Minor/Repaint: Avionus (the intermediary)

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    Hello All!

    Like several of you, I have been impatiently waiting for the Universe micromaster Superion set. Yes, I was waiting to make another combiner…. But since it appears that it’s going to be a protracted wait, I have decided to make an “intermediate” or weaker mode for my new combiner. The Super mode will come when Universe Superion is finally released. Rest assured, I will also apply paint (unlike this one).

    This Avionus combiner will lend itself well to my story, which (if you are interested) is posted after the pictures.



    Allegiance: Autobot

    Function: Scientific Super Warrior

    From the Datatracks of Skyfire, Autobot science officer.

    Cybertron Date: 34 A.U., Cycle 20

    I must admit this situation has protracted itself beyond its previous surmised scope. Translation? What have I gotten myself into? Necessity requires my compliance, however. With Hexwing now marshaling her new Decepticon army, I must act quickly. With the destruction of Superion, and numerous others on both sides of our war, I can only think that worse still is ahead if I fail to act. So… I’ve taken it upon myself to repair Air Raid, Fireflight, Slingshot, and Skydive. Their damaged bodies are secondary, their minds, however…. To have been ripped asunder so forcefully by Hexwing jarred many of their mental protocols, but given time to heal, I think they will be up to full strength again. Unfortunately, I cannot give them the complete time that they require. And Silverbolt…. I must assume that he is now dead. Hexwing is very unforgiving to her captives. She no doubt interrogated him, and who knows what secrets have been laid bare. I grieve over Silverbolt’s loss, and at least would seek to bring his remains back for internment if given the opportunity.

    Cybertron Date: 34 A.U., Cycle 31

    Some time ago, I managed to pluck one of Hexwing’s own leutenants (an individual that served Hexwing before Hexwing took control of the Decepticons) from her service. I’m convinced she knows more about her former mistress than what little she has told me. Gale is her name. She exhibits (or exhibited) an almost rabid devotion to her former mistress. For now, no one knows that I have her in my custody, nor what I have done to her. Prime would surely not approve, and at one time neither would I have. But necessity has bred this capacity within me. That is why my experiments on her will remain secret, but my progress has been less than what I had hoped. I have enacted a shell program on Gale that should have completely rendered any positive thought processes toward Hexwing null, and void. Yet, she still resists in some ways. However, I do believe that I’ve made her believe in her “devotion” to the Autobot cause. Whatever hold Hexwing has over Gale is Spark deep. Every time I probe her with questions about Hexwing her features become blank, and she….. starts humming. I must tweak the shell program. Perhaps it has unbalanced her mind slightly. Gale’s Spark also exhibits some properties that I’ve not encountered in any Cybertronian before…. Perhaps she’s not Cybertronian?

    Cybertron Date: 34 A.U., Cycle 37

    A mystery…. An unknown someone has left me some highly interesting information on the dark witch Hexwing. I suspect Decepticon involvement. Yet, the information in the data I would say is genuine. Decepticons are never completely devoted to those that conquer their leadership, though that appears to be their way of life.

    Cybertron Date: 34 A.U., Cycle 55

    Too much time has passed, but my efforts have finally been realized. I have finished repairing the remaining Aerialbots, and made the necessary modifications to myself. I have also chosen to make Gale a part of the new construct. It will be much easier to watch over her in combined form. Also, I may be able to gain some of her suppressed secrets through the mental link. She believes she is Cybertronian, and Autobot to the core. Separately, the other Aerialbots are dealing with Silverbolts loss as well as they can. Surprisingly, Slingshot appears to be taking it the hardest.

    The most disconcerting part of this for me is that I will be splitting my consciousness, as well as other things. The intelligence gleaned from the mystery data yielded something I hadn’t expected. Hexwing is postulated to be from the Astral Plane. This is the same place that Unicron is said to be from. I take no joy in believing that there might possibly be “deities” in said plane of existence. I’ve always preferred hard scientific fact. The data also suggested that Hexwing’s consciousness is not completely in our realm, but is linked between the Astral Plane, and our universe. Some accident kept Hexwing’s consciousness from completely crossing over the way Unicron, and Primus had. So if this link can be severed between our planes of existence, there’s a chance that Hexwing would discorporate, or whatever a “deity” does in death.

    So, the task is at hand. I have split my body between the new Avionus combiner, and (what I term) the Astral Spear. Apparently, only living things can traverse to, and from the Astral Plane. It requires a life force, and proper phase tuning to “slice” into the dimension. So, the Astral Spear isn’t really a weapon per say, but a means of transporatation. If it doesn’t work? I will only look like a fool for a little while before Hexwing enacts whatever plan she has. My plan is for Avionus to stay in this realm (and to keep out of physical contact with Hexwing). The Spear will be cast through, breaking the barriers of space, and I (the Spear) will enter an ancient unknown. I will seek Hexwing’s escense. When I find her? I will decide what to do then. There is no way that I consider Avionus to be Hexwing’s match. Yet perhaps her Astral form isn’t as impenetrable as she is in our Universe. I’m aware that I may find other threats there, but at present it is hard to see what can be lost.
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    That looks pretty cool!

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