Bandobras's TF Stuff To Sell - G1/Cybertron/Armada/Classics/Movie

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Bandobras, Mar 29, 2012.

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    Hey I'm getting rid of a ton of TF stuff, big and small, rare and common. All stored in a pet free room in a smoke free home. Posting here to give an idea of what's available, everything is for sale, reasonable offers accepted. I'm in Mesa AZ so local pickup is awesome, can ship things too.
    So far I have available:

    Armada Unicron, loose/complete. All missiles, minicon, chest missile, planet shell, wings, present and fine. All joints tight. Displayed on shelf away from sunlight.

    Cybertron Crumplezone, loose/complete

    Movie Premium Leader Megatron, loose/complete, except he's modded to remove springs from fusion cannon and shaved neck peg to allow head articulation from existing ball joint

    Energon Downshift, loose/complete

    Cybertron Runamuck, loose/complete

    Cybertron Blurr, loose/complete

    Movie 1 Decepticon Mudflap, (Yellow Cybertron repaint) loose/complete

    Movie Fearswoop (g2 Hooligan homage/Dreadwing mold) loose/complete

    Movie Divebomb (Walmart exclusive repaint of Cybertron Thundercracker in aging banana colored camo) loose/complete

    Cybertron Blurr (Armada remold) loose/complete

    Costco Gold battle ops Bumblebee - good for parts, electronics were not working out of the box, one of the shoulder missile launchers hinge cracked on first transformation. Pretty but disappointing. Still transforms and has all of his bits. Make an offer.

    Classics Soundwave - g1 reissue using larger tape deck mold from Soundblaster. Loose/complete including instructions and inner box/bubble. Stickers applied.

    25th anniversary Optimus Prime G1 reissue - MIB/Complete. Box has shelf wear from Target, corners rubbed etc but in good shape.

    TFCC Airazor - mint box complete

    TFCC Astrotrain - mint box complete

    TCP-001A Commander Custom Parts limited edition 31/150. Resin cast replacement heads, replica original gun and missiles for Ultra Magnus/City Commander. Includes corrected head/face mold. In original clear plastic case with paperwork/instructions.

    I will add photos as I am able, if there's something specific you want to see or ask about PM me. Would like to sell all ASAP. Reasonable offers accepted. More to come.
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    I'm interested in the Movie Premium Megatron. I live in Gilbert.

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