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    I know these are made more miniature RPG's and are based off a 1 inch scale, but I'm sure they'd be great for making backgrounds for displays. They are alittle expensive due to needing the mold ($29-$34+s&h), and the plaster (plaster of paris is cheap, but some of the dental plaster can get $$$).
    Basically it's a mold for blocks that you can glue together to make things out of. Mostly used for miniature gaming like D&D. I have some of the Gothic and Fieldstone molds, but haven't gotten into the Sci-Fi molds, yet. Think about making your own Lego, as many as you need. The molds are super durable, mine are 7+ years old and good as new. I thought someone might be interested in them.

    Hirst Arts Mold Page

    Home page for Hirst Arts:
    Also has a ton of tutorials and tips and tricks for scenery.
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    GREAT idea, but that's because I'm an old wargamer ;) 

    TF toys are by and large ROOOOOUUUGHLY in 25MM scale anyway so this would be a great way to build a diorama with some real dimension!

    I used a similar mold set back in the day that was castle-themed, but these sci-fi molds are just glorious!

    Great link and great idea!

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