Baltmatrix Reviews All the Human Alliance figures.

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    Human Alliance Basic Backfire
    Backfire - Human Alliance Basics - YouTube

    Human Alliance Basic Dragstrip (No video)
    -Only getting a few minutes with this figure was enough for me to know that I don’t necessarily need him in my collection. The vehicle mode is quite good, being a open-wheeled F1 race car, the mode oozes the sense of speed and the bright color scheme helps. Transformation is rather simple but the resulting robot mode is a bit on the garish side. There is also a disturbing amount of car kibble hanging off every part of the robot mode. The shield mode is pretty much a joke. Flip up the large purple piece of plastic from underneath the car, and attach the two blades to the side and that it’s. It looks like a transformer simply picked up a F1 car and was using it as a makeshift shield. Overall the figure isn’t bad, it just doesn’t do anything for me.

    Human Alliance Basic Icepick
    Icepick & Thunderhead - Dark of the Moon Human Alliance Basic - YouTube

    Human Alliance Basic Reverb (No video)
    -The last new mold to hit the HA line, Reverb is a figure that should have been released earlier. The vehicle mode is an asymmetrical red hover-bike with spinning propellers. When the figure sits on a table is leans to one side and just looks silly. If one wants to make the most of the figure, they would need some kind of stand to display this mode with. The ‘weapon’ mode fares better. Transformation in the weapon mode is easy where the main fan swings under the figure and the rear of the vehicle mode splits apart and connets to the main fan to form a giant fan weapon. The detachable missiles then attach to the bottom of the main fan to form a stand. This mode resembles the giant fans that Hollywood users to create wind. Silly? Yes. But for some reason it works. Transformation into robot mode is very easy and the bot mode is by far the best mode. It is a little top-heavy with the main fan forming the entire back of the figure but it is taken care of by the robot’s large feet. Overall Reverb is pretty cool and should be given a chance. The hover-bike mode is rather silly but the other two modes make up for it. Of note: the robot mode can be configured such that it can turn into a hover-backpack for other figures. It doesn’t always work but when it does it looks really cool.

    Human Alliance Basic Sandstorm
    Sandstorm - Dark of the Moon Human Alliance - YouTube

    Human Alliance Basic Tailpipe
    Tailpipe w/ Pinpointer - Human Alliance Basic - YouTube

    Human Alliance Basic Thunderhead
    Icepick & Thunderhead - Dark of the Moon Human Alliance Basic - YouTube

    Human Alliance Basic Whirl
    Whirl - Human Alliance Basic - YouTube

    Human Alliance Barricade
    Human Alliance Barricade - YouTube

    Human Alliance Bumblebee
    Human Alliance Bumblebee - YouTube

    Human Alliance Jazz
    Human Alliance Jazz - YouTube

    Human Alliance Leadfoot
    Human Alliance Leadfoot - Target Exclusive - YouTube

    Human Alliance Mudflap
    -Of all the HA figures this is the only one that I have never seen. I have not seen it in stores nor have I seen it for sale online. From what I understand it is very similar to HA Skids.

    Human Alliance Roadbuster
    Human Alliance Roadbuster - Dark of the Moon - YouTube

    Human Alliance Sideswipe
    Human Alliance Sideswipe - YouTube

    Human Alliance Skids
    Human Alliance - Skids - YouTube

    Human Alliance Soundwave
    Human Alliance Soundwave - Takara Version - YouTube
    Human Alliance Soundwave Size Comparisons - YouTube
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    Nice to have them all in one place. Thanks BM!

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