Barricade TLK Deluxe Class (Review).

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    Barricade is the only Deluxe Class of the new TLK line I find interesting... and I immediately thought of a comparison with Barricade TF1, to evaluate the changes in 13 years of this Transformers! The first detail I certainly do not like about Barricade TLK is the too semplified transformation (especially the legs), due to the anthropomorphic shape of the robot that, for a structural question, does not blend completely with the car body, and under the vehicle virtually you can see the entire robot, with legs in wide position, leaving a visible void from the rear window. Instead, Barricade TF1 has a more elaborate transformation due to the fact that the robot is more amalgamated to the car's structure "closing" (in transformation) more compact without leaving empty space. Another negative detail of Barricade TLK is the height of the robot, 12,5 cm from the head to the feet (13 cm if you refer to the bonnet piece behind the head), half a centimeter lower than a TF-DOTM (where has started to reduce the size, decided by Hasbro)... however, its robust structure and wide shoulders it keeps comparing with Barricade TF1, which is a bit bigger (14 cm). The newest, most anthropomorphic design of Barricade TLK I like, especially with the equipement of a real US cop: automatic gun and tonfa... where the latter can be used togheter with the detachable car roof, used as a riot shield (unofficial weapon because not specified in the instruction sheet, but interesting variation since the semplified robot transformation leaves the car roof entire behind the back of the robot). Here are some interesting positioning of the shield: 1) close the two doors on the mudguard section, above the robot shoulder, 2) connect the side of the gun to the inside of the rear window, and as a secondary support close one door on the arm and the other door at the base of the fender section, 3) in the first two versions, the shield is held to the side of the arm... instead, for the front position, bend forward the robot arm to 90° and close the two doors on the forearm. Also interesting is the "Gatling bracelet" which, in addition to positioning on the robot's forearms, can also be positioned on the rear window of the car (open in two). The tonfa can be held like a common stick, or using the short side grip... there is another way of using the tonfa, holding it like an ax, using the short end for hit (but since the long end is thinner than the fist hole, the tonfa should be almost perpendicular to stay in place). The body parts of the robot that have rotating joints are: between shoulders and arms, wrists, half thighs, and ankles, those with different movements are the neck, shoulders, between pelvis and thighs, and those with 90° movement are the elbow and knees (the bust is the only rigid piece without rotation joint). In the alternative mode, the structural simplification of the car is evident, in some details: 1) Barricade TLK painted front lights (Barricade TF1 transparent plastic front lights), the rear lights both painted, Barricade TLK opaque red color, Barricade TF1 live red color (a detail I noticed and that in the Deluxe Class toy car, they were wrong to paint tha back lights... in the real Saleen Mustang car are positioned above). 2) The wheels of the TF1 are thicker, those of TLK are more subtle. 3) Some details of the bodywork of the Saleen Mustang TLK toy, have been modified: front bonnet - the two rectangular recesses shorter air, and the rear bonnet is a bit different (instead, the TF1 in design, is more faithful to the original Saleen Mustang). 4) Even in prints the comparison is severe... the more detailed "police" writing as graphics and color in TF1, while the TLK is in simple graphics (the TF1 even has the American police logo on the side of the car). The new Saleen Mustang of TF5, has some modifications that make it similar (for some details) to the modified Topspin Nascar (armored bumper and aileron... this latter unrealized for the Deluxe Class toy, where alternatively, you can ADD the Gatling cannon opened in two on the rear window, imitating Topspin machine guns).

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