batman+ cybertron megatron+universe ramjet = darknight

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    people from what i have read over the net for the past year or so the fan base seems to be rather evenly split when it comes to the very idea of a transformers star wars crossover line or a transformers jla crossover storyline

    basicly people this is just one way that a fellow fan such as myself could explore the later idea of the 2.

    does anybody remember what the batman looked like when jean paul valley took over the role during the knightfall and knights end storyline?

    because that is the batsuit i am using in creating this character.

    basicly people picture cybertron megatron in robot mode minus megatron's head with the arms and shoulders rotated down into the chest and upper torso to form the larger chest and upper torso

    now picture him sporting the azreal batmans fully armored upper torso and chest as a heavily armored breastplate with the megatron body also sporting through the back the azreal batsuits armored jetpack/backpack and multihinged multipaneled rasor edged wings

    now add the azreal batsuits armored shoulders, armored upper arms and gauntlet armored lower arms and clawed fists with the body sporting armada skywarps head minus the central head mounted fin with the horns on the the sides of skywarps head towards the back being lengthend to a more considerable length with each of the gauntlet armored lower arms sporting on the outer side megatrons lower arm mounted tri claw weapon.

    maybe its just me people but i actually think that would make for a very wickid cool autobot batman

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