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Discussion in 'Transformers On Ebay' started by ichnach, Mar 31, 2011.

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    I just wanted to give people a heads up on a shady ebay seller. His ID is red_optics2099.

    my wife bought me a supposedly "near mint" overlord from this guy in mid december. He was selling it in pieces in multiple auctions, and it ended up being a "good" deal.

    When it finally arrived at the end of january (it was coming from england to the U.S.) it was far from mint. the body was actually broken and didn't even resemble what was pictured. after much back and forth arguing he admitted he had sent the wrong item and would send the correct 1 if i sent the wrong 1 back. I opened a complaint on ebay and sent the body back.

    By the beginning of March, and after multiple emails asking where my item is, he tells me "things are very bad right now for me" and he can't send it yet.
    I escalated the case to ebay, which made him furious. They locked both his ebay and his paypal accounts. I get a response very quickly after this saying it was shipped.

    It is now the end of March and I still have not received my item. Ebay refunded me the cost of the body since the seller would not respond. I emailed him to find out what was going on and he wanted me to give him his money back. he said he would not send it until I refunded him his cash. That was interesting, since he had already emailed me to say it was shipped a couple weeks before then.

    The case against him has gone on so long I could not even leave negative feedback. Do not purchase from this guy if you want what you pay for.

    As a side note, and probably the stupidest thing i could have done, I made a purchase from him via paypal outside of ebay. After the initial purchase, which did not include radars, leg shields etc., he emailed me saying he was putting them up for auction but would give me a deal if i just sent him the money. Knowing how high those pieces can go individually i bit on it. Those pieces never arrived either. When asked about it he said he had forgotten to put them in the box and would send them.

    Multiple emails later he assured me "i am no scammer" and kept saying he was having hard times and he was sorry. needless to say, I am a moron for doing it outside of ebay, but this is an attestation to how shady this guy is.

    Now I have a partial overlord and am out about $100 for the accesories, none of which can be reclaimed due time restraints for complaints.

    I just want to keep anyone else from getting scammed by this guy. If anyone asks i can give you his real name and address in a pm in case he tries to use a new account to sell.
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    I think from memory Auto Morph had problems with this seller too.

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