Bathawk's geusses for Season 3

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    Hey Autovolt127 has his idea about Season three and thought I would chime in

    1.) After an Elite Guard medic is introduced (Arcee?) a throwdown between the Elite Guard and Optimus's team occurs where they are outclassed by the faster more skilled EG

    2.) After said throw down Optimus Prime is demoted (optimus Minor?) only later in the season to be reinstated with a promotion to a new more powerful mode (Optimus Major?)...expect a leader class toy to come out afterwards

    3.) the reason Snarl and Swoop haven't spoken yet is because they have full fledged (superior) intelligence they keep quiet to hide thier IQ's because a.) Grimlock is the toughest and they need a tough leader. b.) why tell anyone when the Autobots wanted to melt them down
    ...incidentaly Swoop and Snarl weren't in love with Blackarachnia, they were trying to take her down but a love struck Grimlock kept getting in the way

    4.) The reason for the EG/Optimus Prime Group (OPG)? Longarm Prime/Shockwave covering himself

    5.) Starscream and Megatron make up...for now. The feamle clone as Starscream's self-loathing joins the Autobots, at least temporarily. possibly to help coral an out of control jetfire/storm

    6.) it's revealed that Sentinel Prime, glossing over his idea in trying to look for Decepticon energon. Holds Optimus at fault for being too cowardly to go after Elita-1. Optimus is revelaed to have kept his rank for following procedure...but is still "reduced" to being a repair bot crew "captain" Hence Ultra Magnus's "Don't be a hero Optimus...."

    7.) In case it wasn't said elsewhere Elita wasn't Optimus's gf, but Sentinel's Sentinel knew however that Optimus was always trying to steal her least until Blackarachnia comes forward to set things straight

    8.) Prowl...expect a story to explain why a Circuit Su ninja was working a space bridge repair tech

    9.) Mixmaster and Scavenger are excavated by construction vehciles that become new Contructicons...mainly as a movie tie in while never seen "Devastator" will be hinted at throughout the season


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