Autoassembly Marlboor / Wheeljack '12

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Alooulla, Aug 5, 2012.

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    Well i just got back from Auto Assembly. Good fun, and some nice shopping.

    I also got the gold set of the Marlboor custom.

    Its really not something im interested in, but i did get it to trade, so thats why its on here. What you'll be getting is the Marlboor upgrade pack which is the head and sticker sheet, and a generations wheeljack. The result of this is to turn him into a generations version of the original Diaclone toy. See the autoassembly website for details.

    I have not opened either of the items, so they're brand new and unopened. I'll be happy to listen to offers to trade for it, because im not entirely sure what its worth, but i understand its expected to be very rare. My main interests right now are transformers: Prime, third party items, and TF collectors club items. As an RID entheusiast, im also looking for a set of the gashapon figurines. Also, the fall of cybertron Bruticus components. I dont expect anyone to offer the comic-con version of course, but maybe a few of the individual components are out already? But really, any offer would be welcomed. I'll upload pictures if anyone wants to see that A) I do really have this thing and B) its as unopened as i say. Thanks!

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