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    Hey everybody!

    I'm CaptainSlayer, a newer member to the community. You can view my first thread introducing myself and asking for some assistance here.

    Some of you in this board may know me from my most popular thread so far. You know, the one where I asked why Transformers in G1 decided to turn into Jets even though they could all fly?

    Well, as some of you may know, I was introduced to Transformers from the Bay films and I love them dearly. It wasn't until just a few weeks ago that I decided to start watching the G1 series on Netflix, my impressions were good but with some humorous confusion.

    I was PM'd by forum member Metroplex79 who recommended a great idea, he thought I should do a thread documenting my reactions and thoughts to the G1 series. I, of course, think this is a great idea and am going to use this thread as my blog to express my thoughts on the series, live as I watch the episodes.

    Currently, I am on Season 2 Episode 5 of the G1 cartoon, but for the sake of this thread I'm going to rewind to the beginning and watch them all over. Sober.

    I will update my OP as I watch the episodes and I plan to do at least one a day on weekdays when possible, but I might hit a marathon, who knows!

    Oh, also, just a bit of background on me. I am a 22 year old male, born in 1992 and grew up with Nicktoons, Boomerang toons and other Cartoon Network shows. I am a gamer, collector (small time) and work at a ceramic plant as an office assistant!

    Thanks for reading, and I hope you guys and gals enjoy!

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    WARNING: Spoilers Below

    This thread is updated with a new episode Monday-Friday. When posting, please refrain from posting spoilers. If you feel you must post them, please use the spoiler tag. Thanks!

    Looking for a specific episode? Use CTRL+F then type in the episodes title to find it!

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    --------BLOG Recap--------​

    What started out as a drunken show choice on Netflix turned into a project that I've worked on and off with for the past year.

    Bayformer fan watches G1 was an idea pitched to me by forum user Metroplex79 during my early days on the site, once he found out that my only experience with the franchise was with the Michael Bay films.

    The idea was to watch the original show while blogging about it "live" expressing my thoughts and reactions as they happened. The early episodes left me with a lot of confusion as I came to realize that Sideswipe wasn't a rollerblader and that all of the bots and cons could fly for some odd reason and as time went on I found myself referencing the bayverse less and less as I got more intrigued by the story of the G1 itself.

    I had some knowledge of the 'divide' in the Transformers community with fans expressing disdain towards the live action films while holding G1 up on a holy pedestal of sorts. That is a sentiment that I don't share with that side of the community.

    When I was young, I grew up watching the original Star Wars trilogy all the time. In 1999, when Episode One release, I was seven years old. While I absolutely loved the original trilogy, I had no issues with the new film despite the Star Wars fan base crying foul as echoes of "Bantha Poo Doo" erupted throughout. My youth, ignorance and general love of Star Wars allowed me to enjoy all six films in the saga without any feeling of it "not being good enough".

    I believe I'm fortunate the have the same scenario play out here. I didn't grow up with the G1 cartoons, so when I first saw Starscream in the 2007 live action film I was stunned. I thought that if I were to see a Transformer in real life, that's what it would look like. I didn't feel like the source material had been neglected or betrayed because I had no concept of the source material, I was watching the movie for fun and fun is what I had.

    When I started writing the BLOG I had an opposite effect. I saw Ironhide and had to raise a brow and laugh at how silly he looked. I was used to the bulky, hulk type fighter that had an epic diesel truck alt and I come to G1 to see some Red shaggen wagon looking thing.

    In fact, it was until eight or so episodes into Season 2 that I started to separate the two in my mind and realized that G1 and the Bayformer films are completely different entities. They aren't supposed to be alike because they are two completely different takes on what is an amazing franchise.

    There's no need to compare the two and pick them apart because they simply aren't the same thing. Where G1 provides nostalgia for some of you, it provided a whole new experience for me, a different set of eyes to view the Transformers universe through all the while I'm still able to pop in my Dark of the Moon blu-ray and hope like hell Ironhide turns around in time or throw in the 2007 film and get hype as shit when the instrumental for "Pretty Handsome Awkward" blasts on as Sam runs for his life from Barricade.

    The biggest deal about this blog seemed to be the Transformers movie and I've got to say that it was without a doubt the highlight of my time spent in G1 thus far.

    At the end of my entry, I stated that I enjoyed it more than any of the Bayformer films with the exception of Dark of the Moon. I stand by that statement.

    These two entries are extremely close to my heart and I have fond memories of them both. Seeing Hot Rod become Rodimus Prime and whoop ass and having Nimoy voice one bad ass version of Gavaltron is something that I wasn't prepared for when I sat down and popped in that freakin' DVD. It was a nonstop ride that had my heart racing and the damn thing was released FIVE YEARS BEFORE I WAS BORN!

    The downside of the film being that I feel it was the peak of the G1 Series. My interest and attention dropped like a brick as we moved into Season Three. I was very disappointed to have so many of the characters I'd grown to love ripped away and replaced with new bots that had little personality.

    The great thing about Season Two to me was the great number of episodes that were dedicated to introducing a single character and establishing them as a vital part of the team. But with Season 3, I don't even remember half of their damn names and the movie had me all twisted.

    I talked mad crap about Ultra Magnus quoting him to be a horrible leader during the movie but then in the very next Season he was running laps around Rodimus Prime who in my honest opinion is a worse leader than Starscream when he took over the Cons for five seconds before being turned to dust!

    Then there was Season 4 which was only three episodes long and had me uneasy at how eager Arcee and Nano were getting to do the buck nasty and the entire plot line of humans merging with Transformers turned me off like a god damn light switch.

    That's not what Transformers is to me. Transformers don't need humans for anything, we're worthless to them apart from teaching Optimus Prime (WHO DIED LIKE THREE DAMN TIMES) how to play damn Basketball!

    And don't even get me started on the fucking Quintessons, I hate that fucking story line. It's horrendous and stupid. You mean to tell me these epic Transformers were just created by some floating faces? You want me to honestly believe that all there is to the Transformers is that there's sentient roomba's!?

    No, I prefer the original origin story and to be honest I feel like G1 should have concluded with the film.

    So that's that. My recap of G1 as a Bayformer fan who has grown quite fond of this old cartoon. Below I'm going to be listing some of my top 5's and I'll try my best to answer any questions anyone has for me. As for the blog, I'm not quite sure where we're going from here. Back in June or July I had expressed interest in moving onto Beast Wars but as PPProductions has taken over that, I wouldn't want to clog up the forum with more or less the same material.

    Oh who am I kidding.

    Bayformer fan watches Beast Wars will start in October!

    Top 5 Favorite Autobots
    1. Mirage
    2. Tracks
    3. Hippie (Beachcomber)
    4. Blurr
    5. Omega Supreme
    Top 5 Favorite Decepticons
    1. Randal (Rumble)
    2. Astrotrain
    3. Cyclonus
    4. Dirge
    5. Megatron
    Top 5 Favorite Episodes
    1. Traitor
    2. The Golden Lagoon
    3. Make Tracks
    4. Kremzeek!
    5. The Secret of Omega Supreme
    Favorite Seasons
    1. The Transformers Movie
    2. Season 2
    3. Season 1
    4. Season 3
    5. Season 4
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    --------Season One--------​

    S1:E1 - More Than Meets the Eye: Pt. 1 - 8/7/14​

    • Running right at each other, blasting away with blind fires. Seems accurate of real war.

    • Megatron just turned into a giant gun and shot himself at autobots. Coolios.

    • If this is all it took to write a TV show theme song in the 80's, I was born in the wrong decade. Very tone-deaf, but that auto tune 'ROBOTS IN DISGUISE' is legit.

    • Wheeljack looks funny, but awesome. Bumblebee speaks!

    • "One Mega Mile to go!", is that more than a regular mile?

    • Bumblebee is using Wheeljack for cover. Why isn't Wheeljack transforming and blasting?

    • The Decepticons just turned into weird triangle jet ships.

    • Car puns/references everywhere.

    • Flashy emblem transition is awesome.

    • Soundwave sounds awesome. Laserbeak is a VHS tape, not a demonic drooling bird?

    • More car puns/references.

    • Shockwave sounds much different. Not just growling whirling noise things. Also, no giant drill of doom?

    • Starscream is a dick. But has balls for standing up to Megatron with that god awful voice.

    • They are blasting off in a giant taxi ship. Is that the ark?

    • Two balls just smashed together in space sending a red autobot (Ironhide, I think?) crashing to the ground of the ship where he quickly chimes, "Leakin' lubricant!" My mind must be very perverse, because I'm picking up all the wrong signals.

    • Yup. Def. Ironhide. Why the hell did Jazz just fly out of the pilot seat? He literally just floated off screen as Optimus yelled his name and took over.

    • FACT: The Autobot laser gun can shoot on all sides, clearing the entire area around them even though it's front facing.

    • There is a cop car Autobot? First, they have cops on Cybertron? Second, I thought the cop car was Barricade? He's a good guy?

    • Getting a lot of Star Trek vibes. Megatron is chillin' in his center seat and now their launching Tractor Beams. Now a Star Wars Episode IV scene is playing out. The decepticons are boarding the taxi arc and their all chillin' in a hall ready to start blastin.

    • OK. So. A scene literally just repeated itself. The exact same scene. It was played twice in a row with different voice overs. Did people not notice this back then or was it a budget thing?

    • Soundwaves goin' ham.

    • Taxi arc crashed into a mountain/vocano/big thing because of G-Force.

    • Four million years just passed in three seconds.

    • Def. a volcano, it just erupted.

    • All the bots have been sleeping for a really long time. I don't see Shockwave, has he been chilling on Cybertron for four million years?

    • Taxi arc is repairing the Decepticons. Traitor.

    • Scratch two posts up. Apparently they weren't sleeping. They were dead.

    • Well. There go all the Decepticons. FLYING out of the ship like super man. No jet boosters, jet packs, nothing. Just super powers.

    • Starscream just blasted on some rocks, knocking them onto the taxi arc which in turn knocked Optimus Prime over to the little 'EXPLORE! EXPLORE!' dude who went out and scanned a truck. Starscream dun' goofed.

    • Optimus just thanked taxi arc after transforming from a semi with a trailer. The trailer is no where to be found.

    • Megatron literally just picked three rocks as the con base of operations. Out of the entire planet of Earth, he picked some rocks...

    • Soundwave just sent out Randal. Little robot guy, super tiny. He's gonna' help Starscream get materials for their new ship.

    • The cons just flew off. Starscream turned into a jet. Soundwave and Randal just super manned with him. They had no trouble keeping up. This disproves people in my other thread claiming they turned to jets for 'speed'.

    • FACT: Hound is not John Goodman.

    • Cliffjumper just said something weird. His voice actor doesn't sound the same from Season 2. Season 2 dude sounds much better. Unless I'm imagining stuff and it's the same guy.

    • Randal's name is actually Rumble. Just heard Starscream say it. FACT: Soundwave is hard to understand.

    • I'm getting a 'sith' vibe from Starscream, wanting to over throw Megatron so badly. I don't think he was like this in the films?

    • Rumble just started busting up the ground. Not sure when/how his arms became big old punching things but it cracked the place up. The animation was weird, the crack of the earth was stretched across the screen and kinda just slid around. Like, the crack was nearly in the sky.

    • Soundwave is kind of like a teletubby. He is able to display stuff on his screen chest, that I did not know was a screen until this very moment.

    • Scene just jumped to Cliffjumper and Hound and Cliffjumper suddenly has a freaking massive cannon. He just shot up on the cons and they're all just standing there talking. So much for 'having megatron in my viewfinder!' Also, if I was getting shot at, I'd be bobbin' and weavin'.

    • OK. So the bots are running from Laserbeak. One second he's a bird robot thing, the next he is literally just a straight cannon. What even is this show?

    • OK. So. Nevermind. Laserbeak is on Hound. Floating straight cannon is on Cliffjumper. I guess LB deployed it?

    • Hound just got shot in his Drive Train. Ratchet (I think), Cliffjumper and some big crane truck thing are helping him. No sign of Laserbeak of straight cannon.

    • Big truck is 'Hauler' I think. Cliffjumper has the funniest/most awkward laugh I've heard in quite some time.

    • Three decepticons just turned into a camera and produced film. The jet plane guy said 'Reflector', is it just one con or multiple?

    • Jet plane guy is Thundercracker. Looks nothing like the DOTM deluxe toy. Did Bay make any of them look close to their G1 counter parts? I can see the resemblance in Optimus and kind of in Bee.

    • They're releasing 'Ravage'. So many characters in the pilot...


    • Robot dog attacking the humans. Or maybe it's a panther.

    • Panther.

    • Holy mother of Autobots. Is Tailbreaker a hearse? Sideswipe is red? Jazz is leading? Who is Sunstreaker? Mirage was in there I think?

    • More humans. Spike is one of them. He's getting the baler.

    • Human's were throwing rocks or something at Megatron. He threw a pipe at them and knocked them in the ocean. 100% sure that one dude has a broken spine and will drown.

    • lol. "Stop! Let go of my dad!" *slap* *con turns around and lightly taps kid* *kid flys off screen* There are cons that are human size?

    • Dude's dad drop kicked a con.

    • Soundwave is producing energon cubes and it sounds like a lightsaber igniting.

    • Here come the justice league!

    • Nvm. Just the Autobots flying in in robot form.

    • Megatron just transformed into a giant gun and is now being shot by Starscream. I mean, why use the massive cannon on your arm when you can be man handled by another con?

    • OK. So. All the bots and cons are blasting each other with blasters. Except for Ironhide and Starscream. They decided to fight with lead pipes.

    • Laserbeak just poked at Primes head which allowed Megatron to escape. Oh, cool, he used his cannon.

    • The humans are screaming for help. They are afraid of the fire. Not a single one has questioned the giant talking robots with space lasers.

    • Prime -really- can't lift that beam? Also, Spike and his dad are both small enough to just squeeze through the holes?

    • Creepy Tim Curry sounding guy is explaining to me the next episode. Rumbles smashing the ocean floor, Primes driving up to a cave, Tron's snaggin' some rubies, Prime just fell off the path.

    • Credits are rolling. This music is my jam. The hasbro symbol looks weird.

    Alright. So that was the end of Episode One. I'm left with a few questions, the main one of which I won't go into... (see my thread above!)

    Number One: Is Barricade an autobot?

    Number Two: Is 'Spike', 'Sam'?

    Number Three: Was the taxi arc, the arc? Or does that even exist in this show?

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S1:E2 - More Than Meets the Eye: Pt. 2 - 8/8/14

    • "Autobots wage their baTTLE against the EE-VUL forces of. the. Dee-Sept-UH-CONS!"

    • Just noticed not Barricade is in the opening scene.

    • Recap of last episode. Announcer is talking like an auction guy, super fast. Didn't see Cons making oil into energon last episode but apparently they did.

    • Random Autobot has his arm jammed in a metal tower thing. Not sure how he can't get out. Don't know his name. Kinda' looks like Frozone or a blue Juggernaut but I'm just gonna' call him buckethead.

    • Buckethead just called the other guy brawl. Don't remember either of these guys from the first episode. Something about hating fire and water.

    • Optimus is still helping two small humans. Called on trailbreaker to shoot at fire with a shield. Wheeljack goin' to back him up.

    • Trailbreakers shield thing ain't doin' jack, Wheeljack was smart and used his fire extinguisher arms.

    • Prime got the two humans. Jazz screamin' and throwin' stuff at them.

    • Grappling hook. He threw a grappling hook.

    • Prime just introduced himself and the bots. Said they were from cybertron. A planet far from earth. When did he find out earth's name?

    • Introducing cons.

    • Son's name is Spike.

    • Flashy emblem animation.

    • I'm assuming that's Spike, writing in a diary and talking out loud what he's writing. He's also sitting on a freakin' cliff face.

    • Soundwave peepin.

    • He just turned into a really small thing. Spike's grabbin' him. Didn't Prime give them the basics? Show an insignia? That shits in plain view!

    • Dude sat Soundwave down. He's spying on trailbreaker and Spike.

    • Hound's hittin' Spike with some knowledge.

    • Mirage can use active camo. I now understand his name.

    • Hound and Spike are goin' cruisin.

    • Soundwave just transformed and sit out Panther guy, sending him into big computer telecam one.

    • Spike just found Soundwave. No autobots in sight. Soundwave tried to grab him but missed by a mile even though he wasn't moving.

    • Spike hit the alarm. Panther disc just transformed and is running.

    • Prime spotted them. Ravage (I think) staying back to fight like a man!

    • Never mind, he turned and split and now the bots are blasting on that fool.

    • Gears is using infared while the bots just caught little dude.

    • Megatron's laying into Starscream. Gonna' summon a tidal wave for more power at sunrise. No body has mentioned panther guy.

    • Skip to Sunrise. Megatron ordered Soundwave to dispatch Rumble (Clearly not Randal when he says it). I've also just realized how addicting the noise when they transform is.

    • Soundwave just said his name and it sounded like 'Fumble', I can't understand anything this freakin' guy says. Rumble's heading to the bottom of the ocean.

    • He's beating it up.

    • Cons are going to the power plant. Dams over flooding.

    • lol at human dialogue, sounded something like this; "Hey Dan look at this gauge!" "Somethings wrong" *queue crazed old evil prospector from Toy Story 2 voice* "THE RIVERS RISSSSEN!"

    • Some super weird cursive type of writing is spamming the bots screen. Just learned the power output is "10 times normal".

    • Jazz assumes its the cons. Correctly but still.

    • "AUTOBOTS ACCELERATE!" No one goes any faster.

    • Starscreams prepping the null ray while the dam is cracking up.

    • Soundwave just produced more cubes, kinda' sounded like the doors opening in Star Wars.

    • Prowl: "We've got to work fast! You, uh, think the, uh, Decepticons did this!?"

    • Welp. The Autobots all just jumped up and started flying after Prime proclaimed, "Autobots to the air!", not a single one -LITERALLY NOT ONE- transformed into a plane/jet/helicopter/space triangle.

    • Hound found Rumble. They just held onto each other. Smoke everywhere, or well, whatever it is under water. Dirt maybe?

    • Ironhide and Bee are gonna make a new river with a space gun.

    • The humans are somehow on the roof with no ladder. Shouting 'Thanks neighbors!' to the bots.

    • lol. Optimus Prime just said "Stick it in Neutral!" to Megatron. I don't know why that's so funny. I'm rewinding that scene.

    • lol. Just as funny the second time.

    • A battle is breaking out in the place they were just claiming was going to explode three minutes ago.

    • Mirage just saved Cliffjumper.

    • Bad banter between Optimus and Prime.

    • Lmfao. Starscream is using a fucking slingshot.

    • Just saved Optimus for the second time in two episodes.

    • Optimus just busted out a bad ass axe.

    • Megatron's cannon isn't on his arm for some reason.

    • Oh snap, Tron just pulled out a freakin' flail.

    • lol. "I'm gonna' end your hunger once and for all!", Prime slaps Tron with glowing battleaxe, and odd sound kinda like a beam being hit on concrete plays as he lightly falls over.

    • Ooo, Prime said Tron's 'Yesterdays model' and called him 'Junk'.

    • They're going on about sweeping each other up.

    • Aeriel shot looks like two kids waving flashlights at each other.

    • Spike's yelling for Hound at the bottom of the River, thinking he can hear him through all that water while fighting Rumble...

    • Rumble just got bitch made and was tackled by a human.

    • He's choking that fool, Spike's shouting "HALP! HAAALP!"

    • Prime got knocked off the bridge/Dam thing.

    • Jazz saving the day with that grappling hook again. This is literally the second time he's saved Prime from water with that hook in this episode.

    • Spike's waking up. Guess Rumble whooped up on him.

    • OK... Had to pause for this one. Hound got stuck under some rocks. Spike SWIMS to the bottom of the river thing, finds Hound and literally lifts a boulder three times his size off of Hound... A one-hundred LBS human can lift the rock but a massive bot can't? #SuspensionOfBelief, Slayer. #SuspensionOfBelief.

    • Hound's talking about flooding Spike's engine and is giving him a back massage.

    • Prime just called Buckethead 'Huffer'.

    • It's snowing all the sudden. Seekers are somewhere getting Energon cubes.

    • Megatron getting onto Starscream for blasting stuff again.

    • Spike and his dad were having some tea in the woods. Somehow hears Tron's plan perfectly.

    • Starscream just said "Power makes all things possible, I can wait." I'm 99% sure I saw that in someones signature on here somewhere

    • Showed a large gathering of cons. Six looked exactly the same.

    • Spike's dad's complaining about the oil rig. Why are they both still wearing construction hats? Spike ignored him, said "LOOK DAD NO HANDS".

    • Trailbreakers getting lit up.

    • Sunstreaker and sideswipe just rolled up. They look like Deloreons (Sp?), They just blasted on a con and Spike commented "Man, that's hot!" I'm presuming bad puns were the jam in the 80's.

    • They have a ruby factory already?

    • Megatron just went Scrooge McDuck, bathing in rubies.

    • Wait, what? Did Bee just call that dude Sparkplug? Is that really his name?

    • Skywarp and Thundercracker look exactly the same. Why are so many cons the exact same?

    • "This is the last load, Get ready to pull out." - Megatron

    • Bee planted the mine bomb.

    • Thundercracker and Skywarp are different colors from the back. In that scene they were identical.

    • Optimus is going to use Roller. Whatever/Whoever that is.

    • It's been way longer than 30 seconds. That bomb should've went off.

    • Prime's trailer magically appeared.

    • Roller looks like the Mako from Mass Effect.

    • Bomb went off, stuffs collapsing.

    • Prime's yelling. Jazz is yelling. Prime's flipping down the mountain, his trailer not moving at all like it shoulder. Just a perfect fall.

    • Creepy announcer is back: glowy stuff, illusions, bos wearing lab coats, Prime flying with jet boosters, Prime falling to earth. Queue credits.

    Alright, so that's it for Episode 2. I've been asked by quite a few people to start doing a bit to explain what I thought about the episode I watched, and I've decided too.

    This Episode made me laugh a lot more than the first one. Is that dudes name really Sparkplug? When I had the show going in the background over the past week I always assumed Sparkplug was a bot. Not a human. In Episode One there was a guy named Joe, this episode had another human name I can't think of. But then this dudes name is Sparkplug?

    This one was exhausting. I was typing way faster and more often than the last episode. I didn't spot any big animation flaws like the repeated scene of Rumble's cracking going through the sky in this one.

    I'm starting to learn the characters and am enjoying the show more. I haven't seen any huge continuity errors yet like everyone's talking about however. >< I did notice I didn't draw as many comparisons to the Bay films in this one though, not quite sure why. No laserbeak also :( 

    Wait... I just thought of something. It never showed panther guy after they caught him!?

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S1:E3 - More Than Meets the Eye: Pt. 3 - 8/9/14

    • Alright. Transformin' time. Queue that fantastic tone deaf song, maestro!

    • Tim Curry sounding announcers is reviewing the last two episodes.

    • He just said "As we conclude the final episode of the TRANSFORMERSSSSS" Was the series only going to be a short three episode run?

    • Optimus is still defying physic as he and his trailer flip in a perfect motion together. Ratchet wants to "Get him on his wheel" because it looks bad.

    • Sound effects of the lifting Prime up were pretty good. Def. sounded real. Primes moan however was a little too real (and awkward).

    • Roller lives! And sounds a lot like R2-D2.

    • Primes shaking really bad while transforming. Encouragement from Buckethead. Prime transformed. His trailer is gone again. Roller was in the trailer. I'm confused. Where does he store it?!

    • Yup. Dude's name really is Sparkplug.

    • Bumblebee and Sparkplug are somehow unhurt from tons of rock collapsing on them.

    • "Wheeljack wasn't jokin' when he said that bomb would blow in 60 seconds!" - Sparkplug. Who the hell would joke about that? It's a fucking bomb!

    • Finally found something that the films matched up well. Wheeljack is a nerdy little dork, "59.99 to be exact!" - I love him.

    • Rocks just exploded for some reason and are flying. Ironhide just shouted; "Leakin' Lubricant!", is that supposed to be a curse word or some type of catch phrase?

    • The Decepticons broke free. Soundwave is holding the energon cubes. I'm kinda' curious as to how they animated the glowing effect back then.

    • Apparently the Decepticons are faster super heros when flying. Ironhide ain't accepting that, he's giving chase.

    • Bluestreak is trying to stop him but then joined it.

    • Hit a jet guy with a rocket, nothing happened.

    • Jet guy is nightcrawler. Can teleport.

    • Bluestreak sounds like Shaggy.

    • Lol wtf. Awkward ten seconds of Ironhide and Bluestreak just levitating as rockets fly past them.

    • Oh shit. Nightcrawler just popped my dude Ironhide :( 

    • Hide landed in water. Bluestreak went out for him. Jazz remains king of the grabbling hook and saves them.

    • "I can't move..." - IH, "At least you can still talk old buddy." - OP, What the fuck how is that even a positive? Dude's crippled and Prime's looking at the bright sides.

    • Prime just called Ironhide, Hotshot. I thought that was a different bot? Maybe he just means Hotshot, like how we use it?

    • Spike's writing in his damn diary again. He isn't speaking out loud this time, I'm just using telepathy to hear him.

    • Ah. Found Ravage. Jaguar guy (as I've been corrected on multiple times. Still looks like a Panther...) Hound's taunting him with a key to his cage.

    • Paused at 6:37. Animation looks very off. Hound is smaller than the cage Ravage is in and it kinda looks like he's merged into it while showing off his Megatron illusion.

    • Ravage is hissing and pushing, looks like he could literally just walk out of that thing.

    • OK. Paused again. Mind is hurting right now. Mirage just said, "Hahaha, HOUND when we get back to Cybertron can you make me a house with a four car garage?" So... The giant robots, that turn into cars... drive cars?

    • Teletram one is actually Teletran One according to Hound, I think.

    • Hound keeps spinning Ravages key. I get the feeling little panther/jaguar won't be trapped up much longer.

    • Bingo. Key fell off.

    • 110% sure that Jaguar just chuckled.

    • Not sure if Prime's being sarcastic or not when saying 'Perfect' on Ravage escaping...

    • Oh, hey look, who knew Starscream and Megatron are bitching again. They're like a fucking married couple.

    • FACT: Starscream can't lead androids to a Picnic (according to Tron)

    • Starscream just tried to take out Tron, Soundwave being bitch made and warned him. Big ass red button is suddenly on Megatrons cannon. Wasn't there last two episodes.

    • FACT: Starscream is a cowardly little punk.

    • The cons are attacking a power plant or something.

    • lol all the bots are wearing lab coats, cause y'know, gotta' look professional.

    • I'm not even kidding they're really wearing labcoats.

    • No, seriously. Hold on. I'll get a picture.

    • [​IMG]

    • Told ya.

    • OK, back on track now. God, that's funny.

    • Going to fast but one bot just punched another and it exploded. Dunno' who just died but springs went everywhere.

    • NVM, it's a trap. I did not see that coming.

    • Megatron's laugh reminded me of that one version of Daffy Duck. The vampire one. Can't remember the name at all :( 

    • How come all the decepticons are jets but none of the autobots are? I might be wrong, but wasn't Drift a jet in AoE (and a helicopter)?

    • OK, this is fucking awesome. First scene in G1 that's got me pumped. All the cons dropping in, that amazing noise as they all just get ready to go ham.

    • The humans at the military base are shooting laser guns that look like WWII guns.

    • Ugh. That ended too quick.

    • The autobots didn't go help the humans?

    • Surprising, every autobot volunteered.

    • Prowl looks odd in car form.

    • It just showed a front facing scene with the bots driving towards you, the camera goes under Prime. When going under, you can see there is no trailer, then once he passes it shows the back with the trailer.

    • Bots are driving like half a mile an hour.

    • Ten seconds of Megatron throwing up the Hitler salute and all the cons cheering with him. Those scenes that just stick on that for a bit make me uncomfortable. Like the one with Bluestreak or whatever his name was and Ironhide.

    • Red button on Trons cannon is gone. He just turned into a gun again (I still cheese like crazy at this) and I think trailbreaker was this guys name? He's blastin'.

    • Ravage, Laserbeak and Rumble all just got sent out. I thought Laserbeak was a 'free' Con and not paired with Soundwave. Also, I don't think Ravage or Rumble were in the films???

    • Rumble's tiny ass is joking Hound. Oh god, never mind, he's getting stomped.

    • Prime just blasted Tron's cannon off his arm. Epic explosion beside Prime.

    • Leave it to Starscream to get bitchmade by a human.

    • Ravage just took out Prime. Not sure how a little dude like that can bring down a Prime, but OK.

    • All the autobots are blasting on the elevator. 99% sure I had a toy gun that made that same sound effect as a kid.


    • Why does Sideswipe have a rocket pack? Why does Prime need it to chase the cons if he can just fly anyway?

    • Ugh. Starscreams voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Prime is falling to earth.

    • Optimus is kind of being a dick right now.

    • Starscream is still trying to over throw Megatron... This Sith vibe is maxed right now.

    • Dude. Starscream had his chance but shot Mirage instead and just got hit by Tron.

    • I haven't heard a single person call Mirage, Dino...

    • Megatron is also kind of a bitch. He's crying and begging Soundwave to save them. Why is Soundwave the only level headed Con!?

    • Their ship is crashing and Mirage just hopped out the door. All the cons can fly and most can transform into Jets. Why don't they just jump out and transform? Tron can even turn into a gun and let someone carry him...

    • Of course. They landed in the water. Like everything else.

    • Mirage is using a parachute even though he can fly. Logic, what is it?

    • Horrible joke.

    • Spike and Sparkguy just treated going to Cybertron like it was just a vacation. I assume it has oxygen?

    • Government's helping the Autobots? Shouldn't be long before that changes.

    • Megatron lives!

    • Huh. Straight to credits this time. No announcer.

    Alright, so this has been my favorite episode so far. I got really pumped when the cons were raiding that base but I was let down from how quickly it passed. I died at the lab coats. I don't know why but that was hilarious to me.

    Also, Prime screaming Megatron was amazing xD. Three episodes in and I think I've decided on my two favorites so far. I'm very fond of Mirage and Soundwave :D 

    Episode four coming up soon! I'm gonna' have to find a way to organize this thread better :p 

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S1:E4 - Transport to Oblivion - 8/14/14

    • Recap of the first three episodes.

    • Cliffjumper must be high or something. Dude walks out, starts blastin' on rocks putting bots in danger and then explaining "Sorry guys, It kinda' looked like a decepticon!" My dude almost took Bee and Prime out.

    • The cons have been at the bottom of the ocean for months. Making a base of operations and just chillin' with the fish.

    • SHOCKWAVE! So, he did stay on Cybertron for millions of years. Did he just go to sleep or something?

    • Wait, Megatron just said 'He got into Cybertron!', WAS HE WITH THE OR NOT!?

    • Megatron wants to suck earth dry.

    • These dudes were jammin' out to Soundwave. Laserbeak deployed and tearin' the place apart.

    • The decepticons are going after the same shit as the last three episodes. Didn't they learn that shit don't work?

    • Soundwave's deploying energon cubes, no sound effect as opposed to the last three.

    • Jazz is the smoothest mother fucker.

    • "Yeah, get down!" says the 80's cartoon white guy 'Spike'. I dig that funky fresh tunage, brah. (Was brah a thing in the 80's?)

    • If you watch this episode on Netflix, pause at 3:30 and explain to me how this insane traffic jam happened at a three way with a light.

    • 'Blackout city', I'm assuming it's having a black out?

    • Yup. Having a black out.

    • Teletran sounds a lot different.

    • Prime just found Tron.

    • Why the hell would Prime send half his crew on a patrol?

    • Soundwave is pouring milk into the cubes. Not sure how you get energy in liquid form like that...

    • Cliffjumper just got slapped like a bitch when he tried to gank tron.

    • Family reunion with the Prime/Tron duo. Oh snap, just punched Prime in the pelvis.

    • Starscream and black jet guy are being pansies. Shooting concussion blasts.

    • Oh my god, Laser beak sounds like a fucking abomination. It sounds like a loud child doing inward singing.

    • Ironhide being a boss just like in the films, taking a shot from Tron that was meant for Prime. Dude's my hero.

    • R&R'd?

    • Removed and rebuilt. They also want to blow torch Ironhide's ass.

    • I'm 1,000% sure Ironhide was about to tell Ratchet to either stay away from his ass or penis. Why did people get so upset with the human referenced/pervy jokes in the films when they are in the cartoon!?

    • "Just leave the driving to me!" - Bee when letting Spike in... Ugh.

    • They're trying to make a space bridge between Cybertron and Earth. 11 minutes tops. Odd ass number.

    • Spikes worried about being shaded from the sun. Dude, worry about the mission not a damn tan.

    • Bridge!? To Cybertron!?

    • Bridge is fully operational. Sucking shit up like a vaccum.

    • I lied, that shit didn't work. Test vehicle is just gone.

    • Megatron and Starscream are totally fucking lovers. Bitching again. They didn't do this in the films as far as I remember ><

    • Bee done goofed and got caught.

    • Megatrons gonna' send them to Cybertron? How is that a bad thing?

    • omfg. "I didn't know human teeth HAD skin!?"

    • Exact same vaccum scene playing again.

    • Welp. The bridge can be reopened in 3,000 astro seconds. Is that actually a measurement of time? Judging by Megatron's reaction I'm forced to assume it's gonna' take a while. Does someone have a conversion chart?

    • So, Bumblebee just transformed inside a vehicle and drove straight up out of the glass. Then left Spike behind.

    • GOOOooOOOooOO!

    • I'm getting a Sam/Bee relationship vibe here. Is this why they picked Bee for the films?

    • Bee climbing out made him look like a giant pez dispenser.

    • WOOOOAHHHHH, Megatron just complimented Starscream.

    • Nevermind. They're bitching again.

    • Bee just said 'Bike' instead of 'Spike'.

    • Sparkplug tryin' to act hard. Like he's gonna' stop some cons. >.>

    • You'd think they'd notice the change in Bumblebee's voice when he's being mind controlled. It's. Super. Obvious. THE CAVE!?

    • Oop. There's Prime's majestic spawning trailer.

    • FACT: Soundwave's controls are on his crotch.

    • "Transform, and move in!" Do they ever settle on a single phrase? Such as "Transform and roll out!" and "Decepticons, MOBILIZE!"

    • Megatron just collapsed the entrance... with himself inside.... Good lookin' out boss.

    • Jazz just fucking slapped an energy blast with a stalagmite... Are you fucking serious? It bounced like a baseball.

    • Ironhide and Soundwave are wrestling. PRIME SAVED HIDE! Woo!

    • Prowl actually did something.

    • Nevermind, he got knocked the fuck out.

    • lol Tron shot a little baby saw at them. He set Prime free. How in the hell do the Decepticons manage to free the bots in one way or another, EVERY SINGE EPISODE!?

    • Prime just spawned behind Tron. It's about to go down!

    • Soundwave sounds super dramatic all the time. I prefer his silent bayformer counterpart ;) 

    • Megatron just ordered Starscream to blast them out of there. "Starscream!? Retreat!? NEVEEAAAAHHHHH!" Two problems with this. One, Megatron has a big ass cannon on his arm and can do that shit himself. Two, Starscream runs FROM EVERYTHING!

    • Cave formation opens flawlessly despite being blasted.

    • They can still fly without flying alts. Cons atleast.

    • Megatron just fucking changed into a pistol again and let Starscream shoot him. Speaking dialogue but his lips weren't moving.

    • Starscream can blast the cave open alone but it takes three bots?

    • Soundwaves can keep the space bridge open for four minutes. I presume that's longer than astro seconds?

    • Ravages head is glitched in Spike's cage.

    • The emotionless voice of Soundwave beats the piss out of his voice in the films. Congratulations, G1 fans, I prefer a G1 character over a bayformer. +1

    • Shockwave's ready to receive ;) 

    • lol, Sparkplug's jumpin' on Ironhide's cannon and crying about Spike.

    • Also, quick thought, why doesn't Prime or Tron ever finish each other off? Wouldn't it make it easier? I presume the real reason is because they needed the show to keep going to keep their jobs but still they always just run?

    • Prime's got those sharpshots. Blasting off the top of Spike's car and stuff. Or whatever that thing is.

    • Energon cubes are 2d at the moment. Oh snap, bye Megatron. He's going up in the vaccum.

    • Welp. That didn't take long. Starscream's already claiming to be the leader. And what do the autobots do? Watch him and his buddies leave...

    • 'I wish I could believe that' - Second time Prime used that line this episode.

    • Would'ja look at that. Shockwave did something right, Megatron made it!

    • Annnnnd roll credits! So, quick thoughts on this episode. I didn't enjoy it as much as the last one. Also, it seems to be the exact same plot and events as the first three episodes? Do they move on soon!? Thanks for reading. Be sure to vote the thread up if you enjoyed! :D 

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S1:E5 - Roll for it - 8/19/14

    • First episode I've watched from work. Thankfully I'm alone and don't have to use headphones :D 

    • Alright, so Soundwave is cruisin' with Starscream and Thundercracker. He's supermannin'. Scream's going on about being the leader of the Decepticons.

    • Really? This power plant place again? Sheesh. "Those jet's sound like they're gonna land in our laps!" "That's Bee-cuz THEY AUUURRRR!"

    • The transformation noise just sounded insanely different from previous episodes. Not as high pitched.

    • The police just happened to be in the plant and for some reason think 9MM pistols are going to harm giant robots.

    • Welp. Soundwave is making more energon cubes. I swear all five of these episodes have been literally the exact same plot line.

    • Buckethead and the other bots just rolled up. The noise played again. Still sounds way different.

    • "Can the chattin' and start kickin' pig iron!" - What the hell does that mean?

    • Cliffjumper just got smashed by some jet dude into buckethead. Buckethead didn't even flinch.

    • Brawn. Buckethead is Brawn.

    • lol. "Staaa-up!"

    • Woah, who knew. The Decepticons are running from a fight again. Despite his annoying voice I'm actually enjoying Starscream over Megatron as the leader.

    • What the actual fuck is with Sounwaves running animation. It looks like it's straight out of a scooby doo episode.

    • When did Prowl get there?

    • Soundwave just transformed and his size shrunk like times ten.

    • Prowl just hit the jets and one of their front ends looks like a limp penis.

    • "Don't bite off more than you can shred!" - Someone should make that their yearbook quote.

    • Pretty space.

    • Cybertron's so pretty with those lights. Whoop, there's Megatron.

    • Why are Starscream and Thundercracker repeatedly doing barrel rolls?

    • "Wonderful Megatron. With your leadership we can't fail!" - Thundercracker. Was he not there the first four episodes?

    • OK. Both jets front ends look like limp penises. Did I miss something? They're talking about getting new parts, are they just damaged or something?

    • Woah. Tron just said to meet him somewhere in 5 billion astro seconds. Give me a second while I scroll up to that previous episode to compare astro seconds.

    • The other episode was 3,000 astro seconds which was roughly a few minutes. Did Megatron just give them a week or something?

    • Shockwave is such a gentleman.

    • Space bridge is fully functional now I suppose since Tron wasn't scared to use it.

    • The code to open the gate is just "7"

    • When did Charles Xavier become a character?

    • Code to get into the building is 295.

    • I can't understand what the camera trio decepticons are saying, or why it takes three of them to morph into a tiny camera.

    • I think Xavier is called chip, not sure.

    • Yup. It's chip.

    • Bumblebee just said Chip had a pretty face while holding him gentle.

    • Oh snap. That floppy disc's got communications for betsy brainy computer. Open 24/7.

    • Laserbeak just blowing stuff up. Prim-Cola ad.

    • All the cons are flying to attack something.

    • "Let's cook a few crankcases!" - Bluestreak. That's the con with the dreads in DOTM. Is he in the show yet? Also, I'm not going to lie. Prowl and Bluestream have really cool designs. I wouldn't mind having their figures. :D 

    • They just got messed up by Soundwave, Starscream, I think Thundercracker and little pather/jaguar guy whos name I've forgotten at this point.

    • ... The decepticons just arrived at the lab. The con that put the code into the keypad didn't put in the right code. He just mashed some other numbers.

    • Woah. That dudes home computer is def. an IBM.

    • "The Decepticons are coming to steal the anti-matter forumula?" THe scientist guy asks in a questioning tone after and explosion has already happened and the cons are standing right behind him.

    • Flesh creature. That's my new favorite insult.

    • Megatron can figure stuff out just by touching the floor apparently.

    • Wooooooah. Didn't expect that. Tron showed mercy. "Let this human go. We seek another." You'd expect him to be pissed for sending it off somewhere.

    • Panther Jaguar guy just got lit up by Prowl. Soundwave didn't take too kindly and just lit him up sending his 'battle computer' down. These guys were mad creative with naming this stuff... Of course, a movie that just came out this year did call it fucking transformium xD

    • I love that they narrate literally everything they do.

    • Chip Chase. What a champion's name.

    • Whhhhhhat. This dude's playing Prowl like a video game. "You think just like a regular main frame!" My new favorite compliment.

    • The sound Bluestreak's gun just made I swear I've heard it before in the old Spy Fox games for PC.

    • No way. Dude's making Prowl fly a jet.

    • I don't even understand what Prowl just said. Surprise, the cons are running away... again.

    • Jet's aren't limp anymore. Guess they just needed parts.

    • Ravage. Soundwave just sent him out and he's breaking into Chip Chases house. Apparently he's as big as the door. This show has massive scaling errors. They drew everything by hand back then right? Frame by frame?

    • It's showing Chip's room again and I've noticed the university flags on his wall are all different. In text and in hanging position.

    • Chip just ripped the floppy disk like paper and then said "You're too late Ravage!" How the hell did he know the cons name already? It's never been said in front of him.


    • Ravage just knocked that wheel chair bound kid out the fucking window and into a jet.

    • Soundwaves voice is completely different. He just said excellent ravage and has a grizzly raspy voice, no mechanical type hint to it. That's a very noticeable difference. You guys should look it up.

    • Seriously. Someone give me a Prowl figure. While you're at it, I want a Hound too. I'll pay you in love.

    • Soundwave can apparently extract memories from human minds. That's pretty cool. His voice is back to normal now. Also, when he finished the sound effect sounded like a lightsaber deflecting a blaster shot. I think they really used a ton of sound effects from Star Wars. Which I think someone confirmed earlier in the thread...

    • One of the bots just turned into a giant boulder. Wasn't able to see who in time.

    • Someone also get me a Mirage and Wheeljack figure. I saw the AOE Wheeljack deluxe in Taiwan on eBay... Once again, I'll pay in love.

    • I don't know who the con on lookout is but he's a blind jackass.

    • Hound was the boulder.

    • LOL! Prowls a freakin' dick. He just tackled wheelchair kid.

    • I'm just noticing for the first time that Bumblebee has horns. Has he always had them or was it just added in this episode?

    • Not sure what Mirage said but he just blew Starscreams gun out of his hand.

    • "Let's haul cylinders!" - Bumblebee. I don't even know what that means.But he just popped a sick ass wheelie going out of there.

    • So Mirage and Hound are driving up stairs in a perfect motion.

    • Cons missed every shot. Bots just jumped out of a window in vehicle form. The window isn't broken as their flying away. Stupid ass con is still at a lost of what happened.

    • Optimus about to go in on some cons.

    • lolwut. Prime has all the bots in his trailer.

    • Who is the little yellow sports car? His vehicle form looks awesome.

    • Apparently the energon cubes act as grenades.

    • Did the autobots just loose? Ironhides got his windshield knocked out. The little car with '4' on the side is all messed up.

    • How are the Decpticons completely unphased from the explosion? It's an odd change of pace to see the bots running for once.

    • Megatron wants to reduce them to 'dust molecules'.

    • Another quote I don't get... "Gosh, you guys look like the guest of honor in a 50 car pile up!" - Sparkplug.

    • Dude, I loved Q from the movies, but I'm in love with Wheeljack, the lights on his head are awesome.

    • Jazz was doing jazz hands. Two others are arm wrestling.

    • Optimus sounds a little different this episode as well.

    • OK. So someone told me that after episode 3 the autobots couldn't fly anymore. This is false. The yellow sports car and the red one he called 'bro' are both flying to fight the cons now. I think the red one is Sideswipe if memory serves.

    • The two bots are literally rodeoing the jet cons. Very cool sequence with the yellow bot on the one con.

    • The side one just fell somehow? They both did? They're using parachutes... What is going on right now???

    • "BEWARE AUTOBOTS! I AM ABOUT TO TRANSFORM INTO THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON IN THE UNIVERSE!" says Megatron as he turns into the same pistol he always turns into before falling into Starscreams hand. I swear they're secret lovers.

    • Prime just transformed and the transformation sound effect was slowed wayyyyy down.

    • Prime just tackled Tron out of Starscreams hands.

    • lol. Spike just walked up to the black jet and started using a ratchet on him (I forget the name of the high powered tool ones...) He's all casual and chilled.

    • Skywarp is his name. Once again, I love that the characters go into depth on mentioning everything they're about to do.

    • Welp. The Decepticons are retreating again. All of them flying away and shaking like crazy.

    • The close up of Megatron's face is more detailed than previous episodes with additional lines and shading.

    • Well, the credits are rolling at it looks like that's the end of Episode 5. So, time for my thoughts. At the start of the episode I felt like they were just reusing the exact same material from the first few, which I'll be honest is getting stale. It did however end up going in a different direction than I thought and I ended up enjoying it more than the last episode. I've also noticed that I've begun to think of G1 characters and their counterparts as completely different characters. For example, I absolutely love Ironhide in the films but he seems to have a completely different personality in the show. Either way, I'm finding that I enjoy each character in their own way. So far, I don't really 'hate' any of them.

      Episode six coming soon! Until then be sure to rate the thread if you enjoyed it! Thank you!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S1:E6 - Divide and Conquer - 8/25/14

    • Alright. Episode 6. Ready to do this. EVIL FORCES OF THE DEE-CEPTEE-CONS.

    • Hey look... The powerplant again.

    • Now they're making weapons against the Decpticons.

    • Welp, Xaivers going to upgrade their 'efficiency' chip.

    • Those weapons just look like catapults on wagons.

    • Oh hey look, the Decepticons are attacking this place... again.

    • When did the humans get laser guns?

    • Don't act surprised Xavier. They do this once a week.

    • Starscream sounds funny.

    • One of the cons just said "hehehedyuuuuh behind you!", I know that voice well but I'm not sure where from. Older cartoon I'm sure.

    • Oh, hey look! Soundwaves making energon cubes... again.

    • 'Don't cash in your computer chips yet sir! There may be a few buttons we can push!' Great plan! Ignore the giant walking jets and just keep playing around on facebook.

    • The arc is still stuck in the mountain?

    • Chip Chase. Trying to remember that. Oh hey look, Optimus's magic trailer.

    • Ok. So. Another fun 'unit of measurement', a microspark. Not sure what that is. But I'm positive it's less than a megaspark.

    • "I'm afraid your button pushing was too little, too late." You're surprised?

    • The decepticons are living at the bottom of the ocean.

    • There goes Starscream trying to get Megatron's approval. How long until they admit they're secret lovers?

    • Damn Optimus. Rude. Just smashin' through the cubes and stuff.

    • Wow. Optimus just got blasted.


    • I don't understand a thing Thundercracker just said. The explosions drowned out his voice.

    • lol. "WRONG AS USUAL SKYWARP!" *super casual duck as a missle just goes flying through that convenient hole*

    • Optimus just punched a missile and deflected it.

    • Then he hugged an exploding computer. This is why he's a prime.

    • They grabbed like three cubes and bounced out.

    • Ironhide looks like a really fat ice cream freezer right now.

    • Has Wheeljack always had wings?

    • Oh snap. Primes smokin'.

    • His speech. gets all. messed. up. when he is. damaged.

    • Oh my god. His speech right now is the worst.

    • lol. They're towing him with a chain.

    • I wish I had a giant metal transport thing that shoots out of the ocean.

    • Ok. So Tron just asked if Starscream could guarentee Prime's "laser core was extinguished?", I thought it was called a spark?

    • Buckethead just paid absolutely no mind to laserbeak turning into a cassette and laying on his shoulder. (See, I called it a cassette that time and not a VHS... Does that make up for EP 1 you lil' shits?! :p )

    • The three autobots that just walked in. Buckethead and two others. The one on the far right looked like the blue wrecker from DOTM. I can't remember his name. He had the 'mullet' head though.

    • "He's doomed, I know it! I can feel it in my databank." "Nuts to that! There's gotta' be something we can do! Isn't there dad? *sniffle*

    • Jesus. Laserbeak sounds like a banshee.

    • Oh snap. He just eye lasted Prime. Now Prime's exploding. What the hell is going on right now!?!??!!

    • Cool explosion. It just took off his windshields. Still talking. Like. An. Idiot.

    • Cosmic Drive!

    • or maybe that's cosmadron? I dunno' what the fuck he's saying.

    • Not a computer generated lock! That's wayyy too much for giant sentient robots.

    • Oh man. The space bridge won't be ready for another 72 billion astroseconds. I really think they pulled that time measurement out there ass and just said 'it happens when it happens!', I wish real time was like that...

    • Did Shockwave just turn into some emblem thing???

    • Wait. I had to pause it. I'm going to post this code and be a genius.

      PATERN " A" DATA
      X = 3164468464 Y = 9472133547
      PATERN " B" DATA
      X = 3655598923 Y = 6246594462


      @DATA #325: E9456

    • To be a super computer Teletran 1 sure did make a lot of spelling errors... Also, what's with the $?

    • Gasket Breath!

    • I'm glad the 'red shirt' con got sent when Rumble was just insulting Starscream. Woah, super explosion from the bridge this time.

    • I would also like to point out that it looks like the space bridge is in the same place as previous episodes.

    • Oh snap. That 80's animated lightening and rain.

    • Oh no, the flash shorted his optic sensors.

    • Jesus christ the puns, Rumble... The puns.

    • Woah, Ironhide just went all sub-zero on Starscream. Megatron's got some goofy plan, I'm sure it won't work.

    • Starscream was blue when he broke out of the ice?

    • The rains suddenly gone...

    • Another big explosion.

    • The energon cubes were black when they were pulling them out of the ship but when Shockwave spotted them they were all glowy again...

    • Ironhide, in his van form, is smaller than the computers in Shockwaves lab. Cybertron must be massive.

    • Thank god liquid nitrogen just happened to be sitting on the wall.

    • Lol. Bumblebees just holding Xavier up while he punches random buttons and happens to get it on the 'last try'

    • How're they running through the acid rain if it's so bad?

    • Wait. Nvm. They're all falling over and whining.


    • Cosmatron.

    • The Decepticons are all flying in bot form like the legion of doom heading to fuck up the justice league.

    • 'No ones ever really disabled as long as he has courage!', what even is this right now?

    • So from Bumblebee's courage, Ironhide and the others suddenly wake up.

    • What the fuck. Now trailbreak is launching the shield to defend them from the acid rain. Wouldn't it have made sense to do that when they were in Wheeljack's old shop?

    • "Let's stop talkin' and save Optimus! Transform, uhenenenn roll for his life!" Good goin' wheels.

    • Wow Shockwave is a garbage shot.

    • All sorts of shapes and letters as opposed to an explosion when coming back over the space bridge..

    • Teletran sounds different as opposed to Episode one. You guys remember when he revived the Decepticons before the Autobots? Gooooood times. Goooooood times.

    • Ok, what the fuck. So Spike's running off with a giant robot gun to fight the cons and all the G1 guys were bitching about Wahlberg doing it in AOE!? Atleast his was normal sized for a human/mini con!

    • Is Wheeljack a medic too?

    • I don't know like four of those autobots.

    • lol. He's blasting with that giant ass gun. I don't want to hear another word about the AOE gun.

    • Here comes Ravage. Ready to eat this kid. "Bad Kitty!"

    • Oh snap, he dropped his giant robot gun.

    • Rumble would be 10,000%s better if he didn't speak.

    • Megatron's getting shot off by Starscream again, meanwhile Bumblebee's blasting ravage with headlight lasers.

    • So, you see Starscream again, flying and shooting but he doesn't have tron anymore. Did he drop his lover? :( 

    • Heroic appearance is heroic.

    • OK. So this battle code crap. If the cons follow the code, why don't the bots just challenge them one at a time in one on ones instead of having these giant fights every episode and fucking shit up that they just repair later. Except the oil rig... I think that ones gone.

    • These battle effect sounds are insanely realistic. #sarcasm

    • There goes Starscream being a punk again.

    • Wow. So Optimus let them give up and leave... This show makes no sense. Remember when he put an axe in his head?

    • Alright! Another episode down. I'll admit, that one had me confused, annoyed and excited at the same time. I've grown to like wheel/xavier/chip. He's a cool kid. However, I did find myself being a bit more critical of this episode then others. I guess my suspension of belief was out of order. >< Oh well, I'll try again next time! Thanks for reading and don't forget to rate the thread if you enjoyed it!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S1:E7 - Fire in the Sky - 9/8/14

    • Alright. Two weeks since my last episode, but I'm strapped in and ready to go. QUEUE MUSIC!

    • It's snowing, but the snow is going up instead of down.

    • I love that in these old cartoons you can always tell what part of the scene is going to move by the off coloration. Jazz is covered in snow and is a brighter white than the rest.

    • "Thanks Jazz, I get the drift!" - Wot?

    • Welp, the plot definitely isn't the same. Giant robots are having a snowball fight right now.

    • "Hey guys! That's -SNOW- fair!" - Jazz. If I would have graduated high school and knew this, it would have been my senior quote.

    • Omfg. What!? Dude just literally snowballed into a giant snowball and Hound fell into a freaking cactus.

    • Wait. July? Desert? Snow? What is happening right now.

    • Oh snow, Optimus running those World Wide Weather reports. The original WWW.

    • So you mean to tell me, the entire Earth is freezing and they are out playing in it, not even wondering what's going on? Good on you for looking out Optimus. Al Gore would disagree with this episode.

    • God. That emblem flashing sequence. It never gets old.

    • So, a giant crystal just exploded from the snow and the black jet said he's about to lay some pipe.

    • Well, they are still going for the energon cubes, so same plot but better setting.

    • Someones taunting Rumble.

    • Lmfao. That scream.

    • Rumble runs like a champion. "RUN FOR IT!"

    • Woah. Never seen Rumble to scale with one of the jet bots. Dude is super tiny! Is he supposed to be the size of wheelie and brains?

    • Starscream just pretty much respected Megatron. "Starscream, I want a better look.", "You shall have it leader!" I believe this is the first episode they've respected one another.

    • So. Flashy emblem transition again. It took me seven episodes to realize that it changes over to the face of which ever faction it's following. Like it just flipped from Decepticon to Autobot and now it's showing the Autobots.


    • The cons are working on the bot they found in the ice.

    • 50,000 volts to activate his memory thingy.

    • Damn Starscreezy, dude just said 50,000 volts, that didn't work so he's amping that shit up to a million!

    • Hmm... Wait a minute. Starscream just said this dudes name is Skyfire. Is it not Jetfire? I'm having a vague flashback to one of the cybertron games on xbox. Is this not the same dude?

    • Sad story. Starscream lost his buddy :( 

    • 'Millions of Earth Years LATER! You have found him.'

    • How does he already have the Decepticon logo on his chest, yet Megatron is introducing himself like it's the first time they met?

    • Well, fuck. It just went to another shot of him and the decepticon logo is no longer on his chest. (7:49 time stamp on Netflix)

    • Woah. Aurora Borialis is still beautiful even in an 80's cartoon.

    • "Indeed. They're pleasing to my optic sensors!" Opteezy knows what's up.

    • Now they're putting the logo on him. The logo was on him when he first got up from the table. But it was Red rather than purple. Yes, I'm sure it was the con logo and not the bots.

    • Starscream was a scientist?

    • This dude is outnumbered like 9 to 1 and he's still about to go in on them with that double barrel freakin' laser gun.

    • Damn Spike, you dumbass. Don't jump into the freezing pool.

    • Damn. Skyfires just walking up to the humans while the bots are blasting like he's a boss.

    • There goes his emblem. Changing colors again. They must've been drunk doing the coloring on this episode.

    • Oh shit. Starscream just blasted up on Skyfire. I'm expecting some whoop ass.

    • 'The puny flesh creatures!' - Rude.

    • Autobot raid time!

    • Good job there Gears. Stopping because you feel like you're walking into a trap, thus causing all the bots to fall into a collapse. U r teh smart.

    • FACT: Cliffjumper's laser gun has a defrost cycle.

    • I haven't seen bucket head this episode.

    • Of course, they openly explain their plan in an echoing cave while the bots are spying.

    • Ravaaaaaaggggeeee, trannnnssssffffform.

    • They've been searching those tunnels for astro minutes. I presume that's longer than astro seconds.

    • See what happens when you don't listen to Prime cliffjumper? You get tackled by puma cat thing.

    • Geez, these freakin' cheesy one liners.

    • Starscream. They are literally standing completely still, five feet away, against a solid surface. How the hell do you miss?

    • Oh. Never mind. He didn't.

    • Freakin' holograms.

    • Wait, is that bucket head? The red one? I thought he had a yellow bucket?

    • Laserbeak is always right around the corner....

    • lawl. "Hounds holograms! Theyyyy tricked meeee!" Starscream reminds me of my fifth grade self.

    • The jet guys are dropping missiles!

    • Prime just busted off a piece of green earth crystal stuff. He's about to go in on tron.

    • Tron did the same. Crystal battle!

    • Ok. That was fucking awesome. Prime starts spinning the crystal super fast and deflects tron away. The sound however, was annoying and not unlike a banshee.

    • So. Tron says "What a pity you've lost! Skyfire destroy Optimus Prime!" but while he's saying it, it's showing Prime and Skyfire. Prime's little mask is moving like he's the one talking.

    • The emblems are just stickers? Skyfire ripped his off and is holding up a Autobot one like he just got it out of a booster pack.


    • Oooo. Starscreezy and Skybreezy just touched tips.

    • Sweet crash landing Skyfire.

    • Ouch. My dude got buried again.

    • Pretty sky is pretty.

    • Well, that freaking sucks. A new bot shows up. I think he's my new favorite. Then he dies.... What an episode.

    • Alright. So. That's that. This episode had a very cool plot and the change of scenery was great. The best thing about this episode? It didn't show that damn power plant once plus OPTIMUS FREAKIN' SAID IT!. Skyfire is also now my hero. If you enjoyed, please remember to rate the thread and share it with your friends! Thanks for reading ladies and gents :) !

      Also, just noticed. Next episode.... DINOBOTS!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S1:E8 - S.O.S Dinbots - 9/22/14

    • Alright. Dinobot time :)  (Super sore from the Coheed & Cambria concert last night... You guys should look up "Thank you Scientist!" they were the opening band and are pretty much progressive ska. Very nice ^^)

    • FACT: Ironhide has a sonadar sensor for sensing Decepticons behind rocks.

    • I assume that's Slug's skeleton.

    • "Perhaps Spike would be willing to continue our Dinosaur education."

    • Reflector. That's that dudes name. So, is he one bot or three? I'm so confused. A hive mind or something maybe?

    • "This is exciting Spike! I've never been to a museum!" - Really? No fourth grade field trip or nothin'?

    • Hey a Punk Rocker!

    • "Now that's what I call heavy metal!" I now realize that the "never been to a museum" line as said by a giant robot... not a human.

    • What the hell is that Triceratops twerking for?

    • "Robot dinosaurs might be useful!" - Welp. That's it folks. End of thread. It doesn't get anymore 80's than that.

    • Slug is gold and silver? Well... the toy I have is purple so I guess that isn't much different than the all silver from AoE.


    • The guy that just said "Will you get to the point" looked a lot like the green wrecked from DOTM. I don't remember his name... Roadbreaker I think? Is that him?

    • DINOBOTS!!!!!!

    • Grimlock, Slag and Sludge?

    • Oh my go. The Brontosaurus shoots mother fucking lasers out of it's eyes.

    • Woah. Dinobots going rouge. Slug, Slag, whatever the fuck his name is it letting into'em.

    • UPDATE: Grimlock is heading for the control room.

    • Woooah. Grimlock also has laser eyes. I don't remember any laser eyes in AOE.

    • Teletran is getting messed up right now.

    • The way Ratchet just picked up Bumblebee... I'll never get a sense of scale from this show. He looked so small.

    • Oh snap. Jurassic park moment. Grimlock chasing bee.

    • Who's the black bot that just threw up a force field?

    • I don't know what that noise was but it sounded gross.

    • Well then why not use the magnetic inducer in the fucking first place Wheeljack!?

    • Really. That's it? They're already locking up the dinobots. Mega lame.

    • A con just shot at a group of security guards. One of them dropped his gun but it instantly vanished from the ground as he went to run away.

    • Starscream also just shot a laser blast that continued shooting itself as he lowered his gun.

    • Teletran is gone, sorry mr. lab guy.

    • There goes robot bagera.

    • Megatron is landing in a rainbow. It's beautiful.

    • Good god Hound was flying down that road.

    • Did I ever say how rad Spike's yellow boots were?

    • 8,000 astro seconds. I'm pretty sure that's a quick time.

    • Oh snap, Bee just got told to sit down and guard HQ.

    • "Unless we're interrupted by the Autobots." Starscream's starting to see the pattern of the past 7 episodes.

    • No one thought that was funny, rude little bot.

    • "You're too slow, rusty pants!", that's a line I'll be using in the future.

    • lol. Megatron has to plug up his fusion cannon. That's funny.

    • To be so small, Rumble sure can cause some chaos.

    • Ooo, Bumblebee disobeyed orders. :( 

    • Megatron's emblem isn't on his chest at the moment.

    • Wheeljack just punched the computer to turn it on...

    • Bee, who the hell are you to scold someone for disobeying Optimus? You just rolled out on your own lil' hypocritical mutha.

    • lol @ dinobot voices.

    • Optimus Prime is all blue at the moment?

    • "Which one friends?" "Ones with face like this, I thiiiiink."

    • What is the long neck things name?

    • Megatron's saying all sorts of big words after getting blasted.

    • Wow, who knew, there goes Starscream claiming leadership again and of course all the mindess cons jump into battle with him.

    • Now the Triceratops can shoot fire and lasers at the same time?

    • Long neck thing just fucked Rumble up.


    • How is Megatron all good again and attaching himself to the bottom of Starscream?

    • Oh hey, look. The Decepticons are running away again....

    • Yay! The Dinobots are full team members now!

    • Alright. So. Episode thoughts. Dinobots were rad, sounded like morons and now I want to know who the long neck dino is so I can get a figure of him blasting lasers out of his freaking eyeballs!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S1:E9 - Fire on the Mountain - 10/29/14

    • Phew. It took me a minute to find the show on Netflix. I got scared that they took it off :(  - But no worries! That hilariously off key theme song is a go!

    • Oh hey, look another plant. But this one looks like some kind of dirtier plant.

    • Yeah Trailbreaker, they're Decepticon jets. Are you fucking blind or something? How many human jet's have you seen out in this BFE location? Exactly. Zero.

    • Ew, them bots got slimey contrails.

    • Starscream and Thundercracker rolling up in this mutha.

    • There goes Starscream being a bossy little prick again.

    • All of those construction workers running away look exactly the same...

    • "Whatta' ya' mean workin'!? Looks more like stealin' to me! And I mean- STEAL-!" - Buckethead ladies and gentleman. He'll be here all season.

    • I'm 90% sure Starscream just called my dude an Autobot Nazi.

    • Bruh. These puns got me cringing. Also, is that shit they just stole called steel steel? I'm having trouble hearing I think...

    • A satellite just flew out of a volcano.

    • That Aztec temple though.

    • Wow. Rude. Megatron just blowin' up ancient places and shit.

    • Wow. The Crystal of Power sure isn't very hard to find.

    • Pause at 3:48 to see Megatron caressing Starscream in his loving arms.

    • Laserbeak has found the satellite.

    • Oh snap. Firing giant nipple boob gun!

    • Jesus Christ, that's a massive explosion.

    • Ok. So these human's are flipping out about ancient gods then this Jasmine looking girl is just going on about the Crystal of Power. So these dudes knew about this thing the whole damn time and didn't take any safety precautions when giant robots started prancing around?

    • The steel head looks like a limp penis, flashbacks to the earlier episode of Starscream looking the same. Now he's blaming shit on the black jet guy. Just heard his name but forgot it...

    • Nine episodes in and the Decepticons can still fly like super man.

    • Wait. That's Sideswipe? Dude isn't rollerblading or anything :( 

    • Dat Wheeljack though<3

    • Oh shit, they just dug up Skyfire. Or was it Jetfire? What the fuck was this dudes name again? Like his real name. Also, wasn't he a con in Revenge of the Fallen? Big SR-71 dude?

    • Who the hell is wind charger? I know for a fact I've never heard that name.

    • He looks like the blue wrecker from DOTM with his head I mean. But his color scheme is much different.

    • Buckethead is literally flying Soundwave into a mountain. Like, on his damn back.

    • Megatron just called my dude a fucking midget.

    • The autobots are already running away. My, oh my, how the tables have turned.

    • Megatron's emblem is all glitchy again.

    • I think this is the first time I've seen Megatron transform into the pistol and get fired by Soundwave. I wonder if Starscream is jealous?

    • I paused on a frame where Soundwave is shooting Megatron. The coloring of this scene looks awesome and would be a rad desktop background. Anyone wanna' get that done for me? ;) 

    • Obvious commercial cutaway is obvious.

    • "Believe me wind charger! I'm the readiest!" (NOTE: Totally didn't think readiest is a real word, but Firefox isn't trying to correct it... +10 speechcraft for me today, I guess.)

    • I think Wind Charger just called Buckethead baby when he saved him.

    • Dude, Skyfire looks -way- fucking bigger than he did before.

    • Peru? This cartoon is set on ACTUAL Earth? I thought it was a fictional Earth.

    • AUTOBOTS! ROLL! - You're missing a bit there Prime.

    • Oh. Look at that. The Decepticons are raiding a plant for energy... again... people are running in fear... again.

    • Wait, where the hell is Xavier?

    • I keep thinking Buckethead is Hound...

    • Oh. Damn. First time I've seen bucket dude be productive. He just blasted the shit out of tron.

    • Welp. That didn't last long. He just got his gear jacked by laserbeak.

    • Oh snap. I can see where this is going. Jasmine and Spike are about to get funky.

    • The accuracy of every character in this show has to be less than 5%.

    • There goes Prowl. Being a boss.

    • Oh my god. Starscream is such a whiny little bitch.

    • Skyfire's gun looks like a legit Uzi.

    • Wow. That Decepticon is turning on them. Starscream just caught them. Dude, no way. Skyfire just got one shot by bitch made Starscream... What the hell is happening right now?

    • Starscream's busting out that 90's Disney Show plan. Blackmail your younger sibling to do whatever the hell you want, bro! Thundercracker just became Starscream's bottom bitch.

    • Oh no! All those perfectly shaped boulders following right at us! But don't worry, the Autobots will handle this by shooting the ever living hell out of the mountain.

    • Wow. It worked...

    • They were just now moving Skyfire. He looked smaller and was completely black.

    • Megatron's laugh sounds like this kid I went to school with in fourth grade. "Ughwhahahahaaahahaaa!"

    • Panther/Puma/Jaguar thing just showed up in the temple. I don't remember his name either.

    • Wait. So, are the cons even trying to get home now, or are they just trying to fuck up Earth?

    • Even with the massive new gun, Megatron can't hit shit.


    • Woah. This scene had to give some kids seizures... Lasers going off everywhere. Pretty epic battle.

    • Skyfire is absolutely massive again. Why didn't he just crush the robot bageara?


    • Ain't no one callin' Buckethead a robot chicken!

    • Other guy, wind whatever just got mowed down and now Tron turned on rapid fire.

    • Ironhide just tackled tron like a man. Got him pinned as Buckethead and scream fall off the temple./

    • Ok, somehow he got free and tossed hide off the temple only to be caught by Prime.

    • Skyfire with the drive by!

    • Now Prime's tossing Tron. See Tron, that's what happens. When you ain't got no friends nobodys going to catch you.

    • Oh wow, Thundercracker just shit talked Tron and Scream and neither of them said shit. Is cracker going to become a bot or something?

    • "With Wheeljacks inventions you can never tell!" Dude, you serious? It's a manhole cover. What a champ.

    • Ok. That's pretty. Their lights surrounding the temple..

    • I just realized Skyfire is the only flying Autobot. Dude's a champion.

    • ANNNNNND Credits! So, that's another Episode down and it looks like I have just 6 more episode left in season one! The next episode is called "War of the Dinobots" and I'd be lying if I said that didn't peak my interest. But anyway, back on topic. What did I think of this episode... To be honest and my mind is a little rusty, I think this has to be my favorite episode so far. There was plenty of action. The con's weren't just trying to run back to Cybertron. Sky/Jet/Fireflyman returned and whopped some serious ass (although he got bitch made once...) and the setting changed up a good bit. Hell, maybe it's just because it's been a while since the last episode so the show feels fresh again. Regardless, I really enjoyed it and look forward to episode ten!

      Also, I know it's shameful to plug in a request here but I've got one! So, I was looking at my Transformers films the other day and found that my first three all had digital download codes. Only problem? They'd already been redeemed some how (I'm the only owner. No idea who got them!) So, I was curious if anyone had some spare codes for Ultraviolet/VUDU for the first three Transformers flicks they'd be willing to part with! I don't have much to offer, but I'd love to have them on my console! Thanks for reading guys and remember, if you enjoyed this read be sure to rate the thread and share it with your friends!

      See ya next time!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S1:E10 - War of the Dinobots - 12/6/14

    • Metroplex thought I was dead. I am not dead. Well, maybe not physically. But after devouring delicious Advanced Warfare, Grand Theft Auto V, Halo: MCC, Destiny and a massive Thanksgiving dinner I did need some time to come out of my coma.

    • Oh god. My cat's in heat and her yowling is making this theme song sound just... amazing.


    • Very pretty opening sky shot from the observatory.

    • Who the hell is Jeff?

    • Oh hey, Xaviers back!

    • "I always worry about the decepticons, Spike" - Optimus probably isn't a lot of fun at parties.

    • As the Autobots were all transforming Hounds feet were no where near touching the ground. He was just hovering there like Ironman.

    • "According to my calculations!" Calm down Dexter or else Deedee's gonna' come blow your shit up to smithereens.

    • Ratchet helped make the dinobots? Why don't I remember this?

    • Oh god. Dinosaurs shooting lasers. All of them. SPOILER ALERT: The D-Rex from Jurassic World is really Grimlock.

    • Oh, Megatron over here talking about his borum compressors.

    • Dat moon tho.

    • Soundwave's shimmying beside a building. As if his big ass wouldn't be rumbling the ground. Get it? Rumble!

    • Oh my fucking god. Meteorinichiparoni or something. That shall be the name of my first born child.

    • lol. The way all the autobots and friends just moved was hilarious. Xaviour had no problem keeping up.

    • Ironhide. The bot who has a hide of iron... like the rest of them.

    • Slag, Grimlock and Sludge.

    • Optimus wanted to decommission the dinobots but now he wants to build two more?

    • Stegowhatsis and Tyronowhosis?

    • OK. So. Sludge is stupid. That's not a nice thing to say Megatron. Rude. I like him. :( 

    • Every time the big purple decepticon thing comes out of the ocean it looks like a sentinel arm from X-Men.

    • Slags voice is just horrific. xD

    • Oooh, Megatron coming in with that forked tongue.


    • Dude, these guys are straight Ogres.

    • Oh my god. Slag. He sounds like that one guy from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Why can't I remember his freaking name.

    • Oh what the fuck? The dinobots are going rouge. That's not coolios.

    • Grimlock's legs look like a guitar hero controller.

    • Calm down Gargamel.

    • Did the dinobots really just let the con's take off with the meteorite?

    • Wait. So they can just construct new bots?

    • Jesus christ, Optimus runs fast as shit.

    • Snarl. That dude looks fucking awesome. I have a new favorite dinobot.

    • Swoop? Doesn't he have a different name in AOE?

    • Dino-dope-dope.

    • Prowl is a spaz.

    • All these laser sounds are reminding me of 90's toy guns.

    • Why are Optimus Prime's animations so freakin' fast in this episode?


    • DR STRANGE I THINK! I think that's the name of the guy from ATHF.

    • Oh snap. Optimus versus three dinobots. Champion time.

    • The noises Grimlock makes when fighting just sound like a ton of saliva.

    • Ok, every time the triceratops shoots lasers it's making the lightsaber sound effect.

    • Optimus just got stomped by the Dino Trio. I'm assuming the two new Dinobots are going to put them in their place.

    • Wow. Really? Grimlock takes beating Optimus prime as a sign of him being stronger?

    • Me sludge not know too.

    • I remember someone telling me the Autobots couldn't just fly around after like episode 3. They're still flying right now. The dinobots at least. Just super manning.

    • Oh hey look, Soundwave is just pushing out cubes again.

    • LMFAO! Grimlock just fucked Starscream up dude that was fantastic.

    • Oh. God. Megatron. Listen. To. Optimus. Any. Moment. He. Will. Continue. Speaking. Like. William. Shatner. Please. Megatron. Must. Meteor. Destruction. Coloring. Book.

    • Dude. Those two new dinobots are so cool.

    • Oh god. Soundwave and the other con no one cares about just got blasted by those cube bombs.

    • Wow, Grimlock got pushed over in the first hit. What a scrub.

    • Oh god. The noises during this fight are just terrible. Bllllargghghhhghhgh, Rooooofhfhghghgh. It sounds like a bunch of hunters from Left 4 Dead and Kantus' from Gears of War mating.

    • Ooooh, Grimlock just bit a spike off the back of the Stegosaurus who's name I already forgotten.

    • Wow. Megatron and Starscream got that bromance going again with that loving look before jumping like hell away and then they still got caught in the blast.

    • So. That blast was not as impressive as they said it was going to be. "We must stop it before it destroys this planet!"... It affected like 45 feet of earth...

    • Oh snap. Dinobots about to rip those cons apart son.

    • Would ya' look at that. Another episode ending with the decepticons running like bitches. How do they have fans? It's like you -have- to be a fan of losing.

    • Aw. Little Grimlock apologizing. What a cutie.

    • Now the Autobots and the Dinobots are all hooked up. What the hell could Megatron possibly come up with to counter that?

    • Welp. Another Episode down. Episode 10 to be exact. I'm not sure how I felt about this one. The new Stegosaurus dinobot is indeed my favorite at this point. Like, I really-really like him. But as someone who grew up with Jurassic Park, I think they're all fucking awesome. I've only got six more episodes left in Season One. Despite numerous people telling me to skip Season Two, I think I'm going to try and truck through it. Thanks for reading and if you liked this thread be sure to rate it and share it with your friends! See you guys next time!

      Crap... It's another trilogy of episodes next. :( 

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S1:E11/S1:E12/S1:E13 - The Ultimate Doom: Pt. 1, PT. 2 and PT. 3 - 12/14/14

    • Alright. Here we go. Three episodes in one sitting. I have a feeling this is going to end up being chaotic but fuck it. I. Am. A MAN!

    • Great. Netflix is stuck at 99% of loading the first episode. Oop. The Icon is spinning again. Never mind.. frozen. Oh c'mon.

    • Closed out Netflix. Reopening...

    • Alright. There we go. Just had to start from 'beginning' and pray to Korean Jesus, but now it's going.

    • I have no idea what half of this announcer is saying. Those solar panels look odd.

    • Modda Rashaa SON!

    • Sick scream, bro.

    • Oh shit. Fact of the day. Autobots have hydro foils.

    • You know, I just realised how much easier this thread would be for me to do without this damn LIST tags. They slow me down so much having to click into the next one.
    There we go. That's much better.

    Now, if this looks like garbage I'll go add the tags back later, but for now this is much easier.

    "I always wanted to play motor boat!" - Hey! Me too Sunstreaker!

    Skywarp just blew up Alladins super computer :( 

    What the hell is the Doctor from Back to the Future doing working for Megatron?

    My dude Rumble makes a new appearance!

    And he's kind of just massaging the ground.

    "WHAT'S SHAKIN!?!?!"

    Oh god. Laserbeaks voice is just horrific in this. I miss the drooling mobster one :( 

    Wait, do the Autobots live in a volcano?

    Oh snap. Dude's dad just got snatched up.

    Optimus and the jetcons have fucked that palace upppp.

    The sparkling water effect on the ocean is really pretty.

    Prime's logic circuits aren't satisfied.

    The con base kinda looks like Kamino.

    When are Starscream and the other jet just gonna' make out and be done with it?

    Wow. Dude's just smashing on buttons to get out. What a champion.

    The doctor literally just put the chip behind his ear and it disappeared. Is this the future?

    Sparkplug. That's the dads name. I remember that now. Thanks bots.

    What the hell is a cast iron manifold?

    Optimus' magic trailer is still summoning.

    Why is the area around Shockwave's body so glitchy during the Skype call?

    Oh wow. Megatron just let Optimus roll up in there.

    Oh shit. It's a model. Megatron, you so sneaky old con, even had me thinking that was the real prime. Awwwwhhhh youuuuuu!

    Ok. So when Optimus just transformed on the cliffs edge, his trailer just backed itself up off screen. Is it an autobot?

    Oh shut up and dive in Buckethead. With all your nagging.

    That drill looked very odd there Hound...

    Megatron just ambushed the bots. Lasers can shoot perfectly fine underwater.

    Oh, that's not Hound. It's Brawn. I don't know the difference between them. See, I like my nicknames for them more. It helps me keep up... So, Randal, Panther and Buckethead are here to stay.

    Dude just passed him in an underground tunnel by jumping over him while in car mode.

    This dude's mouthing off to Starscream. The scientist I mean. Dude has balls of energon.

    Sunstreaker looks pretty much exactly like Bumblebee to me.

    "No Talk! There is work to be done!"

    Sparkplugs a sabotaging little punk.

    My dude seriously just tripped over a wrench....

    "Don't know. Can't stop myself. Decepticons want me to. OOGOHOHOHOHGUGHGHHHHH! WANT ME TO!?>!LJIIFHUHUHFJ EWAAANNTNTT MEE TOOO HELELLLPP UGUGHGHHGHGHGH!" - My new life quote.

    "COME! JOIN ME AND RULLLLLEEEE!" - Also my new life quote.


    Wait. So Megatron is bringing Cybertron to Earth. This seems pretty damn familiar. Oh, yeah. Dark of the Moon. I'm assuming this is the influence for my favorite Transformers film then!?

    Teletran 1 always slippin'...

    Megatron laying down the trump cards.

    Optimus can't endanger humans. Also present in Dark of the Moon... But, he still shoots the hell out of one in Age of Extinction.

    Why are all these humans wearing the same color shirts?

    Now they're pelting Autobots with rocks and stuff. Is this real life right now? Would they even feel that?

    LMFAO! Sparkplug is slapping the shit out of Bumblebee with a stick.

    "WOOOOUGHGHGHDHDHUHD! OUT! OF MY WAY!" "DAD!" "DON'T CALL ME THAT! NEVER! AGAIN!" - I wish my dad would say this to me.

    Uh-oh. They're firin' the lasers! No sentinal prime or else this would be the exact same plot line just not in a city.

    Catch that foot prime, Megatron just shut you down for once.

    "AS THE EARTHLINGS SAY! FAT CHANCE FAT HEAD!" - This episode is just fantastic.

    Oh wow. Optimus just got swindled by Megatron. What a chump.

    Are the Decepticons actually freaking winning something for once in their life?

    Oh wow. The ending is actually different for once. The announcer is showing off what's going to happen next.

    Now it's showing the classic end.

    Alright! Onto the next episode!

    I guess I should put something here to signal that it's a different episode... Hmm.. I know! This! (*#(UE(U*D&*(@*#(*D(D&(&#(&**U(U#(U(DUNEWEPISODE(*@(*#(*@

    Oh wow. This episode jumped right into it.

    Sparkplug has gone nuts. Here goes some Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker shit.

    This episode is really dark. I really like the stormy feel and darkened skies.

    Oh wow, Sparkplug just saved Megatron...

    Even with the arrival of their planet they're still fighting...

    Panther just got shocked the hell up. Which reminds me, with all this wind how in the hell are those powerlines still standing?

    Those decepticons literally just shot themselves lol.

    Oh snap. Randall just got buried alive.



    Oh my god. The Autobots are running away for once. Is it fucking opposite day in the world of Transformers?

    Why doesn't Soundwave just use that shit everytime there is a fight? Also, why didn't that effect the cons?

    Wow. Megatron actually busted Starscreams ass for once. He's choking him out now...

    Speaking of... Do giant robots breath through their necks? I mean. Starscream sounded like he was choking and Jetfire in the movies was coughing a lot.

    What the hell is Pomposity?

    Laserbeaks snatching more victims. Oh god. He just blew up that guard shack. I thought he actually killed that dude at first.

    Wow. The voices of the two humans trapped are very bugged and glitching out.

    Randal just snatchin' those guys up and mocking them like that...

    Optimus is about to reverse the polarity of something on his windshield to make rain stay off of it? Why not do that in the first place?

    Is Spike high or something?

    Also, Bee needs help changing his own tire?


    Wow. That gap got much - MUCH bigger in two seconds.

    Why does Laserbeak sound like a damn TIE FIGHTER all the sudden?

    Oh wow. Bee just fell in that massive hole.

    The bots are trying to blast Laserbeak up. Where did they come from? I swear this show bounces around more than a pin ball.

    Oh. It's explaining it now. Thanks Mirage!

    Mirage just has a freaking tractor beam built into his arm?

    That's horrifying actually. To think about being stuck in a giant hole in the earth. I've been playing 'The Dark Below' on Destiny and I can only imagine it's full of space zombies.

    Here come some massive tidal waves to fill up those holes.

    How are they so close to the desert, cities and the ocean at the same time?


    "uuuuuuughghghghghghgh. ME GRIMLOCK NOT CARE!"

    lol. Grimlock is so beyond stupid. I love him.

    The Decepticon place looks even more like Kamino now with all the storming.

    "MAYDAY! MAYDAY!" Soundwave sounds so epic when I actually understand what the fuck he is saying.

    "What's that Spike?" "Oh. Just a wrench." Optimus. You don't know what the hell a wrench is but you're a giant ass truck?

    Who knew building a base inside of a damn volcano might back fire.

    LOL some of the Autobots actually got blasted out of the volcano. Skyfire's back. Where has he been all this time? Last episode even?

    Ironhide is literally going to try and 'turn off' a volcano.

    He is literally shooting a volcano. This is reminding me of the Pokemon episode where Blain's gym is erupting and all the Pokemon just start putting rocks in the lava.

    Maybe if the real dinosaurs did what the Dinobots are doing now they wouldn't have went extinct.

    Apparently some gently spaced out trees can stop tsunamis.

    Optimus literally just said the boy must not find out before telling Spike about his dad on Cyberton.

    Skyfire is such a badass.

    Except for when he just almost shut Bucket head up in the door. xD

    Apparently they still have ventilator shafts on Cybertron.

    There is literally a giant screen displaying "Hypno Chip Control" - Boy these Decepticons sure are careful.

    Spike's an idiot and just gave away their position.


    Annnnnd the announcer is doing his thing. Next episode up in just a few seconds. Buuuut, I've really got to take a bathroom break. Oh yeah, I have to announce the next episode. *#(@*#(&#*&#*&(*#(R*(D*)#*)@))NEXTEPISODE(*@(*#(*#)(@)(#)(#

    I'm back. I feel much better.

    Holy shit Shockwave is a massive dude. Bumblebee just ran into him and he was like 15 feet tall.

    Buckethead just impressed me for the first time. He handled business on all those dudes.

    Shockwave isn't doing anything however.

    Quit being a little bitch and punch him in the fact Spike.

    Buckethead even took a shot for Spike. These guy has earned a lot of respect for me just now.

    Skyfire and the others just showed up. They're going hamskies. I really can't hear anything over the music. Like the gunfire is barely audible during this fight.

    Shockwave also transforms into a massive gun apparently. I thought Megatron was the only one. Shockwave just didn't need someone pulling him to shoot one off.

    The Cybertron jets look awesome. I'm assuming these are nameless Decepticons and are going to di- yup.

    It's weird seeing Cybertron up close this long.

    Wheeljack lives in a very small place.

    The Autobots are all surfing. That's amazing xD

    Prime has an 'early warning' scanner. Why do they magically have new tools every episode!?

    I'm not sure which bot said it, but someone just said "Gang way! Surfs up! And I'm TALKING UP!" and they sounded exactly like the voice actor for Shaggy during the original Scooby-Doo.

    I still think it's awesome how they animated the water in old school cartoons like this. It must have taken a ton of time to do.

    Wow, Randalls a dick. He's tripping up the mindless drones.

    Megatron just warned Doc Oc here about communicating with Starscream. He knews Scream is after the throne like a Sith Lord. Why the hell does he keep him around?

    Now they're getting astro-meters of energon. I'm glad all measurements of time and.. well... everything are just earth measurements with Astro in the front.

    All the bots just wiped out in a gnarly tsunami.

    Welp. Starscream and the scientist just started an alliance.

    The ship the cons are flying off on looks like it's made of paper.

    lol. I love the way Spike runs during all of this.

    What exactly does 'laser breath' consist of?

    Wow. Sparkplugs about to execute his own on.

    Never mind. The bots showed up at the last second per usual.

    Also, where the hell are the dinobots in this episode?


    Skyfire is seriously my hero. Dude just handles business every single time... Unless he's, ya' know, buried or frozen.

    When the hell did his dad teach him "You never quit on the people you love?"

    Is that tiny Island all that remains of earth? 0.0

    Mirage is using active camo again. I keep forgetting that dude has that ability.

    Starscream just got caught... tsk, tsk, tsk. Mutiny time.

    Now he's flying off. Did Starscream just disown the freakin' Decepticons?

    Randall just shot Mirage in the back. I'm so confused about the battles in this show. No one ever dies. They all just back out.

    OK. Seeing Cybertron rising over the horizon was pretty freaking cool looking.

    "And not an Astro Second too soon!"

    Megatron just transformed into a giant gun and took a shot without someone pulling the trigger for once.

    Randall just got rekt.

    Another Megatron and Prime fight?

    Someone explain to me why Energon is such a big deal. Megatron just said he has enough energy to rule forever. Is it just like money or something up there?

    Spike, that gun is entirely too big for you.

    Or not. I guess you can just start shooting.

    They're actually shooting tron's ship down with pistols and assault rifles while he's out of the atmosphere. Seems legit.

    They literally just blew Cybertron out of orbit.

    What the fuck was that moment between Buckethead and Bumblebee just now!? >.>

    ... So Megatron can even fly out in space now? What the hell did he need a space bridge for in the first place to transfer energon cubes if he could literally just fly there?

    Alright. The credits are rolling. Three episodes in one sitting and I have to admit that my fingers are freaking killing me. This trilogy was actually pretty damn sick. It was the 'darkest' the cartoon has been so far and it was a nice change of pace to see the cons actually pull their weight for once. I know I was all over the place with this entry so I'm sorry if I don't make sense at times. I don't proof read any of this crap before I through it up there so good luck! To make up for it, here's a picture of my mom and I last month at my niece's birthday party. Now you guys and girls can drool over my handsome face while you wait for the next episode! Coming wheneverIhavetimetositdownandfreakingdothisagainI'msorryit'sbeentakingsolongbetweenepisodesbutlifeisabitch!



    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S1:E14 - Countdown to Extinction - 3/17/14

    Holy shit, has it really been three months since I've done an episode? My god man time flies. Regardless, jerk face Netflix took the episodes of G1 down and every other LEGAL attempt has been unsuccessful. BUT! Thanks to the help of fellow TFW2005er/ee/ist LeakinLubricant I am now the proud owner of not just Transformers G1 Season One but Two as well (both box sets! All shiny and silver with some awesome photos inside!)

    Now. I know I made a statement at the beginning of all this way back when that since I couldn't remember crap from the first season since I watched it while drunk that I would be doing all of these episodes sober. As fate would have it, I am a dirty liar and have a small glass of Jack beside me... with the bottle beside that. But the show must go on! Oh, and happy St. Patricks. Just ignore the stuff.

    So! Without further adue/ado/ahdoo I hereby declare the Bayformer Fan watches G1 project back on track and ready to rock!!!

    Alright the episode is starting. I don't remember anything from earlier this season at the moment but at least the opening is the same.

    Them lazers though.

    Alright. So the city is destroyed.

    Cybertron is in Earth's orbit now. I think I remember that... DOTMish.

    The Death Star just made a cameo.

    Scratch that - it was Cybertron being pushed away or something.

    lol - The autobots are literally pushing exploded buildings up right while Ratchet welds a concrete bridge.

    Is this Transformers or fucking Bob the Builder right now?

    "We're gonna' be here 'till the big dipper gets rusty!"

    Oh hey look, the Decepticons are hiding... again...


    Damn, my dude Randal got blasted by Skywarp and guy just walks over and picks him up like an action figure.

    Soundwave just walked up with some sparking wires and said something... I don't reckon they have subtitles on these DVD's do they?

    Who the hell is Frenzy? Why is he so small? Why is he a geek?

    LMFAO - Frenzy tosses Skywarp like a chump and Randal sees it for his chance at vengence, he's goin' ham on his face right now.

    Megatron? I thought he died or something. Wait, isn't he supposed to become Gavaltron or something?

    FACT: The cons are just as confused as I.

    So Starscream ran off with Dr. Egghead or whatever that Sonic looking guys name is. Robotik?

    Laserbeak is always straight snitchin', he just caught Starscream claiming he was the leader of the cons AGAIN. I don't know why Megatron is acting surprised. Also noticed another graphic error, the emblem on his chest is staying in place despite him moving so it's kinda' sliding around.

    "Decepticons, to the air!" - Where's that "Mobilize" I hear so much about?

    The cons can still superman.

    The ark is still crashed into the side of a mountain?

    The bots just figured out tron is still operational. They're moving out to whoop that con ass.

    Dr. Robotnik's lab would be hidden much better if there wasn't a set of perfectly carved stone stairs right outside the door, lol.

    "Activate your mouth!"

    Damn, this dudes conseeded as hell. Is that how you spell that? Conseded? Conceeded?

    Rude Starscream, just break the dudes rock door by throwing it off the cliff. That's no way to talk to your partner.

    Exponential Generator! The ULTIMATE POWER SOURCE! Besides the all spark, right?

    Don't disturb it's rhythmic pulse!

    Randal spotted the bots and is the first to head at them, what a champ.

    There go the jetcons sounding like TIE Fighters again.



    Oh snap, Earth's going to blow into a cosmic shower of energy.

    Dude - Starscream's darker than Megatron, that's crazy.

    What a bully.

    The high pitched horns in this show are killing my ears.

    Oh wow. It just showed a "The Transformers Will Return After These Messages" screen with Prowl or someone doing sick burn outs and firing his blaster into nothing. They didn't show those on Netflix.

    Did I ever mention the announcer sounds like Tim Curry?

    Bumblebee just got buried under some rubble and buckethead's digging him up.

    That didn't take long.

    Ironhide and Wheeljack getting ready to smash some con ass, son.

    I had a cheap Dollar General toy that used to sound like the autobot blasters.

    Prime and Tron are fighting again. Why does no one ever help either of them?

    Also, does Prime's mask every pull back to show his mouth?

    Wow the cons are running after literally like a ten second fight.

    Cybertron's looking pretty rough for wear.

    Is Shockwave on house arrest or something? Dude never leaves Cybertron.

    lol, Starscreams flashing his "Decepticon" badge like a cop to prove his leadership!

    "But Megatron is INDESTRUCTIBLE!"

    Wow, Shockwave is giving in like a little bitch. Why doesn't he call in his huge ass drilling partner to rip Starscream apart? Dude used to be one of my favorite cons but this cartoon has just made him annoying as shit. Someone please rip his eye out and then stick a nade to him...

    I don't get it, is the doctor a good guy now or something?

    Skywarp just called him "Megatran".

    Prime's got a buzzing in his logic circuits.

    "SOME FORCE IS DRAGGING US DOWN!" - It's quicksand. I remember when this was literally in EVERYTHING. I don't remember the movie, Jungle Book or something? Some guy sunk into the quick sand and it horrified me as a kid. I thought it was going to be a huge problem or something.

    Ironhide's about to send a blast of super cool nitrogen.

    Someone just shot laserbeak and turned him into a VHS again. xD

    Wait, no shit. Tape. Cassette tape. Someone jumped on my ass in an early episode for that.

    "As I believe the earthlings say, Lay it on me man!" - What earthling says that?!

    "Transform and roll!" - So close...

    There is a big ass bug in my room right now.

    It just landed on the ceiling... I think it's a lady bug actually. It looks smaller now and it's creeping.

    Shit, just missed whatever happened it's on a "we now return to the transformers thing".

    2 hours till boom boom time.

    "We'll make them regret un-dooming themselves"

    Wait, what the fuck? The cons walked outside and we're just looking around and somehow Prime was close enough to tron to just slap him with the upper cut xD

    Oh god... The puns.

    lol, Prime's laugh is adorable.

    We're back on Cybertron again.

    The doctor is now the terminator.

    Why is he so pissed? Didn't he already have a mechanical arm?

    I'd be hype to be a cyborg.

    I bet Megatron and Prime are about to work together again.

    Well, Shockwave is contacting Megatron despite Screams orders and he's telling him that sick bomb is going to explode at any Astro Second!

    Megatron actually saved the day with 2 seconds left.

    Now he's going to go after Scream's catalytic something, something.

    "How would you purpose I get there? WITH MY ROLLERSKATES!?!??!"

    Megatron and Optimus are still just sitting there with each other. What the hell is going on right now?

    lol, Prime thinks he's slick with the dive.

    They're like two three years olds fighting over a toy.

    Alright. This is pretty fucking awesome. Megatron and Optimus Prime just worked together. It's giving me flash backs to what could have been at the end of "Dark of the Moon".

    The blast hit Starscream haha.

    Now he's getting punished like the kid he is.

    They're all joking about Starscream's punishment and I'm guessing they just let the cons leave after that?

    Huh. Well then. That's that for this episode. I'm going to admit, that was pretty rad to see the two of them working together but I'll NEVER understand why in the hell they continuously let the cons escape. I mean, you guys said a lot of bots die in Season 2, Right? Or maybe it was the movie... Either way, SOMEBODY KILL SOMEBODY!

    Oh, final note. It just said "Marvel Productions" at the end scene. Is that as in "THE MARVEL", or some other company?

    Thanks for reading guys and girls, the next episode will be out soon and don't forget to rate the thread if you enjoyed it!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S1:E15 - A Plague Of Insecticons - 3/24/15!

    Well, we're starting off in a swampy forest. That's a new location.

    The tropical island of ballet with demon swamp. How original.

    "Food approaches!" I guess this is the first insecticon I get to see considering the title of the episode. :p 

    "There's something in the water" he said before proceeding to poke it with a stick.

    The insecticon just shot my dudes tiny little canoe and it exploded with fire and all. Since when is this Aqua Teen Hunger Force?

    Wow, that third guy has mad hops. He leapt like twenty feet to get in the boat with the other two.

    I think one of the insects name is kickback? I really can't understand what these guys are saying.

    Oh my god. He just tackled the freaking remaining boat.


    Wait. Why do these guys already have Decepticon logos on their chest and how did they get to Earth?

    I have no damn idea what they're saying but apparently they can superman fly as well.

    The door just shut behind Spike and Bumblebee while they were peaking out, like they were phased in front of the door.

    Oh hey look, the cons are still hiding at the bottom of the ocean. Megatron also just said "Giant insects? Well done laserbeak. We must intercept them at once!" Sooo, they haven't met the insecticons yet... Buuuut - The insecticons have decepticon logos on them.

    Whoever told me the bots quit superman flying after that first trilogy of episodes is a dirty liar.

    Ravage should be right at home in the swamp. :D 

    They found a hobbit's house in the swamp.

    Oh. Wow. Decepticon escape module. I think this is the first time the show actually explained something.

    The bugs have been here for four million years? Jeez.

    I'm not sure who the beetle looking bot is but he keeps repeating himself and I'm not quite sure how I feel about that.

    Why are they eating wheat? They're freaking robots.

    "HUHUHHIHTHITIT THE BREAKS!" says Optimus as he narrowly misses a fiesta that is taking place at the bottom of a canyon for some odd reason.

    Bumblebee and the red car are having a back and forth as they ride down the side of this mountain. It looks like a poorly looped .gif as the frame are clearly just resetting to show the same animation.

    Ironhide doesn't have an autobot emblem on him?

    "Monsters, what are they talking about? WAHHHHHAHAHAHA! I knew we should have sprayed the fields!" xD

    Skyfire's rolling up on the insecticons now. It's doing the same looping animation as when they were going down the hill.

    Who's the insecticon with the awesome knight looking facemask? He's rad.

    Damn buckethead put on some weight in the face for this episode.

    Said knight insecticon knew they were autobots or so he called them. So I'm assuming they still know their alligence?

    I didn't realize how big Skyfire was until right now. He's trying to hide in that wheat with the other bots. :p 

    I think the red bot is Sideswipe. He has the same smacking thing as Randall?

    Wow, Skyfire is actually hidden in the wheat. Scaling isn't very consistent in this show.

    How does Skyfire already know Kickbacks name?

    Him repeating his last word with every sentence is actually growing on me.

    Damn, Optimus just rammed right through the wall like a champion.

    "It's Optimus and the whole bunch!" Like, groovy dude!

    The autobots have the accuracy of the empires finest Stormtroopers. The whole squad was firing on a stationary group of Decepticons and Megatron even stayed behind for a few seconds to give commands. Not a single shot connected.

    The insecticons are actually pretty cool. It's no secret that I'm more of a bot fan but I've played as the beetle guy quite a few times in Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark on the Xbox One when I rented it. However, I think I still favor the dinobots - regardless of how much the insecticons remind me of the bad ass beetleborgs.

    Wheeljack looks so cool man. I really want his AOE figure but I'll never afford it ><

    I just realized how many of the insecticons there are. Why so many from just 3?

    Scratch that, Tron said clones. So I'm assuming they can clone at will. That's one nifty ass ability.

    Once again it's looping the same animation while the insecticons attack Skyfire. Is there a reason for this? Like I've noticed it in previous episodes but NOWHERE near as much as in this episode. Did they have low funding or something during this time?

    "Stop buggin' me!" Apparenty the pun funding was still 100%.

    Of course Skyfire's in trouble, Optimus just told him they couldn't help from the ground. What else could have happened?

    What the fuck, Wheeljack just supermaned out of there? I thought only the cons could do it after like episode 5 or something?

    Apparently my man has some sick rockets on his shoulders as well.

    Good catch, Prime. :) 

    Oh hey. Would you look at that. We're at ANOTHER power plant/oil rig/whatever super silver base the animators could come up with.

    All the civilians in this episode also sound like they're voiced by the same guy.

    Uh-oh, got Soundwave producing them magic cubes again.

    Wait, where is Starscream this episode? I haven't heard him whining once? It's weird because the Decepticons are all working together without issue or insults.

    I wonder how many kids re-enacted this mind control scene with Sideswipe and Bumblebee trying to ram their friends with Hot Wheels.

    Who is using this disruptor type thing on the bug?

    Oh, what the fuck? Optimus just transformed into Truck mode but was immediately out of it within one second. I think they put the animation in backwards. It went really quickly. I'm not making that up. Check it out if you've got the DVD.

    Buckethead might do something.

    Oh snap. That Wolverine/Hulk Combo!

    Skyfire with the save!

    So they drink oil now? What happened to eating wheat?

    My dudes throwing up lava!?!

    I don't think I've seen a shot connect from either side in this series so far.

    The bots just raised the roof (deck) and tossed Thundercracker into his own inferno. On another note, since when can my dude shoot flames out of his freakin' arm!?

    Apparently Ironhide can also use water gun.

    The insecticons are much, much smarter than the dinobots. They're freaking using lightning to fight right now and it's awesome.

    lol. Bumblebee's talking in this scene but his mouth is just stuck in an O shape. (*O*)

    This is like the one hundreth time Bumblebee has ignored Optimus Prime to charge him.

    Wait a minute. Rubber tires are insulation. Lightning can't hit you when you're rolling on them. I remember someone teaching me that when I was super young. It may have been my oldest brother and now I'm wondering if this episode is where he learned it!?

    Wheeljack is using someone as a skateboard.

    Wait, is that bucketheads car form? It's the only other yellow vehicle I've seen besides Bumblebee. I thought Buckethead was a construction vehicle?

    "I have the most powerful weapon of all! FLOATING IN THE SEA!" Uh, do what now?

    Oh. He means that big ass flammable ship.

    Of course Optimus just turns it over single handedly.

    Trailbreaker. That's the guy with the sick force field. I don't remember him at all.. Though he reminds me of hound. Of whom, I haven't seen this episode.

    Oh my god! Optimus just pulled that whole freaking ship out of the ocean looking like Goku holding the god damn spirit bomb. xD

    "Maybe we picked the wrong allies!" - No shit, insecticons? The decepticons always lose.

    "And with the same engineering they won't stay enemies for long!" - I'm going to go out on a limb and say I'll never see the insecticons fighting the decepticons. >.>

    Wheeljack just offered to help Spike become a motorcycle transformer and my dude turned it down!? WHAT!?

    And there are the credits! Another Tuesday and another Episode down. I don't have very many thoughts on this one. I still only know one Insecticons name and that's kick back. I have no idea who the rest are but I like them :) 

    Why weren't any of the insecticons featured in the films? Wouldn't it make sense for them to be in AOE since it showed pre-human earth? Blah!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S1:E16 - Heavy Metal War - 4/1/15

    Alright. Let's kick it off. I've had this menu running in the background for about ten minutes while I checked my e-mail and shit and I've got to tell ya', I'm starting to fucking hate this theme song at this point.

    Well, we're at a construction site in the middle of no where.

    "Energy discs". Well, I wonder what the Decepticons could possibly be after in this episode.

    Wait, is that the constructicons?

    Yes, yes it is.

    So we get the insecticons followed by the constructicons in back to back episodes?

    Wow, that bots laser literally melted that truck.

    Oh no, they got the power converted too!

    That dude's yelling for the police in the middle of fucking no where lol.

    These cons are bright as piss and there's a graphical glitch when they're transforming that makes them look like stickers on a bad background.

    "Foolish man of flesh" - I think I found my new insult of choice.

    Oh hey look at that, they can superman away as well.

    "My constructicons have returned to our TEMPORARY base right on schedule." It's like he already knows the Autobots are going to roll through and blow shit up soon.







    Wasn't Bonecrusher in Revenge of the fallen?

    Huh. Tron is speaking to Starscream while watching the concons work on something. When it first shows Starscream his colors are normal but when it shows a close up of Tron's face he looks like the other jet who's name I can't remember. The black one. His voice also sounds a little different.

    Sick evil laugh, bro.

    I can't help but notice the Autobots are still at their original base.

    Sideswipe can use watergun?

    Jesus fuck! Wheeljack's cannon just blew up in his hands. xD

    Wow, Optimus is very gullible. All it takes for him to cease fire is Megatron's word. Really? Really!?

    Well this plan doesn't seem sketchy or anything.

    If it's the law of Cybertron to accept a duel with banishment of either side, how come neither Prime nor Tron have fucking issued the challenge before?

    Scraper looks like a transforming high lighter.

    Were the toys this color as well?

    Starscream was quick to give up that fight... What did the cons do to him to make him more obedient?

    So essentially the moral of this episode is if you want to be strong, use steroids.

    Why is Megatron's head so tiny when he gets all powered up?

    When the concons just started rolling out what the hell was wrong with the cement truck? He just kept jerking violently back and forth!?

    How is he melting rock into lava using a water gun?

    Seizure warning on Tron's new powers.

    Spike's smart. "They don't call them 'Decept'icons for nothing." Good on you, Spike. Good. On. You.

    Optimus Prime honestly believes Megatron is going to follow the rules. What a scrub bubble.

    This set up is giving me flashback to Gohan's battle with Cell with the massive crater.

    HEY! Xavier's back in this episode :D 

    "Welcome to defeat!"

    That's adorable. Soundwave is releasing all his little chest buddies to watch the fight.

    Why is Ironhide shaking so badly?

    Alright so Megatron is laying into Optimus Prime like a mother fucker. All Optimus has to say about it is "I never knew he was that strong.", Seriously you've fought this dude like 17 times in 16 episodes.

    There goes Starscream bragging.

    And again.

    Starscream is the most narcissistic character I've ever seen in a cartoon.

    Why are Scream and the other jet the same colors now?

    Did Spike not just break the law by calling out Megatron's position in the middle of a fight?

    The concons are literally digging a big ass hole to the autobot HQ. xD

    Teletran 1 is freaking the fuck out.

    Even with his super strength, Prime is managing to go toe to toe against Tron.

    lol at the humans faces.

    I know Optimus didn't just get his ass handed to him... C'mon, now.

    Optimus is still trying to follow the law. It's time for anarchy, not law you bum ass bitch.

    That was the most pathetic transformation I've ever seen in my life. Yet, Optimus' trailer was still magically there.

    Annnnd now something tiny is pulling it.



    I find it pretty funny that the animators decided the best way to show which con or bot was speaking while in car form is to simply have their outlines shake.

    Oh snap. Concons didn't expect those mother fucking Dinobots to be ready to whoop some ass, son.

    Since when can Grimock shoot fucking missles off of his wrist?!

    "We Dynamite them to pieces!"

    The triceribot sounds like the guy from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Pretty sure I said that in an earlier episode but god damn is it spot on.

    You're damn right they brought out the heavy artillery.

    You really think some construction vehicles are a match against Dinobots?

    Oh... well never the fucking mind.

    Ohhhh HEYYYYY So that's the G1 Devestator. That's a pretty rad looking sum'bitch!

    Bay's version looked more epic however. ;) 

    "Our dino buddies, we've gotta' help!", "No Ironhide! Remember the law!" - Do what now? The dinobots aren't bound by that?

    Welp, now the gloves are coming off now.

    All the Autobot's chest pieces just disappeared when they started cheering.

    Who the hell is that?

    Why can't the dinobots form into a giant zord like in the Power Rangers?

    Oh my god. Did they just fucking kill the concons? They fell into god damn lava!

    Good observation there Megatron.

    No fucking way. Almost all of the cons just fell into the lava.

    Scratch that. All the cons.

    They're all freaking dead!?!?!

    Wait. No. They can't be. Prime's saying some nonsense.

    Oop. Nevermind. There goes Tron peaking out of the lava. xD

    Oh, wow. Well that's it then. I have officially concluded Season One of the G1 Transformers cartoon.

    I guess I should give some type of overview or summary of what I thought or something, right? Right. Ok, well here goes.

    Getting to this point has taken me an incredibly long time. Like seriously, way too long. What started out as an episode a day devolved into one every two months or so and is now on a one per week schedule. But regardless of how slow the process is, I've enjoyed this project a lot. It's been a lot of fun going back in time to see what started what is one of my favorite movie franchises of all time.

    Seeing all the differences and references first hand puts a new perspective on things but I can't honestly say that I'm in anyway disappointed in the Bay Films excluding the continuity errors I had originally mentioned when starting this project.

    I can clearly say that I enjoy most of the bots designs in the films more than that of the cartoon. How can I say that? It's simple. I didn't grow up with this animation like most of you did. I didn't live the excitement and torture of waiting for what was meant to be a live action representation of your childhood only to be let down by a dorito shaped Starscream.

    This cartoon is silly. Hell, I think Bay took his continuity lessons directly from the show. But it's still fun to watch. The sounds, the flashy lights, the horrible puns. It's really just a good time and at the end of the day that's what it was all about, right? Entertaining people?

    Well I've been entertained. I haven't built that emotional bond I have with the film characters (fucking Ratchet...) and I haven't gotten the great excitement of the action yet (excluding the one episode with the oil rig exploding) but I know that there's still a chance to find that.

    So with that said I'm very eager for all of you to join me next week as I dive head first into Transformers Season 2 with the episode "Autobot Spike". It's taken a long time to get here and we're not nearly out of the woods yet.

    Thanks for reading everyone!
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    --------Season Two--------​

    S2:E17 - Autobot Spike - 4/12/15!​

    Alright. It's time to start off on Season 2. I've got the DVD sitting on the main menu at the moment. The song playing sounds really rad and this computer animated Optimus is really cool.

    Well this is all new. This kind of reminds me of Dragonball Z's opening.

    Wow, this is a huge improvement over season one's opening.

    The animations were way cooler and the song is 10/10.

    They have the same announcer.

    Holy crap, the coloring and animation in this season is worlds away from season one. I didn't expect this kind of improvement.

    They aren't anywhere near as stiff when moving. Also, seeing Sparkplug without a helmet is weird.

    Oh god, Autobot X looks like frank... Annnnd Spike already said it before I could type it.

    Autobot X is pretty creepy. Was this a Halloween episode or something? Dude's just thugging out at the moment.

    He can shoot laser beams out of his hand?

    Trailbreaker. I completely forgot this guy existed.

    During the action, the animation gets a little choppier.

    Wheeljack just volunteered himself and Ratchet to help with X and Ratchet throws his hands up as in a "The fuck you say?" expression. It's glorious.

    Brain impulses or something.

    The audio quality is much better in season 2 as well.

    Optimus has a new logo on his arm.

    Windcharger? Who the hell is that?

    No Mirage? No Sideswipe? Why aren't they in the roll call.

    I'm guessing the decepticons showed up before the start of the season since Prime wasn't tripping out and the military guys all knew who they were?

    Starscream just mowed down Ironhide.

    The autobots are getting demolished right now. I'm assuming it's for a plot point with the whole brain transfer thing.

    lol, buckethead just field goal kicked Soundwave into a rocket ship.

    Well, they're still using the TIE Fighter sound effect but it's modified.

    Spike has a lot more detail on him. All the humans do. They don't all look alike.

    I really can't believe how much of a difference there is between this and season one.

    Wow, Tron just blasted Bumblebee with Spike inside.

    Well, not much difference. The cons are still running away per usual.

    Prowl and Ratchet are acting like actual cops and ambulances. That's adorable.

    Ok. Hold on. I just had to pause the episode. Are you fucking serious? Did this dude really just say that? So the bots bring Spike into the hospital. The FIRST fucking thing this doctor says is "Hmm, if only there was a way to separate Spike's mind from his body while we work..." Are you serious? Are you a real doctor? I don't think so.

    Wait a minute... I know what's going to happen... The episode is called "Autobot Spike"... Please don't tell me my dude's really about to become a giant robot... Resuming the episode.

    "It's a one in a billion chance" says Spike's totally caring dad.

    Yup. Dude is about to become a legitimate autobot because apparently operating on a human is just super duper dangerous if he isn't a robot.

    Optimus is bent over holding Sparkplug like a puppy.

    Spike sounds like a tard... He's also flipping out.

    The commercial break sequences seem about the same.

    Spike's being a drama queen and tearing the place apart.

    Oh, there's sideswipe and sunstreaker.

    So they're just shooting up my dude, Spike.


    Does Optimus still have the same voice actor? His voice sounds cleaner.

    Crap, something just happened and I missed it.

    I think laserbeak was snooping again or something.

    The decepticons all look fatter.

    Season 2 and Starscream is still bitching about Megatron 24/7.

    The movie he decides to watch is Frankenstein. xD

    Igor is looking pretty boss in this 80's style.

    Why is Frankenstein's monster gold?

    Spike's frowning somehow and none of the bots are there to see him freaking out?

    Woah, Spike has jet pack boots?

    Hey it's the three little camera-cons. They haven't shown up in a while.

    "Bumblebee, wait! I still have to repair your radio transmitter!" - So, he can't get 93.7 all the hits?

    Is Spike going through robot puberty at the moment?

    Uh-oh, he's going to conquer mankind with a tree.

    How is he possibly trying to trick you Spike? Him telling you you're nuts and you think it's a trick? What is the benefit?

    Reflector? So all three of those cons is one dude?

    lol, X blasted Starscream first shot.

    Dude's taking shots like a champ. What a tank.

    Never mind, he collapsed and it's commercial time!

    Mega-CRUMB! lol. Boss status.

    Bumblebee could pull himself up that whole time and instead just chilled until after Spike got blasted?

    The screens doing some weird stuff right now. Like the DVD scaling is going off.

    Spike's really joining the Decepticons? Really?

    So this whole episode so far is Spike's dad being really, really irresponsible. Maybe they shoulda' left him as a Decepticon slave back in the day.

    So while all this is going on Optimus and the others are just watching a shuttle launch?

    Hah. They tried to stop Bee but didn't even fire a shot.

    Wait, Prime expected something like this to happen? It seems like MR. Autobot leader has a lot of information that he fails to act upon.

    Optimus looks fat now as well. Actually all of them do. I think they look better this way.

    X is holding Megatron behind his back.


    He has Megatron hidden behind his back but he uses the other gun to shoot first? This doesn't make any sense.

    I'm still flabbergasted at how Megatron becomes a tiny (by robot standards) pistol.

    Who is shooting gunk out of their hands? Ironhide? How do they keep getting these new powers?


    Wheeljack has numbers on his doors? Since when?

    Uh-oh, here comes papa can't handle responsibility.

    Holy crap, Spike shot the crap out of him.

    Now he's going to save him because why not.

    It's like a giant claw machine.

    Why isn't Megatron just shooting himself right now? He did it in Season One?

    Oh wow. He just turned Megatron against his own lackeys. That's awesome.

    Is Megatron really preaching about betrayal right now?

    The bolt on X's cheek is really, really crooked.

    "We've given him the best possible treatment, Mr. Whitwhickey." - So, that is Sam and his dad then? I don't think I've heard that name since the series started. Also doctor, I don't believe you did. The best treatment involves morphine and sedatives. Not brain transplants.

    "Guess this is the last time I'll get to see myself from the outside!" - Uhhh, you didn't have mirrors in the 80's?

    Of course it's overloading. Where's the drama if it didn't?

    Wow. Literally nothing happened. It worked fine.

    That's the plot they leave open? Transferring an autobot mind into a human body?

    Annnd that's that. The outro is playing now. I'm seeing a lot of bots I don't know... There's a construction vehicle that didn't look like a concon?

    Alright. So that's that for Season 2 Episode 1. My initial thoughts? This kicks the ever living shit out of Season 1. Everything was much smoother. There was less bouncing around and not nearly as much confusion trying to comprehend everything that was happening. The new theme song is also much much better than the previous.

    Thanks for checking out the blog guys and girls! I hope you enjoyed it! Also, I don't want to make any promises but I aim to increase my episode count per week with Season 2 considering the vast amount of episodes. If I keep on the current rate it will be well over a year before I finish the season! With that said, the current schedule gets tossed around a lot with things coming up. So while they may not always come out on a set day, you can expect to see more soon!

    If you liked the blog, be sure to rate the thread and share it with your friends! Thanks!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E18 - Changing Gears - 4/20/15!​

    Well, it's time for another exciting episode of THE TRANSFORMERS! But first, HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY TFW2005! You guys started this gang up when I was eight years old chilling in my tighty whiteys and playing with that awesome Anakin Skywalker Pod Racing Toy that you held in your hand and pulled the buttons to open the front flap things... So, basically you've seen me grow up! Except, I've been here less than a year xD!

    I've never seen GEARS before but I have a book called "Changing Gears" in my toy room. It's for younger readers and I never finished it nor do I recall much about it so this character will still be new to me.

    Written by: Larry Parr. Have the episodes always shown the writer in the opening card? I'm usually so busy writing the intro I miss it.

    Well they're at a quarry.

    These guys are freaking out that they found some gold and a lot of it at that.

    Oh hey, would you look at that. Decepticons.

    Holy crap, did they just kill that guy? They knocked the mining shaft down on top of him. The other guy also took cover in a wooden shack... against giant robots.

    Why would the cons have any interest in a freaking gold mine?

    "Laserbeak. Ravage. Return." - It's like Pokemon but before Pokemon.

    Damn that fat guy can move.

    Megatron just saved that guys life to allow him to call for help? Wouldn't teletran pick up on the cons anyways?

    Why is that little guy moving so slow?

    Oh. That's Gears. I don't remember ever seeing him. His head is literally a gear. Name checks out.

    Optimus' magic trailer just showed up in usual form.

    It seems like the bots always show up at the very edge of a cliff when spying on the cons. Where does this show even take place and why is there always a canyon/cave/crevice?

    Optimus just got the jump on those fools and blasted tron and scream across the freakin' map.

    Haha. The little guys freaking out, not knowing who to run too. My suggestions would be the colorful group who just came in to mess up the guys that captured you.

    I know I said a lot about the animation last episode but I'm still loving how vibrant the colors are in this season. Optimus' armor and the reflection from trons are great.

    "MEHegUHTron INNERguys'D THOOSE BOWLdurrs!" - Thanks Ironhide. Thanks for by the second update. I have yet to see how Bay got his creation of you out of you xD

    Wait. Why does Megatron specifically want Gears?

    That's the second time in three minutes that Megatron has bitch slapped Starscream to stop him from killing someone.

    lol. Skywarp just flew off with Gears and he didn't even contest. He literally had the most expressionless face I've seen on a transformer. Hold on, I'm going to get a picture of it.


    It actually looks like he has a small smile. You enjoy that ride, Gears. You enjoy it buddy!

    Now the Con's are back in that one forest in the whole show.

    I have zero ideas what Gears just said except "Ziltch".

    Damn, Megatron's trying to capture the energy of the sun? So he literally zaps it instead of, oh, I dunno', building some eco-friendly solar panels?

    Woahhh, the leaning tower of CHEEZA! It's leaning super far in this.

    There's a permanent earthquake going on right now and it's killing my eyes.

    "What's happening!?" "Solar Flares!"

    Would Solar Flares really cause earthquakes?

    Optimus is talking about betting his titanium cushion bars on it. He's super sure!

    "Sure thing, Starscream! Always happy to oblige! But I'm not sure why..."

    My dude is literally siphoning the sun.

    "Teletran 1 has confirmed my fears. Someone has taped into the power of the sun!" God damn it, Optimus Prime. You knew that? What gave it away? The giant beam coming from the Earth up to the sun? This brings me back to a previous point from last episode. YOU KNOW A LOT OF SHIT YOU DON'T SHARE WITH THE DAMN CREW!

    lol. Decepti-bum.

    He's geotracked him to Africa. Where they're going to go stop the process so the sun doesn't explode in just under two earth hours. Anyone got a conversion for that to Astro Seconds?

    It just played the exact same transformation sequence for Prime as it did earlier in the episode.

    ZEEEEEBRRRRAAAAASSSSSS! I don't think I've seen any animals in the show this far.

    The bots are doing drive-bys on trees.

    "hehehe. I should be very angry at you Megatron! You are an evil retro rat! But for some reason, I just can't get too upset." - Uhhh, dew what now?

    Oh hey, would you look at that? Starscream is screwing up again and there's another empty threat by Megatron.

    They're jumping that huge crevice without a ramp or anything.

    Bye Bumblebee.

    Sike. Wheeljack's got you boo bear.

    They didn't even exchange any words just then. It's like that happens all the time or something.

    Who is the red guy beside Bumblebee? They look the same almost except for the colors? Sideswipe?

    "We've got to save the sun!" "sifjsdfusjdfisjdfij ITSAREFLECTIVEENERGYSHIELD!"

    This is such a weird idea for an episode.

    That's pretty smart Optimus... I didn't think about that.

    Oh, Cliffjumper. He's the one I was referring too. He just kamikaze dove into the top of the dome.

    The running animation right now is just silly. ><

    Wait, so Cliffjumper asked all those questions and was super confused but now he's just fighting again with no questions asked?

    LOL WTF! How did Bumblebee just come flying out of no where? I'll never understand how they toss themselves while in car form.

    Oh wait, that's a little hypocritical right? They do it in the movies by untransforming their arms and stuff. I'll assume they do that here off screen.

    "GEARS!" "WE'RE GEARS, DAMMIT! GEARS!" (Sorry... Fandoms merging.)

    The Autobots actually dropped their weapons to save prime. Too bad they didn't do that for Jazz in the first movie...

    Wait, Gears is helping Megatron again? But he was just fighting against the cons? What the hell is going on with this little guy?

    Also, Megatron just called the sun a fairy tale.

    Gears is so tiny. He's like a hobbit among the Autobots.

    "H'WHAT DIDJU DEW TWO GUEARS YU MONsTURR!? YU TURNND'EM... UGH, NIIIICE!" - Thanks against Ironhide. No, seriously. Thank you.

    What does Gears transform into? I haven't seen him in vehicle form as far as I know?

    Why do both forces continue to hesitate all the time? Was execution just not an option in the 80's? Seeing Megatron give mercy to the autobots isn't something I'd expect from the Bayverse. (Excluding when he whooped Sentinels ass. R.I.P. Nimoy).

    Wow, the cons actually split without Megatron's orders.

    Where are the Insecticons, Concons and Dinobots?

    I love how Optimus Prime knows exactly when the sun will explode. "In less than a minute!"

    Ratchet also just soccor kicked a boulder into a falling building piece to save Wheeljack. Seems about right.

    Oh my god. This scenario!? "THAT WIRE!" "NO, THIS WIRE!"

    Alright Optimus. I'll cross my fingers. But I already know what's going to happen.

    Oh hey, look at that. You fixed it before I could even finish typing that sentence.

    Grumpy Gears is back. He's like one of the seven dwarves.

    "But I don't think this will work." KABOOOOOOM!

    lol. They're all just ditching this dude.

    He's still not transforming?

    OMG. Please tell me my dude isn't a fucking RC car? xD That's absolutely adorable.

    Alright. Well, that's the end of that episode. Not a whole lot to say that wasn't said already in the post so I'll get to my usual outro. Thanks for taking the time to read my entry and I hope you've enjoyed it! If you did, be sure to rate the thread and possibly share it with your friends! Oh, and if you didn't see it in my reply earlier today to the thread, I will be doing an episode a day for this week, Monday through Friday, so check back tomorrow for the next entry!

    Thanks for reading!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E19 - City Of Steel - 4/21/15!​

    Starting this episode with a timer. Left my laptop charger at work. 22 minutes of battery life. LET'S GO! (Set screen brightness to lowest)

    Hey it's New York. Twin towers and all!

    I already love this episode. City Skylines are my absolute favorite scenic view in the world. (Apart from star gazing).

    Laserbeak's going to meet up with the Ninja Turtles.

    Plot twist. Soundwave is a Ninja Turtle.

    Hey the concons!

    Wait. Was that concon called Hulk? I feel like someone already told me these names but that's what I heard.

    You can always tell which part of the background is going to move before it does because of the coloring on it.

    "I didn't join this outfit to be a dump truck!" - Uh, are you not one?

    Who does Scrappers voices? It sounds super familiar. Someone from Scooby-Doo maybe?

    "THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING IT SINKING!" Here must be the part where the Locust Horde jumps out and E-Day happens.

    Cool, they actually reference it as New York City in this. I always thought it would be some issue calling the real name out or something.

    Holy crap, Spike's dad is tiny compared to the bot's computer.


    The Decepticons can fly like super man while the Autobots can turn into boats like Spyhunter. Got it.

    Oh snap, here comes Randal the bully trying to steal Spike's lunch money again.

    Wait. Who is Randal #2? Red and black guy.

    Since Optimus Prime is directly over head, Megatron orders Scavenger (I think) to smash the ceiling to their brand new head quarters? Seems like great leadership.

    Megatron's cutting him open like the Mexican Cartel.

    Megatron just called Soundwave Scrapper.

    Wow, what a great city name. New Cybertron. The originality of this show just has me baffled!

    The new tower sticks out like a sore thumb.

    Hey it's the full house bridge!

    Wait, no. That's in Cali, right?

    Since when is Bumblebee's interior pink?

    The concon's still look like highlighters.

    I think his name is "Hook", not Hulk. Regardless that's his new name.

    Holy shit, he has a fucking lightsaber?

    Oh my god. He decapitated Optimus. Lmfao.

    Now this is just silly. Optimus' dismembered appendages are jumping Megatron. Why couldn't he move himself with his mind when he was all still in one piece?

    I guess Spike's supposed to be sitting on Bee's shoulders but from the back he's sitting on those horns. Oooh, baby<3

    Did this dude really forget the word damage?

    God they're goin' like 100 MPH up that on ramp.

    I still really want a Hound toy. I'm happy he's actually in speaking in this episode.

    Oh snap. Beast Wars prequel!

    Really, you can't tell why it's saying Primes behind you? Despite the color scheme of the gator? Do NYC sewers usually have Alligators in them? That's a real question. I've never been to NYC. I'd love to go though. Someone pay for my lady and I to visit. :D 

    Well that was dark. He said the bots would be riding down their grave.

    Mixmaster is tied for most annoying voice in the series right beside Starscream.

    Starscream just gave Tron credit for something. That's bananas.

    Optimus can "sense" the presence of his legs and it now using telekinesis to summon them.




    Oh my god the puns...

    What was the head of the potateocon made out of? Not Optimus since they left it.


    They turned his fucking arm, still holding his gun, into a fucking turret on top of the new Empire State building.

    Soundwave is literally just spamming the button to make it shoot. No aiming needed. That's some top notch equipment right there.

    17% battery life remaining. I think I'm gonna' make it!

    So, they put the pedal to the metal only to fall into a giant hole in the ground. Now a con, Red Randal to be exact, is driving a train.

    He exploded.

    The train rather.

    Oh snap, and army of taxi's. Seems about right.

    Battle taxis!

    Decepticabs... God damn did they have a fucking hoot naming these things. I can only imagine the elbow nudges in the board meetings.

    "AUTOAUTOAUTOBOTS!" - Please stop Mixmaster. :( 

    So Optimus just came rolling up into the battle taxis and the turrets and just fucked them up. If I had to guess, I'd say that is where the inspiration for the scene in DOTM involving Ironhide smashing the SUV-cons with Sideswipe while the others ran away came from.

    How're the Autobots out of cannon range? The cannon is a fucking arm. Bend the damn elbow, Soundwave!

    The jet's literally just flew through the con tower and smashed right through it. That's not a very sturdy building.

    I don't even have a joke for the "Say Uncle" sequence...

    I think the concons are about to become Devastator again.

    Come to think of it, didn't that one guy on Pawn Stars with all the transformers have an original Devastator toy? Also, does that guy hang around here? If so, how's his collection and baby!?

    Who is buzzsaw?

    Oh wow, Laserbeak has a sister!?!?!

    I just realized Optimus is still one handed. I don't know why I thought he had them both back when I was still going on about the turret.

    Did Wheeljack really just call King Kong a damn Baboon? Once again, thought there would be some type of licensing issue with using the real name.

    13% battery life left. Let's go baby!

    There goes the jedi mind trick again with what would be renowned as the shittiest zinger known to man.

    What city of New Cybertron? You had one damn building ya' bum!

    There's the twin towers again...

    Wait, was that it? That's the end?

    Wow the episode literally just ended without a speech or anything from Optimus. That's a first.

    So apparently lowering your screen brightness reserves the ever living shit out of your battery. I can't see dick but I'm still rolling. I would post some great outro but since I'm scared shitless this is going to turn off and I'm going to lose all of my writing I'll just say RATE THE THREAD IF YOU LIKE IT AND BE SURE TO COME BACK! I LOVE YOU!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E20 - Attack of the Autobots - 4/22/15!​

    Alright. Starting this episode now with my fiancee watching with me :D 

    Is this a new opening from the rest of Season 2 or have I just not been paying attention? I saw a lot of Dinobots and other cons.

    Written by David Wise.

    Pretty opening scene. Lot's of space.

    The Autobot emblem looks sad on Teletran one right now.

    Well the cons wasted no time rushing the Autobots in this episode.

    We're just over a minute in and they're blasting. Prowl's flying?

    Prowl just caught him a con!

    Prime's something is pulsating.

    Damn, Ratchet's head just pulled an exorcist and went a full 180.


    That invisibility spray will never work, Megatron. We can see your outline.

    So Optimus Prime and Ratchet can fly now like the Decepticons. They just came zooming out of that giant crevice Randal made.

    Damn, why do the bots looks so freaking massive now. Ratchet and Prowl look buff as all hell.

    Is that supposed to be Florida on TOne?

    Since when does Teletran One have a voice?

    Wow the emblem looks so horribly drawn in this episode.

    Is this how TOne becomes TTwo?

    C'mon Bumblebee, how can you not tell Prowl is corrupt right now? His eyes are literally freaking red.

    Jazz is a banshee now?

    C'mon Jazz, do some work.

    Wait, that's "Bluestreak" and not Prowl?

    I guess I don't know my bots apparently.

    So all of the Autobots are evil just from taking naps? Gee whiz.

    Wait, what just happened?

    The bots are attacking an air force base or something?

    Yup. Thanks Teletran Uno!

    I'm going to guess Jazz's new speakers are going to fry the corruption or something.

    Ratchet looks pretty damn intimidating with the red eyes to be honest.

    This lady is literally repeating whatever the person she's on the phone with says. I know it get's the plot point across but damn would she be annoying to talk too.

    Jesus, she just jumped out the fucking window!

    Optimus sounds like a Dinobot... "Destroy, destroy, destory!"

    These guys are still guardian the entrance to the base despite the Autobots destoying the inside of the base? Seems legit.

    Bumblebee just got bitched slapped by Prime and now he's whining about it.

    Megatron and the cons are all about just breaking down walls and now Soundwave is hacking a computer with a tiny finger USB.

    "In two earth hours, we will be aboard that rocket and on our way to cybertron!" Man, what happened to astro seconds being the primary source of time? :(  The cons and bots have been on Earth too long!

    I have no idea what Jazz just did but it was pretty.

    That was all it took to revive Blue streak?

    This woman is really hiding in a damn trashcan from Hound?

    She was about to get ground the hell up.

    Oh my god, she still got tossed like a mile away.

    Dude, Ratchet would make a great Decepticon. He looks crazy.

    I have zero ideas what Buckethead, Prime and Prowl are trying to do here.

    What the hell did you expect to happen Bumblebee? Why would you jump in front of three rampaging robots?

    Skyfire. That's a bot I haven't seen in a few episodes.

    Those little devices are called "Attitude Exchanger"'s?

    One shot. One hit.

    I once again forgot how massive this dude is. He's literally a giant jet for giant jets (bots).

    "You won't do it Optimus Prime! I know you won't hurt me!" - Proceeds to hurt him.

    What the hell did Optimus just transform into? The weird little turret thing? I'm officially lost.

    Why is Prime going ballistic? This episode is confusing the ever living shit out of me.

    Ooo. Bumblebee and Prime getting mighty close. Oh bby.

    Who the hell is this scientist lady? Why is she important?

    Speaking of which. Where is Xavier? I haven't seen him in a while?

    They're trying to unscrew parts of the rocket while it's moving. Seems safe.

    That was a very weird angle to see Jazz transform at.

    Now Jazz is blasting some odd music and it's somehow working to make the cons just give up.

    He literally just scared them off with the power of ROCK!

    This episode still makes zero sense to me. I don't think I've ever had a harder time trying to follow what the hell is happening.

    Optimus Prime is petting Bumblebee.

    Now the good guys are all fighting over who gets the credit...

    "Lift that wrench. Tote that retro charger" "Hahahahahaha!" How was that funny?

    Alright, well that's it for that episode and I've got to say I think I found the first episode I didn't enjoy at all. There wasn't much to laugh at nor be interested in. I don't know what the hell I just watched but... erm... there it is!

    As with every closing, if you've enjoyed the thread please be sure to rate it and share it with your friends! Thanks for viewing and I'll see you all tomorrow!

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    S2:E21 - Traitor - 4/23/15!​

    Episode 20, let's go.

    I just noticed a tank autobot in the opening sequence.

    "Experimental energy research laboratory".

    We seem to have the same plot as every other episode. Super source of energy is presented and the Decepticons show up within the first minute to break in and steal them.

    The scientists just jumped onto the platform being lifted up by a giant robot. Seems legit.

    One of these guys looks like the evil doctor guy from Season one.

    Good bye "Experimental energy research laboratory".

    They don't seem to play the transformation sound audio when the jet-cons change into vehicle form for some reason.

    Wow, Cliffjumper's "jumping" to conclusions here isn't he? Why blame Mirage as a traitor right away? No build up or anything.

    Oh hey, Starscream's challenging Megatron's leadership... again.

    Annnnnd there goes Starscream fucking shit up again.

    Do it, Megatron. Pull the trigger!

    Cliffjumper's being real damn aggressive right now... A whole lotta mouth for a tiny little bot.

    You've got to be kidding me. Megatron, you can shoot Starscream and THEN handle the Autobots.

    He's seriously just forgetting about Starscream like that?

    I hope Mirage smacks the shit out of Cliffjumper. I'm not buying this whole "Traitor" thing for a damn second.

    Starscream just fucking called Cliffjumper "papa" - I'm dying.

    "OPTIMUS PRIME!? WHERE!?" Starscream could never lead the cons man, he's too much of a coward.

    See, Mirage is whooping up on some Con ass right now. This dude ain't against nobody.

    Oh shit, the Insecticons. I almost forgot they were a thing.

    Dude's Decepticon insignia fell off... Surely that couldn't be taken the wrong way?

    Optimus Prime is once again at the mercy of Megatron and yet the glorious leader doesn't pull the trigger. I think Tron needs some WD-40 on his trigger finger.

    Cliffjumper's getting a lot of air time this episode. Not many other Autobots apart from Mirage, Optimus and himself.

    Megatron can shoot Nitrogen out his hands? The writers really didn't care about just throwing in new powers whenever they felt like did they.

    This is the first time it's shown Optimus' trailer appear in a wide angle. You literally just see it roll in off screen. They should have made the trailer it's own character. His name could've been... "Hitch".

    Cliffjumper's being a bitch son.

    Hell yeah, Optimus. That's why you're the leader. You're a god damn idiot and you withhold information like a mother fucker but you believe in your troops and that's what it's about.

    Nope. Not falling for it writers. Mirage is not evil. He can't be. He's got that insignia because he's about to whoop some ass.

    Just last episode when the Con's used "invisibility spray" you could see their outlines but in this one when Mirage does it he's 100% invisible? Makes sense.

    You better bash those insecticons head in with a cube or something Mirage. Don't let me down son.

    The cubes they use for energy look like the currency in Destiny, Glimmer.

    Fuck off, Cliffjumper! Mirage ain't no bitch!

    He won't pull the trigger.

    You won't do it.

    You're a scrub.

    Don't do it.

    No balls.

    Saved by the insecticons.

    Hell yeah, his plan is working. That's my shit.

    Damn right, Mirage. You fool those punk ass bitches.

    Cliffjumper, my respect meter for you is dropping to about 0%.

    However, making Starscream bitchmade just earned you a solid 50% back.

    "What were you firing at, Starscream?" "An Autobot Spy!" "Well, Obviously you missed!" - Who doesn't miss in this show?

    That's my shit. Mirage is a damn champion. He has single handedly done more trickery and dope shit in this one episode than all the Autobots combined in any other episode.

    Damn, I don't know which insecticon that is but that blast is awesome. It looks like he's shooting thousands of glass shards.

    Oh, c'mon. Don't do this. You can't make Mirage on your team... Son of a bitch.

    Now they're going to believe Cliffjumper and that's some damn noise.

    Wow that was kind of dark... Con was running for his life and Mirage just mowed him down in the back with a missile.

    I can never remember the name of that con... The black jetcon.

    Even with Cliffjumper's story and determination, Optimus wants to find Mirage and hear his side of the story. That's leadership.

    Well, Ratchet is in the episode a bit more. Still just a few bots in this episode. I kind of like it to be honest, it's easier to keep up with who's who.

    Mirage just launched another missile at one of the jetcons and when it hit him it was tiny compared to the first but he shot both of them out of his shoulder cannon?

    Uh-oh. Megatron's hitting Bombshell with that knowledge while insulting him.

    Bombshells actually not as stupid as Tron makes him out to be. He knows they're going to deceive them later.

    Wow, Megatron once again saves an Autobot life. Sure his motives are cruel but my dude is like the defender of Autobots at this point.

    Cliffjumper made a real accusation this time.

    Mirage is still telling the truth despite being under control?

    God dammit.

    The ambush was real and now everyone's going to think Mirage is evil.

    Wow, Prime transformed back into robot form while in that wide view again and it showed his trailer just rolling off screen.

    That's my man, Ratchet. You're one smart dude.

    No shit, Cliffjumper. I bet you feel like a dick now, huh?

    These four autobots are holding down a ton of the cons with no help from the rest of the squad.

    Uh-oh. Time for a new Optimus and Megatron battle.

    How did the rest of the bots show up behind Megatron? They were just blasting on all the other cons and then they show up just like that?

    All those enemies and they just made it away.

    Wow. Optimus' trailer is like 100x entirely way to big in this scene. He transformed to roll out and he's like smaller than Ratchet and Cliffjumper while his trailer is HUGE.

    Woah... Creepy ending. Mirage and Cliffjumper just started like tickling each other and rolling around on the ground... That's, erm, not odd.

    This episode was great and I liked it much, much more than the previous one. The smaller cast helped me keep up with the action and what was happening plus I was (for the most part) able to keep up with "who" was "who". I'm glad I was right about Mirage, though I do still wonder how the hell Bay got "Dino" out of his name... I'm sure that's been answered in this thread before but I just don't remember.

    Regardless, I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog! If you enjoyed it and you're feeling generous feel free to give us a rate on the thread and possibly even share it with your friends! I'll catch you all tomorrow for Episode 21: The Immobilizer!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E22 - The Immobilizer - 4/24/15!​

    "The Wheeljack Instant Immobilizer", I wonder what that thing does?

    Ironhide didn't get the memo. He's blasting like a fool.

    He buried Wheeljack and is whining about his eyes?

    They just sell Polarizers in town. No big deal.

    Why does Bee need a running start to transformer?


    Did this girl really just call Bumblebee a "Cute Autobot"...


    Oh my god, what the fuck was wrong with her arm when she was getting in the car, it was all bent out of shape.

    Lmfao. The officers face as he's pulling up.

    The Autobots are much more open about themselves in the world as opposed to the movies.

    Why was Ravage just dumpster diving?

    The speeding laws apply to giant robots...

    The Decepticons are a bunch of damn voyeurs.

    That was the longest transformation segment in the show so far. The noise was actually pretty damn annoying when it was being spammed.

    Wheeljack warns that he isn't sure it's stable so they can go to safer ground to test it. Why didn't he do that in the first place?

    Uhhh, do what now? He just stopped a waterfall.

    Did it turn it into Ice?

    Good job, Buckethead.

    Wheeljack just saw a basilisk.

    Are you serious, Optimus? Wheeljack just got frozen and you're more worried about the weapon getting into the cons hands? You're back to being a shitty leader in my book.

    Ironhide, many things are your fault, this is not one of those things. You left your post for five seconds because you thought it was a con. Relax, buddy.

    Optimus and Megatron are like two five year olds fighting over their favorite toy.

    There goes Starscream being a dick again. Megatron is actually just staring and silent for once.

    Another Autobot just super manned up to catch Starscream, you all lied to me... More than just cons can do it. :p 

    Carly's arms are freaking me the fuck out man.

    "I'll put a stop to this!", without a finger on the trigger you're pretty useless Tron.

    Yes, Carly, yes. It is all your fault. You stupid ittle human.

    Starscream really just said "A decepticon never retreats!" Dude, that's all you guys do.

    How convenient, the water changed back at exactly the right time.

    Apparently, "Rust in peace" is the funniest shit any of the Autobots have ever heard.

    Now Optimus is worried about Wheeljack more than chasing the cons... Despite the fact that they have the immobilizer now. This dude's so damn back and forth.

    What a anti-climatic resignation... Ironhide's being a bum.

    How the hell did Carly know about the con's hide out?

    What is it that makes drawing the Autobot and Decepticon emblems so difficult back in the 80's? On nearly every bot they're just skewed to shit.

    Carly's a twin agent... I guarantee it.

    Nope. I was wrong. She's just a bum with scuba gear who wants to blow shit up.

    Oh my shit. That shriek. Jesus fuck.

    The part of the con's HQ that comes out of the water reminds me of a sentinel from the X-Men.

    "Help me, Iron Hide Kenobi. You're my only hope..." - Carly.

    Ironhide has a jet back? Once again... new powers you never see again every single episode.

    Breech and clear! BREECH AND CLEAR!

    That's horrifying... Drowning is my second biggest fear beside being buried alive...

    How did they not notice Ironhide swooping her up?

    Uh-oh. Carly and Spike about to do some lovin'.

    Ironhide just got stoned.

    Wheeljack just needs to quit inventing shit at this point.

    "Now I, Starscream lead! AND I SAY ATTACK!" - How many times does this dude try to claim leadership of the cons? I mean, c'mon man. Every. Single. Chance.

    Oh snap. Dude's are dropping left and right.

    That was Sideswipe? I still have issues telling...

    Dig-dug scene!

    Huh, I guess I was wrong. Jazz just used his shockwave ability again. The lights are ridiculous.

    This is pretty awesome actually.

    Why the hell would Bay pick Jazz to kill off first in the films? Couldn't he have taken... like... I dunno', I liked them all...

    Speaking of movie characters... Anyone know what happened to Jolt? You barely saw the dude but I loved him...

    Wow, why would you do that Ironhide. You could have just ended the war by immobilizing all the cons. You're just silly.

    Annnnnd, Ironhide re-enlists.

    That's selfish, Carly. That's selfish.

    The Ion Flow? Do what now...

    "A chocolate Soda." Ew, what the fuck? You serious? A chocolate soda? Was that a think in the 80's or are they talking about... like... a yoo-hoo or something?

    Annnnnd Carly's driving Spike off away from the sunset with that beautiful mane blowing in the wind. It doesn't get much more 80's than that!

    Another episode in the bag! It seems to follow a similar pattern to the last episode where they try to limit the amount of characters on screen and focus on one or two bots as the main characters such as Ironhide in this one and Mirage/Cliffjumper in the last. I like it. It's getting me more acquainted with the characters.

    I also learned that Carly is into Mechanophilia.

    Thanks for joining me this week guys and girls! I've had a lot of fun doing the episodes and we even managed to hit 40,000 thread views! I'll catch ya' the same time next week for episode 22: "The Autobot Run"!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E23 - The Autobot Run- 4/27/15!​

    Is this Speed racer?

    Hey, Xavier showed up.

    What a stiff. Lighten up and have some adventure, Bumblebee.

    "Transfixatron" - I wonder what that does.

    Scrappers voice sounds different. No effects added.

    Starscream... I'm not in the mood for your shit. The new "Love him or hate him" thread is about you and I'm one of the only two to hate you so far.

    Huh, Starscream's getting bitch made.

    Tron called his own contraption idiotic?

    Starscream's stuck as a jet? I'm having flashbacks to Tobias from the Animorphs.

    Starscream is literally crying to Megatron. Like, literally crying. What a puss. How can anyone respect him?

    Where are the cons at anyway? It's some old west looking town.

    Who the hells the big yellow guy behind Ironhide? I don't think I've ever seen him? Or is that sunstreaker and I'm just blanking out?

    That's a lot of Autobots.


    "Yuck! *sniff* some people are in for a surprise!"

    Oh snap, Jazz is kicking it.

    Now I'm having Wacky Races flash backs.

    Scrapper's jacking the air off.

    The cons have teleportation abilities now.

    None of the bots noticed the giant beam hitting them?

    Oh, no worries. It's just an energy evaporation from all the speed, uh, maybe.

    That was a horrible one liner, Tron.

    How is Mirage not dusting these guys? He's an F1 car...

    Optimus is in dead last.

    This was a one lap race?

    They didn't even name a real winner? Really?

    Ironhide's a groovy van.

    Who is Windcharger? I feel like I'm forgetting more and more of these bots...

    Woooooah. What the fuck.

    Shockwave is with the cons.

    Like, actually on earth.

    He landed beside Megatron and is actually there.

    What the fuck? I've never seen him off Cybertron...

    Wait, now he's gone? It's just the jets and tron. Where the hell did he go so quick?

    Optimus is melting.

    Something the cons did actually worked.

    Buckethead, Goggles, Ratchet, Bumblebee and Wheeljack are all still able to transform and such.

    They're back at the Lucky Luke town.

    The concons seem to be the only group of cons who can properly do their job.

    Hound just shot off a hologram of something.

    How could you not hear the sound of his transmission?

    Megatron just got a brick of cocaine out of the machine.

    Bye, Ironhide!

    I can't believe how fast you put it together either Wheeljack! Like... one minute or something.

    Googles is almost as much of a bitch as Starscream. He just doesn't try to take the lead, he knows his place as a coward. I respect him for that.

    Ironhide just lost his muffler to the claw machine.

    One of the signs on the shops just says "Cow".

    There goes RC again sweeping through legs and stuff.

    Optimus just smashed the claw machine without an astro second to spare.

    I'm not sure how Ironhide managed to fall beside it instead of into it.

    The animations just looked like Spike got shot in the head.

    Wheeljacks running is also hilarious.

    Instead of dodging, he just called out the missile and takes the hit.



    Whoever the fuck said he wasn't really disabled in a reply to this thread, we're you bullshitting or is this fool really playing everyone?

    Why didn't Megatron just bring the untransformablethingamajig with him to refreeze them once the grenade went off?

    This is the third time Devastator has popped up in Season 2 this far.

    He just owned Cliffjumper.

    He's actually stomping them all.

    He tossed them into two shops but spared the glass shop. What a nice guy.

    So, the transfixerthing has been there the whole time. Unsupervised.

    The cons deserve whatever the hell they get for being so damn stupid.

    Annnnd now there's a pile of tonka trucks sitting on the ground.

    Another episode ending with the cons running away.

    Surprise thug beating of inanimate objects with Ironhide and dingdong who's name I can't recall and complaining by Ratchet!

    Well, that's it for disc one of part one of Season 2. Which means I'm 1/4th of the way to be half way through the season! Whoo!

    See you guys and girls tomorrow for another exciting episode of... the Transformers!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E24 - Atlantis, Arise! - 4/28/15!​

    So, the cons literally found Atlantis. That was quick.

    They're on their way to get the energy from the city. I'd bet money the bots are going to figure out somehow...

    Jet's can fly under water now.

    What the fuck? Piccolo is in this show?

    He communicates telepathically yet his mouth is moving.

    Starscream got shot in the first three minutes.

    The Decepticons are fighting Namekians. Seem legit.

    Alvin and the chipmunks are in this episode as well.

    Why? Why would you openly state your plan to rob a fool, in front of the fool?

    Spike got buff as hell and is playing football against a dinosaur.

    They built a football field in the middle of the desert near the STILL crashed ark.

    Once again, smaller cast of four-five Autobots.

    Hound is a boat now.

    They're all boats now.

    Now they're submarines.

    That fish had a very surprised expression.

    Spike is looking good in that speedo. I wish I had one.

    Spike's speaking clearly with his breather thing in his mouth.

    Buckethead just speared Scream with a trident.

    Wheeljack sacrificed himself to save his friends. What a champion. But it's going to cost him his function cycle.

    Well that's not sketchy at all.

    Well, Piccolo is as big of a back stabber as TronCon.

    "There they are! Blast'em!" I love the Star Wars references. (Yes, I know "It's them! Blast'em!"

    Do they? Do they say that?

    Bumblebee is out of breath. Sounds about right. Giant machines. Lungs.

    Oh hey, Starscream's being useful and hanging back to figure out what's going on.

    No autobot emblems on any of the bots rolling together at the moment.

    This is some War of the Worlds shit.

    TronCon just slapped this dudes pride right out of his head and turned him bitch made.

    Hey, it's the plot of the Simpson's Movie.

    Prowl and Hound are moon walking across the pond.

    Laserbeak down! Laserbeak down!

    How does Spike keep getting changed into that boss speedo so quickly?

    Piccolo had knowledge of magnets at the bottom of the ocean.

    Never mind, Starscream's no longer being useful.

    Did I mention that I really hate Starscream?

    He just got owned by Bumblebee.

    I have no idea what the hell Wheeljack is saying right now.

    Thundercracker got singled out.

    Oh hey, Optimus Prime is disabled... again... for like the fifth time this season.

    This entire alliance is like a sith relationship.


    Grimlock, Snarl and Sludge are the only ones going? Why leave the other two?

    "We shall soon give them their just desserts." - I've never understood that expression.

    Megatron just took the Lincoln Throne. Didn't that happen in Dark of the Moon but it was Sentinal?

    #Dinobots just don't give a fuck.

    The Stegosaurus just tail whipped a missile back to the enemy.

    Grimlock can take shots like a champion. He's the man.

    Uh-oh, Piccolo coming to stomp that ass.

    Sike. Starscream actually saved TronCon. Imagine, just for a moment, being in debt to that guy.

    Grimlock's going ham man. He's much more rad in this episode than he was in all of Season One.

    Of course the Triceratops has stone mending laser breath.

    Why did it just show Ironhide there? I don't think I ever saw him in this episode before this very point.

    Uh-oh, the normandy.

    That made no sense Optimus. None at all. But at least your trailer was useful in helping those that can't turn into boats.

    Oh snap, Godzilla SMASH!

    They're literally just smashing everything.

    Piccolo is wanting to blow up his entire city to kill everyone. Definitely a sith.


    It's official. Grimlock is my favorite.

    The lost city of Atlantis is literally exploding.

    How does Spike know Piccolo is gone? He was buried in the ruble but you never see him escape?

    Welp, that's it for that episode. If you enjoyed the post, be sure to toss the thread a rate and share it with your friends! I'll catch you all tomorrow for Episode 24: Day Of The Machines!

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    S2:E25 - Day Of The Machines - 4/29/15!​

    Alright. Morning time Transformers. Le'go.

    I love in the opening sequence one of the concons big part is scooping up some rubble.

    The turrets on the roof look like Decepticon turrets.

    Hey, Soundwave is a boom box.

    He's being man handled by a human.

    lol. No way. Megatron was in a guitar case. This is silly.

    Look at that pretty moon.

    It's great to see so many beautiful war tanks in the moonlight.

    No one heard them blowing a hole in the roof?

    Uh, what?

    That computer has a odd face, goofy voice and Megatron's head penis in it's body.

    Dork just tried to blast Soundwave. That's not cool.

    That computers the first machine that can make other machines? You guys didn't have assemble line bots in the 80's?

    The viziphone... How boss.

    This seems to be the first episode in a while where Megatron is after conquest of the earth and not energy. He's building an entire army.

    Nevermind. The tankers have energy on them.

    How does Doctor Gates know Optimus?

    What the hell is with Hound's chest? His engines on the outside?

    That's a lot of tanks.

    Good grief, Charlie Brown.

    Why do the human vehicles fire plasma lasers?

    Optimus' is letting his voice slip in these call outs. He sounds like Ironhide.

    Hey, another Dino Bot episode. Grimlock wasn't lying about Prime only calling them when they were getting owned.


    Damn right, Grimlock. You the real MVP.

    Someone in the thread pointed out that all of the bots an cons names had to do with what they do... What is Grimlock named for?

    Going down?

    Optimus, how do you know it was TronCon? Rude. Always assumin'.

    Hound's chest still has his engine on the outside. Has it always been like this and I just never noticed?

    Combat landing Skyfire for days.


    Hound just called that fool greasy.

    Beaky bird brain, what'chu know about it?

    A lot of these bots have Soundwaves design...

    I'm still not sure who that red bot is. I think it's Sideswipe but it's hard to tell...

    Ironhide's taking shots like a champion.

    These one liners are fucking horrible and every single autobot is reciting them... every. single. one.

    Skyfire why do you need weapons? You're a freaking titan!

    Oh my god. That's a big old spider bot.

    Whattya' know, Optimus got owned and turned useless - AGAIN.

    Scratch that. He did something legit.


    That seems to be the A+ way to take care of things in this show. Super high tech computer giving you shit? Punch it. Giant force field surrounding an entire city? Punch it.

    Where is Carly and Xavier during all of this?

    "Put a smile on our lip components!" - Uh, alright.

    Frenzy has balls of steel. He's super tiny and just ran after Skyfire like it was nothing.

    Thanks for the pleasant observation Soundwave.

    See what happens TronCon? When you don't execute - THEY ALWAYS OUTPLAY YOU! Chop some heads and this war is yours.

    Well now you feel like a jackass.

    Let me guess, "DECEPTICONS RETREEEATTTT!?!?!!!!?EJD*J#*D*J!"

    Nope. He's going to try and explode it first.

    Oh, there it is. Fall back! Blahblahblah.

    Was there always a big red self-destruct button on everything in the 80s?

    Good on you Optimus, good on you. Taking care of your friends.

    Also, where do I get an awesome boat like that?

    Yeah let's uh, let's leave dork alone for a while.

    lol. Way to offend the giant Autobots you idiot.


    FACT: 90% of endings in the G1 Transformers ends with the good guys laughing at some horrible pun or joke.

    Well, that's it for today. Feels weird. I'm used to running these things at like 3-4 PM not 11 AM. Regardless, it's been fun and I'll see you lot tomorrow for another exciting episode of Bad Puns and Voice Acting!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E26 - Enter The Nightbird - 4/30/15!​

    All the bots are putting in new sensors... but they stick out like a sore thumb?

    DR. Fujifuj!

    Uh-oh, Optimus is aroused.

    That's rude Wheeljack. Those fools that were blasting you last episode were man made and they wren't no "wind-up toys".

    That's a huge robot if it's bigger than Optimus Prime.

    Damn, it looks like a Decepticon.

    Female Ninja Robot? So, bots do have genders then.

    "What is a ninja?" Word.


    She looks awesome especially with those nun-chucks.

    Welp, this guy said she isn't made for battle or assassinations. I'm gonna' go ahead and say she is.

    Randal! Frenzy!

    Frenzy's got those akimbos. Too bad he can't hit anything.

    I don't think I've ever seen Megatron use a door. He just busts through walls like the Kool-aid man.

    Good shit, Mirage.



    The Decepticon's got a new base and it has an awesome looking statue outside. Not very secretive though since you know it's their emblem.

    Of course that base is temporary, all yours get blown up.

    Is that Bombshell working on the ninjacon? I thought Scrapper did that stuff.

    Oh snap. Starscream just got dropped by that earthling play puppet, bro.

    She doesn't sound very feminine.

    Oh wait, that was still Soundwave. Her eyes were just flashing to his voice.

    It couldn't be forseen? You do realize that the cons show up every episode, right?

    Buckethead, you better accept that heroes help. (Mirage is love)

    Woah, weird animation glitch. The ninja bot just walked through a mountain or something.

    She's right above you and you guys really need to learn to keep your plans quiet instead of speaking so loudly.

    ... Prowl just said "WHEEL have to find her!" - Got it. So funny. Haha. Hardy har.

    "World Energy Source", why the hell would you label something so significant so clearly?

    LOL! Mirage just got karate chopped in the throat.

    Oh snap, she's got them buzzsaw hands son!

    That's probably the most brutal weapon I've seen in the show so far.

    My girl was playing Robotopossum!




    You've got to be shitting me.

    She literally has a lightsaber.

    It's the exact same sound effects and all.

    How was this not a law suit!?

    I love it. I absolutely fucking love it.

    Optimus just got himself a ninja lightsaber.

    Yup, that was bombshell. I'd like to see him put a hurtin' on Starscream.

    Megatron just called my boo hot. I'm jelly.

    He's also threatening to replace his boobear Starscream with her. #Drama

    You're telling me a single power chip controls ALL of the power on Earth? Really? Reeeeally?

    Because Verizon sucks out here. That's why you aren't getting any signals.

    Now she's using the force to pull her lightsaber back. I like this ninja bot. I like her a lot. If they ever made a figure for her - I. FUCKING. NEED IT!

    I love that Cliffjumper is the only bot who couldn't jump up the cliff.

    Why is she running from them? Disabling them? Since Megatron has control shouldn't she be destroying them all?


    lol. She jammed it alright.

    Jazz's sweet tunes again.

    Except they just got messed up.

    It's sad to see such a loving relationship fall apart like this. I thought MegaScream had something special.

    Quick question: Why were the seekers so quick to turn on Starscream? I thought he was the leader of that... erm, subdivision?

    Did you guys know Bombshell was starting to BUG Buckethead? Get it? Bug? Cause he's a bug... almost like an insect.

    What's with the bots and cons shooting missiles that don't explode in this episode?

    This NinjaCon should have been a character in Mortal Kombat.

    This is crazy to see the cons actually after Starscream like this. They did it in the first season but not to this degree.

    She was returned without a scratch despite being shot like crazy?


    What the fuck? How did she just make a facial expression?

    Well, that's it for today's episode. I've got to say, I liked it a lot. Nightbird was a really cool character and I would really like a figure of her. I'm just curious as to why they never gave her a voice?

    Also, I know quite a few of you reading this are near daily readers. I'm sure some of you have learned quite a bit about me by reading the entries but apart from your user names and avatars, I know absolutely nothing about you guys and girls!? So, if it's cool, I wanted to ask a few questions to get to know some of you a bit better. Feel free to copy and paste the following questions into a reply and fill them out. Of course, there's absolutely no -need- to do this and I respect your privacy!

    • What's your name?
    • How old are you?
    • At what age did you get into Transformers?
    • What's your favorite Transformers series?
    • Favorite Bot?
    • Favorite Con?
    • Do you enjoy the bayformer films?
    • WHY NOT YOU JERK!?!?!?! (xD)
    • What do you do for a living?
    • Do you think I'm the coolest guy in the world?
    • WHY NOT YOU JERK!?!?!?!

    I believe that's about it. So thanks for watching guys and girls! I hope you had fun and I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow for episode 26 "A Prime Problem" - Which now that I'm looking at it on the DVD scene selection, has an error on tile 4 - It's showing the NinjaCon throwing her buzz saws at the bots which is the same as the one before it. Odd.

    Be sure to rate the thread and share it with your friends! <3

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    S2:E27 - A Prime Problem - 5/1/15!​

    Auto-Spawn? I think that's the name of the little guy that just came out of Soundwave's chest, I've never seen him before.

    Another temporary base of operations? MegaCon changes basis more than Starscream changes his panties.

    The cons are taking orders from Starscream at the moment. I'm not sure how they feel about him or how I feel about that situation.

    Megatron - The first owner of a 3D printer.

    Soundwave you big dummy, you just watched him clone the guy and you're still actin' a fool.

    Well, I got to see Prime's trailer appear out of thin air again.

    Haha. Megatron doesn't even know his enemies names.

    Mirage, you've got that right.

    I think they're going to figure this out, Optimus wouldn't order things so blindly.

    He also doesn't use words like "destroy" and phrases like "Shoot him down, as soon as he's in sight."


    This reminds me of the Spongebob episode where Plankton shows up as a mechanical Mr. Krabs and Spongebob can't tell the difference.

    Why would you want to settle this in a race? Teletran already said they were identical in every way.

    Even the magic trailer got cloned?

    Ironhide taking charge like a champion.

    Starscream just got volunteered. He's a "trusted" officer?

    Wait. That's not Mirage? Spike just called him Windcharger and he has a Decepticon logo on his stomach instead of the Autobot one? What did I miss here?

    Windcharger now has the autobot logo on his stomach. That was weird, it was the con logo but red.

    Wow, TronCon actually gave Starscream some real responsibility and he's happily taking it.

    Uh-oh, Speghettio's. Windcharger fell in the pit.


    The bots are literally getting rained on.

    No idea who that Red bot was there. Def, wasn't Cliffjumper.

    Starscream would never challenge the real Optimus to a death duel.

    Although this fight is pretty dope.

    I'm gaining a little bit of respect for Starscream.

    Wow, the Autobots are straight mindless zombies right now.


    There's your fuck up.

    Never say Spike is unimportant.

    Autobot firing squad son!

    That's a first. Optimus is actually trying to rush the cons before they escape.

    lol he threw Spike out the window.

    Optimus just called him splick?

    That was an odd episode and I still have no fucking clue who Windcharger is...

    See you all Monday! :D 

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E28 - The Core - 5/4/15!​

    May the fourth be with us!

    The Decpticons have another new base.

    They're trying to seal a crack by shooting at it. Seems pretty legitimate.

    I don't think you understand this yet, Starscream. All of Megatron's plans for energy involve destroying the earth in the process. Remember when he brought Cybertron to Earth? What about the time he tried to siphon the sun?

    Oh boy, hot dog. Before I could even finish what I was typing he reveals yet another space bridge.

    Pretty cool scene with Mirage hauling it. At least I think that's him.

    You know, now that I'm looking at it I believe this is the first time I've seen a group of bots without Ironhide, Bumblebee or Optimus.

    Why would you send them out to the surface instead of just waiting until they leave?

    Wait, there are six concons? I thought there were only five.

    This is also the first time I've really noticed Gears besides the episode based around him.

    Yup, that was Mirage.

    He said "Catch Hotshot!", is that actually Hotshot because I'm sure I've heard of a bot with that name before? I think it was a DOTM toy?

    Nevermind, they called him Sunstreaker. That's who I thought it was.

    Hey Xaviers back!

    Taking over the concons to do the Autobot's bidding sounds a lot like a Decepticon plan.

    Apparently some of the Autobots have jet thrusters on their hands now.

    There's only five Concon's again?

    Never mind it just showed 5 on the elevator for some reason.

    Here's your chance Starscream. Take the shot and be a legend. Surely the other cons will follow you once you actually kill someone, unlike Tron.

    That's it. Megatron is once again the savior of the Autobots. I think Optimus and he are in cahoots.

    That's an absurd amount of laser shots.

    The tire POV they keep using in this episode is pretty awesome.

    The seekers managed to hit Prowl but it didn't phase him much. Heck, he owned them.

    Devastator just got an Optimus Prime Leader Class figure.

    If Megatron knew they planned to take over Devestator, why did they still let him transform?

    Also, Optimus just refused to finish off the Decepticons. This reinforces my idea again that the two leaders are really drinking buddies.

    Ah, so TronCon has a plan.

    What is a cytorian simpleton?

    Uh-oh, Xavier spilled over.

    Wait, where's Spike?

    I'm pretty sure this is the first episode without him in it.

    I was very confused by the shadow in Prime's windshield. I now realize it was Xavier just cruising.


    How convenient.

    They fried my dudes logic chips.

    lol - Starscream's such a scrub. How can people like him, man? (G1 version that is).

    Damn, Devastator just supermanned right through the portal.

    Well, it's another moment of the cons and bots working together.

    And once again, Megatron stops Starscream from blasting the bots.

    Starscream just got blasted by the giant.

    That's like the third time Devastator has face planted this episode.

    It's weird to be rooting for the Decepticons.

    Let's go, Devastator!

    This is a really long one second.

    Those concons would make great, Autobots.

    Hey look, Xavier thought the same thing.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E29 - The Insecticon Syndrome - 5/5/15!​

    Who's the guy the park ranger and Spike were riding in?

    I wonder if Yogi Bear is in this episode.

    That is a massive tumor inducing cell phone.

    No one trusts anyone, Starscream.

    "Don't see anything, guess I was just imagining things.", Well, if you weren't looking at your dash and paying attention to the road that might be a little different there buddy.

    Shrapnel uses a grenade launcher. I guess I just figured out the source of his name. I feel like I'm getting better at this.

    This scene reminds me of the forest fight with Optimus in Revenge of the Fallen.

    Dead end? What did you expect running down stream to a waterfall dingus?

    Six minutes in for Starscream to insult Megatron's leadership.

    Firetruck bot? Maybe I'm just seeing things.

    I thought they couldn't use real guns? The helicopters are sounding like legit guns and the animation could pass for legit bullets?

    Not, I'm not seeing things. That's def. a firetruck.

    Bruno? Rad.

    Jazz is such a rad bot.

    Inferno? Is that the name? He just said it again while getting sprayed down. Eh, I'm sticking with Bruno.

    The sounds the insecticons are making while eating is creeping me out a bit.

    The creators of this show really liked the whole mind control plot.

    The new blue bot is awesome looking.

    Damn, bye Wheeljack.


    So, is Bruno like the new medic or something?

    The autobots are the ones running away this time.

    God damn, Bumblebee just floored it with half of Spike's fucking body hanging out the car lmfao.

    That's some serious security, what with laser guns coming out of the mountain sides and stuff.

    Hey look, the exact same transforming scene of Optimus, Bruno and whoever else that they played four minutes ago.

    Ironhide just saved my dudes life.

    Bruno is a hillbilly.

    The sound of Optimus blasting those rockets is once again the lightsaber sound effect.

    Wow, they even took my dude Starscream over.

    Oh snap, I think we might see Megatron do some work for once. Let's go baby!

    Nope. Never mind. Optimus Prime comes to save the day.

    We once again see Prime and Tron saving each other. You know, I just read my Transformers comic from free comic book day today and it mentioned that Megatron is an Autobot now a days. How did that happen?

    Damn, Tron blasted the seekers and is standing beside the Autobots now.

    That would be horrifying to see Optimus Prime and Megatron running at you.

    Oh no, the Insecticon's have tummy aches. :( 

    Is that 30 Astro Seconds or Regular Seconds, Spike?

    Wow. Megatron not only listened to Optimus Prime but is also letting him shoot him. I think Soundwave's going to be one jealous little guy.

    Shrapnel just transformed into Raiden, The Thunder God protector of Earth Realm.

    Damn, Spike. This is the longest 10 seconds of all time.

    Soundwave just caught the human version of amnesia.

    Oh. Shit. What the fuck?

    Shrapnel's dead? Like really fucking dead? I think this is the first... never mind, dudes putting him back together. I got too excited, too fast.

    HAHAHAHAHA! HUHUHUHUHU! HYUCK! ... So, that was a unique episode. I don't think that's all of the cast from season two or anything but I am a friend of Beach Boy and Bruno. They seem pretty cool and have very vibrant colors on them. I don't get why the insecticons wear the Decepticon emblem if they don't give two shits about the guys but I guess that's just another of those "It's the 80s, deal with it!" moments.

    If you liked the blog, be sure to toss a rate and share us with your friends! I'll catch you guys and girls tomorrow! Thanks for reading!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E30 - Dinobot Island Part 1 - 5/6/15!​

    Sweet, Bumblebee has a rad jetpack.

    Powerglide. New guy I've never heard of or seen. I'm also fairly certain I got his name right on the first try for once.

    Why did Powerglides voice just change out of nowhere?

    I'm very confused about what they just hit.

    Holy crap, it's a real dinosaur. This is about to be my kind of episode.

    Powerglide has a laser in his head?

    What'chu' know about that T-rex? Not nearly enough.

    I'm having Jurassic Park 3 flashbacks with the plane take off.

    A silicon-wafer?

    Blaster. New Autobot that is basically Jazz and Soundwave's baby.

    Why are the autobots having seizures?

    Snarl! <3

    The Dinobots are literally destroying everything.

    Is this how Teletran One gets died?

    Nope, it looks like someone helped out.

    There's Bruno, but who the hell is Red Alert?

    Hey it's Ratchet again. For the first time in ages.

    There's a lot of freaking Red Autobots.

    Oh snap, Grimlock showing those leadership skills. That's my champ.

    Woooord, we're about to see some Dinobots VS Real Dinos. Guaranteed. I'm down with it.

    Did Swoop just say Whoopi Goldberg?

    TIL: All the Dinobots can fly. Including Grimlock. Why isn't Slash one of the Dinobots? A velociraptor would be rad.

    I'm assuming the energy field takes them back in time?

    There's literally eleven volcanos on that tiny island.

    Laserbeak just found himself a mate.

    Nevermind, he smashin'.

    Why is Spike always wearing rain boots?

    This is the perfect time for a commercial break.

    No? Well alright.

    Oh my god, don't beat on the things unborn children you bum.

    Hell yeah, Swoop. Tear that shit up. Kill those babies!

    Swoop just left my dude in the middle of no where to be eating right after saving him and now he's getting carried off by Nessie.

    Oh, I guess that was the perfect time for a commercial break.

    C'mon man, send in Snarl.

    Or the long neck.

    Swoop sounds like a TIE Fighter.

    "This monster thinks I'm a meat loaf!"

    Wait, so they're abandoning the Dinobots here?

    Woah, rude ass insensitive remark Spike. "I'd write, but you can't read!" They shoulda' let you get eaten.

    Megatron's emblem is Red. I swear the animators biggest enemy was the emblems. It's literally two emblems and two colors, c'mon now guys.

    It's purple again now. ><!!

    Which Dinobot uses a freakin' sword as a blaster?

    "SWOOP! DO FLYING STUFF!" - I think he's got that on lock.

    Slag <3 - He's doing fire stuff!

    They're just attacking the wild life lol.

    Snarl is love, Snarl is life<3 He's the best there is at tail stuff.

    "Still not more better enough!"

    Aww, no tests for the long neck?

    Soundwave's shoving out chest cubes again.

    Who's the con literally standing under an exploding volcano to harvest the energy?

    "Much more gooder, Swoop! Much more gooder!"

    I love Swoop's voice. You'd think it'd bug me since it's all high pitched and junk... buuuut, I like it.

    What the hell is happening right now?

    A wooly mammoth with a barbarian just teleported into the city...

    So, I guess they are using the energy stuff as time jumps?

    Spike's gonna' get fined for loosing those books he just dropped on the ground.

    Pointed headed seekers? Who the hell are they!?!?! GIVE THEM NAMES YOU BASTARDS BEFORE I DO!

    Fine. Black Pointy Head and Red Pointy Head.

    So this is how the dinosaurs went extinct? Makes sense to me!

    Oh, what the fuck? C'mon man you can't just be dunking my Dinobots into tar pits like that... I mean I guess it's cool one of Megatron's plans worked for once but seriously?

    Hey the announcer guys back!

    Wow, that was the end of the episode?

    Oh right, it's a multi-part thing.

    Well that's it for disc 2 of Season 2 part 1 which means I'm a quarter of the way there! (I think) This episode has def. been one of my favorite and I can just imagine the dismay of the kids who had to wait like another week to find out how the hell the Dinobots escaped the Tar Pit.

    All these new characters is kinda throwing me through a loop right now but I think I'll get the hang of it. Until then, I'll catch you guys and girls tomorrow for Dinobot Island PT 2!

    Thanks for watching!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E31 - Dinobot Island Part 2 - 5/7/15!​

    It's nice to have the announcer back. :) 

    I wouldn't say the Dinobot's were exactly exiled...


    Despite how annoying Starscream is, it seems like he's the only logical one with the cons man.

    The conehead just called the other one Ratchet? I know the names were already spoiled for me but I don't remember any of them but Dirge because it's fun to say. DIRGEEEEE!

    Admirable. That's Optimus Prime's favorite word.

    Obviously Ratchet, there's always a decepticon connection.

    Huffer. That's the little dude who looks like buckethead's brother I think.

    This barbarian is speaking in tongues.

    Sideswipe has jack hammer arms. Another new ability.

    Prehistoric mayhem baby! Let's go!

    This dude just snatched a $25,750 necklace. Legit question. When this show aired in other countries, did they keep the USD price logo?

    Also, Optimus just said the Cons were unfeeling machines... I've heard Starscream yell in pain hundreds of times by now.

    Hell, in the bayfilms he's getting his damn eye ripped out and screams bloody murder.

    I like the way you massage that gun, Sideswipe.

    Huffer's one of the strongest?

    My dude just got owned by a fire hydrant.

    I think Ironhide just shot these guys with Custard.


    Hey look, Sunstreaker's doing something useful!

    You tell him John Goodman!

    The trailer magically domesticated the mammoths.

    Now Conan and his buddies are booking in fear.

    Spike has elf ears in this scene.


    Beachcomber, you're creepy and a hippy. I love you.


    How depressing would it be to turn into a damn microscope while you're friends turn into war vehicles? Also, his form is MASSIVE for his alt to be a microscope.

    Woah, hot 80's cartoon babes running into Jack Sparrow.

    Ooo, he wants to confiscate their treasure *wink wink*

    Here comes Erron Black and his gang of hoodlum bandits!

    I'm loving the biker with the blue hair and beard.

    Who the hell's the hovercraft?


    Oh, get your swords blasted bro. You suck.

    That voice. I know that voice. I don't think I know that character though. It looks like Beachcomber but his voice is different? His name should be blackout. Since he can black stuff out. It'd make sense.

    Dude, some of these Season 2 bots are awesome. I actually saw a combiner wars tiny figure of Power Glide today and was very tempted to pick him up.

    Oh snap. This music. It's getting serious.


    What is it with every biker back in the 80's carrying a chain to destroy people with? I remember it well in old beat'em'up arcade games.

    Oh snap, it's Prowl, Bruno, Jazz and other guy!

    Hell yeah Jazz. They don't know nothing about those sick beats this ain't no banjo son!

    Bruno just shot a horse in the eye with a fire trucks water cannon... PETA would be all over this if this aired today.

    Chip's formulating explanations!

    Why would you build your damn base in a dormant volcano? Jesus, just because your ship crashed there doesn't mean you have to stay!

    WARPATH! I REMEMBER YOU FROM SOME OF THE GAMES! You were my first soldier class played ;) 

    Smokescreen? I dunno wtf you are...

    That stack of energon cubes looks like the little cubes they taught me math with in elementary school.

    The tar just suddenly disappeared? Was that a chain reaction or something?

    Slag, you the real MVP.


    I love how their answer to everything is freaking shooting it - AND IT ALWAYS WORKS!

    I love you Grimlock<3

    Oh shit. Swoop put something together. He's becoming smart!

    I still don't get why they have jetpacks but it makes more sense than the cons just floating around.

    Oh shit - Megatron landed a shot on Optimus. Is this real life right now?

    Ironhide, shut up with the crap one liners and do work.

    I wonder if Megatron's made confused at where all these new damn Autobots came from.


    Oh no, they messed up the microscope... what ever will we do. :rolleyes2 

    "Soundwave! Prepare to receive!" - Megatron get's around huh?

    Hippy shoots beams straight out of his hands?

    Decepticon tank?


    Did he just call him X-wing? Jesus fuck why are names so hard to understand in this freaking TV show. I feel for you kids on them garbo old school floor TVs.

    I'm glad the Tyrannosaurus Rex is just chilling with all the herbivores without any issues.

    Mechanical dinosaurs and real dinosaurs teaming up?

    Oh my god. The cons are firing squading the bots right now. They're all getting destroyed.

    Sike. Megatron called it off at the last second, per usual.

    Yo, let's go baby.

    They should show the Jurassic World logo at the end of this episode.

    Seekers just got stomped by Godzilla.

    There goes Tron abandoning his crew again.

    Now he's about to get blasted by mecha-godzilla.

    YOU WRONG! AND YOU UGLY TOO! Said Grimlock, throwing down the insults. He shoulda' threw his momma in there.

    God damn that's a lot of JetCons.

    They're releasing the energy by shooting it.... Who woulda' guess, huh?

    The Dinobots are champions. They grow up so fast :( 

    Oh hey, Optimus and all the other bots are just flying without any help... Whoever told me that shit stopped in like episode five is a damn dirty liar!

    Wow, that's it already? That episode really flew by.

    To the people that talked me into watching Season Two rather than skipping over it, thank you. I had a lot of people on this forum explaining that it was a boring and dull season without much action. I call those people... Actually, I'm not going to say that. What I will say is I've been enjoying this season much more than the first and the Dinobot island episodes have likely been my favorite to date.

    I'll see you all tomorrow for episode 31, The Master Builder!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E32 - The Master Builder - 5/8/15!​

    Aww, no announcer this episode.

    Powerglide's only a little cocky.

    Now he's getting blasted on. Did he really say someone was ruining his paycheck?

    Oh wow, he actually got shot down.

    Who the hell are those two?


    So, Frackle and this green guy are a couple I guess?

    Optimus Prime is sitting here drooling a basketball with Spike.


    That slick doohickey!


    Optimus turned down their boss idea for a whole bunch of hoopla.

    Apple and hoist?

    They both have hooks.

    Wait... Grapple. Grapple and hoist.

    They didn't even finish off Powerglide, they just left him for his friends to repair him?

    Oh snap. Apple's trying to betray Optimus Primes word.

    Oh shit. Rivalry time. Concons and Apple Hoist.

    Wow, the con cons are actually trying to talk and these dudes are shooting first and asking questions later. They got the freakin' war memo.

    Why do I want to trust the Constructicons for some reason?

    You mean to tell me the cons have security cameras hidden in fake rocks at the exact location of this meeting?

    He literally unburied them by shooting the rocks surrounding them.

    I don't believe this. I'm pretty sure the Concon's really wanted to help themselves and not the Decepticons. It's sad to see them turning so cowardly at the end of six blasters.


    Please say your most previous possession is Starscream.

    Aww, dammit. Energon cubes.

    I gotta' tell ya', I was really liking Apple and Hoist. They seemed like cool dudes but yet here we are with them betraying the bots.

    I think this is the first time I've seen a human question a concon driving itself.

    Why are they building this huge building in the middle of no where?

    That guy knows whats up, laugh it off and rip up your paper.

    The pace at which they build things in this show never ceases to amaze me.

    Optimus is becoming too obsessed with basketball. He's tryin' to hit them layoffs.

    Who the hell is trax?

    Oh. He's the fancy gentleman.

    Why do you need Hoist for a check up? Don't you have Ratchet still?

    Poor little concon. :( 

    Optimus is STILL playing with a damn basketball while his friends are missing.

    That was a surprisingly smooth Devastator transformation. The animation I mean.

    How is a solar tower supposed to be used as a weapon?

    Huh, no Bumblebee this episode.

    That was pretty forced there Spike.

    TIL: The Autobots can shoot lasers out of their headlights.


    Trax can shoot missles out of his hood. Pretty dope.

    So when they turn into Devastator do they become a hive mind or is Scrapper still the head of the ConCons?

    I'm not sure if that's Cliffjumper or Sideswipe trying to shoot him with that gas stuff. I really can't tell the two apart.

    Ramjet. I'm going to say he's a conehead seeker since I don't recall the name and he's a jet.

    Warpath is a TANK son! In more ways that one.

    That hand was pretty creepy man. I know I said this before but Devestator reminds me of a Sentinel from X-Men.

    These new characters are pretty awesome and all but I really miss Mirage and Buckethead at this point...

    Poor Concons... Spent all day working on that tower with Apple and they just tumbled over into it.

    Wait, what the hell, Buckethead was with them this whole time? I don't remember seeing him until right now.

    ... C'mon man, my hearts kind of breaking right now.

    Shit, there we go.

    They got Han Solo'd.

    See this is why I love Buckethead, instead of shooting to solve all of his problems he punches his way out.

    Optimus, you're making me like you again.

    I -really- like these two man. They have a partnership that I haven't seen or felt in the series so far. I really hope to see more of them.

    Well, that's it for this week. I've had fun and I hope you have too! Thanks everyone and have a good weekend!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E33 - Auto Berserk - 5/11/15!​

    My guys head just started lighting up, not sure who that is.

    Nevermind, it's Bruno's companion. I can't remember his name but the other FD bot.

    Randal, Frenzy, Ravage and Buzzsaw all at once?

    I need to make me a Randal signature for the site...

    Shoot back, bots. Quit sitting there doing nothing.

    Red Alert, maybe that was his name.

    Yep, Red Alert and he's trying to zap Soundwave.

    More Apple and Hoist!

    I think this is the first time I've seen Apple in action.

    Get your big ass out of the way, Optimus.

    You better let Bruno help out man. He's guarding a whole bunch of nothing.

    Yeah, Rumble! Do work!


    There we go Bruno. You get in there and handle that business son.

    It's weird seeing Soundwave lead an attack.

    Wow, Bruno let Red Alert get messed up. I guess I should've seen that coming.

    Optimus Prime just went skipping after Red Alert.

    He's going insane. Cortana Halo 4 Style.

    I think we might see an Autobot go bad in this episode.

    Starscream's got a whole gang now.

    Randal's doing his smashing thing.

    Red Alerts hit again. He shouldn't have turned down the medical help earlier.

    Those two just abandoned the megavator. That seems like some non-sense.

    Smokescreen doing his part.

    It doesn't seem very smart for a bunch of jets to fly directly into smoke at ground level.

    I'm glad Megatron just suddenly knows how to use that thing.

    Uh-oh, TronCon's becoming self aware. "I've got morons on my team!"

    They just abandoned old Starscream.

    It won't take days, Ironhide. All you have to do is shoot it like you guys do everything else.

    Poor Red Alert.

    Huh, little fire guy is stronger than he looks. He just tossed Apple and Hoist to the side like it was nothing.

    There's a city just in the middle of the woods?

    Oh sick car chase. All it needs is some 80's buddy cop music.


    Starscream and Red Alert teaming up? This is something I didn't see coming.

    Wow, they left the megavator in the middle of nowhere to chase him down? Megatron could have just swooped back in and picked it up.

    These two should make a third faction. The... Megacon Primebots.

    I'm finding myself very fond of Hoist's color scheme.

    Wow. That cone head just said, "Just give the order! Megatron and I will pin that traitor to the wall!" while speaking to Megatron... Seems legit.

    The seekers colors also just changed I'm fairly certain.

    The tunnel drone is a giant octopus hentai monster.

    I don't think anyone -wants- to die, Starscream.


    An Autobot taking orders from Starscream. I never thought I'd see the day.

    How the hell did the rest of the cons get in there?

    God damn, my dude tackled him out of the cockpit and just started bashing his skull in.

    Starscream fixed this guy by shooting him. They fix everything by shooting.

    Wait. I just noticed that the one Autobot, Apple I think, was standing behind the cons the whole time. Oh the cone head seekers are like harriers. They have vertical take off.

    Hell yeah, Bruno. Save your dude.

    lol. wtf.

    "Save yourself, I don't deserve to be an autobot!" *two seconds later queue cheesy "THANKS!"*

    After Red Alert's final line his mouth kept moving...

    Well, that's it for todays episode. Happy Monday everybody!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E34 - Microbots - 5/12/15!​

    Nice blue hair, lady.

    It's at least 1300 years old! Good guess just from picking it up.

    God damn, they uncovered that space ship that fast? It's not even night time yet and they dug it up with just shovels.

    I'm happy it crashed the same way as the ARK.

    Yeah, Buckethead be nice to the Microscope.

    You're doing that backwards Microscope, people like things smaller.

    These guys are raggin' on microscope pretty hard.

    Buckethead's kind of a dick in this episode. Is he taking Cliffjumper's role now or something?

    That is a massive damn snake if it can wrap around Starscream.

    Apparently cons just shake up and down violently when they're laughing.

    Bagera's getting his first wild cat fight.

    Well that was short lived.

    You're trying to avoid Autobot detection by blasting a forests down?

    Scrapper sniffs things with his digger bucket thing... seems pretty legitimate.

    He said cut it open, not shoot it open Concons...

    Wow, it's a little star thing. I thought for sure it was going to be ancient Decepticons. That would have been way cooler.

    Sometimes it just seems like the autobots are bullying the Decepticons.

    Annnd now Megatron is a Sith Lord.

    There goes cliffjumper all hot headed again.

    Prowl's down.

    Ironhide's down.

    Buckethead's down.

    Ratchet's down.

    I'm not sure who that is, but they're down. (Huffer, maybe?)

    Smookescreen did the right thing.

    I'm not sure who else just got blasted either.

    You should have known he got the star of Cybertron when you showed up and commented on it you goober.

    Wait, so Smokescreen's smokescreen is just really bad exhaust?

    Where did those other bots come from?

    Black and Yellow Autobot? Not clue who the hell that is.

    Soundwave and Randal just got buried pretty bad.

    I didn't even see Wheeljack in there. "Start with Wheeljack, I need him." So you don't need the rest of the crew?

    Damn, get shut down Buckethead. You just got embarrassed in front of all your friends.

    Where the hell is Mirage man? He's in my top five and I haven't seen him in ages.

    He fixed Powerglide. I didn't even notice he was in there.

    Buckethead's shit talking Microceptor and Optimus isn't making good on his promise. Slap the piss out of him, man.

    This episode must have been dedicated to selling more Microceptor toys. I'm assuming kids weren't exactly lining up to tear down the shelf space holding him.

    Oh, what the fuck? They drink the energy cups?! That's just a big ass keg cup!?

    Randal is actually drunk off of it.


    So this entire war is over fucking booze?

    What a lightweight. TronCon's already out for the count.

    They still have slurred speech and Laserbeak just crashed into the ground. This is actually really funny. I'm surprised they didn't catch hell for this episode.

    So, white blood cells...

    Buckethead's about to get messed up, guaranteed.

    Or, I mean he can totally go beast mode and wreck everything.

    So this is what the inside of a Decepticon's body looks like, eh?

    Buckethead is losing all respect he's ever had from me. He's an asshat.

    Why would him being horizontal or not make a difference?

    Good idea, Buckethead.

    Give that mug a headache.

    That was the perfect chance to kill the leader of the Decepticons and they let it go.

    Megatron has brain snakes.

    Warpath is taking those shots like a champion.


    Nevermind, Warpath got toppled.

    That tiny little thing can destroy the entire planet?

    This is such a weird ass episode.

    Just lay down... Those things would fly right over you.

    The force field was made of glass apparently.

    Why not just turn full size while in Megatron and end it for good?

    Optimus just blasted that fool with no worries for his friends inside.

    lol Bumblebee.

    Retro rats? Uh, alright.

    Let me guess, they destroy it.

    This is the same ending as the Dark Knight Rises.

    His Microscope can shoot laser beams?

    Of course Buckethead would suck up now. Little hobbit ass buff dude.

    Huh, we never heard from the archeologists again that episode.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E35 - Megatron's Master Plan Part 1 - 5/13/15!​

    Mr. Shaunburger?

    He looks like the kingpin with hair.

    Why are there cops sitting beside that guy with uzi's?

    That's the first time I've seen the seekers summon energon cubes. I was beginning to think Soundwave was the only one who could do it.

    Optimus isn't going to like the whole human against Decepticon thing.

    Damn, their response time is insanely fast. He called them about five seconds ago and they're there.

    Seriously man, another Mirageless episode? This is bullshit.

    Uhh, Smokescreen is also a jet car.

    Smokescreen looks like Hot Shot from the AoE Deluxe line.

    I don't know any of these cone head seekers. They haven't gotten enough screen time to warrant names yet.

    Hey a grown man with blue hair and a blue mustache. That is totally a thing then.

    You're damn right it's about time Spike.

    Nevermind, those aren't uzi's they're either assault or scout rifles.

    How did laserbeak get in there?

    Actualy, I don't think that's laserbeak. Is laserbeak red and black or is that the new one?

    You would believe the Decepticon's are good? Despite having their name based on deception? It's kind of what he does Mr. Hamburger.

    Dirge. That's one of the conecons. I remember that name well.

    Megatron is holding the burger like a baby.

    Dirge. That's such a cool name.

    I'm assuming the cons have a Hound of their own to show off holograms?

    Ew, Optimus Prime's laugh right now is raspy and gross.

    The name of the guy is completely failing me right now but I'm getting a DOTM vibe. Carly's boss.

    This dialog is horrible.

    That unison on the seekers is pretty great.

    I'm so confused right now. Wheeljack shot the camera off but isn't he really a con in disguise or something?

    Autobot day? Now that's a holiday I can support! Do we have that here at TFW 2005?

    Hey, Jazz and Ratchet.

    Ironhide's mouth is wide open right now.

    Hi Xavier.

    Why is Optimus the only one who's seeing it as an obvious fake?

    That should be obvious to everyone.

    Oh my god, Optimus Prime's laugh in this episode is so horrible.

    Hey Gears and Hound too!

    Still no sign of Mirage yet.




    Yeah, wait for Xavier. He rolls out way slower.

    Sunstreaker's a dork.

    Mr. Burger's tanks look pretty awesome.

    Seriously? Still not Mirage? No Sideswipe?

    Where the hell is Warpath?

    How the hell are you going to arrest a giant robot?

    Wait... actually, nevermind. They did that in the first Transformers film... Poor Bumblebee :'(

    The helicopter's blades are spinning all funny.

    There are a ton of humans in this episode.

    Here goes Mr. Burger acting like the Decepticon controller government officials in Dark of the Moon trying to exile the Autobots.

    Yeah because out of that entire freaking stadium everyone would pay attention to the one kid standing up, including the judge in the center of it all.

    Damn, sicking Ravage out on him.

    lol he got stuck in a revolving door.

    Oh my god. Are you serious.

    Lmfao. It's just a damn mask.

    The writing in this episode has been great so far very in depth and very cool. However, just saying that it was just a mask is pretty pathetic.

    Wow, this is pretty much the same story as Dark of the Moon. Like, almost the exact same story. I really want to watch that film now.

    Oh my god. This is seriously the exact same thing.

    If Starscream flies up and blows up the ship that's it.

    Damn, that's a lot of Autobots. I'm not sure if Mirage is with them or not.

    This would only be better if the wreckers were hear shit talking everyone.

    Wow, Megatron is setting their course for the freaking sun. LoL.



    Alright. I'm going to pause for a few frames through this final part and see if I can name all of the Autobots from left to right.

    Optimus Prime, Wheeljack, Hippy (Beachcomber), Bumble Bee, Cliffjumper, Gears, Huffer, Buckethead (Brawn), Jazz, Prowl and Mirage.

    Huh, no Ironhide, Powerglide, Apple, Hoist, Sideswipe or Microscope?

    Well that's it for that episode and I guess that confirms that Transformers was a week day show as opposed to weekly as he said, "To be concluded on tomorrows episode of the Transformers!"

    I really liked this episode. It had a ton of bits that reminded me of my favorite bayformer film and the writing was superb to a lot of what I've seen. I'm beginning to think I prefer these multi-part episodes over anything else!

    See you guys tomorrow for the conclusion to Megatron's Master Plan!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E36 - Megatron's Master Plan Part 2 - 5/14/15!​



    Decepticon trick!




    Teletran 1!



    Decepticon day? Uh, do what now. I'm glad they have a freaking blimp for them.

    That little kid is dressed up like a Decepticon.

    My dude is fighting Bagera with a desk chair.

    I'm glad he's strong enough to shoulder that entire case over.

    I want to go to this... no... no fucking way.

    God damn it, Randal is dancing.

    All the cons are dancing.

    This guys dancing with laserbeak.

    That just happened.

    Right beside the cons being drunk, that is my favorite moment in G1 history.

    Hound's magic missile can check the destination of the ship.


    Who the hell is that?

    Oh wow, he's adorable.

    I also know his voice from like the Flintstones or something.

    Wait, Scooby Doo. The like horror episode or movie where they live with all the monsters. I think that guy did a voice of one of them.

    MIRAGE! <3

    Oh wow. What the hell? The ship actually exploded in the sun. I'm super confused right now. But I'm sure if the cons can survive falling in lava, the bots will survive this somehow.

    Well, you were pretty damn stupid Mr. Mayor.

    Yeah Justin, pay attention to the real Megatron.

    Xavier. :) 

    Mr. Uh. Megatron.

    "We've been had!"

    You'd think there would be more excitement over this.

    The cops are still using assault rifles?

    Nevermind. Starscream just vaporized them.

    They can mention marshall law on a childrens cartoon?

    Oh wow. This is the first episode of this season where the cons are actually attacking humans. They're tearing down buildings and everything.

    Megatronia 1. What a great city name.

    Poor Spike.

    How're you going to trip over a light in that wide open area, Spike? C'mon now.

    Get owned Bagera.

    Burger's gone nuts.

    Oh, except sike. He's actually doing some work. Let's go son!

    You serious Burger? You suck man. You really, really suck.

    No clue who those two cons standing guard are.

    That man's in his suit doing hard labor. They couldn't give him some jeans and a shirt at least?

    Soundwave is literally a slave driver in this episode.

    Trailerbreaker, you the real MVP.

    You serious? All that work just to have dork cosmos continue pulling them toward the sun?

    Watch out Randal!

    Noooooo~! Randal!

    lmfao. Roll Chip! Roll! That's hilarious. God damn it.

    The kid in the wheelchair is seriously making a break for it out of everyone.

    Why is there a giant hole in the side of that trailer?

    Fucking Xavier.

    Who the hell do you think altered the flight plan?

    Why did they wait so long to show off Cosmos?

    I guess that's how Teletran dies then, huh?

    You'll what? You're in a freakin' wheechair. Then again you did get out of your chair in one episode.

    Was Teletran an autobot or just a computer? Why is he so upset about it being destroyed?

    I feel like the sun should have been a little further away from Earth than that.

    The military! Let's go baby!

    Why does no Decepticon use a fucking door? Starscream flew right through the damn roof.

    Also, sick sword. Not sure which con is using it but it's dope.

    Didn't someone say they couldn't use real guns in this show yet the police had Assault Rifles and now there are real jets?

    Burger just got knocked the fuck out.


    Let's go baby!

    Damn, Megatron blasted out the wall too. #FuckDoors

    Hell yeah, let's see that ass whoopin'.

    Megatron ain't even looking where he's shooting. Let's get'em Bots!

    That's a lot of fucking Autobots but I still haven't seen Mirage.

    Gears. Hot Shot. MIRAGE!

    Damn, the concons got messed up before they could even turn into Devastator.

    Hell yeah. That's my shit son. That battle should have been MUCH longer man.

    Did Sparkplug just call this man a dog lunch?

    Who is the Black autobot that turns into the like SUV looking thing? I can't remember his name at all but I'm pretty sure he was in Season One.

    Well, that's it for this episode. Have a good night everybody!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E37 - Desertion of the Dinobots Part 1 - 5/15/15!​

    Uh, that things all over the place.

    How does Ironhide not notice Soundwave in his rear?

    Nooooo, don't shoot that Starscream. Noooooo.

    Under two minutes in and Starscream's challenged Megatron's rule.

    I don't understand how Ironhide didn't notice the dude in his trunk....

    Like, how did Soundwave ever get there?

    I'm pretty sure I just sw Mirage. :) 

    Haven't seen Jazz jammin' out in a while.

    Yup. Mirage. :) 

    And he just stole Megatron's giant arm cannon thing. I didn't know that thing was detachable.

    Starscream has a point, Megatron is always running.

    That Carousel doesn't have anything under the the horses.

    Uh, creepy laugh there Bumblebee.

    This is moving really fast at the moment, I'm not sure what's going on right now.

    Dinobots <3

    Grimlock's being all sassy again.

    Big dumb loveable fool.

    Starscream just got his gun melted.

    Hey it's uh, crap. Blitzwing. Yeah, that's it I think.

    Randal <3

    Hey this reminds me of the opening part with the jets fllying around Grimlock.

    I'm still confused at the moment. This episode is going really really fast.

    lol, Megatron just got picked up by the ass by Grimlock.

    Ambush. Oh god, all those jumbo jets just got vaporized.

    You know, I just realized something... Skyfire hasn't been in an episode in a long time and he wasn't on the ship during exile either.

    Bruno, Hoist and Red Alert just showed up. Now they're picking up dinobot pieces.

    Red Alert's color scheme looks off.

    Mirage again <3

    Ratchet just got shocked the hell up.

    Quite a bit of diversity in characters this episode. I like it.

    This is a uh, unique building technique.

    Good directions, Optimus.

    Woah, Apple. Way to be a dick.

    Seriously, what the fuck is going on. This episode is going so damn fast.

    Ew. That noise Starscream just made is horrible.

    lol, Randal is going ham on Megatron.

    He's gonna' have quite the sore wrist tomorrow.

    Swoop's emblem looks like an abomination at the moment.

    The Dinobots are turning on the Autobots again?

    lmfao. Good work helping Jazz, Ironhide.

    Oh my god, Starscream, you keep beating that dead horse buddy.


    Mirage, you're not invisible baby.

    Hi Blitzwing.

    Bye Blitzwing.

    Megatron's a different color in his giant gun form now. Question. Does Megatron not transform into anything besides the gun? I thought he was a triple changer? I don't know why it's taken me this long to realize that I don't think I've ever seen him transform into any vehicle.

    Optimus looks like a rugrat right now.

    Cybertonium. How original.

    lol Jazz is stuck in half robot, half car mode.

    Wait, that's Carly? She looks different.


    That's a good point, Mr. Witwicky!

    Grimlock's tiny little arms beating on his chest is hilarious.

    I would hate to be a freaking cement truck having to fight a dinosaur.

    Here comes Devastator.

    That one dingus didn't go for it so Devastator is missing an arm.

    Oh hey, this is the first time the dinobots will have visited Cybertron.

    It looks pretty rad.

    Shockwave :) 

    I haven't seen him in a long, long time either.


    This episode is just a million miles an hour.

    That band aid is a two way communication device?

    Good responsible parenting. Sending your kid off to a different planet past Devastator. Actually, come to think of it, why does Devastator still work alright?

    Well, Spike and Carly just got blasted.

    Wait, that's it? That episode is over? Jesus. I'm still so damn lost. I guess I'll get it all figured out Monday. Have a good weekend everybody!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E38 - Desertion of the Dinobots Part 2 - 5/18/15!​

    Damn, the announcer is speaking like an auctioneer.

    I thought Shockwave fired a shot into the elevator originally at the end of last episode. Yet, here they are unharmed.

    Shockwave is also either underestimating the human's or is extremely slow.

    Way to disintegrate your own stuff, ya' bum.

    It looks like Carly has two peg legs in this running sequence.

    "Miserable Bitches!"

    This part reminds me of Age of Extinction when Mark and the daughter are running around in Lockdown's ship.

    That radio has crazy long range to reach earth from Cybertron.

    That's a lot of messed up Autobots.

    This girl knows nothing about wiring. She's shocked herself twice in two minutes and now she's about to get melted by that Phantom of the Opera power source.

    That scene must have been easy to animate with it being just a black screen and all.

    She twisted her peg leg. :( 

    Spike, you're a dummy.

    I'm glad they built human sized ladders at the heart of a Decepticon fortress.

    At least Shockwave is honest. He seems to be the only con who respects Megatron's leadership.

    Spike's supposed to hold that massive freaking door open?

    Apparently it isn't that heavy of a door.

    Wheeljack's old lab? Huh, I haven't seen that place since Season One.


    They're gonna' make the nasty in Wheeljack's lab. Spike's got those smooth moves.

    It was a seeker silly goose.

    How does Carly know how to operate all this stuff?

    Sound's like Randal's on the roof.

    This is the second time Spike's held a giant autobot gun and it's just ridiculous.

    At least he's sweating from trying.

    Hey, that's an Autobot. I can see his emblem.

    SWOOP! :D 

    Mad respect to Swoop for being smart enough to run away when the fight was turning ill. Also, mad respect for him being able to think well enough to find Spike and to make full sentences.

    Your ankle is better already? You just wanted to be carried by that hunk of a man.

    I'm beginning to feel like Swoop is way smarter than he originally led us all to believe.

    These kids aren't even wearing seat belts. This is dangerous Hasbro/Marvel.

    I'm going to guess Swoop had low sales around this time in the shows life since selling the toys was all the creators cared about. >.> Regardless, I like having him alone with the humans. It's making me appreciate him more as a character - and making me want to buy a toy of him (I have the tiny one from the AoE Evolutions pack or well, Strafe).


    I'm glad he sounds like a TIE Fighter still.

    Speaking of, where are all the triangle ships that were on Cybertron? Couldn't Shockwave have ordered them to get the jump on Spike and Carly plus to hunt for Swoop when he initially escaped (before the computer was down)?

    Swoop's IQ is showing again.

    I guess this is our first look at the war torn Cybertron.

    A viewer in a viewing room? No freaking way.

    It looks like a record player to me.

    The primitive Decepticon's look pretty awesome.

    So the Decepticon's and Autobot's were actually factions before the war? That's odd.

    Who is the Mysterio Decepticon?

    Here goes Carly the master mechanic again.

    Carly's a cocky chick.

    Sludge and Slag look a lot alike. At least, I think that was Slag.

    Actually, come to think of it they all pretty much look a like excluding Swoop.

    Al these other Decepticon's look like the Jetson's robot Rosie.

    ME GRIMLOCK! That's becoming pretty iconic, eh?

    Teletran 1 is showing some high scores or something.

    They can reroute the space bridge that easy?

    Swoop just got his freaking wing shot off.

    Aww, Optimus Prime's giving them tamagotchi's for helping. How sweet :) !

    Uh-oh, Spike and Carly getting ready to hook up.

    Yeah you better suck up to Grimlock, Optimus.

    Grimlock is a thug.

    Without a doubt Swoop was the MVP of this episode. I'm very proud to see him be successful in his mission despite being not so smart as he say. Definitely gained a lot of respect for him as a character.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E39 - Blaster Blues - 5/19/15!​

    Sick band, bro.

    That guys playing the guitar without touching any of the frets. He's just fist pumping while strumming away.

    I thought someone said I wasn't going to see Cosmos again yet here he is?

    Of course Jazz is the only one jamming out to it.

    Also, who the hell was the guy with the serious bass in his voice a second ago? I didn't catch the name.

    Oh wow, first cartoon I've ever seen where the writing on paper was actually words instead of scribbles.

    There they go blasting their way into places again.

    "That Blasted Blaster!"

    Mirage is in this episode but he doesn't have his cannon on his shoulder.

    Megatron spares a human life once again.

    Astrotrain is a train.

    Also a space craft.

    More of a NASA shuttle.

    Mirage isn't with the Autobots in this overhead view.

    Nor this one.

    I guess he's just gone for the rest of the episode or something?

    Cosmos really sounds like Igor.

    Ok. Astrotrain has an awesome voice.

    It's "Maybe e would like a taste of his own medicine" not "Maybe he'd like a shot of his own stuff!"

    Tractor Beam.

    Woah, da' rude Megatron. Talkin' about chubby little Cosmos like that.

    Awesome animation on that lightning stuff.

    It sounds like this guy is playing Galaga right now.

    Those two just almost 9/11'd each other.

    Those two also almost did the same.

    Something tells me these planes wouldn't be able to maneuver that well or quick.

    Not the 10-40 out of Crotan Falls!

    These idiots are standing on the tracks.

    This idiot just bailed out of a moving train.

    The train just freaking exploded.

    Here goes Bruno and Red Alert actually doing what they were designed to do for the first time! (Not including Bruno saving ol' Red when he went nuts).

    You know if this plot was relevant in the 80's it'd carry 10,000x more weight in today's society with all of our smart devices and communication methods.

    Look at Ratchet getting two seconds of screen time.

    That's adorable.

    There was Mirage again but they didn't even animate him transforming.

    How did this fool wind up at the very edge of a cliff and why is he screaming for help in his car in the middle of nowhere?

    Of course Apple (or hoist, not sure which) managed to get him.

    Holy crap, Prowl! It's been a minute Buuuuuuddy!

    Trailbreaker. :) 

    This episode actually has a lot of my old autobot buddies.

    No Skyfire though.... =\

    It's a little early to be claiming a ruler title, TronCon.

    Holy shit. That fucking car had blood on the windshield after all that. Did I just see someone die?

    Optimus Prime is on crossing guard duty.

    Powerglide's going down again.

    "The Emergency Jetpacks!" The 80's was all about some damn jetpacks.

    This fool wants all of our energy reserves just for some communication relays.

    Carly carries a trading card that can pin point Autobot locations.

    Optimus really got owned by some seekers? Yeesh.

    Of course it is. There's never enough fuel.

    How are you still flying if it was out of fuel, ya' fool?

    That deep voice dude is a freaking Autobot?

    You'd think Carly wouldn't be so excited to go to the moon after visiting freaking Cybertron last episode.

    Also, the command center on the moon looks pretty much the same as the one on the Cybertron.

    Saved just in the knick of time.

    I think he just said his name again but I couldn't understand it.

    That's an awesome looking autobot.


    Astrotrain's got jokes.

    Omega Supreme. Wasn't he in War for Cybertron? Basically the Autobots got their own Devestator but without the multiple minds.

    Why is there lightning on the moon?

    Even at low power Optimus just whooped up on you TronCon.

    So, Omega Supreme and Astrotrain are pretty big characters in this episode. Are there still more characters being introduced in this season?

    Optimus Prime is really lecturing this dude on volume. This must be for all the kids with boom boxes while they're looking out for their parents' ears.

    That was a very weird ending and I also expected to see much more of Blaster.

    Oh well, it's Tuesday and House of Wolves for Destiny launched today, so I'm off to shave, shower and get out of my work clothes before plopping down for a few hours of trekking across our solar system. Maybe I'll spot Blaster and Cosmos on the moon while I'm there ;) 

    Good night, everybody!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E40 - A Decepticon Raider in King Authur's Court - 5/20/15!​

    So as I said sometime last week or the week before I'm finishing up the last episode of Season 2 Part 1 on my birthday, which is today :D  (I've turned 23!) So I think I'm technically going to be half way through the Season? I'm not sure of the exact number but it looks like Part 2 might have a few more episodes on it. Regardless, let's kick it off!

    Is that stone henge?

    I have no idea what the hell Warpath is trying to say right now.

    This looks like the place where the Demon Slayer quest in Runescape takes place.

    Uh oh, Randal found some new energy.

    Warpath's the only Autobot fighting the cons? I guess he's making up for the loniliness by talking all sorts of gibberish to himself.

    I'm 99% sure Starscream actually said Randal as he pushed dude man aside.

    The little emblems in the stone were a play on "Transformers".

    I did not expect Warpath to have that voice. It's not a good fit.

    Giant Armored Knights for the dragon mound!?

    Those are indeed some weird looking autobots.

    That black cone head seeker just punched a horse.


    "What mean thou, it was made this year!"

    Are these the human versions of Decepticons or something?

    Go get 'em Bagera.

    I'm surprised Starscream is talking shit about TronCon in front of those two. I thought Rumble hated him.

    How the fuck is Spike there?

    Oh, nevermind there's Warpath.

    God dang, Spike gets all the woman.

    That girls voice changed so much just then. She sounded like a country diva.

    This is a weird set of characters for this episode. Hoist, Spike and Warpath along with Starscream, Dirge (maybe? not sure which one it is.), Randal and Bagera? It's just not a combination I'm used to.

    Spike looks silly in that armor.

    Hoist just made Spike some Rune armor.

    The voice actoress for the princess sounds silly. She can't keep the medieval accent up.

    Why would they put Spike in the tournament instead of a trained knight!?


    It looks like Spike's shield is wood while the opponents is enchanted or something.

    Ramjet. That's who he is.

    They also have the Owl from Winnie the Pooh.

    Am I really about to see a transformers jousting match?

    This episode is silly. I love it.

    Randal and Ramjet just got messed up.

    Thou Art Sorry!

    Someone watch this episode with a "thou" word counter and get back to me.

    Starscream playin' dirty. tsk, tsk, tsk.

    They're trying to chase a jet on horseback.

    So all the botcons are running out of energy? There should be plenty on the untapped planet.

    That owl's solomon? So, I'm assuming that's Merlin?

    I guess the cons start getting physically ill when they're low on energy.

    God damn, your grandmother has plenty of swag dude.

    Massive loot.

    Starscream just turned it into a bread tie.

    What a crap leader, putting himself before Randal and Bagera.

    Spike quit looking for sympathy.

    Potassium Nitrate? Is that what they run off of or something?

    I want Rumble to tackle the hell out of Starscream as he did in the first season.

    Uh-oh. The black knight is in love with the princess and they're about to get freaky in the hay.


    Thou eyes are most beautiful.

    That girl was just blushing blue.

    Spike's getting dumped by his great ancestor.

    Jesus christ, you guys weren't lying about him being insanely strong. He just busted off that armor like it was nothing.

    See, Starscream? Ramjet is kind to Randal. They're buddies. You should take notes.

    Yes Spike, repeat everything they just said. Also, how the hell did you hear that clearly under water?

    Daaaaaaaaammmmmnnnnnnn, cock blocked by the black knight.

    Did fucking Bill Cosby voice Warpath or something? IT'S ABOUT TIME TO GO BAM ZIGGUM!

    Those barrels broke down the red armies entire siege tower?

    Hoist just made himself a bridge. That's silly.

    Wow, that fat wolf guy is def. a human Decepticon. I wonder if he was in Revenge of the Fallen. ;p

    I am literally watching Ramjet and Warpath have a stick fight like some elementary school kids. Just with giant trees instead.

    Oh god, Bagera's eyes are really uneven and screwed up right here.

    Merlin's about to drop the energy I bet.

    "This thing they call energy!", you guys didn't have energy bars back in those days?

    "I know not of science!" - Merlin droppin' the knowledge of honesty.

    Ok, he's a bad ass character.


    I really hate Warpath's voice. It's absolutely horrible.

    They are literally using themselves as battering rams. The tank sure, but what is little old Hoist going to do?

    Apparently rope those guys Snowspeeder style.

    You would have had a better ring if your wolf guy didn't melt your Grandmothers collection down.

    Merlin's nails are the same color as his skin.

    They're letting the cons walk right beside them for nothing?

    That's a pretty rad dragon, man.

    Seagull droppings? That must be a fun ingredient to collect.

    Wow, what an ending.

    Well, that's it for today folks. I'm very happy to continue to see new and improved plots over the course of season two (as opposed to the WE MUST STEAL THE ENERGY FROM THIS PLANT schtick) and look forward to tomorrows episode "The Golden Lagoon!", see ya then!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E41 - The Golden Lagoon - 5/21/15!​

    So, it's worth noting that this DVD has Soundwave on the menu instead of Optimus and selecting scene selection causes him to shoot out a tape that turns into the scene selection screen.

    Who's the hovercraft?

    These are all season 2 bots.

    God dang it Warpath... Your voice is horrible.

    The cons seem to always be in the right place at the right time.

    Wait, is the hovercraft beachcomber? Haven't seen him in a few episodes if so.

    He literally casually moved over and the seeker crashed into the water.

    New con jet?

    Oh, nevermind. That's Blitzwing. Tank battle?

    Yup, that's beachcomber.

    Look at all the pretty animals running in fear of Hippie.

    My cockatiel is freaking out in the other room to the sound of the birds Hippie is conversing with.

    Maybe that wasn't beach comber then? He's playing in a gold lag.


    OK, never mind the hovercraft is NOT beach comber.

    I wish there was an option to mute Warpath. I loved him before he spoke, now not so much.

    Why is Hippie way out there anyway? Wasn't he with them on the beach at first or was that tracks?

    Not sure who the red conehead seeker is. He just said his name but I forgot.

    The hovercrafts voice is hilarious.

    Oh snap, gold Decepticon.

    I guess the gold stuff is like body armor?

    Looks like it.

    That hovercraft can do way more than hover.

    Sub-zero and Scorpion's powers combined can't help them.

    I believe this is the first time I've seen the Autobots run from the Decepticons. That seeker con also has claws for feet like Laserbeak apparently.

    Seaspray. That's his name.

    The gold lakes pretty. :) 

    Starscream turning down power? Wowzer.

    Thrust. That's his name.

    Starscream just held his nose to dive into the pool lol.

    Those poor animals are getting their home burned down.

    It's like they're putting on bulletproof vests and then shooting each other.

    Jesus christ, they're having a laser show with blaster bolts.

    Annnd there goes the forest. Poor animals.

    Woah, new "Transformers will return" sequences with Season 2 bots. They're pretty rad. :) 

    Omega Supreme again.

    I really believe Warpath has tourettes.

    New racecar bot?

    I sure wish Mirage was here too Powerglide :( 

    YAY! MIRAGE! <33333

    Mirage is love. Mirage is life.

    All these Decepticon's must of pre-ordered to get these exclusive gold skins.

    I want to say that it's nearly impossible to tell the seekers apart when they're in jet mode and all gold.

    Well, there goes Powerglide.

    There goes Warpath.

    Mirage would bail out first. But I guess it makes sense with the invis and all.

    Ohhh, that's Smokescreen or whatever his name is.

    He just got blasted the hell up by a firing squad.

    Hey, Hound and Sunstreaker are in this episode. Still no Bumblebee.

    "Show no mercy!", "Did we ever?" - Uh, only all the time.

    Good bye Sunstreaker.

    Hey! Prowl and Buckethead! Lot's of old champs in this episode. :) 

    Wheejack :D 

    I thought someone said this episode was bad the other day? I'm liking it so far.

    They're going to pit Perceptor versus Seaspray? That seems kind of one sided.

    Soundwave's a little taddle tale.

    Hell yeah, let's kick it off Omega Supreme.

    Uh-oh. Hippies about to get set off.

    Never mind. He got himself caught pretty fast.

    Smart Autobots.

    Annnnd they're caught again.

    Starscream's afraid of Omega Supreme. Not a big surprise since he's horrified of everything but I will say that he's justified in this one.

    TIE Fighter :) 

    "Results. Disappointing."

    No way they're actually hurting him right now... I mean come on, you're trying to sell his toy right, Hasbro? KICK SOME AS!

    Oh snap, Soundwave just activated his hunter special and pulled out the golden gun (Megatron edition) and one shot Omega Supreme. There was also a light saber sound effect for some reason.

    Where is Optimus Prime in all of this?

    A Devestator "Transformers will return" segment? Awesome. I see that they don't do an Autobot and then a Con anymore.

    Ironhide. Optimus. Mirage. :) 

    Still no Bumblebee, Spike or any of his several babes.

    Starscream said within the hour. I'm assuming they don't use Astroseconds to measure time anymore?

    Well, I thought that was Starscream opening the door but nope it's another seeker.

    That one just pulled his arm cannon off and now Hippie snagged it and is going ham.


    Oh. It's the ocean. I thought all those fish were going to get sucked in and die.

    Seaspray can carry two Autobot companions at once.
    tell you why.

    Something tells me this isn't going to be your real victory over the bots Megatron and I'm going to tell you why.

    A. This isn't a multi part episode.
    B. There's still a ton of episodes left in this season.

    Oh no. They left Dirge alone I wonder what could possibly happen.

    Did they just stealth execute him? What about the gold crap?

    Wait, where is Powerglide?

    This is the first episode that actually made me feel like the Autobots are rebels or underdogs.

    Hey, there's Bumblebee!

    AWWWW SHITTTTTTTT Gold Omega Supreme

    Hippie won't be diggin' all this destruction.

    There goes Blitzwing.

    I think that was Starscream?

    Yup, that's Starscream.

    Omega Supreme with the triple laser. :) 

    Megatron doesn't realize that him blowing up the lagoon is doing the Autobots more good than not.

    Poor Hippie :( 

    Wow, really? Nothing else after that? Just Hippie being all bummed. That's a stone cold ending man...

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E42 - The God Gambit - 5/22/15!​

    Well we're starting off in space.

    My fiancee said it's funny how the writers name is Buzz and this episode is in space.

    Alien elves.

    Are they building fake Transformers?

    Scrub the temple floor with your tongues? icky.

    So this guy made a fake Transformers to steal peoples food?

    I'm assuming that chick are rebels.

    His name is Joe?

    Tanaria and Joe.

    Jeral? Geral?

    Well, this chick just spoke some blasphemy.

    I swear someone told me I'd only see Cosmo's once but I keep seeing him.

    These people are going to think Cosmo's is a god. The tiny little Igor is going to be a god of the natives.

    That crash was pretty brutal but he landed it on his feet.

    You tell her Joe.

    Awh, crap, they're going to think Starscream and Astro Train are gods.

    Did Starscream really just recite that?

    Who untied Joe and the friends?

    Oh, Thrust is there too.

    I didn't know Astrotrain was such a bad ass.

    How about a moving train with no tracks? That's pretty damn convincing.

    Well they brought in dictatorship pretty quickly.

    Starscream's voice sounded pretty creepy and off.

    He just stated all of that right in front of the girl... who will save Cosmos.

    I guess Astrotrain also wants the title of Leader of the Decepticons.

    This mother fucker doesn't know the word Planet? What kinda' stone age is this.

    Starscream is always the first to shoot.

    Woah, commercial segment showed Shockwave turning into a pistol? I didn't know he could do that. It looks awesome. So does Grimlock smashing the Decepticon boulder.

    I didn't even notice Cosmo's had guns on him at all.


    Jazz and Perceptor? That's an odd combo but I'll accept it.

    Joe's face looks pretty fucking confused right now.

    Lord Astrotrain. Someone tell me there is a user on this site with that username?


    Sick crash landing, bro.

    lol. Sarcasm not appreciated.

    Astrotrain just called these people Maggots? That's appropriate.

    Yeah, Joe. Keep those fools in line.

    Titans? That's the name of the alien race there?

    Without Optimus there, Perceptor and Jazz just starting shooting at the cons with the humans between them but of course the show doesn't show them.

    Starscream is such an easy take down.

    Thrust said fuck the police and ran for papa bear.

    Damn, that's messed up. They're hurting Jazz man.

    That is a massive crystal catapult.


    Astrotrain just caught her like I used to catch my hamster.

    Titan is the planet name then?

    Chick with the long name is about to get sacrificed.

    Perceptor and Jazz found the crystals. I bet they're going to get Omega Supreme in working order to stomp Astrotrain.

    This episode about the fall of Christianity or something? This is some noise.

    All of the ground around Omega has like collapsed or something.

    But that's alright because Perceptor has sick hops.

    He only put one or two crystals in to Omega and it kicked him on. They must be pretty powerful things.

    Jazz just knocked Astrotrain on his ass. Never underestimate the little guys in this show.

    Where's Cosmo's?

    Well, bye Thrust.

    YAY! Omega!

    Starscream and Thrust said bump this noise and flew off in fear. Smart move.

    Astrotrain just got blasted down a freakin' hole.

    Bad move there mister god.

    Woah, cruel. Even Joe doesn't deserve that man.

    In case you guys didn't know, Astro Train is boogie'n out of here.

    WE AIN'T GODS! But we will save ya'! I love Jazz.

    This is the second Autobot human romantic relationship I've seen in action. Carly and Bee + Jazz and Talaarananairmaimaiaraimarie.

    Welcome back, Cosmos. :) 

    Well that was a short and quick ending but I guess alls well that ends well.

    Have a good weekend everyone!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E43 - Make Tracks - 5/26/15!​

    What a beautiful gray city.

    Look at all that garbage.

    Hey, Punk Rockers.

    Also, those wheels are rude.

    Punk Rockers speaking like hippies? C'mon now.

    Don't say funky again man.

    Huh, the dollar bills look pretty well drawn.

    You Punks are Sunk.

    Since when does Optimus show up to stop common crooks who happen to have laser guns?

    Hot Shot looks rad, man. (Tracks)

    Tracks voice is not what I expected.

    Jesus, this is a horrible city. We're four minutes into the episode and Track's has already been shot at twice.

    Now he's gonna' need some body work.

    Does everyone in this city just steal unoccupied cars or something?


    One of those giant skyscrapers freaking says "Banana", so banana inc. only functions in the Transformersverse.

    You idiot, freaking cutting wires without asking what they are.

    So all it takes to kill a transformer is to cut one single cord?

    The Autobots have become litter keepers and police. Seems about right.

    This is New York? Wow. It was a dangerous city at night.

    Hoist is driving Huffer.

    Also, that truck actually said Ford on the back.

    The thugs come at one minute after midnight.

    I tell ya' man, this is a rough ass neighborhood.

    I forgot to mention earlier that it would horrify the citizens to see Powerglide flying that low.

    Sweet pink Buick, thugs.

    "I thought those robots were on our side!" - So, the cons joined the mob?

    Well at least Tracks has a reasonable explanation for flying.

    Also, Rahool huh? I bet he decrypts engrams on his nights off from stealing cars.

    All of the real people cars look insanely boring.

    They're exporting cars to Jersey. LoL.

    The hanger had the mass effect N7 :D 

    Scream and Glide are playing ring around the rosey.

    Every skyscraper is covered in lettering. I don't think this is a good replication of 80's New York.

    Cosmo's is so freaking fat.

    Boulder, you lied. Cosmo's was useful in saving those people in that falling elevator!


    There goes Starscream making his own exit instead of using doors again. Just like Megatron.

    You figured out where he was going just like that Prime?

    There's a concon. I guess Devestator is going to be in this episode.

    Megatron betrayed those guys. Who knew?


    That concon is using a freaking sword to smash the cars.

    Well, Tracks done fucked up now.

    How does Megatron not notice the giant Autobot logo on the hood?

    Well that was the quickest transformation ever.

    As they're sitting still talking the cons miss every freaking shot.

    Bagera and Rumble are the only ones chasing them? Why not one of the damn jets? C'mon cons. Use your heads.



    Jazz <3

    Bumblebee <3

    Rahool and Tracks are about to be the new Spike and Bumblebee.

    "Autobots! Let's Roll Out!"

    BEER - That's on a giant skyscraper just below the bridge. Really?

    Blaster, Prime and Ratchet are just unloading.

    No one's aim is too good in this show, Blaster.

    The Chrysler building was licensed into this? Rad.

    Bruno's doing his anti-fire thing again.


    Jesus, the words all over the buildings is killing me man.

    One of the billboards actually says Transformers lol.

    Hey, Ironhide. Don't see much of him anymore.

    I love the skyline from a distance. Cities are beautiful in real life and cartoon form.

    Blaster's using that Pokemon move Psychic.

    Rahool just brought a crow bar to mess stuff up.

    TronCon and Rahool are about to have a 1v1.

    Scratch that, Megatron's using the whole hostage tactic again.

    Rahool got that WD-40.

    Nevermind, it's like canned cheese or something.

    Nope, no devestator - they're just running away per usual.

    Tracks blew up Megatron's giant testicle building.

    "The Transformers Movie" it says.

    Hey, Sparkplug!

    I would hate to get man handled by a giant robot.

    I would love to see a giant robot try to use a socket wrench...

    Well, that's it for this episode. Thanks for reading everyone!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E44 - Child's Play - 5/27/15!​

    Well would ya' look at that. An episode with the same name of the horror series that haunted my nightmares from adolescence into the late teen years.

    The cons are wasting their time to stop a baseball game?

    Nevermind. They're making a new space bridge.

    lol. These idiots are actually trying to hit these balls.

    Soundwave just said "Skywarp, think fast." but threw the guy to Starscream?

    Bruno, Ironhide and Red Alert are kind of hard to tell apart.

    Oh my god... What was with the way Optimus Prime's arm just bent up?

    Bumblebee is the batting champion of the world.

    These baseball puns are freaking awful.

    Tiny Bumblebee just tackled Starscream.

    Where is all of this cheering coming from in the background?

    Five bots and four cons got teleported to another planet.

    Holy shit that's creepy as fuck.

    That is quite the odd cat creature.

    Wait a minute. I get it. Child's play. The Transformers are toys in this episode. If that's true, where's the kid?

    Optimus Prime is actually willing to leave the Cons to die. That's insane. Megatron would have saved the Autobots. =\

    Also, how the hell does Perceptor roll out in Microscope form?

    I can't believe they really left them there. That's cold blooded and makes sense. Which is odd for this show.

    Poor Soundwave.

    I believe that's Dirge? It might be Thrust.

    Ravage is defying gravity and just floating right now.

    That's a boy? Looks like a girl alien.

    Maybe put a lid on your toy jar?

    Cat fight.

    Stupid seeker.

    What the hell is the elephant rat thing?

    Starscream lol.

    That's right, Starscream's the funny lookin' one.

    Is this kid not concerned about toys just teleporting to his room?

    This crazy Alien kid is named Aaron? How exotic.

    Ravage is not a disgusting creature. :( 

    Scream just shot that man in his mustache.

    I feel pretty bad for the Decepticons.

    You're calling the authorities on some toys? Small Soldiers flashbacks.


    This planet looks a lot like Dragon Ball Z's earth.

    My dude's poking Ravage in the butt with a rod.

    He left the Decepticons on the table did he not?

    They're just getting all sorts of shafted, huh?



    I hope they executre Marty. He threw away an entire ice cream.

    Megatron could put him down.

    They seriously just left the Decepticons sitting around.

    Some would argue that you belong on Cybertron instead of Earth, Optimus.

    Uhh, Ravage is sprinting across thin air. Why doesn't he just float like everyone else.

    What was the ice just sitting there?

    Did Optimus really just get slammed by the most annoying con in the series?

    That wasn't ice. It was an empty glass bottle.

    Good work Bumblebee, tossing a passed out opponent.

    That's a pencil, not a pen Perceptor.

    The elephant rats are creepy man.

    The animation right here looks absolutely horrible.

    It doesn't even look like there's water there at the moment.

    I love that they all managed to land on their feet without any issues after coming off a waterfall.

    Dad, I love the feeling of your mustache on my face.

    The animation is so lazy in this episode.

    Why is Bumblebee just bouncing up and down?

    My god, Bumblebee keeps getting smaller and smaller as well.

    Hah. Green monsters. I get it.

    So are the aliens on this planet giants or do the bots just shrink when they go there?

    Wait a second, "Everytime you look up at the stars. You'll know that your friends are out there." That sounds very similar to the quote at the end of the 07 film or maybe it was the end of DOTM. Regardless, another nod. :D 

    Jesus fuck. The clipping in this episode is horrendous. They're literally just merging into the rockship. This is pathetic.

    Nitro's glitched over the front of the ship...

    Well, that's it for this episode. The Autobots got a new Alien friend and a new ship. I have to say this is one of my least favorite episodes of this season. The animation was horrible and the story was eh. But, cool setting so 10 points for that.

    See ya' tomorrow!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E45 - Quest for Survival - 5/28/15!​

    The show is much sharper with these new glasses. I've never had to wear any before but they're making even this 80's intro look better.

    Well, we're in Asia.

    Holy mother of Insecticons.

    I wonder why Insecticons are the only Transformers that eat non-energy material.

    Uhh, I guess we're in Texas now?

    Barkplay? Who the hell is that?

    Tracks and the crew just rolled up to squash those bug fools.

    Oh my god, he just lit Tracks on freakin' fire.

    That's alright. Bruno sprayed him with some bubble bath soap and now he's fine.

    Smokescreen's got the right idea but it's still weird to see Warpath running from some bugs.

    Any more causalities? Who died?

    Yeah, Huffer. Don't lose your coolant.

    That is one big can of bug spray.

    I didn't realize Cosmo's was a spaceship used for travel. I thought he was smaller than that.

    I love that the emergency jet is the only labeled button on the ship.

    Cosmos, you've got a leech infestation bro.

    I guess the Insecticons are on good terms with the Cons again.

    Did he just say 'We have some acreage to rape'? That allowed that?

    They're getting paid in energon booze.

    Big spennnnderr, spenda.

    Woah, da' rude Megatron.

    This is pretty much the story of how the Flood wound up on Earth in Halo.

    They just left Cosmos' all high and dry.

    Jurassic Park 3 flashbacks with that tree landing with the parachute.

    I think you found him buddy. He's being eaten alive.

    "Where am I gonna' go?" - I expected an eh at the end of that. He sounds quite Canadian.

    This stuff is like a plague.

    Ratchet's tickling Bumblebee's butt.

    Those are some pretty hideous plants man.

    I notice in the commercial break segments they don't always show an Autobot when going away and a Decepticon when coming back anymore. It's often two of the same faction.

    Only three seekers? Some of them are catching the shaft recently.

    Prowl, I'd slap him if I were you.

    Dang Morphabots!

    So they're basically eating Cosmos alive then?

    I guess that crack about the Insecticon's being dangerous if they have brains was both true and ironic.

    Poor Thrust. He seems like a nice guy and he's just getting bullied right now.

    Oh except Sike. My dude's dropping bombs!

    That is a mad amount of freaking insecticons.

    Well the weird octopus bushes are still spreading like the plague.

    Look at Megatron using his head before blowing something up. In literally every other episode people are trying to stop him from doing the exact same thing.

    Starscream's always testing your patience fool. You've got mad amounts of patience in my honest opinion.

    Hmm... Hoist is always around but never Apple. :( 

    No Mirage either.

    "Warpath, I want to blast a path through to Cosmos." "Humpty dumpty with the bang bang goochie goo!"

    Ironhide got those clutch weed killer skills.

    Uh, why did Ironhide just call Warpath, Prime?

    Blaster go get'em. Screw what Prime says those tunes are amazing.

    Optimus Prime quit being such a sour puss.

    I don't understand why they hate Blaster and Jazz's music so much. It's pretty legit if you ask me.

    Spike's hating it now too? He's covering his ears but in an earlier episode he loved it!

    I love that Flintstones breaking sound out of Ironhide haha.

    That's it? They're just leaving the plants?

    There goes Blaster's batteries.

    Bumblebee just freaking throws him.

    "You've just gone PLATINUM!" - Awh, Snap. Snap.

    Dirge, Ramjet, Blitzwheel? Why did he call him Blitzwheel?

    Also, he says Ramjet like RAAMjet. As in the villian from the first Gears of War.

    That massive container of bug spray just got wrecked.

    The bots don't give a fuck son, they're squaring up like champions.

    I think I know what's going to happen.

    The plantbots are going to eat the insecticons. That's gotta' be it.

    TronCon's getting handled by some plants.

    What was the point of Tracks shooting Megatron with a darkness blast? It did nothing two seconds later.

    Yup. Guarentee I was right.

    Some little shop of horrors shit is about to go down.

    They're eating their whole crew but of course the three main ones escape unscratched.

    I think "Decepticons! RETREAT!" is as popular as "Autobots, Roll out!"

    Are they not going to eat Omega Supreme while he transports them?

    Uhh, Optimus Prime decided to doom an entire planet of Insectibots by sending the plantbots there? That doesn't seem like a very noble thing to do... How does he even know they're Decepticons? Or evil? Or anything?

    Perceptor! Ooh, you!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E46 - The Secret Of Omega Supreme - 5/29/15!​


    This entire title sequence is just a bunch of missed shots.

    Rockship blasting out of the water.

    It's purple so it has to be a con ship.

    Floating piece of land just chillin'.

    What is this the plot of Avengers Age of Ultron or something? Holy crap I think it is.

    Let's go ConCons!

    Astrotrain sounds way the hell different than he did in Child's Pay.

    What's up Cosmos!? With ya' Igor voice.

    Rude, Optimus. Sending him right back up.

    Powerglide has a weird looking face.

    Nevermind, animation error. It fixed itself.

    Omega Supreme's like Beetlejuice, say his name three times and he shows up. (Except he only said it twice. >.>)

    What is up with Omega Supreme being a dick right now? Holy crap, he's a blunt dick.

    Why does he have such a grudge against these dude?


    Wow, look at Omega Supreme pouting like a kid.

    That mechanical bot right there looks freaking awesome. Like an alien but a bot.

    Omega Supreme speaks normal in the past.

    That's one super shiny city with an awesome hot wheels track going around it.

    Omega and the Concon's were buddies!?

    Wait. Do I get to freakin' see Devestator VS Omega Supreme!?


    The civilian bots on Cybertron are so basic looking. It's a nice change of pace.

    I wonder if there are any of them left.

    Wait, so the concons were brainwashed?

    So you're telling me some of the Decepticon's were genuinely good people that just got brain washed?

    This is lame man. Don't make me like these damn ConCons! They're bums! Thugs! Villians!

    They said that it was under Decepticon attack but yet they wear the Decepticon insignia?

    I know now that there were bots and cons before the war but god damn it what the hell is going on here!? WHY WEREN'T THE CONS ALWAYS EVIL!? DON'T BRING MORALS INTO THIS!

    Crystal city was destroyed in a completely different manner before the commercial break than it just was. :p 

    "My friends! My city!" THEY JUST MURDERED PEOPLE!?

    How does he know Megatron was behind it?


    This dudes about to bury these fools alive.

    Omega Supreme knows. He's freaking trying to help his friends, man. So what happened after this... Don't you leave me hanging show. Why the hell are the concons evil now!?

    Mannnn, c'mon. It can never be undone? Really? That's some bum ass shit...

    Devastator VS Omega Supreme! Let's go boys!

    Get that stupid little bug thing the hell out of here. I wanna' see a giant robot fight.

    Jesus, it has a flail on one of it's trails.

    Bummer. No rock'em sock'em robots.

    That breaks my heart man. The concons aren't complete garbage. They were freakin' brainwashed by doodoo face Megatron.

    What is this some kind of Origin story!? This show doesn't do that! Get out of here with that Logical crap! (But seriously, it's awesome to actually know how Omega Supreme got there. Good show Hasbro!)

    This makes me wonder who else was brainwashed by TronCon. I wonder if Randal was ever a good guy? I hope so.

    I know Starscream used to be neutral or an Autobot (don't know the specifics) and turned for power.

    Cosmos' is like "This is some bullshit man. You know how exhausting it is to fly to space three times in a damn day! YOU FREAKIN' TRUCK!"

    Omega Supreme is love. Omega Supreme is life.

    OS's torso just floated off ahead of the rest of him.

    The asteroid is alive? Uh, do what?

    Don't talk to Omega Supreme like that fool! He's a hero! OMEGA SMASH YOU!


    Uh, OK. So the asteroid is a bunch of dragon bug things then?

    Annnnd, it's off to earth.

    This guy ain't playin' around. He wants these fools dead. Fuck the human population.

    Oh, just one egg. One dragon thingy.

    THE BAY AREA OF WESTERN US COAST - That is the only way I will refer to San Francisco from now on.

    Of course Omega Supreme is the only one who can stop him. They don't give any reasoning. It's just 'cause.

    Beachcomber <3

    I wish they would show more of the Season 1 bots man. Let's see some Sideswipe! Ratchet! Bumblebee! MIRAGE! (Skyfire :( )

    They're just shooting the city up while Smokescreen does wall rides on the side of buildings. Seems cool.

    Is this Transformers or a Godzilla movie?

    TBH If Godzilla showed up, that'd be pretty rad.

    Here we go. Let's do this. It's time for some devastation boys!

    Dude, he's unloading. Not even taking a kill shot just burying them alive. GET TO IT SON!

    Oh, come the hell on Optimus. You see some epic stuff happening right now. Why you gotta' cut in?

    Of course they're running. Why wouldn't they. Why can't this show give me more than five seconds of epic fighting!?

    Well, at least the big guy listened to Optimus and is going to save the planet.

    Are you serious? It'd only take a few minutes to transform a boulder into a laser beam?

    Ayy, Big Al's looks like the place to be ;) 

    "Relax man, remember we're all one with the universe." I love you, Hippie.

    My dude just threw a freakin' water tower at Rodan.

    Megatron's telescope looks like a double barrel shotgun.

    Dang, Optimus hit something from a good way away.

    Damn, he's sniping all of them. let's go baby!

    Optimus ain't foolin' around with you right now son. It's over.

    So he just eats a piece of Asteroid and is suddenly 100% ok with running away? This must be where the new Snickers commercials come from. "Rodan, eat a Snickers." "GWAAAARRRRGH?" "Because you get a little apocalyptic when you're hungry." "GRRRRRAAAAHHHH!" "Better?" "Grawgh."

    That is a beautiful sunset. It makes me feel good inside. :) 

    Optimus looks like he's a girl admiring this big hunk of Supreme right now. Holding on to his wrist and staring up to his eyes.

    Wait. Omega has a tear in his eye. My dude can't feel emotions.. That's sad. Man this episodes ending is almost as touching as the "We've Won..." one.

    That's it for this episode and holy hell was it a good one! I'm feeling it man. Why can't every single episode be of quality like this?

    Well guys, that's it for me today. Just a reminder to those of you who didn't see my post earlier in the thread, I'm heading out of state this weekend to visit Virginia and will be returning sometime Monday. Depending on what time I get back and how I'm feeling I may or may not do an episode then so if there's no entry relax! I'll definitely be back on Tuesday.

    So if you enjoyed this entry or any of them be sure to throw the thread a rate and share it with your friends! I love writing this thing and I love all of you! Stay awesome Transformers fans! <3

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E47 - The Gambler - 5/30/15!​

    Alright. Gambler time.

    Well, the ship just cut off for no reason.

    "Way to go MISTER WIZARD!"

    Why does a freakin' toy rocket have so many buttons on the inside?

    Annnd a giant toy ship has abducted our loyal Autobots.


    Aww, crap. It looks like the animation in this episode might be as crummy as Childs Play.

    It's gonna' be a Smokescreen episode.

    Or, maybe not.

    lol. He has a giant slot machine just chilling in the ship.

    How does this guy know they're Autobots?

    He wins one round and now he's a gambling wiz?

    Wait, so, yup. It's going to be a Smokescreen episode.

    Bosh is putting a ton of faith into this guy for winning a single round of slots.

    Now they're even freakin' smaller?

    Monacus just looks like the moon.

    Sike. It's got a big ol' city.

    What kind of backwards ass planet has a super futuristic city but crummy ass roads made of rock everywhere?

    SHEOL! So, in other words, Mos Eisley.

    I don't think I'd be interested in gambling in the "Pit of Destruction".

    Animalians. So, Animal Aliens. LoL.

    Alright. So here we are. With Bosh, who is extremely close to Bossk. A gambling planet with a Jabba the Hutt type leader who runs a Rancor pit type arena. Sounds about damn right.

    That little green goblin has a horrible voice. Annnnd the Jabba guy slapped him just like Jabba did to the annoying little companion back then.

    Oh crap. Smokescreen just got rekt.

    Eyeballs unplugged his cable. :( 

    Yup. The animation is just as shitty. The autobots literally just sunk through the floor.

    Sneezardo. What a name.

    Huh, I didn't expect to see any Decepticon's this episode.

    Oh right. They were in Child's Play also. Where's Starscream though?

    Astrotrain's being a big baby now when he was trying to be the leader in Child's Play?

    Huh. New Autobot.

    I'm growing to like this little alien guy who kidnapped the Autobots.

    Defcon? Dude has much better detail side by side with Smokescreen.

    Oh my god... A life debt. So he makes out with his hand. Not to mention Wookie life debts.

    Annnnnnd Defcon's a bounty hunter. This is literally the plot to Star Wars. Hell, even eye balls who pulled the plug on ol' Smokescreen resembled a Jawa.

    Astrotrain, Dirge and Ramjet. He didn't mention Starscream so I guess we're just forgetting who was with them in Child's Play. Actually, I thought Thrust was with them then and not the other two coneheads?

    Jabba's scared of Megatron... AKA Lord Vader.

    At least the monster looks pretty cool.

    The entire crowd is just three of the same characters repeated over and over and over.

    Who animated these episodes? They need to be fired.

    Optimus lookin' like Cyclops while fighting the Rancor.

    He's also letting out some weird moans.

    The crowd just pushed that Rancor back in like it was a whole buncha nothing.

    Now they're getting Frisky. This is probably one of Spiritprime's favorite moments. ;) 


    This scene we're they're bombing Smokescreen is animated well enough at least.

    Defcon poppin' shots like a champ.

    Aww. Defcon isn't going to come help the Bots on Earth :( 

    I like how Astrotrain is just calling them "Autobots", not a single freakin' one of the cons is stopping to acknowledge the fact that they have fucking Optimus Prime in their possession.

    Bossk is super rad and here I thought he was going to be a bum.

    Oh god. What is with this animation. Bossk is just growing like 18 times bigger than Slewbongo.

    Hello Mr. Ionic Displacer.

    Snigrado is joining Defcon on a bounty hunting adventure? That's actually really dope.

    Uh, is that not a Decepticon ship it's showing right there as we zoom in?

    Optimus Prime just agreed to let the bots gamble for a day. This is my kind of episode.

    That's a super rad city skyline. Even if it is alien.

    Well, that's it for todays episode. Despite the horrible animation errors, I really liked the plot to this one. I mean, who doesn't love Star Wars knock offs? Boosk, Defcon and Rimbarlow were awesome and I hope to see them again sometime :) 

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E48 - Kremzeek! - 6/3/15!​

    This is an odd episode title...

    Megatron's doing some mad science.

    Here comes Starscream to berate him.

    Uh, what the fuck is that? It looks like the dude from that one Scooby Doo movie where they get stuck in the internet.

    That's a Kremzeek and it's adorable.

    It makes a lot of lightsaber noises. Like the swinging around and clashing and everything.

    Megatron put him in a Ghostbusters box.

    Still got some funny animation erros going on in this episode.

    Little dude just teleported through the camera.

    Jazz is trying to shoot him to "slow him down".

    Hey, Hoist! Long time no see. You skipped leg day.

    Sparkplug's got him.

    Or not.

    Sparkplug you're wearing a hardhat you should know not to mess with electricity.

    I don't even know what's happening with Smokescreen.

    Hey Ratchet, also long time no see. Your face looks different too.

    Kremzeek is like a Pokemon, all he can say is his name.

    Optimus has that OFF! so that little electric mosquito can't bite him.

    Little buddy tore up the entire Autobot force man.

    Bumblebee, Blaster, Bruno and Optimus are the only bots left standing.

    Bruno knows whats up. No bullshit and straight to the point. Bumblebee, you should know all of your problems come from Troncon by now.

    Teletran 1 is beat boxing right now.

    He just blue skadooed, we can too!

    First time I've seen a Thrust intermission. Pretty rad.

    Speaking of Rad, Omega Supreme just showed up.

    Nooooooooo! They capped my homie OS :( 

    Why is that train just blaring it's horn? Also, Kremzeek said Choo-choo so I guess he does know more than just his name :p 

    Damn, Optimus is peeling out. I've never seen him go that fast!

    Hah. Prime has tiny wheels.

    Sick mustache mister train driver.


    That was quite something.

    The cons are still located under water? That's their longest lasting base ever. Kudos.

    Well, that station is slap full of people and Optimus just slapped into the back of the train again.

    I don't speak Japanese but I think that woman wasn't happy with him.

    "Walk Man" - I wonder what mythical device that could be. It sounds like it's playing Blasters music.

    Also, that was sarcasm, I know what a walkman is.

    A lot of these Asian people sure look white.

    Why the hell is a Sumo Wrestler working the front of the Arcade?

    Wowwwww. Look at all these brand new ultra HD TV's he's destroying!

    I'm not even going to try to remember that DR's name.

    Blaster's being more useful here than he was in his premiere episode.

    Except now he's being molested by Kremzeek.

    Good thinking. NOOOO BAD THINKING!

    New Kremzeeks!

    "Oh here comes that sinking feeling..." Prime, you got some depression issues buddy?

    A warpath intermission I've never seen either.

    Beautiful skyline with a beautiful sunset.

    Chaos in the streets as multiple caffeinated furbies wreak havoc on Tokyo!

    READY TO COMMENCE TEST! Starscream, I hate your shrieking voice you horrific sounding fool.

    TronCon's making an advance on the military and for once everything seems to be going his way.

    That blinking billboard is creepy.

    Oh god. They're all morphing together.



    They should bring back Rodan from the other episode. :) 

    Bruno, shooting him with shaving creme isn't going to do anything you bum!


    Scream just sucked all the power out. What's Kremzeek gonna' eat now? tsk, tsk, tsk.

    That's kind of rude sounding. "BLASTER! You finally came up with a plan..." It only took 47 episodes :D 

    The antenna is Kreemzeek's giant Pokeball and they're sending him out to fight the cons.

    The eye of Sauron just got messed up by Kreemzeek.

    Power is restored! WOOOO!

    DR. Takanawa is playing on his calculator.

    I'm with Bumblebee. He's kind of cute :( 

    Oh no, don't do it...

    Oh my god...

    They sniped Kremzeek.

    Bumblebee could have kept him as a pet or something man. C'monnnnn.

    Poor Bee :( 

    Poor Kremzeek :( 

    Mr. Kawasaki is about to revive Omega Supreme.

    I'm with you Blaster.





    Oh my god, that was fantastic.


    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E49 - Sea Change - 6/4/15!​

    So before we get started on todays episode, fellow tfw2005 user PPProductions started a thread similar to this one but covering Beast Wars. If you're a fan of the show, I'd recommend checking it out here! I stopped by for a bit but since I might move to Beast Wars one day I think I'll be abandoning ship for the time being. ;) 

    Let's go baby!


    We're starting off with Bumblebee water skiing behind Seaspray and jumping off a dope ramp. This is going to be a fantastic episode.

    You wish upon shooting stars, not first stars of the night! ... I think.

    Seaspray, your voice is freaking adorable.

    Uhh, slave drivers?

    Elven slaves? Deceptitran? Is that like Teletran's evil brother or something?

    That elf slaves name is Doug. I love that all the ET's have very basic names. Well, except the guys from the Gambler.

    This dude's harvesting brain waves.

    She just called him Chuck?


    What a weak bot he can't even swim without getting shorted out.


    Deceptitron. Not tran.

    That's a beautiful night sky, man.


    Optimus Prime is willing to help anyone anywhere, what a champion.

    I see what someone meant about Astros not having the space Skyfire did now.

    I like this dudes computer. WAANG! WAANG!

    More Star Wars sound effects!

    The Aztec mermaids are talkin' about some well of transformation.

    OK, Astro's is freaking huge right here.

    Annnd, he's small again. Complaining about his paint job.

    This chick knows. I'm surprised Spike isn't here to answer the call of booty.

    She just whipped that tree in half.

    Seaspray's got a mean warcry.

    Uh, oh. Illana. Here comes that Kiss Player people were talking about.


    They brought Dirge instead of Starscream. Good choice, Megatron.

    That bush made some funny noises while sliding.

    Uhh, do what now. That well turns people into MERMAIDS!? I WANT TO BE A GOD DANG MERMAID!

    Bumblebee's always trippin'. Over nothing on top of that.

    Illana and Seaspray about to make some bubbles.

    Pretty akimbo waterfall.

    Laserbeak got a gun upgrade. He's got like rapid fire shots now.

    The bots got in that water fine? Yet the regular water melted the droid earlier?

    New Omega Supreme sequence.

    I bet that slabs going to move.


    Uh-oh, Spaghetti'os.

    Bumblebee's about to get got. :( 

    I'm also happy they brought Randal but he's just constantly out of cassette form, I guess he's a free con now.

    So. Droids occupying a planet with beautiful waters that holds homes to an underwater city of amphibious creatures? This is literally Otoh Gunga on Naboo during the Trade Federation occupation. I would even go as far as to say Bumblebee is Jar Jar Binks with how clumsy he is. But unless the show creators somehow found Lucas' script for Episode One way before 1999 then I can't say this bit was borrowed. Maybe it was vice versa?!

    I'm glad they have familiar two prong drop cords on Transformers Naboo.

    Oh, come on. They've even got the little bombs like the Gungans.

    Starting fires underwater. That's some Spongebob stuff.

    Did he just call them Bastard Rebels on a kids TV show?


    Welp, my dude got his hand shot off. How many hands have been lost in Star Wars gentleman? That's right. All of them. :) 

    Oh, I forgot to mention. More humans using Autobot guns. Kade using the gun in AoE is starting to seem a lot more believable.

    Nobody noticed Laserbeak just chilling on the wall? It's a casette in the midst of an ancient pyramid!

    I don't get it why do the droids listen to Megatron?

    Deceptitran is babbling like a basic biiiiiscuit.

    The what acons?

    Seaspray is literally getting friendzoned by this chick.

    Now he's trying to commit suicide or transform.


    This would be a great time for a commercial.

    lol. commercial.

    She just admitted to loving him.



    This is some hot stuff going on right now man. I think I'm gonna' get to see Mermaid on Merman action soon.



    Megatron sends Randal after the leaders? A lot of faith in little dude.

    Piece of carborundum? What the hell is that?

    Think of a tree? Uh, do what now?

    Randal's a freaking tree. Hah.

    This is fantastic. He looks like the trees from Mortal Kombat.

    Woahhh. She's a babe.

    Did she just transform into a kayak?

    The droids are making some funny noises.

    The side of Illanas Kayak form says "ISIS"

    Uh, do what now? We've got some dominatrix stuff going on now.

    That's Buzzsaw flying with them? Not Laserbeak?

    That is the pinkest freaking wall of all time.

    Trollycons? Is that we she just called them?

    Seaspray's blasting all the booze!!!

    Annnd now the cities on fire.

    Poor Randal. :( 

    Why would he wish to go back to his Robot form? He could have become a Omega Supreme sized Randal!

    You Astro Turkey he says.

    Good on you Dirge. Being a team player. I love you anyone who helps Randal. I now love you.

    This is totally ending with some hot mechanophilia!

    I was right. That was a great episode. Absolutely all over the place with some questionable content but GREAT! Also, $5 says we never see Seaspray's babe again and he never mentions her. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Second girl robot that would have been freaking awesome as a full time Autobot... though the assassin one still takes the cake.

    See ya' tomorrow!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    :E50 - Triple Takeover - 6/5/15!​

    It's Friday, I'm off work, I've got Transformers on the TV ANNNND I have a loud ass bird squawking at me in the next room over. Let's hope I can hear something ;)  (Photo related. It's my loud bird and beautiful one eyed puppy)


    We're back to the middle of nowhere where the cons are making a Decepticon Mount Rushmore.

    Wait. What. Blitzwing, Starscream and Astrotrain are getting ready to over throw Megatron. The episode title makes sense now.

    Welp. Never mind. Those two are playing Scream like a fiddle.

    Starscream literally just used the "unless you're a scardy cat." taunt.

    Now they're getting frozen. Except, Starscream isn't for some reason.

    I'm confused are these two working for Megatron or not.

    More football. Go H's!

    Blitzwing just showed up ready to shoot some football players. You've got to be kidding me, this kid really just asked his coach what to do to a tank.

    "OK! OK! Commander!" - Animation flaw here. Blitzwing was still moving his lips while the coach's voice was heard. So, I think Blitzwing and Astrotrain want leadership of the Decepticons but nothing to do with Starscream. While Megatron has grown on me, I'm all for offing Starscream.

    You see a train with no engineer and you run out to confront it?

    I guess they're making two Decepticon head quarters now.

    He's installing a keyboard in them for brains.

    The scaling on the coach is insanely low either that or those lockers are insanely huge.

    The concons are in on this as well?

    So this is really happening right now then. They successfully overthrew Megatron.

    Now Blitzwing is killing humans.

    First Autobot of the day is Hoist. Not a bad choice.

    He shoots the score board and it suddenly displays his name. Seems legitimate.

    No spoken Autobot lines this far into the episode.

    It's really focusing on Astro and Blitz taking care of business.

    Prowl gets the first bot spoken role.

    I'm not sure I recognize the blue SUV.

    Unless that's Hippy?

    I thought he was a dune buggy though...

    I forgot Blitzwing was a double changer. So cool.

    He just crushed two of the bots, man.

    This is actually super freakin' brutal for this show right now.

    This dude is a loon. Making up his own rules for some sick murder game.

    The Astrotrain Empire sounds like a cause I can get behind.

    Haha, their repeat is just loud continuous horns.

    Well that's one ******acon down.

    Oh, never mind they're trying to harvest resources.

    Where are the rest of the cons in this? I doubt Soundwave (and his component cons) and Shockwave would turn on Megatron.

    Wait, that wasn't Smokescreen that got smashed? Who was it then?

    Look at Powerglide being useful. :) 

    That concon made a throne out of their corpses. That's hardcore man.

    Blitzwing VS Powerglide? Blitz will win every time, no contest.


    All the other seekers finally showed up.

    Wait, Starscream is with them?

    That doesn't make any sense...

    That had to be an animation error right?

    I'm glad these trains are so flexible.

    Oh god. I've never heard Astrotrain that excited.

    Yeah see, what the hell, Starscream is sitting right there with TronCon. That's such an obvious error to make though - how could they do that?

    Scream just referred to them as triple changers, what is their third form? The robot mode?

    HAHAHA! I'M STUPID! I'M STUPID! Mark my words ladies and gentleman - greatest line in G1 history.

    Hey, Spike! Long time no see!

    The building that is leaking all the water has "disaster" written on the side.

    Ironhide has the right idea. You should have finished the cons when you had the chance! Except Dirge and Randal... They should be turned into Autobots.

    Bye Spike. Have fun drowning.

    He magically washed up on the one stone slab?

    How did all that weight not crush him?

    Apparently air condition wakes up people who are unconscious.

    Hi Trailbreaker! Also long time no see or in your case talk since you haven't had a speaking line in like 20 episodes.

    Where the hell is Seaspray? He would be perfect for this. The city is flooding and he's a boat for gods sake.

    Rule #1 - shoot everything. Even leaking water mains.

    The concons are turning on Blitzwing? Oh, never mind they're trying to get what they're owed.

    Damn! My dude just told them to build a bridge and jump off of it. This episodes much darker and violent than previous ones. I love it.

    Uh-oh, it's about to be a Devastator episode. You gonna' pay what you owe son.

    9 out of 10 times as soon as the ConCons unite it cuts away...

    How does Optimus Prime know Megatron was over thrown? The bots never put that together...

    Oh snap. He just called them fools metallic mosquitoes!

    Seeing Starscream and Megatron working together is very, very ironic.

    They're taking bets on who would be the next Decepticon leader.

    In all honest out of those contesting I'd have to put my money on Blitzwing because of his raw power - BUT Devastator would prevail when combined. But seeing how this is an 80's show and Megatron was likely a high selling figure I'm sure he comes out on top.

    They're all turning on each other? What the hell did Blitz do to wrong Astro? They didn't even try anything against each other.

    Here comes Megatron asserting his dominance with Starscream being his back up bitch.

    Oh wow. Devastator is actually putting a hurting on Tron. This is legitimate.

    They're all still fighting each other.

    Scream you shoulda' kept running you bum.

    Dude this is fucking nuts right now.

    Optimus Prime is saving the cons once again by calling Ironhide off.

    Of course, Megatron was the last one standing even over Devastator. I'm sorry but I just can't buy that.

    Who would have known. A decepticon based episode that I really liked.

    Did the autobots really just make themselves into a throne again?

    So, there were barely any bots in that episode and not only was it OK but it was a pleasant change of pace. Say, where the hell did Spike fly off to with Powerglide anyway?

    Eh, it doesn't matter. We know there will only ever be one true leader of the Decepticons.


    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E51 - Prime Target - 6/8/15!​

    We're starting off at an ice cap with some jet flying over head.

    Alright, so Red October, Russian lady pilot.

    She's flying away in her ejecto-seato.

    She's somehow hauling ass on that ice without slipping.

    That is a massive Cougar head on the wall.

    This guy is great at pouring tea.

    Wow, this dude literally wants Optimus Prime's head. Why not Megatron?


    That news anchor has a great mustache.

    If that's a top secret jet, why are they showing it on TV and how did they get the camera footage?

    That's cold, man. Tracks calls for help and Bee just books out of there like no tomorrow.

    Wait, who picked up Bee in the truck?

    "As the kitchen sinks" They just ruined the show for some bots :( 

    Hippie, Jazz annnnd two guys I don't remember.

    Oh, one is Blaster I think.

    The other might be Hoist. Or Apple.

    The cons should have hired this guy a long time ago. He's the master Autobot hunter.

    I still don't get why he would go for the bots instead of the cons. Better color schemes, maybe?


    This guys creepy and I just realized who he reminds me of. The hunter guy from Jumanji.

    His butler also reminds me of the guy from Rocky Horror Picture Show.

    That was insanely creepy. Those billboard hands just came to life and snatched up Blaster.

    The hands Transformed him like they would his toy counter part.

    This is how they catch Bruno I bet. Fire time.

    Yup, here he is.

    Hey, the really good transforming audio just played. First time I've heard it that clear in the series.

    I know it was a doll but they just showed a child get burned alive.

    Don't worry Optimus, you still have like 100 more Autobots off screen that can help you.

    Huffer and Sideswipe barely made it out of there. I was wondering who would make it out.

    Ok now I see Hoist (or Apple. Can't remember which is which.), Ironhide, Warpath and... some guy that looks like the blue wrecker from Dark of the Moon.

    MIRAGE! <3 <3 <3

    Oh god, they put them all in death traps.

    They have tracks racing on a track but more importantly HOW THE HELL CAN YOU DO THAT TO HIPPY YOU FREAK!?!?!

    Optimus just DDOS'd hunter mans computer to oblivion.

    Why is Warpath so much smaller than all the other bots right now? He's a tank for crying out loud!

    Optimus. So noble. So stupid.

    Megatron's admiring the hunter.

    Scream just said that the guy has done more in two days than Megatron has done in two years. So, it's safe to assume the bots and cons have been on Earth for two years now?

    Triple Changers! No one answered my question last episode either. Is their third form considered the robot form or do they have another vehicle form?

    Optimus was just flying through the sky in truck form with his trailer and everything.

    How does this guy have a drake? That's not the dragon from the Merlin episode is it? I can't remember what that one looked like. Doesn't matter, Prime's stomping him.

    Never mind, he's putting up a fight.

    You know who Prime could use right now? Kremzeeeeeeek!

    Uh, but wait, actually Optimus just Palpatine'd that guy.

    Lord Chumlee? Is that his name? Like Pawnstars?

    Apparently not Optimus, he just got you fairly easy.

    Now where's the part where Megatron saves you again? I was expecting to see no cons this episode.

    That is A: an extremely long chain and B: some amazing aim Optimus prime has. Brains also.

    I feel like Chumlee should be wearing a fedora. "I salute you, Optimus Prime!"

    Did I mention that I love Astrotrain's voice?

    Cool surprise there Blitzwing!

    A damsel! M'lady!

    I don't think Prime's that foolish.

    OK, so if that wouldn't have been a trap Blitzwing would have literally just stomped a woman to death. It's clear that the cons really are capable of evil and also that Astrotrain is smarter than Blitzwing. You know what, Astrotrain - you're welcome on my team of bot turned cons any time. Randal and Dirge are at the disco drinking punch!


    Rule #1: Shoot everything.

    "Amazing. A booby trap that actually catches boobies." Uh, alright.

    LMAO! What!? "Decepticons! Trust them to spoil a hunt!" "Uh, yess'sir. Just like theeeee uh, humane society in a way..." Great line. The writers of this show actually wrote a great freaking line! (excluding Scream's admission of being an idiot.)

    Prime's got those cat like reflexes against human made Scorpanok.

    One royal pain in the dioad? What the heck's a dioad?

    Are you seriously letting him dodge just by turning his head? Aim for the middle!

    This is why Astrotrain is great. He has a shot and he freaking takes it.

    Now he and Prime are cuddling on the floor.

    Don't talk about AL like that Chumlee!

    Bumblebee's contraption seems like 100% legitimate torture. It's like non stop exercise.

    This show makes Optimus Prime look like a bad ass and a proper leader. I just wish he would get teamed by Astrotrain, Blitzwing and Chumlee's robots before screaming "I'll take you all on!" and busting out that dirty axe.

    Now Optimus is in one of those funky spinning tunnel things they have at the end of fun houses at fairs.

    Did prime just bust through the guys computer monitor? I'm confused.

    Prime's taking notes from Starscream, Megatron and the kool-aid man on how to enter a building. OH YEAH!

    Oh no, don't do it.

    Oh my god... He just released the cons.

    Astrotrain tried to stomp him! hahaha!

    "Never trust Decepticons flesh creature!"

    Optimus freed the bots super fast man.

    Then he went on and saved the big game hunter from the cons.

    Uhh, never mind. He turned him over the Russians. We can just consider that dude M.I.A forever.

    Well, that's it for today everyone! Def. a great episode and in my top 5 of the season this far! See you all tomorrow for Auto-Bop!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E52 - Auto-Bop - 6/9/15!​

    Alright. It's Auto-Bop time. Also, Elder Scrolls Online on the ONE once this episode is finished >:)  (it was a long work day...)

    So many punk rockers waiting in line.

    Danceatron! Is it a Decepticon disco club or something?

    Oh snap. BREAK DANCING! Let's go baby!

    What is the human version of beebop doing here?

    He's gonna' break your head for that, man.

    Apparently some Thundercats are hired on for this club.

    That Michael Jackson reference was beautiful.

    Prince too.

    I can see how this was a very "80's" episode as someone said.


    Blaster in a club episode? Who knew?

    Oh and tracks. Cause he has those fly tracks.

    That is a massive chain for that guy to be throwing. I love that they used chains as primary weapons back then.

    Some suit and tie fighting?

    This guy talking mad shit right now sounds like the kid from the earlier episode.

    Oh wait, it is him! Rad!

    Road warriors reference? Jesus christ, what is going on in this episode.

    Track's friend changed skin color since the last episode with the car manufacturing place.

    All these animated babes <3

    People really think they're dudes in suits?

    I love Mirage with all of my heart but Tracks is one of the coolest looking bots in this entire show.

    Starscream's face is miscolored. Also, I was right. Decepticon disco club.

    Why are people hanging outside of the windows of the train?

    Uh, alright. This dude is literally beating the crap out of his terminal with a pipe.

    So some form of Decepticon mind control is going on I guess.

    That moon is so pretty. Despite the animation errors, the animators sure knew how to draw beautiful scenery and landscapes.

    Why is Tracks chasing it in car form when he can fly?

    Never mind.

    He just taps the engine with his toes to blow it out?

    He's going to join the decepticlub to deceptitwerk.

    Rahool. That was his name. The engram decrypter.

    His skin color is corrected now.

    This show's about sterotypes or something.

    "High style dudes"


    Haha. He just shuts the gate on them.

    How does that guy get a fully automatic nail gun?


    His skin colors off shade again.

    Tracks is quickly climbing my list of favorite characters man. I think at the end of this BLOG I'm going to have to buy my dream team.

    A lot of fishnets in this show. I love fishnets.

    I wish I could dance like these guys.

    I really like how they give more time to this dance scene than they do to most of the combat in the show.

    How the hell are they not gonna' have Jazz in this episode, man?

    Nice hair style mister bouncer.

    That sound is freaking ear shattering.

    It turns them into zombies. THRILLER ZOMBIES!

    How did they just beat up on Tracks? I don't care how many humans you have, you aren't hurting an Autobot with your barehands.

    "Phoo on this chive, my main machines in trouble!"

    This kid has been in two episodes and I prefer him 10 to 1 over Spike.

    His one white friend with the tall hair reminds me of Joey from Yu-Gi-Oh.

    Is it crazy that I wish woman dressed like this?

    Actually, men too.

    I'm going to dress like this.

    I just need a mohawk.

    Please tell me I get to see a boom box fight.

    Come to think of it. Why doesn't Blaster have tapes like Soundwave?

    This guy just threw dirty old mop water all in his face.

    Annnd all over his friends face.

    Water breaks the spell? How convenient.

    This song playing over and over and over is killing my ears.


    "All talk. No shock."

    Oh wow, they're actualy using sound waves to fight. This is awesome!

    Annnnd it ends after two attacks. Fuck you, Marvel/Hasbro/The 80's.

    Tracks can make it rain?

    Now we're back to the cool bit.

    It's like watching two Zubats fight it out.

    OK, that is the most horrific noise I've ever heard in my entire life.

    Starscream's TIE Fighter sound effects are the coolest part of him.

    Please tell me Blaster keeps those hands forever.

    I would be very pissed if I were trying to fall asleep in this city right now.

    "Sparkplugs" - Spike's dads shop?

    Hahaha, this is a fantastic ending man. I'm actually laughing. This is rad. I love it.


    Ok, that episode was also awesome. Two days in a row of quality content with minimum animation errors. I approve. ;)  It was a bit odd seeing just two Autobots but I liked it!

    Anyway, off to Elder Scrolls! Have a great evening everyone!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E53 - The Search For Alpha Trion - 6/10/15!​

    Beth Bornstein. A lady writer for this episode, I assume?

    Robot ladies?

    Well that was a quick connection.

    Hey, they're Autobots. Cromia? Isn't that one of the Arcee sisters?

    Firestar. Moonracer. They have easy names.

    I'm going to assume the red one is Firestar.

    Is Shockwave in the bathroom or something? He never leaves this place.

    Cool transformation.

    She said "Roll Out" right away.

    Good bye forever Moonracer. It was nice to meet you.

    Rule #1: Shoot everything.

    Big ol' Shockwave.


    Dude, he's just blasting on her with the cubes. Those things are crazy explosive.

    FemBots getting all cocky.

    Shockwave shot it once and freed her from the cube but his other shot can't even bust open an elevator door right after that.

    What the hell is that thing?


    Well, Sentinel is dead.

    "FEMALE AUTOBOTS!? EXCELLENT!" Megatron's getting lonely.

    Elitia-1. I've heard that name but I have no idea who or what it is.

    So the entire FemBot army stayed back on Cybertron this entire time?

    The FemBot's also look much more humanoid than the regular Autobots.

    That pile of garbage! That's where they are!

    So he sends Astrotrain, Starscream, Ramjet and Randal. Two of those are good choices.

    Alpha Trion is an epic looking samurai dude.

    Actually. Wait a second. Hold on. This is some shit.

    Alpha Trion has facial hair. I specifically remember when Dark of the Moon came out there was a ton of bitching about Sentinel Prime having facial hair. You bunch of damn hypocrites!

    It's about time Randal got some spotlight with those epic arms again.

    She just grabbed Ramjet's missile and tossed it right back at him.

    Then she gets owned by Starscream. All cool points were just lost.

    Megatron's calling Optimus to chat for a bit. Cute.

    Why is Megatron detailing everything to Prime?

    Well, now he's pissed him off.

    Two earth hours. Where did all the Astroseconds go, man?

    How noble.

    It's too dangerous? You just left her in a hellfire storm you bum.

    Optimus and Elita are booboos.

    Powerglide. Ironhide. Bruno.

    That's a lot of red Autobots.

    I was scared we wouldn't see any more Autobots in this episode.

    Well that was easy.

    She just got wrecked by Starscream again. Optimus is probably feeling like garbage right now.


    The blue FemBot that looks like a nurse is my favorite.

    Yeah Scream, we get it buddy. Let him go. Into the acid. Blah blah blah.

    At least Randal gets the privilege of executing Prime.

    Oh my god. What the hell is this. Some kind of Banshee screech.

    Uhh, apparently, Elitia 1 is a Chronomancer.

    That must be her special power Alpha Trion was talking about.


    Ironhide's pissed.

    Let's go baby!

    They're whooping that ass, son.

    Powerglides actually pretty damn awesome in this scene.

    Are you serious? First time we get to see Shockwave is ages and he runs from the fight?

    The theme song is playing in the background at the moment.

    OK, Starscream actually pulled out an epic attack.

    I lied. The Orange FemBot is my favorite. She has an epic Samurai skirt.

    Bruno digs a chick named Firestar. Who knew?

    Moonracer and Powerglide. It sounds like she just said Carglide, however.

    Ironhide is so gentlemanly. :p 

    Starscream would be crying. At least Optimus had his dignity and didn't even speak when he was about to be disintegrated.

    How did Prime know this was his base?

    OK. He's an awesome looking Autobot. I really like the design of all these new bots.

    That is one very green base.

    Wow. So the dude works on her for literally two seconds and he's done all that he can for her? Optimus only got to do the dramatic wall stance for a second! C'MON!

    So what you're telling me is they're soul mates.






    The cons are backed into a corner. It's breaking my heart to see Randal and Shockwave get wrecked like this.

    Woah, or not. Shockwave is a boss. His pistol mode is much, much better than Megatrons.


    Why doesn't Astrotrain have a single line in this episode? I miss his voice.

    Yeah, Alpha Trion does everything super quickly.

    Bruno and Firestar are adorable.

    Ironhide and blue chick don't match at all with their colors however.

    The FemBots are staying behind to fight for Cybertron alone?

    Well, that I guess we can now say three rad episodes back to back. This string has been my favorite in the series this far I believe. I also didn't notice a single animation error in this episode so there's that!

    Uh, also, judging by this next episodes title I think Powerglide might be cheating on old Moonracer there. >.>

    See ya' tomorrow!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E54 - The Girl Who Loved Powerglide - 6/11/15!​

    Another David Wise episode.

    There's some type of a fair on top of the skyscraper.

    Hey it's the villain from Austin Powers. The one Will Farrel played.

    Yeah - ya geezers!

    She's super preppy and whiny.

    "It's my party and I'll cry if I want too!"

    Why are the Decepticon's attacking all those poor ballons.

    Oh my god, her scream is horrific.

    That skyscraper reminds me of the Avengers Tower.


    The cone headed seekers seem to be way more popular than the originals as of late.

    "OH MY GOSH!"

    What a silly chick. She just got attacked by three giant robot jets and can't piece together that Powerglide is a robot too?

    She's stuck to the wall like the g-force ride at fairs.

    I don't think I've seen Powerglide attack with guns from his plane form.

    That freeway is completely empty in the middle of that massive city...

    "I think you're completely the greatest!"

    Woah, Powerglide just pulled out the pimp card. Slapped the hell out of her.

    YOU RUN HI-TECH!? Ladies in power? UNHEARD OF!

    Hey it's Sparkplug! Long time no see.

    Spike <3 I'm sorry I said I liked the other guy more than you.

    Damn, he's already trying to get in on it. It's been like three seconds man.

    He can't get a boner.


    Damn Spike. You're getting all angry over this chick not digging you. Rude.

    Powerglide's being super rude. He's the one that wanted to save a girl in the first place.

    What a gentleman. She's hungry so he brings her to a hot dog stand.

    Hahaha. My dude's riding a carousel.

    There was literally no one else at that carnival area. Why is the entire city empty?


    Ramjet just threw the entire carousel. What a beast.

    All three of them are unable to hit Powerglide? Stormtrooper accuracy I see.

    Dramatic slow motion run shot? Check!

    The spiraling is making me a bit sick.

    Even Powerglides wheels are the same red as his body.

    "Nothing!? It's totally severe! You can get sand in it!" OH NO! NOT SAND!

    She stood up for herself like a champion.


    Where's that backup Powerglide called for?

    Jesus, if she screams one more time I'm going to cry.

    They just buried Glide alive 0.0

    He dug himself right back out. Pretty sun is pretty.

    The only person they send for backup is Ratchet!?

    Oh, Wheeljack too. Still doesn't seem like enough.

    Powerglide is very bi-polar in this episode. He's hot then he's cold, he's yes than he's no, he's in then he's out, he's up then he's down.

    They want her necklace, I bet.

    Megatron's gloating castle in the sky.

    What happened to this guys voice? I don't remember his name. The main ConCon, he doesn't sound the same.

    "You got any burgers in this joint!?" - What kind of stupid ass question is that?

    Randal <3

    It's cute watching Megatron argue with her. It's like an adult arguing and losing an argument with a child.

    TronCon, I hate to tell you buddy but I really don't think she knows anything. She's running on E upstairs.

    Hah. It's completely empty. I told you. Good going Soundwave.

    Why is Powerglide the only one to head up there? He literally brought no back up.




    I don't know if he name is Estoria or Historia.

    She's so greasy the cups keep falling off.

    90,000 volts? Sounds fun!

    Poor Randal and Soundwave :( 

    Rule #1: Shoot everything.

    Did Shockwave just call out the oncoming Autobot? I guess he's keeping lookout from Cybertron.

    I think this girl is the first human to have any graphic on their clothes. She has the rose thing on her hip.

    She gives up her family legacy that easy? C'mon man... That's not even realistic.

    Now the city is falling and it's about to be Avengers: Age of Ultron all over again.

    He just pushed her and then freaked out when she was falling?

    This is the first animation error I noticed. Nothing was moving we he deployed the parachute.

    Powerglide, you're a fucking dick.

    How does she actually jinx the controls? That makes no sense.

    Yes, because socking a Transformer would surely hurt them.

    "Correction! Problem is our!"

    "WHAT FORCEFIELDS!?" Hahaha, I love it.

    So I guess this is what someone teased earlier with the "wait a few episodes..." They're being flooded :p 

    Next time you're in town? You're always defending this place.

    She's making some funny noises man.

    And the Autobots never saw saw her again.

    Powerglide's the new hot headed Buckethead.

    Wow, there could not have been a cheesier ending to this episode.

    Speaking of Buckethead. Where the hell has he been?

    Well, that's it for that one. Not as big of a fan of this episode as the last three but it was alright.

    See ya' tomorrow!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E55 - Hoist Goes Hollywood - 6/12/15!​

    Alright. I'm ready to check this episode out but I've gotta' be honest I'm much more excited about seeing Jurassic World in IMAX in a few short hours. My childhood is here ladies and gentleman. We have a T-Rex!

    From the title and scene selection thumbnails I can tell this is going to be an odd episode.

    Earl Kress. Don't remember any of his episodes just that I've seen his name before.

    Hey it's Spike and what's her name.

    "To his own funeral if he doesn't drive more safely!"

    My thoughts exactly Hoist. What a hypocrite.

    Dude just Dukes of Hazzard'd on top of the other guy.

    You bet your carbon chips blonde lady whos name I still can't remember for some reason.

    None of the humans are freaking out about an Autobot being among them? Usually they all freak out.

    Nice glasses Mr. Director.

    lol. He called him Moist. I wish I could have thought of that.

    I'll fake it! I'll fake it!

    A couple of free passes! Gee willikers! Thanks!

    What is going on with Dirge's voice?


    "Huh? Oh yeah, the robot..."

    Tracks <3

    Warpath... he's got the voice for film.

    Sunstreaker? Haven't seen him in like eight years.

    Now Powerglide.

    Is that director Michael Bay? Is this Transformers 5?

    That just kind of blew my mind.

    Sunstreaker just drove into a burning building and is now being pushed by a hillbilly Han Solo.

    The chick even has Leia buns.

    "You brave, brave man! I think I'll kill you again!"

    "Oh! I could just kiss you!"

    Wanna meet up for some kisses?

    Tracks did the exact same thing as Powerglide.

    "You deserve a kiss!"

    They found my buddy Dirge.

    Wow, I understood something Warpath said. He spoke semi-normal. Rad.

    You're just going to build a bridge around the crashed Decepticon?

    I understood something else Warpath said. Rad again.

    Why is Superman working with the director?

    Well that's definitely something extra.

    What the fuck is this movie even going to be about?

    They just exploded the camera guy...

    They left Dirge behind?

    Wait maybe that is Dirge and I just think he's Ramjet?

    No. That's Ramjet. Did they really leave Dirge there? Did I miss something when I glanced to the laptop?

    I'm just waiting for Megatron to full nelson Starscream.

    Astrotrain's voice is on point again.

    Neuuuuwwww Script!?

    Attack of the Alien Robots. Sorry hillbilly Han Solo.

    His crying is horrible.

    The emblem cut away just cut off whatever Leia was saying.

    Uhh, Track's chair says "Trucks". I thought it might be a play on the Director screwing up the names but Hoist's is correct, not Moist.

    Also, how did they construct those massive chairs?

    I like their walk. Especially Sunstreaker hahaha.

    Dash Jordan? Uhh, Flash Gordan much?

    I bet it was Randal.

    That sign is spelled "Cllose" with two L's. Some animators didn't know English very well.

    I'm semi sympathetic for Starscream. This one was a genuine accident.

    What the fuck? Did Megatron just kill Starscream!?

    Randal. :) 

    The way he said "Do ya' wanna' quit?" is hilarious.

    Great speaking line Powerglide.

    I like Warpath in this episode. I can understand him. He's great.

    Jesus, they just bombed themselves.

    Why is this episode called Hoist goes Hollywood when so many other bots do as well?

    Warpath's mouth disappeared.

    Powerglide's is glitching too.

    This guy has to be Michael Bay. He loves explosions.

    Woah, Blondie is being a bitch.


    Woah, this 3D of Soundwave sure is great.

    Wasn't that "negative" supposed to be in black and white?

    Oh never mind. Guess it was a copy.

    That film reel is stupid small compared to TronCon.


    Soundwave's looking all menacing with his glowing chest.

    His accuracy is god awful.

    What is that disgusting noise Spike just made?

    Hey! Look at this! A control box in the middle of a cave!

    Ok. The coincidences here are ridiculous. This episode is all about movies and even showed them in the theater. Now, they're using dinosaurs and I'm going to see Jurassic World in an hour and a half.

    Don't you threaten my Randal. I'll come through this sceen right back into the 80's and rip your circuits out, TronCon.


    How have the Autobots not heard the Decepticons blasting around yet? Are movie studios really that massive?



    Her scream was unreal man. By that I mean really good, not really bad.

    The animation of the lava pit is awful.


    They literally went to pick up his garbage off Cybertron.

    Jesus Hoist looks super fat now.

    Annnnd Hoist's mouth is moving while Warpath talks.

    Alright. That's it for this episode. Final thoughts? Horrible animation. Unique but meh plot. I find it odd that Sunstreaker was thrown in the mix with so many season two bots. Also wanna' know what happened to Dirge.

    Well, off to get hype about Jurassic World! See ya' Monday TFW!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E56 - The Key To Vector Sigma Part 1 - 6/16/15!​

    So TFW2005 got a new layout from the time I checked up on things this morning to now. I like the new look a lot but it's going to take some time getting used to typing in this tiny box.

    Warpath is leading a bunch of a gasoline truckers?

    Except it's super fuel.

    Prowl has a new voice actor.

    No classic seekers yet again.

    A canyon? How convenient.

    The cone head seekers are really, really bad at flying.

    Randal is always out of his cassette form now. That makes me very, very happy.

    Optimus is putting the humans at risk? That's unlike him.

    Smokescreens exhaust is sticking just to Megatron.

    You're going to get some wheels? Never mind the fact that you're Transformers.

    I thought Randal was about to ride that thing like a skateboard but I guess him looking like a ten year old still trying to fit in their old fisher price car is good enough.

    Why is that guy wearing a hard hat inside of his car?

    Breaker 77 opossum brown you've got smokeys!

    Randal's doing some thug shit this episode.

    Why are they all wearing hard hats!?

    So they're making robots out of regular cars again?

    They look like hot wheels.

    The truck resembles the modern Megatron.

    What'chu know about them anti-gravitational abilities?

    They're doing 900's and what not.


    So, they're kind of like the Dinobots as in they were created by other Transformers?

    Omega Supreme <3

    At least they keep the space bridge animation somewhat consistent.

    Uhh, never seen them flying through it like that before though.

    Howdy do, Shockwave.

    Vector Sigma.

    Vector Sigma!?

    Vector Sigma???

    We need the circuit key, Shockwave. That's an important detail to leave out, man.

    Alpha Trion.

    TIL: Omega Supreme has a built in escalator.

    Alpha Trion is Sentinel Prime. Don't deny it people.

    His arms look like a Namekian's however.

    He's about to go in on all these Decepticons.

    Except he's actually going to be taken down by a house cat.

    Shouldn't Omega Supreme be having 'nam flashbacks about the ConCon's deception since he's returned?

    Oh. G-pa Trion is pretty messed up.

    Thanks to the technology of 80's animation he's good to go in just four earth seconds.

    So, Vector Sigma is god? Not Alpha Trion?

    As far as you know? You're supposed to know everything. You're Prime's daddy!

    Uh, what's up centurion droids.

    They're tanks man. You can't hurt them.

    Don't throw Randal like that. :( 

    "Datsa neat trick!"

    Megatron just got his own army in about five seconds.

    The code that popped on the door was 111111, 222222, 333333. That reminds me of the nonsense I documented from Teletran One in Season One.

    "Let's book!" No one even argued with Blaster dissing the old technology.

    Even the Autobots can't hurt them.

    Vector Sigma is a ball? That's it?

    Geez, Randal. I'm with you. I don't think you're an ignorant idiot. I just learned that the god of all Transformers is a glorified disco ball.

    God sounds weird.

    Was you?


    God takes orders from TronCon? Gross.

    One of the Stunticons resembles Tracks. They're some of the more 'colorful' cons.

    A fight scene that lasts more than five seconds? What year is it?

    Now they're running.

    Something master.

    Dead End.



    Wild rider.

    Ok, I actually know three of those names. Dragstrip, Breakdown and Dead End. I've seen their toys.

    Two minutes to make an entire pile of dead drones operation? No prob, bob!

    They're all wobbly.

    That drone just got full nelsoned by one of the centurions.

    They're falling to their deaths like lemmings. This is great.

    Alpha Trion is the only Autobot with Decepticon colors.

    I'm going to assume Dragstrip in the F1 car.

    Rush shot? What the hell is that Ratchet?

    Hmm... We're going to get new Autobots?

    Well, Megatron has the key so how could we. Maybe they're just trying to get a ride home?

    "We'll fight him in the skies!" Sounds a lot like "We'll fight him in disguise!"

    These new cons are pretty awesome. Super fast. Super careless. Super reckless. Super rad.

    You idiot. "They must be Autobots!" Never mind the other faction that took over Earth and made you send the Autobots away that one time.

    Wait... That's it? Well, uh, alright then. Fun episode. New cons are awesome. Glad to see Alpha Trion again. God was a bit of a let down with his no personality having self.

    Excited to see what happens tomorrow ;) 

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E57 - They Key To Vector Sigma Part 2 - 6/17/15!​

    I forget about the announcer in the multi-part episodes.

    Oh, so they are making new autobots. Awesome.

    Alpha Trion is a very cool dude.

    So selfless.

    He's now a disco ball though so there goes that.

    Wait. Alpha Trion just died? Really? Just like that?

    That's pretty lame man. But I guess it's cool the whole "give live life to get life" stuff.

    Shockwave just rolls up on them in the middle of the process. How convenient.

    AerialBots. There's a lot of Subbots and Subcons..


    Air Raid.




    I like Slingshot.

    Well, I was right. Alpha Trion is a disco ball.

    I've also seen toys for the AerialBots.

    Silverbolt mainly. He has a big figure all over the place at the moment.

    This plot line was just to give the cons cars and the bots jets.

    Omega Supreme and Shockwave were fighting? I don't remember that at all.

    OK. The botjets look really cool.

    There's Omega Supreme.

    Haha, Optimus is just riding this guy.

    The centurions are old man fist shaking at the bots.

    Omega's about to blow up?

    Oh my god. What the hell just happened!??!

    The dude is literally in pieces.

    What do you mean how bad is it? HE'S LITERALLY IN PIECES!

    Is it not going to explain how the hell my guy just suddenly exploded? Really?




    That's not Starscream and his friends at all. I was actually hoping it was. Jet battle between the Bots and Cons would be pretty awesome right now.

    Why aren't the Aerial Bots fighting the Stunticons? Show them off, Marvel!

    I can't tell these Aerialbots at all.

    There's the black one.

    There's the gray and black one.

    I think that was a white one.

    Motormaster is getting some epic animations right now.

    Sourball? Who the hell is that? He's a giant jet liner.

    Hahaha. He's afraid of heights. That's adorable.

    Where is Buckethead, man? I need him to put these aerialbots in their place.

    Silverbolt. Not sourball. Regardless, I think I have a new name for this guy.

    Sourball - Leader of the Aerial Bots.

    I don't know what this song is but it plays a lot during the series and I love it.

    Annnnd it's already over.

    Slingshot = Autobot Starscream.

    Whoop his ass, Ironhide!

    Soundwave tripped over a root hahaha.

    That's actually pretty cool, Megatron. Making Earth cybertron and everything. But I'm worried about global warming.

    In that short commercial break he turned and entire area into metal. Nice!

    Good Grief, Charlie Prime.

    I wish Optimus had his sweet ass movie jetpack right about now.

    Someone kill Slingshot, please.

    ...Sourball's planning something clever. I can feel it in my bones.

    It just looks like Alaska. Not metal.


    Which reminds me... WHERE THE HELL IS JAZZ!?

    Oh. Wait. There he is. Hello.

    Yeah, Sparkplug is pretty rad.

    Yay! Sourball is a leader!

    Still kind of sucks that there won't be any jet fights. No seekers for some stupid reason.

    Uhhhh hold the fuck up. Truck battle.

    Here we go :D 

    That slow motion transformation though.

    Oh c'mon. Don't team up on Optimus!




    Megazord? Like the power rangers? I guess this is where Saiban got the idea.


    Superion is love. Superion is life.

    Megazord has an amazing voice compared to Superion however. Superion just sounds like an insecticon.

    Superion can't fly. lol.

    The only thing that could make this better is if Devastator showed up and started going in.

    Omega Supreme<3

    Wait. Is Omega going to bond with the Aerial Bots the way he did with the concons?

    Sourball's flyin' high!

    You would destroy the key that gave your brothers life? They might be evil but they're still from the same power...

    You've got this Sourball! Blow this shit!

    OK. I'm guessing that was Slingshot. Maybe he isn't -THAT- bad. He also resembles Jetfire.

    The sound of their handshake is deafening.

    OK. That was a cool episode. Two new combiners, a good filled plot and a new INTERESTING Transformer. Sourball better be the one to kill Starscream...

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E58 - Aerial Assault - 6/25/15!​

    Let's go back in time a bit. From episode 62 to 57, here is Aerial Assault!

    Agrobah again.

    I'd buy your good, cheap rugs mister merchant.

    That is an Ox pulling a car.

    He's about to hit that kid with a tire.

    So, this is Aladdin.

    He's going to give that kid a spankin'.

    What the hell is going on right now...

    Well, there's the Aerial Bots.

    So many aircraft disappearing from this area and you're flying over it...

    Soulball mentioned his phobia.

    Ooohhhhh.... I see why you guys wanted me to skip this episode now...

    Dirge and Vortex as a duo? I'm with it.

    On my way to a turkey shoot! Isn't that right, TURKEYSSSS!? I feel like I've already quoted that once before...

    Blast off just buried him alive.

    Jazz and Ratchet<3

    Dirge is hit </3

    Vortex is hit </3

    Uhh, why can't they just move the rocks? Why did they have to hold it up like that?

    Autobot squad <3

    Slingshot got messed up in the collapse.

    Skydive wants to get himself kidnapped.

    Look at little ol' Slingshot being useful.

    How would the thieves not notice them being Autobots? What with the emblem and being the only ones of different colors and all.

    They're just letting them dismember them. This episode is bananas and makes about as much sense as the Season One episodes.

    Come to think of it... Why was no one guarding that base full of expensive fighter jets?

    Something tells me that laundry basket would be much heavier than it seems to be.

    They're making some rad cars.

    Of course Aladdin has a sweet motorcycle that no one bothers to take...

    He's going 100 miles per hour and popped a wheelie into the back of a laundry truck.

    Well you've got plenty of time to talk as you drive through this boring desert.

    I don't understand the exchange that just happened.

    Is that a freaking Decepticon sphinx?

    I love that Blast Off doesn't see the Autobot insignia on Slingshots nose...

    Slingshot's got a pretty ballin' grill right now.

    Yes because weapons consoles are just laying around.

    Randal <3 with ya' cute self.

    I guess we're about to see an awesome dog fight.

    Vortex seems a little out of place amongst all these jets.

    Red 5, standing by.

    He just chopped the drones wing off with his own wing.

    Not sure what just happened there but it looked like Gaara showed up for a second or something.

    I thought the sphinx was going to be a transformers. I'm kind of let down.

    TIE fighter sound effect.

    Good bye forever, Slingshot.

    Animation error... it cut off the voice of the ComCon.

    Without who? Fireflight?

    Blast Off reminds me of Shockwave for some reason. Color scheme, I guess?

    He just made Ramjet crash just by passing over him.

    OK, the sphinx can fly so that's pretty cool. Too bad Aladdin is chilling in their still.

    The sphinx also has beautiful locks of hair.

    Bruticus is layin' on the smack down.

    They say "killed" a lot in this episode.

    Slingshot's pretty great in this episode. I almost feel bad for calling him the Autobot Starscream.

    ...The Empire Strikes Back - Hoth. He just used a tow cable to bring him down.

    Bruticus looks different in this episode. Cleaner maybe.

    Frenzy!? I haven't seen that little dude in ages... Same for Laserbeaks twin.

    The noise the human helping the Decepticons just made is horrible.

    This is a pretty awesome fight sequence actually. It gives the Aerialbots a good look.

    It looks like team con is blasting off AGAAAAAIIIIINNNNNN!!!!

    Aladdin was a prince... Who knew?

    Slingshot's chest animation is really messed up. The grill keeps showing up and disappearing.

    Well... that's the end of Aerial Assault... Only two more episodes in Season Two!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E59 - War Dawn - 6/18/15!​

    Due to multiple recommendations from readers I'm going to be skipping Aerial Assault for now and return to it at a later point. Something about spoilers and such. The episodes will remain in the order shown on the DVD in the thread space. So with that said, here's War Dawn!

    David Wise episode. Good.

    The original seekers. Good.

    Slingshot has a point. Earth's leaders do often suck.

    Where are the conehead seekers? Isn't it time for a jet war?

    Oh, well, here's a dog fight.

    Thundercracker. Haven't seen you in quite some time.

    The jet's are notorious for slapping into each other and things.

    Thundercracker is a very colorful Decepticon.


    I guess Sourball got over his fear of heights.

    Slingshot does admire the Decepticons. He's gonna' turn on the Autobots.

    Ironhide's being rude to these guys again already.

    They were created a day ago in my time :D 

    2005 is the energy reading. Is that where the site name comes from?


    I still don't get how Omega leaves half his body behind and it just recovers when he's at his next destination.

    Megatron's all about that space bridge.

    Cybertron is beautiful when the lights are on.

    Time travel episode, eh? Didn't we already have one of those with the cave?

    Trip long. Fuel reserves... low.

    Slingshot and the other guy are def. the Slytherin's of the group.

    Yup. I was right. They're getting all chatty with the Decepticons.

    Soulball is the only one worth a damn.

    Thanks for the spoiler Optimus. They're going to blast the Aerialbots. Megatron's loss, he could use them on his team.

    Orrrr he's going to send them back in time.


    The beginning of time with Autobots? Something tells me that might influence the present.

    Optimus taking notes of TronCon and Scream busting his own doors open.

    I love that Optimus Prime doesn't even question if the machine is real. "Back in time! SMASH!"

    Rule #1: Shoot everything.


    Cybertron was gold back in the day.

    Slingshot sounds logical at the moment.

    This show still has horrible animation on characters walking when zoomed out.

    Orion Pax. I've seen his belt.

    Wait... Is that a young Optimus Prime?


    The Decepticons.

    Young Optimus is odd looking.

    Get your circuits checked, chum! Those guys are the greatest!


    Megatron's army back in the day was horribly bland.

    Can these past bots not transform?

    Holy shit. He actually blew a hole through dudes chest.

    This is the most 60's episode of an 80's cartoon ever.

    How did the Aerialbots get seperated from the PastBots anyway?

    The guardian robots look pretty lame as well.

    Oh, he's missing his head. That's why.

    Shockwave = most unique looking Transformer in this show.

    Don't you mean "WHENEVER THEY ARE"!? Huh, Prime!? Huh!? HUH!? GET IT!

    Slingshot's getting emotional?






    AHH! I GET IT!



    Alpha Trion did a damn fine job of recreating Optimus.

    The scaling on that guardian robot was pretty bad and he was fat. But awesome.

    Optimus Prime looked up to Megatron... lol.

    So - who made Megatron then?

    Also how does Optimus not know the AerialBots in the present day if he met them in the past?

    Who was the brown bot with Elitia 1 and Prime when they first arrived?

    Actually. Shockwave is the most unique design for the cons. Wheeljack is the most unique for the Bots.

    Oh shit. They got the Guardian Robot against the bots.

    Ironhide and Ratchet transformed into vehicle mode and looks super tiny compared to Prime.

    So many disappearing glitches in the animation on this episode.

    Slingshot did something useful. I hope he keeps this demeanor up when they return to the present. As in hating the cons.




    Superion is a go.

    Too bad Devestator and ConCombiner #2 aren't around to help TronCon.

    I know who Slingshot reminds me of now. Raphael.

    He does remember them then. Awesome. Also, Peter Cullen let a little bit of his Ironhide accent out in that line.

    Well that's it for today and I've got today. That was an amazing episode. It literally showed how the war began and how Optimus became not Theodore Cleaver.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E60 - Trans-Europe Express - 6/19/15!​

    Another David Wise episode. We're also in Agrabah..

    "I swear by the beard of the prophet!" - That's appropriate.

    Megatron just tied that guy up like a burrito.

    Haha, that dude cracked quick.

    Did that sign above the building was Wal-Smart?

    Megatron's just tearing up this guys house, knocking his little star and moon off the wall and stuff.

    Randal was in Soundwave for the first time in like thirty episodes.

    Now we're in Paris?

    This isn't the most unusual race, they did this same thing in an earlier episode.


    An extra million dollars for charity if they win?

    I don't think they have cars on Mars, Tracks.


    A lot of Season One bots right now. :) 

    Scenes in cartoons like this where they're showing all the different types of cars in the race through an overhead view always make me smile. They have since I was a kid and I'm assuming it's because Wacky Races used to be my favorite show on earth.

    Bumblebee is keeping up with all these super cars.

    That guys got like a super car that looks like a limo.

    Dr. Professor Turn Over!

    ConCons<3 With ya' highlighter colors.

    Cool perfectly square energon handcuffs Randal.

    Turnover just booked out of there like it was nothing.

    I bet the stunticons are about to get in on this race. It will be great. :) 

    He just put Bumblebee up into the cliff side... Prime should have just stole this guys car.

    Bumblebee is straddling Prowl.

    Woah, Prowl... that was actually kind of dark to say.

    Sunstreaker and Sideswipe are being adorable.


    New cutaway for Devastator.

    Dead end missed like four shots before connecting and they were literally right in front of him.

    Motormaster just slapped Wheeljack and he took it like a champion.

    He also just leapt across a huge gap like it was no issue at all.

    Jesus, he just squashed him like a bug.


    Wait, the Stunticons can fly too? Huh.

    Prowl's getting ambushed. Where's Mirage when you need him?

    Wildrider's going 150 miles and hour and crashed himself into a cave but somehow got away without a dent.

    Prowl found Turnover.

    Hey a human that knew who the Autobots. Finally one that isn't a butthole.

    Tracks and Bee.

    I know I saw Mirage man. How are you going to show him in the beginning and then just leave him out like this?

    Bluestreak out? But that's Prowl? Ugh.

    Four Autobot's down, Three to go. Yup, so I won't get to see Mirage again this episode. That's prejudice.

    In robot form, Dragstrip looks like he has a lego piece on his chest.

    TronCon's Con emblem is Autobot red again. I can just see the animators now - They have both of the markers for the logos sitting side by side, it's 4 AM and they're ready to go home then in their caffeine induced grog they grab the wrong one... multiple times throughout the series.

    OK, I think I'm wrong. Maybe that isn't Prowl. Maybe I'm just nuts. He doesn't have the police lights on the car. I admit defeat on this one.

    This is most unusual.

    The pearl of baboobean is tiny.

    "What's that? Something the EASTER BUNNY BRUNG YOU!?!?!" - Tracks that doesn't even make sense man, c'mon.

    So the pearl is super destructive.


    Where did racer car driver man get a freakin' flamethrower?

    Sure they do! That thingamajig!

    Megatron stands there without moving at all while Bumblebee just steals the pearl? Seems legit.

    Bumblebee just sent out Zapdos.

    What an adorable tornado.

    OK damn it, in that over head view it was fucking Prowl. I know I'm not insane. He's model keeps changing from one to the other.

    So what, we have a super tornado of pearl damage forever now?

    Menasor isn't trying to run while the rest of the cons do? Respect.

    Sounded like he just said Venasaur. I think that's going to be his new nickname.

    He's Prowl again... No red legs.

    Auggie just exploded Venasaur's head.

    Bee's leaving Kansas.

    Rule #1: Shoot everything.

    It's nice to see Bee get some screen time again. I wonder where Rahool, Spike and the others are... Hmm...

    Auggie isn't a jerk.

    No one's left. Haha.

    Wait, that's it? So all the other Autobots are just laying about still? Wheeljack got crushed for godsake....

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E61 - Cosmic Rust - 6/22/15!​

    Before I get started today I want to say thank you to glinthos who sent me a copy of The Transformers Movie to watch when we conclude with season two. You're rad, dude!


    Alright. Let's go.

    Paul Davids, I don't remember any of his episodes.

    There's a massive Autobot emblem on the side of that planet.

    Astrotrain sounds so cool.

    Ancient Autobot? Didn't you share the same language?

    Uh, it's spamming a lightsaber sound effect.

    Poet the Autobot.

    Randal is so insignificantly small compared to these three.

    Starscream is like a kid in a candy shop in here.

    I can't get over Randal's scaling in this episode. He never seems this small compared to the others.

    You got that right little buddy.

    The Autobot emblem looks angry as they're flying away.

    The surges? I'm assuming that's the transformers version of the chills.

    How is the asteroid giving chase?

    Megatron got hit in the shoulder and he's crying like a big ol' baby.

    Forget Astrotrain? Forget you, ya' scrubby old bum.


    For once I found Starscream funny.

    We are rust proof!

    Don't call me shotty you fool!

    National Scientific Achievement.

    I bet Wheeljack wins it.

    Oh, nope. The new scientist. *rolls eyes*

    Isn't the statue of liberty already rusted anyway?

    Megatron just got a severe case of Rustlung.

    The camera won't show his front, he's gotten worse.

    Twenty bucks says Perceptor helps Megatron because he has a heart. (Figuratively speaking).

    The bot on top of the torch of the statue of liberty looks like a Decepticon but Gears at the same time. He's completely purple. I can't see the emblem though. Just another error, I guess.

    "Corrostop". I love it.

    That skyline though. Seriously, these guys knew what they were doing when drawing environments.

    Dragstrip is water skiing and I'm curious as to why Seaspray isn't here right now.

    That girls scream was horrible.

    Why are you trying to shoot Perceptor? Seriously, all you'd have to do is ask him to help. I have a strong feeling he would like any good medic.

    Wait. There's a human girl in this episode. Where's Spike to make a move?

    You'll bet your tail fin? Is that really what the back of a plane is called?

    They're using the giant bug for air defense? Seems legit.

    Duck? How the hell can you duck in plane mode?

    The aerial bots are getting pretty messed up right now.

    I actually believe Megatron right now for some reason. I'm positive I'm a fool but I do.

    A red plague reference.

    Cosmic rust. That's the episode name.

    HAHAHA, his hand just fell off and disappeared then reappeared.

    See. Perceptor is even willing to give up his super rare formula to help Megatron.

    Megatron's super shiny.

    I love that the Autobots and Decepticons have a direct phone line to one another.

    Woah, that's a lot of Autobots. Alright. It's been a while since I did this but I'm going to TRY and name the bots in the crowd.

    Bruno, Ironhide, Powerglide, Bumblebee, Tracks, Uhh, Sourball?, Hound, Someone behind hound, Uhh, Sourball again, Hippie hidden behind Sourball 2, Apple, Trailbreaker, black sourball, Blaster, Sideswipe, No idea, Sunstreaker, Optimus Prime with some people behind his legs, Warpath, Cosmos, Prowl.

    Ratchet drove by in vehicle form.

    Oh, I forgot to mention, I'm an idiot for trusting Megatron.

    So quit talking and save him!

    Just in the knick of time!

    What a good guy Optimus is.

    When a mommy rust germ and a daddy rust germ love each other very much... the originate baby germs on Antilla. With a thriving Autobot civilization. Uh, which is also a planet with a giant Autobot tattoo.

    That Autobots skin just fell off. If that were a human that would have been disturbing.

    Corrostop is the only known antidote? Odd.

    Optimus noticed Cosmic rust on his hand but there isn't any there...

    He flipped his hand over and there it is now.

    You did the right thing Prime. But no worries, you're the main character - You'll be fine... at least until the movie... freakin' spoilers all over this board. ><

    Megatron I wish rustlung would have killed you.

    Rule #2: Kick everything.


    Laserbeak is a VHS now.

    Rust in peace, Prime.

    Also how does Megatron have such great surveillance in the Autobot head quarters? Does he work for the NSA or something?

    That moon is so beautiful. <3

    Soundwave just hit the deck so fast.

    Ah. The lasers. Beautiful on the night sky backdrop. I love it.


    Menasor has the same voice as Astrotrain?

    Superion is a go.

    Once again, the ConCons would be a great asset to Megatron.

    "Decepticons! Abandon positions and fly out!" - Reaching kinda' hard for that alternative line, eh?

    YAYYYYY!!!!!!! THAT ONE!!!

    But seriously that's a quick way to end an episode. It didn't even show what they did to cure the rust. >.> I guess I'm forced to assume the duplicator worked and so life goes on!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E62 - Starscream's Brigade - 6/23/15!​

    We're suddenly in Guadalcanal in 1943. This is interesting.

    The black and white is a nice effect too - the bullets however are covered.

    Jumping out of a crashing plane would be horrifying.

    Now it's 1985 and that stuff is all still there.

    Quite crap talking Shockwave, Scream.

    Soundwave looks very menacing in this episode.

    One shot in the back and Starscream things he takes over?

    I think it's time for his monthly execution.

    Soundwave looks chill now. He must be enjoying the show.

    Starscream's going to make his own Decepticons. With blackjack and hookers.

    Even little ol' laserbeak can pick up scrawny Starscream.

    "He embarrassed me in front of my friends! Boo hoo!"

    This is kind of pathetic actually.

    Starscream's eyes are blue at the moment. I guess when you're kicked out of the cons your eyes change color?

    Wowwww those seekers just let scream push them around like that?

    Why is he still counting doors when he's right in front of the one he needs?

    Nope. His eyes are red again.

    Am I witnessing a cybertronian bank robbery at the moment?

    Of course he painted them all purple. It'd be silly if he didn't.

    Ooo, some with different colors.

    Combaticons, eh?



    Blast off.



    I know some of those names.

    Oh. It was a jail break, not a bank robbery.

    Why does Jazz have a massive knife?

    Cliffjumper<3 Long time no see.

    That statue looks exactly like Optimus...


    So Brawl has a Jazz/Blaster soundwave power.

    The hound knock off shoots like crazy.

    I can't understand the helicopter too well.


    They aren't even shooting at you bots and now you just got yourself abducted.

    You won? You didn't do anything you bum.

    Also, you consider five people an army?

    Stay humble, Combaticon.

    Brawl sounds like Mr. T.

    Uh-oh, papa Scream's pissed.

    They've gone too far by freeing some prisoners? You gave them a fucking plague TronCon...

    Gears. He got a bit taller.


    This is an odd group of Autobots to be fighting together.

    That's what you get for daydreaming in a battlefield... a bullet to the chest.

    That's way more shadows flying through the sky than there were Decepticons on the ground.

    So, he basically ripped out their souls.

    How'd you piece that together so fast there Powerglide?

    Oh my god, Optimus is tiny when he transforms in this scene hahaha.


    "Bye bye, Megatron!" That should have been the episode name.

    Soundwave getting the drop on fools per usual.

    You weren't so cocky fifteen seconds ago.

    Wait... The Conehead Seekers were going to help Starscream?

    He's literally up against the wall.


    No sooner said than done? I don't get that phrase. What is it supposed to even mean?



    The animation right here is stuttering pretty bad.

    Yeah TronCon, blow it out your exhaust.

    They're getting juiced up through nipple clamps.

    Powerglide is 100% white right now...

    At least it explained why Menasor isn't here this time... Two combiners could do some damage.

    Bruticus? How did I not remember that from War for Cybertron...

    Jesus, so the cons have three fucking combiners compared to one Autobot one!?

    Hasbro must have been reaching deep for Decepticon sales.

    Apple! Ratchet!

    Bruticus is just deflecting shots like a champion.

    Wait. What. Did Megatron really just surrender to Starscream? What the fuck. Worst episode ever.

    The one time it explains why someones absent they actually end up showing up...

    He just super saiyan punched Bruticus.

    Starscream's eyes are blue again.

    Do it. Execute him.

    Oh my god. Don't freaking exile him. KILL HIM!

    Wait - Starscream was exiled from earth? Megatron just did the whole world a favor.

    God dammit. Another quick ending episode with no showing of the Autobots and Seekers being saved... Ugh.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E63 - The Revenge Of Bruticus - 6/24/15!​

    Haha, Brawl just blasted Starscream for being a cry baby.

    They're wasting their limited energy to attack each other.

    Shockwave looks tiny.

    Just noticed for the first time that he has the Decepticon emblem on his arm.

    Cybertron is under attack by a giant rock!

    That little pea shooter ain't gonna' hurt Bruticus.

    Haha, Shockwave just transformed into a giant gun and blasted him in the face.

    OK, the use of the helicopter blades on his arm is really, really bad ass.

    He's now using Shockwave against his own forces.

    That was all that was defending Cybertron? Not a very great army...

    The insecticons? Long time no see.

    Speaking of long time no see... they pretty much just dropped Spike from the show at this point.

    Thundercracker and Dirge? Huh, it's nice to see an original seeker.

    Tracks <3

    Oh baby, gotta' disrupt that sensual circuit system.

    That was a pretty rad transforming animation for Prime.


    Oh god. So many different bots and cons.

    ...Uhh, you serious? I make a comment about Spike and ta-freakin'-dah.

    It goes on for infinity? I love space. I really, really love space.

    I get it. Colliding with a star. Starscream will collide with it.

    Haha. Here's the bit with Shockwave riding Starscream someone showed me near the beginning of this project.

    How do the combaticons know who the insecticons are already?

    Nope. I was wrong. They're sending the earth into the sun. Didn't they already do this in one episode?

    Wait, no, they were sending the Autobots into the sun.

    There are like seven people in that cop car.

    The city is literally a warzone. That's a nice change of pace.

    This is going to be another episode featuring teamwork between Megatron and Optimus Prime, I bet.

    That sun sure does look hot. Nice animations on it. :)  So far so good in this episode.

    Grimlock transition. To be honest, I haven't seen the Dinobots in ages excluding the transitions.

    Those are holograms. You can see right through them.

    Vortex is probably my favorite ComCon.

    These guys hold up their titles like they're hot shot.

    Gargoyles? That's a little unbelievable.

    I love all the planets and moons in the skybox of Cybertron. It's beautiful.

    Shockwave is a good soldier. I respect him most out of the Decepticons. I don't think he's ever been rude or trash talked anyone.

    Of course Starscream turned on him. It's because he's a bottom ass bitch. I seriously hate that guy.

    The suns gotten pretty big...

    Uh, wait, Megatron can fly. He also got shot into space in... Season One I think? He just flew back.

    The earth is starting to look a lot like Mars.

    Shockwave's just loungin'.

    And blastin' apparently.

    How are you partners? You already blasted him you idiot.


    Wait! Wait! Don't fire! WE'RE PARTNERS! (I'm your creator).

    I don't think that farmer would use the word evaporated.

    All these new rescue bots are odd... No official introduction or anything.

    Why aren't these people in the air conditioning!?!

    This part of the world isn't on fire for some reason?

    Megatron! Meeegatron...

    I can tell it's about to go to a commercial because of the music that plays... before every commercial...

    Spike still doesn't have a very big role in this episode. He says a few words and that's that. Maybe he's thinkin' about them chocolate sodas.

    Megatron, stop being a greedy bum.

    This reminds me of the episode of "Hey Arnold!" when the city is burning up.

    This is fucking awesome. I love it when the two factions team up.

    The space bridge animation stays the same but gets shorter every time.

    Megatron is trying to save the earth.

    Starscream are you that fucking stupid? You stand there and try to bullshit your way back onto TronCon's good side and then try to take leadership again? Why couldn't they just toss you into the sun man...

    Wait. One of the combaticons is a space shuttle?

    How could you hate Cybertron? It's your home...

    The Space Bridge! They altered it!

    You mean destroyed right, Prime?

    You put three spots on his back instead of just making an off switch?

    Oh right. You were imprisoned there that's why you hate it.

    Optimus Prime just saved TronCon while Bruticus played with him like an action figure.

    Hahaha, the earth was right beside the sun and they gave a confirmation screen.

    Wait. No.

    They really just killed Bruticus? Are you serious? He's in a whole two freaking episodes...

    Oh. Shit. Nope.

    How the hell did he survive the explosion?

    Ugh. Right. The 80's.

    Woah. This episode kind of flew by. I love it :D 

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E64 - Masquerade - 6/25/15!​

    Donald F. Glut. I don't think I've seen any episodes by him.

    Thundercunts!? WHAT?!

    One of the stunticons kind of looks like Mirage in vehicle form.

    Ratchets wrench is just hovering around. It isn't even touching any nuts.

    Oh no! Not Republics Optics Company!

    Cars without drivers? It must be the Autobots. No way it could be the bad ones.

    They didn't kill the guy. Odd for the cons to show mercy to anyone.

    Cons crashing through a military base while the guards shout and shoot? Huh. Never seen that before.

    The worlds biggest most perfect ruby. No way they'd want that.

    You hear that? It sounds like a TRuuhCK.


    Blaster why would you even bother transforming if you're just going to jump in Spike's arms?

    One of these StunCons is swerving all of the place.

    Apple, Hoist and Bruno? Odd team.

    Those aren't missiles Bruno. They're lasers...

    Oh god. Apple's burning a con to death!?

    Bruno saved him. Good guy.

    That StunCon (not Breakdown but the other one) is freakin' nuts.

    Warpath for the first time in like a week or two.

    Warpath and Tracks. I don't think I've seen them working together before either.

    How what? Drool?

    Tracks shoots black blasts? I guess it's tar?

    Woah. The Autobots are being particularly brutal today. Warpath just smashed that dude.

    Spike's just chillin' on Bumblebee's hood haha.

    Motormaster VS Optimus finally going to -really- happen?

    You know. I just realized that a lot of G1 fans talk shit about Shia LaBeouf because "all he does is scream!" like it's a bad thing. Spike screams just as much... In fact they both scream "OPTIMUS!" a lot. Hell that's one of my favorite things about the live actions, that shout just gets the emotions going.

    Oh wow. They actually hit each other. Explosion and all.

    Uhh, alright. I guess he is somehow is that clutch.

    You bet. No sweat.

    The Autobots took prisoners. That's a first.

    HOUND <3!

    Check out the TV News!

    Wild, uhuhuhu huh Optimus!?

    The Autobots are being sprayed with Polyjuice potions.

    Windcharger? I forgot he existed.


    You're going to have to change your voice if you want to pass as StunCons, guys.

    Also, I love that when Prime transformers as Motormaster the trailer is actually part of the transformation, unlike Prime.

    ConCons :) 

    I still can't get over their color.

    "Laserbeak! Return!" says Soundwave the Pokemon Master.

    Megatron's mouth is hanging wide open.

    Optimus is doing a pretty good Motormouth impression.

    Wow that would work.

    It's three Autobots versus one StunCon and he just drops them all in a single burst.

    A wild Menasor appears! In the Autobot base! No beuno!

    I have zero idea what Apple just tried to say.

    Only three of the ConCons were there?

    Starscream is the only one making sense of this situation. For once, he's the smart one.

    Oh my god. The "He's the fake!", "No he's the fake!" skit.

    They actually managed to merge into Menasor.

    I really want to see a Menasor VS Menasor fight man.

    Lasers out of your wrist are special powers?

    "It's ready!" says Megatron like a four year old girl who's rushing to her E-Z-bake oven.

    Since when does Menasor have a bad ass sword?

    Sideswipe just shot his arm off as a missile?

    Mirage out of disguise <3 A lot of Season One love in this episode.

    Actually, now that I'm thinking about it I think all of the Autobot's who went in disguise are Season One bots. I might be wrong, not sure where Windcharger came in.

    I thought the explosion would be bigger than that...

    You sure about that Prime? Megatron is known to do some really stupid stuff.

    Did Megatron just say the Autobots were five? They're a little older than that.

    All the other Autobots :)  <3

    Menasor actually ran from all of the Autobots. I think he could have taken all of them. If Superion showed up, that might be a different story.

    Well that's it for todays episode and sadly (very sadly :(  ) we only have one episode left in Season 2 which will conclude Monday... See ya' then!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S2:E65 - B.O.T - 6/26/15!​

    Well, the time has come for another conclusion to a season of Transformers. I've ordered my Seasons 3 and 4 and am working out a date to view the movie. This will be the only post for this week so I really hope it's a good one. Planning on when and how I'm going to do the movie is still under consideration so please stand by for more information. :) 

    How do you even transform on top of each other like that?

    Uh, how is the Helicopter able to just move straight that way.

    Defensor? Who the fuck is that?

    The animation in this episode is pretty raw.

    Why is their a white Castro in this episode?

    Also, if I've learned anything from 80's cartoons and comic books it's to stay the hell away from the docks. Bad shit always happens at the docks.

    Uh, who's riding a tiny little rockship in space blasting moons?

    Trying to change the tides again? That happened back in Season One.

    Oo. Piece of candy. Oo. Piece of candy. Oo. Piece of candy.

    Why is Luigi in this episode?

    Starscream sounds like one of the insecticons at the moment.

    What the hell is going on right now. Is he scrapping his friends?

    They just put a bomb in that dudes skull?

    How would it even know if Bruticus is back online.

    Well, King DeDeDe and the other guys are all pissed because he's robbing the place now. Same with that bunker in the snow.

    They're shooting him and then asking for a refund?

    Ooh, that's Swindle. I get why they call him that now.

    Good transformation guys.

    Pretty American flag.

    Hey, new humans who are pretty well designed.

    Low powered huh?

    Martin and Roland are clowns.

    That's it? A blue ribbon at the science fair for almost disintegrating his class room?

    Jenkies. There's Velma. This episode is slap full of cameos from other things. Come to think of it, the guy in the suspenders looks like Chuckie from Child's Play... Who haunted my dreams throughout my entire childhood and teenage years.

    How do you even get into that situation window washers?

    What were these guys called again? ProtectionBots?

    Protobots in my books.

    They're looking in the dump. They're gonna' find Brawls personality chip. They're building a dang Decepticon.

    Biotronic Operation Telecommunicator. B.O.T

    He looks like the Lego looking dudes from Megaman.


    You can tell he's evil from the angle of his eyes.

    That's poor lab safety just leaving explosive chemicals out in the open like that. Those kids aren't wearing any protective gear either.

    B.O.T is really angsty.


    These kids are crazy buff right now annnnd now they aren't.

    Distress signal 505.

    Hey, Gears. Long time no see boobear.

    Swindle's threatening Luigi. You just wait 'till Mario gets back you big bully.

    Three season one characters teaming up? Legit.

    Gears also seems much taller than he used to be.

    He just slapped them down with some corn on the cob or something.

    A plate can deflect a laser beam?

    That door is made out of andamantium or something.

    How can you tell that he's thirty floors up if there's only like 10 lights?

    Hey, we're teenagers, we're invincible! Let's run into this super lame building and do work! We're way better than the Automajigs!

    Ironhide takes Rule #1 very seriously.

    Swindle!? How'd you get in there?

    It was then that Chuckie realized they dun' goofed.

    He's just staring with that same stupid face.

    Oh no! Not your paint job!


    I feel you on that one Chuckie. All these misc. teams are bananas.

    I won't pretend to know what vindicated means.

    Scrap dowhattium?

    Bruticus online.

    That funny component... you built a robot and don't even know what you put in it.

    This girls voice is making me want to scratch at my ears until they bleed.


    Who the actual fuck is Defensor?

    The ProBots live in some crummy apartment complex?

    I spotted a Wheeljack! <3

    Bumblebee's face is pudgy at the moment.

    What the hell is a Gyro inhibitor and why can Wheeljack shoot beams out of his head?

    Good talk ProBot #1 - Anyone that craps on Starscrea is my hero.

    Hey, Soundwave's using Megatron as a gun, that hasn't happened for... annnd they're down.

    I really hope that chick is never in another Transformers episode ever again...

    Oh. The ProBots are combiners too... That's uh, that's a pretty big thing.

    He's got a bubble shield. Must be why they call him Defensor - hurrdurr.

    My dude just got blasted into five pieces.

    Oh no don't do it.

    Uh, I lied. Do it. Blast scream all day everyday.

    The only button on that thing is conveniently labeled "Overload".

    Teletran one? Haven't heard that thing talk in ages.

    "Let's just say he bot the big one!" - Please don't.

    You know what, Chuckie and Chad just redeemed themselves there. Good on 'em.

    Well, that's it. Season Two of the Transformers has concluded. I'm going to have to go with the general opinion and say I wasn't a big fan. Not a bad episode but not a good one either.

    With that said, up next is The Transformers Movie! I look forward to seeing you all there :D !
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    CaptainSlayer Bayfomer Fan

    Jul 29, 2014
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    --------Season Three--------​

    S3:E66 - Five Faces of Darkness Part 1 - 7/13/15!​

    I've got to be honest I am not digging this new menu and song on the Season 3 Part 1 DVD. Rodimus looks like super bright plastic and the song is... icky.

    Oh well, show time.

    That's a lot of Blitzwings.

    That's a very old computer looking thing too.

    New characters galore.

    Blaster? I thought he died in the movie?

    Well, we're back to the end of the film.

    It's still 2005.

    Whoop. Pause time for a roll call.

    Can't really see the blue guy but I'm going to say Blurr. Spike, Arcee, Nano, Ultra Manus who is now a fucking mammoth and massive in size, Bumblebee, Jazz, Kup, Grimlock, Perceptor, Slag, Cliffjumper, Forgot the green guy helicopters name, Uh, samurai? Didn't he die too?, Rodimus Prime.

    Charr. That's a fitting name for a Decepticon planet.

    There's Astrotrain looking all beat up and worn out.

    Is that the constructicons? They look a darker shade of highlighter.

    Huh. The animation seems to be a bit more stiff and the colors are more... solid? I guess that's the way I can put it.

    They were just beating the piss out of each other and then form Devastator to knock out Train for a single freakin' cube?

    Oh hey it's uh... crap... big con number 2. Why the hell can't I remember his name...

    The stunticons form guy thing man... freaking... I don't remember - at all.

    Insecticons. Is this whole episode just cons stomping each other?

    There's needle nose and his rowdy gang of hoodlums.

    Needle nose sounds weird.

    Megatron > Galvatron ya' bums.

    Astrotrain is the only one making sense right now.

    Are we back at the Alladin temple?

    Nope. Some robot world.

    Aliens too. This must be the Boonta Eve Classic.

    Ultra Magnus and Rodimus looking like kings.

    The sound quality sounds a little odd here too. Maybe I'm just hallucinating.

    Warpath lives on? Well allllllright. :) 

    LET'S DO IT!

    Well, Rodimus just made his first step towards e disliking him and preferring Utra Magnus.

    Jazz. :) 

    Jazz also sounds different. What the piss is going on here.

    I think I was spoiled by the quality of the movie. It was beautiful.

    Oh my god. Yes, Starscream my sworn enemy was destroyed in the film but instead of his horrible high pitched voice I'm stuck with whatever the fuck this version of Wheelie is saying. It's like nails on a chalk board :( 


    Galactic Express is like USPS I'm assuming.

    Goro standing behind Jazz.

    Blurr is still rad <3

    Alright for Argonan!

    Uh - so new enemies then?

    My dude's about to blast the olympic torch.

    Cool firework show.

    With like... shrapnel.

    Those also aren't humans.

    Bad animation errors on Rodimus' gun.

    Alien ODST's.

    OK, I don't know who Decepticon Grimlock is but that was a wicked cool transition.

    Sharkticon :) 

    Nano's mom is a milf.

    Arcee literally did nothing until he gave a second call out...

    Spike, Kup ad Ultra Magnus just got kid napped...

    Rodimus is much more violent than Optimus Prime as well - He just gained a few more respect points.

    Unicron's head is still just flying around in orbit. Haha.

    Uhh - that's going to be the new Decepticon base I bet.

    Yes, the wind makes that noise.

    Haha moustacheicon knows what's up.

    That's a nifty looking planet thing.

    This is the second time TronCon has survived being in a pit of lava.

    No clue who that is to the left of Blaster.

    Calm down their Hajee.

    Blaster's rhythms have gotten pretty good since Season Two.

    Still no idea who that guy is but he's cool.

    HEY! THRUST AND DIRGE!!! <3333333333

    Still using TIE Fighters noises.

    Oh god, they crashed that fast!? :( 

    Rodimus you sound so odd man. Like not just a different voice but like you're speaking into a cup or something.

    Grimlock also sounds different. I DON'T LIKE CHANGE!

    Grimlock's colors are super bright and filled in now. I approve.

    The old Hyperdrive past the asteroid trick! Just like FalconCon.

    More new commercial transitions.

    ... If they buy that Decepticon story they're idiots.

    Well, you got scammed son.

    RANDAL! <3

    No clue who you are.

    No clue who you are either.

    Soundwave <3

    Needle Nose brings news of Gavaltron.


    I feel like this is a hit toward Christianity. They're wanting to collect the tithing.

    What the fuck? Grimlock looks awful...

    What an awful laugh as well...

    Grimlock is also very small right now for some reason.

    Soundwave is very skinny as well...

    Yeah, I was def. spoiled by the movie man. Def. freaking. spoiled.

    Awesome Blurr transition.

    Well that's the end of the first episode of Season 3 and I have to be honest I have very, very mixed feelings. I could just be imagining it but I'm sure a lot of the voice actors have changed and whoever told me to be ready for a serious animation down grade you were pretty much on point. I also absolutely hate the new theme song.

    With that said, it was nice to see Blaster made it out alive and to see Warpath again as well. The story seems to be a bit stronger although it's essentially the Decepticons going after energon again but actually NEEDING it this time around with the addition of some Jabba the Hutt mafia type alien gangsters doing dirty business at the Autobot olympics.

    Oh, and Carly's a total babe now. I wonder if she'll want to get a chocolate soda with me?

    See you all tomorrow!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S3:E67 - Five Faces of Darkness Part 2 - 7/14/15!​

    I just realized that entire base transformers into a bot in the opening title. Interesting.

    Cyclonus has a really cool voice. Very heavy and dark.

    There's that outback guy.

    This recap is really thorough unlike those in Season One.

    Rodimus and Grimlock just got blasted off of the mountain.

    No shit, Rodimus.

    "Good, cause you Grimlock have got one."

    The concons are out of juice. They can't even hurt them.

    Randal :( 

    Grimlock just munched down that poor guys blaster.

    Grimlock looks so goofy this season man...


    Rodimus, me Grimlock demand you wake up!

    The enegon cubes look funky now.

    Just to be sure, Cyclonus is the one WITHOUT the facial hair right? The one with it is Scorge?

    Kup got a promotion.

    Oh hey, it's the judge guys. Odd to find Kup in this scenario again.

    Ultra Magnus is growing on me. He reminds me a lot of Optimus.

    Grimlock looks more normal here. It's just something with his head, man. I dunno'.

    Springer, right? That's the green ones name?

    Rodimus... C'mon man are you really giving up after a beat down by some worn out Decepticons?

    There's no way that Rodimus dies after two episodes :\ That's a bunch of bullshit.

    Is Grimlock crying? Uh, OK.

    Metroplex. I bet that's who the giant base autobot is/was. Not sure why but the commercial transition showing the Decepticon counter part triggered that thought.

    Grimlock also correctly figured something out before anyone else? Huh. This is an odd start to the season. Grimlock's less of a Hulk and more of a... scooby-doo with some aggression.

    No matrix of leadership. Rodimus lives on.

    That's a lot of numbers.

    This feels like a really bad acid trip right now.


    Oh. Nope. Just his head exploding.

    That's one disgusting looking Rodimus.

    Lots and lots of explosions. Bay must have written this episode.

    Would you look at that, he's suddenly alive again.


    I love her too, buddy.

    More movie referencing.

    I like the continuity here.


    Ugh. Rodimus needs to learn some manners from Optimus.

    Kup is gray now? Wasn't he green?


    Good communication on Kup and Spike's behalf.

    That little human is holding down that floating head thing like it's nothing.

    Spike got pretty ruthless himself.

    At least the floating head has some honor.

    Geez, Spike looks super serious.

    Uhh, dirty old heads... "Pay us no mind. We just like to watch."

    They immediately find Galvatron's hand just sticking out as soon as they arrive.

    He's still functioning?

    lol his plasma bath.

    I miss Nimoy doing his voice =\

    I'm retty sure that's TronCon's voice actor though. I could be wrong.

    Did Gavaltron just kill Scorge for nothing?

    Uh, I don't think many planets look like that Rodimus.

    They believe they own Cybertron then? But why would they have executed the lone survivor of generic eaten planet #1 from the movie?

    The sharkticons just turn tide and run.

    It's cowardly to run from an asteroid? Well then call me coward.

    Wait... no. Cyclonus. I'm so confused about what's happening right now man. Galvatron sucks ass.

    Well, that generic fightercon is the new Starscream suck up.

    I'm going to need someone to explain to me who Gavaltron original punched in the lava and if that dude is dead or not... All the new cons look the damn same... just like in Age of Extinction.

    Arcee looks pretty bombin' right now. I've never admired a cartoon robot but I guess there's a first time for everything.

    I know why I like Ultra Magnus. He's Optimus Prime but with Randal's shoulders.

    They saved the big head guy thing. I guess they're going to interrogate him.

    Who's the red autobot jet?


    Another corkscrew ship.

    Pretty green explosion for Quintessa.

    Well, that's it for episode 2 of Season 3. I liked it much more than the first and this is likely due to the quality shock beginning to subside. I really wish the new cons had more detail to them... but it was nice seeing the Aerialbots again. :) 

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S3:E68 - Five Faces of Darkness Part 3 - 7/15/15!​

    Another lengthy recap including part one and two.

    Quintessons - that's the name of the five faced guys.

    That's a very unique looking planet to just be sacrificing like that.

    Direct hit on one of the aerial bots. Now everyone's floating through space.

    "Relax! Enjoy the ride!"

    A space platform... so the space bridge but for humans.

    "Sweeps" - I'm not feeling that name for the fodder.

    The warp gate has some really pretty swirling animation.

    I envy the ability to calculate trajectory on the fly.

    Did Gavaltron just show up to the Jetson's home world?

    Blurr <3

    Wheelie's voice is growing on me now that I can understand him.

    I will admit that Blurr and Wheelie working together makes for some odd translation.

    "Human's are fools to trust their tools!"

    Gavaltron's voice is sounding a little better this episode.

    Eh. His new gun form doesn't require anyone man handling him. I guess that's evolution but I miss the old form.

    The human suits look pretty rad, I'd like one.

    Gavaltron's head is getting pretty on point.

    Jupiter! Can't you hear him!?

    Blurr and Wheelie also both sound very young. I imagine they're like Bumblebee's age in the Bayformer films.

    So do we get to see Jupiter's surface for the first time on the show?


    Yup. I called it last episode. "This is blaster here at Metroplex!" I know Metroplex from War for Cybertron. :) 

    Lisa Fairborn? I think that's her name.

    Haha, Wheelie left Blurr hangin'.

    How do you miss them ejecting out of the ship? I mean didn't they spot Gavaltron light years away?

    They're moving in on Jupiter. I think the heat would likely melt their circuits. At least earth metals.

    Scorge just took a direct hit to the face.

    Nope, that was one of the "Sweeps".

    I really like Wheelie's lack of fear toward Gavaltron. Blurr's freaking out while Wheelie's just chilled out. He's like the Pikachu of this season.

    Gavaltron being a masochist confirmed.

    Pretty swirling pink and blue :) 

    These guys are literally watching their own planet explode over and over and celebrating with quiet chuckles. Sadists confirmed.

    Yup, you blew up your own planet for a whole bunch of nothing fools.

    Eww... you're performing an alliance with the Decepticons? You know they owned Cybertron for two whole seasons right?

    Hahaha. Kup just tossed his ass right back into the gunk.

    Ultra Magnus looks great. The colors for this season have grown on me. It looks a lot better. Rodimus is one of the only ones who still looks really odd to me.

    Remember how I said I could understand Wheelie now? I'm a liar. I have no clue what little man just said.

    You remember how I couldn't wait for Motormaster and Optimus Prime to fight in Season Two? I just discovered my Season 3 wish. A brutal battle between Randal and Wheelie!

    Jerry Springer can't fly in the gunk. :( 

    It's like a T-Rex. It's eye sight is based on movement.

    Three seasons in and it still plays this dramatic music before every commercial break.

    Jerry got sucked up into the Jawa ship and disassembled.

    One of the Stunticons has the balls to check it out. I just can't remember his name.

    Swindle? You're trying to send Swindle out to negotiate? He literally tried to sell you for scrap parts!

    Haha, dog pile on the energon. I love the old Decepticons man. I can't believe I hated them all for so long.

    How could he even do that just using the gunk that the machine already siphons?

    I just noticed that Spike isn't wearing a space suit or helmet at all.

    Sooo, when are they going to fix Jerry? I don't think they'd kill the only Autobots triple changer that soon.

    WE'D DO THAT ANYWAY!!! Hahaha.

    Very confusing animation on two of the Combaticons at the moment.

    Astrotrain sounds like Grimlock.

    Wait, I think that's Blitzwing.

    Randal knows whats up.

    Haha, Blitzwing is the only one who says no. Watch him be right. Actually, who am I kidding of course he is. Everything they do in this show is wrong from what they should have done.

    Oh snap, Gavaltron's going to think they abandoned him.

    Blitzwing is the only one who stayed behind. I hope he gets a promotion for this.

    Gavaltron is actually kind to Blitzwing. That's a good change of pace.

    He keeps calling sweeps but doesn't mention Scorge.

    ... I wonder where Shockwave? I know he was supposed to die in the film but it got cut. I'm guess I'm just supposed to pretend he's dead?

    That's a beautiful skybox wherever Blurr and Wheelie are.

    What the hell are those things? JapaneseDragonCons?

    "Stranded we are, from home we are far."

    "Don't be a fool, keep your cool!"

    This is such an odd planet the bots are on.

    Aww... I glanced up after writing that last sentence to see Sourball behind Arcee, I thought he was Wheeljack for a split second.

    How do you not notice the giant ship with a Decepticon ambush?

    OK - this is a good cliffhanger. The first that's made me excited for the next episode in quite some time. I will admit having the bots just standing in the line of fire with no attempts to dodge for like thirteen seconds isn't doing much for me haha.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S3:E69 - Five Faces of Darkness Part 4 - 7/16/15!​

    Recap time!

    I-O is the name of the moon.

    Melissa Fairborn again.

    Goo! The stickiest planet in the universe! Sounds like a good place to vacation.

    That's a lot of colorful cons.

    The Decepticons accuracy is back to being straight doo doo.

    Tell him about it Grimlock.

    Why are they holding fire? They didn't hit a single bot yet.

    Gavaltron's about to teach his old crew a lesson.


    Gavaltron (TronCon) saves Autobot lives once again. He's the real hero.


    Gavaltron's about to go thug nasty on some five faced fools.

    Well sit down and watch some TV.


    Rodimus is so blunt.

    Wreck-gar's accent is so weak c'mon man get into it!

    Blaster <3

    What the fuck are these little bat things? They're like flying ants.

    Wheelies getting mobbed on lol.

    You better pull out that slingshot and go to town fool.

    Blurr is love <3

    You're fast enough to do both boy suck it up and get in on that ass!

    Blurr knows to never leave a bot behind.

    Blurr for prime 2015.

    Melissa, shut your mouth.


    lollllllllllllll ship REKT

    Don't tell Blurr to be quiet you rude ass woman.

    Gavaltron said fuck yo' ship, fools.

    You want to negotiate with Gavaltron?


    Warning shot #1 fired.

    Don't fall for it Gavaltron. Don't be fool.

    There ain't no Decepticon matrix of leadership ya' damn fool.

    The cliff hanger from last episode was such a let down. They literally just left the Autobots alone and now they're going for it again.

    Hey look, The Autobots are actually fighting back.

    Wreck-gar :) 

    Gavaltron you can't just go around shooting everything all the time. You're coming off as an angsty teen.

    Psh, you ain't no threat to the Junkions fool. YA FOOL!

    These dudes are talkin' shit about humanity. It's getting personal. I don't know if you know this or not, but humans drew you fools!

    I'm getting a real Hitler vibe from Gavaltron.

    Jerry's going to get repaired by Wreck-gar, that big beautiful hunk <3

    Jerry and Arcee are about to make a quad changer ;) 

    Rodimus - quit being such a downer man. God dang it, why are you such shit compared to your movie self!?

    My dude's about to commit suicide lol. I'm really starting to fucking hate this guy. He was such a good character in the film, I absolutely loved him. Now however, I'm beginning to see how people prefer Ultra Magnus.


    Uh, do what now... You mean to tell me those five faced fools are the creators of the Transformers? Deeper into the rabbit hole we go and now I'm wanting out.

    Xenomorph bot!

    Damn, that guy was working and you just up and whipped him!?

    Hell yeah, some gladiator death matches! That's my shit!

    That flail is awesome. But wasn't quite enough.


    Uhh, dancabots?

    This is a completely different story of what happened in Season 2 and frankly... I don't know how I feel about it.

    The autobots created transforming? Seems legit.

    So basically this is Mad Max on Cybertron.

    Why the hell are there so many Constructicons here right now?


    ORION PAX! <3

    Ugh. Those ugly pieces of shit are the creators? -THEY- are god!? GROSS!

    You tell him, Jerry. Punch him in the face. Hell yeah he is that dumb.


    Ah. Decepticon version of Metroplex. AKA Godzillacon.

    That is one bad ass looking Decepticon.


    Fuck off Perceptor. Kup has the right idea. I love you Kup. <3

    I'm not following what's going on but I'm pretty sure Cybertron has no power now.

    Hey look this episode is ending LITERALLY the exact same way as the last episode.

    Well that's it for todays episode. I'll see you all tomorrow for the conclusion of Five Faces of Darkness!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S3:E70 - Five Faces of Darkness Part 5 - 7/17/15!​

    It's Transformers time! Then Ant-Man Time >:) 

    I lied. It's recap time.

    The bats are called light poles lol.

    The flying voltorbs blew up Melissa's ship.

    Blah blah blah - goo - blah blah blah Junkion.

    Super serious faced suicidal Rodimus Prime.

    Deadly danger!?

    This recap is so long -.-


    Jerry, your face looks messed up.

    Damn, Rodimus callin' him out like that? Don't doubt Ultra Magnus fool.

    Tripticon or however the hell you spell it.

    POWERGLIDE!!!! <333333

    WARPATH! <3

    Who the hell is the blue truck?

    Uh and the other guy.

    Aww they're tickling him.

    HIPPIE! <333333 YAYYYY!

    Reptilian mode?

    Well, it's time for Metroplex.

    Blaster <3

    Damn, Blaster wait until you get a good connection to give out intel.

    Predacons? Another subforce? *sigh*


    That was some awful dialogue there Melissa.

    More new Autobots. No clue who they are.

    Hippie is red and gray all of the sudden...

    I don't think you understand how happy I am that Powerglide and Hippie are in this episode.

    What the fuck just happened to that ConCon's face? It just became all red.

    Powerglide just got bitch slapped out of the sky.

    Warpath also got kicked.

    Oh my god, you see all your friends getting pummeled so stop rushing! You're just feeding him kills!

    Teletran 1 is lighting this fool up.

    Tripticon SMASHHHHH!


    Ultra Magnus is going in on some cons.

    Ultra Magnus is about to 1v1 Gavaltron and I'm about that life.

    Gavaltron is running away that quickly? Lame. I guess they were trying to push in as much as they could.


    Crap. That's not Sourball but the other one. I forgot his name. He was a jerk but turned out to be alright.

    That's Blitzwing? I think that's the longest I've seen his flight form.

    lmao are they trying to turn off Cybertron?

    They literally built a giant fucking lightswitch for all of the Transformers. Un-fucking-belivable.

    Skylinks is like the Autobot Laserbeak but huge.

    Predacons? More Beast Wars forshadowing?

    The one wiht the lion on his chest looks like something out of the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers.

    Actually, they all do.

    I don't know the name of the bull but he's awesome.

    Actually, they all are.

    Blurr's got the hops!

    And great aim for shooting lions in the face.


    They're combiners. The Predacons (Predaking) are literally a zord.

    Poor Blurr and Wheelie have been through hell in these five episodes.

    Wheelie magically trips over the transforming cog. Makes sense.

    All those blaster bolts are just flat red rectangles.


    Wait. There are cons inside of giant Trexicon?

    That's a lot of Insecticons.

    Wait, I think some of those were ComCons as well.

    So many fucking con sub classes.

    Some of the cheering Autobots were ConCon colors.

    Jazz <3

    Another Autobot I don't know <3

    Spit it out fool!

    I told you there was no matrix.

    Wait, Blitzwing is trying to speak with the Autobots?

    Shit. This just got cool. The cons and bots are going to be teaming up again.

    Blurr just said the trucks name but I don't know what it was he was speaking way too fast.

    Hi Metroplex :) 

    Your voice is fucking awesome and you look like the darkest Autobot in the world.

    Uh, it sounded like Trexicon and Metroplex has the same voice there for a second.

    Those humans are booking it out of the city. Trexicon is causing massive damage.

    Damn, Metroplex has one good throwing arm.

    Spike is the first one in blasting away lol.

    Oh fuck. Blitzwing was offered to become an Autobot.

    Gavaltron is a fucking moron.

    Wait, it freezes all of the Transformers? Like... in ice?

    Gah dern they dun' burned out!

    Good thing Spike's in that room. $20 says he flips the switch back.

    Spike just used Rodimus' gun like a damn bazooka.

    lol they're running from Gavaltron.

    Dude, I really hope Blitzwing changes sides. That would be rad. Super rad.

    Five face slime of the nebula. I'll have to remember that one.

    Blitzwing just got some balls.



    Fuck, well that's it for this episode and it was much better than the others. I'm super impressed with Blitzwing turning on Gavaltron like a champion. Dude grew balls of steel... BUT IS HE AN AUTOBOT!?


    See you all Monday and have a great weekend!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S3:E71 - The Killing Jar - 7/20/15!​

    Ultra Magnus is indeed an interesting specimen.

    Commence the ships Mirage sequence!

    The animation on this episode looks much better than the five parter.

    Rodimus just gave him a super hug.

    I imagine this is how a real fight between Ultra Magnus and Rodimus Prime would go.

    Good counting skills.

    Didn't anyone tell Ultra Magnus not to get into cars with strangers? I mean, yeah, Sky Links is a buddy but c'mon can't you confirm first off.

    The skybox around Cyclonus is really pretty here.

    Who is that massive ship that just picked him up?

    Oh, it was the same crap.

    I'm not sure this is how a fight between Gavaltron and Cyclonus would play out.

    Wreck-gar is watching cartoons to learn speech. This is fantastic haha.

    No way. They just lured my dude Wreck-gar on board with a clown. That's horrifying.

    Wreck-gar said fuck your ideals. I'll make this my home.

    Damn, they're even pulling humans into the equation.

    Why would you decloak while still in the EDC hanger?

    Her dad's got the sternest of looks.


    I'm pretty sure Marissa could just slide through those bars.

    Maybe that's why she didn't try, Cyclonus getting fried and such.

    Mariassa's unblinking eyes are mad creepy.

    This guy is the same race as the guys with five faces?

    Wreck-gar is my hero.

    She just shoved him like an elementary schooler. Epic combat is epic.

    Transform into Ultimate Mode!

    He looks like the bad guys from the early levels of Donkey Kong Country 3.

    I can't understand Marissa...

    They're flying through a bunch of strobe light clouds.

    The ultimate mode thing is gargling and choking and what not.

    Ultra Magnus was holding on to one of the shocky bar things.

    He told him to steer for the empty area on the right and he turns left...

    Oh they actually called it, I thought it was an animation error.

    Woah. Some really weird animation effect on the screen.

    Huh, I expected Cyclonus to try and kill the Autobots and Marissa ASAP. I'm surprised they haven't so much as threatened each other yet. Pleasantly surprised.

    Oh, nope. Never mind here it goes. I should have known better than to think we were getting some unique and original writing.

    Wreck-gar's freakin' arm just got knocked off.


    I don't like this chicks voice actor but apparently she can get Rodimus' and Gavaltron's right hands to quit fighting just by shouting at them.


    If there's only room for one why are you wasting time talking fool?

    I'm glad Cyclonus and Marissa are both a proper size to fit in an escape pod of those dimensions.

    Good on you Wreck-gar. :) 

    Uh, nevermind - no one is getting on the escape pod.

    How can Marissa breath, much less shout, with a breach like that in the ship?

    Pretty gravity laser is pretty.

    Cyclonus just saved him?

    Huh, it's an honor thing. Cool. Good on you Cyclonus. First episode to make me like you a bit. Keep it up.

    Now Ultra Magnus and Cyclonus are complaining like a married couple already.

    Is this dudes guard literally named Guard?

    It looks like a flashing light to me.

    Who just abandons a whole ship in the midst of space?

    Not much longer apparently, Ultra Magnus.

    They went through the black hole and came out a TIE Fighter.

    Jesus christ, your colors are all mixed up.

    Wreck-gar is the definition of 90's colors.

    Marissa looks like a member of the Awoken race from Destiny.

    Cyclonus has that pre-order exclusive skin.

    Cyclonus is such a bully...

    Did Junkion just give his finger away?

    Oh wow, even Cyclonus gave a piece of himself. Color me impressed once again.

    A "white" hole?

    Well that was anti-climactic.

    Sky-Links is pretty dope. :) 

    Well, that's it for todays episode. Pretty solid episode. Cyclonus has gained a bit of favor and is the first post movie Decepticon to do so.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S3:E72 - Chaos - 7/21/15!​

    Paul Davids presents: Chaos!

    There's that ugly pig snake guy and a Decepticon vessel.

    A sentimental discount!

    I'm not sure who this Decepticon is or what ship he just shot down.

    Blurr <3 Wheelie <3 Cup <3 Grimlock <3


    Hey this is the episode Ikky showed me the screenshot of to show what an Ikkyak was :) 

    So... quicksand.

    The orcs?

    Chaos monster?

    Planet Dredd.

    Scarey story makes Wheelie Wet :)  (Yes, I know he said weary)

    Emergency transmission from Goo. I'm glad we can read the computer screens now.

    Sensei Wreck-Gar <3

    I'm not used to Grimlock running around without the rest of the dinobots. It feels... neglectful.

    Sky Links is massive.

    When high, does Blurr's voice slow down?

    No clue what you're saying Wheelie buddy.

    Death crystals. How nicely named.

    I do like how Grimlock and Kup are like a duo now.

    What the hell. This is like the episode where Shockwave rides Starscream.

    Blast-off. That's the name of the con in the beginning. Not sure who the Megatron knock off riding him is.

    Sky Links alt form is very unique.

    Kind of a snarky lil' loud mouth though.

    Goo. What an odd shaped planet.

    Apparently also very close to Saturn.

    The sound effect of the death crystal gun firing is great.

    How them blow up comet?

    You've been around for 100,000 years Kup?

    Yes Kup. Tell us. Where do they come from.


    Grimlock is a broken record in this episode.

    Grimlock not like chaos? Are you kidding me? Grimlock should be aching to fight this guy right now.

    That is one odd looking volcano.

    I thought they grew ON Chaos? Not the planet he lives on?

    Look at all those realistic Swoops.

    What guard just leaves his keys laying out like that?

    So Chaos is just Godzilla.

    Kup's running!? What a coward... Also a liar since he said no bot has ever seen Chaos and survived.

    Helpless against Chaos? Aren't we all?

    The bots are still working there but are now under the rule of Astrotrain. Which reminds me, is Blitzwing still a Decepticon or did he just go AWOL after standing up to Gavalsuck?

    Well this is the second time I've seen Predaking. Ugh, Gavaltron you sound terrible this episode. Whoever was speaking a few minutes ago sounded great though. I think it was Scourge?

    Blurr and Kup? Good combo.

    Wait, no it isn't. He said the more you move the quicker you sink. Blurr will sink in like... five seconds flat.





    Well, who knew Blurr was going to fall in the goo? Anyone?

    Blurr :( 

    Rodimus has a great sounding engine in this transition.

    Sky Links separated looks radimus as well.


    Sky links don't take no shit from Predacons.

    How did Blurr fight his way back up he had already sunk?

    Holy shit! How is Sensei Wreck-Gar so massive in motorcycle form?

    Oh wait, he's beside Wheelie. Never mind!

    9 out of 10 Autobots and the surgeon general agree! Death crystals can be dangerous for your health.

    Wait. I said I thought that was Scourge. I'm an idiot. It was Astrotrain. I knew it was familiar. Probably my favorite voice in the show along with Omega Supreme.


    That is a massive turret, tank, gun thing.

    Except sike.

    What the hell did you just say Sensei? Zip lock bag bon lockey?

    Sky Links just got exploded randomly.

    Less talking, more shooting Kup!

    Hey Predaking for this second time this episode with the same animation.

    Now Kup wants to man up and have a 1v1? Get over yourself man.

    I forgot Predaking was literally just a Zord. That's it - his new name is Predazord.

    His life is horrific as well.



    You're over and out son, you about to pee in this Kup so you can get fired! (Uh, do what now?)

    That's a giant piece of corn.

    Auto-Buddies. They've said that twice now. C-can... can we all be Auto buddies?

    I wouldn't get so close to Chaos Kup, I mean he looks like he just leaks radiation. Maybe he is the Ikkyak that fell in the mud and got all contaminated or something.

    Gavaltron is willing to destroy Cybertron to beat the Autobots? Seems like Optimus Prime's general idea in Dark of the Moon.

    Aw, he got to save the guys he left behind. How cute.

    Predazord got smashed by a giant rock like immediately.

    Kups eyes are doubled right now and it's pretty fucked up.

    Jesus christ! That's not a fair 1v1 at all!

    Now the entire planet is about to become Mustafar.


    More Kup War Stories!

    You guys shut up! I want to hear it!

    Hell yeah, Grimlock. I knew you were my Auto buddy for life :) 

    YA SEE!?

    Oh that's it. Well then. Good episode! See you all tomorrow :) 

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S3:E73 - Dark Awakening - 7/22/15!​

    Everyone seemed to be hype about this episode so let's hope I'm not being set up for a let down.

    Spike <3

    A lot of planets around here.

    Oh, they're asteroids.

    Why would you destroy your own monitor? That's YOUR money being wasted ya' bum.

    Space torpedoes!

    That ship looked a lot like the Ark.

    Well, they did the deploy thing again pretty much.

    Rodimus - don't be a jerk to Nano and Spike.

    It's a giant helicopter platform judging by the H on the bottom.

    A Manhattan tomb?

    Oh. Jesus, this is a mass grave?

    Daniels acting like it's going to be all blood and bone.

    The veil of remembrance? That had to be fun for kids to say.




    I thought they smelled bad...




    On the outside.

    Ironhide :( 

    Ratchet :( 

    Prowl :( 

    Huffer :( 

    OK, Prime's corpse is a little scary.

    Nano screams like a girl.

    A waste of energy? More like a disrespectful ass move.

    Rodimus' eyes are flashing every time he speaks like in unison with the words.

    Uh. What the fuck?

    Damn, the decepticons don't have respect for anyone or anything man.

    "ONE DECEPTICON IS TOO MAY!" - Good quote, Kup. I agree.

    Dude are they really blowing up corpses?

    Arcee just got blasted in the shin.


    I thought the cons wouldn't be able to pass through. Like a spell or something. I was wrong.


    Optimus <3

    Cyclonus stayed behind for Gavaltron - I guess he's the new Soundwave... who I also miss.

    What the hell is going on right now man... This is fucking with my emotions.

    I doubt that Nano.

    Rodimus, I respect you for still looking up to Optimus so much but I think he's shit right now man - stay away.

    I'm getting a feeling that Grimlock is smarter than this version of Optimus.

    Hot Rod... be careful man.




    Nano and Spike are trapped under a bunch of shit! HELP THEM FIRST!

    This isn't cool man. Optimus needs to go back in his tomb.

    Wait... He's leading them to the quintessons... They fucking took over his corpse. They're the creators, of course they did this.

    Dude... c'mon, you can't really let all of their bodies go into the sun.

    Well there goes any chance of Ironhide, Ratchet, Prowl or countless others ever returning...

    Hey the other Dinobots!

    Sludge <3

    Snarl <3

    The Autobots are about to take a heavy hit =\

    Ugh. God damn it.

    Annnd here they go...



    This isn't even a multiparter and all this crap is happening? uhudfhudhfshcuasuvausvushvuhasdfuck

    So many Autobots just getting eradicated right now.

    Why didn't you just do that in the first place?!

    So is Optimus still someone alive in there? If so, I feel like he should be powerful enough to break that spell crap.

    Perceptor knows whats up.

    Cool simulation, bro.

    Hot Rod going Optimus hunting? I'm CaptainSlayer and I approve this message.

    This is it - this is your chance to make me feel like you're a real leader again Hot Rod.

    So the Quintessons are MechNecromancers.

    That's dirty man. That's super dirty.

    I don't feel like Optimus is going to get out of this "alive" - this feels like rubbing salt in the wound of all the kids who already watched him die once.


    He's got him in the Full Nelson!

    Damn, he's splitting him in half.

    There was some Ironhide twang in that voice.

    Optimus is missing an arm and still going?

    Fight it you fool. You're stronger than this.


    Rodimus Prime, ladies and gentlemen.

    Dude... He's going to fucking end himself as a martyr... again.

    You've got to be kidding me. Who thought this was OK?



    Uh, it just said find out in tomorrow's episode - "The return of Optimus Prime" but my next episode is Surprise Party. Oh well. I don't think I have to summarize this episode. I think my entry says enough. Now I'm going to go be all angsty at 80's animators for the night. See you tomorrow!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S3:E74 - Surprise Party - 7/23/15!​

    Why is Nano wondering the streets of Cybertron alone?

    Aww, how sweet ;) 

    Also - Warpath <3

    Well that's quite the surprise for a surprise party.

    I love that Warpath is just firing off shots from his chest.

    Wheelie down!

    Ultra Magnus, I love you.

    Why are the cons running that fast? That was like a five second assault man.

    Wait, who is that? I didn't hear a name. I'm guessing he's the new Ratchet/Wheeljack.

    Wheelie you don't get the definition of surprise, do you buddy?

    That's the second time in G1 that I've seen Welcome misspelled as Wellcome.

    No time to delay, have to find first aid?

    Nano has Wheelies voice right now... I'm seriously at a loss on how animators/voice actors managed to mess bits like this up.


    It's really hard to understand what this librarian is saying with how loud his wheels/track is while he's moving.

    Alright Nano, I think you're wanting this birthday a little too much my man. I'm sure you can figure out UM's birthday some other way. This just seems... absurd.

    Wheelie knows about the rules of borrowing.

    Grand Theft Nano: Wheelie Edition.

    Why is it that every single sci-fi show or movie has someone running into a meteor shower?

    Daniel, hang on tight! About to get us right!

    I wonder how long it would take for my entire family and workplace to hate me if I spoke like Wheelie.

    So much for bringing that back tomorrow.

    I don't know if Wheelie was supposed to be finishing his sentence or if that was another mix-up.

    "School Project" *wink*

    Snake ropes?

    That's horrifying.

    Yeah, let's drive into the cave where those things likely live. That seems smart.

    What an odd place for a transition insignia.

    How does Nano know how to open this door with no problem? Autobot security is really lacking.

    Uh, so Wheelie is making Nano go first.

    And now they're under attack by Daleks.

    Enter file name! ENTER FILE NAME!

    More flying snake ropes.

    Sick circles, bro.

    Dang, librarians just messed up those rock snakes.

    Why would you get out of the car, Nano? They clearly aren't friendly.

    LOL! Cyclonus saves the day <3

    An ice cream factory. Seems legit.

    Cyclonus is showing mercy to Nano and I approve. If that were movie Megatron he'd likely kill him off on the spot.

    They cut the librarian off mid-sentence?

    I love Scorge's facial hair.

    Why is every asteroid in this show a perfect sphere?

    Blaster <3333

    I love the fact that Nano isn't scared of Cyclonus at all.

    Spike's sweatin'.

    Sky links :D 

    You have a flash light built into your knee, Wheelie?

    Dude it's super bright too - jesus.

    Ultra Magnus I really don't understand how they made you seem like such a chump in the movie when you're actually a really good guy man.

    Yeah, let's blow up the ship. That won't let Cyclonus know we're here or anything.

    Well it looks like I was wrong on that front.

    Wheelie could bust down that door the whole time but instead choose to stay locked up.

    UM's shoulder rocket is awesome.

    Scorge looks so bad ass man.

    So the asteroid is supposed to be moving right? Then why aren't the stars in the background moving at all?

    Uh-oh. Cyclonus and UM meet again. This should be good :) 

    Wheelie is also a hero. He's super small but has a heart of gold.

    Cyclonus just got knocked back by a rock? Well alrighty then.

    "Auto Destrut Sequences" - I'm just curious what a Destrut is and why it has more than one sequence? :p 

    There goes all of the back up records.

    Even Ultra Magnus doesn't know his own birthday?

    Good point, Wheelie. Good dang point.

    Spike. You can't just go throwing Birthday Parties on the fly like that my man. These things cost money!

    Huh. Fun fact, today's episode was shorter than the rest. Most of them end right around 22 minutes this one clocked out at 20:22.

    See ya' tomorrow TFW members!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S3:E75 - Madman's Paradise - 7/24/15!​

    Good god she's an ugly alien.

    Carly <3

    ...Grimlock is wearing an apron. *sigh*

    Nano must be going through puberty.

    I guess he's playing kick the cog?


    A piece of his apron ripped as he fell into the hole. That's how they're going to find out where they are.

    That was a pretty smooth transition for Grimlock. I almost forgot that he had a robot form to be completely honest.

    It's just dust dude - why are you freaking out?

    Is that the dragon from Shrek?

    I wish I could fall out of the sky.

    lol @ California jokes.

    The voice actor for this bird sounds like he's trying to sing death metal or something. He's just inhaling and making some odd noises.

    Grimlock's arms are glitching like crazy. Horrible animation.

    These ent beast tamer things sound like the 100 monster from the 100th episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

    Where is he pulling all of these gadgets from?

    Such mad. So Grimlock. Wow.

    Did you just call Nano a spawn?

    UM's rockets aren't in his shoulders but on the outside now?

    Hey this is the only time I've seen Blaster's cassettes since the movie. Wait, that's Steeljaw? His toy now is a Decepticon?

    Starcade? Like an arcade with stars?

    This red robed guy must have done a lot of hentai.

    He's also a sith lord apparently.

    He just murdered that poor ent man.

    Wince come you, fool?

    He's evil. You can tell from the red robe and pointy fingernails.

    Grimlock's head looks like a whistle.

    Good point, DinoLock.

    There's on Tattooine judge by the two suns.

    He looks like he's pissing him off, not pleasing him.

    I told you Octopus man was evil.

    I'd bet money that the golden guy ain't dead. He's just locked in there.

    Grimlock... Joining up with him means you are a bad guy.

    Called it. There's the apron.

    Well alright Rhinobot.

    Nano's looking fly.

    You didn't wake up that entire time they were carrying you but as soon as they put you down you wake up?

    Grimlock... C'mon man. Pay attention.


    Rewire? I think that's what they said. I'm assuming this guy is Blasters Randal.

    Good point Preceptor. Why would anyone go in without knowing if they could come out or not?

    Dude it doesn't even look like your chained up too well. It just looks like some leather straps hanging there like a sling.


    The good guys have Avians spilling hot grease on everyone.

    The red wizards going to be the dragon isn't he?

    Woah. Grimlocks animation was cut short. That was awful.

    How convenient for an escape route.

    I just noticed the Sharkticons look like the bad guys from the Viva Pinata games.

    The -great- betrayal?

    Rhinobot got a pretty rad sequence right there.

    You're fighting for the wrong side.

    OK, that good guy did a pretty awesome spell to deflect UM's shoulder rocket. Too bad it didn't do much.

    Steeljaw's voice is crazy weird.


    No worries old man, Rhinobot's got this. This seems to be his episode.

    Hey, uh, Golden One. You have an upside down goblet on your head.

    Ohhh - you're the dragon. Well alright.

    Those puny wings are keeping that huge dude up?


    The golden one's about to use the power of the Thu'um baby! FUS RO DAH! (or ALAK ARAK ARAM!)

    They just murdered that guy.

    lol @ Perceptor.

    HAHAHAHAHA! Wait a second. Rodimus didn't even accompany those guys that whole time. *sigh*

    Megatron? Ratchet?

    Man. What's going on right now.

    This is some unique ending thingy.




    Starscream =\

    Optimus Prime <3


    It's showing the cons at the beginning of season 3.

    It's 2006 apparently.



    "The Awesome Cyclonus" - I agree.

    Wow. That was quite the ending. I'm not going to lie... that really made me realize just how much I miss Season 2. The animation was better and the characters... well... *sigh*

    It sucks because the guys I like the most from S3 cast aren't even getting a lot of time. Like where the hell is Jerry (Springer) in all of this?

    Oh well. Have a good weekend everybody!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    --------S3:EP76 - Webworld - 7/27/15!--------​

    Alright so I hope this is the next episode I'm supposed to watch. I'm very confused with the order.

    Hi Soundwave.

    Uh, who's the pink bat?


    Perceptor doin' some studies.

    Jerry <3

    There's some kickin' music playing in this initial scene.

    Gavaltron is an absolute moron. I hate him. I really hate him.

    I forgot the double Autobots name. But he looks massive at the moment.

    At least the long neck Dinobot still has his dummy charm and brute strength.

    Ultra Magnus looked like Optimus from that above shop.

    Dude, long neck just knocked Gavaltron the fuck out.

    Good point Scorge.

    Cyclonus has a goofy voice right now.

    The animation on this episode is very very quick.

    Swindle has the right idea.

    Cyclonus just got threatened by the Stunticons.

    Uh, diamond Quintesson.


    Cyclonus is standing at an odd angle. He's leaning pretty hard.

    I say wipe Gavaltron out and promote either Cyclonus or Soundwave.

    Torqueulon? I think that's right this time.

    That's a beautiful world.

    Gavaltron calls Ultra Magnus out instead of Rodimus Prime.

    Uh, this planet apparently houses Yoda Gremlins.


    These are the oddest creatures I've seen in ever.

    What an odd planet.

    Now Gavaltron's standing at that crazy angle. I'm assuming this is an AKOM production?

    A credit reference? lol

    Did he just make a freakin' blood signature?

    lol at this entire sequence.

    He ripped up his receipt. He can't bring Gavaltron back if something's messed up when they leave.

    I feel like this entire episode is just Gavaltron's intervention.

    What the fuck? That centipede just fell apart.

    Now Scorge wants to save Gavaltron? Make up your mind fool.

    I need to get me one of those giant robot disabling ray guns.

    This is literally Gavaltron in rehab.

    He's going through battle withdrawals.

    What the hell is the bouncy balls problem?

    Gavaltron sounds like a little punk bitch right now.


    I'm OK with him being cured of being Gavaltron. Bring back TronCon.


    I get it. This is where the Webworld title comes from.

    This is actually a really disturbing episode.

    I'm pretty sure they're more machine than you mister Smurf Gorilla.

    His colors are fading.

    I'm ready to see Cyclonus go ape shit now guys and girls.

    Uh or not. He's actually going to make good on his threat and destroy them.

    Alright Gavaltron is doing some Frieza level shit right now.

    Respect levels are topping the charts.

    Cyclonus and Gavaltron share the same rivalry as TronCon and Scream with one exception - Gavaltron is the annoying bitch in this relationship.

    "I am Gavaltron, I am your destruction!" That's a pretty good quote to be honest.

    Good shot.

    So you mean to tell me we're actually seeing Gavaltron execute an entire planet?

    lol what the fuck was that noise when he threw him?

    Cyclonus actually managed to stop him from killing that guy. It looks like he is the savior now a days.

    Recap time.

    This was a very unique episode as in it focused almost completely on the Decepticons.

    This recap looks like it's broadcasting straight out of the 80's. Like, the coloring and the audio really sounds like it's from the 80's. No touch ups at all.

    I actually almost prefer it this way.

    They're covering Rodimus Prime being a leader. I have to disagree. He hasn't done much leading so far.

    Alright everyone, see ya' tomorrow for uh, whichever episode I'm supposed to watch next!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S3:EP77 - Carnage in C-minor - 7/28/15!

    Spooky booger planet.

    Soundwave <3

    They're trying to hit Metroplex with a booger.

    "See? See!? I told ya'!"

    Ultra Magnus is leading this assault. I've come to the conclusion that Rodimus Prime is a myth.

    Blaster <3

    Rule #1: Shoot everything.

    No UM and Gav are duking it out again.

    What is this beautiful noise I'm hearing?

    They're getting a little carried away on these voice modifiers.

    Please don't tell me all of these people speak in singing voice..

    Her name is Allegra, fucking lol.

    I can't understand a word Soundwave is sounding. Good ol' Soundwave.

    Gavaltron just got manhandled by the giant red bot.

    Devastator just got rocked by Perceptor. That dude packs a punch.

    Gaval and Soundwave just noped out of that battle.

    Blaster gets it. It was beautiful.

    Who's the giant jet bot, man?

    I also don't know who the character fighting alongside Perceptor is.

    Gavaltron's smiling? Weird.

    Ohhhh - that's why they're all singing. It's a music planet.

    An entire city of bards.

    This is funny. Blaster's having to translate for UM and yet he's speaking just as confusing as the original guy.

    Gaval, you seem to have found your cool again. A bit more chilled than last episode.

    Broadside. That's the giant red guys name.

    Apparently he isn't that giant standing side by side with Blaster and UM.

    It only makes sense that Soundwave and Blaster are lead characters in this episode. I was wondering why Cyclonus wasn't here.

    The soundtrack for this episode is fantastic.

    Alright. A bunch of fruity elves singing. This is my kind of episode.

    Correction - Necromancer elves.

    Ultra Magnus does not compute beautiful music.

    Allegra is leading her own non-existant band.


    See? Gavaltron is reasoning with Allegra instead of just beating the piss out of her.

    That noise was pretty awful.

    Soundwave understands the crazy singing people too. I'll admit I have trouble understanding Allegra.

    I love that Ultra Magnus and Blaster just hold onto Broadside's wings while flying.

    The green harmony is pretty destructive.

    Gavaltron didn't need translating right there... Either he's learning to understand them or he took a lucky guess.


    Her voice just became a Kazoo.

    Why doesn't Blaster just record that part of the harmony to combat them with?

    Woah. Vocal shockwave.

    I should really turn subtitles on for this show. I don't even know if the DVD has that option but I could really use them.

    Now her voice is purple?

    lol. Soundwave is stronger in boombox form.

    Blaster V Soundwave. Let's go baby!

    God, all they're doing is hugging. It's like a modern boxing match.

    Blaster hit him dirty.

    Uh, did I just watch z-bop die?

    Nope. Healing voice of the angels.

    Also, Gavaltron saved Soundwave instead of just himself. I guess rehab did do some good.

    Who's the giant bot fighting now? That's the aerialbots combined for right? I forgot the name.

    Yup, that's them.

    The skinny alien guy didn't sing when he said "What are you gonna' do about that?"

    Correction - Skinny alien girl.


    I don't get it, what are they trying to do?

    That computer is a smart ass.

    Soundwave is flying in boombox mode?

    The Thu'um is strong with these.

    He's playing the third part of the harmony with just his ind?

    Bad news. The Decepticon's just got "Dah!" "FUS-RO-DAH!"

    All of the bots look like they have had a stroke.

    No questions from Z-Bop and Allegra.

    I don't know the fat guys name. I think he helped?

    All Black Autobot who I don't know is taking shots like a champion.

    Metroplex is taking some dang hits like a champion.

    Faso I think is the fat guys name.


    lol anti-sound. White noise. Seems legitimate.

    Soundwave and Blaster are hugging again.

    He erased his tapes. What kind of bot is built in with a delete switch?

    Oh wait. Fucking all of them thanks to the Quintessons kill switch.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S3:EP78 - Forever is a long time coming - 7/29/15!

    Gerry Conway and Carla Conway. Husband and wife I take it?

    Blaster <3

    BLURR <33

    That bowl shaped asteroid!

    Who the hell is speaking through Blaster's chest?

    Sharkticons. Haven't seen them in a bit. But where there's Sharkticon's there are Quintessons.

    Oh, it was RhinoBot.

    Here's the first time I've heard Rewinds name clearly.

    -11 million years. Are they trying to go back before the creation of the Transformers?

    400 Macro Seconds. What we're too good for Astroseconds now?

    They shot under his feet. I wouldn't call that getting him.

    Another time travel episode?

    Rodimus Prime finally shows up for once. Not sure who's with him.

    That's Superion? Yeesh. He looks different.

    Don't talk to Sourball like that ya' bum. Although he sounds much different now.

    What in the name of Alpha Trion? I'm pretty sure that is Alpha Trion.

    I forgot Samurai's alt mode was a bad ass motorcycle.

    I like seeing Blaster use his cassettes.

    Guardian robot thing. I forgot the name so I'll just call them Sentinels.

    Oh. They're just called Guardians.

    Super odd animation glitch on his foot. Half of it just completely disappeared.


    Her head just pulled a complete 180.

    So the Autobots came first then.

    A3? Alpha Trion? Tri = 3.

    Rewind seems to be a pretty smart guy.

    Calm down there Rhinobot.

    Kup <3

    Pipes is a medic then?

    I really wish they would give the Transformers in this season proper introduction. A casualty of continuity I guess as in they can't have as many one off episodes.

    Quint Leader guy just explained what the rings are but I was only half listening. Something about everything being stuck on repeat and being reversed.

    Fairborn is a huge baby.

    Yeah that is Alpha Trion.

    Are you kidding me? He just up and announces the rebellion.

    Star balls? That's a unique name for an attack.

    That was a pretty animation, the flash of the explosion. It didn't really fit in but it was pretty.

    Rodimus gets downed before he can even get a shot off? I really want to like this guy. He was so cool in the movie and now he's just a push over.

    Jesus christ, this episode is ruining the reputation of Alpha Trion as well.

    Superion is trapped between a rock and a hard place at the moment.

    How does Alpha Trion even know his name?

    Uh, what the fuck is going on?

    Well that was confusing as shit.

    Retreat seems to be the bad guys favorite word in this show.

    Now Rodimus is suddenly a good leader again despite not firing a single shot for that whole battle.

    Rhinobot literally gives zero shits about danger. I think I approve. Blaster should probably send out everyone else...

    Apparently the Quintessons can appear as Jedi Visions.

    "OOOouuuUUUUUUUUAAAAAAGGGGGGGGUHUHUH!" - Rhinobot circa 198?

    I forgot about the five faced Quintessons. Do the sub races of Quints have names?

    Uh - The codaremote?

    I mean alright I guess. A sticker is all powerful. (Magnet - whatever)

    Shutting down the gate makes it explode? How cliche.

    Optimus Prime reference <3

    Pretty stars of Alpha Trion <3

    Well that's it for todays episode and now it's showing another pure 80's recap!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S3:EP79 - Fight or Flee - 7/30/15!

    Two jeticons are looking for an autobot.

    If you don't have time to play around you both should probably jump him at the same time.

    IT'S A TRAP!

    You're trying to take cover in a black hole? Don't you remember the episode earlier in the season with the mixed up colors from the black hole?

    Pretty nifty crash landing there.

    A robotic ladle. Cool.

    Creepy glitch on the generic autobots visors.

    Why is no one trying to intervene?

    I love that Scorge just starts blasting and nothing happens.

    Uh, that Constructicon has an Insecticons voice.

    Another reference to Energon being booze.

    Sandstorm. I don't think I've ever heard that name before.

    They locked him up rather quickly.

    He had a rad alt form.

    Prison break in action.

    That LionCon is running really funny.

    Adios Sandstorm.

    Triple changer.

    Of course all of the cons can just superman. I almost forgot about that.

    It's a TIE Fighter.

    So Sandstorm is going to escape and find the Autobots. They will return to fight for the new planet. Gavaltron and the rest of the Decepticons will be exiled. I've figured this episode out.

    Rodimus, Springer and Blurr. He's actually selling Springer out? Cool maybe I can see him in action.

    Oh. I thought this was like an alternative universe. Pleasant surprise.

    I don't know if earlier is always better than later, Blurr buddy.

    It would be a nice touch of some of those that fled to this planet were actually Decepticons. I think Blitzwing proved that not all Decepticons are incoherently evil.

    Woah. Pretty colors.

    I wonder how hard it was to animate some of that. The effects I mean.

    An Autobot boot? That would be like me wearing human skin...

    Well in this crowd shot I can see the back of Prowl and Ironhide's heads plain as day.

    It's nice to see so many Autobots in one episode again.

    It's also nice to see Rodimus actually leading.

    Got dang Sky links is huge.

    That's a pretty hefty artillery gun there.

    He dropped the episodes name.

    That generibot picked up a human pistol.

    That's a pretty shitty call Rodimus. You can't just blow up entire planets man. That makes you a bad guy.

    You're surrendering all of the energon though... *sigh*

    At least the Autobot army is getting way more recruits.

    Don't speak or it will collapse? Is that some sort of security measure or something?

    Ultra Magnus just threw that shit like a dart and almost killed all of the concons. He's awesome.

    That's a bomb? It looks like a bowl.

    Gavaltron just complimented Ultra Magnus in a way.

    I guess you can just blow up the whole planet despite the cons leaving it.

    There goes the safe haven of all Autobots.

    Another pretty explosion.

    I think Sandstorm is going to be a new addition to the cast.

    It's playing the same recap as yesterday. I wonder why they opted to do these recaps instead of running the episodes the usual 22 minutes. Oh well.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S3:EP80 - Theif in The Night - 7/31/15!

    That is one giant Decepticon foot.

    Oh, it's Tripticon.

    I dunno' who that is but it sounds like Macho Man Randy Savage.

    Judging by the size I'm going to guess that's Metroplex.

    Yup. Metroplex.

    That is a massive autobot ship.

    SEASPRAY<3 YAYYYYY! <33333333333

    He sounds different but still great.

    That's broadside? Uh, do what now?

    Castro makes an appearance.

    lol Carbombiah.


    Tripticon has such an awesome transformation.

    And a boyfriend apparently.

    That boyfriends alt mode looks like Megatron's at in DOTM.

    I just realized Tripticon is the decepticon version of the dinobots.

    Octane. That's an awesome name.

    Fifty energon cubes an hour? So you're giving him 50,000 barrels of oil an hour? Yeesh.


    "President for life" lol.

    Why is Octane trying to reason with this guy? Why doesn't he just smash him? Award for the most reasonable Decepticon ever goes to him.

    I don't think we really have armed guards guarding all of our gold like that.

    In fact, I don't think we have any gold left.

    Dramatic gold fall!

    The music during the transition sounds a little different at the beginning in this episode for some reason.

    I got excited for a second, I thought that jeep was Hound.

    This guy keeps threatening to call the Autobots. It's the equivalent of a drug dealer threatening to call the cops.

    This is why all of the Dinobots need to remain with Grimlock at all times. Stupid accusations like this wouldn't happen.

    Apparently the cubes turn into cardboard boxes when the energon is depleted.

    That's some beautiful humming and a beautiful moon.

    But apparently it's day time now that Tripticon is over the palace.

    Aww, I thought all the other Decepticons weren't going to appear.

    Octane's a renegade? Yeesh. Maybe that's why I like him so much.

    Octane is probably my favorite new decepticon. Trypticon is pretty epic as well.

    So energon to them is like spinach to popeye.

    Warpath? Why is your chest white?

    Nope. That's not Warpath. I have no idea who he is.

    Odd lines running down the screen at the moment for some reason.

    Huh, it was just that scene.

    Gavaltron leaving it to Octane instead of just conquering the country? Odd.

    lol trip brought in the friggen' Eiffle Tower.

    Those lines are back. They keep showing up during the Jetbot sequences.

    I've heard TIE fighter effects a lot in this show but this is the first time I've heard AT-AT/AT-ST effects.

    So a touchdown in the water suddenly allows him to regenerate and be fine to fly again?

    Man, Trip is so massive in this scene. I love it.

    Metroplex is pretty bad ass as well.

    Also, Grimlock is actually using his robot form for once.

    Thrust <3 Dirge <3

    Aerialbots. That's the name of them. Couldn't remember it earlier.

    You know, I haven't seen Arcee in a good few episodes.

    Metroplex just speared Trip in the freakin' chest.

    LOL! He's worried about him falling on a building so he picks him up and throws him into the ocean again.

    They're all running away from Metroplex the way they used to run from Omega Supreme. I really miss that guy...

    The leader of Carbombya is being reasonable?

    He just swore on his uncles goat man.

    and his brothers shiek...

    Well then. This was an interesting episode. Octane and Trypticon are my favorite Decepticons from Season 3 so far. Cyclonus is up there with them.

    Have a good weekend everybody!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S3:E81 - Starscream's Ghost - 8/3/15!​

    Well... here we go... This is uh, Starscreams... Ghost... *sigh*


    They're working with the Decepticons?

    Huge animation error. Gavaltron wasn't even in the throne while he was yelling at the Gamorean guy.

    Octane's being rather rude this episode.

    The animation in this episode is absolutely horrendous. The camera angles are shifting like crazy.

    Uh, Octane was about to watch some roboporn.

    TIL Decepticons can smell.

    Wait... So Octane is working with the Autobots?

    Dude the animation in this episode is HORRIBLE.

    That Autocopter could use some repairs to get rid of all that smoke.

    He also just took down a tree without issue.

    If I hear Ocbuddy one more time I'm going to cry.

    His third form is a tanker? Awesome.

    This Autobot is an idiot.

    Also, they're at Autobot city. Where are all the Autobots?

    These jokes are just bad.

    Why is this episode moving so damn fast?

    Those swallowing sound effects aren't what I expected from a Transformer eating.

    Why hasn't this guy taken Octane to see Rodimus Prime or Ultra Magnus? I feel like that should be step one.

    How convenient...

    The eyes on this green creature that just ate his blaster are pretty unique.

    The little guy trying to assassinate Octane is reminding me of the freakin' Looney Tunes.

    You have a wife and kids? Poor lady.

    Pretty fingernails Cyclonus!

    Wait, I blinked. Are they on Cybertron now?

    This is an Autobot controlled planet and the cons are just running free.

    Those bars were like a screen on that cover.


    He's talking to these statues like they're old friends.

    ... Starscream got his own statue? No way.

    Starscream's super shiny.


    Looney Toons to the max.

    He's half tanker and half robot.

    Scorge is giving multiple thumbs up.

    I think those were Scorge's nails, not Cyclonuses.

    Maybe both?

    So they made a Decepticon tomb with massive statues of the fallen on an Autobot controlled planet...

    The noise Starscream makes while around is horrible.

    What the fuck is going on?

    Shit. Why didn't Starscream just possess Octane in the first place? I guess he either wanted a stronger host or thought he had an ally in Octane since Gavaltron is after him.

    All these evil laughs are almost painful.

    Suffering software.

    Kup JUST found these guys?

    The orange copter is actually trying to save Octane. Respect to him.

    Sourball <3

    They just demolished the Cybertronian Eiffle Tower.

    Ultra Magnus and Rodimus Prime in the same place at once? What a rare treat.

    Rodimus just let him go? Just like that?

    Are you fucking serious?

    I hate Rodimus Prime.

    Anyone who let's Starscream live is garbage in my book.

    Gavaltron looks like a fat cow in that throne.

    They're giggling like little school girls man, that's actually adorable. That's the first time Starscream's made me smile.

    Hand unit to hand unit?

    Good god the voice acting in this episode is atrocious.

    They're like three year olds fighting on the school yard.

    He let them leave again...

    It just showed Cyclonus speaking Octane's lines.

    Cyclonus, you just got your torso shot in half and you're talking like you're as chill as can be.

    So - Starscream is alive again. Sort of.

    Ugh, this episode was absolutely fucking awful. It was all over the place with shit animation and acting. Probably my least favorite episode in the blog so far. With that said, I didn't mind Starscream as much and he actually managed to make me smile.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S3:E82 - Ghost in the Machine - 8/4/15!​

    This is some great music opening the episode.

    Starscream's back again.

    He's making Scorge assault the Decepticons.

    Gavaltron's being a tyrant per usual.

    I'm still not used to Cyclonus' voice changing so much like this nor seeing colorful autobots or all of the sweeps looking exactly like Scorge.

    Scorge's alt also looks very stupid with his head just hanging out like that.

    Oh so now you can't go any closer because the Autobots will spot you despite being all in their business last episode.

    Hi Unicron.

    Background animation errors galore.

    All it takes to reactivate Unicron is a single wire?

    Starscream looks solid right now and not like a ghost at all.

    Well, now he's ghostly again.

    So, you have to grant Unicron 3 labors before you get one wish? That's a crappy contract.

    Warpath <3

    Blaster <3

    Bumblebee <3

    Powerglide <3 I guess he didn't die in that fight.

    Spike <3

    I have no idea what Scream just did in there.

    Oh god, he stole Metroplexes eyes?

    Oh. I think he just means like the cameras.

    Bumblebee is huge right now with massive wheels.

    He just ran over Scourge and just kept driving? What kind of sense does that make?

    I hate Scorges alt form.

    lol they left Warpath all alone.

    Metroplex can fire lasers from his belly button apparently.

    They just detonated Metroplex's brain. That's some pretty heavy stuff.

    Spike's standing on the terminal and he's super small.

    Oh - you're going to contact Rodimus Prime? I thought we were just accepting that he doesn't actually lead us.

    The voice acting is horrible in this sequence with Scorge being encountered by the two nameless guys.

    Oh. Run a muck and Run about. Pretty good names actually.

    Astrotrain <333

    Thrust <3 Dirge <3

    This episode has a lot of good characters in it. I approve. :) 

    He keeps saying "you two" but there are four of them.

    Gavaltron is such a piece of shit.

    How have they not pieced together that those guys are trying to reactivate Unicron completely?

    Hi Blurr <3 No clue what you just said, but it's good to see you again. :) 

    The turrets they're using right now remind me of those from the Ark in Dark of the Moon.

    Poor Astrotrain :( 

    Unicron's eyes are completely fixed and look creepy.

    He also has spooky vampire teeth.

    I'm nominating this for the top 5 worst battle scenes in G1. This dog fight is just awful.

    All of the Autobots just got shocked out of Unicron's head. So I'm guessing he's still powerful despite being, uh, just a head.

    Oh snap. He just threatened to take Scourge's body away.

    Is Gavaltron about to execute these guys?

    He is... Wow.

    Or not, he's just giving them a crap task.

    I never thought Starscream would actually be a threat to the Decepticons.

    Tripticon is such a bad ass looking Transformer.

    That fight lasted all of three seconds before the cons do what they do best - run away.

    Unicron is about to fuse with Cybertron?

    Scourge has the right idea. It's time to get the fuck outta' dodge.

    Tripticon has the ability to neutralize all weapons? Just like that?

    Scourge went to the Autobots for help? This seems to be happening a lot.


    The Decepticon's did something good and worthwhile.

    Unicron actually have into Starscream's demands?

    Well, Starscream has a real body again and in normal Starscream fashion he turned on his "leader".


    Starscream's about to get blasted to pieces again.

    All of that work for a big bucket of nothing?

    Nope. They didn't finish him.

    Rodimus let Astrotrain and Scorge leave without any issues... Another example of crap leadership.

    At least he had enough sense not to send more units to Unicron. There was a sparkle in his eye - Unicron lives on!

    Also, I'm 95% sure that Starscream is going to be back into the show now. He's going to be recruited into the Decepticons and forced to live his second life as Gavaltron's bitch... again.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S3:E83 - Dweller in the Depths - 8/5/15!​

    Springer's helicopter blades are green like his body. That's unique.

    Oh, hello there Arcee. <3

    Hate to tell ya' Arcee but that's Springer not Rodimus Prime.

    I got a feel that power core isn't going to last centuries like you'd like it too. I'd give it about eighteen more minutes.

    That is one funny looking Quintesson. I've never seen one that looks like him.

    Huh, I think this is foreshadowing for Beast Wars.

    The animation in that flashback episode was quality stuff.

    Actually, the coloring and animation in this episode completely looks great so far. It's very anime-y.

    There goes Gavaltron assaulting his own units once again.

    That's racist Gavey.

    That wasn't much of a battle. This season seems to be fond of five second fights.

    Well, the Quints are heading to Cybertron. I'm sure that will work out well.

    Wreck-Gar <3

    Kup's with the Autobot group and hasn't said a word. That's a bit out of character.

    They knew Gavey would blast anything he sees.

    Alright, these are some awesome Digimon looking mothers.

    Gavaltron actually helped Scourge out, good on him.

    Cyclonus is running. Except sike, that Saiyan monkey is about to rip him to pieces.

    I love that despite him beating on them all the time, all of the Decepticon still scream for Gavaltron's help at the first sign of trouble.

    The interior of Cybertron looks oddly organic.

    That window thing has a question mark on it.

    Good kill, Wreck-gar.

    There's an Indominus Rex in there with them.

    Well, another Sweep bites the dust.

    For all I know Scorge died at the start of the season and a sweep just took his place just for the hell of it.

    The slug worm has that same horrible inhaling scream as most of the other beasts in this show.



    Not cool, man. They better use the core to heal the fallen or something.

    Take notes Rodimus Prime, Springers showing leadership.

    I get it. "Cancelled your series", because he speaks in TV talk.

    Good night Springer.

    Arcee seems to have lost her Autobot emblem.

    Kup is gray again instead of green/teal.

    Dirty Decepticons. =\

    That sweeps face is seriously fucked up lol.

    Kup's bowling.

    He sacrificed himself for Arcee - THAT'S an Autobot.

    Ultra Magnus running? Odd.

    I actually like this new Quintesson. Chalk that up as another first.

    Don't you mean your brains, Cyclonus?

    ... Gavaltron, you're a fucking jackass.

    Well, bye Scorge.

    Anyone wanna' guess who plays favorites here? Gavaltron, that's who.

    Huh. He actually left Cyclonus behind. I wasn't expecting that.

    Ultra Magnus' rocket pods? Yes, please.

    I expected Gavaltron to offer some truce to defeat the creature. I expected wrong.

    I'm making all sorts of poor assumptions here today.

    Arcee actually saved Ultra Magnus. Another false assumption. I thought he'd get taken and this would be an Arcee episode from here on out.

    Oh. It's a leech. I have no idea how I didn't notice that before.

    The writers of G1 must have been fans of Zombies and the undead in general.

    Welcome back to the land of the living AutoCons.

    lmfao. Optimus Prime is standing right there shooting at the beast.

    I haven't seen Rodimus make a single choice in this season that didn't have a crazy negative to it.

    The giant leech just magically managed to land on the Quintesson ship. How convenient.

    That's it? Well that episode was alright. The animation quality was much better than the last few and I really enjoyed the more unique story line. See you all tomorrow!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S3:E84 - Nightmare Planet - 8/6/15!​

    Hi Nano. Cool music you're running too.

    Cool clown elf too.

    And a witch.

    Hi Gavaltron.

    With your creepy laugh.

    Rodimus, why are you just hanging out in Nano's room?

    Nano has a much nicer bed than I ever did.

    I love that their house is super futuristic but the inside of Nano's room is old fashioned.

    The Predacons have arrived.

    Rodimus' close up looks great.

    Uh, I guess the entire villian cast of Scooby-Doo, Where are you? can just show up unannounced.

    Springer and that other fool just got taken by the dragon.

    Uh, a giant and a witch?

    Nice teeth. You've only got 4 but they sure are pearly white.

    How did the Quintesson's get their hands on Nano?

    OK, that is an absolutely beautiful castle and backdrop.

    The dragon sounds fucking ******ed.

    Princess Peach? So this is why Toad always said she was in another castle.

    This is similar to the plot of Shrek.

    "M'lady" - Springer is a neckbeard.

    Lioncon is a "Chad".

    That's a giant toad.

    Rodimus has some very red eyes right now.

    She melts from water? Well then. Great Wizard of OZ reference.

    Nano is conjuring weapons for the Autobots in his dreams.

    That's a lot of snakes just popping up out of the ground. They also sound insanely dumb and I'm pretty sure I just saw a squid head down there as well.

    Nano sent in the reinforcements.

    Ultra Magnus begging Rodimus for help? That's odd and of course Rodimus doesn't help him.

    The Bullcon sounds like the villian from the first Men in Black film.

    Tigercon is fighting the creature from Little Shop of Horrors.

    His brothers too apparently.

    "Knight Springer"

    I like these episodes where the Autobots and Decepticons are working together.

    A reptile clown?

    Oh. They're aliens.

    Rodimus just got drop kicked by the fat one.

    Then he slapped him in the face lol.

    It didn't even show how Springer and Razorclaw got out of their cell. It just cuts to Springer fighting the dragon. That's super lame.

    There's a ferris wheel and a rollercoaster in the background?

    Uh. Well then. Some odd stuff is going on in here.

    Gavaltron looks mighty goofy right now too. All dis-proportioned.

    Jeez, he's squeezing the life out of both of them. That, uh, that would be one awful way to go.

    Headstrong looks adorable right now.

    Giant Rodimus VS Giant Gavaltron. Cool. This is the most action I've seen from Rodimus in ages and it isn't even the real him.

    The audios messed up here, they used giant Rodimus' voice for regular Rodimus' line.

    Why do Rodimus Prime's eyes keep switching between Blue and Red? Like how did they actually fuck it up that much?

    Springer is riding Razorclaw. That's not something I thought I'd see.

    Follow the Yellow Brick Road... You've got to be shitting me.

    That Quintesson is just a floating mask. It has no body right now.

    I'm... I'm not quite sure what the hell is going on right now.

    He's screaming clearly despite being knocked out apparently.




    LOL! He must have inherited Spike's super strength since he just busted out of those restraints like they were a wet paper bag.

    I'm impressed. I expected Razorclaw to just run without trying to fight. I mean, it still played out that way but at least he tried to continue fighting.

    That smile at the end. You know Rodimus, we know you know. Adorable.

    Well that's it for this episode and I've got to say the number one thing I dislike about Season 3 so far is that every single episode excluding the five part opener feels rushed. Like everything moves way too fast.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S3:E85 - The Ultimate Weapon - 8/7/15!​

    Thugs in striped shirts on a miniature gold course.

    That 9 MM is firing lasers.

    This might end up being a protectabot episode.

    Damn, gram gram's packin'.

    Good job lying to Rodimus, Ultra.

    The helicopters name is blades?

    Here comes Gavaltron out of no where.

    With... half the decepticon army.

    Lasers are firing all around first aid but not one connected.

    Good point Protectabot.

    Steeljaw and Ramhard... I thought they were Predacons?

    Both teams have awful accuracy once again.

    I spoke too soon. Gavaltron can hit a giant building.

    I can't remember the name of any of those decepticons right now. I think one's Brawl.

    That's Swindle, right?

    Put it back... C'monnnn, put it back buddy.

    Yup. That's Swindle. I got one right. Hot dog.

    First Aid doesn't believe in fighting yet he transforms into a giant combiner that kicks ass... Wowzer.

    I don't know what those black holes in the walls are but they have some trippy designs going on inside of them.

    Uh, damn Tripticon. Play with those warships like their bath time tugbots some more please.


    They're meeting on a beautiful beach.

    Swindle is the most hard headed Decepticon ever - excluding Starscream.

    Nano <3

    Who's Nano's friend that looks like Carly as a child?

    She screams like a banshee.

    Gavaltron is flying in unison with Tripticon. As in Trip takes a step and Gaval hovers a little forward then comes to a dead stop.

    Metroplex looks super fucked up on the inside.

    First Aid's just gonna' up and bail like that?

    Rodimus is being an emo kid.

    Aerialbots <3

    How can you transform into Defensor without First Aid?

    Wait... First Aid is a pacifist and he's one of the freakin' arms!?

    Why don't the aerial bots just combine?

    Ah. Speed. I get it.

    lol. He sat down in a puddle.

    Sourball <3

    He's freakin' choking him. This is like when Anakin flew into the Federation ship.

    At least he's trying to pick up Air Raids confidence.

    How was any of that Tripticon's fault? Quit being a dick Gavaltron.

    Vortex... Don't be an idiot. You can see the freakin' autobot insignia on the hood.

    Commercial time if the songs anything to go by.

    Yup and Spike's face as he watches his child plummet over the side of a cliff is beautiful.

    How the hell does Vortex not recognize Spike or Nano to begin with?

    Or Ultra and Rodimus in alt form?

    Ultra Magnus and Rodimus Prime seem to work well as a team.

    Hiya Cyclonus!

    Even Cyclonus didn't recognize them. Oh my god.

    Spike doesn't have the box in his hand during this sprinting sequence.

    Gavaltron is beating down the Stunticons... While they're already down. I almost hate him as much as Starscream at this point.


    Chug down a few sips of Oil? I guess energon booze is low.

    The cog was a diamond type thing and now it's a cog. Well then.

    Ultra Magnus is Rodimus Prime's mentor. I really hope this dude quits questioning himself and takes charge before the end of this season.

    Tripticon looks absolutely massive coming over that hill.

    Metroplex <3

    The animations during this sequence are good quality.


    First Aid has become a appliance repair man.

    NUL-A, not NUL-2.

    He's always wearing a New York Yankees hat.

    Hi Hotspot!

    Tripticon's about to get the smack down!

    Or... I guess he can just get slammed down once.

    Your ultimate weapon is a walk man?

    He's calling his bluff.

    Gavaltron's emblem looks seriously fucked up right now.

    Rodimus Prime just said the ultimate weapon is his mind. Cocky. I like it.

    Ultra Magnus has some goofy looking arms when inverted.

    Hey look at that. Tripticon is sinking to the bottom of the ocean... again...

    I guess Rodimus Prime is finally getting that wake up call he needed. Hopefully he doesn't forget it during the next episode.

    Have a great weekend everybody!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S3:E86 - The Big Broadcast of 2006 - 8/10/15!​

    Junkion is very red and apparently Wreck-Gar has a lady friend.


    The Quintessons are just hanging out on Junkion?

    The Quints often get new faces that I've never seen.

    Sharkticons are eating the trash. This doesn't seem very subtle.

    The Quintessons also have very plain bodies and and are super fat in this episode.

    Wreck-gar is actually waving them off and now he's about to get lucky.

    Great sizzling stars!

    Astrontrain <3

    Those are some boring looking tanks.

    The ENTIRE seventh grid sector? Wowey.

    Gavaltron just slaps the hell out of Astrotrain for nothing.

    He didn't even get to tell him what he had to say... Ugh.

    I can't understand what the Quintessons are saying so I'm losing some plot insight.

    That giant out of place cloud is supposed to be a cloaking device?

    That giant cloud has lasers apparently.


    Annnnd cut to a transition as soon as someone gets hit. The question is will it follow up with the hit or pretend it didn't happen?

    Half and half.

    The entire screen is puke green at the moment.

    Now they're all enjoying some ballet and quoting Mr. T.

    Geez they're hostile today and getting a ton of company.

    I'm a winner! I'm a winner! I believe in me!

    Where is Wreck-gar's autobot emblem?

    That's one of the few times I've seen Rodimus Prime's full colored alt form.


    Attack Dog Bot?

    Ohhhhhh... Subliminal Messaging in the Junkions channels.



    "GO JACK!" - I think that's supposed to be JOe.

    Oh my god. It's like they're all in heat. That's awful.

    They have jets? This could have been great for a Swat Katz cross over.

    A wasp planet?

    I dunno what these guys are... dark elves?


    Gavaltron's throne is a rock.

    Gavaltron's going to regret the day Cyclonus abandons him.

    Are they in Omega Supreme?

    Oh wow. I think that is him... Right?

    The bass in this song is jammin'.

    Why are the Quintessons trying to start Galactic War 1?

    YAY! That IS Omega Supreme! :D 

    Kup is bouncing all over the place.

    Rodimus just busted your knee cap fool.

    Ultra Magnus was welding absolutely nothing and then Omega Supreme's door was already closed when it zoomed out but it closed on the closed door?

    It's nice to see Omega Supreme in action again :) 

    I love that he doesn't allow them to run without firing also.

    lol wtf. Gavaltron believes in himself.

    Omega just took a big hit.

    Rodimus VS Gavaltron? This hasn't happened since the movie. I'm surprised Ultra Magnus hasn't jumped in for the kill yet.

    Hey dude, I need altitude.

    Ward, I think we've been a little rough on the beaver...

    Well the Junkions are back in their right state of mind.

    Gavaltron always makes himself seem like a hard ass for about five seconds before being a punk again.

    Soundwave's actually flying alongside Gavaltron. Long time no see.

    So this entire episode was about the Quintesson's chasing their diary? Well then.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S3:E87 - The Quintesson Journal - 8/11/15!​

    It looks like an Arabian city VS a Cybertronian city.

    Rodimus Prime has a tiny head.

    The legendary predazord makes an appearance and he's pleased to hear about the high probability of combat.

    A tiny Australian Autobot casette? Adorable.

    Blaster and his tapes all have the superman ability but can't land very well.

    I'm impressed that Rhinobot and the other cassettes can become so small in their alt modes.

    Zordacon just sent out the other Predacons without coming out of his alt mode?

    Rhinocon has diamond eyes. He's watching you.

    What's wrong with you Skylinks? Have you been dipping into the energon reserves while on duty?

    This Quintesson sounds much different than the rest.

    The Quintesson journal looks very different in this episode compared to the previous one.

    Skylinks is such a unique looking bot, but why is his bottom half missing?

    Not just Zordcon, links. Everyone in this show needs target practice. (Excluding in the film where they're all sharpshooters.)

    So there's some mass effect type gate just floating around out there in space.

    lol. That Quintesson is holding a blaster with his little tentacle.

    Rule #1 - shoot everything, including your journal.

    Fact of the day, Sharkticons are idiots. I'd say they're close relatives to Orcs and Ogres.

    Outback. That's the little guys name. I know him but haven't seen him since the very early episodes of the season and I've never seen him in a primary role.

    Gavaltron saves yet another Autobot.

    I feel like both of these civilizations should just wipe each other out, the galaxy would likely be a better place because of it.

    Slapping it really hard to make it work? Just like 80's-90's technology!

    Plant-o-bots. So the Quintessons are just capitalists.

    The soundtrack for this show always has a funky awesome bass line.

    The Quintessons just snatched that journal up like it was nothing.

    These peace offerings have turned into a bar brawl.

    Rodimus Prime and Ultra Magnus are finally stepping in and it's about time.

    Or, maybe it's too late considering the star fleets are opening fire on one another now.

    Rodimus has one of the guys in a headlock, hahaha.

    Spike calling Earth's TV wrestling fake? I can hear the angry arguments from 80's children and man-children alike right now.

    The bots without the turbans look like they are wearing Imperial Armor from Skyrim.

    The Quintessons sound like horrible customer service representatives.

    Yup, all they care about is profit. Capatilist customer representatives confirmed.

    Well, Skylinks had no problem finding these guys despite the warp gate.

    Rodimus makes a great baby sitter.

    Oh snap, these fools are pullin' out guns and stuff?!

    Skylinks is right on time.

    It's a slam dance party.

    I feel like there is some subliminal message in this episode about war and the cost of it all, both profit and loss.

    Now Rodimus and Ultra Magnus are riding Skylinks like a skateboard while blasting the Quintesson ship to oblivion.

    The journal is really big beside Ultra Magnus for some reason.

    Yup, this episode is definitely trying to get a message across.

    This was a great episode in my opinion and I was pleasantly surprised to see Rodimus Prime have a full role without complaining once.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S3:E88 - Only Human - 8/12/15!​

    This intro brought to you by Michael Bay and Coruscant.

    I figured those boxes would be heavy but these guys are throwing them aside with minimal effort.

    Springer just caught that guy with his spinning rotor blades...

    Wait, maybe he had his arms out.

    I didn't think this was Earth. The city seems very futuristic.

    Of course, I guess 2006 was futuristic to people in the 80's.

    Rodimus isn't capable of reading.

    Good shot, Dutch. I have a feeling you're going to have to pay for it later in the episode however.

    Wait. Dutch. There was a Dutch in Dark of the Moon and he is a fantastic character.

    "You're gonna' ice them robots?" - You don't sound very dutch, Dutch.

    He get's paid in knuckle sandwiches.

    Cool mask mister Snake. Except not really. Dreadfully plain.

    So I'm guessing Mr. Snake is actually a snake thanks to that there technology. I also believe Swindle and Snake would be the best of friends.

    There's the episode's name drop.

    What are those lasers supposed to do? They seem un-phased by them.

    Why in the hell would you run directly into the tube?

    Hi Michelle!

    Mr. Snake, you're using your Starscream voice. It's very unattractive. Please stop it.

    Maybe I misunderstood how this technology works. I think he just stole their souls.

    Why would you trust such a high priority job to some thugs? Just do it yourself mister fur coat.

    Uh, do what now?

    All of the Autobots are humans now? Where'd they get the clothes from?

    Well. How convenient that they found clothes that match their robot color schemes.

    Ultra Magnus and Springer are awesome looking humans.

    Arcee is pretty as well. Rodimus is kind of generic.

    You know, I just noticed Mr. Snakes jacket collar looks like something from Cobra Commander.

    Pay a call? What does that mean?

    Rodimus did something selfless. He's in human form yet I applaud the effort.

    Now Rodimus knws what it feels like to have a flesh wound. Much worse than that metal, huh?

    Hi Michelle!

    Oh, Michelle's wanting to get her some robo-man lovin'.

    Apparently Mr. Fur Coat can't keep Mrs. Michelle happy.

    Mean ol' Springer knocked that crazy guys papers all over the place.

    Now Springer gets to watch himself rob a jewelry store. That's pretty much instant karma right there.

    I never knew Rodimus Prime's chest opened up like the harness on a roller coaster.

    These goons are complete idiots.

    Haha, Ultra Magnus better call back with that C-A-L-L-A-T-T.


    That's an awesome looking bike, especially for a thug.

    Dutch, you need to go on some where.

    Rodimus is getting tea for his tummy ache while Ultra Magnus is fighting the good fight.

    "He's been totally occupied with his business", says the beyond horny and neglected Mrs. Michelle.

    Kup just ignored the hell out her. Either he didn't hear her, thinks she's crazy or he's got better things to do.

    Mrs. Michelle... you horny ol' crow. How dareth you back stab the Autobots.

    Springer's eyes are horrifying when in shock.

    Hell yeah, Springer. Do work son.

    Why did it just change from day to night for no reason?

    Well, it's day again. I wish they would make up their mind.

    It's night again. Fucking lol.

    Rodimus just got his payback on Dutch.


    Blaster. You sound absolutely fucking awful. What the hell is wrong with your voice? It's like an auto tuned Wheelie or something.

    Springer your alt form is pretty dope looking when you get a good look at it.

    Grimlock? Long time no see buddy.


    Well there wasn't any moral battles in Autobot city with how fast they blasted their "friends".

    Shouldn't their bodies be busted up from the fight?

    Mr. Snake is a terrorist, Cobra Soldier confirmed.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S3:E89 - Call of the Primitives - 8/13/15!​

    This is a unique opening sequence.

    What did he just call that? Tornatron?

    I'm not quite sure what's going on. This isn't going to be another Kreemzeek episode is it?

    Woah, massive battle between the bots and cons. Pretty sure I just saw 4/5 Dinobots :D 

    Well, I didn't expect that either.

    Rodimus Prime is doing some fighting for once, good on him.

    Jazz and Bee just sprinted by in the background.

    Hey Wheelie!

    Hi Soulball!

    Uh, so the energy is a giant spider basilisk thing?

    It just sucked all of the energy out of Cybertron?

    Woah, what the fuck was up with Unicron's head?

    Swoop is missing from the dinobots?

    Nope. He was just hanging out at the top. Which I guess I should have expected.

    The energy is going to speak to the predacons too I bet.

    Terrorcons? Abominus? Who the fuck are they?

    Oh shit. It's going to get Tripticon as well.

    I bet Sky Lynx as well.

    Tripticon looks very detailed and nice right now.

    Soundwave has a stegosaurus cassette? Since when? Wtf is Randal?

    All of the beastformers are being called back somewhere.

    The dinobots are loading up into Tripticon? Well then.

    Well the odds are evened in the fight now.

    Annnnd Gavaltron's running away.

    Uh... Wow. They're all stone.

    Some useless Autobot weapon. How's it feel to be floating through space being all worthless again Megatron?

    That creepy ass spider thing can grow larger than a planet. That's interesting to say the least.

    I feel like the Predacons should of had a Gorillacon.

    What the hell are the terrorcons? Mythical creatures or something?

    The two headed one looks like the "Strafe" toy from the Age of Extinction line.

    It's odd seeing Tripticon and Sky Lynx work together.

    Sky Lunx is a genius among idiots.

    Oh what the fuck, speaking of a Gorillacon.

    Fucking lol at Grimlocks sprinting animation.

    Sky Lynx is pretty full of himself and reminds me of Cliffjumper.

    That is beautiful.

    I don't even know how they managed to animate that.


    This is reminding me of Pokemon. There's always a bigger, more legendary Transformer the further we get into it.

    Thundercron? I think that's what he said.

    Seriously this liquid type animation is beautiful.

    The spider is now a dragon...

    That's just getting bigger and bigger.

    ...Why do I actually feel bad for Tripticon?

    ... I feel much worse for Grimlock. The bigger T-rex just smashed the smaller one. :( 

    Cool rage, bro.

    Annnnd there goes Sky Links.

    I can only imagine the confusion and upset from 80's children everywhere right now.

    Surprise! He Can!

    Torratron, maybe?

    I feel like the gorilla ghost is going to show up and lead the remaining predacons.

    Tornatron? I really can't figure out this damn energy things name.

    The more you shoot it, the bigger it comes.

    Well, this is a real Zord fight.

    Except that wasn't a fight at all.

    The one head of the terrorcon is eating the ground while the other blasts the rocks out.

    Dinobots are the last team standing! Let's go baby!

    What the hell is that?

    Well, never mind. They got wiped pretty quick.

    So... All of the Transformers are dead right now.

    Exxxxxxcept Grimlock. Because of his hard head. I fucking love you Grimlock <3

    You seem to be back to your Season 2 self in this episode.

    Tunacron is pretty creepy with an energy face.

    That dudes the size of a Gremlin...



    You've got to be kidding me... It's one damn switch right in front of your face and you couldn't figure it out?

    Well, this is uh, a bit anti-climactic.

    Cybertron paid it's power bill.

    Earth paid it's water bill.

    Uh, the pieces falling down around the Gremlin have fucking blood on them.

    Wait, that's it?

    In this recap they actually said Teletran 2. I think that's the first time I've actually heard him named like that.

    Either way, this episode was weird and that's about all I have to say on it.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S3:E90 - Grimlock's New Brain - 8/14/15!​

    I figured I would play the title sequence instead of skipping over it to see if anything's changed.

    It's looking like it hasn't.

    Has the scene with Blaster in the woods always been here? If so then nope, nothings changed.

    Wait... What the hell. It's playing yesterdays episode. Hold on, technical difficulties.

    I have to watch Rodimus Prime limp with this awful metal grinding sound again...

    Alright, we're back on track now.

    Ultra Magnus sounds very different and slightly soft spoken.


    Rodimus, why would you give a Dinobot such a menial task?

    ... Then he has the audacity to get angry with him about it.

    Grimlock's head looks like a whistle again.

    That's a button? It looks like the wheel to a pirate ship.

    At least he still let Grimlock pull it instead of being a jerk.

    Woah, uncalled for Perceptor. Kind of a dick move.

    Hey it's that little bounty hunter guy again. The one that could really use some lotion.

    Wait a minute. That little lizard guy. I know his voice... did I see him in Season 2?

    Cosmos? I nearly forgot you existed little dude.

    He's back for about five minutes before shorting out.

    See Sky Lynx? See what happens when you're a cocky lil' shit?

    Now Springer's malfunctioning. I bet those thugs poured that liquid into the new generator or something.

    Blaster can't send out a signal but he can still manage to say fucking auto buddies.

    Is this Teletran 2's voice? That's, uh, not what I was expecting.

    That's uh, that's quite the impressive electro map there Rodimus Prime... (SPOILER:
    It's a fucking compass.

    I'm getting real tired of these jerks picking on Grimlock.

    I'm getting even more tired of Grimlock's personality being that of a two year old. I miss S1/S2 Grimlock the actually leader.

    ... Rodimus Prime wants to run away. SURPRISE!

    I get it. It only affects the smart bots.

    Thankfully, Grimlock is an absolute moron.

    Rule #1.5 - Smash everything.

    Well this is awkward.

    That's a very brutal trap for intruders. I didn't think the autobots were that dark.

    Once again, that's a very convenient place for kill switch.

    Ratbat. The laser beak wanna' be.

    Snarl <3

    LOL! Stegosarus' has some awesome eyes compared to the others.

    That guy called Gavaltron a creep-o. That's a one way ticket to the graveyard.

    OK, I may have been a little harsh on Ratbat. He looks pretty cool.


    I don't know any of the Decepticon's behind Gavaltron.

    The Terrorcons I guess then after seeing their alt modes.

    I don't even know what Grimlock just said...

    Sludge and the others have the right idea. Grimlock's pretty snobby when he gets a little bit of brains about him.

    There goes that shiny new ship.

    Rodimus Prime is a coward.

    Annnnd now he's about to be ripped in half.

    BEHOLD! Grimlock the great deserter.


    Oh wow. He made a completely new Autobot.

    LOL Grimlock! YOU'RE A DADDY NOW <3!

    That is one kick ass alt mode.

    Nosecone's been in the show for a whooping five seconds and he's already nearing my top 5 list for favorite Season 3 characters. To be fair, there's not a lot of competition.

    How is Unicron still alive?

    Oh wait. Someone plugged him back in a while ago.

    Who is that extremely red Autobot?


    Are these all Autobots that Grimlock created?

    Poor Nosecone just got shocked the fuck up.

    Rodimus Prime managed to get a shot off. Congratulations.

    Technobots? That one looks like Sourball.

    These guys have cool names.

    Scattershot? I know that name. I think it was the name of one of the guns in War for Cybertron.

    They should have named them the Discobots.

    I have a feeling Grim's gonna' sacrifice his brains or something.

    Scattershot has an awesome alt mode.

    Ok, I already forgo his name but the bike one is also fucking awesome. Afterburner maybe?

    So the Technobots and the Terrorcons are rivals.


    Also, a four piece combiner?

    Grimlock is giving his intelligence to Computron.

    These guys really went all in on the combiners. You guys had to eat that shit up back then.

    Alright. The Technobots are fucking awesome.

    Poor Swoop getting no time with the Dinobots :( 

    I agree, Grim, I agree.

    Well that's it for today's episode and it's probably been my favorite in Season 3 so far. We got to see Cosmos again for the first time in ages, Grimlock had an episode dedicated to him and the Technobots are just radimus. The downside? Rodimus continues to show that he's the worst leader in Autobot history. What the hell where the writers thinking?

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S3:E91 - Money is Everything - 8/17/15!​

    Lazy Sue has bank on it, doesn't it?

    Why is this guy the only crew member of a ship carrying such big cargo?

    Strafe is a loud mouth. I love it.

    I thought Fairborn was turned into a baby or something a few years ago.

    He's also an idiot apparently. He attacked the trader ship.

    Afterburner is a hot head.

    Hey, there's that other whateverthisversionofbotcombineris that I didn't see a lot of the first time around. A good few of you gave me his name earlier but I've already forgotten it.

    Nosecone is still the coolest looking. It's odd, I thought he would be the leader and not red-car-man.

    Lightspeed. That's his name. His name is lightspeed and he's a car... wowzer.

    This guy reminds me of Cyclops' dad from the X-Men comics. (Uncanny Xmen)

    He just said Saturn you big dummy.

    That has got to be the oddest combiner transformation I've ever seen. There were only three of them to begin with and then they evolved like a Pokemon.

    Now there are a bunch of Celebi's dancing around.

    Fairborn looks nice in a dress.

    That dude is literally just gliding around.

    This guy is Han Solo.

    What the fuck just went on with his eye brows and eyes?

    This fools got a Green Lantern ring to boot.

    This dude's the most interesting human of Season 3 hands down.

    Speaking of humans, whatever happened to Xavier?

    Her clothes are awesome. Very fable-y.

    Saturn is beautiful and that was a god awful pun Lightspeed.

    Strafe isn't listening to him at all.

    Well they just got handled.

    That's what you get for trusting the Quintessons you jackass.

    That Terrorcon is voiced by a guy with a ton of rocks in his mouth.

    The Terrorcons are also as stupid as the Dinobots. I feel like they should have been their rivals instead of the ConCon's and Technobots.

    Blot? Is that really his name? Also, what the hell is he supposed to be? Dead now I guess.

    Never mind. It's a teleporter thingy.

    That is a massive Sharkticon.

    I guess he had some shock thing on his hand or something?

    Oh, nope. It was a bomb thing. A nucular nullifier. Too bad he won't get to use it since he's being blasted out of the sky... again.

    Fucking Lightspeed is getting demolished in this episode. He's been hit like three times since we've started.

    Why wouldn't you just shoot there yourself? You calling it out to Strafe wasted previous seconds ya' bum.

    That fool just got upper cutted. Shoryuken!

    Fairborn... quit thinking with your lady bits and realize the dude is scum.

    Humble brag.

    Are they seriously fucking making out at a time like this?

    Congratulations. You got a single blaster... against five fucking technobots.


    Instead of seven million credits, he gets 1,000... seems legit.

    I doubt he's actually hurting them. He's got some stupid ass plan to help them out. I'm sure of it.

    Called it.

    ... That dude just tossed that priceless item at Fairborn for nothing. Lol.

    Computron is a nerd and I love him for it.

    Easily the best combiner since Devestator, maybe even better.

    Fairborn's lips are all screwed up at the moment.



    The amount of double crossing in this episode is too damn high!

    Also, FB's laugh is just awful.

    Episodes over - quite a good one in my opinion. :) 

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S3:E92 - The Face of Nijika - 8/18/15!​

    So, I've been informed that I labeled two season two episodes as "ep. 15" leading to every episode there after being numbered wrong... I've got some fixin' to do...

    Until then, The Face of the Nijika!

    Those writers have some very unique last names.

    Ultra Magnus is sitting at the head of ship. Rodimus taking a side seat yet again.

    Blurr <3

    Cyclonus, you need to learn to just let Gavaltron make his own mistakes.

    Sky Lynx very rarely has the Lynx half on him.

    I'm having trouble understanding the Quintessons. I have no idea what they're going on about.

    They're being pulled in by the exhaust of the quint ship?

    Did Perceptor just called Rodimus, Optimus or did I hear that wrong?

    Pretty city.

    Samurai elves?

    With giant lizard dragon mounts.

    The Devils return?

    What the hell is going on in this episode man. I can't even understand half of what they're saying. Like I'm hearing the words but can't piece together what they're saying.

    Blurr has a broken leg, how can he move fast now?

    Also, where is Cyclonus?

    Those little tools cut that deep into Perceptor? Yeesh. They looked like hot butter knives.

    There he is.

    What the fuck?



    That Sharkticon just got messed up man.

    That was fast.


    Ultra Magnus willing to leave an Autobot behind? That's not like him.

    Of course, five seconds after Prime and Magnus leave the enemies show up.

    A flying tower? That's cooler than a rocket.

    That guys voice doesn't sound anything like what you'd expect.

    Nijika? I think I'm spelling it right.

    Woah - her voice is much different.

    This has got to be the weirdest fucking episode I've seen in my life.

    The Quintesson's are the devils. I can see that.

    Oh fuck. They're just mowing down innocents. That's a little brutal.

    Some Guardian - he didn't do shit.

    Wait... That's a guy? That sounds like Perceptor.

    Oh. It is.

    He's super tiny compared to Samurai Guy.

    I love Cyclonus' voice. He's right behind Astrotrain for coolest sounding Decepticon. (and film Gavaltron)

    lol. They're just beating on their cap with flails and mallets.

    Just freakin' transform and climb up Rodimus. It's not rocket science...

    This song is my jam.

    Well, well, well. Rodimus Prime had a bad ass moment and line.

    ...Then he ruined it by saying "How about we blow this Popsicle stand?"

    None of those civilians are freaking out over the quints and Cyclonus? That makes no fucking sense. The Quintesson is actually the devil and they're just letting him walk around.

    I would say they didn't know what they looked like but the balloon that just ignited tells a different story.

    This is a bunch of hoop-lah right now. How did none of those people freak out over Cyclonus and the Quintesson?

    I call shenanigans.

    Samurai Guy. :( 

    Simojin? I think that's what they're called.

    ... This is an odd turn of events for Blurr. I guess the Decepticons did survive lava at the end of Season One.

    Blurr can fly? I guess I don't remember much of his alt modes.

    UM and RP just leapt up there like it was nothing.

    That would be a very depressing life to live, not being able to see any stars.

    Hey it's that pretty liquid wall animation again.

    Are they just plugging themselves up to that thing?

    This, uh, this is a odd episode. Pretty fireworks though.

    Well then. Yup. That's uh, that's a transformers episode I guess.

    See ya' tomorrow!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S3:E93 - The Burden Hardest to Bear - 8/19/15!​

    That's a beautiful sunrise and the music playing right now reminds me of old school Looney Tunes.

    That's quite the thing to see during a early morning fishing trip.

    The concons ust up and left? That's it then?

    Also, if Broadside is there, where's Seaspray?

    Astrotrain <3

    The animation on this episode is perfect.

    Astrotrain you sound awful for some reason.

    This is the second japan oriented episode in a row.

    There's more episode in the first two minutes of this episode than all of Season 3 combined this far.


    Rodimus Prime doesn't have an Autobot insignia on his chest in this shot.

    Hey! It's the plot of Dark of the Moon!

    Angsty Rodimus is upset.

    That skyline <3

    Only two of the stunticons stayed behind? That seems logical.

    Wait... Maybe those are combaticons. I can't tell.

    Dead End and Wild Rider? I can't remember what sub-faction they're with.

    Oh wow, the matrix of leadership just popped out like that? That's not a lot of security...

    So I'm assuming Rodimus Prime is now Hot Rod again.

    Where do I get a super futuristic car like that anyway?

    Gavaltron complimented some of his soldiers!? I call shenanigans!

    lol. Never mind, we're back on track now.

    Optimus Prime <3

    I'm assuming that's the old Primes? Gavaltron is scared of a bunch of Ghosts?

    He should have passed it off to Cyclonus if he wanted work done.

    Oh god. Scorge is transforming into some beast.

    He's crying? Wow. He's seriously crying. I'm forced to come back to the "facial hair" argument. You Gwunners are such hypocritical babies.

    I seriously hate Rodimus Prime. Like, I'm going to be honest guys... I might hate him more than Starscream.

    No... No, I can't say that. Starscream is still the worst.

    Hot Rod, you're disappointing me.

    Damn, look at Scorge making moves like a champion.

    This episode kind of puts things into perspective. Maybe Gavaltron beats on his minions all the time because it's his way of dealing with the burden.

    Scorge looks like the melting man from Ka-Blam! (Action League Now!)

    You plan on destroying the Autobots using their own matrix? Yeah, let me know how that works out for you buddy.

    How the hell was Scorge so powerful from using the Matrix but Gavaltron could give Rodimus a run for his money?

    This episode looks so great man. The detailing on Ultra Magnus and Springer are amazing.

    I thought he was going to say "Expect the unexpected" but he got deeper than that.

    Oh shit. Rodimus is about to learn karate.

    I'm sorry, I mean autoboto-san.

    Gavaltron has a five o'clock shadow at the moment.

    Scorge managed to get the combiners fighting for him. Dope.

    This city is beautiful <3

    Let her alone? Uh. Good english?

    Scorge just got handled by a human.

    I'm going to take a shot in the dark and assume Gavaltron is going to help save that city/the earth trying to fight Scorge.

    Well, well, well - Hot Rod's making a move.

    Scorge is beginning to look more like a monster than a transformer with all his parts melting away like that.

    Oop, there he goes.

    How does Hot Rod have the strength to eliminate Scourge that easily whereas Gavaltron got punked?

    Did I just watch Scorge die?

    Not that it would matter with his thousands of clones.

    Maybe not... I think I just saw him with Gavaltron and Cyclonus.

    Alright. This episode went by really quick and I enjoyed it a lot. In fact, it's probably my favorite episode of Season 3 so far. The animation was astounding, the story strong and it was just fun to watch.

    That's it for today and at this point we only have two episodes of Season 3 left. Join me tomorrow for the Return of Optimus Prime!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S3:E94 - The Return of Optimus Prime, Part One - 8/20/15!​

    Two episodes today? Oh yeah.

    That dudes face is scared the hell up.

    These two are flying right into the sun? Seems legit.

    Uh, do what now?

    Why are these people acting like Optimus is alright?

    Wait. So Optimus didn't explode in the earlier episode?

    He's just a shell now.

    These are some super quick minutes. They're equal to like four earth seconds.

    Their job was to crash an asteroid into the sun?

    Those are rats. Not spores.

    Never mind.

    Zombie rats.

    A what? A bitch?

    What the fuck is up with that Con's voice?

    Oh. Terrorcons. I haven't heard them a lot.

    Hi Technobots!

    They've got rapid fire on, just blasting away.

    Abominus vs Computron this early in the episode?

    Well.. That was quick - per usual.

    You're loading her into a Autobot you fucking idiot.

    You're a little over dramatic, doc. Same for you Gregory.

    ... The writers are really bringing Prime back as an enemy again?

    Also the two dudes in this episode are morons. You get attacked by Decepticons and set out to kill the Autobots that helped you?

    Now you're freakin' out about an exo suit?

    Oh my god. This guys an idiot.

    What fucking scientists disses such technology?

    Annnd now they're trying to cremate Optimus Prime.

    Jessica, don't be a cunt. Kill your dad and Gregory.

    "Because I'm your father." - That is the stupidest reason for anything ever.

    Rodimus is dreaming about Optimus? Ooh, baby.

    Protectobots <3

    Defensor <3

    Aerielbots <3

    Superion <3

    Throttlebots<3 - Wait, who the fuck are you?



    WHEELIE <3333

    No Kup? Huh.

    That's one hell of a strike force for some humans.

    Soundwave's face is very fucked up in this scene.

    Also, Soundwave <3

    lol they've just got Optimus slouched up against a wall.

    Oh fuck...

    Ultra Magnus :( 

    Oh shit. This is some fucked up stuff man.

    Oh my god.

    Ultra Magnus wants to kill Rodimus Prime.

    Well that doesn't make any sense. Superion shouldn't be able to form. The pieces of him should hate each other. #PlotHole

    Oh. If the infected touch you, you turn as well.

    Rodimus Prime helping Gavaltron? That's an Optimus Prime move.

    Oh. There's Kup <3

    The cops must feel worthless in this show. Like, all the time.

    Well there goes Defensor.

    Wreck-gar <3333

    That's a heavy request for Sky Lynx. Buuut if you play his ego like that you can consider it done.

    That's shitty. He's shutting down Metoplex.

    I think Rodimus just got got...


    It's like UM has cooties or something.

    I would get my hopes up for a real Ultra Magus V Rodimus Prime fight but that won't happen since RP would get infected on the touch.

    He's tracking his gas fumes? Seems about right.

    Ultra Magnus also sounds super different while infected.




    This is a super dark episode.

    All those humans were running out of the plane in terror instead of fighting.

    LOL @ the Sharkticons. That poor Quint.

    Sky Lynx is like the only Autobot still functioning at the moment then.

    Cool reflexes, Optimus.

    COol dramatic speech Quint but I'm pretty sure he's gonna' be fine.

    Hi Optimus! <3

    Well, that's it for part one. So far this is pretty awesome and I'm glad I missed yesterdays entry because I'm really excited to wrap this up. :) 

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S3:E95 - The Return of Optimus Prime, Part Two - 8/21/15!​

    Optimus Prime's revival scene is beautiful.

    Welcome back, hero. It's a pleasure to have you.

    How does Sky Lynx know what happened? I don't recall Rodimus Prime filling him in.

    Oh hey, Sky Lynx's bottom half.

    Optimus is giving that Quintesson a pat on the back and that is adorabe.

    Kup, Wheelie, Blurr, Steeljaw and Bumblebee are uninfected. Only one of those characters has been here the whole trip.

    Blaster's there too? He didn't mention his name.

    How come Optimus doesn't change forms when he doesn't have the matrix?

    That's Bumblebee? Oh. Now he's gold bug. I can dig it. That must have sold plenty of toys.

    Hi Jessica!

    Where is Spike in all of this mess?

    The animation and coloring in this episode is fantastic. The shading and lighting on the autobots is radimus prime.

    Gavaltron is soloing the entire Decepticon air force. That's pretty bad ass.

    "Have I no friends left!?" I don't think you had any to begin with buddy.

    Gavaltron and Optimus Prime are going to work together and it's going to be absolutely awesome.

    lol. Optimus just got Gavaltron in his loving arms.

    Those guys are supposed to be fueled with rage and hate everything including each other.

    I thought Gavaltron was betraying them. I thought that was a little too quick.

    Gavaltron has very lady like legs.

    That's no spider I've ever seen.

    Where's Jessica's Exo suit?

    AUTOBOTS CAN'T FLY! I hate to disagree. They could in Season One.

    Good bye new Bumblebee. :( 

    Blaster looks amazing beside Optimus Prime.

    I don't know if I should believe Gavaltron or not...

    Who am I kidding? Of course I can't.

    I just realized for the first time that Gavaltron has a goatee.

    Know him too well? You barely know him at all. In fact, I don't think you ever met him. No. You didn't.

    Gavaltron saved them? Radimus. :) 

    Well... Everyone got turned except Sky Lynx, Prime, Tron and Jessica.

    How unexpected... /s

    Get your gun bitch slapped out your hand fool.

    I didn't even realize Sky Lynx was capable of holding a blaster.

    Goodbye Jessica.

    Aw man... Tron was turned. :( 

    Optimus was completely silver there.

    Also, Jessica just grabbed Sky Lynx's tail for a second and he wasn't affected?

    I'm pretty sure he's used that race line before.

    I'm surprised. Rodimus Prime's completely red and they DIDN'T forget his emblem.

    Oh, he was all silver because of the steel.

    Rodimus is listening to reason despite being infected?

    And here I thought Rodimus was going to prove himself worthy for once.

    Is OP trying to kill RP? If so, that's very not cool.

    "No one is innocent!" I have to agree with Rodimus Prime for once.

    Sky Lynx :( 

    I thought for sure he was going to make it through without being infected. This episode has made me really like Sky Lynx.

    As if you can't tell Optimus from those junker cars.

    This is like watching two third graders wrestle.

    Optimus just stole the damn Matrix back...

    Travel into the matrix? It's been a while since anyone has done that.

    Rodimus is in the Matrix. Awesome.

    Alpha Trion! <333

    This is the first Quintesson I've ever liked.

    This is like a zombie apocalypse episode.

    That is a demonic ass face.

    Optimus Prime is putting a lot of faith into that matrix.





    Let's go baby!

    This is my shit.

    This is fantastic.

    Fuck you Gregory. You helped start this asshole.

    I like how the music just stops when the Matrix stops. It's like it's a juke box.

    Gavaltron is standing among the others?

    OH SHIT!




    Optimus was suddenly silver again.

    Wait. He gave the matrix back to Rodimus. Does this mean Rodimus Prime will remain the leader of the autobots? Is Optimus back to stay? Is the Decepticon Autobot war over? Where the hell is MIRAGE!?

    That left me with way more questions that I started with. But I'll accept it. This is easily my favorite episode of Season 3 and was a fantastic way to close it out. Now I'll see you all Monday for the start of Season 4!
  5. CaptainSlayer

    CaptainSlayer Bayfomer Fan

    Jul 29, 2014
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    --------Season Four--------​

    S4:E96 - The Rebirth, Part One - 8/26/15!​

    95 episodes down, 3 to go. Here's Season 4, Episode 1 (96) - The Rebirth Part 1!

    Well this opening sequence is absolutely beautiful and much better than season 3's, even with the worst version of the theme song accompanying it.


    Scattershot sounds like he's speaking with a mouth full of rocks.

    Hi Ultra Magnus!

    Hi Optimus Prime!

    Optimus has had some overwhelming feelings <3

    Is the top part of Optimus Prime's helmet a different color?

    I guess Optimus is leading the Autobots again? I thought he left the Matrix with Rodimus Prime in the last episode.

    That is a pretty bad ass con. I don't know his name so he's just going to be baticon.

    Wingspan and Pounce? I've never heard of them.

    Huh. New cons. I'm not sure I know who the Autobot disguised as a con is either.

    I got a phone call and missed the name of the Mirage-like bot.

    There's the throttle bots again.

    What key?

    Does Rodimus Prime not exist anymore or something? It seems dirty to just leave him out of the opening episode of Season 4.

    Punch? I think that's his name.

    Oh. There's Rodimus Prime.

    Never mind. He's Hot Rod again. I guess Optimus took the matrix back after all.

    Nano's gotten pretty good at shooting.


    They're looking to combine humans and bots? I can get down with that.

    Kup! Eye brow! >.> I think.

    Six shot is pretty bad ass.

    That hole didn't look that big when Scourge was climbing down into it.

    There goes Scourge getting zapped with Autobot power again.


    Scourge may have just died.

    I guess that's Scorpanok in that commercial sequence?

    New seekers?

    I'm 99% sure that guy was choking Blurr out.

    That was a bit dramatic, don't you think?

    I guess Hot Rod got his humor back when he gave up the matrix.

    I wish Grimlock was here to hear Kup's story. :( 

    Boy are we glad to see you!? And your laser lassos!

    These aliens sound like Texans.

    A new seat of twins? Roger Dodger, Optimus Prime!


    Nebulon... I feel like I've heard that name before.

    The new Autobot helicopter guy in the transition sequence looks awesome.

    I feel a bit overwhelmed at the number of Autobots and Decepticons I don't know... I don't know the majority of Season 3 bots and cons.

    Sludgeseeker. I think he's actually a new seeker but he doesn't seem to have any clones.

    Hot Rod and that other bot look a lot alike in vehicle form.

    Nano just got mangled.


    Baticon just took off with that guy like he was a paper weight.

    Arcee and Nano sitting in a tree. P.R.O.G.R.A.M.M.I.N.G!

    Nano's going to combine with one of the autobots. Guaranteed.

    ... That guy is raking a metal floor?

    Soooo, the hive are the Locust from Gears of War?

    All of these Aliens have Autobot names.

    Ohh, they're going to combine with the Autobots too.

    I guarantee there are just enough aliens to bond with the Autobots :p 

    ... Uh, so Cerebros is the new First Aid? All pacifistic and such.

    "Give me, Daniel." Oh baby.

    Wait, what the fuck? They just pulled their heads off like helmets.

    Head masters? So this is what you guys were talking about now.

    This season just got weird as shit.

    Well, that's it for today. See you all tomorrow!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S4:E97 - The Rebirth, Part Two - 8/27/15!​

    It's time for... recap man!

    It's weird seeing Autobot heads just sitting around.

    Chrome Dome?

    Eye brow was their last pick.

    This is odd man. My power rangers theory is just gaining more and more traction. I don't think you can deny it much longer Metroplex.

    I didn't think the inside of an Autobot's head would be completely empty.

    I feel like the green guys could have told the Autobots how to do all this without getting into their heads.

    The hive are the same breed as the green alien Nebulon guys?

    Scourge doesn't torture Blurr when he gives him sass but he tortures Kup?

    Also, points to Hot Rod for having some honor.

    Wait, the heads are alt forms themselves? This is silly.

    That guy wants to rub them out. Ooo.

    Alpha Trion <3

    Vector Sigma seems to be an odd little thing. You can just push stuff into it apparently.

    I don't think I've mentioned recently how much I hate Scourge's stupid alt form.

    Damn Zaron, you're buff as shit.

    In this episode - the cons get to become head masters as well, though I'm sure they'll name it something silly.

    This guy is manhandling the cons without breaking a sweat. If he were a good guy this season would probably have ended just now.

    "Remove your heads!", I'm still not OK with that.

    Vector Sigma is beautiful on the inside. Alpha Trion is love <3

    Seriously the background on the inside of VS is beautiful. That city is awesome.

    Why does a giant computer have desires to interfere with Cybertronian affairs?

    Zarack. Not Zaron.

    Why would you just leave Ultra Magnus behind like that? He's the strongest soldier in the Autobot army.


    Krunk! (Crunk?)

    Baticon has an awesome voice. Props to his voice actor.

    Oh, right. He can control the minds of others, I forgot aboout that.

    Why did Cerebrous just throw himself off the edge of that cliff?


    Yup. Different name, the Decepticons are target masters.

    Oh wait, no, they have head masters too.

    Target masters are the weapons.

    So the Autobots are actually outnumbered in tech then.

    That Autobot sounded like Gavaltron.

    Freekus is a mindless drone.

    Yes, they can fly and the autobots can't... Heyyyy, whatever happened to the - I don't know - FUCKING AERIALBOTS!?

    The Autobots have made their own target masters at this point and they're about to get nasty.

    Man, they were digging for ideas at this point. Too many toys.

    Haymaker has a very familiar voice. I want to say he was is a Disney movie (Goof Troop?) and Animaniacs.

    Cyclonus got that bass in his voice for a split second.

    annnnd now Arcee wants Scourge to give it to her. Oh baby.

    That is one massive ass Decepticon.

    Scorpanok <3

    Annnd that's it for the episode.

    Well, we've come a long, long way and we've got just one episode left! Join me tomorrow for the last episode of Bayformer Fan watches G1!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    S4:E98 - The Rebirth, Part Three - 8/28/15!​

    Well, this is it ladies and gentleman. Just over a year and 100,000 page views later - the last episode of the G1 Transformers. Let's get this train rolling.

    I'm not going even going to entertain the idea of trying to know the names of all these new characters for this episode. It's too much work.

    Recap time!

    Hmm... It's a bit disappointing that Nano linked up with a bot and Spike didn't now that I think about it.

    Why doesn't Optimus Prime revert back to that 60's looking bot without the matrix like Rodimus turns back into Hot Rod?

    Scorpanok. I somehow managed to completely forget that he made an appearance yesterday.

    Purple doesn't seem very intimidating on a giant scorpion but then again all of the Decepticons are a shade of purple.

    Why does Spike want to leave Cerebros behind?

    That is one massive battle... Sourball!

    Good thing someone tried to tell me the Aerialbots were dead...

    Oh. Well, maybe they are now. They just got destroyed.

    Uh, that seems... cannabalistic?

    Ultra Magnus <3

    Protectobots <3 (I think)

    Those guys are getting laid out man.

    I feel like Ultra Magnus' second death is upon us.

    For the first time in the series, I agree with Gavaltron.

    It's no surprise that I agree with him and he doesn't go through with blasting those cretins.

    Cerebrous is actually a really cool looking autobot despite having a Decepticon color scheme.

    They're in love <3

    Mafiacon is ripping his freakin' arms off. That's some Mortal Kombat level shit right there.

    I actually expected Zordon/Zarbark/Zardoodoo to instruct mafiacon to continue ripping Nano's arms off. That would have been true villainy.

    Here's another situation where if the transformers were human, it'd be extremely grotesque and creepy. They are quite literally a mound of corpses at the moment.

    Of course he is Scorge! He's Gavaltron! He literally gives no fucks about anything.

    Ultra Magnus and that other bot are up and moving now? Weren't they just dead?

    He's going to make a giant Transformer. That's what's up, Spike!

    Earth is so pretty. :D 

    The Piccalonians are right! DESTROY THE KEY!

    I bet you feel like a real jack ass now, don'tcha Kup!?

    ... I now disagree with the scummy Piccalonians.

    Leave it to Optimus Prime to walk into a trap so easily.

    Woah, Gavaltron's coloring looks sick when that energy is beaming around him.

    "So long suckers!", really doesn't sound much like a Cyclonus line.

    Fortress Maximus? Fuckin lol.

    Jesus Hasbro - the well has run dry and you're still just scrapping the stone.

    Spike's suit suddenly disappeared.

    I guess this does solve my earlier statement about Spike not combining with a bot.

    I find it funny that the show wasn't able to use actual bullets in guns but they were able to use real rockets.

    Giant Robot fight? Yes, please.

    Maximus is super fat.

    He also just ripped into the side of Scorponak like it was a wet paper bag.

    The rapid fire on that thing is crazy.

    That was the fastest 6 seconds of all time. They were probably astroseconds.

    Spike cares about Nano more than the survival of the Autobots. I mean, who can blame him but... still... I feel like sacrifice should be a requirement. Remember - No sacrifice... NO VICTORY!

    Everyone speak very slowly with forced words some more please.

    How come Arcee isn't affected?


    The energy is over loading the sun... This is like the fourth episode that has the sun threatening the entire galaxy.

    It's probably done by flipping a switch knowing this show, Spike.

    This episode caused many a seizure, I'm sure...

    Vector Sigma is about to get one giant boost of energy straight for the mother fucking sun, son!

    Annnnd, all the Autobots are alive again.

    Oh shit. Cybertron is back to a literally golden age.

    Arcee and Nano need to get a damn room.

    Cerebros quit trying to be Perceptor...

    Bumblebee is regular old Bumblebee again.


    Four seasons and Prime's trailer still just disappears into thin air. At least they got that continuity right.

    Oh my god. Arcee and Nano are actually in love. This is some weird pedo-mecho-non-sense.

    Fucking lol. This dude has no fear of Gavaltron. Absolutely no fear.

    A new competitor to Gavaltron's reign appears!

    Well, that's it ladies and gentleman. Transformers Season 4 is finished and so is this blog. When I started this back in August of 2014 I had plenty of people claiming we wouldn't make it this far and at times it looked like they might have been right!

    But alas, it's been one hell of a long journey and we made it. I'm going to take this weekend to review the blog and gather my thoughts on the series before posting my final thoughts and other fun things with the original post.

    For now, I'll say that this conclusion was much better than what I was expecting. Seeing Spike essentially save the Autobots and bring about a new golden age of Cybertron wasn't something I expected and it brought everything around to put a pretty little bow on it all.

    Hell, they even managed to make me like Cerebros (Cerebrous?) in only three episodes!

    So with that said. I hope you've all enjoyed the blog and I'll see ya' next week, enjoy your weekend!

    (P.S: If you have any questions, ask away and I'll try to answer as many as I can!)
  6. CaptainSlayer

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    Jul 29, 2014
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    I hope you guys and girls are comfortable because this is going to be one very long entry.

    First note, this version of the theme song is the greatest thing I've heard in my life.

    Plenty of bots and cons on the main menu that I don't know. I believe one of them is Rodimus Prime.

    Alright. Here we go.

    OK, Food Lion sponsored this I guess.

    Marvel has a neat little intro thing.

    Spoopy music as a death orb hangs out between two suns or something.

    A lot of flashing going on right now.

    Cybertron looks crazy different.

    This must be the past. I'm glad the bots use escalators.

    More robots with facial hair... tsk, tsk and all you guys hated on Sentinel.

    The animation looks super smooth man.

    Unicron is the death orb.

    I'm assuming he's like Galactus but a Transformer.

    This dude is eating Cybertron with his freaking eye.

    I'm glad I don't have epilepsy right now.

    Oh god. Those guys got pulled back in.

    lmao. This horrible all destructive planet orb thing and it has the cartooniest chewing sound effect.

    Oh snap. Here's the jams man.

    OK. I'm geting hype.

    Let's fucking go baby.

    Woah. Acid Trip.



    Hot Rod?

    Judd Nelson... I know that name.


    Ultra Magnus?


    Unicron. I know that one. Or well, I've heard it before.

    Co-starring Blurr???

    I mean I guess Optimus don't need no credits you jerk.

    Wait a minute... It's 2005... Are you guys sure this sites name is from when it was founded? If so, someone knew what the hell they were doing.

    Vince DiCola you know how to rock that bass, bruh.

    Cybertron has moons?

    News to me.

    The cons rule Cybertron and the bots are chillin' on the moons just letting laserbeak linger around.

    Autobot city on Earth?

    So the bots are actually working on an offensive. That's new.

    Jazz <3

    Nostalgia kickin' me in right now with these Season One characters.


    Spike is one handsome mother fucker.

    Sorry if the language is bothering anyone. I get cursey when I'm hype.

    This is so beautiful man, it's so fluid and clean!

    Pretty sure that was Prowl. In which case - Prowl <3

    Dude Shockwave looks menacing as shit.

    God dammit Starscreams here. Movie ruined.

    Megatron looks menacing as hell too.


    Dude, this god damn sound track is my shit.

    Oh what the fuck. Their aim got really good.

    OH MY GOD!









    No way their really dead. Horse shit. Bullshit. They didn't take a single con.

    I'm fucking shaking right now.


    How the fuck are you going to go from this brutal ass fight to a peaceful ass place.

    ...A transformer... fishing... Uh, do what now?

    Dano? Nano? Bano?

    Hot Rod.

    I like this Hot Rod character.

    The voice acting is so good right now. That kid is adorable. I always want to wear his clothes.

    Jesus man, the sound track.


    ..This is too much man. I'm getting all sorts of feels and we aren't even ten minutes in yet.

    He just caught the kid... That's a Shia and Bee moment.

    It's so beautiful...


    Who the hell are you?

    Haha. Hot Rod said fuck yo' barriers.

    Ugh. Sorry. Language. I'll try to clean it up. This is so much right now man.

    Hot Rod's accuracy is on point too. What a champion.

    Another battle scene already?

    Daniel. I think that's the kids name. I'm having trouble focusing man. This is so awesome.

    Blitzwing!? YOU LOOK AMAZING!

    I don't know who the skinny Hound is but I love him.

    Dude... Get fucking wrecked.

    Freaking. Freaking wrecked.

    Starscream! Kill Starscream! DO IT PLEASE!!

    Oh my god. This sound track!!!

    Perceptor! <3

    Ultra Magnus? Holy shit. Those dudes look awesome.

    Stringer? RC?

    OH! ARCEE!

    That dudes high on acid! Blurr! He's my hero now.

    Arcee has a much different voice actor.


    This is so brutal man. So much more action in 13 minutes than two seasons worth.



    Rule #1 - Shoot everything!

    Insecticons about to have a meal.

    Hot Rod looks so freakin' amazing. His vehicle form is the rawest.

    Dude. When did their aim get so on point?

    BLASTER!!! <3

    Blaster is reminding me of Han Solo in the turret of the falcon right now.

    He looked like he was having fun blasting on those fools.

    Don't you do it. Don't you fucking touch Blaster and Perceptor!


    Don't you do it. Don't you freakin' hurt them.


    Blaster, you're literally my hero right now.


    Dude. Oh my god. My heart is racing right now.

    Blurr, I love you.

    No... No...

    Hold on. Time out. Gotta' rewind...


    ... You can't do this to me, Marvel. Fuck you, fuck everything you stand for.

    I still don't know the green ones name.

    Little Daniel's helping out like a champion.

    Microseconds make a come back!!!

    This music is unbeatable.


    Kill. Die. They keep saying all of this stuff you'd never hear in the show.




    Let's fucking go baby. Whoop that devastating ass!

    Kill him! Kill the Devastator!

    Slow-mo Optimus Transformation. That trailer though. <3

    Oh, you boys done fucked up now.



    Whoop that ass, Prime!

    Kill them all!

    This is what the hell I'm talking about. This is what I've been waiting for.

    Get it, son. Megatron and Optimus going in for the god damn kill!

    When did Tron get a lightsaber?


    This dude just said he's gonna' rip his eyes out.

    DO IT!





    Get him Hot Rod, tear that ass up.


    No. This isn't it. No. Stop. STOP.

    You just got knocked the fuck out, son.

    Chop his head off!

    Starscream's cold blooded, fool.

    You've got to respect Soundwave man. You've got too. I don't care who you are. He and Randal are as loyal as they come.

    Dude. That's so much to take in right now. My head actually hurts from the excitement.

    ... dude.

    I'm tearing the fuck up.

    God damn you, Peter Cullin.

    Not like this man, come the fuck on. You survived so much shit...

    God damn it. I'm crying. Son of a bitch. I'm crying. I'm a grown ass man crying over a fucking cartoon.

    We ain't even thirty minutes in, dude... So much death.

    Hot Rod? Oh snap.

    ... I hate this.

    You guys hear that? My heart just snapped in fucking two.

    My dude grayed out in death.

    I feel ya' kid, I freaking feel ya.

    Unicron. Is he upset over primes death or something?

    Dude... They're so cold blooded. They just threw them out into space...

    Someone should have kicked Starscreams ass out when they had the chance.

    I vote for Soundwave. Randal as VP.

    Astrotrain is big enough to hold Devastator?

    This is some weird god like stuff right now.

    I love Megatron's defiance even in the face of a god.

    He cowers at the last second as always.


    Megatron's eyes look creepy on the inside.

    Gavaltron. He looks awesome.

    He's bringing back all of those cons?



    Alright. That new cons are amazing looking.

    Oh... Leonard. I miss you.

    Hahaha. He kept just pulling it away.

    You've got to be kidding me. These fools actually allowed Scream to become leader.

    How could you tell that was Megatron?

    Yes. YES!




    Now this is a con leader I can stand behind.

    Jazz. Cliffjumper... C'mon man.

    He's going to eat them...

    Let them make it out man. You've got to leave someone to me, come on.

    Don't do this to me...


    God dang it man. Why are they all dying!?

    Wait - where is Mirage and Tracks? If they aren't in this movie I'm going to be one sad guy.

    Who am I kidding. This movies already made me one sad guy.

    They won't kill Bee and Spike. There's no way.

    So is Unicron just like a giant insecticon or something?


    He just said shit. "Ah, shit! What are we gonna' do now!?" I know that blew some preteen minds back in the day.

    Gavaltron's defiance is amazing.

    Did Spike and Bee get sucked in? There's no way.

    Another battle scene already? I'm OK with this.

    Arcee got over Prime pretty fast to be flirting with Hot Rod already.

    Blurr is seriously the greatest.

    Grimlocks shooting fire from his mouth. I don't remember him doing that before. I thought it was lasers. I guess Bay didn't make that up.

    Haha. "Grimlock, get your noodle out of my face!"

    Grimlock is adorable right now.

    Did he just call him Cup?

    Petro Rabbits.

    Let me get this straight. The Autobots are abandoning earth while the new cons are there?

    They're even used the lightsaber sound effect in this movie.

    The Autobots can be pretty cold blooded too leaving Arcee behind like that.

    Nevermind, they got her.

    They didn't give chase to the Autobots?

    Oh, they lost them.

    What the hell is this guys name? I keep hearing Cup.

    Ikkyak? Wait... Wait a minute - Ikky, is that where you got your name?

    Hot Rod uses a sword and shield and that is awesome.

    Alright. Break time. I've been so consumed I didn't realize how badly I have to pee right now... back in a flash! (even though I didn't have to type this line because you guys would have never known I went to the bathroom but hey, I'm an honest guy...)

    annnd we're back.

    The training bot calls time out after sucker punching Hot Rod.

    Cyclonus has a really cool needle nose.

    He's going to take them down. He's putting in mad damage.

    Swoop is flying insideof the ship?

    At least they made it to Cybertron.

    You're not a very good leader Ultra Magnus. You can't just ignore falling soldiers.

    Direct hit.

    Gavaltron's right hand man even has facial hair... I love it. You guys that hated on S. Prime can suck it.

    Just noticed my first animation error. Something was going on on Perceptors head.

    Giant mechanical fish.

    Piranha transformers. Beast Wars foreshadowing.

    Dude, Hot Rod is awesome.


    They're driving under water and stuff.

    A giant squid transformer...

    That just got head shot.

    That saw blade is so cool. It's like what Ratchet has in the Bay films.

    ... May he rest in peace in both universes.

    Cup lost his leg. That's bad news.

    His arm too.

    Why does Cup have bubbles coming out of his face but Hot Rod doesn't?

    Did I mention the band in this movie is fantastic? Cause if I didn't, this band is fantastic.

    Daniel - you're adorable.

    Spike's Exo Suit... Uh, wasn't he in that when he got sucked into Unicron?

    Wait. That's his kid version.

    This is so adorable and the music fits so well. It's so happy.

    Dude can't even stand up and now he's cutting front flips.

    There aren't very many Autobots left now...

    Where is Warpath by the way? How do you NOT use Warpath in a massive battle like the beginning?

    Hey look at that more robot facial hair.

    Why does it keep cutting like a commercial break? It was in theaters for god sakes.

    I like this Cup guy. His alt mode is meh but he's like... the current Hound.

    Bah wheat grah bon bitty bah.

    Gungans :) 

    Energon bubble gum.

    They're more like Murlocks actually.

    Who's that guy? His alt definitely isn't from Earth.

    That is a massive face.

    Xenomorph Transformer.

    Sharkicons? So this is a con ruled planet?

    I thought they said he was innocent?

    So that wasn't Cybertron in the beginning.



    They kill those that are innocent. This is so brutal man.

    Imagine if these were humans instead of robots and they tried to show them getting eaten by Sharks.

    Salami and Bologna?

    That is one tiny Autobot.

    His voice is so odd. This is some Wonderland dude.

    ...He uses a laser slingshot.

    Why are there only four Dinobots? Did one die and I didn't catch it?

    I know Nano's voice (forgot his real name).

    Daniel. That's it.

    This feels like a legitimate war movie.

    That dudes a dang helicopter!? That's awesome.

    So we have Human transformers then?

    That's adorable.

    Also, don't be calling my kid a germ you jerk.

    More light saber sound effects.


    He's trying to use the Matrix and it just isn't working.

    Damn it! (I love the cursing. Adds much more emotion.)

    This feels like a legitimate war movie.

    His screams of agony are so rough.

    DUDE!? WHAT!?


    To be fair though. He wasn't very good at it.

    Wait. Hot Rod. Rod. Rodimus. Rodimus Prime. I think I know what's going to happen.

    Those Sharkticons have flails for tails!


    Can diggin' Krakens?

    Cup is beating them with their own flail. That's so cool.


    Haha. The dinobots are squashing the Xenomorph!

    Ok seriously. Where's the long neck Dinobot? Did he die earlier in the conflict with Megatron?

    Yes, you are a king.

    Ground pound!

    Oh shit. The sharkticons follow the strongest they're just like the dinobots.

    Wheelie? THAT'S WHEELIE!? Woah. Bay that's another you severely misrepresented.

    Blurr just became Eeyore.

    I got a feeling these guys are actually Autobots.

    This song sounds like Men at Work and I love it. (Strikers singing, not Hays)

    You check in! But you don't check out!

    This green helicopter Autobot is awesome man.

    Dudddeeee that's a bad ass battle axe.

    Is this band singing "You've gotta' be stupid?"

    You just got knocked out by a kid! Get'em Nano!

    I have no idea what the Australian Samurai is saying.

    Why even ask then?

    I need to remember that greeting to use on strangers.

    I don't know why or how this just became a dance party but I'm down with it.

    Grimlock just got kissed by another dude. Rad.

    I'm pretty sure Samurai just said roofies.

    They learned to speak the same way the Bots in 07 did! :D 

    So Ultra Magnus isn't dead then? He gets exploded and is alright... Prime takes some shots and gets taken out?

    I seriously can't understand half of these dudes.

    I heard sexy. Yes, I am - thank you Mr. Samurai.

    I'm pretty sure the Autobots just recruited Hells Angels into their faction.

    Don't try to turn the tables if you can't even open the dang thing ya' big dummy.

    No way this giant dude is actually transforming. This is so cool.

    This is probably the most detailed Transformation in the history of the show.

    Dude you're beautiful.

    His mouth isn't even moving while he speaks. He has freaking wings.

    Speaking of giant guys where the hell is big Autobot rocket ship man whos name I can't remember right now.

    Alpha Trion?

    No... That's the dude that upgrade Prime right? Ugh. I can't remember his name.

    The cons are running away. Big surprise. I think we're going to see another uneasy alliance between the cons and bots to bring down Uni.

    They're shooting him in the mouth!

    Gaval turns into a way cooler gun than Mega.

    Dude's eating him like a mint.

    Ouch. Nano's about to find out Daddy didn't make it.

    Satisfaction, guaranteed!

    The Thu'um is strong with Unicron.

    They just busted that fools eye out!

    They're going to tear this guy apart from the inside out! Let's go baby!

    Wait. If they're alive inside of Unicron maybe Bee and Spike made it!

    Gaval wants to help the Autobots... He's thinking with sense and the Unicron, despite having his eye busted out, corrupts him more.

    This bass though <3


    Get his ass Grim!

    There's the long neck! I guess they are all alright :D 

    Grimlock, I love you. You better not die on me man. I've lost too much as this point.


    There's water inside of Unicron?

    Well I guess when you're eating planets you ight get an ocean or two.

    This is trippy and I have no idea which way is up right now.

    Dudddeeeeee... what the fuck.



    Spike you sound amazing man.



    Hell yeah! Let's go boys! Nano is the god damn man!

    Hot Rod just knocked your ass out son.

    I love that Gavaltrons accuracy suddeny becomes awful again when it's a character that's clearly going to live.



    Take it. Get the Matrix. Kill them all!

    Haha what an odd choice of music.



    I'm tearing up again. Good tears. This is so exciting man.

    Tear him apart Rodimus!

    By the way I've been pronouncing that as road-uh-mus prime. Never knew it was rod...

    You messed with the wrong one fool.

    Let's go baby! That's a god damn leader! LET'S GO BOYS! RODIMUS MOTHER FUCKING PRIME!

    Tear him apart from the inside!




    Spinger! That's his dang name!



    This is the shit I'm here for son!

    I knew you couldn't die on me Jazz!

    Yeah, look at your cyclops bitch ass now Unicron!




    My heart is beating out of my chest right now. That is amazing.

    Oh shit. Here come the jams again!


    Dude. This is it. This is the fucking one. Starscream actually fucking died! I'm in love with this!


    Mad props to Vince DiCola, that dude knows how to make a rockin' soundtrack.

    I'm so fucking pumped beyond belief right now! This was so god damn good! WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE OVER!?!?!

    Weird Al Yankovic SANG DARE TO BE STUPID!?!?!?!?!!!!

    Guys, guys... guys. I'm in love with this.

    I can't remember the name of who mailed me this movie but you are without a doubt my hero man. This is so cool - this is Transformers. I can't believe it's taken me so long to watch this. It's the most fun I've had in years with a film or hell almost anything!

    I'm still so hype just watching these credits right now man. That was so good. The animation, the coloring - THE ACTION! THAT'S MY SHIT! THAT IS WHAT I LIKE TO SEE! THAT IS WHAT I'M HERE FOR!

    Phew. Jesus, I'm almost embarressed to read anything I wrote for this. I know I had to act a fool the whole time but it was just... so fun. I'm glad I didn't do a video blog for this... You guys would have seen me cry -TWICE-!

    I really hope the theme song for Season 3 is as rad as this one.

    Ok. Shit. That's it. Fuck. Why does it have to be over? I'm back at the menu now and I'm finally starting to breath regularly again.

    Man literally the only complain I have - THE ONLY COMPLAINT - is that a few of the bots didn't make it in. I really would have liked to see Mirage (obviously), Hippie, Seaspray and OMEGE SUPREME THAT'S HIS DAMN NAME!

    With that said, please tell me I get to see them in Season 3... I really hope so man if that's it for them I'm going to cry... again.

    The new cast is absolutely amazing. I love all of them. I -really- love all of them. I don't have a complaint about any of the new bots. Cons? Gaval is awesome. His minions? Eh, not enough screentime or personality to really care.

    OK. Shit. I can keep going on like this for the next hour. I've got to wrap this up. Some of you have been waiting a long time for me to post that (how cool is that?) so let's see... is there anything else important... Oh. Yes.


    except Dark of the Moon. These two are on the same love scale.

    Have a fantastic weekend everyone and I'll see you Monday for SEASON 3 OF THE TRANSFORMERS!!!!!!​
  7. Meta777

    Meta777 Dr Pepper Fan

    Nov 20, 2011
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    No. This Autobot is called Prowl. He's one of the more memorable characters of G1.

    More of the opposite. Spike was the original human sidekick of the robots, and Sam emulates that somewhat in the films.

    This ship is indeed the Arc. It's the most distinct Autobot vessel in the franchise, what with being the first and most prominent of them.

    As for why it repaired the Decepticons, 4 million years of stasis have left its systems a bit glitchy.
  8. CaptainSlayer

    CaptainSlayer Bayfomer Fan

    Jul 29, 2014
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    Thanks for the super quick answers :)  Going to stick them in the OP.
  9. Shortwave

    Shortwave Autobot fembot

    Jul 20, 2013
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    Id love this to ve a Vlog with you two.
    Btw the mountan is Mt st Hillary.
  10. Ironhide1234

    Ironhide1234 Rust Bucket

    Apr 7, 2014
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    Cheshire, UK
    Hahah, nice reactions,

    "Sideswipe is red?"
  11. CaptainSlayer

    CaptainSlayer Bayfomer Fan

    Jul 29, 2014
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    Sideswipe is one of my favorites from the films. I really enjoy Aggressive Inline, which I believe is why I like him so much because of the way he moves in robot form. That said, I didn't see any resemblance :p 
  12. SHINOBI03

    SHINOBI03 Well-Known Member

    Jan 17, 2012
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    More like the difference in the jet model. In the cartoon the Seekers were the old F15 Eagles but that got updated to the modern F22 Raptors for the live action films.
  13. Metroplex79

    Metroplex79 Hey mouse, say cheese!

    Feb 28, 2003
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    Yep, those jets were at the top of technology of its day.

    Just like how in 2034, kids will say the 2007+ F22 jets looks like cheap old planes.
  14. CaptainSlayer

    CaptainSlayer Bayfomer Fan

    Jul 29, 2014
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    What are seekers?
  15. The Stud

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    Aug 4, 2014
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    This is hilarious! I will look forward to part 2
  16. SoundBlaster7

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  17. Meta777

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    Nov 20, 2011
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    Seekers were the fan-spawned term referring to the F-15 jet Decepticons, most prominently Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker, as well as any others sharing their model.

    Basically, an F-15 Decepticon who looks like Starscream is a Seeker.

    EDIT: SoundBlaster, you ninja'd me! Gasp!
  18. Shortwave

    Shortwave Autobot fembot

    Jul 20, 2013
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    Starscreams possy
  19. Ironhide1234

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    Cheshire, UK
    Seekers, in G1 and most continuities are anyone who looks like Starscream.

    In G1's case that would be;

    Acid Storm

    Dirge ----- These guys are special, they're cone heads.


    In the movies the Seekers are those as old as Jetfire and have the same backstory as him in ROTF.

    EDIT: Fuck! I've been triple ninja'd, that's a first. -_-* Ha, you didn't mention Jetfire in ROTF ;3
  20. CaptainSlayer

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    Thanks! I will do part 2 tomorrow after work :)  I'll post a bump when it's up ^^

    Thank you very much for both the source and compliment :) 

    To everyone else who answered, I appreciate it :D 

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