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    Hey everyone, got this from Mario at Automaton Toys, our newest sponsor! Have a read below.

    Hi everyone! Hope everything's fine in your part of the universe! We are very proud and happy to be' new sponsor! My name's Mario, I'm the owner of Automaton Toys and I'm personnally welcoming you to our store! Me and my team will try our best to give you an absolutely outstanding service as well as cool promotions and hot deals.

    With that been said...

    Here's our first Newsletter, featuring a great promotion; upcoming and In Stock items as well as new preorders:

    Takara Tomy Encore #01 Convoy astonishing promotion! Until October 5, buy 50$ of In Stock merchandise at Automaton Toys and add to your order a MISB Takara Tomy Encore #01 Convoy for only 39.99$!! Yes, you read it right: a brand new Convoy for only 39.99$ with any purchase of 50$ and more! Please visit our website for details!

    Arriving next week:

    -Takara Encore #12 Metroplex: at last, here's your chance to bring home a shining white, mint and complete Metroplex! This legendary Autobot is a superb playset, transforming from base, to rolling armored the giant robot! Loaded with accessories, fun features and coming in its eye-catching japanese edition box, this reissue is a classic amongst classics!

    -Takara Henkei Sunstreaker and Prowl: add those two faithful and courageous Autobots to your Henkei!/Classics collection. Both are sporting chrome parts and a truly G1 accurate paintjob! 24.99$ each!

    In Stock now!

    -Takara Encore #11 Thundercracker and Skywarp: Every commander needs trusted lieutenants: Megatron is no exception. Sold as a two-pack set, these Seekers can transform from jet fighters to robots! It's a golden opportunity for any Transformers fan to grab those fresh and mint 'Cons. and rain death on your Autobot army.

    -Takara Tomy Encore #10 Minibots: Add some useful mini-spies to your Autobot army! This set features five reissued G1 Minibots: Bumblebee (with a new face sculpt!), Swerve, Pipes, Outback and Tailgate! 34.99$ each set.

    -Takara Encore #09 Omega Supreme is still available at 114.99$ each.

    -We still have some Animated Leader Megatron and Bulkhead available at a lowered price of 49.99$. As well as the Animated Battle Begins Prime vs Megatron w/DVD at 29.99$ each.

    -SDCC 2008 Nemesis Prime: this is a very elusive, dark and evil version of Classics Optimus Prime. Add this frightful Decepticon Commander to your Decepticon Army! A can't miss!!

    -GI JOE 12" wave 1: you can now buy each 12" Joes individually. Flint, Bazooka, Dusty and the Cobra Trooper are available at 19.99$ each. Other Joe's products are also available!

    -Henkei D-04 Ramjet is still available at 24.99$ each. We also have other Henkei products In Stock now!

    Featured Preorders:

    -Henkei Exclusive Seekers Thundercracker and Skywarp: both have been released in Japan and should be In Stock next week or so. Those two highly sought after ' Cons are japanese exclusives. Perhaps your last chance to grab those rare Henkei figures: it's highly doubtful that Takara will make a second release run for those items. Now let's hope they'll release Thrust and Dirge. :) 

    -Takara Tomy Masterpiece #07 Thundercacker: the third Masterpiece Seeker will be released in november! Complete your evil airborne Decepticon trio with this bad boy! Thundercracker is #07 in the ever popular Takara Tomy Masterpiece series.

    -Binaltech SRM-10 Dodge Ram Convoy: though it has yet to be confirmed, primary reports from Hong Kong seems to indicates that this version will indeed be die-cast, true to the Binaltech tradition. This Convoy has never been released with die-cast parts before, so don't miss your chance!!

    -Masterpiece Exclusive Roller: This exclusive imported item is the ultimate add-on to complete your MP-04 Convoy! From TFC Toys, this limited edition transformer is a stunning hommage to G1 Roller...the faithful spy drone spawned from Convoy trailer. But THIS Roller is nothing like its G1 predecessor: it can transform and can sports 3 different looks in vehicle mode(War Within, G1 and Cybertron modes)! This item also comes with accesories such as weapons, etc. MP Roller will be available in November! Preorder yours today!

    -TFX01 City Commander Trailer Set: Does your Classics Ultra Magnus need a little "bulk up"? This exclusive set is the answer. The trailer transforms and can become an add-on armor for your Classics Ultra Magnus(not included) and weapons! This item is scheduled for release on september 30! Reserve yours now! A TRUE collectible item!

    -E-Hobby Exclusive City Guardian: This E-Hobby exclusive is a repaint of Encore Omega Supreme. This version sports the color scheme of the infamous Cybertron Guardians: Omega Supreme's faithful(and immense)soldiers!! Will be In Stock at the beginning of October!

    -Alternity Nissan GR-T Binaltech Convoy: This Takara Binaltech product is slightly smaller than its predecessor: 1:32 scale(compared to 1:24 scale). The design is a fine blend of various influences and echoes Binaltech, Transtech and the 2007 movie. The character is the legendary Convoy. This suberb item will feature die-cast parts. A variant will be also available: Vibrant Red version(up for preordering at Automaton Toys). Alternity Convoy is scheduled for a January 2009 release.

    -New 2009 Henkei items!! the exact release dates for those new Henkei figures have yet to be revealed but, still, we have open preorders for the following: Henkei voyager-sized Inferno, Henkei deluxe-sized Cyclonus, Henkei deluxe-sized Hound and Henkei deluxe-sized Cheetor. They look totally amazing!

    Thanks for reading and visiting us! Your business is much appreciated!

    Mario and the team of Automaton Toys

    Automaton Toys
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    Welcome aboard.
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    Cool, I'll have to look at this.
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    Toy Subscription

    Any chance of selling a toy subscription? I give you my credit card and once a month you send me all the newest toys from the lines I signed up for?

    I.E I want all the Movie or animated or classics or alternator or binaltech or every Takara Tomy Encore #X, or every Henkei, or every show exclusive or every Masterpiece or every Alternity etc I sign up for them and and once a month I get an e-mail with what will be coming later that month if I don't cancel.

    Edit: Two other lines:
    1) The rare line - the toy from every wave that has the lowest ratio per box and would probably never be able to find at the store.
    2) The popular line - the top selling toys that month that I havn't alrady received.

    Some sort of shipping and or toy discount would make sense considering it is near guarantee of continued revenue
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    Thank you.
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    Great. I think I will take them up on the takara reissue 01 convoy offer.
    Next paycheck for sure. Got ripped off on ebay recently and would like a deal like this to work.

    My g1 shelf needs a prime!

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