Non-TF: Battle Festival Character Roster (Original Series)

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    Hey guys, this is an idea I've had since last year, combining a bunch of concepts I've had over the years. The name: Battle Festival

    Battle Festival is the idea for a video game, similar to most fighting games, taking key concepts (such as a powerful battle mode and same character-different costume variants.) The setting for Battle Festival is an alternate world to ours, where a tournament held every few years known as the "Queen Festival" takes place. Any female fighter competes to reach the God-Like King, who will grant any one wish. But when some competitors end up dead, the stakes rise as everybody has to find the King before the murderer does.

    I decided to post up the "Queen forms" of the characters on here. To see the other drawings (as in their original form and their "Gambit Mode" (also known as their battle mode)) visit my deviantart page.

    The two Queen forms that I have redesigned here are the forms of Charon and Himeko.

    Charon- A homunculus made from the remains of an angel, succubus and girl of the same name. Armed with the Crying Lance and the Eclipse shield, she rules as the "Eclipse Queen"

    Himeko- An empress who utilizes her 6 elemental familiars- Earth (Oni), Fire (Kyubi), Wind (Kamaitachi), Water (Kappa), Light (Dragon) and Dark (Yatagarasu)- to protect her dynasty as the "Divine Queen."

    More Queen Form redesigns will be put up on here when they are done

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