Autobus Prime rewatches: Cybertron ep. 3, "Hidden"

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    My rewatching (in proper order) of the entire Cybertron series has taken me
    back to episode 2, "Hidden". Once I wrote here that this ep was "not too good,
    though they do get better." It has grown in appeal since then.

    General observations:

    The first time around, I was distracted by the stealth-coating plot device.
    Now I realize that this ep has great punch-and-shoot fighting, and the powered powerfully powers of mystic magic are only brought out when VP keys up, and enhance the drama instead of destroying it.

    The stealth-coating plot is still a bit odd. I have to say this: I've never,
    ever seen the equivalent to house-painting performed in a more dramatic fashion. :)  I do wish the times involved had been handled better; while
    I can accept a radar-absorbing or neutralizing coating with some mental straining, the fifty-second time should have been a *bit* longer.

    VP's revelation of the Cyber Keys forms a nice bookend to the trilogy. We started in Armada with both sides chasing after and using power that was made by Unicron, the deadly fruit of evil; we saw the Autobots and their allies throwing every resource against the Decepticons while the latter tried to gain Unicron's power for themselves, but with no personal appearance by Unicron or Primus; and now we see the Autobots given fragments of Primus' own strength, completely unlooked-for. Cybertron is to Primus as Armada is to Unicron.

    Minor thoughts in random order:

    I find Scattershot interesting and fun. He's a nerd who reminds me of Brains from THUNDERBIRDS (by his glasses and awkward demeanor?) and his worried drawl is somehow perfect for him. How this overgunned soldier came to be the resident desk jockey just begs for a fanfic explanation; I suspect his nerves failed him at some critical moment.

    Hooray for tactical transformations! VP's was stock, but it's a neat one, so we'll forgive him.

    Hooray for the Bud-Jolt Questionably Sensible Duo! This is always fun.

    The whole launch sequence is GREAT the first time we see it, and very reminiscent of THUNDERBIRDS. Was it overused? Perhaps, although the dub properly handled it with great drama the first time, properly decreasing this as the series went on.

    Hot Shot is not a turbo-revving young punk yet. He shows quite a serious
    mind, much like his Energon persona, though we also see his youthful exuberance poke through. Is this a relic of Armada? Perhaps not. Perhaps HS had to first learn to be serious, and then learn to be himself again -- haven't a lot of us had to do this while growing up? I know I did.

    Poor Landmine. He never gets to act like a construction machine, does he? Then the old guy has to stay back with the Sec 8, the kids, and the insubordinate schmuck. :-D I wonder if this happened a lot, since LM and Overhaul seem to be good buddies.

    Optimus Prime, why do you have to abandon the planet if the Cons find your secret base? Perhaps this is just cheesy writing, but we can also see it as a continuation of Energon...a continuation that implies the Autobots are no longer welcome on Earth, after visibly draining so many of its resources, and far less visibly defeating a foe in many battles far remote from Earthen observers. This was probably not the writers' intent, but it is one possible interpretation of a throwaway remark.

    The Energon series also makes the quick assembly of the obviously modular base much less unbelievable, when you think of the technological heights that were reached by Transformers and humans working together. Heck, they probably just disassembled one of their minor outposts on Cybertron.

    Finally, I care not what those afflicted with chronic jerky knees may say; these are eminently likable human kids, and they're neither stupider nor smarter than they really should be. Are the Bots guilty of child endangerment? Perhaps, but perhaps they never really understood how a 4' creature of flesh and bone was any less safe than a 6' one in a battle with 40' steel giants. They definitely find the kids helpful, too.

    Looking forward to number 3!

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