Base Bots, Legends toys and Micromaster & AM bases.

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by RedAlert Rescue, Jan 22, 2010.

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    I was just thinking about Micromasters and specifically the ones that came with bases and vehicles and since I can't get at mine at the moment I was wondering has anyone tried to see if Legends toys fit at all with Micromaster Combiner Transport vehicles ?

    Can a legend sit in them (say inside the Micromaster Anti-Aircraftbase for example)?

    What about Myclones in a Micromaster vehicle ?

    & What about Actionmaster vehicles what sits in them well besides an Action Master is G2 Tank Megatron Legend drowned by the Neutro-Fusion Tank - or does he drive it nicely - is Revoltech Megatron to big to sit in it ?

    I've been thinking about this sort of thing ever since I noticed how well some Transformers fit with Gi Joe playsets.

    I would think that something like Legends Bumblebee would look very good with G1 Metroplex for example too.

    But I was wondering how well they looked with Micromaster bases like Countdown in robot mode and how well the vehicle looked on the ramps in vehicle mode.

    Countdown and Metroplex have little landing pads they seem ideal for Legends Cosmos or Blades for example.


    Also this is totally random question but did I dream it or did some fan once make special ramps to allow bases like Scorponok, Trypticon, and Metroplex to be directly connected to the Micromaster Base style ramps?

    I vaguely remember seeing a custom ramp design that allowed for that sort of thing I think it must have been one of the earliest of the recent trend ofr fan produced items sometime in the 90's.

    Anyone familiar with that ?
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    I have only 3 legends figures- 2 Springers and a Jetfire but i like the way they look with my G1 Metroplex and Omega Supreme.
    in fact, i like how much better my WSTs look with those bases, too.
    My WST Prime with trailer is just a tad too long to fit completely in MP's chest, with the part with the black ramp. Without trailer, he hides in there nicely.

    i also have the Micromaster/Universe 1.0 Devs set, which each constructicon is about legends size and he is almost perfect with them, as well.

    As for the AM bases, i don't have any of them anymore, but considering the size of the figure that came with them, i'd say legends class would work ok.
    I had Skyhopper years ago. and IIRC, the figure was about the same size as my MM constructicons.

    Hope that helps
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    Here are some old pictures that may give you an idea of scale.


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