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Discussion in 'Junkion Exchange Feedback' started by Jeremy.B, Mar 21, 2009.

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    I didn't see a thread for them, so I thought I would start one. While technically not a member her per se, I reached them through the TFW advertisement, so I think a feedback thread is appropriate, as I know no other way of reporting my experience with them.

    Let me say one thing - Mario @ Automaton Toys is AWESOME! I think this is a very appropriate and good thing for TFW to replace a past advertiser with them. I have ordered twice with them (with a third in MP Grimmy). Both times I have received my package in amazing speed (I am in Alabama, they are in Canada) as well as the opportunity to take advantage of the current positive exchange rate. Shipping is also very fair and affordable.

    As an example of their service, let me share with you my most recent transaction. I preordered the red alternity, and after paying a day later (this was Sunday, I paid on Saturday), I decided I wanted to order a couple of TF mighty muggs from them. After emailing Mario, he very courtesly offered to reopen my already packaged alternity, throw the two MMs in, and make sure I already paid enough in shipping to cover the combined rate. What a class act.

    I hope Automaton survives, because their customer service is on par with that of BBTS in my experience. I strongly recommend you guys use them whenever possible to help this deserving business succeed.


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