I love them so much.

    All that time spent hunting the fragments in the earlier season and Prowl could have just pulled them to him. :p 

    Starscream sounds like a pod racer. That's awesome.

    Uh-oh. Don't hurt my scream man. He deserves this. Let him have one win.

    No way man.

    Did that just take him offline?

    Wow... That's really disappointing for me to be honest. Like... really disappointing.

    Wait, then who's controlling those cons if Scream is offline?

    Orrrr does he live on in his clones? I don't know how this works.

    R.I.P Lugnut Supreme #2.

    We're getting plenty of destruction to the city right now. Bay influenced episode for sure ;) 

    Did he just pick up a damage boost or something?

    ... *sigh*

    R.I.P Prowl.

    God fucking damn you dude.

    God. Fucking. Dammit. Son of a fucking bitch.


    Man, fuck.

    I can't even enjoy this stupid fight right now...


    How fucking ironic is this? Jazz is carrying the single member of the team to die in a giant battle in the city... Oh, if only '07 could have been different.

    Ahhh here it goes.

    Execute him Optimus.

    Dark of the Moon style.





    Fucking honor ruins it again.

    Well, I guess if they planned for Season 4 they really couldn't have done it differently.

    I saw Warpath and Cliffjumper in the crowd.

    Prowl </3 ;(

    Holy shit the cheering for Omega Supreme.

    Man - that was a fun ride for sure and I'm hurting over Prowl but why the fuck does it have to end there? What about Black Arachnia, Starscream's Clones and Sari? What does Sari end up doing with herself? So Blurr actually fucking died? He's really gone? Why?! AND THE DINOBOTS DIDN'T DO SHIT FUCK ALL BUT BE SLAVES TO BAD GUYS - PROWL AND BULKY SHOULD HAVE LEFT THEM TO BE SCRAPPED! ... Well, except Slag... or Snarl - whatever you want to call him. He's alright in my book.

    I'm also disappointed I didn't get to see anymore of the human super villains.

    This uh, this kind of bites. I absolutely adore Animated and I'm super happy I decided to blog about it but I feel like I just received a swift kick in the nuts for the finale... It was well done and I loved the episode but there's just so much left unsaid. Why?

    Ugh. Oh well. I enjoyed the ride. It's been fun watching these shows and sharing these experiences with you guys and girls and I'm super happy to have been able to do it. Branching out from the Bayfilms has given me a ton of insight into the Transformers franchise and I now have four shows I'm dying to revisit. Seriously - I've been wanting to watch G1 again for freakin' ages.

    Tomorrow I'll write up my usual favorites and so on and so forth.

    Thanks for reading! It's been fun!
  5. CaptainSlayer

    CaptainSlayer Bayfomer Fan

    Jul 29, 2014
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    "Transform and Rollout, Part 1" has been added!
  6. Bass X0

    Bass X0 King of Muay Thai

    Dec 12, 2003
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    Animated is its own completely new continuity, unrelated to everything that came before. Namesakes and homages are just that and nothing more. They're not the same characters.
  7. soundwaverulls

    soundwaverulls Well-Known Member

    Dec 10, 2010
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    Yeah this. Beast Machines was the end of the original cartoon continuity. Anyway, glad you're liking the series so far. I'm looking forwards to following this blog. Wonder if I'll make more comments on this one?

    SPLIT LIP AKA Beve Stuscemi

    Oct 22, 2005
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    agile house
    Yes! :3

    As for the comparrisons to the movies, Animated did indeed air in 2007 alongside the first movie. (but well before DOTM) However only the Allspark and Megatron's discovery and reverse engineering are really pulled from TF2007. (Albeit used much more effectively, as Megatron's advanced technology has literally chanegd the world wheras it was simply responsible for the modern age in the films) The ship crashing is straight out of G1, as is the spacebridge they use. (but it looks and functions different)

    And yes, Animated is a completely seperate timeline, the war footage from G1 is just a brief easter-egg for older fans, they are not in continuity. (hence why Optimus is so young, Ratchet is alive, Megatron's still Megatron, etc.)

    Re: the characters, Optimus being younger and not the grand hero of G1 is my favourite part. As for his grapples, all the Autobots in Animated used tools as weapons, as they're all workers and engineers now that the war is over. Even his axe, which is his main weapon, is more of a tool of utility than combat. Like a fireman's axe. The Decepticons, who are still warminded, all carry projectile weapons and the occasional non-tool melee weapon. Ratchet is great, and we'll learn of his experiences that left him so crusty. I love Bulkhead, he's a big lug. He and Bumblebee make a pretty amusing duo, and yeah his "we're all gonna die" is a straight-up Rattrap reference. :D 

    The Decepticons are all great. I love Starscream, Lugnut will definite cement his personality later on, Blackarachnia's organic alt mode will be explained, and this Blitzwing proved popular enough that his Generations G1-inspired toy had the three-face gimmick. :lol  And Megatron is badass. He's dark, subdued, and I love the swords. Also, his fusion cannon uses the original G1 Megatron's cannon effect.

    Also, her name is Sari, not Sally. :p 
  9. Bass X0

    Bass X0 King of Muay Thai

    Dec 12, 2003
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    Speaking of Animated, this prompted me to watch my favorite scene from the "Megatron
    " episode. Where the
    is inserted into Megatron's
    so that he
    with his

    Prowl wasn't in Age of Extinction. He had a one-changer toy but that was basically his G1 appearance.
  10. grimlock_king25

    grimlock_king25 Hail to the king, baby

    May 15, 2009
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    Animated ran from December 26, 2007 to May 23, 2009
    This is a separate continuity. The clips from G1 in the beginning are just meant as a little nod to the fans and NOT to place Animated in the same continuity or an alternate timeline of it.
    Yes I LOVE the fresh take on Optimus.
    Yes that's his name. Once you see more of him I think you will love him.
    I LOVE this Blitzwing. Mainly his random personality (the jack-o-lantern looking one)
    Her name is Sari. Her dad's name is Isaac
  11. Feralstorm

    Feralstorm I ship Nick & Judy TFW2005 Supporter

    Jun 26, 2003
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    That sounds really nasty.

    Methinks there might be some Prowl/Drift mixup here, what with the ninja-ness and all.
  12. CaptainSlayer

    CaptainSlayer Bayfomer Fan

    Jul 29, 2014
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    I had figured this much but wanted confirmation. I'm sure someone told me in the past that Beast Machines was the cutting point for G1 but I'd either forgotten or made it up in my mind in the first place.


    Noted on the girls name and made an edit to fix it! Regardless of continuity, I really appreciate the throwback in the beginning and with the theme song. I'll think of it as a reboot. :) 

    Also, good to know I wasn't just making up the movie references!

    I agree the new take on Optimus is pretty cool, I just hope he doesn't end up being like Rodimus and being all talk.

    I also have a feeling Blitzwing is going to grow on me rather quickly.

    Thank you for the dad's name!

    Yes it does and yes it was!

    I've added an edit to the post acknowledging my screw up. This Prowl doesn't remind me anything of the G1 version so I guess I pieced the two Samurai bots together. :p 

    Thank you for the clarification guys and girls!
  13. David Hingtgen

    David Hingtgen Chromaticon

    Jul 1, 2002
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    It gets even better---I think the first Ep is one of the lower-tier ones.

    And yes, Blitzwing will be awesome soon, this is the defining version of the character. I'm a fan of the "cold" version.
  14. Jetbolt

    Jetbolt Maximal Air Commander

    Dec 6, 2009
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    Looking forward to seeing you go through Animated. Hopefully you'll like it as much as you did with Beast Wars.
  15. soundwaverulls

    soundwaverulls Well-Known Member

    Dec 10, 2010
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    Man, it's so weird watching your reaction to this after skipping RID01 and the Unicron Trilogy. Not only is this your first TF cartoon reboot, but it's the first time you've seen a new series redo the original theme song, something that the previous four series made commonplace. Not that I'd blame anyone for skipping those series.
  16. PPProductions

    PPProductions Autobrat

    Feb 28, 2015
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    Imagine waking up to that song every Saturday morning for 3 years. I listen to that bloody song on a weekly basis.

    This is why TFA Prime is imo the best version of the character. I love him so much because he's different. But that's also a reason why people hate him :/.

    I was always pretty torn about Animated Starscream. I can't really say what I think about him without spoiling the show though...


    :D  Get ready, it's gonna be wild.

    SPLIT LIP AKA Beve Stuscemi

    Oct 22, 2005
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    agile house
    Optimus is like the anit-Rodimus. He's very humble, almost awkward.

    Also, he's voiced by the same actor who voiced Beast Wars Megatron and Noble, David Kaye. And he voices Lugnut.
  18. nero9000

    nero9000 Well-Known Member

    Dec 10, 2006
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    My thoughts:

    Wow, they turned Prime's crew into garbage men? Demoted! This Prime is making a pretty good Leader-1 impression. I don't get it. Why use Optimus Prime at all if this is what we get? Clearly Optimus should be in the Ultra Magnus role, and this Prime should be Rodimus or Magnus. They're too hung up on the Optimus name.

    This is almost exactly the same crew as in TFP. They were really big on these characters, it seems. I like Prime Ratchet, but this one is a bit too Kup. Bumblebee is clearly an annoying little shit, but not nearly as beep as beep boop dooba woop. Hard to imagine now this was his first appearance since the G1 days!

    Teletran is a lady now. Really putting the tran into Teletran.

    Split-personality kraut-bot Blitzwing has a lot of potential. Not a fan of the voice, though, and he might be a bit too cartoonish. Seeing Blackarachnia is a bit surreal, but cool. They shoulda used Bulkhead as a rebuilt Rhinox. I'm totally fan-wanking this show into G1 continuity, no matter the cost.
  19. PPProductions

    PPProductions Autobrat

    Feb 28, 2015
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  20. Metroplex79

    Metroplex79 Hey mouse, say cheese!

    Feb 28, 2003
    Trophy Points:

    I'm going to enjoy this.

    Compared to everything you've seen, this is going to be in it's not "G1", but it borrows enough to make it seem familiar, and yet it's totally new.

    I was never big on the animation, still not, but I loved the story and characters. You're only 1 ep in, and you've gotten so much...just wait till the show gives you more.

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