Automaton Toys Newsletter: September 16!

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    Hi everyone! Hope everything's fine in your part of the universe!

    Here's an update on upcoming arrivals, new preorders...and an astonishing deal about a collector's imported exclusive:

    -Gondo Store Exclusive Henkei Strafe at only 79.99$ CAN!!
    You heard it right folks! Automaton will offer this rare collector's piece at an unbeatable, impossible-to-ignore retail price of 79.99$ each!! That’s right: only 79.99$ for this fierce Gondo store Exclusive Autobot!! Customers who already placed a preorder will benefit from the newly reduced advertised retail price of 79.99$. Don't miss your chance! This Exclusive will be in stock next week at Automaton! Preorders are still opened!


    Actually In Stock and upcoming releases:

    -Takara Alternity latest wave, are in stock:
    Alternity Megatron A-02 Fairlady Silver and Blue; as well as Alternity Convoy Super Black are now in Stock.

    -Takara Encore #16 Bruticus and Encore #17 Cassettes Vol.2:
    Those highly popular Encore reissues are in stock at Automaton:

    -Perfect Effect TAW Swords Nemesis Prime, Optimus Classics and Ultra Magnus variants:
    Those superb multi-configuration weapons and shield are scheduled for a September release.

    Here's some Hot Preorders you'll find at Automaton:

    -MasterMind Creations Knight Morpher:


    -Takara Tomy Alternity A-02 Megatron Nissan Fairlady Z Black Diamond Version:
    The ETA for this dark and evil Decepticon is October!


    -E-Hobby Exclusive MP-01 Convoy Black Version:
    This highly popular Exclusive will be available at Automaton in November!


    -Takara RA-24 Buster Optimus Prime:
    This imported version from Takara features chromed pieces, a new headsculpt (no faceplate),a gorgeous silvery metallic paint all over and, of course, the devastating Blaster Cannon as seen in the movie! This version is every fan dream! The definitive rendition of the ROTF leader of the Autobots: Optimus Prime! This item will be available in November!


    -Fans Project City Commander Trailer Set with TFX-01:This new release of this incredibly popular item will include the fantastic City Commander Trailer set: an add-on armor for your Classics Ultra Magnus figure(not included), plus the TFX-03 City Commander Add-On set!The TFX-03 Add-On set includes the following:
    1x two-mode transforming gun
    2x missile launchers
    4x missiles
    Gun can be transformed into 2 modes which fits combined and non-combined. Missile lauchers can be added-on both modes.and store inside the trailer. Please note:Ultra Magnus figure not included. This set has an ETA of October 2009! set


    -Takara Alternity A-03 Suzuki Swift Bumblebee and Cliffjumper Variant:Preorders are still opened for those new Takara products from the popular Alternity Series! Bumblebee will be available in his well known Vibrant Yellow deco but also in a Pearl Red version, reminiscent of a another fan favorite: Cliffjumper (featuring a new headsculpt) ! Both versions will be released in November.


    -Hasbro Wal-Mart Exclusive Masterpiece Skywarp:
    We will offer this item in November!


    -Takara Encore #18 Skids and Encore #19 Cassettes Daikusen Vol.3:The Encore line lives! The next figures feature yet another classic Autobot: Skids; and a much anticipated Vol.3 for the Decepticons G1 cassettes:this new set will include Rumble and Frenzy, Lazerbeak and Overkill! Both will be released in November.


    -Takara Disney Label Donald Duck:Like it or hate it, this unexpected crossover has been this year's surprise. Highly popular, the next figure of this cool line will be Donald Duck featuring a classic Volkswagen for the vehicle mode. Just in time! (ETA is December).

    - IGear IG-TF007 Computer Control Center:
    This playset will provide the ultimate base for your Autobot troops! Loaded with accessories and featuring components a la G1, like Teletran-1; also the scout-drone seen in episode 1, and so on! Highly detailed and huge, the playset is a superb rendition of the Control Room of the Ark! Will be available in October!


    -Takara-Tomy MP-04: Convoy Final Version, rerun:
    Back by popular demand, Takara will reissue this ultimate Convoy in October!
    Probably your last chance to grab this Masterpiece! The set includes Convoy in all his die-cast and high quality plastic glory...but also his almost-as-famous trailer that opens to reveal a mobile base a la G1! A true piece of Transformers history!


    -Takara-Tomy MP-08: Grimlock, rerun:
    Quite the same story here, back by popular demand, Takara will reissue, in October, this incredible monster: another legendary character from G1...Grimlock! A totally awesome piece! ''Me Grimlock, me king!''


    That's it for now!

    Many thanks for your kind comments and support,

    Have a nice week,

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