Battle's End

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    Battle's End

    Several millineumm ago, back on Planet Cybertron, we were ruled by the Dynasty of Primes.
    They were fair and just rulers.

    One of them had defied his brothers. To this day he was for ever more known as the Fallen.

    Unbeknownist to the Fallen and deep within the Planet, two protoforms were born, each of them not knowing their lineage.

    As they aged and grew the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons was raging.

    So the one of the Primes decided to hide one of their children on earth as a human.

    In this way, the Fallen would not detect her energy. A base was set up for her in which to live, and her name was Starfire Prime.

    One day while I was walking down the road taking in the sights, I suddenly felt something that wasn't quite right.

    "what is happening to me" I said.

    I was in pain and scared of what the humans would think, so I dashed back to my base.

    When I got back to my base, all of sudden my pretender skin fell away from me, revealing my exostructure.
    I couldn't reveal myself to the humans that inhabit the planet, I didn't know what else I could do. Then spectral image of a Prime
    appeared before me, I didn't know who he was, until he spoke to me in a soothing reassuring voice.

    "I am your father. Your name is Starfire Prime, you are a decendent of the Dynasty of Primes.
    You must seek out your brother Optimus Prime and your fellow Autobots" said the ancient Prime.

    Then the spectral image vanished. I was thinking about what he said, how am I to seek out Optimus and the others
    without revealing myself to the humans that live here?

    Back on Planet Cybertron Optimus informed his troops.

    "we must head to earth and search for my sister".

    "do you think that you find her Prime" said Ratchet.

    "I don't know Ratchet, but what I do know is we must find her" replied Optimus looking up towards the sky.

    Then Ironhide walks in, saw the base empty.

    "why so quiet?" asked Ironhide

    "Hello Ironhide, we have a mission to carry out, we have to find my sister Starfire Prime" replied Optimus

    "What about Megatron and the Fallen?, Optimus" asked Sideswipe

    "Once we find Starfire Prime, then we'll go after Megatron and the Fallen" replied Optimus

    So with that, Optimus and his fellow Autobots headed for the humans planet in their quest to find me.

    In the meantime, I headed for Sun Park and I transformed, so taxied along the grass, and I took off, in my search for my brother,
    this was no easy task.

    I saw a truck that was blue with red flames on the front followed by a ute, a rescue vehicle, a yellow camaro
    and a sports car travelling on the road.

    "that must be them" I said to myself.

    I landed not far from them.

    "Optimus!" I called out.

    "Starfire! what are you doing here?" asked Optimus

    I came here to find you...hi guys" I replied.

    "Hi Starfire" said Ratchet.

    Hi Starfire Prime" said Ironhide with his cruffy voice

    "Hi Starfire, how's it hanging" said Sideswipe
    as he walked over to me and gave me a high five.

    Suddenly we were under attack from Megatron and the rest of the Decepticons. I managed to take off and wounded Starscream.

    Optimus was stabbed in the back by Megatron and I saw what had just transpirred.

    "Optimus no!! this can't be happening" I called out as I watched him fall.

    I transformed and landed back on the ground and rushed over to Optimus, I rushed over to where Optimus was laying
    on the ground, badly injured by Megatron so I got down on one knee.

    "Starfire, I need you to listen to me very carefully, if I don't make it, I want you to destroy The Fallen and Megatron" said Optimus

    "But Optimus, you'll pull through you can destroy, The Fallen and Megatron yourself" I replied.

    "no Starfire we are both Prime's, we must destroy The Fallen and Megatron together" Optimus replied.

    "but that's impossible, your a Prime belonging to the Dynasty of Primes" I replied.

    "as are you Starfire" replied Optimus.

    Optimus was trying hard to staive off the onset of stasis lock.

    "listen to me Starfire, you are the last surviving female Prime" he said.

    The stasis lock had finally took him over and he fell silent.

    "he's right, I am the last surviving Prime".

    I slowly rose my feet and I transformed into my jet mode, my pretender skin fell away which revealed my metal extostructure, my wings unfurled themselves and I turned to face Megatron.

    "hold it right there Megatron! you've caused enough damage for one day" I orded pointing at Megatron

    "ah!, so Optimus Prime isn't the only Prime who wants to challenge me, there is yet another Prime who wants to give me a run for my money ay!, very well Prime, let's see what you've got" said Megatron

    "I'm more than a match to handle you. Megatron" I replied

    Behind a trunk of a tree was Sam. He was watching me wide eyed and he was surprised, to see a female Autobot about to fight Megatron

    "who is she? where did she come from?" said Sam to himself.

    So, I started my conflict with Megatron and I took off for the sky.

    "your not the only one who can fly Prime" said Megatron as he was trying to blast me.

    "The name is Starfire Prime in case you missed it" I replied as I was dodging his shots.

    I was giving Megatron everything I had to take him down, until he finally came crashing down and he was injured.

    "you haven't heard the end of me Prime, The Fallen will rise again" said Megatron.

    Megatron took off with Starscream and I walked over to the human who was standing behind the tree.

    "come here human, I'm not going to hurt you" as I as beckening him over.

    "wh-who are you? asked Sam.

    "My name is Starfire Prime and your name is Sam Whitwicky is that correct" I replied.

    "h-how did you know who I am?" asked Sam.

    "I know much about you Sam Whitwicky. You've just started College you also have a secret that's inside your head when you touched
    the shard of the Allspark" I added.

    "do you know Optimus Prime?" asked Sam.

    "yes I know Optimus, you could say that we're kindrid Sparks.
    You see Sam, I have been living on your planet as a human for quite while now,
    when I found out about Optimus being injured, I immediatly rushed from my base here on earth, and came here to do battle with Megatron" I replied.

    The other Autobots arrived and gave chase to the remaining Decepticons.

    "Bumblebee get Sam back to the college" I orded.

    Sam climbed in and took off back to the University.

    The soldiers from NEST came in and looked down at Optimus who was in stasis lock. Major Lennox walked over to my direction and looked up and asked me.

    "hello, might I enquire who you are?"

    I replied in the same tone.

    "My name is Starfire Prime. I am Autobot from the Planet Cybertron. I have lived on your planet as a human on the request of Optimus Prime
    before he went into stasis lock." I replied

    I looked at Optimus laying there in stasis lock. The soldiers had to drag Optimus's body into a clearing so that the Chopper can pick him up and take him back to their base.

    "ah Major Lennox I shall accompany your team back to your base. I have to look after Optimus in stasis lock" I replied

    Major Lennox had to think about this strange request, then he spoke

    "very well Starfire Prime, I will call the base and give you clearence.....Epps hand me the radio" orded Lennox

    Epps threw the radio to Lennox and he called the base back at Diego Carcia.

    "this is Major Lennox I have a another Autobot, she says she wants to join us, she has to help Optimus Prime and the other Autobots"

    "very well Major we will give her clearence" came the reply.

    "do you require transport Starfire Prime?" Lennox asked.

    "no need for that Major Lennox, I can transform into my jet mode and fly above you guys back to the base". I replied

    Meanwhile Sam was back at the Unversity Sam had to share a room with another college student which he didn't like but he had no option and the guy's name was Leo Ponce-de-Leon Spitz and he was a computer nerd along with his friends.

    Sam's first class was science, the teacher handed all the students a big heavy book. Suddenly Sam started the to have thee flashes and he started to flash through the book from the beginning to the end, then he slowly raised his hand up and he slowly rose to his feet, and walked to the front of the class, then Sam proceeded to draw these symbols on the board. The rest of the students were giggling and laughing even the Dean of the University was in shock at Sam who was having a mental breakdown, so the Professor had no choice but to send Sam out of the class.

    So with that Sam went back to the dorm room and removed all the posters that were on the wall and continued drawing on the same strange characters on the walls and doors.

    Just then a female college student by the name of Alice walked in and saw the strange writting on the wall she became intreagued with Sam and she threw him on to the bed, Sam tried to resist the temptation but then Alice poked her tongue out it was metal
    and she tried to get into Sam's mouth then from the back of Alice a tail like thing rose up and it also started to poke Sam.

    Sam made a break for the door and the Decepitcon gave chase to the fleeing Sam and his friends and they had made out into the court yard of the University and out of grounds and Bumblebee arrived and Sam and his friends climbed in and managed to escape but they got captured by Blackout and he took them to a disserted factory.

    The chopper arrived and they slung the body of Optmus Prime under the chopper and it took of and I transformed into my jet mode and took off above the Chopper until we reached the humans base.

    We finally reached Diego Garcia and the chopper tried to land on the tarmac but there was a gust of wind and the anchors that was holding Optimus underneath snapped and he fell onto the tarmac and I was circuling above the chopper and the control tower gave me the clearence to land

    "roger that" I replied

    I landed on the tarmac just behind the cargo plane and transformed in my terrestrial mode, they moved the body of Optimus from the tarmac and I dragged him inside the hanger and the rest of the Autobots Arcee, Jolt, Skids and Mudflap the twins had followed me inside the hanger
    Ratchet and Ironhide walked over to me

    "glad to see you here Starfire, what happened to Optimus?" asked Ratchet

    "well Ratchet, Optimus was fighting Megatron in the forest and Megatron stabbed him in the back and now he's gone into stasis lock
    so I ended up fighting Megatron and he took off as he was injured" I replied

    "what's brings you here Starfire?" asked Ironhide

    "well Ironhide, we have to take care of Optimus
    even though he is in stasis lock we have to try and heal his injuries" I replied

    The other Autobots welcomed me to earth and I walked over to where Optimus was laying
    I got down on my hands and knees and I placed my hands on him until I reached his spark
    even though the others didn't hear him I heard him

    "I'm glad your here Starfire, we have a new threat" said Optimus

    I removed my hands and I was in shock.

    "what's wrong Starfire?" asked Ironhide

    I got back onto my feet and turned and faced Ironhide

    "Optimus had told me that we have a new foe he didn't say who it was,
    but its bigger than the Decepticons and Megatron combined" I replied

    then a call came down to the hanger and Ironhide answered it.

    "go ahead this is Ironhide" replied Ironhide

    "is Starfire Prime with you I need her to come to the Command Center right away" came the reply

    "right I'll send her over to you...Starfire the brass wants to see over there" said Ironhide

    "right I'm on my way" I replied and I took off to the command center.

    I arrived at the command center

    "you wanted to see me Major Lennox" I said looking at Major Lennox

    "yes, how is Optimus?" asked Major Lennox

    "not good, he's still in stasis lock" I replied

    "we have a communique from Egypt. We have to get there" replied Major Lennox

    "what about Optimus, we just can't leave here" I replied

    then Sargent Epps walked in

    "we'll have to take him with us" replied Epps.

    I walked out of the Command Center and headed back to the hanger. I told the rest of the Autobots we have to get to Egypt and stop this new threat and I walked back over to Optimus, got down on one knee, and I placed my hands on the side of Optimus's head, I had to shut my optics and we mind linked with each other.

    "we are going to Egypt to confront this new foe, do you know who it is Optimus" I replied

    "yes, its called The Fallen" replied Optimus's mind

    "what The Fallen!" I replied and I was in shock

    I removed my hands and I rose to my feet and walked to the doorway of the hanger and looked outside. The others of our team were watching me walk out, and I thought back to our history about the 13 Transformers. The Fallen who had turned against his brothers by destroying them and sealing them up inside a cave somewhere on this planet and Arcee walked over to me.

    "is everything alright Starfire?" asked Arcee

    I turned to face her

    "yeah I'm alright Arcee" I replied

    Arcee walked back to the others, and I turned my attention back to the outside and in deep thought, about the new foe that we will be up against.

    Meanwhile Jetfire had just transported Sam and the others to Egypt via a warp gate

    When they got to their destination, Jetfire started to tell Sam and the others about how Cybertron was ruled by the Dynasty of Primes until one of the Prime's defied all the rules and he became The Fallen.

    "To claim the Matrix for himself, he murded his brothers, all but one survived and took off with it, the last and noble of the Primes sacrificed himself by sealing the Matrix from within, only a Prime can destroy The Fallen, that is why Optimus Prime went back to Cybertron to wage war and to bring back a female Prime back to earth with him. All direct descendants were slaughtered except for two that were hidden away
    as orphans forever unaware of their destiny" Jetfire added

    "Optimus Prime and Starfire Prime" said Sam as he looked up in recognition

    "yes, you've met these Primes? alive? on this planet?" Jetfire added

    "yes and no" replied Sam

    "what do you mean" said Jetfire sounding rather puzzled.

    "The first Prime sacrified himself to save me and went into a coma while the other female Prime fought Megatron and injured him" replied Sam

    "This planet might be saved with these two Primes" said Jetfire.

    We all left the walked out of the hanger and waited for the C-17 Cargo Plane to arrive to transport us to Egypt.

    We boarded the plane, the Nest Team went first, followed by our team, then Optimus's Body and myself were the last to enter the cargo plane. The back of the cargo plane raised its tail section and taxied down the runway, and took off bound for Egypt and I stayed close to Optimus who was still in stasis lock.

    "hang on Optimus hang on" I said to myself.

    Meanwhile back on board the Nemisis, The Fallen was sitting on his throne and Megatron walked over to The Fallen

    "has Optimus Prime been destroyed yet Megatron?" asked The Fallen

    "no, but I have stopped him from destroying you master" said Megatron

    The Fallen was angry and he slammed his fist on the side of the throne and pointed his craggy finger at Megatron

    "why haven't you Megatron, I gave you a simple task and you managed to screw it up" said The Fallen

    "I'm sorry my leige" said Megatron as he bowed to The Fallen

    "but this female Autobot showed up wanting to fight me and so I fought her and I was injured by her" Megatron added

    "don't come to me with exuses...leave me while I think this through" The Fallen demanded

    Megatron straightened and walked off with Starscream and the other Decepticons, the Fallen was thinking about what Megatron had told him

    "hmmm a female Prime, interesting I thought that all the Primes were destroyed. I didn't count on Optimus Prime or that female Prime, lousing up my scheme. It would seem that I mis-calculated I won't make the same mistake twice. But from what Megatron has told me about Optimus Prime being off line, I shall now readjust my plan and destroy this annoying female Prime...Megatron!!" said The Fallen

    Megatron walked into the throne room and bowed to The Fallen

    "I want you and Starscream to destroy this annoying female" The Fallen added

    "it shall be done my leige" said Megatron

    Megatron and Starsceam bowed to The Fallen. Then the pair walked off leaving The Fallen to think about the Solar Harvestor.

    We arrived in Egypt and our destination. The C-17 cargo plane landed a few nano-clicks, away from the pryamids and I landed and transformed in my terristrial mode.

    I reached in and pulled Optimus out of the back of the plane and took him to a secured location. I had placed a tarp over his body just then I heard a noise comming from the south. I bought forward my twin blasters was preparing to fire at them, when Ironhide stopped me by placing his hand on my weapons.

    "wait! hold your fire!. Starfire their not the enemy, its Bumblebee and Sam and who's that with them" said Ironhide.

    I thought back.

    "its Jetfire" I replied

    I lowered my weapons.

    "what are you doing here Sam, and what have you got there?" I asked.

    "its a sock full of dirt I'm going to revive Optimus with it" replied Sam.

    "hello Starfire Prime long time no see" replied Jetfire.

    "what in the galaxy are you doing here Jetfire" I asked.

    "I bought the humans with me as well as Bumblebee we have to stop The Fallen from activating the Solar Harvester.
    We save this planet from destruction" said Jetfire

    "I see Jetfire" I replied

    I heard Starscream's jets scream overhead, and I immediatly took off and I was battling Starscream. Until I heard a scream and a yell comming from the ground and I broke off the attack with Starscream and landed back on the ground and Jetfire took over for me and I transformed and walked over and I saw Sam laying there and not moving.

    "what happened" I asked.

    The female as Mikaela was leaning over the body of Sam and she was weeping.

    "Megatron has blasted Sam and now he's dead" said Lennox.

    I was thinking to myself about this human. The only way was if I entered the Matrix with Sam, so he could talk to the ancient Transformers. So I laid on the ground I asked Ratchet to pull a few wires out so I could go into stasis lock, and enter the Matrix with the boy. So Ratchet pulled the wires out and I went offline and into stasis lock. Both Sam and I entered the Matrix together, after Megatron had blasted Sam and the light was so bright Sam was shocked to see the anicient Tansformers

    "where am I?, am I dead?" asked Sam

    "no, only your physical body is dead, but your spark is still functioning your inside the Matrix, Sam" I replied

    "who are they?" asked Sam

    "they're the ancient Transformers, Sam" I replied

    "we are the Dynasty of Primes" said one of the shapes

    "we have been watching you for a long long time, by your measure as well as you Starfire Prime you and Optimus are the last surviving Primes" said another

    "watching me!" Sam said with disbelief

    "you do not know the full extent of your past Starfire Prime" declared another

    "or your future" said another

    "but you will, in time" said another

    "the Matrix of Leadership is a force capable of great good" said another

    "or great destruction you both have proven your worthy of it
    first by sacrifice and now through courage you did not seek this power" said another

    "you only wish for it to help others" the first

    "To you Starfire Prime your courage through the ages has been commended
    you and Optimus Prime are the virtues of true Leaders. The Matrix of Leadership is yours now return to Optimus" said the second
    of the ancient Transformers.

    Sam was revived by the Matrix. Ratchet had replaced the wires that he had pulled out, I rose to my feet, I found something that wasn't there before. I went over to the tarp, and I held a section of the tarp open for Sam as he walked inside, and started to empty the contents of the sock into Optimus. But the black dust was replaced by the Matrix of Leadership, and Optimus was revived Sam walked out from under the tarp. Optimus flings off the tarp and rose to his feet and he said to Jetfire

    "we have to combine Jetfire" said Optimus

    "but Optimus your spark hasn't healed enough for you to combine with Jetfire" I replied

    "I'll be alright Starfire" replied Optimus with a reassuring tone

    Jetfire was sevearly wounded by Starscream and he called out to Optimus

    "Optimus, here, take my parts, and you'll have a power you've never known, fulfill your destiny" said Jetfire.

    That was the last thing Jetfire said before went off line. All of Jetfire's parts went onto Optimus as he came in to help me, as I went over to the pryamid.

    "I challenge you Megatron and your next on the list Fallen" I called out to the pair of them

    Then Megatron came down to my level and landed infront of me.

    "I was looking for a chance to finally seek my revenge on you Starfire Prime! For what you did to me on our last encounter!" said Megatron seething with contempt.

    We began our battle. Optimus was looking over at Megatron fighting me and he was thinking to himself "that's one brave Autobot"

    "Starfire! I need you to take of the humans and the boy, I'll handle these guys" said Optimus

    "right" I replied

    "Sam you have to get out of here and take the female with you its too dangerous" I told him

    Major Lennox took off with the rest of the soldiers and there was a furious battle between Optimus, The Fallen and Megatron, so I decided to get back into the action and I retook my actions back on Starscream.

    "get back here you whiny wimp your mine" I called out to Starscream.

    "let me think about, it uh no" came the reply.

    I started my conflict with Starscream, when suddenly he took off for the sky and the NEST Team and the kids, and former agent Simmons were watching the air action I followed Starscream and I blasted his rear tail section.

    "you blasted me Prime" replied Starscream.

    "that's not all I'm going to do to you Starscream" I replied.

    Starscream fired back, but I kept up the barrage until Starscream was wounded. He finally took off into the distance with smoke trailing behind him.

    Only Megatron and The Fallen had remained and Optimus continued the battle with Megatron until he was injured once more and he said to The Fallen.

    "you promised me master, you promised me the power of a Prime" said Megatron.

    Optimus answered for The Fallen who was boardering on contempt.

    "you were betrayed Megatron, Primes are born not made" said Optimus

    Megatron shot one dirty look to the pair of us.

    "its not over yet!" said Megatron as he transformed and took off.

    Optimus looked over to me and nodded, I knew what he meant and we both took on The Fallen together.

    "I rise" said the Fallen "you fall" said Optimus.

    The Fallen was finally destroyed as was Megatron, but Starcream again managed to allude us. Optimus finally shook off the parts that were belonging to the former Decepticon known as Jetfire. I walked over towards Optimus and the troops of Nest cheered with excitment as did Sam, Mikaela, and our team.

    "great job Starfire" said Optimus

    "thanks Optimus" I replied.

    We boarded the Aircraft carrier U.S.S Rooservelt. I was the last to come on board as I wanted to try and land on the carrier as a normal Jet. I landed on the carrier and the tow rope caught my undercarrage. I slowed to a halt and I transformed, and walked over to where Optimus was standing. Optimus was waiting for me as was Sam and the three of us stood alone. Gazing out at the water below the carrier one small in size, and human, the other two huge metallic. We were powerful and different as different could be, or maybe not that much different. Finally Sam spoke.

    "the images that were in my head have finally gone" said Sam.

    "no Sam, they're not gone" said Optimus.

    "they have been absorbed within the Matrix Sam" I replied.

    Dropping his gaze, he regarded that precious-dangerous ancient relic that was now attached onto his hip, I was touching my nose-cone
    as mine was embedded within me.

    "Peaceful" Sam nodded as he was looking at the water below.

    "hope as you have proven Sam, is all that's required" said Optimus

    he paused for a while.

    "thanks to you and Starfire for saving my life, and saving the boy" Optimus said.

    as he looked over to me.

    "it was my pleasure Optimus, besides, if the roles were reversed you would've done the same for me" I replied.

    Optimus nodded and Sam said to the pair of us.

    "thanks for believing in me and you too Starfire"

    With that Sam walked off towards his parents location, Optimus and I were still on the bow of the carrier.

    "how do you feel now that you have the Matrix within you Starfire?" asked Optimus

    "at first it was a little strange, but when the ancients gave my Matrix to me I was suprised" I replied.

    "Starfire, the ancients thought that you deserved to carry it within you"

    "I understand" I replied

    "there is another reason, why the ancients had to hide you away from the Fallen, you were a female Prime. You had to be protected from The Fallen and Megatron" Optimus replied

    We both started to walk off together and to rejoin the others, when Optimus stopped and made one final comment, before we left to rejoin our friends.

    "Our planets, our races, united by the history long forgotten and a future we will face together" said Optimus

    as he tilted his head back, and peered into the sky and to the stars beyond.

    Back inside the Nemisis, it was cold and impossibly dark, this place and where and when had no meaning.
    But something moved in the darkness, a rough beast slouching forward in his injured state pitiless in his desire for revenge and domination. Megatron made his slow and painful way through the decks of the Nemisis. It was a perfectly suited for his needs, this santuary while he restored himself to his former might. It would take time, but this second defeat produced not dispair, but silent determination in Megatron. Here he would heal; here he would gather to him the surviving soldiers of his evil cause. And there was something else, the Nemisis held a treasure trove that Megatron would tap, a resource that would ensure his victory over the Autobots and destruction of their pathetic human allies,dim lights flickered on and Megatron surveyed the expance of the cargo bay, row upon row, level upon level, of sacrophagi rested in the immense hold each contained a slumbering protoform which a mighty warrior would sware undying alligence to Megatron with a vision of the destruction to come.

    "ARISE" ordered Megatron as he uttered first command to his legions.

    We finally reached our desitination of Diago Carcia and I was wondering as I walked down to the beach, I stared at the horizon and I was thinking to myself why am I here and Optimus saw me down on the beach and staring at the horizon and he walked down and stood beside me and placed his hand on my shoulder.

    "Optimus what are you doing here?" I asked.

    "I came out to see you and also to say that you did good out there today Starfire, I'm proud of you" said Optimus.

    "Thanks Optimus, but, there is something I just don't get" I replied still staring out at the horizon.

    "and that is?" asked Optimus.

    "why am I here? I thought that Prime's were bascially made not born?" I replied.

    "normally that would be the case, but Prime's are born not made, while I was in stasis lock I was in confrence with the ancients and they told me that I had a sister, so I came to earth to seek you out Starfire" Optimus replied.

    Suddenly the alarm went off inside the base we heard the alarms and headed back to the base.

    "Autobots! Transform and Roll out!" orded Optimus and the rest of his team transformed and rolled out of the base.

    "Starfire! Transform and take to the air" Optimus said.

    "right Optimus" I replied.

    I went outside and transformed.

    "Starfire Prime Transform!" I called out.

    I took off along the tarmac and took off for the sky. I felt one with the air and I circled the base as the rest of the team-mates boarded a C-17 Cargo Plane and the back of the plane closed up and rolled along the tarmac and it too headed for the sky. I flew above the cargo plane and we were heading for Shanghai China, where there were reports that the Decepticons had infultrated an oil refinery and our job was to stop them at every turn, the cargo plane landed at an airfield not far from the oil refinery and out team rolled out and Optimus was waiting for his turn and Lennox said the pilot.

    "send in the big budda now".

    Optimus parachuted using three parachutes from the cargo plane and he landed on the ground and transformed into his vehicle mode.

    "Autobots!, I'm in pursuit" said Optimus.

    Optimus took off to combat the Decepticons and I took to the air as survanlance to help Optimus to defeat the Decepticons and I called to Optimus.

    "I've spotted one of them Optimus and its Demolishor".

    "good work Starfire I'm going in" replied Optimus and he took off after Demolishor and destroyed him.

    After our mission at the Shanghai oil refinery was over, we all took off back to our base back at Diego Garcia. The cargo plane took off first and I took off behind them and followed them back. The cargo plane landed first and I landed just behind them. I rolled back to the hanger
    as the others walked back to the hanger, when Optimus heard a loud thud comming from the hanger, he dashed inside the hanger and found me laying on the floor.

    "Starfire are you alright!" said Optimus.

    as he got down on one knee and placed his hand under my head.

    "Ratchet! I need your help quickly" Optimus replied.

    Ratchet and the others rushed inside and saw Optimus down on one knee with his hand under my head and Ratchet rushed over.

    "what seems to be the problem Optimus? asked Ratchet.

    "Its Starfire and she's down and has gone into stasis lock, can you do anything for her" replied Optimus.

    "I'll try but it doesn't look good, Optimus" replied Ratchet.

    Arcee had walked over to Optimus.

    "what's wrong with Starfire, Optimus" said Arcee.

    "I don't know Arcee" replied Optimus.

    Arcee and the others were looking down at me. Ratchet was still trying to figure out what was wrong with me until he saw something rather odd. I was starting to shrink back to my human form.

    "what in the universe is going on here...Optimus can I see you over here for a moment,
    something is happening to Starfire and its very odd" replied Rachet.

    Optimus walked over to Ratchet.

    "what's wrong Ratchet?" asked Optimus.

    "take a look at Starfire" replied Ratchet.

    "what in the world!!!" said Optimus as he looks down and saw me shrinking back into a human.

    "is there any way to stop it Ratchet, before Starfire becomes completly human?" said Optimus.

    Ratchet has a think about the problem.

    "yes. There is one way, but its extremely dangerous, she might not survive the attempt" replied Ratchet

    "then lets do it" replied Optimus

    Ratchet got down and removed my Matrix, Optimus removed his from his hip and joined the two versions together, there was a blinding flash of light, I started to grow back to my normal height and when the process was complete, Ratchet replaced my Matrix back inside me and he gave the other version of the Matrix back to Optimus, and I slowly came back on line.

    "could someone tell me what just happened!" I replied.

    "of course Starfire, it would appear that you were turning into a human, you started to shink down" said Ratchet.

    "ah there any way you can stop this process from happening again?" I asked.

    "the only way I can figure this one out, is to remove the human chip from within you, as you know this is a very delicate proceedure,
    it might cause more harm than good Starfire" replied Ratchet.

    "I am willing to take that chance Ratchet" I replied.

    Ratchet looked at Optimus.

    "do it" said Optimus with a nod.

    So Ratchet placed me on a floating table, and got started working on the removal of the human chip from within me, Optimus was looking on as was the rest of our team. Major Lennox walked over to us.

    "what's going on here" said Major Lennox

    "Ratchet is about to remove the human chip from Starfire" said Optimus.

    Will it dangerous?" asked Lennox.

    "extremly, there's a 50/50 chance that Starfire will slip into stasis lock and never recover" replied Ratchet.

    So with that, Ratchet was extremly careful to remove the chip, so as I wouldn't slip into stasis lock.

    Optimus was thinking to himself.

    "please let this work".

    He walked over to the suspended table and grabbed my hand and he it in both his hands.

    "Please Starfire don't slip into stasis lock" said Optimus.

    After Ratchet removed the human chip from within me I slowly came back on line and I saw Optimus standing over me.

    "welcome back to the land of the living Starfire" said Optimus

    "its good to be back Optimus, was the operation a success?" I replied

    "yes Starfire the human chip was removed with minimal damage to your systems" said Ratchet.

    "that's a relief, hey Optimus I have a question for you" I asked.

    "ask me anything Starfire" said Optimus

    "what would happen if I did end up in stasis lock?" I asked.

    "for one thing you would've ended up inside the Matrix Starfire, and I would've gone in after you to bring you back, besides,
    I wouldn't let anything happen to my sister" said Optimus

    "What are you saying Optimus!" I replied with a shock tone

    "I'm saying, that you and I are brother and sister, Starfire" Optimus replied

    "woh! that's heavy" I replied.

    I rose from the table and walked around the base for a while stretching my legs, and I walked out of the hanger and thinking what Optimus had told me, and walked out onto the tarmac, there were jets of all kinds sitting on the tarmac fighter jets and cargo planes. So I walked back inside the hanger once more, still shocked at what Optimus said to me and I walked over to him.

    "Optimus were you telling me the truth, when you said that we are brother and sister?" I asked

    "yes, the ancient Transformers knew the truth about you and I Starfire, they told me that I had a sister, and that we were both hidden away from the Fallen, so he wouldn't detect our energies, you were hidden away on earth desguised as a human. I stayed on Cybertron our home, Planet before it was destroyed by Megatron. I came to earth and started my search for my long lost sister and now I have found her" Optimus replied.

    "meaning me, right Optimus" I replied

    "right Starfire" Optimus replied.

    To this day, we Autobots are continuing to work with the humans at NEST, to keep the peace on this planet and fight off any remaining Decepticons that might invade our planet. With the destruction of the Fallen and Megatron our planet is safe but we are on constant vigil against the Decepticons. Starscream is still out there somewhere and is even now trying to ressurect his leader Megatron but we will fight them to a stand stil or we destroy them once and for all.
  2. moreprimeland

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    :jawdropper:  OMGosh, woman, you have written a wonderful FF, I like how you kept elements of the movie but inserted your character--flawlessly..I could get used to Optimus having a sister, especially one that has his back-or exhaust port :D --and I really like that she's a jet, after losing Jetfire the Autobots need a jet or two..If this truly is your first time out writing a FF you have an amazing start and you're on the way to being a first class writer!!!
    Ok, so when do we get the next update? joking, maybe..nope, I want another chapter..soon..:D 
  3. Black Oracle

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    The idea of a female Prime is most intriguing. This has been a good attempt at incorporating your character into the movie world. Perhaps Starfire can have a new original story to work within next time?

    Like i said before tho', it might be an idea for you to post yours stories in smaller chunks.
  4. jgoss

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    excellnt job cmdr prime really enjoyed it. maybe next ff a prequel? did i spell that right? i love that prime has a sister.
  5. Swiftcat Prime

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    Wahoo, Optimus found his sister! I like this, a female Prime. How awesome is that? Great job Cmdr Prime :thumb 

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