B/T/S: MP Rodimus, SDCC, Animated, CHUG, and more.

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    Send me a PM or post below to make an offer on anything you see here. All items are in a smoke free/pet free home. I only accept Paypal and will only ship overseas if the buyer pays for the shipping.


    - Deluxe RTS Optimus Prime (MOSC)
    - Deluxe RTS Wreck-Gar (MOSC)
    - Deluxe Blurr (MOSC x2)
    - Deluxe WFC Soundwave (MOSC)
    - Deluxe WFC Megatron (MOSC)
    - Deluxe WFC Cliffjumper (MOSC)
    - Deluxe Special Ops Jazz x2 (MOSC)
    - Deluxe Wheeljack (MOSC)
    - Deluxe Warpath (MOSC)
    - Deluxe Thundercracker (MOSC)
    - Deluxe Scourge (MOSC)
    - Deluxe Kup (MOSC)
    - Legends Gold Bumblbee (MOSC)
    - Legends Trailcutter (MOSC)
    - Legends Starscream (MOSC)
    - RTS Battle in Space 2-pack


    - Deluxe Blurr (MOSC)
    - Leader Ultra Magnus (MIB)
    - Voyager Megatron (MIB)
    - Voyager Shockwave (MIB) *grey*
    - Voyager Wreck-Gar (MIB)
    - Voyager Blitzwing (MIB)
    - Voyager Optimus Prime (MIB)
    - Voyager Skywarp (MIB)
    - Deluxe TRU Rodimus Minor (MOSC)
    - Deluxe TRU Ironhide (MOSC)
    - Deluxe Lockdown (MOSC)
    - Deluxe Cybertronian Optimus Prime (MOSC)

    -Human Alliance Bumblebee (first version, MIB)
    -Human Alliance Skids (MIB)
    -Human Alliance Sideswipe
    -Human Alliance Barricade
    -Human Alliance Jazz
    -Human Alliance Mudflap
    -Deluxe Lockdown
    -Deluxe Dirge
    -Deluxe Tomahawk
    -Deluxe Terradive
    -Deluxe Skids and Mudflap (Ice cream)
    -Voyager Battle Blades Optimus Prime

    ~Beast Wars~
    -Inferno (missing two ant legs)
    -Rampage (Broken leg, good for parts or alt mode display)
    -10th Anniversary Dinobot (missing sword)
    -10th Anniversary Megatron (missing hip missles)
    -Laserbeak (purple Terrorsaur)
    -Rhinox (grey fox kids repaint)


    -Walmart exclusive ROTF Ramjet
    -TRU exclusive Perceptor (MIB)
    -RID Ruination (all weapons and instructions included)
    -TRU MASTERPIECE Rodimus Prime
    -SDCC Starscream Striker

    ~Looking for~

    -Classics Mirage
    -Classics Inferno
    -Classics Cliffjumper
    -Classics Ultra Magnus
    -G1 Metroplex
    -G1 Ultra Magnus
    -G1 Shockwave
    -KO Superion
    -KO Defensor (blue please)
    -KO Menasor
    -G1 Swoop

    Send me PM's, and I apologize if I don't respond right away, busy schedule ^^
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    pm about rodimus mp tru exclusive

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