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Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by Mr Ray, Nov 4, 2011.

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    I needed some 3D logos for a custom and i thought i would give shapeways a try. I finally recieved my 4 little faction logos after waiting a month!

    They turned out fine, but I used the a safety pin to remove the little excess material in the grooves

    What are your experiences with their materials and whats the best size for panel lines?

    Material: Transparent
    Size: 11mm x 11mm x .3mm
    Shapeways link: Autobot Insignia x 4 by ray_1301 on Shapeways


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    Those are lookin nice Ray! Great job man! Thickness of the panel lines looks good in all areas, but could be widened a tad in the upper "eyebrow" parts. These are a great alternative to the Protector insignia plates by Process. Now we just need to get them available in several different smaller sizes for Voyager and deluxe scale TF's! Some Decepticon symbols would be nice as well! With Shapeways shipping rate increase, Their future business with TF fans will be mostly bought in "bulk" orders, so All the designs we can get will help make us reach that area where we have enough in our "Carts" to rationalize what we have to pay in shipping. Especially these smaller items that won't hike the rate too dramatically.

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